Class #3952

Mobilizing Garuda Flow

60 min - Class


Your body will feel amazing after trying these flowing sequences on the Mat by James D'Silva. He shares some of the floorwork from the Garuda Method, using two Yoga Blocks to give you feedback and to challenge certain movements. He starts with gentle breathing and works up to exercises that will mobilize your body and test your balance.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block (2)

About This Video


Hello. My name's James D'Silva and I'm here to take you through the GRA or brick workout. You'll need two bricks, preferably cork wood or foam. And I prefer the cork ones because they ...


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Fantastic workout James is an amazing teacher, so creative and challenging 👍👍
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wonderful, very beautiful class. thanks
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LOVED this class.  More from James, please!
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Very inspiring!! Felt great after the class. Thank you James.
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Breathe of fresh air. Fab class
My brain and body are tingling with joy!! What a special teacher you are James. This is a magical movement experience. Thank you
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Love this!  Can’t wait to try it with my men’s class!  Thank you!
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Grandissimo! Sempre innovativo
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Finally, James om Pilates anytime) !! I love Garuda pilates! Please more
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in my head and heart I am screaming with joy and delight. THIS was so marvelous. I cant wait to see a follow up video.
Obviously the movement is delicious but the language used is worth gold, enhancing the motion even further. So much respect for the creativity. thank you.
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