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Mobilizing Garuda Flow

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Your body will feel amazing after trying these flowing sequences on the Mat by James D'Silva. He shares some of the floorwork from the Garuda Method, using two Yoga Blocks to give you feedback and to challenge certain movements. He starts with gentle breathing and works up to exercises that will mobilize your body and test your balance.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block (2)

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Hello. My name's James D'Silva and I'm here to take you through the GRA or brick workout. You'll need two bricks, preferably cork wood or foam. And I prefer the cork ones because they have a certain weightedness to them and they allow you to work a little bit more. So let's get you on your backs. Okay. And first, let's position you prop. So a feet parallel, preferably hip distance apart.

The brick between your your face. Yes, let's have your hands down by your side. In fact, I'm gonna start you with breathing. So place one hand on the lower belly as a soft low belly and one hand on your heart and invite the breath into the body. So as you breathe in through the nose, okay for the lower belly up with her, fill the ribs up with that. And as you breathe out, guide the breath out so the skin of the pubic bone gently draws under the navel and the heart softens down into the lower belly breathing, low belly and the heart. And as you breathe out and guide the breath up and soften heart breathing in, be aware of that pause and then you breathe out. Be aware of that pause before you breathe back in again and re that now every time you breathe out slightly deep and that sense of scooping up and under and for this time as you breathe in here, that low belly Hellen, breathe into those ribs.

And as you breathe out and soften the heart down between the shoulder blades, scoop the lower belly up even deeper. Try not to involve the tailbone, the tailbone stays well traction down or anchor down. Last breath breathing in, breathing. Block the space of the ribs behind you as you breathe in. And as you breathe out deep and the curve deep and the curve deep and the cover of the law buddy drawing under the navel, but keep that low belly Helda. And as you breathe them halfway, move the hand from the heart over the mouth.

Small percussive owl, Brits scooping the skin of the pubic bone up and under the Naval. So we have, and now I have a hand in front of my mouth so I can fog it treated as though it was a vanity mirror and every time fog it, and I should do this as well with a breath. I slightly worked through my feats, I pushed the front of my heels down into the floor, psych, the length of the back as I breathe out. And, and now the reason why I'm getting to pull the skin of the pubic one up and under the navel with every outbreath is because a lot of my movement kind of starts from here, from just above the pubic bone. Yeah. And this is where I tell people to keep that little Buddha on the shelf of their little belly to deep down. Yes. Scooped up underneath is where you want to keep your little Buddha shelved underneath all the way through. So it stops him from falling out. That's a good image to have. Yeah.

Place a little Buddha deep down on the shelf of your hipbones. Two more. And go ahead and bring the arms down to your side. Now send the mental check through. Feel of the sacraments wide and open. The tailbone drops down, the backrooms are open. So I've used the term bra strap a lot and by that I mean open up the Dar from the back of the back and then the back of the head widen opens to feel that cranium lengthening.

Why the mouth feel the occipital bones lengthen away from that pubic bone and opposition hands down by your side. And we're going to start with a gentle squeeze. The bricks. So the feeling is the front of the heels push down the inner thighs gently squeeze and the femur bones lengthen out of the hip hop box. Yes sir. We have squeeze for one and two and three and as I squeeze I think of blotting the space around me and five and six that gentle out breath. It's a size gentle sigh. Eight. Remember I asked you breathe out from the skin of the people who wants that.

That's where the breadth comes from. Nine and 10 stamina to your left leg. Yes. A feel that whole left side Wallington and have the right face. Squeeze against the brick for 10 for nine, for eight, for seven good six. What I also think about is the right side of my waist knitting and with every S with every squeeze and good, stand into your right side and let the left leg to the squeezing for 10 for nine, for eight for seven.

So this right side is when I strong side. My left side is my working side, three and two and one. Wonderful. Now moving into pelvic tilts the tailbones and couldn't use it as this as it were. A spade. Dig into the floor. Feel the knees move away from you and scoop up. Roll the sacrum back down again. Anchor the tailbone. Um, dig far to lift the lower back off the floor. Widen lower and release a sacrament. The tailbone digging.

Move all the way into the middle back widen. Roll accentuate to the vertebra and dig down the last sensor. Dig and peel all well. Get your way to all the way just to below the tip of the shoulder blades. Stay there. Go back into those squeezes first.

And for most ribs lengthen out from the hip bones, hip bones into the kneecaps. Then you squeeze one. So the feeding of squeeze lengthen, but at the same time draw the brick up into the floor, the pelvis, fall and five and six and seven and eight that knitting on the waist, nine and 10 use your left leg as your standing leg, right, like one and three and four and five and six seven, eight, nine. Stand onto your right leg and stand. Squeeze two, three, four. Keep a breath coming naturally soft and through the sternum. Lengthen out nine and 10. Stay there for a moment.

Assemble yourself. Breathe in into those backups as you breathe out. Roll onto your right scapula, down the right trips into the writer. Soft. Now use the outside of the right foot. Push into the right heel, roll the knee, the hip, the ribs, and the other way. Run. Breathe in. Push and up. And again, roll and push and up. Notice the way I'm really willing on this Capitol and the side rips.

Push and now for a quarter circle, roll down the side, rock onto your sacrum. And then that scooping version, roll up, move out or side rips, sacrum and scoop. One more time down the side. Ribs, sacrum and scoop up down the side. Ribs, sacrum and scoop up John the side. Rips sacrum down. Now push from the side of the road, right for the knee, the hip, the ribs lift. And then you sent rolling down the left side. Accentuate.

Threw it down, pushed for the side of the left foot and scent and roll down the right through and lift up the right and center. Roll down the left through and lift up the left and center. Open the arms out wide. Good. Move into your writer. Ribs up and center into your left. Ribs up and center. As I move into my right crib, it's my right fight.

Squeezes against the brick and center. Um, my left squeeze. The right side is my wall. And now squeeze and move into your hips as so it's ribs, hips and ribs. Hip and center, ribs, hip and center. Ribs, hip and scent. Now sneaking your way done. Ribs, hip, lower vertebra, ribs, hip, Lovit, rib, sip, tailboard, ribs, hip, tailbone, ribs have tailbone, sacred tailbone, tailbone and alright, good. Now we've worked a lot in eduction.

Let's play some breaks up to the side and work a little in abduction. Yeah, but still this time we've drawn everything in towards us. Let's see, we can actually pull the femur bone out of the sockets. Is that kind of a length that you want? Let's start with the right side. Yes. So I want to drop the right side, that place the brick somewhere. Well, in a comfortable area we can actually push down.

Sometimes if you don't have that kind of turnout, it's already higher up. So just place it to wherever you feel comfortable. Okay, so that's a good place to start. So I'm South wide pushing down and open. Now Donna, just a rock off to do that. So the first time you want to actually cement down the left side and push down for one push down for two.

If you notice I'm pulling a femur bone out of the socket and five and six and seven and eight pushing down the side of my right foot all the way peripherally Southern my body. 10 closer for 10 let's move to the other side. Yep. Start the same way. So you'll see I'm grounding myself to the right side. Push down for 10 and nine and eight and my stillborn also stays anchor though. But the side of my left foot moving her up, the side of my knee into the hip works like crazy and two and one good. Open the other knee out as well. So you have these two working and here we go.

Now without tilting the pelvis without disturbing the back of the pelvis. It's an outward journey out from the hips. Yes, out and seven and six and five and four and three and two last one through and one close in through the feet. So let's go for a little pelvic tilt exercise. Yes. So the right knee drops the side, pushing into the right brick, lift the hips, lift the ribs out, roll back from the left side of the face, the left ribs, the left hip, and then you are duct the leg in from the waist and the left knee drops and pushing it. Move up and out. Rolling back from the right of the face, the ribs, they hit the, the foot and your duck back in again.

Let's start one more time, right. The flops pushing up and out. Good. Rolling back from the side of the face, the ribs, the heart, waist and venue. Close to center, left knee drops and pushing out and right side of the face, the rips, the hip, the knee, the foot, and you said the right knee drops and you push out. Now moving to the left side of the body, so moved close and then you roll back down to center. Left knee flops, push out to the left, move into the right center body in your bridge position, and then you roll back down again. Right?

The flops push out and move into the left. Good and rolled out in center. I hope you're getting this and left knee flops. Push out and closing in. Good and roll down at center.

We don't take it one step further. Roll and flock down the right side. Push him to the right brick. Close the right knee, left knee, flop side. Roll down through the side and center. Good lefty flops. Push up. Closing for the left knee, right knee, up comes side. Roll from the side of the face of ribs, the hip, the knee and then you sent it. Let's do it one more time. Yes. Knee flops and you push out. Closing through, open out rural and your center and flops. Push shot.

Closing out and just lets roll down through the spine and arrive. Good. Wonderful. Let's move on. Brick between the thighs, class glands. Now this is really important. Let's can I get this, because for a lot of the abdominal work we actually going to place our hands on the head. So class times. The reason being that you want to pull the fingers away from each other and as you do so you'll find that the scapula on the back also want to widen.

That's the feeling you want to keep. Good. Now as you place the hands behind the head, you want to feel that with in the back ribs because this, this have moved away. And the same time the elbows are in your peripheral vision and the armpits will hug the ceiling. Okay, so to start with length now, tall, breathe out, breathing and close the Elvis to parallel traction the head out, breathing out, rolled head up, look into the kneel reading and GLI the feet away. Reading out gentle squeezes for five, for four, for three, for two, for one. Drag the front teeth and the cuff. Roll the head back and then you wide out. Yeah, we go again.

Length and traction. Close the elbows to Paolo. Breathing out, roller. Collide the feet away and lengthen and close to three, four, five. Dragging and dragging and dragging and tracking. Earl back the center. Let's just do it one more time please. Yeah, so the tractioning and the closing and the elbows, the elbows or the scapular went part and then roll up again. No, I'm not really using my head at all. My head drops into my hands. Yes, I'm to do all the work and that's feeling of gliding the feet away from the front of my thighs.

Now my inner thighs working gently as I drop through center. Drag the heels back, dry them back, drag them back, drag them back, keeping it. Don't release the tailbone. Roll back down and open the Elvis out. I'll prep. Kicking wants to further elbows wide.

Breathe in and roll the head up. Breathing out. Draw the little belly in towards you and lift the feet an inch off the floor. That's two centimeters. Roll the head back on the in breath. Reading out lower belly. Place the FITA. [inaudible] breathing in. Lengthen and lift the head. Elbows in your peripheral vision readout.

Lower belly draws up and you lift the feet. I mean roll the head back on the in breath. Breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe and breathe out. Last one. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe. In this time. As you breathe out, roll the head forward and lower the fetus. Seesaw. Action. Breathing in, lifted [inaudible] feet below the head. Breathe out and breathing and breathe out and breathing in.

Last one through. Breathe out. Keep the feet roll down through the spine. Wonderful, right arm out to the side. Cut again. Regain your composure. Breathe on the odd breath. You're gonna roll on to your right shoulder. Squeeze a right knee against the brick, and then you roll back.

And again, breathing out. Roll onto your right shoulder and breathe. Breathing. Roll back. Good Brita roll and roll back. Good. From time to time, remember to smile to yourself because you can't take this work too seriously. I have a sense of here, but especially if it's hard. Yes.

Art and lengthen background. Now we're gonna add on her. Roll out. Good. Extend the legs out. Move into squeezing that variety against the break for five, for four deep in your twist. Three, two, one. Glide the feedback deepen even more, even more, even more. Even more. Push that right against the brick. Roll back down again. You'll feel that.

And again, and rural slider legs are not in this position. If you guys are, someone's pulling on your elbow and you're leaning back. Now squeeze for five, for four, for three, for two, for one drug that heals back deep in the cup. Lean back more and roll. Cut. That's tough breathing. And as you breathe out that room rolling onto your shoulder, stay there.

Feel as if someone pulls on your elbow, you lean back and then roll back down. And again, breathing and breathing, breathing out that rulings, sensation. And then breathing in. Last ones we're breathing out. See there on the invite. Glide the feet out, a duct through the left leg. Two, three. Keep deeply the twist. Five deep and the twist even more. And then reluctantly, rollback again. Breathing out, roll in breath. Extend left leg. Two, three, four, five.

Draw, drag, drag, drag deep and twist. Roll back and arrive. Well done guys. Pretty well done. Noncoms Oh, a bit of a chocolate. Yes. So go along with me if you need to stop and start, but in between please. Juice. Yeah. So brick under your left foot. Yes. Okay.

And you're right for them. The same plane as the left foot. Stay out there. Of course you'll have one knee higher than the other one drop in the hip. Let's start again with those bridges. Yes. Rhythm to prepare. Breathing out. Peel and roll up. Stay that just float the right yap. Place the rifle down.

Grew off the ribs of the hips, and then you roll back down to center again. Breathing out, keel to roll up in breath. Float the knee up. Place the foot doesn't grow. The ribs, the hip. Take that moment to grow and then soft and roll down. Take it one step further. Breathing out. Breathing in, breathing out the roll down vertebra. The time. Place the photon out-breath. Roll in breath foot. Ah, breath her roll. Place the foot. Reverse it in breath. Foot out-breath. Roll in, breath foot. Grow under.

Release in breath out. Breath in. Breath. Grow down. And right now let's move on to something a little bit more delicious. Yes, pushing down on that left foot roll. Now your knee has to stay facing the ceiling and then you're gonna roll back to center. I'm using the outside of my left foot, particularly to push for ally of my left victim grounded under.

So it's a whole lateral rhino peripheral on the body that I'm working. And then to roll back, I work on the divine light of the doctoral life. One more time. Push out a roll. Um, roll back from the side of the face. They hit the ribs, the heart one last one, Roland. Stay there. Now lifting and back. One lift roll. Two lift. Roll. Three lift and four lift.

Stay that now. Lift the leg. Seem of the trials that you seen with the trouser. Yeah, and three and four and five. Lift. Parallel. Rotate. Parallel. Rotate. Parallel. Rotate. Parallel, rotate and center in a low one piece. Lift. One piece. Low. Lift one piece. Low. Lift. One piece long.

Lift and arrive. Now let's just roll through the combination out for one. Hello. This for two leg three center for fall down for five roll and hip and leg and pelvis and reverse it. One rotate to side. Three roll for center. Five lift one, rotate to side. Three, four, hand, five. Good, well done. That's the left arm.

Let's move to the right. Here we go. All the best. Keep a sense of your mom. Kick and breathe. Yes. When typically you've got to read the Medco. It's not going to happen straight away. So go with it. And yeah, we go back with an in breath. Breathing out, pelvic tilt and breath. Float that foot up. Place it back down again. Good.

And then roll down through the spine and breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Lengthen and roll back down again. Breathe auto roll. Breathe into lift. Keep it lifted. Roll down and place the foot down and roll and lift or roll down and good.

Reverse it. Redone. Rural. Place the foot and Earl down. Breathe in and lift. Place the foot and roll down. Extend the leg rolling onto the hip and roll back to center one rural owned the hip area and make it luscious and juicy. So take your time.

Rural. Use the ribs, the hip, the knee, and the foot. And then ha side ribs with hip and got last one through rural arts. Steven, lifting the hip, the lighter, get down to the lie. To your dad. Three, gliding it down, fall, colliding it down. Five-seven leg, leg two and three and four and five. And lift. Rotate and scent and out. Center and center.

Lower the leg and left lower leg and lift. Lower the leg. Lift. Lower the leg and lift low in one piece. The combination. Roll. Lift, fire to thigh center. Lower down. Roll for one, lift the hip for two. Lift the leg for three term, parallel and off for five. Lift for one, rotate for two. Side three. Started the hip. Fall term five.

Lift one, rotate to sub the foot. Sub the hip and arrive. Brilliant. Good. We're going to now use our two brace. Yeah. Um, this is quite an exciting kind of Rhoda. What I'm going to do for the next one guys is, and it's important because I want to slide my, my legs out and back.

So I'm going to fold my mat. It really helps me, it helps me kind of find my ruling sequence. Yeah. So following my math cause I want my feet to be free. Okay. Uh, I placed one right between my feet and start with brick over the head with both hands. Gently holding on that exactly as we did with the feet. Yeah. Here we go. Repeat with the arms and hands. So holding the brick gently. Squeeze a brick with both hands.

10 and now do this by eating back, widening the scapula and then squeezing. So don't, yeah, don't be too eager to lift away as much as you can. Drown yourself into the floor. Do so. Yes. And see why didn't you push to widen and pushed through? Brilliant. Widen as much of the space as you can. Blot on the floor. Do so and two and one.

Now use your left side as you're standing side and squeeze. 10 and nine and eight and seven. So I have a natural breath moving through as I talk, I breathe out. So are you breathing out? Let it go again and fought to keep the breadth coin one and two. So my right side is my walled side.

My left side is the squeezing side and six and seven and eight. Two more mine last one through 10. Brilliant. Keeping that gentle squeeze. Again, it's a suggestion of a squeeze, so don't push too hard. Take the arms up and over the head and then from the ribs, glide the arms down in front of the heart breathing. Let let the shoulders lifter. They need to. Yeah, but keep the tip of Shelby as gently pulling down. Now it's the ribs, the scapula, the arms that guide the hands forward.

Let's add onto that breathing. Take the arms up and over. Ribs up its elbows, heat or the heads roll the head up towards them, but roll back and take the arms back dead again. Breathing out, arms up raw. That's I just, someone's got hold the brick. They're pulling the brick away from me and I'm trying to pull the brick away so I get that length into my upper back. Then I roll down. There's a lot of work happening. Breathing out and breathing.

Now I want to roll onto my left scapula, my left ribs unreached out on the dog. I'm reaching out of the windows was a son. I don't know if you can see it, but it's rather glorious. Good. And I'm going to roll back again and I'm breathing out, up on the diagonal. I'm reaching out, reaching out, reaching good, and I'm going to roll back again. No, just for a moment.

My left side is my walled on my right side is a pushing up to get that working. Those left obliques work like crazy. And then I roll back and pushing out and I roll back. And the next one I'm moving to a side bend and then I bring the brick down towards my ankle. I twist side bend and I sent side bend and towards my ankle sideband and I sent bend towards my ankle, side bend center sideband, and towards my ankle, side bend and center. Moving on, taking it one step further breaks up to the ceiling breather. Now extend the leg, stand out of the legs, drag the heels back and roll back. Good. And again, breathing out.

Roll through, drag and send. Let's just do one word. Those reading out and breathing in and on the left. Breathing us diagonal. Pause breathing. So I'm using my pauses to also move breathing out.

Pause. I use, I call it kumbhaka from your son's, it's called the pause is called comeback. Yeah. Pause out. Last one. So it's all right to move between the pauses, the breath out. Good pause, breathe and, and Oh God. Go, go, go twist key. That opposite hip Dominic is, that's the real world.

That's where those obliques can come in to plague and down center. And the last one, Oh hurry. Reach God. Are you pushing down like crazy? Good. Now side bend and twist and side bend, send side bend, twist and I bet send side bend twist. You get all those facet joints working side bend, twist, side bend and good. Okay. No.

The next one is what we've been working towards. I would've pulled myself down a little bit because I tend to kind of travel up the mat. Good. So the next one, start the same way. Arms overhead. Just watch this one first. Yes. I take the arms overhead. Roll my headphone. Once my hand moved towards the knee, that glider and I reached my arms and I sit up and then I reach forward, bend in the knees and glide my arms back.

He'll be so that's the kind of recipe for this whole movie. So Hans Ford had roles, needs Murray, that Murray, that breathing, Maria breathing and a brewery that's smooth and breathing. One more. Breathe out and breathe in and let's move the left. Left dimes. Stay on the dime. Reach and stay on the dock. Good. Lengthen back and I hadn't.

And reach out and diagonal reach back one more time. Diagonal and reach out diagonal reach back Argonaut and to reach out diagonal non for the last one side bend, twist. Sit up to his side. Bend side, bend and sit up and side bend. Sideburn twist, sit up and twist side Ben sideburn toys. Sit up and twist and scent.

Good work though. Good. Well I'm done. Okay. It's going to let them the mat back out again. Yeah, find that wonderful sense now of working on your front. So you're going to play some bricks out lengthwise and you would align face down. Yup. And grab the bricks gently between your feet and have your hand. One, two of the other four had done.

Now I'm not gonna place my forehead down completely because I have a mic and it's going to kind of kind of squeak and shot and you really don't want to listen to that. So I'm going to have my, my head Sadie lifted up. In fact, a great way of also doing this exercise to have a fist over a fist and place your forehead on that so that it's like you're an extension. If you feel strong enough to do it. An extension, by all means do so I'm going to do it this way. So yeah, we've got gently pull with the elbows, grab what grabs it. It's too hard a term to kind of use. Lengthen and squeeze a brick between your ankles, but also feel like you're yawning your thighs away, pushing the pubic bone in your hipbones down and as a core with the elbows, you'd like your gently drawing your low belly off the floor. Yup.

Keeping a little belly off the floor. You're going to squeeze a bricks for 10 for nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and then relax. Pulling them, squeezing. Now really feel the way the adductors work. Feel the where the back of the legs come into play. Feel the way the front of the thighs lengthen out and draw.

Draw with the arms. Draw up with a tummy. Two, one and relax. Two more of these and pulling ten nine, eight please remember to breathe. Yes in your own time, but be aware of the breath. Be aware of whether you're holding your breath or whether the breath is too strong or too little. Again, just be aware. Be be. Avoid your own breath and release. Last one through and one, two, three, four, pulling five, six, seven, eight, nine. Stay there.

Gently grabbed the bricks between your feet and Ben and lower down. Bend and lower down. Bend and lower down. Ben, let's go for two more. Who lower down and then stay there. Gently squeeze the bricks. Ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Now lift by lending the knees along the floor, pulling and lifting and the three and the fall and five and six and seven and eight and a nine. Now open them the left knee out and close it. Three, four, five. Obvious the Reiki is off the floor. Yes. And mine am 10 left. Knee off and closing, right? Two three. This is hard work people fight. And why I'm giving it to you. Six. I hate doing it myself.

And nine and 10 lower down. Learn from a legs up. Theater with a squeeze for 10 for nine for eight. The PS, the leases, the stones. Okay. Three and two. One. And then relax. Rock your bottom from side to side. And rock your pals from side to side. Excite relief. We're going to move on to work on all fours. Yes.

So I'm going to change my settings back. I'm going to bring my bricks around this way. Okay, I'm going to start on all fours. Yes sir. No fault. Now have the bricks down flat. And before I actually go on to all fours, I'd like to do a bit of upper extension work.

I'm gonna take you back down again. I'm sorry about that. As I grow older, I forget things you have to forget. Forgive this old man. Here we go. So thought that the bricks are at a 90 degree angle. Yeah, with my shoulders and my arms. Yeah. Widen open and I soft my sucking my chest down. Between, yeah, between the bricks. Again, I'm just rocking from side to side just to release any tension because it's this next one I want. I don't want to grab mine. My glutes. Yes. For the next one I want to think of drawing the sit bones gently in together. So as I roll my little pinky around a spiral through my hands, I push down to my elbows, widen the scapula and lift into the back of the back and then I softened back down again. Relax. Rolling through the hands.

Push down and grow and lift. Open the scapula. Open the backroom side. Good. And then I soften back down again. Let's go for a couple more and rolling. Push down. Five. You're lifting up to the lower belly. Four, three, two, one. And release. We're rolling around. Pushing 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and release down through taking one step further, reaching the bricks out in front of you. This one, soft elbows, soft elbows soften down. Yeah.

I'm going to start by gently drawing the elbows in towards the pull on the hands and you will lift into a, feels like a smoke Cobra position. Yeah. And you're going to soften down and then pushing into the bricks. Lengthen and widen into the back of the back. So I'm lifting off from my floating rooms and I'm going to soften and pulling on the bricks. Lift the heart of the Chesca. My backroom is a wide and I'm not breaking to the neck.

The neck is part of my spine and I'm yawning my legs out and I'm suffering through and pushing into the front of the heel of my hands. Moving from the backrooms kidney area open. I should feel like, like I'm like I'm doing a butterfly stroke and as the hands are just about to enter the water. Yeah. That feeling of my head up and off, looking down to the water, diving into it and releasing down. One more time. Breathing in Paul and soften. Breathing out. Push moving to those backups. So now we are breathing in. Left and right.

Pull in towards you, into the armpits. Arrive. Stop pushing the bricks away. Move into what feels like a Cobra and then dive from the head and reach down to the floor. Breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in. Lift curve into the packet and breathing out.

Stop that pole. Draw the left arm and towards you. Pull the left hip. Don't twist and reach back up to center. Pulling the right twist and up to center and the left arm because the left hip down so you get a wonderful torsion. This chest and center and right back twist hand grew up taking it one step further. Pull, twist, stay. Then roll onto the right lifting. Low lift, lift lower lift. Roll onto your front.

Keep it lifted. Lower the legs and lengthen. Soften again. Pull, draw Paul, the writing towards you. Open. Roll onto your side. Lift, lower lift, lower lift, low lift. Send the AMA rural key for left and keep it lifted. Lower down. One last one row and Paul girl and girl roll out to your side. Lift lower lift low lift lower lift role onto your fund.

Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Keep it lifted low and release. Last one through first into your corporate position. Then into what feels like a long Kralik. You want a drag in the water, then roll across lower lift, lower lift, lower lift, lower lift. Stop rolling across hips. Then send the armor, then the legs and then release. Enjoy this little moment of surrender. Rock your hips from side to side.

Let them move. Translate into the ribs, into the arms, just rock arm. And then when you're ready, sit back onto your heels. And yes, we move into all the old falls work. Good. Hope you're doing well so far. Remember, keep your sense of humor from time to time. Just laugh, laugh at yourself. It helps get in this position. I w I really want you to feel like you're pushing your shins down. Good.

And as your hands push into the bricks, widen the back ribs out. And I'm gonna to start curling back. And as you called back, lean into the kidney area. And as you arch forward arch and lean over the brick, Scott, push out and tuck under aniline coming forward. Bend your elbows and arch. I'm leaning forward or the bricks every time. Lift started till one curling. Lean back. Open the backroom side.

Keep the curve as you come forward. Once you move past the hands, then arch material, bone LUNs, that little lower. Push out. Good car from the tailbone that lean back arching as you come over. Laura, stop the car the tour's under and push into what feels like a downward doggy. Bend the knees, bend the elbows and hover from the arms, the shoulder, ribs, the hip, the knees rise up on the board of the feet and Carlo hands, shoulder, ribs, tailbone, Vember, knees, hover, knees down. Push forward and start again. Yes, that's, that's the whole sequence. Here we go. You can do this ah, small car. Keep the car as you move the arch. Brilliant. And Cody come forward and and reach deep forward arch cold towards him.

Towards you. Push into down. Bend the knees, bend the elbows. Push from the arms rising. Push from the arms, the ribs. Bend the knees, hobo, knees. Lengthen and sound. The arms co from the tailbone. Lower middle. Push. Push from the arms round and you said, let's listen to preparation. [inaudible] arch and forward push and one last one's rock.

Push and forward. Lengthen and now move the Brixton further. We die of the hits. Mini Cobra, Cobra, upper dog car from the head. Sit back onto the heels. Take the bricks behind you. Push into the bricks and a small pelvic tilt or a mini camel position.

Sit the sit bones back. Send the bricks forward, glide them away. Diving through mini Cobra, Cobra up, a dog call from the head. Place the brick zone. Sit back. Now if when you want to dive forward, if you want to keep your knees on, yes, keep them on to go back. That's, that's also a great way of kind of doing it. Yes. So this again, diabetes through mini Cobra, Cobra, lift your knees. If you can leave them on round lace liaison, sit back, hands behind you. Lift up, sit back, placing bricks in front. Curl the toes under and let's just do a forward stretch or a hamstring stretcher. So lean forward, bend the knees, sit and squat, and again, lean forward. I want to go in and go over, over, over.

I'm preparing for hand stance and sit and squat. And again, leaning forward and curb Steven, Ben, the righty. Open those left ribs, art and theme. Fault bend, right ropes and bend. Left ribs and forward. Bend right and forward.

Now bend the right knee and pushing into your right. It's like getting a one handed handstand. Push the arms up. Good. Circle the arm and bring it back. Bend the left knee, right arm up. Good and far, far left. I'm doing all the work and one more time them the right move out of the right scapula. So you want that action. Reach the Armat, lengthen it forward and down. Then the left knee. Open it out, lengthen it forward. Move the bricks all the way out to the left and lean and lean into your right.

Soften more the bricks around to the front, all the way out to the right and leaning into your left, lean, lean all the way out to the front and on the left. Lead all the way out to the front and to the right. Lean and good. Walk yourself back again to center. Turn the bricks around to face up and really make sure that your sit bones are directly over the heels and the shoulders directly over your hands. Yeah, so that's the measurement you want and feel like you're leaning your back up against the ceiling, back of the neck, long wide. Relax a job. And now sub rolling onto your heels and sending the hands over it.

Run the back curve please. Feet on small, better than these small bent at the elbows and lean forward over and again. So there's a lot of rocking in what I do. So rock, um, ball toes. I'm forward and again, toes bowl from the heels, heels and alchemy and out bend and forward. Good. This time as you rock back, bring your left leg forward. Actually keep them, keep the brick stale and as you breathe in, arch slightly, lean for the forward. And again, curling on. Lean back and arch. Lean for, let's do it one more time. Lean back, take the leg out to another degree behind you and flatten the backyard.

Roll the foot, the knee, the hip. Keep the shoulders, square the ribs up, and then roll your backpack. Bend the standing, let go straight bend and the new center. Okay, roll the foot, the knee, the hip, the ribs up. Roll it back down, Ben God. And then you sent him. Good. Take the right arm up in front of you. Take it out of the side, push into your left and twist. Now you can either stay or for five counts or bend the back knee. Grab hold of the foot and push for five for four, for three, for two, for one. Let go. Bring the arm down, good arrive, rotate the foot, push into your right arm and open the left arm. Good.

Now either stare for five counts or bend the knee. Grab hold of the foot and pushing out for five. For four. For three for two Bush for one, let go armed, dumb, robotic. Bring the foot wrong, Lisa. For down squat, squat, grab hold of the bricks. Gently push. If you push them together, get the thighs and lift the powders.

Good. I'm stay there for five and I'm going to look out the window and, and just enjoy the beautiful view over that too. Cut and wanting to bring myself back again to the suit. You good? Yo, we go the other side. Make this delicious feed parallel and rounding. Right leg comes in towards him and the lengthen back out and again Runk Oh and reach out an arch one last time. Cole round. Let's, I'm just taking it to a 90 degree angle. That snuff. Rotate the foot from the hipot ribs. Go with it.

Shoulders stay square from the ribs. You roll back, amend, sit, sit, sit. Sit and rotate. Rotate back. Bend. Sit. Roll into the back. Leg and center. Left arm forward. Open-eyed twist. Good. Keep your focus down for this one Ben. Money. Hand grabs hold of the foot.

Angio stay there for five, for four. Of course you can keep the legs straight. Yes. Make it as simple, as difficult as you want it to be. Good. Let go and bring the arm down. Rotating the foot, the knee, the hip, the ribs out. Stand on that leg. Open beyond God. Now stay here. Or bend. Grab hold of the foot and you push out for five, for four, for three, for two, for one. Let go.

Um, rotate. Bring the leg, foot down. Sit bricks. Have the, this time if you can have the elbows on the inside. Squeeze and hold for five. Hold for four. Squeeze against the elbows for three, two, one. Stand yourself up and get ready for another cheat. Here we go. Brits. Now I have my index finger and my middle finger. Yes.

Holding on my thumb and my two other fingers. Ring finger, little finger around the side and the bricks around the heel of my hand. Yeah. So get your bricks out, rotating in towards you. Um, rotating back, rotating around and rotating back. Rotating round. Draw the Brixton towards me and try and keep the elbows soften. But lengthen that in and the backs. You don't bend the elbows at all.

Soft and back. Good and soft. Stop there. Rotate fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders from the shoulders. You rotate back to center and pull up. Rotate around, rotate back and pull into center, back rooted heart. And, and if you have a cock rig, and this is always about a Keeler, you're going to work like crazy. Yes. And back and back and center.

Out and out. And send the bricks out in front. Okay. I need to breathe, holding my breath and rotate in and around. Good and backer. Rotate in and around and onto center. Rotate in around. Keep the shoulders dropping. You don't need the shoulders. Good. And pulling towards him and the down. Rotate the bricks around.

Pull down and under and up. Rotate around, pulling and out. Yep. My favorites aren't working. My hands and my feet. Yes. Cause that's where my extremities actually informed me about life. Yes. And good. Open arms out to the side and rotate in and out. I don't see, you can't tell if you can see what I'm already sweating out and center. Good.

I'm working hard. I wonder what I'm working on is dropping my shoulders. Yes. It's about dropping the only other and I'm actually sending my scapula art. Pull in towards you. Reach down, rotate out, pull down, lift up, rotate around in towards you. Push down, rotate out, down through. Lift. Rotate through. Bring the bricks in. Just let me wipe up. Cleanup. Good.

Shake. Hard. Good kick. Yo, we got arms dropping into your side. Feel. Just feel a bouncing us in the arms. There's no tension in the shoulders. Again, lacks the jaw. Relax the mouth, but she tailed. Yes. Bright-eyed. Here we go. At spiral the bricks around. So what? Sparring a little pinky sparring. The brick around the middle fingers are lifting the bricks out of the side.

Good. Bring them all up to the ceiling. Good from that routine. A little pinky or Onyx? Yeah. Really extend the bricks out. Now from the thumb, you turn around ribs, armpits, elbows. Here the hands bring the bricks down. Little pinky spirals. Middle finger lifts all the way up overhead. Now from between the shoulder blades, rotate.

Send the arms forward from the thumb. Your roll. The bricks. Run, ribs, armpits, elbows, healer. The hands are down. One last time, little pinky spirals. Middle finger lifts. God, not from between the shoulder blades. Rotate. Present the bricks. Rotate thumb around. Ribs, armpits, pebbles, heat ovens. Let's reverse it. Little pinky spirals and middle finger lifts. Good. Get the bricks together. Gently push them over. Head. Push them feeling of squeezing, but opening a five, four give the armpits or wrap around three. Good, but drop the tip of the shoulder. It's two. Yeah, one now from between the shoulder blades, open, turn the thumbs, ribs, armpits, elbows, heel of the hand. It's good again. Little pinky spirals. Lift up and bricks together. Squeeze. Five, four, three. Open those elbows, that arm. Petard. Look, can you do that now?

Drop the two with the Shelby. That same thing. Squeeze two. One. Open them out wide. Turn from the thumb. Pull them down last time through and spiral. Lift hands together. Stop. Bring the bricks just in front of the forehead and not close the elbows in five and small opening and actually let's go for 10 of these. That's the ninth one.

Then it's your eighth God and seven and six and that rotating two and one that extend the bricks out in front of you and then bring them back again and extend God and back again and extend and back again. Last one through. Extend. Rotate ribs, armpits, elbows, healer, the hands. Oh good. That was good place. Yo your bricks down. And for the very last time we have a stand on the bricks. Okay, now play with this. Maybe your hands will reach down. Maybe they won't, but again, assemble yourself. Breathe in the back of the back.

And as you read that, sighing the breath, I'd just chin to chest soften and start rolling down the spine and the hands arrive on the floor. Reach bemans, pull on the toes and you sit. Breathing up, push down, grow him again. Breathing in and breathing out. Last one, breathing in, bend. Good. Breathing out, pushing jabs. Stay, breathing, breathe, breathing, small. Bend the knees. Roll up, tailbone, lower, middle as you arrive here and feel like the Colossus of Rhodes. Now if you know about the Colossus of roads, you know what I'm talking about?

Yes. So feel very tall, very lifted on your pillars in roads, letting all the ships pass through. Yeah. Your pillars already feel lifted. You're the gateway of the universe. As you kind of stand there, feel the strength of your legs pushing into the bricks. Feel the way your hips lift out of your legs. Feel the way the spine lengthens out of the pelvis. Feel the way the neck extends out of the spine and the head just balances softness onto the neck.

The shoulders are wide open and they'd drop out of the sides. Your gaze, a generosity out of your heart. So feel your heart as an organ. Widen your chest and you look out from the generosity of your heart. Good. Feel your backrooms open. Feel the curtains of your lower back, widen and open. Draw a happy smile on your sacrum. Open up the eyes of the back of your knees. And as you stand on these bricks, feel like you could levitate off them.

Feel the breath move in and out of the body like a gentle breeze. You're not working, you're not pushing. Just feel the sensitivity of your own breath. And that's it. I hope you did well. I hope it was of some use to you. Well, treat it as a game. Yes. Don't, don't get too caught up in it. The idea is to enjoy it. The idea is to find, you know, those places where you falter out and maybe work a little bit with them, but play with them because I certainly have a lot of fun with them. Yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you for joining me on this little journey.


Fantastic workout James is an amazing teacher, so creative and challenging 👍👍
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wonderful, very beautiful class. thanks
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LOVED this class.  More from James, please!
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Very inspiring!! Felt great after the class. Thank you James.
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Breathe of fresh air. Fab class
My brain and body are tingling with joy!! What a special teacher you are James. This is a magical movement experience. Thank you
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Love this!  Can’t wait to try it with my men’s class!  Thank you!
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Grandissimo! Sempre innovativo
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Finally, James om Pilates anytime) !! I love Garuda pilates! Please more
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in my head and heart I am screaming with joy and delight. THIS was so marvelous. I cant wait to see a follow up video.
Obviously the movement is delicious but the language used is worth gold, enhancing the motion even further. So much respect for the creativity. thank you.
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