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Give yourself the gift of movement with this quick Mat workout by Meredith Rogers! She starts with a grounding practice to get you ready to move with intention. She then moves on to fun sequences that will allow you to expand and take up space so you finish the year strong!
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Dec 25, 2019
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Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. So it's time for our annual Christmas class and today we have a special treat for a very extra special edition Christmas edition of girl time with our gal E. I'm so excited to be here with my friend Mary. Yes, so Merry Christmas everyone and thank you all who continue to show up year after year and to anyone who is just having this Christmas class for the very first time. Welcome to you too. Even if inG , even if it's July. Okay, so we're going to stand at the back of the mat. Oh, let's just close our eyes, Amy. We'll just take a moment.

Think at this time of year that kind of pausing is definitely appropriate. So feeling that we're just bringing our energy inward, preparing for our movement, practice grounding, feeling the souls of the feet against the ground, knowing that there's earth underneath the floor that we're standing on, and let's open our eyes and reach our arms out. And as the arms reach out, we take the chest up, opening the heart, and bring the arms back down. And as the arms come down, allow them to soften and inhale and exhale as we bring our head down into our chest, we're going to roll down towards the floor. Feel free to do that with bent knees. I'm going to bend my knees a little bit, give myself a little gift. Inhale, dropping the head all the way and then exhale, pulling up through the center of the body, stepping into the ground, stepping into both feet evenly. We're going to lift all the way back up, opening the arms, lifting the chest, reaching up, reaching out and softening and in Hailey and head comes down. Yeah, and we round many things to be grateful for at Christmas time. Friends and left.

What I'm grateful for in this moment. One more time, Amy, the gift of movement. Me too. To take the hands together, turn the palms up, stretch towards the ocean, opening up those ribs and I left Baca and stretch away. Left Baca and India. Push the arms away from the center of the body. Rotates, unwind, plus up and inhale up and over and exhale. As you rotate, pushing the arms away and inhale. Come back.

Exhale, lift up and take the arms out one more time. And I'd come down to the [inaudible]. Let's take the arms straight out in front. Lifting the spine, reaching for one another, even though rescue, and as the exhale will go right down, down, down, feeling the feet on the floor at any time. If you need to hold your legs, you take your legs, we inhale and we exhale. I'm going to give you a tiny Christmas gift, Amy thing. We're not going to do this many, many times. Okay. And yeah, and for the rest of you who find this to be a difficult movement, that is a gift for you as well. And here's another one. Hold on. Yeah, worry about it and go, hold on. It's not a big deal. Yeah. And in here, but this time as we sit up, I want us to get really light in our body.

Reached the arms up. We do so much rounding. Let's get some extension in our life and we'll do just two more. Go back, back, back, and India were very brave to lifting, lifting up. Last one, reaching forwards and going back. Okay, good. Back, back, back, back, back, back, all the way down. Slide your feet in closer to you or scoot your pelvis closer to your feet. We're going into some bridging, so we're inhaling the arms.

Start at the mat. We're going to lift the pelvis, roll up through the spine, standing in the feet while lifting the hips up high. Take the arms up and back. And now as you exhale, reach the arms in opposition of the laying down of the spine. Feel that stretch through the spine as he bring it down onto the ground. And now inhale, as the tailbone drops, we exhale, start lifting, press the arms through space. They pass the pelvis that you reach out towards the Hills.

We're going to hover them. Inhale and exhale. Chest back, spine goes back, rolling down, down, down, down, down, and reaching back. In. Inhale and exhale, reaching the arms forward as we stand on our feet to lift the hips and inhale and exhale. Reach the arms back, laying that spine down even longer and in here and exhale, lifting up. So opening up, finding that full range of spinal movement and down. And one more time. Exhale, lifting up, warming up our bodies and inhaling down or in nail to excelling. Come down, bring the arms around to the side. Lift one leg, then the other spine twists coming up. Inhale, reach towards the ocean. Exhale back. Inhale, reach up to go over, keeping the knees side by side, alternating sides. Exhale to come back. And in here, getting our spine nice and juicy. Nice and mobile and [inaudible] and reaching over. Feel the opposite arm.

Reaching out on the mat and come back and in. Yeah, in, yeah. Back. One more time. We go in there, back. I know I love and over back we're going to curl the head and chest. Sta. Take the hands just to the top of the knees. Going into the double leg stretch. You want to keep the tailbone drop. Keep the back connected. Recap, add our man in here.

So we're having a short class today. So I'm like to recommend to everyone, myself included that we don't waste a moment. And what I mean by that is give your Christmas best cause this is your gift for yourself. If you're doing this and it's Christmas, you're giving yourself a gift. So it might be, might as well be the very best gift you have to offer.

Will said Mary last time and then hands on the right knee, left leg goes out straight and we sweat and sweat. I want us to push down on the knee and use that downward push in our hands to pull our body a little forward. That's it forward. And as we're doing that, we're using our arms as assist. Not to make it easier, but to make it more deep, more better. I'm not counting, I'm just going to tell us when it's time. Just change. How about one more on each side? Okay.

And then hands behind the head end. Slow, slow, slow. Feel the rotation in the ribs. Notice the stability in the POTUS right now. Your spine free. We're going to do four and four. Three, three, two and two. One and one. We're going to bring the knees in.

We're going to take the head down for just a minute. We're going to lift it right back on. We're going to bend our knees. We're going to reverse roll like a ball. The heels in towards your seat. A rule back down. Lift the fee. Lower the body. We're going to do that three more times on my favorite. Thank you.

Lifter trot. Curl down, but lift the chest. Lift the feet. Oh, did I say three more? Yeah you did. So that means two more now. Yeah, and down girl and curl down and left and back. One more time Amy. That's the end. Love that draw cause this is getting ready for what's next. Curl. We go down, we take the arms head down, take the head down, stretch the legs along. Lift them up. Now at that cruel is what happens here to take the legs over for the rollover.

Flex the feet second. Great. The feet as we take the body down, we were reaching long through the arms are reaching in the opposite direction with our heads. Feet point, legs come down, they touch together, we lift. I know we take it over and we're going to flex and open. Maybe the legs go a little lower, maybe not, and we go there stretching the body along on the ground. Point the feet, take the legs down together and, and flex and open. And when, why? I left. I ain't going over an opening, taking legs down together. Keep them there, lift the head, reach forward, roll [inaudible] blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Ben journey. Rolling a surprise and try not to lose your hat back and get it together. The second best Christmas gift that you can give yourself in my opinion, is go easy on yourself. Oh, great idea and a fabulous gift. Let's do two more and the last one and place the feet down. Stretch the legs long. [inaudible] sit up tall. Oh, let's do this.

When's the last time you've had a math class where you can have your arm stretched out? So it never happens. That's where teaching ourselves, we had to take up a lot of space guys and in here and twist. So we're wringing out the spine. We feel that our weight is organized over both sitting bones, nice and evenly left and center, rising up and center, rising up, trying to stay focused, but also move the body in a way that feels easy. Hold here, take your arms up, reach, reach, reach through your spine, open the arms out. Let them soften as they come down. But keep reaching them away from each other.

And return to center an inhale and exhale. Left up and open out and find center an in. Yeah, and reach up and open out and return one more in here. Reach up. Open our return to center.

Reach behind you. Trying to think of all the things that combat rounding except for the app work you well, you know that's part of the game. Push into your heels. Push into your mid back. Lift the pelvis. Step into the ground. Now keep the mid back. Keep lifting with your legs. Come down lightly. Touch the pelvis and lift back up again.

So we're hindering through the waist. The eyes just go with the movement of the spine. Says my pelvis comes down. I'm looking in the front and as my pelvis lifts in, my chest goes back, my eyes go up and we'll do one more and we'll go and we'll go down and we'll open up the legs and sit up. Then inhale and round down, reaching forward. Feel the anchoring of the sitting bone so that as you come to stack back up your second right over the sitting bones as we lift, duh and India and acts out as you [inaudible] go down, feel the arms are energized. They're not only reaching in front of you, but they're also imagining that there's pulling towards one another and maybe not necessarily from the hands, but where the shoulders attached to the rest of the body to the trunk.

And inhale one more and exhale and in yeah, and [inaudible] and uh, in tobacco extension XL to go down in the out, take it out. Yeah, bring it back forward. [inaudible] and then arms and legs reach away. As we articulate the spine to sit up. We'll do two more units, meal and exhale. Go down and are each and take it back through and lift lifter and in, yeah, fix your hat. The XO losing my hat. I need a bigger school and reach. Ah, getting that nice feeling of ease of movement. And Dan will do, see I see two more. I don't know.

We're going to do one more Christmas x-ray file. If I said it wrong before last time. Reaching out. Hold here. Take the arms out to the sides and now lift the spine a little more. And now take the arms back and back and back and back and back.

And I'll lift the body and rotate towards the ocean and slap back reaches forward. We reach the arms out, we come back to center, lift and twist and reach and hurried shots and center an open and twist. Reach through, come back, open and center and twist and go through an Elan Gates and find the center last time in each direction. Reach through and up and center and again over. And here's a little fun combo coming half of try and cue us all through it really seamlessly. So we go over, we go into the saw, we come up out of the saw, lean back into that hand, turn onto the outside of one foot, the inside of the other and lift your back. Come back down.

You're back into the saw and center. Welcome. Yes. Sorry. Christmas. Every shout. Lean back. Stand in your feet. Reach the arms up and over and sit back down.

I flex my feet as I'm coming down, right. And then come to center. Let's do one more time. Absolutely. All right. Back point. Point. Step into the feet and reach. Come back. This is where I flex and stand in my heels.

Back up into that rotation and central. Look at that sliding feet. Meredith reach. Oh yeah, the gifts. The gift of being kind to yourself and back. Opening up through the whole body and back down. Left the arm center. And let's do this. Turn to your side. Cross the top foot over the bottom. You're just, you're fun as you are. I think.

Good. Just like that. We're going to do the side bend. Okay, so carrying on with that idea of expansion, the arm is on the mat. We've created a straight line. I train high train Z and here we go. Up into the side plank first he inhale, exhale, lift the waist, take the ice to the ground, reach up and over with that arm, opening up that side body in a different way than we just did. And then we're going to come back. We're going to bend.

We're going to just touch the floor and lift and up and over. If you want to do the straight leg thing names, that's fine, but I'm in a bed. I like that one more. Up band over and back and touch and up and hold. Take the bottom knee through. Press the hips forward sidekick. Bring the hand behind the head, lift that leg up, flex the foot. It goes forward. Forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back, forward for keeping the leg high. Meredith too.

I don't know what's coming next. This is kind of fun. It's nice, snobby and not say that. Hold there. Now take that leg just straight down and straight up. Straight down and straight out, straight down in. Every time you lift it up, you've lifting it higher than you ever have before. Last two, one more.

Left it out and I'll take it to the back and reach the opposite arm in front. Go into a backbend and now take that back like up and up. Gotcha. Up stretching through the front of the body and now bring everything back around lifting that like higher, higher, higher, higher. Now bend that knee, bring it down next to the one that's on the ground. Take the arm that's still in the air across the body towards the hand that's on the mat and sit down into that hip. Another gift [inaudible] and then just carry on onto that side. So same side that you're stretching.

So you're going to come this way now. Yeah, just like that. Gotcha. Hit me there. We are ready to go. Camera ready and everything. We don't even have to show our butts to the camera. Here we go. Side plank side. Then squeezing the legs together. Side plank, keeping everything organized as we come down. Just touch. And we did three of these, Amy, up and over and Ben and I, Ben. Oh, and back. We're coming down one more time, Ben. We're coming up one more time. We're taking the knee down, pressing the pelvis forward. Lifting the Lang hand behind the head.

Here we go. Pull. Pull up and back. Paul, pull up in back. Paul. Paul up and back to up, back up in, back. Straight out to the side and down and out. I'm last too. One more. If you don't have a lot of time on Christmas, here is our rotation.

Take the arm forward. Take the leg to the back of in mind as well. Get your bang for your buck. Here we go. Uh, ah, back around to the side. Higher, higher, higher and Ben, bring it in. Sit down into religious. Okay, Amy, onto your stomach. Okay. Oh my single leg kick. Okay. Oh, buzz down.

Chest up. [inaudible] upper back engaged. Lift the legs. Buh, buh, buh. Dangle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop. Both big, straight lay all the way down. Hands behind your back.

Double leg kick. Here we go. One, two, three. [inaudible], two, three and Keiko. One laying the head down and reach and kick. One, two, three, a little higher this time. That two, three, add one more. One, two, three. Reach. Arms down, legs down. Press into rest position. Come back forward onto your hands and knees.

I did say bang for your buck. Steady. Stretching your legs. That straight on the mat and gifts and gifts. Point the right foot. Lift fat. Four, three, two, one. Put it down. Three pushups or hold the plank. No, I'll do knees and hips. Head down, heels up. Articulate through left foot. I live. Five, four, three, two, one. Hand down. Three pushups. Better down here, two, three and walk back, back, back, back until you feel your weight on your feet.

Hang the spine forward. Bend one knee and reach back and the other and reach back in. Inhale and feel there is a root rooting, grounding into the feet. You're hunting. Pardon me, my strong friends. Lifting up juvenile humor he saw and then open the chest and gather up all that energy to take with you forward. Ah, thank you, my friend. You my friend. Thank you.

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Merry Christmas and a perfect balance in the New Year!
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Lovely! Merry Christmas!
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Lovely! Merry Christmas!
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I love it; Merry Christmas xx
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Awww! Two of my favorites right there! 
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Merry Christmas ladies! Thanks for another year of great teaching.  Pilates Anytime is one of the things I’m most thankful for in my life and much of that is because of you both!  Best wishes for 2020!
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Absolutely loved it, much needed. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Susan B
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Thank you for this from my body on Boxing Day!  
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Merry Christmas Meri and Amy! Thank you for the best Christmas gift- fun and friendship and beautiful movement. I wore my Santa hat too! J Xoxo
Leanne W
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Lovely, thanks ladies!
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