Class #3966

Embodied Presence Meditation

10 min - Class


Learn how you can cultivate resilience for yourself with this guided meditation by Tom McCook. He invites you to think about what is important in your life and where you want to go. He shares how being able to drop into yourself so that you are grounded and present will give you the ability to be your best self.
What You'll Need: Blanket, Bolster

About This Video


Hi everybody. I'm Tom McCook back at [inaudible]. Anytime. It's a great pleasure to be back. I'm here with Amy and Christie and we are here for another round of meditation. And think o...


Exquisite.  Thank you.
Good to have a pause and some peace in the day, thanks Tom
Thank you Mindi & Jill! Enjoy and keep taking time for your practice, it's always worth it!!
Amazing. Thank you so much, for sharing Tom. 
Thank you Tom, yesterday was day 1 of my new meditation practice and you popped up on PA, so you were day 2. Namaste
what a lovely practice. many thanks. :)
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Dear Giedre, Julie and Matthew, Thank you for your supportive comments! The combination of a movement practice and meditation is the best recipe for a balanced life!  Sending you all my best!
This was beautiful. I really appreciated all the body focus cues.  Those of us who do Pilates have an enhanced mind/body connection. This is a gateway to a very deep meditation practice. Thanks for calling us inward. More please :).  
similar to alternate nostril breathing from yoga.  nice

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