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Advanced Reformer Flow

45 min - Class


An advanced Reformer class. After a Mat warmup on the Reformer, you'll practice pumping the Footwork, Stomach Massage, the Upstretch Series, Side Arms Kneeling, Tendon Stretch, Balance Control Front, Backward Lunge, and the prep for Kneeling High Bridge.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Mar 03, 2011
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Okay. Here we go. I have one red spring on. I'm going to warm up the spine with a standing roll down using our hands on the carriage, so be close enough to put the heel of your hand wide on the carriage. We in here finding your powerhouse. Now you find a rep, exhale, surround forward. He'll have the hand on the edge of the care die go wide. Inhale. As you lengthen the spine, it says if you're going straight down into the spine and then eventually you elongate. Exhale from the back of the body, the front of the body to bring the carriage back and inhale. I do like to leave my knees bent initially, but if you're feeling it more flexible than that, you could do it completely straight legged and inhale.

I'm just looking for that sort of sense of undulation, the sense of lubrication so that once I could really get going and I've, I'm been there, I kind of know how it feels. I know where my sticky points are and hopefully even loosened up some of them. Let's hang out in the longer spine here for a second. Take a moment in this position and shrug the shoulders so they do come off your back so to speak. And right up next to your ears. Lift the toes, all 10 toes, even your weight. Draw the Scapula rate picked on your back. Pull the rib cage and stretch the tailbone away. Release the toes.

And from there we around the spine bringing the hands or the carriage back to the stop or go again. Inhale, find that spot you just left. Find opposition. Exhale back and inhale. So worth it. Enjoy it. Hmm. And here we go. Bringing in all the way back. Find the stopper. Continue Rolling up. Can come around the edge. Have a seat right near the front of the carriage.

I'm going to go ahead and put my foot and legwork springs on now. So that for me tonight is going to be three red. Feel free to do your force springs if that's what you're used to, or some variation. They're sitting tall for roll-up painter thighs. We exhaled a roll down. When I'm on the reformer, I'll just take my arms above my chest and right away the ribs will drop back down to bring me up, inhale and exhale. So it's just sort of a continuation of what we just did, isn't it? Right.

Just still awaken up the spine. A little more abdominal involvement of course, but essentially checking in, right and to go back, it's a great time to sort of check in with the breathing. I'm not real big on monitoring the choreography of the breath when I'm working out by myself. So I may not say it very often, but what my own intention is, and I encourage you to try it, is just to challenge the the full extent of your breath. Can you let all the air out even if it's a smaller move all the air in. One more time. Let's keep it up here. Scoot forward again in case you slid back. Draw the legs up closer. Going into rolling like a ball here.

So mind where you are on the carriage. Keep it spread out a little bit just to get used to it. Elbows are wide. Press on the shins. We go. Inhale back. Exhale up. Hold. Yeah. Certain amount of trust is involved, isn't it? But you can do it. Where are you?

Start you stay shape doesn't change. Yeah. And [inaudible] one more time. Hold it up. Hands Denise. Pressing your knees into your hands to lower you down. Tailbones down. Deepen your sense of abdominals. Now for double leg stretch, it's inhale and exhale. Bring it back. Oh and back.

Stretch it out a little bit more and drop back. No changes to your spine. As you know, we're doing three more. Let's go one and pull it in. Two and three. Hold it in. Chris. I'm sorry. Single leg stretch. Press one, one, two, two.

So however many times you've done this in your life, look for something different. Paul. Pool, minimize the hands or do something different so that you have to experience yourself in your body differently. Bring both knees and again from there. Extend the leg straight up. Take a minute, tuck the tailbone up, reach it down, Tuck it up. Eyes are forward and low and then reach the tailbone down. Leave it. Their hands go behind your head.

Take a minute to press the back of your head into your hands. So literally push backwards. Elbows wide. I don't think they need to be so wide. I'd rather have the shoulder down from there. Inhale, reach the legs out. Exhale, pull up an and up stillness in the body. Pressing the back of your head into your hands.

One more time, holding it up. Go right into the hamstring. Pull, pull, pull, change, pull pool. How's that for playing with the order? Fine, right? If it's not fine. Sorry, pull, pull, get longer and refocus, right? Get Higher. Get a stretch. I'm doing two more. One. Here's to bring the legs up. Bend them hands behind your head for cross coming toward me. First we go, reach, reach. Take a minute. Are you pressing your head in your hands?

I hope so. It could be quite nice and quite challenging if you do. Don't waste the energy in your neck too precious and we want it right where we want it right there in the obliques. Let's get four more singles. Here's one, two, three, back to the center. And from there we're going to set the head rest down. If it's not already going into rollovers, heads down, reaching the legs out. Inhale to 90. Exhale up, being mindful. You don't have a floor, right? Flex your feet separate, lower the legs, but pull in and up on the abs more and down you come. Do you want to challenge the range of the legs? Great.

But I'll let it mess with the back stability. You don't know why you're doing what we're doing and I'm at the moment doing this cause it feels absolutely well the divine, however, wouldn't want to do it if I felt like I couldn't hold it. Baxton once we're down on the table, I'm here like say it right here. So maybe I'd minimize the legs. Let's do one more this way. Up and over. Flex. Push the feet as you pull the body back down and we'll do four in the opposite direction. Inhaling up, exhaling over, close the feet, squeeze to the upper inner thigh, lower the legs down, pushing through the heels as you rolled down.

I think that often people use too much abs here. What? Yup. I said it. They get to ab dominant. They forget about the back. So be aware that you've got to balance that with the hip extensors even though you're not. In fact, going into hip extension, if you don't have any hamstring and glutes, you're just putting pressure on the spine. So something to think about. All right, I'm going to finish with that. Bend your knees. Just rock yourself up and put your foot bars up.

Alright, we're already set for our spring, so bring it down a, whether you want your headrest up or down, it's up to you. I'm gonna put mine halfway heals parallel. Some of theater sits bones, distance, and I will do some pumping tonight from here. Exhale, full extension. Take a second. Level everything out. Are you? As long as you can be, not by tightening your legs, but by lifting out of yourself. Heavy in the rib cage. And we'll bring it down.

We're set and it's full extension for five. We'll call that one. Here's two. Initiate from somewhere above the knee. Okay? Anywhere above the knee. Here's five coming up. Take it back down. And here's your pumping. So it's all one, two, I do 10 Fillory and port and four, five, eight, nine all the way out. Full extension. You should be in the back of your legs as well.

Pull yourself back in down to the balls of the Fi. Exhale, full extension one and pull in and [inaudible]. Here's a breath pattern for you. Inhale down. It's two pulses per exhale. Inhale, annex. Okay, inhale [inaudible] and exhale all the way out. Ends up with 10 pulses, I think. Two and a half breath cycles. The Small v on the toe, so it's Pilati stance.

Here we go. Exhale under shade above the knee. Find the back of the legs right away. Squeeze and resist. Back Down. Number two. Okay. And Return. Yeah, hailing coming down.

Here's your Xcel to start it and exhale out to an inhale to exhale and last two all the way out. Full extension overreach to return. Move your heels to the edge of the bar a wide. Okay, so you're on a bit of a diagonal. Don't go so wide that you're really turned out, but hmm, you could just line up your knees over toes. Here we go. Exhale, full extension one and resist that imaginary magic circle between the inner thighs as you draw inward as well, taking energy out of the feet other than what it takes to keep them there. Good. Go. One more. Inhale to go down. And here we go. And it's a lift too.

[inaudible] nine although bringing it home for one more breath pattern. Keep your connection. So when you change nothing shifts. Exhale, press out or one and return resist two and resist in three. Heel. Heels are still one more time. [inaudible] arms are long and pressed into the mat. Here we go. Exhaling out a y to an inhale. Yeah. [inaudible] and finally, all the way, there we go. So we're getting a little warmer.

I think feed are parallel. Press all the way out on the balls of the feet. Stretch your heel down. But as you do, lengthen your upper back. Feel space happening at the waistline now without driving your feet into the bar. Connect your hamstrings. So for me, I could hang out here or I could connect to the hamstrings or as if I was going to bend the knees, squeeze the glutes and from there I lifted up one. I keep it, I lift two and I stretch and I'll lift. Get a full range. Do not hyperextend. You should have action in the back of the legs.

Going five more here. One reached down here to reach down three. Find your feet for next one. Stay up high, alternating, prancing or running. However you see it going. Kind of slow at first. Same breath pattern as you did in pumping. So it's email for two and a half. Yeah, and inhale, make sure you hit the top end of it. Excellent. In other words, both legs are straight for a moment and you're high on those toes.

And finding the fit. Finding in the back of the legs, keeping those hips absolutely still keep going. Prs. PRS, prs. Feel the feet. Feel the inner thighs. Feel the outer thighs. Feel it all. I'm not. Let's do one more set and come up to a finished this one. Come up to the toes. Pull yourself in and help yourself up to change your springs. I'm going to a green and yellow cause I don't have a blue here. Basically I want one and a half springs so you could either go red and a blue only or green and a yellow works out to be about the same. Alright, back down. Find your straps starting with the arms, straight, legs and tabletop for the a hundred we inhale.

Exhale as you curl up. Reaching forward long legs. I'm doing this way. I tend to do it these days, which is to inhale up to three four, five down to four. Five. Oh and finding that sense of reach rather than the pump. That's where you challenge your breath. Make a dig up.

How about now we can hold the arms. Still raise the legs and up to three, four, five. Reach Long. Two three. You could do both. Two, three, four, five down. Yeah, for regional. Longer. Deepening in the middle. Here is nine. One more. Well draw the knees in. Take yourself down if you wedged into the shoulder has come away.

Adding in a abdominal openings. So you find the straight arms. Find the shoulders in the pocket, inner thighs, all that. Exhale up externally. Rotate the shoulders and the hips. Open. Wide. Inhale, exhale, reach and [inaudible]. Take the deep breath. Squeeze all the air out. [inaudible] two more.

Yeah, one more. Hold the arms, bring the knees in and down. You Go. Push out with the feed to put one foot into the strap. Step right into it and take the other one right. Alright, so aren't, we're in external rotation. Make sure you feel some sense of wrap there so that the lower leg and the foot can be totally relaxed. Starting up at the high end.

Tail bone down for down circles. Exhale. Inhale out around enough. [inaudible] so these are always feel good, right? But you can make these work really well for you. Meaning you could feel that muscle focus in the inner thigh. If you don't put too much in the lower leg, pretty easy to put a lot in the lower leg. Move the move from the hip.

That's why we call it hip work. I know you know that, but make sure you're doing it. I got to think about it. Almost every rep. Let's reverse it. So now that when you pick up, don't just let the spirit, the straps pull you, do it as if something right up underneath the rib cage did it for you. Push them out and bring them around. Pull them up like a real them up. Push 'em out and around how your lower legs softer your thighs.

Let them be. You get way more out of it. If you disperse the energy mean that you don't use what you don't need. Sort of an odd way to think when you're working out, but I'm telling you works too much. Cheat on that one. Last one. Okay. Extended frog. We're going to open wide. Keep the feed on the same plane. Okay? From your stretch. Draw the feet across.

Had bent the knees but it didn't move the thighs. I kept my carriage still from the glutes, not the feet. Extensive as little energy as possible as you extend the legs out. Then squeeze strongly at the inner thigh. Let them drift out. As they drift out though, they're getting longer through the straps, draw them in and close. The heels will touch and from that inner thigh, very little to do with the feet per ressam. Open wide.

Imagine the legs getting longer there. Bring it across and we go opening in, stretching, bring it across. I don't use your feet. I know you want to. I know I want to. We're not going to, let's reverse it. Allow the straps to be pulled inward. Grow the legs to the side. Pause. Let's take an inhale. Don't hyper extend with again, as little energy as possible. You don't push down or up. Drag the legs toward each other.

Those of you who hyperextend you be careful here. You'd probably be fine, but you also don't get the work. So I've got, my legs were reaching long. It's as if I'm trying to go that way away from me rather than just together. Just two, two more stretching, long, uh, quiver, quiver, quiver. One more. Try not to use, just try not to use your legs. And I know it doesn't make any sense, but just try it just like I'm only gonna use what I can to bring it together and it out of headworks puts your head rest down. Short spine, starting in the frog with flexed feet. Press all the way out. Keep your legs together, your heels together and your leg straight as you roll over as much as you can.

Try to hit that stop where even though your pelvis may come up from the abdominals and the hamstrings, peel up, don't move the carriage I am on the stop or with that carriage from here. Keeping the body long draw from here. Not much is going to change. We're just going to imprint this bones into the mat. Goes a little low as you can without changing the knee angle yet we've gone as low as you can. You can s rented out a little key present abs in to get the spine down as much as you can. Then flex your feet angle of the knee won't change again.

Press the back into the mat as you draw the legs over and frog. Press out. Inhale, fold over. Enjoy that stretch there, but don't let that soften at the knee if you don't have to peeling off. It's like the sit bones are being fed into the hamstrings here. Make it be pulled up in there. Inhale, bend. Now make the contractions start at your chest, maybe throat, not below the ribs. So from here you're pressing that most upper, most spine down, straight down, straight down. Keep the angle, go slow and enjoy it. Now you can stretch the knees a little, not a lot.

And then continuing the focus of pressing the back down. You flex the freak to bring them over. Let's go. Exhale, press in. Healthful control. Exhale. Growing up to inhale. Vendor frog peeling down, down, down. Don't unwind until you have to flex and bring it over. The last one coming at you and over peeling up and rural or you hinging at the hips yet I hope not.

You can articulate probably more than you know, flex and bring it over. Okay. Take your feet out and help yourself up. Putting the straps away. We're going to grab the sticky mat for a stomach massage. So putting it pretty close to the end here, and I'm going to drop my bar to a low bar. Don't tell anyone. The high bar is a little ridiculous for this for me, and I want to do it well.

So that's my logic there. I'm doing it with two red springs. I won't go up or down. I'm just leaving them there. So if you're used to doing four springs, you can do that and just drop each time we change, I'll be doing three versions. So I've got my two outside reds on and I'm coming in close on the balls of the feet, hands at the edge of the carriage to really press against it, right? Make the pex work, make the latticework heels are up. Sh uh, what are those shoulders over hips. Okay, so we go round back and here to minimize what you're doing with your legs.

I know it seems counterintuitive and it doesn't look like I'm doing what I'm saying, but I promise you I could turn this into a leg exercise and it's not what I'm going for. It's like a cannon ball to the stomach. Here's my breath pattern. It's exhale out. Inhale and one more coming at you. All the way in. Reach back to grab the shoulder rest shoulder blocks. Get your flat back. Elbows need to be bent. If your shoulders are too far a, the shoulder rest are too far away. Bring your hands down. Okay, I'm going to try it today. I'm getting up, up, up. Heels are up. Here we go. And it's same thing and pull in, opening up the shoulders, getting ready for the reach, which will be next.

Imagine you didn't have your hands there because you won't. And just a second. Let's do four more horn. Try and hold yourself up with your back to in a good way. Three, here's four. It's something I like to do. We're going to go out one more time. Go Out, stay there and get yourself all tall and comfy. Then take the arm off. Lean, not lean into like you're about to really reach forward because you are.

And now let's come in and I'm just gonna leave the heels out of it on this one and okay. Try adding the heels in. It's kind of slow for a moment. Make sure you don't drop back when you do it though, right? You're going to go with it. All right. Here we go. Altogether. Forward, back and caress down. Up to get taller from the waist, not the arms. Whoops. And all the way in and down. Okay. Come off.

You can move the sticky mat or leave it. It's up to you. Take off one red spring. Um, so I want to do right now. Yeah, let's go into any stretch round back. So you step back on, get your feet up, flush against the shoulder box as much as possible. Sit back. I'm going back to my high bar. That's what you're seeing me change, right? Get the scoop of the pelvis, the contact with the feet. We press out in here. I got it. I haven't liked intentional.

I want to really focus on the abs, not the legs. The legs are involved, but you know what I mean. Here we go. And the hinges at the waist, you've got to drag that carriage back in and pull and press and pull. Let's go and pull and press working both directions. So it's not an easy push out either. Let's go three more to one. Sorry I finished with that one there. Hold it in. UNCURL the pelvis.

So you are in flat back or really more close to neutral, right? Check the shoulder. Same thing. You'd probably be able to go a little further. Okay. I tried to feel it's not really a stretch to the abs but it kind of feels like it sometimes. Let's go five, four and push three to come all the way in on one and with that now depending on size, depending on your springs, if I'm going to stick with one red spring, our springs are kind of firm. So you may decide you want to add a yellow or even a blue c.

If I tell you that the muscle focus, I'm going into the abstract series. If I tell you the muscle focus is really still ads, make sure you, if you do add a spring, it doesn't turn into a leg thing. Alright, here we go. We're up. Let's go into just a few up stretch ones. So the heels are part way up. You've got your long spine, the ribs ran. We just allow the carrier to drift back and from above the hips you draw back in.

I kind of act like we're try to make myself as light on the carriage as possible so the spring actually does the work. Not really, but it's as if the spring is what's bringing the carriage in. I'm pulling the ABS up. That's actually exactly what's happening. One more time, and we'll go into up stretch too, which is from here to a plank. You do not travel. You simply rotate around the hips in the shoulders. One exhale, bring it back. Body moves quite a bit, but the arms do not do you look at the upper arms in yourself.

They don't move in to their exhale brings you back and try and hit. It doesn't have to be sharp or impactful, but you get there and then you come back. There's no blending. It's one, two, one more. One, two, changing it. Inhale to plank. Dry yourself over that bar. Try to come all the way over the bar. You know your body. If it's appropriate or not. Back inhale and for has you dress and come back.

Think of your opposition, right as I dragged forward, I'm reaching my heels back so I feel those hamstrings which ended up supporting me one more. Dragging forward and back. We can reverse this. Don't move the carriage. Come forward over the bar and the shape from under the shoulders as you travel back about 90 degrees at the shoulder joint. Exhale. Oh Man, forward. Think of your opposition. Otherwise it's just arms, isn't it? And back. Long, low back. Inhale forward. Still inhaling. Theoretically x element of, call it on this one. Lower the heels. You can lift your toes. I would make sure you can and then don't come so far away.

Sometimes people come too far away from it. Put some weight in your hands. Balance yourself out. Here we go. Elephant. And how much more could you be using your inner thigh without changing your posture? Unless it needs to be changed. Okay. Try and minimize how much you feel it in the front of the hip joint and zero in, I think of right below the ribs here at the lowest room. One more.

And with that we can step off just so that we can turn around. Um, yeah, so we're going to go into sidearms kneeling. So what we call it, and the hesitation for me is whether or not I want to do a yellow or on this reformer moved the spring bar and to have a red, which is almost like a blue, I'm going to start there, but you may see me change that Tufts series. So I still have the one red just bringing my spring bar in a notch. So it just takes off a little bit of that tension because again, precision is everything, right? So if I this on one or two of them may be too much weight even still.

So it's equivalent to blue. If you have on head start there, maybe yellow. Okay. Hand close to your head. Initiating from this shoulder blade. We got story. Yeah, I could use it. A yellow on this one. If I wanted to go fully full extended, I'm kind of happy stopping. Just shy of strain. I can live with that a lot. Going on, on the stabilizing.

Oh Blake, chances are you're going to want to lean away, so be careful with that one more time. Keeping yourself next to the shoulder. Black switch hands. Okay. This one, elbows down. We exhale. Reaching it out and return. So initiate with the back of the arm. Yeah, being really careful not to drop the elbow down. Right. He's got to stay where it starts and it's not good for, it's too heavy for the, uh, external rotator to do it alone. I'm going to give us one more.

Yeah. Okay. So now, so moving out, tried for the far end of the um, carriage. Again, depending on your size. Right. I don't quite get there. I probably could, but I'm going to stay here. Then it's, it's in the hand we just used right the hand for this from the shoulder rest. Find yourself in that coronal plane. So you are not rotated. I am at the moment.

I see that. But the your hips and your spine eventually are not going to be, so you reach down, you side bend to find the shoulder rest. Taking that top arm up. Palm is up both shoulders down and we go straight up with you. I'm trying not to let that upper arm float much looking down at the hand on the shoulder rest one more, right? Let's this next one. We'll just see what happens here. This is where I would normally go. Yellow. I think we'll see.

So anchored. We draw the scapula down. Oh not too bad. Not too bad. Notice what your body wants to do here. Does the want to lean away? Does it want to lean into it? I kind of err on the side of leaning into it first, so I feel this whole side of my body too to go avoid bending the arm more than when it started. Rather just make it smaller. Last one. [inaudible] cool. Questionable. That one's in between.

We're changing sides so either step off and turn around I think is a good idea. Off We go right back at the shoulder, wrist, knees, pretty much straight out of the hips. You could go a little wider if you wanted to. Hand is cocked at the wrist or right next to your face. And from there it's the shoulder blade drawing down first one, equal weight on the knees. Two aiming for five [inaudible].

There we go. Switching to the cross arm pole. So holding it from across the body, I started out a little lower than the sternum neutral spine. We go, we lead with the elbow, we add the four, we bend the forearm, we bring the elbow, elbow far. Arm, elbow used to be, we'd do the wrist too. We took it out somewhere along the way. You could do it, but again, the resistance gets to be so heavy. That sort of questionable as to why do we need to, I believe we have one more. Let's do it. Posterior delt Wallah.

Alright, move yourself out gracefully. Try not to bang too much on the carriage, especially if you're light. Find your posture first. It's so much harder to come down. Put the arm up and then get right. So put it in the proper hand. The one furthest from the shoulder rest do your side bend. Check that you didn't pick the hips.

Shoulders are down and we're off reaching up one. Enjoy the tricep here. Two, keeping weight on that far knee. I'm getting one more out of this. All right, we're coming up. After you finish that, take it back in the first hand. Closest to the shoulder. Rest. Reach the arms out. Double check your spine. And up we go. Curtin. Oh, this is the one [inaudible] knocking me over. Try to make it look as I say, not falling over like you don't know which hand has the the strap in it. I'll work on it. One more.

[inaudible] Yup, there we go. Put it away. Sidearms nailing. All right, we need to do a side. So let's grab the box for aside. Okay, so you may decide most people want to cover the shoulder rest. I don't. I'm, I'm not quite five, four, but pretty fortunate. Upper lower body and it just works better for me to have it here. You can decide for yourself.

I'm just locking the carriage down cause I don't want it to move around unexpectedly. Checking my strap, my foot strap down. Here it is in fact locked top. Put underneath it, so sitting, so you're on the side of that hip. Come down to where your hands on the head rest and then make sure your hips are stack. Do this, take this top leg, reach it. It's not as good if you just push up into the strap or promise.

It's just like top heavy. Lift it, reach it like someone's pulling you. That way you get a ton of work doing it this way, but it's also safer. All right, so then when you're up on this lower arm, you could let go and you don't sink. You don't have to push to hold yourself. You're already ready to go. You can do anything hands behind your head or if you haven't been doing it, top arm on your leg. Okay. Do not rotate. We go inhale out and down.

Exhaling and you notice I'm stopping hopefully on a diagonal intentionally. I'm only doing, hmm, six. There's three. If I come up to the top, I'm with gravity and I get a little break. I'd rather be done sooner. Two more so I can stretch for me for harm to the shoulder rest still reaching that leg as I press up into it to stretch the top arm off. Then once I feel comfy I go to the ground. But you just decided again for yourself. I like to open up a bit still reaching leg.

My hand is supporting me on the ground so I can do this and then hand on the frame and on the frame. Reach the like and come into what an attempt for back extension as you're reaching the like and I swirling stretch through the trunk might be my all time favorite stretch that I'm going to say it is cause it is up we come. Not that you care but it's the truth. Other side things to do. Let's get it done. Make sure that your foot strap isn't going to flip up on you just so you're not nervous about that. Reach the leg. I'd like to again, every time I'll try and set myself up on the headdress so I lift up. My leg is reaching, I know everything's in place. So off we go. Inhale.

[inaudible] just heard that exhale a split second before you come up through it. [inaudible] June law. [inaudible] one more. No, five. Here it is. Sorry. Five. One more. That might might've been six. I don't know if it was, I hope you stopped. Stretch reaching the leg.

That would feel good to roll back a little. Just make sure to support it and then turn it so you're looking down into the well, right hands on the right side of the frame. Left on the left. Reached the leg first. Encouraged some back extension though. You won't probably get there. Exactly. [inaudible] all right. Help yourself out of it and do use your hands for that. Okay. Let's play just a little bit and we'll be done soon.

Take off the boxes and we're not gonna are, we're gonna need them again. I don't think so. Tick off the box. We might. We might need it one more time. [inaudible] and then set your foot bar back up, high bar, um, or middle so that we're going to go into tendon stretch one spring. Never done 10 inch stretch. You're going to want to skip this for now, cause I'm not gonna go into a lot of detail on this. Oh remember when I moved my bar forward?

I'm bringing him pack cause I only have one spring. So it's closest to the foot bar out. Okay. It's going to stay put. So if you've checked your bar and you can sit on it, it's locked in theater, parallel set up as everything. So you're going to bear with me here. Shoulders down and lifting up. Okay. So it feels like I can't reach, that's what I know. I'm pretty close.

It almost can't reach when I'm there. So I'm going to come bring my body weight forward even more own. Feel like I'm about to topple over. And the only reason I'm not so far it's cause I have to counter it by pulling up in the ABS. Arms are absolutely straight. I could press my shoulders down more. That's from junior right now. Then here's the fun part.

The tendon stretch is coming from the Achilles tendon. So as I pushed my heels down, I'm going to pull the belly up to curl that tail under a little bit more. Okay? I don't have to leave the toes off, but I'm doing it just to make a point from here. The object of the game is to keep the Tuck of the pelvis. Keep your butt high off the bar though. You'll be over the bar.

You're going to keep it high up. Here we go. Inhale, press down. Exhale, bring it back, right back to that starting position. Take your time to find. And in here, folding off in here, he bend those elbows. You're gonna be in trouble. And I don't mean from me in here. Keep the hips up. Use the hamstrings. It's everything in this one. Abs will do their thing. You don't need that much. Actually, one more time out to come in.

Great. So just step forward. I'm gonna put my head rest back up, putting my foot part way on the headrest. Okay. So the ball of the foot, the other foot is coming up. Um, let's go turned out. So I'm, I'm not right in the middle. I've put the leg basically outside. I'm sorry. Right out at the hip. Turned out on the arch would come into that lunge position from here. Okay. Making sure you feel nice and solid. The back leg, straighten it. If you think it's straight straight, no more. Okay.

You need that to be straight from here. You can either stay here. In fact, hmm, I'll do the stretch first. We're going to inhale. Shoulders are down, everything stays as it is, but you exhale and straight and forward. Like check your foot that you haven't rolled out and your hips are level. Take another inhale leaving you like straight. It's as if your tailbone is being pulled up to bring the carriage back. A lot of you going to want to bend your elbows here so that you can get closer to the leg. From there. Inhale, if you haven't, keep the leg straight and go back out like you're going to do the splits again.

Inhale, exhale and draw the leg back underneath you by bending it. Let's do that again. Inhale back like a straight, it's not so critical at the moment, but it will be in, it's the habit you want to have. I've exhaled the, like the lower leg district. Inhale, exhale, reach the tailbone up. I start to bend my elbows knowing I'm going to want a little bit more of a stretch there at check everything out. My feet are level. Inhale, exhale into way back out. And then bring the knee back to a bent position.

From here you can either stop or you can come with me back like straight. Bring me everybody. Okay. Protect your back. Right. If you have to be a little taller, that's all right. Especially if you're on a high bar, but back like straight. Feel the glute. Feel the stretch arms out or at behind your head and extend the forward leg.

One body is still otherwise too. Four or five. Here's one more coming at you. Bend the knee, go back to the shoulder rests and bring it back to the stop or to change that. Okay. PR. I've, um, yeah, I'm basically parallel on my lower leg, maybe ever so slightly turned out, but for the most part, parallel, the leg on the foot bar is turned out and I'm on my arch. Take yourself out to the lunch. Enjoy that stretch. Include the spine in it.

Hips are level, not a lot of weight in the arms, but they're there. Inhale, keep them there. Exhale, extend the forward. I think of sort of pulling this hip backwards. It doesn't really change, but prevents it change. Keeping the leg straight. Inhale, reaching the tailbone to the sky, checking it out. Level hips. If you have more or want more, take more. Inhale like stay straight. He goes back out. If your elbows were bent, re straighten them. Challenge Yourself. Go ahead and then rebrand to bring it back. We repeat it in hand. Exhale, press. Inhale. Exhale, reaching up. Inhale, take it out again here and exhale to bring it underneath you. The back leg is straight, right? Still help yourself up. Carriage is not on the stopper by the way. It's off.

It's just floating there in space. You're going to see some opening the ribs. You're going to see some arch to the back. I know that. It's all right. I'm protected. Here we go. Press one to five, two. Lovely. Stretched to the other hip flexor. One more time. Bring the leg back, hands to the shoulder. Rest.

Take it back down and step down for the moment because it would feel good. It's kind of a funny order, but I'm going to do it. Come down to your shore kneeling position. [inaudible] can I give you a version of something that builds into what's called kneeling? Highbridge we're not going to do the whole thing. So we're pressed into the shoulder as we do a little tuck of the pelvis.

It's a bit of a windmill. So maybe watch once, rewind and go back. But it, I'm gonna take my left arm up. Oh look at my left hand. I'm gonna lean back. There's a bit of a sigh hinge here, right? But I'm trying to do it more from my upper back until I can grab on. Okay. And back. That's all I'm gonna do today. Then push up. Okay. Your hips are pressing forward.

That's how you're going to get out of this is if someone's taking you by the hand to lift you up and when no back. Okay, alternating. Give me one more if you've never seen it with one. The other one's coming over looking at their hand. Cause I know where I wanted to go on that bar. I'm pressing my hips, not just forward but forward as I extend my upper back to find it. Now my knees are pressing to assist that I started to come back up as I'm lifting weight out of the bar, out of the hand that's on the bar and bring it back. Here we go. Inhale left hand up, look at it, find the bar stretch back, come back up and Richard, right arm up. Look at it. Follow it.

Hip. Stay forward and back and up. Weight comes out. You shouldn't have to push one more each way. Lifting up, try to get the upper back extensor. We're building the hybrid right and not for everyone and [inaudible] keep the glutes tight. You've got to, you've got to resting your back. Well, finish. It was just one more thing standing up again onto the carriage. Let's take the right foot forward. Hands are on the shoulder rest. Um, in thinking of the risk, if you go completely 90 degrees, it's going to be a lot of pressure. So if you feel secure moving forward, do that. You can also turn your hands sideways. Okay.

That might be the most comfortable. You'll still get what we need. Other foot is on the ball of the foot. Parallel straight out of the hip. From there, push out. Make that like again, very strong and straight and the toe is pointing, the foot is pointed. Plantar flex. Yeah. So you don't want any wobble. Your shoulders are ready to go so that when you pick up this right leg, you carried his knee to move it all your, you're so solid. If you move it, you're not ready. Okay. And yeah, that's right. I'll stick to that.

So we're ready to put that foot. Put the other foot in place from here. Everything's wrong. You exhale the arms forward. The body doesn't move. One inhale, bring it back. [inaudible] if you were lying just on your arms, it's not going to be fun. I am counterbalancing this with my hamstrings, believe it or not, and my abs of course, but if my legs weren't strong and reaching, this wouldn't be any fun to more.

One more to get out of what we bring. One foot forward. You've been in the back and you find this topper come on down and we've done it all. You're done. I'm sure it was a job well done too. Thanks.


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Awesome Class! Great explanation for pure core focus
Love this class. Thank you
Great Class Kristi!
Really like this class and will do it again and again to see my progress! I really enjoy the High Bridge Prep and all your cues!! Thank you Kristi!
Hi Kristi !! I feel like a kid in a candy store each time I log on to your site!! I am a newly certified BASI instructor ( 1/10) and really am learning so much . But, this session is one of my favorites ...I love being able to stop the tape and really look at the position of the body. I hope to meet you and Rael sometime soon. Did I say thank you for this invaluable gift ?? Thank you !!!
Thanks everyone! Janice, congratulations on your recent accomplishment with BASI. I am thrilled to say that Rael will be here filming in two weeks! It will be a big day for me! If you live in the Southern CA area and would like to come meet him (and me) at PA, let me know.
Hi Kristi, I have been a member of your website for almost 2 months and it has been invaluable!!! I have been teaching Pilates for the past 8 yrs and I am always looking for new and orginial variations for all of the exercises. Just a little different twist brings a new flavor to the class and with all of the instructors and classes that you offer - I have been able to incorporate that into my classes. Thanks for your dedication to your work and what you have brought to your website!!! One request - have you done a reformer class using the foam roller? Would love to see that - I did one not to long ago - and would love some ideas!! Thanks again!! Mary Mang
Great class, Kristi. Thank you for a great reformer class. Would love to see more.
Love this workout...the modifications for stomach massage work so well for some of my clients...Thanks
I'm thrilled you are all liking this class. We have been sidetracked a little enjoying Madeline Black, Gil Hedley, Pat Guyton , Lisa Hubbard and Lolita San Miguel visiting, so we have not been able to keep up as much as we like with the equipment classes. We still have a few big names coming this month (most notably Rael Isacowitz), but we are committed to getting back on track with more regular Reformer classes. Thank you so much for your support of the site.
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