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Get ready to work your entire body with this challenging Reformer workout by Maria Leone. She teaches a brisk class, encouraging you to work quickly without sacrificing your quality of movement. She includes creative variations to exercises like Teaser, Push-Ups, and so much more.
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Feb 14, 2020
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Hey everybody. I'm Maria. We're going through a 2025 minute Verisk workout. Set up your machine for footwork and come onto your back. We're going to try to keep a nonstop pace here. Heels are wide. Find your center. Here we go. Pressing out, resisting in and two and in drawing the heels into the center of the bar, creating length with each rep, pulling the rib cage out of the pelvis. Last one here. Hold at the bottom and little pulses. So we want to move quickly, but we don't want to sacrifice the quality of what we're doing.

So really keep yourself engaged in your body. Three, two, press out all the way, all the way into first position. Heels are lifted. Squeeze the heels and begin really twisting the five bones to initiate the action. Each rep makes you a little bit taller and the way in is not arrest. Find a way to work the way in. Make the weight in the most important part of what you're doing right now.

Come in halfway. Stay here and little presses here. See if you can squeeze the heels a little tighter. The work should not be coming from your knee joint even though the knee is moving. Wrap the leg, press the legs out all the way. Straights come all the way in, heels on the bar that's had the knees and feet together, pelvis neutral of course pressing out and in and I want your feet to feel like they're flat up against the wall and I want you to press through the feet like you're pushing something away from you and that's how you initiate the action. Squeeze the knees and tight on the way in. Remember the way in is where I want your focus to be that East centric phase.

Last one, come in halfway, one leg up, little pulses with that other leg course you can always put that foot down and work on to choose what works for you. Put that foot down, the other leg comes up and then pressing the five bone down. If there's any discomfort in that knee at all, put the two heels to the bar. Put the heel back to the bar. Press the legs out all the way straight. Lengthen the spine all the way in, 10 toes on the bar, lift the heels into running all the way out and that's breathe in for two counts and exhale for two and I really want to hear your breath for 10 I can hear your breath. One, two and inhale and exhale full range with the foot all the way up over the big toes and it's a stretch.

Don't bounce off that bottom position for three for two for one all the way in Hendricks down right away, heels on the bar into bridging. I'm going to neutral bridge up and lower down. Feel free to articulate. Also right back up. Really focused on opening the front of the hips here and down, back up. In a sense you're pulling the heels into the sit bones even though you know the carriage isn't going to move.

Keep dragging the heels in for maximum hamstring contraction and the action counts from the hip socket. Lower back is just going along for the ride unless you're articulating it. Stay at the top, one leg off the bar, hips level, and then a little pulse here. Keep your focus on that extended, like really feel like you're pushing the ceiling away. Point the toes stay still big [inaudible] down in, up, and a real flying leg here.

It's not often we allow for momentum in the work release. Let the leg swing in the socket. Two more hips are still, of course, put the foot down that's maintain the height. Other leg ups. Flex the foot and then pressing that ceiling away. Really stamping down through that bottom foot. Make sure the arms aren't overworking to help you stay up. Point the toe. Big BODMAS down in, up.

Nice swinging leg. Enjoying that stretch. Try not to let the carriage bounce, but put a little Ommph in the kick. Last one, the foot comes down. Roll all the way down through your spine. Take the two legs to the ceiling. We're going into corkscrew. We're going to build it. Twist up and over to one side. Stack the legs, oppositional energy through the other side. Big exhale back to the mat.

Twist the hips up in over both sides of the waistband. Long, big exhale down, and this can be as big as you'd like it to be, but I want you to control the lowering. And then the center of the body pulls you back to the mat and the legs are super long in their sandwich. So tight together and pull back one more each way over and exhale and last time up and over and into a little modified corkscrew. Twist one way the legs open over the foot bar. Rotate to the other side and come center wherever arse onto one hip.

Move the pelvis to move the legs, twist the hips to the other side and center up in over. Check your leg lengths out. Make sure they're the same. So the legs are like one piece. Now up in over sandwich the legs and back center. Hug the knees in. Sit yourself up. We're setting up for a hundred please.

The foot bar goes down all the way today. Choose Springs. You choose what? Want them to be onto your back. Head rest up, quick transitions. And we're going to start with the legs all the way straight. Take a breath in. Exhale, lift. To your hundred position. Make it perfect. Check everything out. Slowly lower back to the mat. Stay engaged, and exhale, lift, pause.

Squeeze the legs and lower down. Now let's add the breath and come on up. Make it noisy in for five out. Two, three, four, five, two out, two, three, four, five, three, two, three, four, frees. Turn out the legs. Continue your breath, but beat those legs. It's vigorous energy through the legs and equally matched with the breath. Make sure the shoulder blades are staying up off the mat. Two legs together.

Parallel, slowly down. We're going to do a variation of coordination, or at least that's what it is to me. Lift a hundred. Hold here. The right leg comes up. Open it, circle it down and squeeze the legs. The other leg comes up. Open it. Squeeze the legs. Two legs up open. Squeeze, tight, tight, tight, lower, all the way down. Stay engaged. Inhale, exhale, lift.

Reverse it. The other leg comes up open. Squeeze, tight up open. Squeeze tight. Two legs up. Open, squeeze, tight. Pause. Lower down. Inhale here. Exhale, back to a hundred lift, open. Stretch the legs. The pelvis is absolutely still two legs. Squeeze lower down. Just one more.

Inhale and exhale. Lift the other leg up. Open. Sweep up open. Sweep two legs, sweep hole and lower all the way to Henan. Shoulders. Stay down now. Legs up, arms down. Turn out the legs. Pause here. Inhale, lower the legs and exhale up.

And of course you're deciding how low you go. Inhale. Most important thing is the back. Exhale up. And I want you to really stabilize there and up. Last one, lower and up. Stay here. Begin beating those legs. Take the legs down and then take them back up. Fight to be still. Reach through both arms.

Uh, let me hear the breath last time. Beating from the innercise. Okay. Knees and everything up. Come up for me and let's have a seat.

The back head rest goes down. Change your spring to one heavy spring, like straight in front of you. Hands to the chest. My favorite exercise. Here we go. Talking, curl back. Open the arms. Big tie forward. Nice circle, joy, that stretch here. Come all the way back up. There's that articulation. Open the arms.

And now that abdominal sensation and that nice full range of motion at the shoulder joint, shoulders pull out of the ears back to the start. So we just get so much accomplished in this exercise. Die forward. Big circle. Take the crown of the head. Pass the feet back to your start talking. Curl back without a sink. Open the arms tie forward. Press the arms back, big circle up and over the top. Grab the souls of the feet. Take a stretch.

Come onto your knees. Some of you will stay right here with the feet off the edge of the carriage. Some of you will put your feet right where your knees were. Stand slowly up, ground through the feet and begin drawing those arms back and forward. Okay, so if you're standing, you know already, this is precarious.

You have to really keep the tension on the machine at all times. The feet must be grounded. If you're wildly at all, come back down to your knees, please. Two more here. Wherever you're at, come to an overhand grip on the loops. If you're standing, bend the knees. The back is flat. Pull the elbows in by your side, shoulder heads back and into a kickback here and again, it's kind of precarious. So make sure you have control, maybe change your tension or your grip. You want tension on that strap the whole time via where the shoulder heads are. Feel the stillness of the upper arm really clean like a pendulum.

A swing from the elbow and the wrist of course is straight. Last time to come out. Put your hands right to the shoulder. Rest. Come back to your knees without tangling the ropes. Hardest part. Turn and face forward. The feet go against the shoulder rest, hands by your side tensions a little beefy. Press the arms straight up and lower.

So I'm trying not to do a lot of spring changes as that takes time. Press control, crown of the head lengthens up. Feel energy through your shinbones that will help ground you and create length in the spine. Last one like that, and come on out. Bring yourself out of here. We're going to pulling straps, same as what you would ordinarily do for your long box. Set up in front of the shoulder rests.

I'm going to keep my spring right now even though it's a little beefy RI. I like to work through full flection, choke up on the ropes, release the head, draw the arms back, open the chest and all the way back down. Back up to on an inhale please and lower down. Feel like you're dragging yourself forward in space and lower. Nice long neck. Inhale and exhale.

Last one. Inhale and exhale. Slide the hands all the way back to the edge. Pull the arms back, lift the chest. Stay here and swimming the legs in for five out for five. Now find a way to get out of your upper trap. Really feel the lower chap. Send energy through the arm.

Shoulder blades slide down and you're making a lot of noise with your breath right now for me. Speedy with the legs. Pelvis still lower all the way down. Let's take a quick stretch. Arms forward. Head goes down from here. Sit yourself up. Face the back of your machine. We're going to go into a rollback series. Sit at the edge of your box. Start by choking up, tuck the tail, articulate down. Up and over the box if that feels good for you.

Enjoy the stretch, chin and peel back in in a K. moving on. Slide the hands back to the edge of the loop. Tuck and roll back. Bring the two legs to tabletop. Think double leg stretch here. Everything stretches out. Arms and legs. Hold it. Exhale, arms in. Lift a little higher. Maintain that. Exhale out.

The arms might stop at shoulder height and pull in. They might go over the head. Shoot out. Squeeze the legs. Pay attention to your back and in again. Press in quality here and in last time press and in two feet down, all the way up. We're going to full teaser. Choke up a little bit onto the loop.

Tuck and roll yourself back. Come into full extension. The legs go straight. You'll notice there's space between my back in the carriage. Nod your chin, peel up, push your lower back into the carriage. Arms low. Find your teaser lengthen. Reach the legs long, all the way back. Control every moment into your full extension. It's a stretch, not a hang chin in back into the mat.

PLO, the way a neck is nice and long. Tuck-in peel back. Make it effortless. Don't lose it here. Stretch into your shape and then right back up. So don't lose your connection, physical or mental. Here and back. Feel every moment of this. Squeeze it out. Open the heart. Nod the chin, push the back into the box.

Arms low. Hold it here. Turn out the legs and beat. Oh, I didn't even know that was coming. I don't know where that came from. Three, two, one, two feet down. Sit yourself up. Okay, let's move on. We're going to short box. We're going to place the box in front of the shoulder ass.

I'm traditional setup here. We're going to a plank series, medium spring or light spring. The lighter it is, the harder it is. Come onto your forearms. Set up your plank so the form fully on the box. One foot back, the other foot back and just establish that plank position. Stay here. Make sure your booties not up. A little feeling of a tuck from here. Bend your knees. Think round, back, knee stretch. Hold the carriage in.

Shinbones parallel to the mat. Shoot back to plank and again around the back. Squeeze the carriage in tight. Feel where your tail is pointed, shoot back and again, pull in and the upper back is relatively still and shoot out. Two more. Squeeze the legs, Holt and shoot out. Last time come in and like you're being shot out of a Canon.

Hold it there. Come in one more time. Ah, two knees down. Okay, we're going to twist that. So you're going to open your feet just a bit so you have room for the twist. Come back to your plank. Hold it here this time. Twist the pelvis as you come in. Tuck that tail, shoot back, center other side. Round the back. Pull the carriage in all the way tight and back center.

Equal weight on both forearms. Twist hips perpendicular to the mat and then shoot out and in hold. Take a scan of that neck shootout. One more each way. Twist and last one. Come in and twist. Took the tail shootout. Come in, bend both knees, hover, hover, hover, hover, lower down. Okay.

You can repeat one of those or try single leg down to the elbows. Back to your plank. Hold it here. Right need to the box. Dig deep. Pull the carriage in. Holt, shoot out. Just two more. Come in, hold round the back and out. Last time, around and out. Two feet back.

Hold other knee in my goodness. Going in, hold and out. Come in, hold and out. Last time come in, hold and out. Two feet back. Lift the hips up. Oh my gosh. Like straight. Hold the kerogen step forward. Come onto your hands. Back is flat from here. The right leg lifts. Straight side. Push through both arms. Feel what your neck is doing and lower down. Other leg lifts.

Hold it. The hip is going to rotate a little bit here and lower down and right leg up. And now the opposite hand comes up and again, my hips are rotating. That's why you see my leg is high. Okay and lower down and the other leg, straight side of the body and the opposite hand off.

Be really strong between on the bottom arm and lower down. Moving on, take the leg side. Opposite hand side, stay here. Everything travels back to along. Arabesque white. The two little posters up, be light on that front hand. You might even try to lift that hand up. Maybe fingertips. Also. Good fingertips. Also. Good. Stay here. Catch that foot. Nice long, delicious stretch.

Pull that leg and I'm going to take it into a rotation. Mmm. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Release the light. Carry the like all the way side and then lower it down. The other leg lifts. Opposite hand goes side.

Pull everything back behind you. Pause here. Maybe check in with your balance. Paul. Setback leg. You've got the box right there. If you need to. Put your hand down. Fingertips is really nice and challenging and a little safer. Ah, catch the foot and then pull on that leg.

And I'm taking the leg away from me to spiral. Well like scorpion stretch here. Take the leg all the way side. Lower the leg down. Step off. Traditional short box box goes over the shoulder. Rest. Set up your machine for knee. Stretch. Two heavy Springs.

Have a seat facing forward. Active recovery right now. One knee into the chest. Equal weight on both. Hipbones extend that leg. We're going to tree. So we hinge and now we peel all the way down. Big breath in. Nod the chin, peel in all the way up. Inhale here. Exhale, articulate. As you come back, open the chest, chin in and all the way up and hand to the foot. Open the leg, hand to the side. Equal weight on both hips. Tuck in, peel back.

You're going to stop where it feels good. So this is pretty great. Just right here. Maybe you go into the full extension chin and peel all the way up. Turn out that leg. Lower down. Second side for me please. One like in, stay there. Stretch the leg up. Straight.

Hinge to begin. Roll yourself back. Open the chest, chin in, peel and pull your head to the foot. And again it's how can peel down. Open the chest. They should feel good. Chin in and up. Do that again. Or hands the instep.

Open the leg weight equal on the hips. Tuck and peel back. Maybe just this first, second, maybe into the full extension. If that feels right, chin in PLN, pull that leg up in front of you and lower down. Let's move on to side over turn quarter, turn onto your head, lock your foot into that strap. It's parallel. I like one arm up over the head, one arm forward from here, full range all the way over and then all the way up back over to and pay attention to your leg. Do not let it go up and down. Keep pressing that leg into the strap.

Sandwiching the spine. Straight side between two planes a glass last time. Stay up. Put your hands behind your head. A little different here. So we go over into the side bend. Now twist as you lift and again over, you're going to know that you don't lift very high.

Keep lifting that leg as well and take it over. Try to keep the hips still, but they're going to move a little bit cause we're not robots. Over and up. Last time guys over fight for it. Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. Stay here. Turn all the way to the ground. Boom, all the way down. Take a stretch all the way up. Second side, set yourself on your hip. I don't really care what your legs do so much.

As long as your hips are stacked, I'm doing different on this side. One arm up the other end forward all the way over and all the way up. So really go for your full range guys. It might be short. One day it might be longer. Another day. Don't want you to swing. Keep lifting that opposite leg up into the strap like you're trying to break the strap on your foot. Press it up so hard.

Imagine that strap is just going to bust open. Two more here. Don't let me see the effort in your form. Stay here. Hands behind the head. Go over to the side, twist as you come up, back over. The leg is still for me. Please fight to keep that leg still and over. You'll notice you're not gonna make it up all the way.

I'll see you never get a break over and up. Two more over. Use your breath. Lift last time over. Hold it at the top. Oh twist all the way back to the ground. Line yourself up with the head rest all the way down. Little stretch and all the way up box comes off of here.

Place it away and you should already be set for your knees. Stretch series, knees off is my preference. We're going to do it just pretty traditional. The back is round, the tail is under heels against the shoulder S find the C shape and here we go. Out in and two and three and four and five. Shins parallel to the mat.

Schumer in the hole. This one in hold lower down, change the back, it's flat. Knees up. If you're lifting, same thing out in and the leg should be able to make it back a little bit more. Use your arms. Neck is long. Last one, hold and lower it down. Okay, grand finale. Everybody come off. Take your foot bar down, take all of your Springs off, manipulate your machine so you can have your hands on the frame.

Take one foot back behind you in the center of your carriage. The other foot comes back to join it. Pause into push ups. Here we go. Inhale, exhale too. And I really want to see a pause and lift, pause and lift. Think of using your legs more than the arms. Two more.

Don't drop that head and step out. K. now the real grand finale. We're going to try a little handstand here. Get your machine out of the way for me. It means that my hands are going all the way to the floor. Make sure you have room for your head.

Take foot back behind you towards the center of the carriage. Then the other foot comes up. Stay here. Push the ground away. Lift the hips up, hold, hold, hold slowly back to the plate. Control it. Open the chest. Dye through. Lift the hips up, pause and back to plank. Last time, dive through. Lift. Use the arms. Push the floor away.

Back to plank. Step forward. Release the back leg. Little psoas stretch here. Allow your breath to calm down. Use the breath to access the stretch. Change sides and the other foot comes back. Nice deep stretch here.

Move yourself around if that feels right for you. Calm down the breathing. Two feet together. Have a seat on your carriage like it's a little throne. Palms up. Shut down the eyes and just take some deep breaths.

One last deep breath in and hold it long, slow. Exhale out through the mouth. And we are done for today. Thank you for that season.


amazing class 
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2 wonderful go to reformers from Maria!
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Love this!! Always love your classes!  Thank-you and Happy Valentines Day. 
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Love this class! Quick fantastic full body workout, thanks! 
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loved it!!!!
Wowza!!! Loved the variations! 
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I love the creative variations! Your classes are so challenging!
Awesome class and the picture notes, thank you Maria and pilates anytime.
Challenging, quick workout!
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