Quick Reformer Flow<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 3996

Quick Reformer Flow
Maria Leone
Class 3996

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Tinneke J
WoW! Love love Loved this class! Feeling nice and warm. Thank you.
Woo🤗 love it , thank you🙏🏻
Blair C
Oh yeah.  Thank you!
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This was truly one of my favorite classes EVER!!
My muscles are trembling. That was a fantastic quick workout! 😅
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Have done this class 3 days in a row - it’s quick and absolutely fantastic! Feels great, thank you for your brilliance!
You are very welcome.  I need to get back to this myself.  I live that it is quick and to the point.  A challenge mentally some days to start it .
Rebecca H
Great, challenging session! Thank you, feeling invigorated.
Liana C
excellent class-love the pace!
Kathleen M
Amazing, hard, quick workout, absolutely recommend!  
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