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This is a great class if you don't have a full hour to workout. Kristi takes you through the BASI Pilates® block system addressing the whole body in just 34 minutes.
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Jan 08, 2010
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Sitting up tall, I'm thinking needs a little bit apart. Inhale on your exhale, keeping your body pretty much lifted. In other words, don't drop down at all. Roll the hipbones backwards so you feel the low back. Stretching. Continue going down to about midway broad. Collarbones getting there, hanging out there. Inhale. Take a moment just to look at your abs. Exhale, sink the abs down and let that be the reason you come forward.

Theoretically holding the hip bones back as long as you can. And then straighten up. Alright. You know the drill. We go a little faster and exhale, rolling down. The idea is that we absolutely want the curve. We just don't want to collapse on it. Inhale and exhale up. We straightening up. Inhale, exhale. Just two more here.

Inhale and exhale, straightening up, feeling the mobility of the spine. The last one, initiating that movement from the low end of the power house, but being mindful of the up or Andy. Inhale and exhale as you straighten out your legs. We're sliding ourselves out for a roll up, but before we do, your backs are straight, right, so hinge forward with the straight back. Keep the shoulders about where they are. Now, pull the hipbones back. So we're trying to create the curve from the low back, but keep the upper body almost reaching forward. Good. Lovely. Oh God. That's gorgeous. I swear. I'm like, I'm having a moment here. All right, let's go. Keep moving the hipbones back and just follow it.

Press the heels down so we don't move quite so much in the legs. Look that Dutch and you know where you're heading back. Press the back of the ribs into the mat to find that place again. Yeah, let it be as solid as it was. That's great. And down again. For the most part, the roll up, the position doesn't change that much.

Once you've come to that low tips of the Scapula right here, the position stays exactly the same. In order to do that, you got to pull back deep in the belly. Inhale and exhaling down. Lightly touch and right away [inaudible]. Excellent. Okay. [inaudible] big inhale. Exhale. We go down with bend the knees as we go.

Please spending the knees as we go. Take your arms out to a tee. Bring the knees up to a tabletop position. Going to the front of the room. We inhale to rotate who? Check your knees. Line them up. They're still together. You have that awareness of the glutes. Go ahead. Exhale, back to center spine to a supine. Inhale over keeping the upper body anchored on the mat. Exhale, draw back to center.

Preparing the body a little bit more for deeper work and exhale back to center. Sure. And inhale. Okay. Relatively soft feet though. They look good. Sort of slightly pointed like that. We do like the clean lines. Don't worry. Big Inhale and exhale. Gentle sense of the sit bones staying pressed together.

[inaudible] and the last two, one more to the back and from here, take the arms up just right above your chest for the moment. Rotate the palm. Actually just keep them away from you. Press the shoulders towards your hips and check that you still have. After having done that, you still feel heaviness or the entire backside of the rib cage on the Mat without tucking. Then reach the arms back only so far as you can. Keep the back of the ribs down and let's do the hundred. Inhale. Exhale, curling your head, neck and shoulders up, or reaching your legs out.

Find a little bit of glute contraction so you have a sense of lengthening. Inhale, prepare and exhale. Two, three, four, five and email and exhale. Beautiful. Filling the lungs and emptying the lungs, letting the ribcage expand to the side in the back. Do not be afraid to fail. See the belly rise a little. It's going to. It needs to. We need that [inaudible] and and email energetically reaching. This will be your last cycle. I finished with five more inhales in nail. Two.

Three stay up. Exhale, drag the legs in as if you're going to curl up and sit up. Press the feet to the ground, reach your arms and from here inhale. Exhale. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up again. Inhale, exhale, scoop the belly. So press the belly down to float the knees back up. Grab onto them. You're welcome to bring your knees closer if you want to. Just don't tuck.

Squeeze the glutes. Inhale, double leg. Exhale, bring it around and hold for a moment and inhale, reach, and exhale. I'm going to hold both hands just for fun. Inhale, reach. Hold your low back down. Still exhale. You should check that. If it's not modified by going a little higher or you don't have to hang out quite as long. Last four little quicker on and pull it and two eyes forward.

Protect your neck. One more and a hold. Put your head down. Look to your right head on the ground. Come across your chest, look to the left, bring it back, Preston. Ease into the hands to curl you back up. Had and controllers. Really, it should be abdominals, I suppose. Hug, right knee and right close, right close to you. Press the tailbone down a little. Extend the opposite leg outside, hand and knee. If you want to use the arms tonight and it goes or to ankle, I mean answer it right away and allowing for the length. Beautiful.

[inaudible] 10 more singles. God, look at that. Exclamation points on the end of it, Huh? [inaudible] bring both knees in. Hug them in deeply, right up to it. Rock yourself up. Mix some things all up tonight. Getting Nice and tight. Same contraction in terms of sitting just behind the tailbone. Let's, we'll allow the elbows to go out to the sides so you can slide the shoulder blades down and we inhale, roll back, exhale up, hold good. And inhale down. Things that help again, that idea of squeezing through the sit bones lightly and inhale back. Stopping. Just before you get over the dam.

[inaudible] just two more [inaudible] oh, one more. Excellent. Slide your hands up to your knees. We're getting ready for Chris Cross. Oh Deborah, that's a good idea. See you from the back of my head. I can see you from the back of my head. I don't know.

This could mean everything the beginning of the year. Can we do it? We can do it. We can have fun trying anyway. Right? So what we're doing is best you can't keep the knees together. Elbow on top of the knee, heel of the hand on your forehead. Do your best to keep it there. Nothing changes. Here we go. Inhale back.

Exhale up. Oh. Oh, there we go. Para mind. Nice Wendy. Inhale back. Exhale. Keep it. Keep it. Keep it one more for fun. Ah Ha. Lovely. Lovely. All right, I need more practice. I'll bring it again. I'll bring it back. Set your um, like closest to the front of the room on the floor. Slowly lower yourself down.

Has you bring the leg in then align that leg up to the tops of the feet are pretty much lined up. If you need more low back protection, you should take the whole piece higher. Here we go. Changing. Oh, we did this right. Hands behind your head. Go ahead. You can keep going. Now add your twist toward that knee. Slow it down just a smidge. So you can feel it's the rotation around the spine, right? Not at the shoulder so much. The entire rib cage turns you. Let those knees almost touch each other almost. I don't have to.

And X, x, [inaudible] keeping the stability across the hips and prs given us. I think we all start at ever so slightly different. So even yourself out. Once you have come back to center and let everything come down to the mat. From there, release your hands. Separate your feet just a little bit spread out the shoulder belay are the collarbones so that you almost have full contact or maybe some of you do have full contact with the back of the shoulder and in them floor. A little pressure of the triceps back of the arm into the bat. Pelvic curl.

Inhale, start. Exhaling. You're gonna feel the ABS sink or press down first. Roll the bones of the spine up and off the mat. As you drag your hips toward your heels slightly. It won't be a big move, but you might feel it. Moving into the shoulder bridge we take, let's go right leg. Take your right leg up and off the floor, reaching it up, checking that you didn't drop anything right. You've got to work both sides of the body. And we go. Exhale, kick down one.

Inhale up. Exhale, two and three. Aaron, you're right. You're rotating the hip a little as you lower. There you go. There you go. You just had to think about it. That's all. Last two were going down and up. So come back up, replace the leg, check your position. That means look down, pick your head up if you have to feel for it, looking for straight lines. Other side comes up, reach it and we go. Exhale.

So just a reminder, the leg is just there to kind of confuse the middle of your body. Your focus has meant to be on the stillness of your body. Lasts for. Come back up, replace the leg, check your position. Inhale and like before you, as we roll down, reach the arms toward hips, hips towards heels. And there we are bringing your legs up to tabletop. Both the knees, the ankles, the toes together. Hold on behind the thighs. Curl the head, neck and shoulders up, which would suggest that your shoulders are already down.

Good. And then slowly rolling up. Allow your legs to press away from you a little. Just don't kick the legs up. Exactly. Exactly. Great. Set your feet down for a spine stretch. I'm going to just do the regular regular first without the back extension.

Second with so sitting up tall, hug the space so you, it says if you've got a magic circle between the upper inner thigh and the upper arm to help you be tall. Good. Inhale, exhale. ABS started your head actually is the first thing to move. Started rounding down, but also stretching the spine forward. Check your shoulders here. They're gonna want to creep up. Inhale, hold, and with even more resistance through the middle of the body, start restacking your spine starting from the tailbone. This time your head would be the last to come up. Inhale, everything counts. Some though it can sometimes seem slow, right? You, you want to look for more in these things.

Inhale and exhale to come up. [inaudible] excellent. Find some freedom to the shoulder so that they don't feel locked in place, but that there's not a whole lot of movement really. And round up. We'll add in some back. Extension here in Hail. It starts exactly the same. Exhale to round all the air out before you start inhaling. Then start at the tailbone, so it's almost like you're reaching the tailbone out as you slowly but surely lengthen your spine on the diagonal upper arms end up hopefully somewhere around your ears. Beautiful. Exhale, rerun his child to area and rural.

All the sequential movement that you kind of want to pay attention to. Exhale round, I think you are, but sometimes you get good at something and you forget to look at it and to explore it. Inhaled, growing into it, lengthening into it. Shoulders still trying to slide further down your back end. Exhale re round to roll up. Inhale, exhale.

It's as if everything else in your body wants so badly to go forward with the middle of the body. The area around the abdominal stays pulling in the opposite direction, finding it, trying to find that place in the upper back. Can we be any longer, and I don't mean more forward as longer. Exhale round. If your arms start to think this is more about them, it'd be worth leaving your arms on your legs. I'm doing one more sort of like that and down. You're a comms. Inhale, lengthen, finding it.

Keep your backs exactly as they are. Lower the arms. Exhale. Maybe you can assist yourself into the stretch more. I don't know. We'll pick the arms back up or you can stay there. Inhale, arms down. Inhale, we're lifting them up. It's as if the air were thicker than it actually is.

Suppressed the arms down almost as a way of getting even taller to two more. Inhale up. If you can lean into it more. You do. I think we're good. Exhale. Nice job on your ribs, Aaron. Inhaling up, let's stay here. Find space in the neck. And with that everything comes forward and roll ourselves up.

Closing up the feet, taking your arms out in front of you. Do one of these just for a second, just to release to the shoulder. And since that's not nearly as pretty, let's pull it back. If that sort of w um, I feel like I barely can get to a straight arm cause my shoulders still broad so you could bend if you need to at the elbow. But otherwise they're straight. Here we go sit up taller. Squeeze your glutes even here.

Cause that's where we're anchoring from. Slow come to the front. Your chest is right opposite your hands. And then center. Yeah. Let's inhale to rotate for now. Good. And exhale. Inhale, rotating higher, higher, higher, higher and exhale one more like that anyway. And exhale, taking your hands behind your head.

Real tempting to either pull one elbow back or one l before it. I'm gonna ask you to be able to see your elbows to start it. Can you see your elbows as you look straight ahead? Cool. Keep it like that. Go slow enough that you can tell that it doesn't change. And then once we get here to exhales in health center other way, don't let one elbow pull away from you.

It's just going to cause tension in the neck. Then you can start to feel the mechanism of the abdominals, the breath, all of that sort of pumping the air out. Alright, and one more. The last set or last half of the set. Okay. From here, keep your arms so you can still be the CV. Elbows bend the knees a little. Uh, first, I think you're as tall as you need to be. So make sure of that. Barely tuck the pelvis just because I want to have the sense of you're about to roll back, but you're not going to then without losing the tech that you just created, try to arch your upper back. Don't lean back.

Just try to point your chest to the ceiling. Keep that Tuck, keep your butt tight and then come back. Most likely you'll lose the squeeze of the glutes and it's going to be important. Yes, you have to let the ribs open a little. Um, it's a great question. I'm gonna fake it for a second. What? You don't want diarrhea, you can rest your arms is, um, the reason I did that mini Tuck is because of the tendency to do that. Right? And we have to open the ribs.

I want the little tuck so that when you go up you have to let the ribs open. There's no way you could do it without. You just want to avoid letting the hipbones go forward. That's how I see it. Or the low back arching. Good. Thank you. So again, to me it feels like a little tuck. Truly. I want your back low back straight. Maybe even closer to neutral. All right, squeeze the glutes.

I think that's the real trick then. It's sort of a vertical rise. It's not very satisfying in terms of range of motion cause not much moves but it's a sense of the middle of your sternum just starts to point up where is your gauge? It starts stay in front of you. I'm thinking what? Where the wall in the corner? Yeah, the wall and the ceiling meets probably about enough and then bring it back and do one more lifting sternum. Getting that a little bit of back extension if not a lot. I find it incredibly intense and really all right.

Scooting forward on your mat for open leg or rocker and all the fun ones. So set up, you know as everything is, you know, so get behind the tailbone first. Do that little mini tuck if that's, if you see it, how I do and then extend one leg and then the other. Feel free to keep the knees bent right back, shoulders down, and we go right away. Inhale, roll back just to the top of the shoulder blades. Exhale, keeping the curve until the last moment you use the upper back to help and rollback and up. Not much has changed in terms of what you're looking for in in the basics. There's a gentle sense of awareness around the hip. Yes, definitely through the abs and even the back.

It's just a different movement pattern. If it's easy to hold higher, I'm not feeling it to be too easy today. Ever one more for you. Inhale back. Hi. Nice man up. Beautiful. Okay. You can just bend the knees and let's just swivel to our side to face, front to his face, right? You guys can decide how you want. Good. A little mermaid tonight. So uncross the legs, meaning sort of figure four like Yup. Good. Either way is fine.

[inaudible] you're fine. You're fine. [inaudible] truly well you just remember to switch. Okay. Cause you know I won't. Okay. Okay. Yeah, whatever you need. I will be more clear next time cause I left it up to you.

Inhale reaching out. Oh come back. Inhale, reach out. So just taking the rib cage and bring it back and out. You're welcome to hold on. If that feels too weird and back last time I would hold it there. Let the far hand go to the floor. Okay. So it's your other side. Jim, you're though there you go. Slide out a little bit before we do anything else, look down your body and make sure that you haven't arched your low back cause you won't feel it or if you do it won't feel good.

It's meant to be in that neutral spine. So in other words, you just want the front of the hip of a rather long story. I'm, I'm, we're both fine, but I want to see if you can move your knee back just a little bit. Yeah. That way now, and you can kind of get a little glute squeeze in there. Okay, so now same with you Aaron. Move instead of being here, take the legs. So it's almost in line with your hip Mar. Yeah, yeah, exactly. That's great. Cause now I think you're gonna feel if you leave that hip there as best you can, you rotate the rib cage. Keep that hip there. That's your opposition. I think you'll feel a little bit more of the stretch. You can draw deep on the ABS. Then from here we basically, we're down, we're going to slide the shoulders downward. That's not going to, you're not going to move much.

Reach your chest forward to lift your head a little bit. So it's the act. I'm an exaggerated, it's the act of almost sliding your hands back, but I don't actually want them to move. All right. Question here. Hip, back the top, hip back both. Uh, yes, yes. Then kind of release that little extension we did and reopen inhaling to the front, front and up. Okay. I think I understood the question. So it's flooding out. Let the hand drop. Both hips are kind of trying to stay there, but I think you, yeah, I think they're both trying to, that's right, that's right. Don't let that top hip roll forward. Then once you're here gently, in fact, this time I'm going to ask you to first drop the shoulders down your back, bend the elbows a little.

I think that'll give you a little more traction to then reach the chest forward as you look forward a little. Yup. Re pull the ABS in, straighten the arms around and inhale. Open up and good. Just one more of those reaching out. Let the handful keep the hips as still as you can. They may turn a little bit, you hold back as much as possible once both hands land, barely bend the elbows, reaching the chest forward to look forward as if you're going to drag the floor toward you and then back to straight arms reopen and up Waco. Great. Let's just go to the other side for now. If it feels like you need the balance of the lake forward, do when we start going into the actual mermaid, you can move the leg back a little bit. So this forward leg is is fine. Reaching out and coming back again. You can hold on if you want. Reaching out. I'm actually pushing my foot into my side. Just a little excellent and have this 10 will actually land the arm. Reach out first.

Gently let the hand go, can slide a little, or you can pick it up and move it. If you need more room now move the leg back. If you're one of us had had that way in front, rotate, go right to the gentle bend of the elbow as you reach the chest forward and look forward a little bit. Release the arms to straight around the back. A little and open again. Inhale up exactly, and and reaching out. Soft land. Turn the rib cage. Take that on right across your chest. That's it. That's it.

Allow the elbows to bend a little so it feels like you're trying to arch the upper back, even if it's just the minimum minimal amount back to straight arms, the arm, the opening comes exact same way you came to open across the chest and up. Ah, one more. Reaching it out, finding the landing. Exhale road, slight bend to the elbows to draw the shoulders toward your hips. Looking in, stretching forward to release to reopen and up. Great. Coming onto hands and knees. Great. It's perfect. Perfect, perfect. Just perfect. Drawing the shoulders down your back. Let's head into plank. Okay, so extending your legs back one at a time.

I think slightly apart is appropriate. Take a minute and see if you can that that I'll just say both sides of the body. So you have the abdominals drawn in and up. You have the glutes ever so slightly engaged that might meet your thighs. Shoulders, pressing towards hips. From here, inhale, bend the elbows.

Exhale, press up again. Inhale whether or not you actually do the pushup is up to you. Most important is that the shoulders stay still stable. I'm doing two more. They can also be done on your knees. One more lower the knees, release the toes round back.

Hipster towards heels. Head down. [inaudible]. So from here we're going to head into sort of the down stretch or the combination wherever your hands are. Now see if you can wiggle and forward a little bit more without losing the shoulders on your back. I'll be as clear as I can. You're going to Tuck your pelvis to lift your ribs up off your thighs. Yeah, exactly. Start to continue sort of going through this catlike motion.

Pressing the shoulders down, roll forward into a nice long arched back, keeping the glutes relatively tight. You do not want to drop into your low back. That's plenty. Yes. And then your head comes up and you look forward looking for a bit of a stretch. Then pull the ABS in. I'll give you a breath pattern a minute. For now, just breathe. Get light on your arms as soon as you can. So around your low back. A lot. Diary. Yep.

And keep the low back rounded as you get almost back to your heels. Don't really want you resting back there right away. Come forward again. How about we Ian Hill, the whole way there. Draw the shoulders down. Extending. Yes, finding almost to look up, squeeze of the glutes and then bring it back. Exhale. Never quite let it go. The ads. Let's go again. Inhale. Unfurling your body, minimizing how much you put on the arms.

The fact is is you have to have weight on your arms, but we just don't want it to be dropping into it. An exhale. Roll back and inhale again. Exhaling back through the round. One last one. Inhaling. In fact, let's stay here in this arch for just a moment. Flatten out the back a little. So it just means lift the hips a bit and lower yourself all the way down to the goalpost arms. So that's where you're lying flat on your abdominals, your elbows at 90 degrees.

Good. Okay. Take a peak to your side. I think you're all good, but sometimes your perspective's better that your elbows or if anything ever so slightly in front of you, but I think you're all good. All right. Foreheads on the ground. So there's a little bit of a tech to chin toward chest and it goes. Inhale to lift your hands and forearms minus the elbows.

Exhale, hover the elbows. Inhale, head and chest hover. Don't go for height here. Rather keep the abdominals engaged. Exhale, extend your arms on a High v opposing it with the shoulders pulling down your back. Inhale, rebend a 90 degrees at the elbow. Join Xcel. You put your forehead down. Next inhale, your elbows touch the ground. Exhale, hands go down. Check that your elbows are still at 90 degrees. Here we go again. First things first, make sure your low back is protected.

Your ads are pulled in the beautiful Arun and your feet. Never leave the ground. Here we go. Inhale, your hands come off. It doesn't have to be high. Exhale, hover the elbows, but let's try to keep the wrist higher than the elbows in that position, Huh? Next is your head and chest. Exhale as you straight in the arms, the shoulders gently kind of pull away, hang and out. Beautiful. It looks good. Inhale, rebend elbows. Exhale, forehead on the ground. Inhale carefully, elbows go down. Next. Exhale, hands and wrists, and again, inhale hands. Exhale, elbows. Taking your time.

Inhale, head and chest, float feet on the floor, extending the arms. Exhale. Feel your abs full, deeper there. Inhale. Rebend. If you need more time, you're free to take it. Exhaling down. Sorry, elbows next. Then hands last one. Inhale hands. Exhale, elbow. Inhale, head, chest, exhale, extending the arms, deepening your sense of abdominal work there even though it's really the backward working. Inhale, rebend, elbows, exhale, forehead on the floor, elbows and wrists and just sit there for a second. Letting everything kind of release when it feels appropriate to you.

Press up and into a rest position or hips over heels or if you prefer onto your back. Yeah, good job. Good. If you're low backs, really needs a lot here. Better to kind of Tuck or draw the adds in to give you that stretch rather than for some time. For a lot of people just sitting on the heels like that is not a big stretch to the low back. All right. When you've had enough, come back to a seated position and I'll have the three of you just turn back to center.

Cool. And with a couple of teasers and seal. Woo. Okay, good. That sounds hoping for, no. Why would you even want that first Tuesday of the year? Okay. What did I say?

She a teaser. So let's just do a teaser one. So you have options, right? You can do one leg, you can do tabletop with the legs. Um, you could leave now if you wanted to do, I said totally up to you, right? I sometimes think I'm actually in charge. I'm gonna Start here and I'm going to check that I have my low body involved cause otherwise it's just too hard. Okay. Optional legs rolled down. If you're not going to straighten your legs, I would not go all the way down. I'd stop there, reach back, touch your head, do this slow, like you're doing it. A little. Roll up more glute so you don't roll past the hip and then damn sequentially. I think sometimes we focus too much on the legs and the arms and it becomes a thing. But if you can somehow see that and feel for the spine and I'm only doing one more only and up.

Yes, we're going to seal next transition however you can. Nicely. So I, I pretty much always have to put one foot down because you want to get yourself back of the cap way up there. Yeah. So I'm curious, Jim, can you just one leg at a time, can you go any higher with so that the calf sits in the crook of your elbow a little more. Just curious. You might be there. You might be there. Yeah. Yeah. Oh you're going to love this now. Do not worry about getting back up cause that's pretty significant change you just made. And I want you to get used to the role cause it's, you get to the back and I think he just made it way tighter. And then both Wendy and nylon hug the knees in a little bit. Yeah. And if it feels like you just crushed yourself, push your elbows against it.

All right, three beats tonight we go. One, two, three, rollback. Start beating now. One, two, three up and one, two, three. Yup. It's funny, those little changes to three. One, two, not much changes about the position. Hopefully one more time. Duh, Duh, Duh, and up. We're going to stay up on this one. Set your feet down. Find some relatively comfortable position. I'm comfy here. If you'd rather be in a diamond position, do that. Just stay put up on the sits bones. If you want to sit on a towel or roll your mats, that's all good. Lift up the shoulders, create more space at the waist and then just keep the space at the waist, but let the shoulders fall, roll back, whatever feels good to you. And from there, take the arms up.

Yeah. How about left arm to the ground and stretch toward that left side [inaudible] keeping that opposite hip down. You can even kind of use the hand to help hold that other side down from here. Rotate toward that side. Just turn the chest toward the get close and then reopen to that same side.

So the hip opens, the rib opens, the shoulder opens. Look up toward the ceiling. Stretch a little further into it, and then help yourself up to go to the other side. An anchoring. The other side down is big. Inhale XL. Turn the chest to the thigh, starting at the hips. So it's sequential. Even now, opening the hip, the rib, the shoulder, give a glance to the ceiling and lift up. And with that, taking both arms up. I'm with you. Marry up, let the arms fall.

Find a comfortable place for your hands to do three deep breaths, focusing on expanding your entire trunk on the inhale. Let it be big. And again, inhaling it as much as you can without strain. And then exhale. And you might surprise yourself how much you can exhale if you take your time and one more for the day. Make it and do good. When you think you're done in healing, take a little more in. And with that exhale, let everything, Yeah.

So appreciate y'all coming tonight. Thank you for me. Yeah.


Great mini workout. For a 30 minute workout I would have loved to see more flow... less on transitions and talk but that's just my opinion.
A Valuable opinion at that. Thank you Hanna.
First class on this site. For a Level 2/3, I didn't feel like I got a great burn in any area. I feel stretched out and relaxed but I expected more glute and plank work for a 2/3 class. I can't imagine what a Level 1 or 1/2 is?
Hmmm, thanks Glenn, I'll go back and see if maybe the class mislabeled. The choosing of a level is somewhat subjective of course, but given this was one of the first classes on the site its very possible I was too generous with the 2/3 label. My bigger concern is always people entering a class that is beyond there skill level. I'll hope you'll try another class and that we'll have done better at describing it. Thanks for the feedback here.
Good mini class. The mermaid variation felt wonderful tonight.
Always learn something new everytime I take this short class.
Lovely mini class. Thanks Kristi
Very enjoyable class, I liked all the deep concentrated work. I felt it in the abs for sure and it made for a wonderful post-run workout since there was some really lovely stretching variations that were new to me. Thank you!
Kristy, this was a fully packed, great paced & deep focusing session! Loved it! Also, really enjoyed how you cued our attention to re-visit those familiar layers to a given movement or exercise - just fine-tuning the work in 34 minutes! Wow! Thank you :)
The mermaid was brilliant :)
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