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Fitness Ball Variations

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You will play with variations using the Fitness Ball in this creative Mat workout by John Garey. He uses exercises from the Mat and other pieces of apparatus to give you fun ideas to add to your practice. He also includes unilateral work to help you keep the two sides of your body in balance.
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Welcome everyone. Thanks for joining me today. We are about to do a mat workout using one of my favorite props, the Swiss ball. It is so versatile. There's so many great things you can do on it that come from the fitness world, uh, that come from all over the [inaudible] world. So we're going to be taking some mat exercises and adding the ball to it, but we're also going to be taking some exercises from other apparatus, like the reformer and the chair and the Cadillac, and incorporating the ball into those movements as well, which will make it a super fun workout for you. We're going to begin with some legwork.

I love doing squats and lunges and almost every workout because it's so important for us to keep that part of the body really strong and mobile. So we're going to begin with what I call Sumo squats here. So we're going to take our legs wide and turn them out and your knees and toes will follow the same line and you're just going to come down into a squat. As you do that, you're just going to touch the ball to the floor and then when you come up, you're going to reach it up over your head, come down and touch and come back up. So the goal is to not have to reach with your arms and your torso to the floor to actually squat, to get to the floor and place the ball right there and then lift it up over your head. Inhale down and exhale up. And again down.

This is just such a great way to warm up your entire body, the legs of the largest muscles in the body. So it's really good to start with them or reach right up over. And we do a lot of this kind of work in the reformer when we start in foot work. So come down and reach up in two more times and reach and one more time and reach. Now we're going to move from side to side. I'm going to start with my legs parallel.

I'm going to come to the side and as I come to this I'm going to reach the ball out and I'm going to do a side lunge right over the side. And let's get to the center and reach and come up and out and come up. Inhale down, exhale up, put a little pressure into the side of the ball as you go down and come back up. And that will start to warm up your upper body as well. Push against the size of the ball, come back up again, push and come up.

And let's do that again down and one more press and come up. Now from here, this is an exercise I've taken from the chair. It's a balance exercise and what we're going to do is put your foot on top of the ball and your arms out for balance and you're just going to roll ball away and then pull it back in, roll it away, and come back in. So this is helping us create a lot of strength and balance on this side. And we call this foot press when you're working on the chair and your foot would be on the pedal, but the ball works really well, especially if you're pushing down into it and coming back in.

Just be careful not to hyper extend your knee as you out. You want to lengthen it, straighten it, but not kind of sink into the joints there. Press out and come back and let's do that a few more times. Press and come back in. Press and come back in. And I'm really working through the foot.

You can see I'm flexing the foot and then grabbing the ball with my toes as I come back in. And let's switch. So find your balance point, start with the ball close and roll it away and come back in. Roll it away and come back in. I love adding this unilateral work to our mat work because it really helps to keep your two sides in balance with each other. And I am a Libra, so I do like balance and press out and come back in and two more times overreach and pull it in. And one more time or each and pull it in. You should feel all the deep muscles in the joints working there. We're just going to take the ball behind us now and I'm going to take a foot on top of it is a bit more tricky.

And what I'm going to do is do a single leg squat. So just roll that ball back a little bit. That back leg stays bent and then I come back up and I come down into it and come back up. So we do an exercise on the chair where you're standing on top and you're reaching your back leg toward the pedal. And this is where I got this exercise from down and come back up and down and come back up to more down who I can feel that and one more.

And now don't get rid of it yet. So what we're going to do is keep the legs straight and you're going to hinge over, roll the ball back and come up. So this from fitness is a stiff leg, a dead lift. So you're going to come down and come back up. You're going to inhale down the ball, makes it really tricky for balance and XL up two more down and up.

The mat also makes it really tricky for balance as well. It's not a very stable surface and up. Alright, shake that leg out. You should feel a big difference between your two sides right now and we're going to grab that ball and just place it underneath the other foot. Now and from here we're starting with just that single leg squat and come up so you just move that ball out of the way. Sink down into it and come back in and sink and come up.

Inhale down knee tracking over the center of the foot. Exhale up and again down and one more time here. Calm down and up. Now we're going to keep the knees straight and we're going to hinge over at the hip joints are going to feel the hamstrings kick in and come back up and the glutes and hinge over and Xcel up. Roll that ball a little further back. Now hinge, we got it and up and again hinge the upper body over.

Nice, long spine and up to the top. Okay, shake those out. And from here we're going to get a little foot and ankle work. And this again kind of reminds me of a chair exercise called the ankle exercise. So I'm going to put my shins right against the ball here and you can have your fingertips on the ball. To start you just lower the heels and lift back up. So you're getting great work through the foot and ankle here.

We're sinking the heel down and then calming back up. Now when you're ready, just bring those forearms into a genie arm position. Work through the foot and ankle here and down. Now don't roll to the pinky toe. Try to keep your weight between the big toe, also known as the great toe and the second toe. And let's do two more down and bring it up. And one more time down and lift.

All right from there, just take that off. We're going to come forward and going to move to the front of our mat. Now we're going to add a little upper body to our lower body work. And what I'm going to do is start coming back into a lunge like so I have my hands on the outsides of the ball, but not at the very outsides, kind of angled toward the top of finger fingers, angled down. And then I stepped back into a plank.

Then I bring the other foot forward and I come back up. Now I switch legs, lunge back, find that plank, lunge forward with the other foot and come up again. It's back and back, forward and up. So there's a little bit easier and a little bit harder on this, right? It's a little bit easier than going all the way down to the floor and doing a regular plank because your upper body's angled up a little bit. So there's not as much work on it, but it's a little bit harder cause they're hanging on to what ball, which wants to roll in all directions. So choose your poison, right? Come back. This is great for really kicking in all the muscles in the upper body, especially the PACS, the shoulders, the triceps, biceps, and, and of course the core.

Now let's come back and just hold that plank. You're going to step your feet out and bring them back together. Now step out with the other foot. Step out and bring them back together. Now switch again. Out and back together and out and back together.

Now this is too much on your wrist. He can go down to your forearms and back together and switch and back together. Oh, let's do one more. Okay, back together and now slowly with control, bring your knees to the mat. Now we are going to go onto our hands and again, hips are lengthened and your fingers are pointing downward. You're going to come down into a pushup and press up. So remember, this is near the beginning of the workout, so we're still getting a little bit warmed up, but if you feel like this is too easy, by all means, go onto your toes. Inhale down. I know it's coming, so I'm going to wait and again down and come back up.

We're going to do three more exhale up. So you're kind of pushing your hands toward each other on that ball. That gives you a really good connection through the whole upper part of the body. One more. Inhale down and exhale up. Bring that ball back. Now bring that ball on in front of you and you're going to, we're going to do something from the Cadillac. From here, you bring the ball in and you're gonna roll it down.

Then you're going to start to push the ball out and just lengthen your spine right here. This should feel amazing. Lift your sit bones up and get a little bit of extension there. Then flex, pull it back. You're going to roll that ball up and reach it out. Then you're going to pull the ball toward you, extend the upper body and then come back to the start. As you bring the ball in this time, hinge back, then roll the ball down and flex out. Then lengthen through neutral and into extension with your spine, and then little X back again. You're going to come back on that diagonal.

As you roll the ball up, you're going to bring everything forward. Pull the ball in as you extend the spine and come back to the start. So we call this cat kneeling, right? So hinge back, bring the ball in, oral it down, follow it down with your head flex, and then extend the spine out. Reverse that flex, roll the ball up. Come back on that hinge. Go forward. Now press into the sides of the ball as you lift your sternum towards the sky and come back. Should we do it one more time? Hinge back or roll the ball down. Follow it down, roll it out and extent. Now flex. Roll that ball back, roll it up your body.

Come back to vertical and then extend the spine as you press into the ball and all the way back to the start. Okay, from here we're going to move on to a little side bend action, so just start with your thigh or your hip close to the ball. Then you're just going to come over onto the ball, putting your weight on the ball and flexing over. That top leg is just going to lengthen out there. Now you can use your bottom hand for support. You can even touch the floor here and you don't want to push up with that bottom arm, but you can actually help your balance come up of reach and then LinkedIn over and come up and lift and lengthen all the way over and again up and lift and lengthen over that bottom knee is bent so it helps you balance and come over three more and side bend up and back, down and up and down. One more time.

Region should feel really nice and all the way over. Now push into that ball to push yourself back up. And let's take that over to the other side. So again, you start leaning a little bit against it. Then you take your weight onto it as you stretch your top leg out and you can wrap your hand around the ball or you can touch the floor just for balance. Take the arm over your head and come up. Now I'm not using this arm, it's just there in case I start to roll.

I'm using my obliques on that top side to lift me up and lower down annex hell up and back down. And three more lift and reach over. Make sure you're going all the way over. And two, you got that ball. So use it. Take it all the way over. Let your head go down one more and over and come on back up. Okay. Now from here, let's just have a seat on top of the ball here.

So what I love about the ball is that you get all this movement in all directions that can happen, but what we want is to try to stabilize her pelvis. So we're working against that movement. So you're working really those deep muscles. From here, we're going to flex forward and I just sliding my hands down the ball. I'm going to come back up. I'm going to slide my hands to the back and get a little extension here.

So there's a little break and forward and up and back. But a break doesn't mean just go through the motions. As you come down, you're drawing your abs in. As you go back, you're lifting your sternum to the sky and rolling your shoulders back one more time, over, up and back. Now take your arms out to the side and let's do our spine twist here. So you're going to turn as far as you can to one side release, go a little further and three times that way and come back to the center. We're going to inhale as you turn, breathe in a little further, a little further and back to the center and rotate holding that ball as still as possible.

It's a really good way to tell whether or not you're holding that pelvis in place and rotating actually the spine and not turning the hips and breathe in. Think of growing here and not really swinging the arms, but bringing them with you two and three and back to center one more time and inhale two, three and one more time to the other side. Breathe in a little further, a little further and back to center and lift up and a ride over to the side. I don't know if he can see behind me, but there's some pretty cool action going on in that ocean and I'm not the only one getting exercise in here today. And again, reach up and just lengthen over and down. Reach up and over. Now when I go over, I let this hip sink onto the ball, so I'm really getting a deeper stretch than I would be able to do anywhere else.

Lift up and just reach over. Let that hip sink and come up and down. We're going to do that one more time. Breathe in and reach and back and lift and reach. Your spine. Loves movement, so we love to move it to all sides. Now from here we're going to add some movements together and create the sauce.

So arms out in front. You're going to rotate and stretch one leg out in the direction that you're turning and then you're going to flex over that leg. Come back up and as you come back to center, bring that foot back in. We'll go to the other side, breathe in, exhale, flex over, inhale up and then back to center. And again, rotate, breathe in and exhale and flex over and up and back to center. And again, rotate. Breathe in.

Four X over and up and center. Let's just do that one more time cause it feels so good and flex over drawing those up Donalds and come back up and back to the center and to the other side. Breathe in and flex over that leg up and back to center. All right, now that we've kind of moved everywhere, let's strengthen some of those core muscles a little bit more with some deeper movement. So we're going to go into a supine inclined position. I start at the end of my mat, so I've got some room out there.

I'm going to walk out as I drop my seat down and I'm going to end up right against the top side of the ball. So we call this a supine inclined position. It's a good TV watching position. Eventually you're going to get really tired though, especially your legs. So from here we're going to go up just into a little bit more of an uncomfortable position, right? We want to rise up on top of that ball. So when I take my hands behind my head, I'm actually extending the upper back over. The ball feels wonderful.

And then I'm going to come up into kind of the hundreds position with my upper body here. So I'm going to inhale as I open back and exhale as I come forward and I'll play around with this. Try going back just a tiny bit, pushing back just a tiny bit more so you're higher up the ball and notice a difference as you extend back much more abdominals and then come up so you can go not too far. You don't want to land on your head, but you can go as far as you're able to support it. Now as I go back, my elbows will open. That will allow the upper back to stretch more into extension. And then as I come forward, the elbows just come in my vision where I can see them so I can add more of that upper back flection in, held back and exhale forward.

Inhale back and exhale forward. We got two more here, opening back, back, back, back, back, back, up and over. And now we're going to add our crisscross. So back when I come up, I come over to one side and I'm going to inhale back and I'm going to exhale up to the other side. And again, open back, big breath in here. Use the exhale and come up and over. Now it's not hard enough. Go a little bit higher up on that ball in help back and exhale over and you're giving a little bit of push into that ball as you go over to the side.

So you really feel the Depot Bleaks working. And last time, over and back. Now I want you to walk out till the shoulders are kind of at the top of the ball. And from here we're just gonna let your hips drop toward the floor and then you're going to push them back up. So hip thrusts or hip lift and drive them up. Now the weight, I want to keep the weight in my heels here as I press up in lower. Inhale down. Exhale, press up and inhale down and harass up and again, lower down and press back up.

Let's do two more lower down and press up in one more time. I'm going to stay up on this one. My head is resting on the ball and when I'm going to do is keep my hips lifted. Now you can actually take your hands on your hips here. What you want to do is drop one side down.

That hip will flex a little bit and you think a pushing the other side up, so a little pelvic rotation back to center. Now I dropped the other side down as I'm pushing this side up and back to center. So rotate and up and rotate. You feel that go right into your glute. You should hand up and let's do that again. Down and up, alternating. Inhale, exhale up. Inhale, exhale. Last two and lift and one and lift and who drop down a little bit.

Walk back, make sure you end up on the ball sitting on top and remember what we did in the very beginning. Just that spine stretch forward just to let the back loosen up a little bit and then come up and you're going to take the arms behind you and get a good stretch here and back to center. Okay? From here we're going to bend you back the other way a little bit. So we're going to come onto the ball and our hips are going to be on top. So I'm going to walk out and this is something we can do on any of the barrels.

We also do some of this work on the chair that we're going to do. What we're going to do is bend your knees and put your heels together and then you're going to pull your thighs into the ball so you're actually squeezing that ball with your thighs and then you're going to press the hips or the knees rather, not the hips up to the ceiling. So we pull in against the ball and then you press up to the ceiling, pull in against the ball that releases the hip extensors, and then you tighten them and go up in hell as you pull in. Exhale up. Now, most of my weight is on the ball. Guys, my arms don't really have a lot of work to do here. They're pretty relaxed. Think of them like a kickstand on a bike.

They're just supporting us to make sure we don't lose our balance. But you want most of the weight on the ball that's going to take it out of the elbows, the risks, et cetera, and press up. Let's do that two more times. Pulling in and pressing up. One more time. Pull it in. Woo. And now we're going to go back and forth between being supported by our hands and being supported by our feet.

So now what I want to do is reposition the ball. Everyone's going to be a little different here, but basically what you want is for your feet to feel really grounded with most of your weight on the ball and the toes tucked under. So I'm going to take my hands under my forehead here and I'm in kind of one long line Superman from head to heel. Then I'm just going to rotate and come back to center and rotate. This is something we do on our barrels. We do a version of this on the chair.

It's a really nice way to work the rotators of the spine in the posterior side and rotate and back to center and inhale, exhale to center and inhale, think of turning your body, not rolling the ball. Try to hold the ball centered and again, turn and back in hands and forehead together will help you prevent going too much into the back of the neck and keeping the work where we want it, which is the upper and lower back and one more time. Turn and center and turn and center. Now from here we're going to go right into our next one. Still feet down. It's the breaststroke from the mat. What I love about doing it on the balls, you can actually dive over the ball and get that flection.

Then sweep the arms around, lifting the chest, breathing in and again, exhale, dive over in help. Hold up and back and exhale right over in help hole, back, stretch, stretch, stretch to reach those arms back, lift the sternum and again over and pull back. Lifting up to more dive over XL. Inhale up. One more exhale. Inhale up, reaching back and relax. Now I'm going to switch to put the pelvis on the ball and my hands on the floor and I'm going to turn my legs out here.

If you can see about going up into a little upper body extension here, if not hold one long line, then you're going to turn your legs out. You're going to keep them open, hip distance apart, and we're going to do our swimming legs. Breathing in for five counts and exhaling for five counts. And again, breathe in and exhale, shoulders down. Breathe in and Xcel. Remember the arms are just relaxing here, but you're up in extension so you might be up on your fingertips like I am and exhale and now hold and release. Walk back until your feet are secure on the mat and the ball is supporting your upper body now and come into this slightly extended position and lift your arms up. You might have to adjust a little bit and swimming arms. Breathing in for five counts and exhaling and breathe in for five counts and exhale, shoulders out of the ears. One more set here. Breathe in and exhale. Now hold and pull that ball right into your lap and let that lower body go so we can come forward here and just turn your head to one side, rock forward, come back and turn your head to the other side and a rock forward and come back.

All right guys. Now from here, whew, we got the glutes, we've got the back muscles, we're going to go into the side of the hip. How are you feeling? Let's take this first. Remember that first side bend we did. We're going to be in that position right now. So what I want you to do is push against the ball and we're going to take your hand right over to the other side here and you can hug the ball or again, you can help yourself with balance on the floor.

Bring your head in line and what I want you to do is lift that top leg up. Now the bottom knee is bent and on the four, but really most of the weight is on the ball here. So lift that leg up and lower down. So you know the side leg series on the mat, lift up and lower down. And again lift. We also do similar things like this on the barrel and on the Cadillac with footsteps on. So really great series for the side of the glute side of the thigh, the oblique system, lift and lower.

And if I just keep talking, you won't even notice what the work is right and make sure the toe is not going up to the ceiling cause then you're getting into the hip flexor and we want the bum. So keep the foot parallel and hold this one up. Now bend the knee in, flex your foot and just reach that leg back behind you. Straightening the leg, inhale in and exhale back and pull it in. Breathe in and XL, reach it back and again, bring it in and Xcel back and in and back. Keeping that strong center the whole time and back. Now straighten it out.

Give me five circles. Can you lift that leg a little higher? Here we go. There you go. That's better. I'll go the other way. Five, four, three. You didn't know I could see you didn't. Alright. No, right here. Just hold it there. Lecture, foot. Big brother's watching. Lift up. I said he'll do the ceiling three more times to keep smiling.

It doesn't hurt at all and hold it and come in and down. Whew. All right, let's do that on the other side. So bring that ball right over to the side. Going to lean into it, hug it, and stretch that top leg out. So from here we're going to lift that top leg up. Flex and pull it down. Remember you're aiming for the heel to reach for the ceiling, not the toes.

And lift up and exhale down. Let's do that again. Inhale up and exhale down and lift and lower and lift. I'm feeling this side already cause we were leaning on it on the other side. I'm working at already. So we got it up there and now we're going to bend it and press it back in.

Help to bend it in. Exhale, the, press it back and pull it in and press it back. You know, I want to speed up, but we can't press it back. We've got to give this side of the same amount of time we gave the other side and out. Now straight line, lift it up a little higher and circles. Five, four, three, two, one, go the other way. Five, four, three, two, one. Now flex your foot and lift it up. Come on, and for a little higher, three work for it too and in and down. Oh, okay. I'm feeling them. They're awake. The glutes are awake. All right, we're going to come down onto the mat and we're going to come onto our back and place our feet on the ball here. So make sure your head ends up on the mat. You give yourself some room so you can roll the ball away. And from here for now, hips down, legs, parallel, feet against the ball and just roll away and flex the feet and then wrap it back over and again rolled away and come back in.

Let's do it again. Roll it away and come back in. Now from here, we want to just levitate the hips above the mat, so not so much space that you can drive a truck under. Guys, you want to just be able to barely get your hand under there and then hold that. Roll the ball away. Now don't lock your knees, but straighten them and exhale, pull back in. Your hips are going to want to lift up. You want to keep them low and that pelvis is going to want to choke back. Don't let that happen. Fold at the hip joint, not at the spine here.

Roll away. Press down into that ball. Bring it back in. Roll away. Do you feel the hamstrings and the calves and the glutes and away? Come back in and let's set the hips down. Now from here, we're going to take one foot on the ball, so line the ball up on that of the foot that's on it. Take the other leg into tabletop and you're going to take your hands and you're going to come up into this flex position. So support your head.

Now reach the gesture leg out. You're going to roll the ball away and pull it back in and roll it away and Xcel back in. Reach away and pull it in three more and en and exhale as you pull the ball in one more time. And now we're just going to switch the ball over and here we go. Roll it away and bring it in. If you need a break, set your upper body down for a second and a way.

Push down into that ball a little bit. So you're working the backside of this leg, the top side of this leg, and away to more press and pull it in one more press and pull it in and come down. Whew. Now just take your feet as far onto the sides as you can with your feet. Kind of pushing against each other like you're trying to burst the ball that way. Keep the knees open and just roll the ball away and let your feet flex and then pull it back and wrap your feet back over the ball again in Halloway annex.

Held a pull it back in. So just get that movement pattern down. Feed around on the sides of the ball and you're pulling it back in one more time, roll it and return it. Now, same thing we did before. You're going to levitate off. This is a major glute when everybody likes to work the glutes. This one will do it. Roll away and pull it back in. Notice the knees and toes point the same way. Roll it away.

Press into the sides of the ball as you come back in. Roll it away how you're smiling yet, Xcel, pull it in. Let's do that again. Roll it away and pull it in. Press into the size of that ball one more time and pull it in and set your hips down from here. Just take your legs over the ball for a second and your arms out to the side.

We're just going to for a second, just go from one side here over to the other side and we're going to do that again. Go over and across and one more time. This is just a little gentle movement for your spine before our next one and then come back in. Now we're going to grab the ball with your ankle bones and we're going to lift it up. So what I want you to avoid is kind of hooking your feet around the ball, try to keep the legs pointed here, and you're going to, you can have your hands behind your head supporting your head up inflection. You're going to reach the ball away and then you're going to do a reverse crunch. We're going to roll it back slowly, reach it away, exhale, roll back slowly reach it away and pull and again, reach out and pull back. Three more.

Reach dry. And if your butt doesn't lift, that's okay. You're just trying to get that bum off the ground. Even the effort will work. The muscles that we want to work, pull back and away. Take it straight up to the ceiling, arms out to the side. And now we go over from one side to the other, the windshield wiper over. And again, take it over to the side, bring it up, switchover and come up one more time to each side, ticket over and bring it up last time over to the side. Bring it up and grab the ball in your hands. Upper body flexes up. How are we doing guys? You good?

Hold on to that ball right over your legs. And remember our single leg stretch. We're going to do that here for one and two and you're going to end the hell for one and two. And then you're going to exhale for one and two. Now you're going to inhale and as you exhale, we're going to reset ball back to your ears. And as you inhale, you're going to bring it back over your legs. And as you exhale, you're going to take it back by your ears. And as you inhale, the ball goes over your thighs and as you exhale, it goes over your head. One more time. Breathe in and exhale and down.

Now put your feet down. Hold the ball up above and just do a hip roll up and back down. And again, roll up and back down. One more. Just release the spine. Give yourself a little active recovery here, up and down. Now bring your legs back into tabletop. We're going to go back into those same single leg leg action, but you're going to turn your body and push the ball down on the bent knee side and then switch and switch and sweats.

And again, press and press down and again, push down on that top of the ball here, push it down. That's really going to get you into your obliques. Can you feel that? And press and press one more press now come to center. We have our double leg stretch, so both reach out and come back in. Stay lifted, look down, not up and come back.

And we got an and reach three and bring it in and reach two and bring it in. One more time. Reach and in and feet down. Hold onto the ball hip. Roll up and roll back down and roll up and down in. One more time here or roll it up and down. All right, now keep the feet down. Put the ball right here.

You can start it over your head actually, and you're to place it on your thighs and roll up here, but not all the way. You're going to be back on an angle. Then you're going to roll it back down and reach back. So we've got our beginner teaser are here. Bring the ball to your legs, roll it up. But remember, you still need to be able to lift your legs. You don't want to be up so high that you can't lift your legs. Roll back down and orange or your breathing. Inhale, exhale up. Inhale, exhale down.

Let's take those legs to a table top. Bring the ball to the thighs or roll it up to the toes, or as far as your arms will reach. Then roll down and orange. Inhale, exhale up. Roll down and away. Now, straight legs. Inhale, roll it up, down and away again. Roll it up. Whew. Down.

We've got one more in us are you can do it. Bring it in or roll it up and reach. Put your feet down, push your hips up, reach the ball back. For three hips, they lifted two and one and set your hips down so that should have refreshed your hip flexes a little bit in your abs a little bit. Let's come on up and work on top of the ball. Again, we're getting into the grand finale guys. This is the really tough stuff, so it can be a little difficult on the risks.

So just make sure that you're putting yourself in the proper position for this. So what I want you to think about here is center your weight on the ball. So most of the weight is on the ball. Then you're gonna grab the ball with your hands like so and the whole hand. So you're really going to hug into it and not lock your elbows.

Now I've got the legs open and turned out be, and we're going to come into as much extension as we can get here with the upper back as well, and lift the legs. So they're an extension as well. And we're going to do our Swan. So for this one, what you're going to do is you're going to start to tip forward and you actually push yourself into the ball to reach the legs up and then come back up and do that again. So let's go here. We're going to do an exhale and then an inhale to come back up and an exhale and an inhale to come up. Now we're going to add our grasshopper. So you're going to come forward, hold that position. You're going to cross the ankles three times alternating, then reach the legs up again before coming back up.

So we have our exhale. Inhale, cross three times. Exhale, stretch and back out first. And then inhale, come back up again. Rock forward. Cross for three. I'm not a dancer, so it's not gonna look as good as it would if a dancer did it. One more time over. I do the best I can reach, come back up, and then we're just going to come back and hug that ball right into our lap. Now remember that what we did before you turn your cheek, place it on the ball, come forward and back. And on this side, I'll actually get my cheeks down right there, but you'll do that on both sides and we're gonna do that again over [inaudible] and back. This says, let's go with the lower back a little bit and we get ready for our next one heart. The next one to make it harder, you start with the ball closer to your feet. To make it a bit easier, you start with the ball closer to your pelvis, so I recommend thighs to start with and then determine if you want to make it from there harder, easier. You're automatically going to realize there's more weight on your upper body, so really be careful not to lock the elbows and grip that mat with your hands.

From here, we're going to go into this flex position, the elephant release a little bit, and pulse five four XLE, three two one and lengthen back out. Let's do another one of those. Here we go. Exhale, pull it up. Drop your head, look at the ball one, pull it up a little higher, two and three, four, five and out. Now from here, all we're going to do is a knee stretch. So you're going to keep your back straight this time you're going to tuck the legs underneath you and press them back. So let's go a little further onto the shin here from there and pull it into one and reach a pack.

Annex L and back three and exhale four and five. Can you lift a leg? One and two and three. Let's switch and Xcel in one. Keep that leg reaching up two and three both down.

Walk back and put your feet down and grab that ball and pull it. Beautiful. Come forward. Rock and back and other side, rock and back. All right guys. Now one more and then we're done. So same position. We were in the niece trench.

So from here, from your sins, you're going to pull over to one side one and then back to the plank. Other side, exhale and chew and back. Show that control three. Drop your head, look at the ball as you pull your legs over for two more. Five inhale back six. Inhale back.

Now you can just step down with one knee and then the other and have a seat from here. Guys, you're going to straddle the ball. We're going to stretch out the whole back side of the body so your legs are open just wider than the mat. Hands on the ball, breathe in. Exhale, [inaudible] forward. Inhale, come back up. It should feel really good. If you put a little pressure down onto the ball, you actually get the whole anterior engaged and it gives you a better stretch through the back. Let's do two more. Exhale. Inhale back, and one more time. Exhale and inhale back.

Now just fold your legs and put the ball to one side. Hand on the ball. Hold it close with your elbow bent. Reach it out and stretch over. Come back up and pull it back in burry. Then exhale over and XL back hand again, or reach and stretch over, up and down.

Let's take that over to the other side and the same thing. Reach it away. Breathe in. Exhale, stretch over. Come up and pull it in two more and exhale over. I hope you feel fabulous and come back in. And one more time reach and over up and in.

And guys that does it for our mat, work with the Swiss ball. Thank you so much for joining me and I look forward to seeing you again next time. Bye buddy.


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Super fun ball variations. I enjoyed the adaptation of some of the equipment exercises for the ball. Many thanks for a great workout!
John , this is a fabulous class ! Thank you for inspiring me to get my swiss ball out again ! Love it and love you style of teaching ..More please !!
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Awesome class! Thank you John! Can we get notes!?
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So much FUN and challenging!   Your  an energizer bunny!  Those single knee stretches are killers!!  thank you! 
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Hi Connie, We've added it to our class notes list and hope to have them up soon. 
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"Are you smiling yet?" 
"Yes, John."
Great class. Time flew by!
Laurie C
Great class! Awesome to start the day with this!❤️
Lina S
1 person likes this.
Great variety of exercises. A really fun class with a nice flow. Thank you.
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Another great workout! Thanks for your fun energy . . . Loved the class!!
Jill V
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Loved this John! Please do more mat classes with props!!!!!
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