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Day 10: Put it All Together

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Welcome to Day 10! Congratulations, you made it to the end of the challenge! For the last day, Carrie uses elements from the previous classes to test your whole-body strength and flexibility. Enjoy the movement and notice how much stronger you feel after taking this challenge!
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May 18, 2020
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Yeah, we did it. It's day 10 I'm so excited that you're here and that you're completing the challenge with me. We are going to have a great time. We're going to put together little elements from each day into this one final class. Let's get started just like we did on our hip workout. Start standing in Pilates V, wrap your legs and remember to pull up your pantyhose. Really feel those legs nice and strong.

We're going to put one arm on top of the other and raise the heels only as high as you can without your heel separating. Then press them down. Inhale, heels up. Exhale, heels down. Inhale up three down again for now. Add a little knee bend, bend the knees, the heels raised, but they stay together. Straighten your legs, push them down again. You bend heels, come up, straighten the knees.

Press them again. Three up, press, squeeze the heels. Press the legs down again. Then raise the heels, lift and lower. Now reverse that. Raise the heels. Keep them together. Then the knees, heels to the mat. Legs straightened again. Inhale, raise the heels and bend the knees. Exhale, heels down. Knees straighten up, bend heels down. One more up. Bend, heels down and straighten. Open your legs apart. Now.

Wide position with the feet and you bend the knees down and straighten again down. Think send the hips forward. Push the knees open and straighten. Hips forward. Knees open, straighten two more. Down, up, bugging down. Now we add a twist down. Rotate, come back to the middle and straighten. Bend the knees. Turn the other way. Stay low, straighten again. Then rotate, turn straightened. Then rotate, turn and straighten. We're coming down to the mat. Now this next series is from our extension class where we did a little warmup seated here, so all you'll do is hold your knees. Then take a deep breath in.

As you exhale, hang back from your legs, wrap your fingers around your knees. You can stretch out through the back of the body. Now bring yourself up and go into a little extension and again, hang back, push the knees and stretch. Bring yourself up, lift the gaze again. Chin, hang back and stretch. Bring yourself up, lift and sensor from here.

Bring your right arm up to your ear and just side bend over and to go the other way. Oh over and and over. This time turn, reach in the length of that knee where it's pointing. Reach out long. Turn back, calm. Now they're way over. We reach long turn and come up a little rotation. Now one hand to the knee, other hand behind the back. Turn the chin.

Really try to get as much rotation as you can can. And then other way, reach for the neat Hearn, the chin. Rotate the spine and we come back. You gotta lie down on your back. Now from our AB day, we did a little series where we found that deepening of the belly. So take your left knee, foot flat, other leg long and straight, and we're going to flex the foot of the leg that's on the mat here.

We're just trying to create the longest sensation that you can from your toes up through the top of the head. Big inhale to prepare and as you exhale, you just think sink the front of the body downward as you pull your leg up. Inhale, lower the leg and try to stay connected. Again, exhale and you deep in the front of the body in word as the leg comes up, and we're going to lower that leg down. Exhale deep in the belly in, in, in, towards the back and lower the leg down. Now this time lifted up. We're going to bend that knee and curl hands behind the head.

Rotate to the leg just like we did in our rotation class and crunch up to three, five, six, seven. Hold up on eight. Now come back to the middle. Let's pick that foot up. Put the other foot down. Rest down. Hand. Extend the leg. Inhale, exhale deep, and through the middle of the leg comes up. Inhale, lower the leg. Exhale, find that deepening of the belly and lower. Inhale X. Hail as the leg comes up, one more. We bend the knee, curl up to it. Hands behind the head. Rotate. Crunch up to five, six, seven. Hold up on eight.

Now bring the legs together and center yourself again from our rotation day. Turn your toes one direction. Remember that hikes one hip up with that hip hiked up. Crunch up to it. Two, three, four, five, six and hold. Then send the toes the other way. Now my right hip is hiked and I'm crunching up to three, four, six, seven and eight to the middle and rest down. We're going to roll like a ball to come up so that we can roll around the clock.

Rocket up just like we did on our rolling day. We'll extend the legs at three, six, nine and 12 so here we go. Inhale, rock. Exhale, you're up to one o'clock. Inhale, back. Exhale to two. Inhale, exhale to three. Extend for your teaser. Bring it in. Three more. Go back. Inhale, we're coming. Oh, inhale. We're up to five. Inhale, six extend. We go back. Exhale, seven o'clock. Inhale.

Okay, extend and bend. Come up. Inhale, exhale, up. Inhale, exhale, lift. Inhale. Exhale. Up. Extend. Now we go back around the other way. Inhale back. You've got to use your side body. Get yourself around each little corner. Inhale, exhale, and teaser it, and inhale.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, six o'clock teaser and bring it in. Inhale, you better be having fun and smiling. Extend again. Last one. Inhale back. Exhale up in. Inhale, lift final teaser out and roll all the way down and okay, I'm up and roll over to your stomach. Next, create the little pillow for your forehead with your hands.

One hand on stop stacked on top of the other and just allow your legs to come close together, but they don't need to squeeze together for this series. This is where we lifted the elbows, went into extension and then went into the T, so it begins by simply picking the elbows up. Then from there, pick your head and chest up. Then extend your arms out to a tee. From here, the hands come back. You see, can you get a little higher than return to the T shape? Then return hands in front of the head and then rest all the way down so it's elbows and lift. Extend the arms side to side. Bring the hands back and lift higher. Return to the tee, hands to the forehead. Everything comes down again. Lift and open.

Lift a little higher as you go to that extension. Return to start. Bring the hands to the forehead, rest it down. Last time everything up, arms extend to the T. Arms come back, lift a little higher, returned to the tee, hands to the forehead, rest all the way down. You can push up to your hands and knees and get a quick counter stretch there.

Now turn around and come down onto your forearms for our CanCan series from rotation class. So we're going to go right into the variation where there's the single leg kick. So it's, you know what I think is the real CanCan dancer exercise. So from here, pushing down into the arms and the fists, we take the legs over one side, one other side to other side three. Now it's three sets of one, two, three together. Other side go one, two, three and kick. Two, two, two, three, two together. One and two and three alternate legs, one together than it should out by going left and right and left.

Extend, switch. Inhale both knees in, center yourself. Rock up, going right into a mermaid from our side. Bending class. Stack your legs. If you can take your arm all the way up to your ear with your inhale and exhale side, bend it over. Inhale, the arm comes up, we take it to the side, elbow down, big lift arm lifts come up. I want you to start to recognize how much stronger you feel right now than you did the first time that you did these classes. Reach over as we're bringing it all together. You should feel stronger. Again. Inhale, arm up and over. Do our fancy transition.

Reach the arms out. Come up onto your knees, kick your mermaid tail the other way. Sit down and we go over and lift and O arm comes up and lift. Arm to ear, stipend over and again, lift and last time. Inhale, lift and over and the arm reaches out. Fun to your knees. You're going to send feet over to the side.

Sit down and we set up for our boomerang from the classical flow. Hands are right here on the mat. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, use your arms. Roll over, open close, bring it up like a teaser. Open the arms. Reluctantly lower the legs. Big, lifted the arms down, big circle, calm up, take it back, open, close teaser it, open the arms, reluctantly letting the legs low. You reach in. Circle big. Lift it up. Inhale, exhale. Even if it's not perfect, just keep moving. Lift, open your arms. Big. Stretch up and have it. Circle around. Enjoy the movement.

Lift. Inhale, exhale over open. Open-close. Inhale it up and Oh then the arms, big lift correct and come up. We're now going over to your stomach to do some swans, but keep in mind that this is prepping you for what you know is coming, which is that back then that we learned the other day. So with your hands under your shoulders, roll the shoulders back and down. Float the head in the chest and inhale, lift and let that exhale bring you down again.

Remember we need to use our back strength, not just our flexibility. So use your arms, use your back muscles, lift and lower down. Now we add the one arm lift, so we come up left-hand center line of the body. Other hand is going to go first to the forehead. If you can reach your arm up, take that arm, circle it back around and down, replaced one hand with the other. It goes forehead first, then it goes up and we're really trying to work that shoulder flexibility and mobility. Come around, open the hands and lower all the way down. All right, I promised. Here we go. It's time for that back bend again.

Go ahead and bring your feet close to your seat. Bring your hands behind your shoulders. Remember, you need to rely on your strength as well as your flexibility. So gather up all your muscles, push your feet into the floor, use your glutes, your hamstrings, your inner thighs, your outer thighs. Everything is there to help you. We lift the hips up and then we come up to the top of the head and push it up.

Holding there, trying to hold yourself as strong as you can. One knee up. If you can extend the leg. Hold one. Hold to hold three, put that foot down. Other leg up one. Hold to hold three, put it down. Bring yourself all the way down. Draw the knees in. We have to finish with pushups. Rock yourself up.

You're going to come up to standing. We'll stand the top of the mat. Arms reaching up nice and high. Going for all three sets. We walk. One, two, three. Walk it out to three feet are wide. Elbows wide for this one. Bend one, bend two, bend three feet together. Chin.

Walk it back to three. Walk it up to three, down to three and out to three feet or wide. Elbows are in bed. One. Bend two. Bend three feet together. Chin. One, two, three. Walk it up to big daddy. Walk it down to three to three feet together.

Elvis. Together we go. Ben, push one, bend, push two. Then push three chin. Walk it back to three. Up two and three. We just did this thing, 10 days of lots of holidays and a full body integration workout.

Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you learned a little something about yourself and how far you can push yourself. I'll see you next time.

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Brilliant challenge - thank you so much! I'm going back to the beginning to do it all over again, ha ha!
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Yay! I did a bridge! I was so far from that on day 2. Going to do it all again now! Thanks from Lockdown London!
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Great 10 days, feeling inspired and energised
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Thanks Carrie!  This was a great challenge.  Your energy is awesome.
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Thank you, thank you! A lot of fun. I love a challenge. Cheers!
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I did the back Bend!!! No chance of a leg extension (yet) but I am SO pleased. Thanks Carrie Pages this challenge was awesome! 
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A fun challenge! I like the idea of taking the feature exercise or "highlight" of each day for the final class. I would have liked the last class to be longer. Thank you!
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Thanks Carrie ! It was fun and challenging great to make it to day 10 !
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Great challenge, loved it even if couldn’t do the back bend. Will return to a number of segments in the future. Thanks
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Thanks for this! I’ve never joined a challenge that I actually followed thru with! I did this time and it was a great way to start my day! Thanks for all the interesting combos and different ways of doing things, it made the whole thing fun 😊
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