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BASI™ Mat Flow

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Join Meredith for this high-intermediate BASI Flow™ class featuring Neck Pull, Back Support, Side Bend and plenty of challenging abdominal work.
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Mar 20, 2011
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Alright. Oh, don't sit down. We're going to stand. So we're just going to start with everyone's ready. A couple of just regular old standing roll downs. So what I'd like for you to do is just take a moment and look down at your feet. They should be facing straight ahead of you and then shift forward and backward just a couple of times. Kind of like you're swaying in the breeze.

And then when you are preparing to move, fine weight evenly distributed through the middle of the heel, through the outside of the foot and the inside of the foot. So it's like a tripod. And then with that reaching the arms down the sides of the legs of the top of the head towards the ceiling. We're just gonna do a standing rolled down with that chin to the chest. Pull the abdominals in words as you round your spine down where it's just think about support from the front. Allow the head to be heavy.

Feel the shoulder blades down on the back. Inhale and exhale. Just work your way back up. So it's just kind of a time to check in with your body. See what feels tight. Think about mobilization and inhale like a candle melting, gliding down, letting tension ease out or Milt out through the top of the head. Keep weight evenly distributed through the foot.

So if you feel that as you start moving, you start shifting around. Reconnect and roll up. Grounding from the feet, lengthening up through the spine and looking to create a little space between the bones in the spine is we come all the way up to Sandy. We're doing two more. It's an exhale to move. As the top of the head reaches down in the spine, curls over. The more the spine goes down, the more we've got to think about supporting from the front in. He'll go a little further with your spine at the bottom if possible. And exhale, feel the pelvis. We'll forward rolling yourself up. We're gonna do one more and stay at the bottom when we get there. Exhaling down when you get to the bottom this time either just let your hands rest on the floor or hold onto your elbows with both hands up to you.

Whatever you're doing. We're going to bend both knees. Feel equal weight on both feet at so. Reach the heels into the ground, the tailbone towards the ceiling and the elbow points on the top of the head towards the ground. Inhale, bend both knees. Exhale hollowing through the waist. We stretch lengthening the spine over the legs. Inhale, we'll do three more. Bending the knees and stretching the legs. Seeing about letting the body lengthen downwards each time. Last two times.

They're all a little different here we don't you be easy on yourself. Work with your own flexibility. This is our last one and then with that grounding through the feet, let the arms release down. If you're holding onto them, Rola, how's you arrived standing? Just allow your arms to continue moving. They'll reach up towards the ceiling. We're going to handle a some. Turn the palms towards the ceiling.

Drop the shoulders away from the ears and stretch towards the ocean. Just reach up and out of the hip and exhale to pull back. And then he'll reach up and out of the hip to the other side and exhale to pull back as you come up. Right. Let the arms reach out to the side, fold the head forward. The arms are reaching now downwards. Rounding ourselves down again at the bottom. Bend the knee closest to me. Put the hand on that, that same side, hand down on the ground and spiral out. So I've got my right knee bent, my right hand down in my left arm in the air, and then we stretch that leg exchange hands exchange bent knees and just spiral out to the opposite side. Don't think just about turning, but instead think about turning and going forward and then reached down.

Either keep the leg straight or soft and come all the way out. And with that we're just going to have a seat down on the mat. So the seating with knees bent. Yeah, he's holding on the backsides of the knees. And then taking a breath and just gently use your arms to guide you upwards as you exhale. Keep your shoulders where they are, but hollow and scoop out the abdominals. That was for you Perry scooping, scooping, rounding back.

So trying to round your spine as much as you can to the back. You anyhow, let the chest reach towards the knees. So we're moving like a way. We lift up tall and then exhale again. The shoulders stay where they are, but we're pulling and trying to round away from the shoulders and then send the chest forward. So we're getting closer to the thighs. Stretch on the diagonal, close to the knees and sit up three more times like that. Starting to move the spine, articulate this spy, letting the head reach forward. The chest gets close to the knees. We lift up flat and sit up tall last to exhale and inhale as we guide the spine phone looking for length. Maybe you'll get a little taller each time. Here's our last one. Exhale, scoop in, hollow out the abdominals and he'll send the spine forward.

Get close to the knees and stretch up. Letting go of the legs from there. As we exhale, we're going to move a little bit lower now. So tucking the tailbone under. Feel the feet reaching into the ground. We're going to go about to the bottom of the rib cage, pausing there to breathe in. Start Your exhale, let it proceed your movement roll forward until your shoulders are once again over your hips. And then inhale, sit up. XL curving, feeling the movement of the pelvis. Initiate the movement of the spine. Inhale, this time the arms are going to go up. Exhale, the arms are going to go forward, and we finished the XL as we're coming forward with our spine lifting tall. Exhale, send the pubic bone up towards the ribs, tucking the tailbone, pressing the feet into the ground. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms forward and finish the XL.

Finishing the roll up last two times. Rolling back. Maybe you'll challenge the curl a little. Maybe we'll go a little lower and he'll just arms keep the curl stationary. Exhale the arms down. The spine moves again and we sit tall. Here's our one rolling back and he'll just storms. Exhale, just arms down and finished by coming up and change it just a little bit.

Go and back down again. I want you to this time. Find a place that feels strong for you, stable. That may mean you stay a little higher, may mean you come a little lower, but get your abs working strongly. Pick up the left leg in the right arm and place them back down. Whatever. As long as your alternate knee doesn't have to be less right, it's just opposite. Opposite.

Pull the leg towards you with your abdominals and challenge the height of the crow with the arm alternating sigh and pressing down things. Stability. One more to each side. One more full stop. And then we pre-leased the legs down and we come up curling the spine for reach behind your legs. Again, send your chest to forward or other your spine to straight and then just look for a little bit of upper back extension, not too much yet, and then let go. Turn towards me.

Roll down that side of your body as you inhale either crossed across, straight across through center, or go up and around. Exhale to roll up the opposite side as you're alternating sides. Keep the hip bones the other way. Here we go. Stable. The feet lined up, the knees from shifting up in a cross and and unwind. Let's do one more time to either side. Inhale big rotation XL. Roll down just off side the spine there. Shoulders down, arms up, bend over. Exhale up and unwind.

Incentive. Here's our last one. Inhale. Exhale, curl deep. Getting into the abdominals. Arms go up and over the top and we ask those to come up the center and unwind as we come down next, we're going to slide our feet a little closer to us so that when we're on our back and ready to move, we're preparing for a pelvic curl. The head is down. The inhale happens. Now. As you exhale, feel the lower back, flatten into the ground, and then pick up the pelvis. One bone at a time, feeling the knees. Reach out over the toes. Inhale and exhale. Start from the chest. Reach bone by bone into the mat underneath you guiding the spine down until you reach all the way down into a neutral pelvis. Tailbone down. As you exhale, flatten out in the back. That's pure abdominals.

Then as the pelvis starts to lift, you feel the leg start to kick in. Focus specifically on your hamstrings a little bit on the glutes. Inhale to pause and exhale. We would just work our way down, releasing the tailbone all the way down. Taking a breath and exhale to lift. Feel that inner thigh contraction or keep the knees lined up with one another.

Inhale, [inaudible] down. [inaudible] I feel like the trainees is yelling at us. X, Y, Z only to lift up. All right, we're doing two more. Press the upper arms into the mat. Feel how using the upper arms will help you stabilize your shoulders. Finish the exhalation so that when the tailbone drops down, you're ready to breathe in again. Last one for the day, her for now. Anyway in yelling there and excellent to go down.

Once you arrived down all the way onto your back are going to take the arms down into a low v position. Pick up one leg at a time. Preparing for the spine. Twist. Let's go towards the ocean first. On the inhale, the knees stay lined up. XL from the opposite side of the waist we drag back. Just continue to alternate at about that pace. Inhale and then back. Gently moving the lower spine, but at the same time keeping the upper spine and shoulders and neck stable.

As you continue moving, you might find that you're able to challenge that rotation without, again, losing stillness in the upper body a couple more times, excelling back one more time to each direction. Exhaling to come back. Last one. Okay. When you get to the center, place your feet down onto the ground. Interlock your hands slowly and place them behind your head.

Let the elbows be slightly lifted from the ground. Let's go legs together tonight. As we exhale, feel the ribs knit together. Curl the head and chest up for the chest lift. Try to maintain neutral position, but at the same time look for a flat back. It's an inhale here at, so work your way down. Feel a stretch or an active contraction on the way down XL to come straight back up again. Try to leave the head heavy and the hands in heel. Look for intensity. Maybe it'll come a little higher. Maybe won't it, but XO worked down.

Check in with your inner thighs. If you squeeze them, you may feel an ability to go deeper in your ass. It's worth a try. Anyway. Inhale, pause and exhale to go down. We're going to hold it up on the next one coming up. Exhale, yes. In Yoga, the hands behind the thighs. Exhale, curl from underneath the rib cage. You might not see a lot of lift, but you'll should feel a lot more abs. Let go.

Just the arms reach back. Try to touch your thumbs behind your head and press your arms open and down. Inhale, the arms reach overhead. We touched the thumbs behind us and exhale, press the arms down. Inhale, reach back, touch. Exhale, press down. Last two, last one. Find that high position. Rebound the elbows, hands behind the head. Lift a little higher if you can, and length in your body down. Coming up again, ride away x. Using the more simple movements.

Inhale behind the size. XL. Curl a little more to prepare the body for the more challenging movements. Later one hand on top of the other. Turn towards me reaching across that knee. Exhale, come back. Inhale, reach up in over. Exhale to come back. Look for stability in the pelvis.

So as you're turning this time, your upper body, your lower body stays strong and stable. Let's do one more to either side and the last one coming back to center. Allow the arms to separate. Raise them up. Don't fall down yet. Hands behind your head. And here we go. All the way to the ground going right back up. Exhale. Inhale, hands behind size XL. Guide yourself up or look for intensity or maybe just have a break. Inhale, arms up, hands behind your head for chest lift with rotation.

Whitson up and across. Just like we just did. Just a little heavier with the hands where they are now, you could always go back to the hands in front position if that was a better position for you. Remember to keep your head still. So the rotations happening at the waist rather than in the neck. Oh one more to each side and across to come back across to come back. Hold Center, reach your arms forward, pick up one leg, squeeze your stomach into that. Nothing else changes, and pick up the other leg and lower your body to the ground.

Arms reach towards the ears. As we act out, we're coming back up. We're reaching. Reach beyond the hits and then extend your likes for the a hundred if you wish to. They can also stay. Then breathe in hold, and it's an exhale. One, two, three, four, five. Then inhale and exhale. Two, three, four. Inhale. See if you can find not only strength but also peacefulness to look within. The arms are strong.

The pump comes from the back last four and he'll look for more. Three last two. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, last full breath. Cycle in you. Exhale, bend your knees, bring them all right up into your chest. Place the feet down on the ground and lower yourself to the ground. Take the left leg, take the leg closest to me straight, but like that's not straight, is now going to reach up towards the ceiling.

We're gonna make a big leg circle. So in generally we keep the both sides of the pelvis down. Today we're not going to do that. We're going to lift that hip as we bring the leg across. Circle the leg down around and upstate and control and bring it back.

Cross it over, bring it down. How around and back. Although the pelvis is lifting up off the ground, there is a deal of abdominal work required to stay stable within the movement. This is our last one. Okay. Bring the leg up, see if you can pull it back more with your stomach.

Go the other way so it reaches down. It reaches into the ocean and up and out into the ocean and then feel the oblique work as you bring the pelvis down. Here's three more and two more and last one. Once you get to the middle, then that me hold onto it with your opposite hand and twist. I think we're all twisted towards me. Yep. Yes. Good. It's gently releasing the low back, the hip [inaudible] coming back through center. Reach that leg out onto the ground, anchoring it down. Bring the opposite leg in, stretch it towards the ceiling, guide it closer to you, maybe with your stomach muscles, and then cross it over.

Reach it down around and back to the ceiling. Hollowing through the waist. Each and every time you're circling, focusing on control, but also on fluidity. Last time, pause at the top. Go the other way. Down and across that sip lifts up and pulls back down and across. Anchor with the leg that's on the ground. Last two times.

One more. We met like way back. Bend it. Hold onto it with your opposite hand and twist. It's a gentle support from the abdominals is a fantastic idea here. Okay, let's bring ourselves back through center. Stretch the legs out and match them together.

Bring the arms towards the ceiling and then as your arms reach over your head. Feel the whole rib cage on the ground. Then pick up the head, the chest, the arms. Reach forward. Start engaging or excelling and rural yourself up. You're looking for a long round spine at the top with the shoulders over the hips. Roll down. Feel the movement of the hips, the spine. Let the head touch down as the arms reach overhead. Inhale, head, chest, arms start. Exhaling, stay long. All the areas out of your body at this point and round down.

Jennifer just looks forward rather than down so your head stays above your arms a little bit more. So head and chest up right there. We are all looking forward. And then only at the top does that. Do the eyes drop down. And again, rolling back, finding a rhythm in your movement, finding control, lifting the head and chest and rolling. This time as you roll back, if you wish, bring your arms a little higher so it becomes a little bit heavier. So the head touches, the arms are already back there. Lift now the heads between the arms. Can we rural up from there?

And at the last moment just drop the arms forward in front of the shoulders. Lift the arms up as you begin to mobilize the spine back, squeeze the legs, reach them forward. Has the head touches down. The arms are just hovering. Had chest Sta and curl. Oh and drop the arms down a couple more times. Exhale as you rolled up, mobilizing this spine and he'll head chest and exhale, reaching up towards the ceiling on them, slightly curving from underneath the rib last time here. Rounding this down, reaching the arms overhead, picking up the head and chest curling up. And with that we're going to take a stretch all the way forward or pull up your pants while everyone else is taking a stretch forward.

Alright, here we are. Stretching forward. Flex your feet, press your knees into the ground, keep holding on wherever you're holding on, but try to guide your lower back more forward and then start to lift the chest. You may or may not come all the way flat, but I think that the stretch will get bigger. Okay. And with that we're just going to let go and sit all the way up. Should be a little easier to sit up tall, hands behind your head, create a foundation for the neck. Pull up on the next year, giving yourself a little traction for the twist. It's a double XL turning towards me.

Turn and turn and center and turn, turn center. So think here of spiraling through the spine. I've reaching upwards. I like to envision one of those barbershop poles are red and white spirals. They always go up, they never go down and turn and by lengthening the spine upwards, keep the feet style couple of more times to each direction. Let's go towards me and hold.

Take that back can reach it across towards the front. Guide yourself first up and then gently a little bit further and then gently bring the hand back behind the head and then gently see if you can lift and twist even more. Come all the way around to the other side, outside, hand to the inside leg. Lift up, pull the abdominals in, guide yourself maybe a little further into the stretch, then let go hand behind the head. Then maybe we can sit up more and twist a little bit more and then we come back to center. Let go of the head and stretch all the way forward. Again, as you begin to roll it from here, let's bend the knees and slide the feet in and just making sure I've got enough room. Make sure you have enough room, you're not going to hit anything. We were doing rolling like a ball. I'm gonna do as good a couple of different variations. We've got the elbows out, the shoulders down. Think about rounding the lower back. And then with that, however the feet, keep that tight ball and inhale as you rock back and exhale as you balance right behind the pelvis and Hilter rock back. Kick the feet close.

Avoid throwing the head back or kicking the feet to move. Couple more. And then one more. Sorry. Uh, reach your arms forward. You can keep holding on if you wish or you can keep that tight, low ball and roll back again and [inaudible]. Yes, totally falling apart and back and balance. One more time.

So challenge that just a little bit more by bringing the arms to your sides. Feet down on the ground. Just drop your knees out to the side. Take a stretch forward. All right. And then as you come up, out of that stretch, let's stretch the legs out and separate them for the spine stretch. So ideally the legs will be totally straight if necessary.

There'll be a little bit. Then what's most important is a straight back. We inhale at the top. As you exhale, think about that melting sensation again, not the head. Go down, pull back on the abdominals and the ribs, so your round first and then you take that bar, the position forward. Now you're a little longer. Inhale. Exhale, draw it from the center of the body. Feel the shoulders heavy down the back and just come back up to sitting up straight. Inhale at the top. Feel the eyes dropped down as the ribs. Pull back the abdominals, hollow in scoop. You stretch your spine forward.

Once you've accomplished those first two things and then you roll back up. Let's do that just a couple more times and then we'll the add the extension, oh hollow scoop and then stretch forward and inhale and exhale, roll back. That's all I have a sense of like 10 pound weights on your shoulder blades. Last one, stretching forward and rolling back up. Here comes the spine. Stretch. With extension. You're okay, they're done. It's just sitting there.

You might want to bend, it might be better. Exhale roll or you could roll up your mat more. Okay, here we go. Rolling down from there. Feel a sense of the hipbones pressing forward, the tailbone, reaching back. The arms are now going to reach to the ears and we're going to reach out into our flat spine. Dive back forward to articulate your spine back up. It's similar to what we started with except for the legs are straight.

Instead of Ben, exhale to reach forward, curving the spine. Then stretch the chest towards the knees, straighten out the back, arms up near your ears. You're there, Jen. Exhale to reach back forward and peel back up a couple more times. Sitting tall. Exhale to round forward. Send the chest forward, the arms reached to the years. Lengthen out, dive back forward. What a beautiful group and sit up tall.

I'm going to do two more rolling forward. Feel the length, the stretch thing forward as well as up and pause at the top just so couple of little presses back with the thumbs. It's just five and four and three. Just the arms moving back at this point. Two and one. We're going to dive back down. Peel the spine back on. Here's our last one for the day.

Rolling forward first and then stretch the spine as low to the legs as you can. Maintain a flat back and then at the top, just very small pulses back with the arms too. It might feel better for some of us to have bent elbows, which would be just fine. Reach all the way down. S curve the spine, wheeling it back up until it's straight. Bring the legs together. Bring the hands behind you.

I'm heading taking us into back support. You can do this with bent knees if you needed to modify it. If not, what we're gonna do is Jen, move your hands away from you a little bit more good. Or you can turn them out if you want. And here we go. So the back of the legs engage the abdominals engaged. We're already lifted up out of our shoulders in them and we are just our pelvis just floats.

Try to press the feet into the ground as you bring your hips down. Think about lifting up out of the arms, out of the shoulders, so there's always XL to lift space between the ears and the shoulders. As the hips reach back into the ground, the chest reaches slightly forward at the hinge, at the hip joint at failing to list, pressing the feet into the ground to intensify the work through the back of the legs and nail to sit. Let's do three more exhale to lift and Hilton it there. Jennifer, your shoulders look fantastic. I just thought you should know you're welcome.

And Hilton said, you guys look so good last time. [inaudible] and coming back. Spend the niece open the knee slightly to the sides. Reach for either your ankles or the backs of your legs. We're heading into the open leg rocker, so I'm going one leg straight first and what helps me is to think about that five and pulling deep into the hip joint. Send the other leg to a straight.

Take a moment to find your balance here. And then it's just a gentle tuck of the lower spine to get us moving. We roll back and then roll up and lift the back. There's a straightening and then a rounding. Lower back is our focus and then we roll out and the upper arms, the shoulder area puts the brakes on for us at the top. Roll back, roll up and lift.

Let's do two more roll back roll and one more to go. Staying there, pull the femur. Is the size a little deeper into the hip? See if you can lengthen your spine a little bit more. Is it possible for you to let go? Is it possible to lower the legs with control? Oh yes it is.

And set up and flex your feet and open your arms to your straight up for space. Let's turn towards me. Take this hand and reach forward. The other hand reaches around and think about push, pull. Inhale, lengthen out. Bring the back arm up, sit center and turn the next hill to die forward. The abdominals Paul back in. He'll guide the spine forward.

Bring the back arm up. We're sitting tall and in a twist and we center. Inhale to yes. Lengthen out. Sit Up, back, arm up and turn you. Push with your back arm and reach with your front on. That's going to help you maximize that rotation. And we left. So a couple more, a little faster. Let the breath be the rhythm. It's Xcel and stretch. Inhale to turn and exhale and stretch in here like a day on Psalm last Dan, reach fro to lengthen and reached down to stretch forward last time, both directions, reaching out, lengthening up, reaching out and lengthening off. Come to center. Drop the arms. Bring the legs together for the neck pole.

Hands behind your head. Who Lit? Lifting tall. Good. We're just going to hinge back just a tiny back. Fill the abdominals working there. Tuck the tailbone under. Guide the spine into the mat. Press Down with your legs. That'll help lift head, chest, scoop and hollow the abdominals in curl. Reaching the spine forward and then growing long up out of the low back.

We sit tall, hinge back with the ice. Stay forward. Tuck the tail under guiding the spine. Aaron, I'm worried you're almost going to hit that treadmill. Inhale list an Excella and rolling. So keeping the abs tight as you hinge back. It's just a real small movement. And then the pelvis moves guiding down. Nice job. Inhale, curling this final forward.

Each forward for the stretch. This is going to be our last time to sit up our last time to hand it back, so make it your best one and then exhale to come all the way back down. [inaudible] scoot a little closer to your feet. We're heading into another pelvic curl. Two feet down. Breathe in. Exhale, heel. The pelvis that think about sequential movement, lifting the bones out of the floor. Sometimes inhale at the top.

If we just think about the bones of our spine without a lot of excess muscular work, the muscles will do their job. One bone at a time. Upper arms pressing the upper arm bone there are with the bones. Again, exhale, pull the pelvis up, stretch the back up and in healing at the top to exhale. Place the chest down. Feel the ribs come down individually manipulating the low back with the abdominals and releasing the pelvis down. I'm gonna do one more like that, just cause it feels good housing at the top to breathe in. Breathing out. As we come down, and I'm going to take us through the shoulder bridge. If you don't want to do the shoulder bridge, you could keep the pelvic curl going on. Exhale to the left. Let's leave the left leg on the ground and float the right leg up.

Stretch the right leg to the ceiling. And with that we push the leg down and float it back up and push it down and the push comes from the backside of that free swinging leg and two left and till last four, three, two and one. Lift the leg up, fold the knee back to bend, placed the leg down. Hopefully we've all done that without a lot of excess shifting. If you need to restabilize the pelvis, Stu, now pick up the left leg, stretch it to the sky and then it goes down and up and push down. Arms long and straight pole. The stays lifted as the leg goes away.

Last five, lift four float point. Flex two. One like comes up, fold the knee back in, roll through the foot, place the foot down, and inhale, starting from the chest. Once again, we just peel that back down into the ground, scooping and hollowing through the center, carving out the abdominals and releasing the tailbone down. Bring the knees up, hold onto the knees, hugging them gently to your chest, and then curl the head and chest up. Going to go into the single leg stretch for us. So what I want us to do, let's stretch in a right leg and then stay here for just a second. Push down on that knee and curl a little higher. And then we just change.

And as we change that height we've created, it doesn't go anywhere. The legs are active, right? The backside of the straight leg, Poland, the bent knee works as it's pushing up against a wall or an imaginary wall. Last four and four, three and three. Keep the trunk still needs. And we're going to do the crisscrosses slightly differently today.

So how it's going to go hands your head. Take the leg furthest away from me away. Straight. So you can turn towards me. Reach the opposite arm across. So you reach towards the knee, we're going slow, and then you put the hand back and change and reach the Ebal into the knee and elbow a little quicker. It's a cross. Use the arm, knee connection to help you achieve the curl and cross. So I'm pushing my arm into my knee to help me turn, but also pulling my knee into my arm to create stability. Last five, curling up.

Three, two, one on both knees and hug 'em to your chest. Let the head come down and you do five regular double leg stretch and then five in the reverse. So for the regular we press the knees into the hands. We curl up into that optimal coral position. Shoulders down, send the legs out, see if you can reach and touch your thumbs again. Well that's what that was for. And pull back. Inhale, reach, touch and pull back, dragging the legs and from deep within your center. Oh, I guess this must be the last two, one more. And then a reaching around the knees. Once again, let the head and chest come down. Double leg stretch, reverse.

Starting in this position. Inhale into your hundred position. Exhale, arms and around. Inhale, curl two inches, one vertebra. Exhale, bend the knee. Stay that high and come all the way down. Inhale into your a hundred position. Exhale, just arms. It's going to get even more interesting in a minute. [inaudible] a little higher this time. Bend the knees and keep the low back.

Stable and release all the way down. Oh, I know I didn't heal. Hundreds. Exhale arms. Slide them around just a little. Bend the knee. Stay that high. Come all the way in. Now if you wish to for the last two, we're going to take it into a teaser. If you don't stick within it the extra inch. Here we go.

Inhale a hundred position. Exhale arms as your arms reach around. We're going to Amiel little lift, lift, lift, lift. Start the low back first for the pelvic movement. Then once your low back is still been the knees, pull them in and come all the way down. One more to go. Or is it so fun? We should do more. One more sounds good.

Arms up and around and lis this time. See if you can raise your arms lifted back. Tuck the tailbone under, slide the low back down for us. That's important before the knees start to bend and then fold the knees in. Oh, that was good. We're going to do the rollover arms down, not coming anywhere near you, Aaron. Within a, all right. Haul out the stomach. Stretch the legs forward. Keep the back flat. Lift the legs up. Exhale as you use your abdominals.

Peel the spine over the top, then flex your feet and as you open, hollow out the abdominals even more. If you wish, you can lower your legs, then reach actively through the leg behind you as you peel one vertebrae at a time into the floor. Point the feet. Circle the legs to touch. Inhale, lift. Exhale. Carving out the center. We curl over in her flex. Separate lower if you wish, and PIA upper arms pressing into the ground. Circle and touch. Inhale to lift an XL to roll over.

Strong legs are helpful. Peeling this find down into the ground. We're gonna reverse it now. So once you get to your low position, you touch it, then you open back up and then you roll over and then you flex and squeeze the legs back together and then you come down. I think about the thigh bones, touching the chest and then touching the stomach. And then the legs go down a little. The feet point, they separate, they come up and exhale, squeeze them together. Lower the spine down. Find that low diagonal. That's feels challenging to you. Separate lift, rollover. This is our last one. Flex and close.

Lower. If you wish to drive the knees across the forehead, across the nose, across the chin. Once your telephone comes down, curl your head and chest up. Reach for the cast on your left leg and press your right leg into the ground. Now guide that leg closer to you. It should have a good chance since we just stretch it and we're going to change and guide the leg in. So add a pulsed pull, pull and pull. Pull. But as you do that, think of not pulling just with your arms, but in fact pulling the leg out of the hands, incurring the bottom way. One more, both legs up, hands behind the head. Let's start with a tiny scissor.

Pull one leg in, one leg down a little, and then change. Now you could make your scissors bigger if you want to, and if you want to steal, you can reach that bottom leg and push it down into the ground. We're doing two war last one both legs. Hug the knees to your chest. Invest. Okay, that's enough of that [inaudible]. I'm just going to hold the back of the legs. Lift the head gently. Rock and roll through your spine just from the shoulders to the pelvis a couple of times given the muscles, they're just a little bit of a massage.

And then we're going to come all the way. And if you would, please come to your knees and face this way. Okay, so find the bones in the front of your hip and find the bones or the pelvis. Find the bones in the back of the pelvis. Lots of times we'll live in a position where those bones will be not straight across for whatever reason. What we want to do here is find a position of the pelvis so that they're straight back and forth from one another. Call that neutral spine. Here we go, arms to the sides. We can do some oblique work here. So keep that.

I've got to squeeze the back of my legs to hold it a little. So maybe you want to think about that. Inhale to go over. Now that side of the way she feels stretching is going to pull us out and inhale to go. The other way. The arms don't change. They stay straight across from one another. The movement of this spine is, is what's moving the arms. Inhale, reaching over. Feel the shoulder blades pulling down and exhale to pull out.

Don't just think about going down. Think about going out and then see one more time, either side. Yeah, and back into the other side. And we're gonna go this way. As we go down, we're going to let the hand come to the ground. The leg is gonna lift. Maybe check those bones out again. They should be once again, straight across. Stretch the leg forward. Then with the Lisa, flex your foot.

Bring your leg forward. You can have your hand here or my preferences behind the head, so whatever works better for you. We're going a little faster now. It's pretty brutal to go slow forward and back what you want and really think about it for stability is the trunk, the abs working hard. I'm back. Let's do five, four, three. Let's think about that. Bottom shoulder. You're losing it a little. That's it. One more.

Take the leg and put it down to what you perceive to be just slightly in front of your mid line. Slide the opposite leg out from underneath you behind that leg and bend your knees to come to the ground. You're going to stick this one out. How about the elbow? Nope. Okay, that's fine. Here we go. Side Bend, lift up, reach over, take the top arm overhead. I've got an idea. Aaron, come back and bend the knee so you could come just to this position and be here and then just go. Actually feels really good. And then you just head back. Oh, I'm with you now. Here we go.

Let's bend down and [inaudible] and then it's a big rainbow shape and reaching the arm over and then it comes back flat and we're coming down. This is our last one. So if you're on your knees, just stay on your knees. Just say up on your knees and do the bending part and the straightening part, and then you're in the perfect position to just stay right there. Everyone else dropped that knee down. Pick up the leg that was up. Bend it, put it next to the knee that's down and sit into that hip. So we just stretch across the body.

Yeah. [inaudible] all right, we're going to sit into that hip and all sorts of crazy cramps today. Um, one foot against one five for the mermaid. So this hit that was just working. Should be the one that has more weight on it. I was here sides. We're all going the same direction this way, but they haven't come down. Turn the body. We're going to add a little bit of back extension here.

Just gently put the hand down and think chest through the arms. That's very small. Round the back, pick up that front hand, bring it around and then use the obliques to pull us up and across the tap and then we lift back up from that stretching side and we stretch over and as that hand comes down, we start the rotation from around the rents. Be Gentle with yourself but doesn't guide the chest a little bit forward. Feels like a kind of like a yon to me and then curl back, reach the arm out, lift and come over. Go One more time.

So out and then reach and then the hand and then the rotation and then just a gentle extension through the spine and then a recurve and opening and coming up and over. Okay, we're going into another stretch here, so you're going to that leg. The one that's in the outside is going to come underneath. The one that was working already for us is going to come on top of that knee. They're just going to drop the knee open to the side. Just situate yourself. You could, um, if this isn't good for you, Lisa, just straighten out your bottom leg. So an option, if this isn't a comfortable stretch would be to stretch the bottom like two straight. So do what's available to you.

I actually think I might stick with this one today. Okay. All right, so there's that. We'll come back up onto the nice, I'm gonna offer an option so we can go either arms out just like we did before or arms overhead. It'll just be a little heavier, a little different, swaying in the breeze, and then lifting back up kind of forces you not to go too far over. You could also choose if your shoulders aren't comfortable with this position. Should we go kind of mean like a, I feel like a doll here, but a tree or just straight arms. Again, it's always just an option.

It's my last one and here we go over to the side. So let's all drop the arms down. We're heading towards the opposite side. That hand comes down, the leg comes up, stretching the leg out, think the height hand behind the head or straight up to the ceiling. Let's kick it forward and reach it back and kick it far and reach it back. Try not to put a great deal of weight on that bottom arm. It'll save your shoulder for later and keep it consistently high as it moves through space.

Let's do five strap for reach. Three last two. Here it is. [inaudible] leg comes out, it goes down slightly in front of midline. Put weight on it, slide the opposite leg out or just stay on the knee and then bend both knees. If you're on, not on your knee. If you are on your knee, just stay. I think my feet, it's going to work better for you to just to be up beside Ben for three.

We read each side of the waste curls at top. Our Maricich come back to that long line and then Ben to come down. So much of what you did on the other side was just to have one leg down one lega and then we just really worked that bottom waist is what the point is anyway, and then just head out to flat if you're not, if you're in the full side. Ben followed Deb and Aaron and we're reaching and then we come back and here we are. We're going to drop the bottom knee down. Again, lifts like that. You were just working, bend it.

It's going to come down next to that opposite leg and you're just going to turn across center, sitting into the hip that you've just worked, eh. And then we continue to roll in the direction of that hip. Bring the bottom leg out. Okay, here comes the mermaid. We've got our arms to our side going towards the parking lot.

Arm down. Jennifer, just bring your foot up against your thigh rather than tucking it underneath you. That's better. Yup. And then turn, oh, and here's our little back extension. So it's just a gentle reach forward and then recurve, so a differentiate and kind of add and lift up between the extension of the spine and the curvature of the spine. So as we begin the movement first of all along and then the hand comes down, now we're very much rounded and now try to stay around in the lower back, but just pick up the upper back and then re round or re in focus and then open it and come up. Okay. Just I think real light on that arm and then it's almost like you've got the flexibility to do it too. Just don't put weight into it open and this must be it over here. We go all the way at the bottom leg or the leg that we're, we were just reaching to comes on Dora or straight.

The other leg comes over the top sitting down in both sitting bones. Jennifer, because you're so flexible, you'll probably feel more of a stretch if you put your foot on your thigh instead of in the crook of your knee. And that's too much. Now go back. But I think they be better there. When you're ready to come up out of that stretch, let's make our way onto our hands and knees. So find a position where your hands are just under your shoulders and your knees are just under your hips.

And then really curve the spine all the way to pressing the pelvis in the forehead almost to the until they connect and then straighten out the back and now extend the entire spine. So here we're letting the pelvis move where yawning through the upper body and then we come back. Now differentiate between that and this as you now try to curve just the lower spine. Keep the upper back relatively still and then inhale, come to neutral as you exhale, bring the chest slightly out in forward. And then in Hilton neutral Xcel for the cat stretch, we're trying to separate the lower spine in the upper spine in Hilton neutral and XL extending through the upper spine and inhale to neutral. Okay Deb, last time an extent.

And then keeping weight on the hands. I'm gonna slide one leg back, slide the other leg back. Only one is to do for this moment is really energize the legs. Almost taking weight out of the arms by pushing back and you should feel a calf stretch there. We're gonna. This is the long stretch. You gonna put your feet and flex your feet. I mean you could just hold plank. You point out your feet, Huh?

At one point the fee and flex the fee. Kind of go one more time and flex. Place the knees down. Stretch your body down to the ground. Interlock your hands behind you. Interlace your fingers. Turning the head in one direction. Drawing the shoulder blades down, maybe in my direction first. And then letting the elbows release from here, drawing in through the abdominals. Just hover the leg so they barely off the ground and then we're going to kick in towards our hips. Three times. There was one. Here's two and here's three.

Stretch. So legs back, stretch, arms out and then turn the other way with the head. [inaudible] Jen took kicking up. The legs are, I guess not so gentle. But here's what I want you to think about in order to keep the bodies still as the legs are kicking, continue moving, try to engage, really make it a hamstring contraction and then stretch out and then turn and kick to three and reach wrong. It's more about length than it is about height. Let's do one more time to each side and stretch and last time, one, two, three and stretch from there. Lower the legs, take the arms to the science, bring them around in front of you and put them down.

Let the body come down for a minute and then let the shoulder blades start to pull back a little bit. So your uh, as you engage, it's like, uh, plugging the arms into the shoulder joints a little bit. Good. And then just lift the chest so you're still on the front of your ribs. Your chest is just barely up off the ground. We're going to do a swim prep exercise, so you're going to stretch the left arm in the right leg, way away from one another.

More focus more on the height of the arm and the leg and then release. So like the arm and leg are being pulled out of the center, but the center is trying to suck them back in and release and stretch. Keep the legs straight and down and stretch and down. And as the arm comes up, let that part of the spine extent and down and continue to alternate, gorgeous and down. Let's do one more. Yeah, now you can stick with that. Or you can lift both legs, just a little and lift both arms and let's go slow first alternating, getting that same feeling, being really strong in the middle, but reaching the limbs away from one another, alternating side to side. And then we'll go just a little faster. Inhale, two, three, four, five and out. Or breathe as you wish and do that one more time through.

And then we're going to release all the way back to the ground. Taking just a moment or as long as you need to to let your back settle. Help yourself up towards your hands and knees, sliding the knees under and then sitting back on your feet for a stretch. Just read it. [inaudible] oh, we're going to do the combination, which is one that I often teach.

Christy sometimes teaches. This is how it goes. Your arms are gonna stay forward and you can come with me if you know it or you can watch. You're going to hole out the abdominals that that's going to help you lift, but it's, it's pretty much pure abs there and then you're going to roll. Once your hands are, your shoulders come over your hips, the pelvis is going to start to drop and you should really work the back of your legs to support the low back and the hips. As you extend the spine out and forward from that place.

Try it around the back. For us, it's like the pubic bones being sucked forward as the abdominals pull back and we sit all the way back onto our hips again in heel chip repair. Next he'll float using the backs of the legs. Using the shoulders stabilizes. Allow the pelvis to come down and reach up away from the knees. Maybe you'll even get a little abdominal stretch there. We sure deserve that. And pull back. And again, exhale, lifting, curling through the spine, stretching forward, unwinding the chest, and then hollowing out.

Let them pelvis move first. Curling back towards your feet. That's gonna be our last one. So rolling forward, letting the chest open, lifting up away from the ground, right. And then find the contraction, the rounding of the back, sitting back towards your feet. And when you're ready, make your way back to the hands and knees. I'm gonna Finish with the [inaudible] push up and I'm also going to offer some options. So I'm a good choice or a pretty solid choice is to just stay on your knees, is to stay on your knees. If you're going to stay on your knees, you want them back a little further. If you're going to go through the plank position, do that now.

There's your second choice. So you just find plank and you don't bend your arms. Okay. If you're going to bend your arms, let's do it now. Pull the shoulder blades down and let it happen. Small and press bend the arms and press. Bend the arms. If you're on your knees and you feel safe, come to plank position and lift the hips up to walk the hands into the feet.

Walk the one one hand in big and then two small walks. You should be on your feet after three movements and rolling back up through the spine. Standing Tall. Eyes forward. Inhale. Exhale. Articulate the spine to the ground, letting the arms reach down towards the ground. Find them out with your hands. Walk forward. Find stable, strong body, strong shoulders. Bend your arms and press up. And then Nice and press app. Try not to let the pelvis sink and press up. Lift the hips. Walk the feet to the hands. The hands to the feet. Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry. Hands to the feet. [inaudible] and come all the way. Okay guys, we're going to go one more set. So finding length, exhale to round down. All of the movements are important, not just the really muscly ones, so really find strength there and then keep strength in the center as you're four. That'll help you keep weight off your arms. Keep waiting your legs as your opals are bending. This is our very last one. The grand finale lifts the pelvis. Press the heels into the mat. Walk the hands to the feet twice.

Try not to sway the pelvis back and forth. It goes straight up and then stay there at the bottom. Allow the knees to bend. As the knees are bent, you can just reach in touch. Everyone's good. Good. Just allow the bending of the knees to allow the bones of the thighs to pull a little bit deeper into the hip joint. As that happens, think and focus your mind on allowing the lumbar spine, the lower back to just cascade forward.

Do you need a little bit of abdominal support for this? Let's keep the knees bent. Just start to peel back this gradually. Feeling the bones of the spine, stacking shoulder blue boons gently dropping down, and then at the top we're going to raise the arms out to the side. [inaudible] all right. Inhale, press your arms down as they find your sides. Once again, let your head fall forward. Melting your way down, bending your knees on the way if you wish to do, bend your knees at the bottom and once again, allow that low back to just lengthen the head, to be heavy, the arms to be relaxed. And as you roll up for this final time, let tension just flow out of your body.

Well, reaching the arms up one last time. Allow the gaze to follow the hand and then allow the I'm suppressed. Back to your side. Thank you for coming. [inaudible].


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great class with a great flow! more at this pace and level please.
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Thank you, Meredith! Love the flow and your great cueing
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Beautifully put together...Thank you very much
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Great class! You look kinda like Bethany on Bravo channel from a distance :)
Thanks so much for the warm response to this class. I appreciate it! Teresa, I'm not sure if being a Bethany look alike is a compliment :)
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merideth, you are a real teacher, l love the way you teach. I wish you were close by so I could attend all your classes. blanche.
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haha - agreed - note I added "from a distance" !
Meredith, you are the queen of great cueing. Love this class. Thank you.
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I absolutely loved it!!!
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Great flow, thank you
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