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Magic Circle Exploration

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This 40-minute Magic Circle class is a complete workout that has a good balance between strength and stretching. Using the Magic circle to challenge as well as assist, Meredith creatively explores exercises like the Push Up, the Long Back Stretch from the Reformer, and Swan from the Wunda Chair.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Jan 11, 2010
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They're bringing ourselves down onto our mats. Okay, let your ring rest just near your feet for just a second and take a big stretch forward. Okay, we're rolling yourselves up. Starting here with bent knees, holding the ring in your hands. One hold the ring between the heels of the hands. Avoid gripping, left the finger as a reach forward. I could give a little energy into the ring. It doesn't have to be a huge squeeze, but there is definitely some activity happening there. Pressing into the knees.

We're going to start up a small crossover into just tuck the tailbone under. The ring will slide slightly more towards your knees, maybe just past your knees and inhaling. As you come back up, you're lifting tall. It's actually bring the ring up over our head as we sit up tall on the sitting bones and as you exhale, start the flection in the lower spine as the spine flex flex as the ring will start to drop down. Roll down maybe just to the top of the pelvis. This time. Inhale there, start the XL, start letting all the air out of the body rolling yourself up and extending the spine up tall. One more time like that. Maybe going slightly lower. Rounding through the spine, allowing the pelvis to move out from underneath.

You. See if you can make it just to the bottom of your ribs here. Take another moment, another breath started. Exhaling. You use that in the contraction of the, the center of your body to pull yourself forward and sit up tall. One more time going into a little bit of a no bleak exercise. So you're going to round back. Find a place in your body, a flection of your spine that you can maintain without a whole lot of lower back tension or any for that matter. And then as you inhale, you're going to turn your w a ring, like a steering wheel and drive it towards me. And as you exhale, contract the opposite of Blake and bring yourself center in how we rotate to one side and we accidentally engage to the waist.

So it's all about the abs here. There is a slot, the ring is heavy. So there's that work and then the slight pressure that you're putting into it from not just the front of the body but also the back of the body will go one more time on each side. It's an inhale and exhale and an n and an exhale. Take another breath. Just hold. Intensify the feeling in your center. Roll yourself that keeping the ring in front of you. This time, turn your spine towards me. Round down through that side of your spine. Keep the hips, the knees, all the lower body, very centered. Still come across center on the inhale.

Roll up that side on the exhale and unwind and center. We inhale, rotate to the office's side or your arms dying so it helps to bend your elbows just a little bit maybe, and maybe just holding the ring. You'll have to squeeze it so hard. We'll be enough. Roll yourself up that side and come back. Let's do one more on either side and then we'll put the ring somewhere else. Talking the pelvis, maybe finding that lowest rib in. He'll come across center. Dig Down Deep. Come all the way back on.

Come to center. And with that we're just going to stretch the legs out and roll ourselves all the way down. Reach the arms overhead, kind of release the pressure on the ring a little bit and stretch the arms overhead. It's okay to let the the back arch a little bit. Just get a nice good stretch. And then bring the arms back over the chest. Bend the knees and place the ring between your knees. Okay, so because the ring is so wide, it's not gonna allow us w B, sorry, let me start over. We don't want the feet to be as wide as the ring.

Want to walk your feet about hip distance apart, arms down at your sides. This is a pelvic curl, so the knees will be wider than normal here, but the movement of the spine is the same. So inhale, squeeze into the ring, a little start. Exhaling, flatten the spine, continue to squeeze or put pressure in the ring as you roll one bone at a time up through your spine. All the same rules of the pelvic curl. Apply pelt pubic bone on top of hip bones, ribs down or not. Overarched inhale at the top and we exhale. Just give that ring a little bit of a squeeze. Instead of thinking about, oh my gosh, my legs are working so hard. Can you find a way to make the ring?

Make your abdominal work more intense. Release the tailbone down. Inhale, start. Exhaling as you press doesn't your, it's up to you how much you're pressing or not pressing into the ring ruler. So in my mind, like an accordion feeling, stretching the spine, breathing in at the top and breathing in as you come down, bone by bone, fill the arms, reach in the direction as the spine is going. So just down slowly, shoulders, reaching away from the ears. Let's do that three more times. Breathe in, hold, breathe out to come up. Go ahead and lovely. Inhale, hold and exhale to calm down. Can you create the sense of space between the bones in your spine?

Really sink down and we go again. [inaudible] holding at top. Reach your arms over your shoulders, send your arms over your head. Inhale here. And as you exhale for the last time today, reach your arms oppositionally from your spine so that you get different stretch in the back as you come down and then bring your arms back up. Take the ring out from between your legs. Take a moment to just bring the bottoms of your feet together and drop your knees open to your side. Notice here that as you do this, you're not arching your back or or rounding your back, but your pelvis stays pretty neutral or straight across.

As you look for that stretch, allow the knees to come back together. Hold the ring, okay. Just above your chest. Pick up one leg. Follow that leg with the other leg, so now both legs are lifted up off the mat. What you're looking for here is to keep their ring pretty still and before we get going with the spine twist, just feel a sense of heaviness.

It's not a squeeze of the shoulders together, but a pulling down where it's towards the waist. Then connect the knees together. We're going to go towards the me first. On the inhale, we tilt both knees to one side. Keeping the knees lined up, the ring doesn't move. Exhale, we come back to center. Inhaling as you shift up and over to the other side and exhale to come back to center so you can apply a little bit of pressure on the ring, but just use it right now as uh, a tool to look for stillness in the upper body. Inhale, rotating. Just the lower body.

Knees are beautifully lined up with one another. Ankles and toes are also lined up. Not a lot of shifting anywhere in the lower body. Going one more time here. Next Helen to come back. Well last one on the opposite side and exhale to come back. Take your ring and bring it behind your head.

We're gonna use the ring to assist us in our chest lifts today. So bring your feet down onto the ground. You want to place the heels of the hand just in the pad, the inside pad on the ring and the other pad is supporting you behind your head. So from here it's makes it easier because we have not having to hold the weight of the hands and the arms behind our head. So we inhale looking for neutral spine. Exhale, ribs, draw down into the mat.

Start to curl the upper body. Look for intensity. You'll probably be able to lift up a little bit higher than normal. Breathe in hold and read that as you lengthen your body back down to the mat. Inhale again. Exhale to lift. Try not to Yank with your arms, but just let the ring be pretty light. Definitely supporting the head. It's not your arms that are pulling you up.

It's your abdominal muscles hold as you inhale and exhale to lengthen down. So try to discourage yourself from collecting tension in your neck just because the ring is in that area. Here we go again, Xcel to lift, maybe holding the weight of the head with the upper back muscles. The Lat specifically hold, breathe in and breathe out. To release down, I'm going to add on here, so we lift just like before. On the exhale, coming up, ribs down, hold, pause. Inhale. On the exhale. We're going to turn towards our right knee with our left elbow. Inhale, come back to center. Exhale, right elbow, left knee.

Inhale back to center. Feel a sense of going up and across, not just across and other side. Can You keep your pelvis perfectly still in space as you transfer your upper body from right to left, come back through center lift possibly just a little bit higher there. And then let's bring it all the way down. Take the ring out from between your out from behind your head and put it into your ankles. So starting with the legs in a tabletop position, maybe slightly inwards of tabletop.

If tabletop puts too much pressure on your lower back, slide your arms over your head, keeping the bottom of the rib cage down. We're heading into the hundred here. Taking a breath in. Exhale, lift the head and chest. You can choose to stretch your legs towards straight or not. They can also come a little bit higher. Here we go. Breathe in, hold and exhale. The arms and legs are going to pump today. So it's one, two, three, four, five and [inaudible].

Wow. So like a coordination thing. Can you get your hands to go up and down and your legs and go in and out? One more like that. Hold the, I'm still, and then just squeeze the ring. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, look for height in the upper body. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Breathe and let the whole trunk expand. And three, two, three, four, five, lifting a little higher. Just doing two more sets.

Exhale, arms. Still, just the legs are moving. Last set here. Exhale Ben. And he's right in towards the chest. Pick up the ring, ring the ring just in front of the feet. Cruel. The head and chest up. So the top of the ring will be just underneath the knees. The bottom of the ring would be just over the ankles.

Just start to rock yourself back and forward, back and forward until you can rock yourself all the way up. So it's a pretty challenging rolling like the ball with the ring. See if we can do it. We, including myself, right? I'm with you. I'm not sure. So a wider, wider position would be a lot easier. The smaller position is going to be a little harder.

Push into the ring just a little bit from from the back or from the lats. Scoop the spine. Let's get a really good set up before we attempt and then lean back just a little bit behind the pelvis. From here, it's all going to be about abs and breaths. So inhale to roll back. Exhale to rural in Hilton that have a confession to make. Oh, it didn't work that time I was pulling in. What works for me first was pulling the ring into my knees as I pushed my knees into my ring. See if it helps. Here we go again and let's do three more and [inaudible] last one year.

[inaudible] not so bad. Just takes a little getting used to and said all the way up straight. We're heading into the spine stretch. We're gonna use the ring for it today. Expect for the ring to travel back and forth as your spine travels back and forth of the heels of both hands side-by-side on the top of the rink spine. Nice and straight.

So always find to bend the knees too to help this spine at be a little bit straighter. And here we go. It's an inhale to prepare. Get a little longer. As that happens, as you exhale, start with your head. Start to press down, not with your arms, but just with the act of curving forward. I guess there is a little bit of a press down with the arms as well going forward. The rings going to end up on its side. Inhaling, as you pause, excelling as you start to reset the spine. So again, a gentle pressure from the back, the lats. As you articulate upwards, growing a little taller than sitting tall. I'm going to move my ring a little bit further in front of me. Inhale, prepare. Exhaling. As you curve forward, the marine travels on the diagonal.

As your body goes down, gotta hold the ring in place by creating a little, a downward pressure. Make that happen. Not just from the, from the lots, but from the ads and then articulate back up. Rolling up. Okay. One more time. Like so excelling as you articulate this fine downwards, pressing downwards on the ring, letting the shoulders reach away from the ears, the abdominals, pull back away from the top of the head. Breathing in, get a little longer if possible, and Xcel to roll. Okay. Here's how we're going to turn it into an extension. Starting the same good shoulder stability, good long spine.

Exhale to round forward at the low position. We're going to push downwards on the ring and then send your chest, your hands to that press as actually going to help you create length through your spine, I think, and then reroute on the spine and bring it back up right as you roll your spine up, right? Inhaling as you sit tall, exhaling as you curl forward. This time as you press down on the ring, looking for a straight back, let's all bend our knees a little. So bend the knees, give your back every chance to get really long as you come up, and then potentially look to straighten a little bit more. So once your spine goes, then look for the legs and then send the ring forward and articulate the spine up. We're going one more time.

Breathing in, hold, breathing out. As you travel forward, I'm softening my knees. You can follow suit if you'd like. Extending through the spine, tailbone, reaching back, spine going in line, kind of in that same diagonal that the rings going in. Then see if you can look for straight legs without changing the back at all. Then re round the spine and come all the way back up. Okay, take the ring and place it between your legs.

We're going to do the long back stretch here, so again though the feet are going to be a little less. Why. Then the knees though will be a pretty good squeeze on the ring. Fingers facing forwards. Okay. Press into the heels of the hands, look for a long back and then once you found that support that long back from the front of the body and then hover the pelvis is going to lift about two inches off your mat. From there, press a little bit into the rings.

Not a ton and start to tuck the tailbone under. Roll yourself out, continue to squeeze your ring as you send your knees out over your toes. That'll give you again that same accordion like feeling as you create a straight line from shoulders towards knees. Lisa, talk just a little bit more there. There you go. As you exhale, bring the chest back through. Continue pushing up away from the floor so you're trying to stay as high as you can with your pelvis for as long as you can. Squeezing the ring as you come through at the very last moment.

Re extend the spine and in here exhale. We're going two more times around the spine. Press into the wrinkle. Golo quicker. Send the knees out over the feet. Curry thought. Yep. Keep the Tuck. Lisa, go ahead. So the Tuck is important or, or the pelvic position is important.

If you feel that your pubic bone is lower than your ribs or that your low backs creating, having a lot of tension at the top, so worthwhile and maybe not quite come up as high. And to look at the position of the pelvis. Here we go. Last one, rolling up and healing at the top and excelling as we come all the way back down. So stay lifted. Challenge it. It's the last one. Rounding back down in through. And then finally allow the hips to come down. Take the ring out from between your knees, maybe rest it just in front of your feet. [inaudible] stretch forward.

When you're ready, roll yourself. I believe the ring where it is for a moment and do a modified twist. Is everyone happy with this or are you happy with this physician? With for your hips? I'm so happy to hear that. Okay, so whatever. If this doesn't work, knees bend to the sides. Straight legs.

Basically I want you to choose a position that that it makes it very easy for you to sit comfortably upright. From there, we're going to bring the hands in front of us, palms pressing together, gentle pressure of the palm towards one another and then push the hands in front of you. You'll feel how your shoulders curl up and there's a little bit of tension in your neck just going there so we know where we're not wanting to go. Pull the shoulders back and downwards and then we're going into the twist. So coming towards me, it's an oblique start. So we engage to the side of the body.

Turn keeping the hands just in front of the chest and inhale to come home. Exhaling as you lift and twist the hand position and never strays from being right in front of the chest where it started and yell to come back. Potentially lifting even taller. Exhale to turn and come back. And just a couple more here. Let's go a little quicker. If we rotate, ringing out the spy. Notice as you do this movement, are you shifting weight off one sit bone or the other as you turn, and if that's occurring in your body, see if you can find a way. Maybe it's going to entail not going quite as far, but to keep the lower body very, very still. I'm going to add on to this.

It's going to be like a modified salsa. We inhaled to twist. As you exhale, take that point of the arms, send the spine over the legs again and we don't, we're not hunting the shoulders forward, we're just lengthening outwards through the spine. Come back up and come back to center. Inhale, turn. Exhale. Pull the abdominals backwards. As the spine reaches forward, shoulders reaching back as well. Inhale, lengthen and come back to center and he'll turn one more time on either side. Exhale, reach downwards, dive down with the head falls, the thumbs.

Inhaling thing on entering back last time for the day. Turn and reach and lift long and tall and come all the way back up. Really, I'm is down. Fact, take one arm brain across the body. Hold onto it with your opposite arm. Give yourself a stretch in the shoulder. That rings seems like a pretty easy thing, but in reality it's not really. It takes a lot of work.

Pretty light toy. Okay. All right, pick up your ring again. We're going to turn over onto our side, so as long as you're facing me, it doesn't really matter which side you're lying on. The easiest way for me to get the ring in between my ankles, which is where we're going now, is to do a while. I'm sitting up. If there is a different way that works for you, please show me because I don't know it. Um, so your ankles are in the ring and then you can slide your body out, positioning it downwards. So we're just going to do this side leg lift here, looking for a little bit of a bleak work. But before we do that, check your position. So you want to make sure that your one hip is right on top of the other, that actually your ring is directly upright. So if the ring is tilted, potentially your hips will be tilted as well.

So let's look for a good strong lineup. Head is going to be down on that bottom arm. So let's all just put our, our free hands in front of our bellies. So with that, push a little bit into the ring so you'd get a little bit of a squeeze. Feel how the abdominals contract. As that happens now, as you exhale, contract the abdominals even deeper and send the legs out and now they won't lift very high. Let them lower about a quarter of an inch and pick them up again, creating a sense of link, not force looking for work through the trans versus through the upper oblique, through the lower oblique. Even. I like the positioning of the hand here because it allows you to really monitor what's happening in your bed and your waist going four more times and three and to and one lower the ring down. This is a little bit of a tricky transition.

What I want you to do is take your ring forward. The round part of it will rest on the mat, slide the bottom leg out, and then upright the ring. Put the bottom leg into it. It's harder with long pants. It's your pants on hands. Get caught on it. Okay. Okay, so we're going to do a little, just a little bit about a hip work.

I want you to think about not just working the upper leg but also the bottom like as we again engage through the wayside and press both legs away from one another. Release that just a little and do it again. So you've got both legs and let's try to leave the feet parallel or slightly turned in and instead of being turned out so it's just little tiny presses with every press. With these real basic moves, I like to just see how much I can focus or intensify the work that's happening in the [inaudible] powerhouse. And we'll do three more and two more and last one. Okay, then run. Bend that knee, it's gonna rest on top of the ring for just a moment. We're going to do a leg arc, so keeping the body as still as possible. Make sure as the leg is, the leg is going to be taken to the back, into the front. You want to make sure that the back isn't rounding and arching, but instead stays as still as possible. So we just go front and now we are going to work in turnout. So toes turned up, heels turned down front, up and back.

Biggest challenge really is happening in this stability in the body. Just two more to the front and two more to the back. That's all. And then then that knee is kicked the ring away from you. Turn over onto your back, slide the ring towards you with your feet or pick it up with your hands. Just going to stretch that leg out quickly. So the leg that was just working, the top leg, I was going to come into the ring.

The opposite leg is going to reach down onto the ground, onto the mat, and it's going to anchor there. If that doesn't feel comfortable for you, it's always okay to bend that leg. So depending on flexibility, we could be anywhere from on the diagonal to straight up and down to on the diagonal towards our body. So find a stretch through the whole leg that works for you. The rules of this stretch are twofold. You have to be able to keep the tailbone down. That's just one fold. Okay. One rule secondary to that.

If it's not possible for you to have your leg in the ring with a straight knee, you'll just pull back with a slightly bent knee from there. Put a little bit of tension by pulling down on the ring with your arms and then pull your shoulder blades down and back so you feel a little bit of tension in your back there as well. Then bend the knee, contract the back of the leg as you bend it, just the littlest bit and push up through the heel of the foot. Continuing to create as much or as little pressure really on the ring as you want. Inhale to bend, so you're responsible for the stretches. What I'm getting at, you can pull a lot. You can pull barely at all if the stretch is pretty intense, back it up a little bit, go in three more times, so it's a work as you bend that bend is the working portion of the stretch and then we lengthen the muscle.

We can tract and work the back of the leg and stretch all the while. That bottom leg, it's pretty actively pressing into the floor to help us stabilize our pelvis. That was our last one in to take the ring in the same side hand. So I've got my left leg up, I'm holding with my left hand. Put your right hand on your right hip and as you bring your leg out to the side, your right hand is just there to, to kind of make sure that that right hip isn't leaving, the mat isn't coming all the way up off the mat.

So you want to look for a stretch, but you also want to keep the pelvis squared and stable. Bring the ring back through center, transfer it to the opposite hand. So now your leg is going to cross your body first things first. Let's turn the whole leg inwards so that means the knee inwards, toes, inwards, and just that slight movement in the hip joint internal rotation should create a bigger stretch and then you can start to pull the leg across the body more. Well, let's try to keep that hip down on the ground, taking a couple of breasts there and then bringing yourself back through center. Bend your knees, so throwing around our knees, rock back and forth until you roll at towards center.

And then if you just spin around onto your other side, change legs. So placing the ring in between the ankles. No positioning your body down onto the ground. Again, looking for a straight line. If you feel, if it's hard for you to balance on the bottom hip, it's, it's helpful to bring the leg slightly forward as is same. You would do the same thing if you feel any tension or or pressure in your lower back. So getting started, make sure the ring is lined up. One handle right on top of the other then huh?

You look good to me. Good. You look good. So a hand is just in front of the belly. Abs are in engaging, squeezing the ring just a little bit. That will already engage your abs almost without you having to think about it too much. And then we're going to deepen that contraction and lift the ring out and up and uh, and it had enough [inaudible]. Again, it's never kind of a throwing feeling. You never want to just jerk off as high as you can. Just want to reach.

And the ring will go where it goes. The legs will go as high as they go. But our, again, our focus is the trunk, not so much the legs at this point. I'm just going about five more times. I'm not personally not lifting my ring, probably more than about an inch and three and two. And here's our last one. Okay. So here's our transition. Yeah, Lisa's smart. You move your pants at [inaudible], take the ring forward, slide that bottom leg out upright. The ring, put the bottom in, but at the top play again. So we're looking for a parallel or a slight internal rotation here to work. The, the outer hip, the Gluteus Medius, and we pushed down through the bottom leg and up through the top leg.

It's pretty small movement. Once you get there, barely let it go and then push again. So again, reiterating, it's not just that top leg that's working, it's the bottom leg working as well. And definitely the center of the body working just as much and he was five and six. And then with the arm in front of the body, you can again monitor how much or how little you're actively pulling in. So last one, then the noon, bring it on top of the ring. We're going into extra on a rotation here. Feel free to use that hand as the balance is quite helpful but, but avoid letting the shoulder creep up into the ear. So here we go, we touch front and we come up in, press back.

It's inhale floating the leg and exhale front in your float. Exhale back and just monitoring the stability through the trunk. Oh, I'll just do two more and last one and that's okay. Okay, so we're going to stretch that leg out. We're going to bend the knees or bring the ring to you, how you need to turn over onto your back. Place that foot into the ring. Fly The opposite leg out.

I have the ring just situated over the, the pads of my toes, just underneath my toes, sides, pads, pretty secure there and then pull back as much or as little as you're going to or need to for your body. So we're all gonna just listen to the differences in our bodies. Create as much or as little tension as you need to. And think about when you're creating tension, not just gripping with your hands and pulling with your arms, but can you find, uh, uh, shoulders drawing downwards where and, and a bat can contraction there as well. And with that contract, the back of the leg, it's the feeling in my mind of trying to drag the heel towards the hip and then stretch the leg up. Did about five. So make them worth it and press every time you bend your knee, pull your abdominals in, expanding through the ribs.

So a good place to work on are breathing Nithya ribs together and stretch up through the heel. No. With that really focused attention, can we intensify the stretch? I just caught myself cheating myself a little bit without noticing it. Here's our last one. Hold the ring in the same side hand. So again, I've got right hand, right leg up, left hand on the hip just to monitor that it stays stable and connected as you stretch the leg away. Breathing deeply, putting your focus into allowing the muscle to relax me alone.

Gait, come back through center. Take the ring in the opposite hand. You want to anchor the hip here in with that as the ring crosses the body, turn the entire hip inwards, so knee, foot, and then just allow the ring to start coming across the foot to start coming across. So you didn't get a gentle sense of that sitting bone of the leg. That's stretching, relaxing downwards towards the opposite inward inside ankle.

Or to say that differently, a lengthening of the waste on that side. And then come back through center when you're ready. And then that Nan, we're just going to make our way over onto our abdominals. Okay, so going into back extension, um, what you'll do, just have a look and I'm going to show it to you quickly. So what I've done here is put my hands on the top of the ringer. Now it may travel back and forth more likely forward than back, but we'll see what happens. Um, so all this rules of back extension apply.

I've got abs in, so my back is length and I've got a little bit of reaching away with my legs. And then with that, my head is just resting between my arms. So there's maybe a stretch here for tighter shoulders it's going to be better to go wider. So what I'm gonna do first is push slightly down on the ring by pulling my shoulder blades back. And then as I press on the ring, my head's going to reach towards it and I'm just going to come up into my upper back extension. Now you could come up as high as you want to or as high as your body will let you, but it's not necessary.

So what I want you to try to target is almost a feeling of trying to drag the ring towards your forehead and really find more work in your upper back. Then certainly your lower back. Okay, so here we are. Pick your hand position. It can be wide, it can be narrow. Draw the abdominals in and not the activity in the legs isn't so much a squeeze of the glutes as it is delicious reaching away from you or lengthening behind you. And here we go. Gently press down on the ring. Feel the shoulder blades move down away from the ears as the starts to reach forward. That's going to help you tap into your upper back. Like when you let your head come up, just above your arms a little bit.

Hold there and then lengthen back down. Where to undulate through this? Fine. Think ribs. Think chess, the chin, nose, and then forehead. Again, breathing in, starting to breathe out. As you press downwards into the ring. It's a sense of pulling the ring towards you. Hold as you inhale and exhale undulate downward. So the ribs come down where it's the chest, it's like an articulation of the spine.

Generally we do articulations of the spine from our back, but it works just as well here. Let the head reach forward as the shoulders slide away from the ring. And then release yourself slowly back down. Rise, letting the arm tension relax as the head reaches through the arms. Essentially getting a little bit of a stretch here. Let's do that one more time. So pressing gently inwards, lengthening, not only upwards, but also slightly forwards.

Okay. And then lower your body down. And once you get down, you can just let the ring go down onto its side. But your hands just sit underneath your shoulders. When your back feels like it's ready to come up and come up all the way onto your hands and knees, round your spine and sit back on your feet. Okay. And then come on, take the Reagan. We're going to end this.

Our grand finale is going to be a modified pushup with the ring. It actually helps quite a lot if you've not ever done it before. So what you do is you take the ring and you put it underneath your rips or breasts or sternum or whatever feels like it would be the most comfortable position for you. And you get your hands just under your shoulders like you would. Okay. Get prepared. So, so lightness maybe right now we've got a little bit of lightness up off the ring. ABS pulling up. Slide one leg back, followed by the other sear in a plank position. And then with that, let's at least a touch, just a little. We're going to do three.

So as you've been durables, feel them pull into your waist, the ring will support you a little bit and then lift yourself off the ring abdominals upper back. So allow the help that the ring is giving you to help you target the muscles in your upper back, which is really the focus here. The triceps of course are working quite as quite hard as well. Last one here and then let's just bend one knee at a time. Bring the knees back underneath you. We'll do one more set like that.

Isn't that awesome? It's fun. It makes a a hard exercise that sometimes really hard to find more way more available. Absolutely. Absolutely. Let's do it again. I could do these all day. Okay, let's do it. One I don't have all day. They all have any of us want to do them all day. By. So should we do more than three? How many?

Five k sliding the legs back. Find a good plank position. So in my mind it right now we're kind of lifting up away from the ring. The ring catches our, the our body weight as we bend into it. And then we've got to create that lift again on our own. Inhale, bend, feeling the shoulders. We're reaching away from the ears. Exhale, press three and use to go ahead. Everyone looks gorgeous too.

It helps so much last time. And then with that, go ahead and come down onto your knees. We're done with the ring for the day. Just put it somewhere away from you where, where it makes sense to you. I just want to do a little shoulder stretch. Throw it away forever. So if the backup on your hands and knees, we're going to take one. In fact, take the arm that's furthest away from me. Pick it up off the ground, slide it underneath your opposite arm and then lie down onto it.

And so you might need to adjust it a little bit and then you're just gonna sit back into your hips. You get a little bit of a shoulder stretch, maybe a little bit of back stretch as well. No. Then bring yourself up. When you're ready, you can assist yourself with that hand that's not underneath you. Place the opposite arm down. Take the hand that wasn't off, off. Turn the spine. Let's sit down into the shoulder, the neck. Relax. I'm coming back up, right? Sure.

I'm straight out in front of me and just said, oh, all the way back down into your feet. We're going to end class here in rest position and I just want you to take a couple of moments to allow your breath to rehab at your body or, or allow your self to relax into your breath for a couple of moments. Feeling the back of the ribs, expanding as you inhale and contracting as you exhale. That was kind of letting all the tension in the body go so that you can leave this class revived and refreshed and when you're ready, you can just make your way up. Good work. We're done. Thank you.


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I love LOVE the ring under the ribs/sternum during plank! Excellent!
Great short class--good work all over. Meredith, as always, excellent cueing.
Thanks ladies. I also love the ring under the sternum. It has helped my perfect my pushup!
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love the class! You are the best cuer (is that a word?)
Polly....I think cuer is a least in our world. Thank you!
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Really great workout with the ring...great imagery and cues. Thanks!
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My first ever class with a ring (it just arrived in the mail) it! Since I generally prefer my hands behind my head for any exercise you teach with arms out forward I especially enjoyed using the ring to support my head. Can't wait to try all your other ring classes. First I've got to try an overball class tho, that just arrived in the mail too.
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I love these older nuggets of yours Meredith, the push up with the support of the ring is very clever!
Emma, I love that you go back to find them. Thank YOU!
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Thank you what a lovely 40 min with a ring ;nice and relaxing but work for the body ,love the push up with a ring 🙂
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