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Mat Exercise Setups

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Adrianne takes you through class focusing on the proper setup for each exercise. This class is taught deliberately and with a lot of good setups to help you deepen your work.
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Apr 09, 2011
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Nice to see you today. Um, go ahead and move forward. Let's begin by lying down. So you're going to cross one leg over the other. You're going to begin to sit down. Go ahead and move yourself back and kind of get comfortable on your mat. Let's just kind of get into our bodies. Good.

Take a deep breath in. Just keep your hands at your side and then just start to ring lungs out. Exhale, begin to get that feeling, the wrap of the size, wrapping around, getting those heels to stick together and zipping up those legs. Then get your navel to keep pulling in and up. Continue your breathing. Just nice and natural. Deep breath in.

Long breath out. Go ahead and begin a little stretch. Take your arms up. Nice deep breath in. Stretch them as far back as you'd like. Kind of warming up the shoulders. Exhale, slide the shoulders down. Broaden that chest and drop the arms to your side.

Deep in that powerhouse by pulling in and up. Get a nice flat spine. Getting that spine to really lengthen from the top of the spine all the way down to the heels, reaching it out. Two more arms come up. Nice deep breath in, stretch back. Keep that wrap happening with the thighs and the anchor with your belly button.

Exhale, pulling down, lifting that navel in and up. Chest opens. Last one. Deep breath. Check that your necks aren't crunching behind me. Do you want to still lengthen them as well at those next long third change? It's like BD, lead beat down, looking towards your belly button. All right, let's go ahead and bend your knees.

[inaudible] we're going to go into just a little pelvic lift, heels hip with the part. Just again, warming up. You're going to start to curl the tailbone up. Come up just to the belly button, so not very high. Hold that position. Get an extra little tilt with the hips up, wrap the thighs, keep a squeeze in your bottom and slowly roll down. Making sure you're not letting those hips wobble back and forth. Careful that you don't crunch those shoulders or next as you do that.

So you're just working from that lower trunk. And again, squeeze your seat, start to curl your hips up, just the belly button hole. Get an extra little tilt on the lift and then slowly roll that down. Last one, just about two to three times lifting up hold. Feel the spine, your ribs. Try to get those anchor. Those are pulling together. And then you start to roll that back down. Stretch your legs out long, just flex and your feet three times. Just kinda warming those up.

And one more. And let's begin. So you're going to start with your knees into your chest. We're going to go into the hundreds, but I'd like to get a good position. So your heels are together, toes are apart, and you're going to start by lifting the arms up about six to eight inches above your hips. Then you want to feel your chest open. Their shoulders pull back and down.

So think of those arms really reaching from the shoulders down your back. Then you'd get a nice work in that upper back. Then you're going to lift your heads and look at your stomachs. Keep that reach happening. Let's go ahead and take the legs up, zip those legs up. Try to really get them along so there's stretching. Keep that stretch happening with the shoulders. Begin to lower your legs.

Go to a level that you still got that support in your back. Hold deep in it. If that means lifting the legs a little bit, then do so. If you feel like you weren't more challenged, go ahead and lower the leg. Begin to pump the arms. Deep breath in and along with that for five counts and lots of energy in the arms. Keep that going. Exhale.

Remember you're reaching so their shoulders are reaching down. Long, long arms. 22 three x long, long legs, 30 into three, four, five out, two three 30 42 exhale. You want to go ahead and jump that even more? Go ahead and I'll lower them even more. Otherwise, keep those lakes up. 60 lots more energy in those arms. 78 breathing. One more time.

Go ahead and bend your knees, grab onto the back of your thighs, give yourself a little stretch. Let's go ahead and sit up for a second. Hold onto the back of your thighs. We're going to go into half full back. Again, taking this kind of slow, we're going to slowly go backwards. Starting from those hips in a roll just to where the arms are straight. Let's hold the position just like that pelvic curl that you just did a little while ago. You want to curl up a little bit more, tilting the hips up, pushing your belly buttons in, and then go ahead and come up. Scoop. And let's sit up tall. Let's do that. Walmart time.

Heads down. So you're rounding from your lower back, hips, getting them to curl underneath you arms will end up straighten. Use that grip of the hand to help squeeze your seat. Hold and scoop your tummy and come back up. Sit up tall. Hopefully you're not feeling this in your neck. Keep your next nice. And so let's go ahead and lie all the way down this time.

So heads are down. You're looking at your belly button. Good. All the way down and rest. Trying not to use the hands to come up. You're gonna reach those shoulders down, arms along. Keep your chest open. Begin by lifting your heads, curling your chin towards your chest. Get those ribs to scoop together through, not popping up, but you're rounding in to come forward.

Sit up tall. We'll do one more like that. And then we're going to add those straight legs so you can hold onto the size if you'd like. Otherwise we can keep that. Stretch the shoulders. Now why? Down arrest and we're gonna. One more time. Come up. Deep breath in again. Here's the toughest part. Get those ribs to scoop. Then as you come up, sit up tall. Let's go ahead and extend our legs out. Put your hands on top of your thighs with your heels together.

Keep your bottom squeezing. We're going to start to lie down or we're going to just go about halfway down and then hold your position. It's actually a lot harder to just try to hold that and scoop those hips under hold, hold, hold. Let's go ahead and lie down. Arrest then to just go through the movements. Deep breath in.

Come up halfway hole. So now here's where you want to get even deeper by the wrap and the scoop and then come all the way up and stretch forward. If that's too difficult, you just bend those knees and hold on to your thighs. Let's start to go back down again. We're going to hold the position. You can make sure you're breathing through these exhale hold, so your shoulders, you want to drop them, your hips, you want to Tuck and then lie all the way down. And rest. Deep breath in. Exhale, we're going to come halfway up really kind of to the ribs, really to the bottom of the ribs and hold.

This is where you want to check that those hips are really curling under, deepening, and then come all the way up in the stretch forward. Let's go into the roll up. So now where you're adjusting our clothes, but we're going to go ahead and start to lie down. All right, so we're going to go a little bit quicker now. So beginning to lie down. So now we're gonna make those stretches. Feel really good. Arms can come all the way back if you like. As long as those ribs are pushing down and you've got that arap. Here we go.

Arms up to 90 deep breath in. Here's that scoop exit. So the ribs I have to push in as you come forward, and it was between the knees, shoulders. Now Curl your hips. Begin to lie down. Three more. Nice deep breath in. Exhale. Then start to come back down and losing my pants here.

It's a good indication of those powerhouses working when you're losing those pants. Deep breath in. Tough Tom, back down again. You want to check that when you get to this point that you stop and you really get those hips underneath you working that lower powerhouse and down and three more. I lied. Lost my account, but they feel good. Let's keep going and down. And two more. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, control it. Keep those heels together. Don't let them come apart. I've been to over down and last one up over that for just a moment.

Let's go ahead and flex our feet. Push your heels away and enough. Let's lie down. All right, so now you're down on your back. So at school beginning to go into your legs. Circles, it's get a nice position. Again, bring your right knee into your chest, give that leg a little stretch. Check your box. You want to make sure the shoulders are apart, they'd they lined up from one children to the other shoulder. The hip is straight and hip to hip is straight, so you just want to be conscious of your box, making sure you're not turning on your mat in any sort of way. All right, let's go ahead and take that leg up. Good. Give it a little nice little stretch. Hold that position just here.

Think of that leg stretching up, but those hips staying really down. So are you on both hips or you fall into that, right? Get both hips down so that powerhouse is working again. Now keeping that position, we're going to slowly circle in towards your left shoulder, down to the left hip, over to the right hip, right shoulder finish at your nose. So it's kind of like a little box over to the left shoulder.

Left hip, right hip, right shoulder. No do that this time. Not letting either. Hip move left shoulder, left hip, right hip. This is where you wanna roll. Keep those hips still center. Now we're going to kick it up. We'll notch.

We're going to go a little bit quicker getting a circle. No one about five times two, three finishing at the nose each time for hips. Very still and five. Let's reverse it. Five Times one. He his stay on those hips. Both hips too. Not just the right, not just the left. Three reaching the leg long, four and five and unique. If you're like a stretch, all right, let's do the same thing on the left.

If you're unable to keep your back really flat and kind of anchored there, you can always bend that extended leg that you're not working as much so that you get a nice anchor with this mine or you can straighten and making a lot more challenge. Let's start with small through two times. You're even crossover to the right shoulder, right hip, left hip, left shoulder. No. It's kind of like your big toes. Your paintbrush over to the right, right hip, left hip, left shoulder, nose. Now we're going to go five times kind of quick around and up. One carefree. You don't use your shoulders. They're not tensing too.

Three, four, one more. Five reversely give it a good kick on the up. One to one side is usually tighter. Three, four, hip, still five and Ben's journey. Okay, let's go ahead and sit up. Good. Put your hands at your hips. Let's lift our bottoms to sit at her heels. We're going to get in a position here.

You can either hold on to your size or hold onto your ankles. Find your balance. Take your feet off of the mat and we're gonna roll right away. So keeping that center begin to rock back. Inhale, use the exhale round up in balance. Check the you stay centered of your mat that you're not rolling to one side or the other. Come back up. Inhale back, powerhouse axial up so you're not kicking the feet to come up. Don't want to see this where you kick the feet to come up.

Using that scoop to roll up. Go three more. Nice and easy. Two up and one more time coming up to balance each time and hold. Place your feet down. Check that you're centered. If you're not, just be conscious of that. Next time. Let's go ahead and lie all the way down. So now you've stretched back to lie down. Good. All right, we're going to go into our single leg stretch, so write me in right hand on the ankle, left hand on the knee, lift your left leg, lift your head and look at your stomach. So here let's get a good position.

Check that your shoulders are really square with the hips. So left shoulder, left hip, right shoulder, right hip, and that you're not hiking one hip up or the other hiphop that they're kind of aligned with each other. Then check that powerhouse are you in here? Under here you want to really be conscious and now switch and hold. Check that those legs are aligned with your box shoulder to hip and switch. [inaudible]. If you begin to feel this in your neck, you can always drop your head, but try to get deeper into that powerhouse and switch. Nice, strong arms. Elbows out. Scoop your belly in and switch nail.

Let's quicken that up and switch. One and one, two and two, three, three, four, and four. Six Times five, stretching away, six and six. Bend your knees rushed or next. Ideally you want to get to the point where you can go all through this without stopping, but form is important too. All right, let's lift our heads again. Look at your stomach's double leg stretch. Arms and legs go out. You're stretching back, you're stretching out and you're anchored, and then you bring it all together. It's a breathing exercise. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, stretch away. Squeeze your seat and the exhale. Two.

Inhale, exhale, three, six times and four out. Five. One more out, six Russ. Those next again, let's go ahead and take one leg up. You can hold where you can hire the more stretch. As long as there's like this straight opposite leg is out. Once again, look at your stomachs, pulling in, squeeze your bottom and Paul's, Paul's one.

Switch legs, pulse, pulse, and two two [inaudible] to to keep those shoulders pushing down as you move through. And that'll get you back in here. Three four reaching as high as you can. Oh five five six six, eight, eight and Russ, place your feet down, hands behind your heads, knees into your chest, going into the double leg. So I'm going to begin by taking your leg straight up. Zipped up the head. Look at your belly. [inaudible] here we go.

Just about two to three inches and left. A lot of times we'll see people go this, we don't want that. You're trying to keep your spine really long, not letting that tailbone rise with you. So this stretch, sorry for keeping it really still. You can always get bigger with the move as long as they're controlled. Rest. All gonna Finish with crisscross. Oh, hands are behind your head still.

One leg goes out opposite of a goose to the me. You want to stretch and open up that right side. So left elbows, tapping the right knee, switch side hold. Make sure you're on both hips. Scoop in and rest your head and switch to make sure you rest your head between the movement. Go step up. Reaching the leg at. Whoa, switch up.

Switch up. I know for fairly quick one one tried it. Get that shoulder off the mat to shoulder off mat. Sorry. Hold on for the rest. All right, go ahead and sit up however you like for your spine. Sheriffs and feet are flexed. You're sitting up, tall arms are in front of you.

I'm taking your inhaling. Squeeze your bottom. You start to exhale to go down. Go as low as you can. Think of the top of your head going to the mat, pushing the heels away, or wrapping those thighs still so the hips are still pointing back. And then come up tall and deep breath in. Exhale, make sure your feet aren't rolling out. And gamma. Talk about three more a little bit quicker now. Deep breath. Exhale, Ben, tall and two with the scoop so you're always emphasizing that.

Pull in as you move and too, go ahead and hold it a little bit longer. You can hold onto your arch through your ankles and talk. Last one. Excellent. Hold and go ahead and set a tall move forward of the map for your OpenLink rockers. We're going to start with the knees bent and holding onto the back of your calves with your head down there. Just like rolling a ball like a ball, you're going to start like that. So in other words, you're gonna lift your legs.

You're in the seeker, you're literally going to roll back with the knees bent, and then you're going to try to come back up without hopping. But rounding, find your balance. Sit up as tall as you can. She just kind of warming up to these two, more like that. So c curve. Inhale back. Exhale, come up, lift and grow tall. And one more time like that. Then we're going to add on back and up and left. Oh, now's where you're going to start to extend the legs.

The straighter they are in, the harder it becomes. Inhale, take it back carefully. Don't roll onto your heads were neck. Come up. Find your balance. Then lift your back and seeker. Now a little bit quicker. Go back, round up, find it, lift. Walk your hands up higher. Make it a little bit more challenging around. Inhale back. Exhale, come up. Find that balance.

Lift and two more and rock back. Come up. Sit Up. Tall. Lift, lift, lift. And one more time. Inhale, go back. Exhale. Come on up. Grow Tall. Hold. Bring the feet together. Let's go ahead and lie back on. Turo backs with the legs still up. Alright, little circles, both hips, user centered and anchored.

Little circle to the right around center to the left room center. Keep your necks out of it. Don't push with the arms. Make sure those shoulders aren't popping up and circle and those hips are really, really still and around and around. And one more time and that's, that's enough. Bend your knees. Go ahead and grab onto your thighs for dad. A little stretch.

You'll sit up for yourself. Feet apart, flexed, sitting tall. Arms this side, we're going to turn to the right. You're in a reach for that tow yard. I try to sod off without taking the hip with you. So both hips are still, you come back up and sent her out and you're tall. He's turned stretch up.

Center turn, reach up and center. Turn, touch and central. This the warmer sun. Oh that stretch. Careful. Those feed aren't rolling around. And last one, turn, reach and hold up and center. So to our stomachs for our neck roll. So whichever direction you'd like to go, but you're laying all the way down. Palms underneath your shoulders for heads are down and your heels are together.

Tommy's up, bottoms squeezing. You're going to push into the bombs and come up off the chest. I want to make sure you just come to where it's comfortable for your back. May Not be all the way up there. So go to where it's comfortable. Look right. Roll your head down. Left Center, but keep that scoop in your tummy.

Look left down, right. Center lie back down. Let's do that one more time. Coming up. Hold your bottoms are still squeezing. You're lifting your Tonnies. Look right down around the left center. Can massaging neck left down around to the right center. Lie Back.

Yeah. Coming up to your elbows, going into your Spinx position. Shoulders are down. Once again, your hips are up, so you want to lift your tummy, right? Heel kicks the bond two times. Kick, kick, left, kick, kick. Keep your next long in. Shoulders now and kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, laugh, kick, kick, Walmart, set right and left and Lau all the way down. Taking your hands behind your back. You're in turn. You're right. Tick to the mat. Get those hips down. So again, you've got your flat back. Take both feet.

Kick your bottom three times. What? Do three and stretch back. We really hold that stretch. We get a little bit higher up. Switch. And now three kicks. One stretch. Now let's add a little energy. We're going to go a little bit quicker, man. One, two, three inch stretch left. And switch to three and lift. One more time. And one, two, three stretch. And last one. One, two, three.

Hold, stretch. Put your hands down. You're going to sit back on your heels and stretch back. Alright, let's go ahead and lie back down on your mat like you did in the beginning for your neck pole. We're going to start with knees bent, hip width apart, and let's start with our hands at our sides, making sure your feet feel even. No, not too close to you either. You're going to go into a roll-up, so you'll reach your, your thighs. Deep breath in. Get that position, get their shoulders down. Started to come up.

Exhale, if you need to move your feet forward, do so. Sit up tall. Keep the knees from splaying out. You want them about shoulder width apart or hip width apart and starts lie down. Here's where you can straighten those arms and deepen that curl with the hips. Under Raskar. Way To start deep breath in.

Exhale. Sit Up tall and lie back down. All right, let's make it a little more challenging. You're going to take your hands behind your heads. Start with the elbows into the yard here in and come up carefully. Your feet will want to lift. Find that set up tall. All right, let's start to lie down. Slow and controlled. Stop about midway. Hold up and really get them underneath you, away from you. In other words, and one more like that.

And then we're going to add on. Exhale. It's a lot harder. Slower. Lift your backs. Good Stretch Chai. Stay on top of the hips. Easy to fall back there and start to lie back down. We're going to start with the lake straight this time. Feet flexed. If you need to take your hands and put them on top of your thighs.

Do so deep breath, head x first one's kind of tough. Stretch forward. Lift her back. So now feed or flex the whole time your legs are now straight. You're going to lie back down. Same thing like those roll-ups. You've really got that articulate but spawn.

They don't just collapse. Deep breath. Exhale oh tall. Let's go a little bit quicker. Now adding more energy. You're gonna lie back down. As soon as your head touches, you're going gonna come up except my frizzy here, port and tall, and bring it down to man up over. Go ahead and lie down. Last one. Nice deep breath up. Really deep scope forward. Tall. And let's lay down and do not. Let's lie onto our left side person, sidekicks, so you're going to align yourself up or either one [inaudible]. Yeah, sure. Yeah. I like that. Good hip on top of hip. Check that you're lined up at the back of the Mat.

Taking your right hand behind you like your shoulders are lined up as well. Head is forward. You're not kinking. Your next palm on the Mat, right palm on the mat or I leg up, turned out going into your front kicks to kicks forward, stretch back. None of this happened and keep that upper body still. Two kicks, four kick kick. You then go back as far as you'd like. As long as those hips aren't moving, they stay right on top of each other. Get kick front back. Now we'll continue to kick going a little bit quicker and kick, kick leg stays hip level.

The tendency is for it to drop or to come up to high kick kick and tomorrow kick and back. Walmart kick, kick and back. Both legs on top of the other, going to up and down. Take your leg up, reach the leg, pull your navel up here too. Easy to arch that lower back. Keep pulling in and out, up keeping those hips right on top of each other up. Get that stretch. Let's flex on the app. Point on the down in school. Ease those inner thighs. Flex point. Get that right like longer than left. Flex and point and tumor. Flex and point. And one more.

Flex and point. Little circles. Five Times one, two, three, four, five reversed. Quiet hips. One, two, three, four, five and rest. Go to our snow mix. Palm on top of palm for some transition. Beats four hit on your and yeah, reach those legs out. Lift Tummy up and began clapping the hail one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and ten nine, eight, seven, six, four, three, two, one and go to the other side. So you know ally on to your right side. So the left leg is on top, hip on top of him.

I could check your alignment. Take your lined up at the back of the Mat. Take your left leg up. Hip level powerhouse is solid. So there's rubes or together, tummies or lifting are using your bottoms kick, kick forward and back and back. Careful your leg stays level. It doesn't move up and down, stays lined up at the hip kick, kick and back about three more up to as far back as you want and what? [inaudible] up and down. Taking the leg up, stretch it away. Three like this and then we'll add the flex some point, do one more and now we're going to flex on the up point on the town down. Retreat, three 10 flex that, stretch that scoop flux, scoop, lengthening those methyls muscles out, out, out and tumor up.

And last one up and away. Little circles, five and five. One, two, three, four, five, reverse one, two, three, four, five and best part and turn our backs when I flip over and thanks you. Okay, great. Let's start with the feet together. We're going to do single leg teaser to begin and then we'll go into a full Deezer fighting a cold, so excuse me. Feet together. You can take that right leg up, knees together. All right, you're going to take both arms straight up. We're just going to come up halfway. So really just to the bottom of the ribs. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, come up, hold that, and this is where you can work.

Really get getting deep into that powerhouse. Tuck scoop your tail on isn't lifting. It's just that scoop has happening. Reach for that. You'd lie back down. Let's do two more like that. Deep breath in. Arms Up. Exhale, hold. Now, deepen under scope, scope, scope, reach. Come back down one more time. Nice. Deep breath in. Exhale, deep, deep scoop. Don't let your tummies pop up. Pull them in, reach for the ears. Lie Back Down. Let's switch sides. Left leg is up, knees are together the whole time. Arms Up. Use The exhale. Come up.

So here are your Europe, but now you want to really get really into here. Scope. Reach for the year. Lie Back Down. Two more an x hold, scope, reach. So we're really getting those phones flat underneath you. Those backs are down. Walmart up. Both feet are down. We're going to go into the full teaser.

So neesen get a good alignment to get yourself in position. You're going to start with the legs at 90 degrees are in back. You're going to lower your legs to 45 degrees and then you're going to start to come up. Okay, here we go. Thanks. Good down backs are down, so you're not letting those reds pop out. Arms come up, he left the mat. Reach for your toes, stretch the legs, reach and slowly come down and we're right back to the toes. Lift and come back to Walmart.

Excellent toe stretch and come on down. All right, bend your knees. Rest. Bring both knees in yourself. A little shake. You gonna sit up. Maybe move a little bit forward for your seals. Hands inside the legs, holding onto your ankles. With your heads down. Find your balance too. Both feet are off the mat. You could hold onto the archers. That's a lot harder.

Or you can hold onto the ankles. But do you make sure their shoulders are down? Heads are down. You're getting a good scoop. You're going to go ahead and rock back. So you're rolling, and then you're going to roll ups in o hopping, especially down here. People want to hop and inhale back. Exhale and inhale and exhale.

Let's add a clap. Three claps here with the heels. One, two, three, three claps on the back. One, two, three before you come up. Yeah. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. One, two, three, back. Former chair. Three up. Three. One back. One, two, three. Up. One more. Or, sorry. Two more. Two, three. Back. Losing my count. And up. Last one, three. Back. One, two, three. Hold. Place your feet down. Okay. If you'd like, you can crush your hands. Crushed your legs. Do you stand up?

Otherwise, just stand up. Stand up both arms, up deep. Breath, head lift, lifting up. Exhale. One more time. Inhale up. Get a really long spine. So lift up and exhale. Shake yourselves out on that. [inaudible].


Love the classic rutine and the pace. really good cues. thanks a lot Adrianne.
love your class! Great teaching style.
Awesome workout when I'm pressed for time!
great classic instruction in a nice sort timeline. But in my opinion if you didn't do routine along with students it would free you to be more precise in your cues & counts and attention to the details of form to benefit your students. The gasping and heavy breathing is a bit distracting.
I’m back doing Pilates after mostly just running and not doing enough strength work. I’m not a beginner, but not quite where I was in terms of being able to do good form quickly and with agility. I also don’t have a super long attention span anymore. This is exactly what I was looking for to help me build everything back up.

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