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Traditional Mat Flow

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Find a connection to your whole body with this Mat workout by Dana Santi. She teaches a strong class, flowing from one exercise to the next with smooth transitions. She encourages you to listen to your body so that you make sure that everything feels good, even when it's challenging!

This class was filmed as part of a donation event to benefit Campaign Zero, an organization that focuses on ending police violence in the United States. If you would like to donate to this cause, you can go to their donation page.
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Jul 14, 2020
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Oh, hello, you guys. I am Dana Santi. I am so humbled to be here today. Thank you, and thank you, Chris and Brett, for sharing your stories. As the theme is going, right, the kids, Joe Pilates believed in teaching the children first, and we should be teaching our children first.

And it's no secret. I teach my children a lot of things. They had the privilege of hanging out with Chris while we were in Greece last year, somewhere last year, I think, and my daughter refers to him as Mr. Smiley. And so when all of this stuff had happened, right, we had a conversation. and then I said, we were on the phone or on zoom, you know, with Chris. And, is he okay?

They're very concerned, But, they decided, Chris, they aren't here today, but wanted to send a poem to you and to everyone. My son was named after Langston Hughes the poet, and so Langston came up with the poem "Dreams" by Langston Hughes, and it is, "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, "life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. "Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go, "life is a barren field, frozen with snow." So I'm gonna dream and I'm gonna dream that we can make a change, and we can do that through our children. That being said, we are going to get on the mat, and I would like, if something, if you come to something that doesn't feel right, by all means, leave it out, do something that you do like to do. Have a champagne, whatever you're feeling.

Okay, lying all the way down, arms come right down at your sides. Pop the arches into your shins, lift your head, your arms, and your feet, and pump and breathe, and exhale. And again, I apologize for the heavy breathing that you will be hearing coming out. And inhale, and exhale. And again, inhale, and exhale, and inhale, last breath, exhale, and then release.

Okay, go into your roll up, arms up, chin to chest, roll up, and exhale over. Bring it right back down, and again, and up, and over, and bring it back. And one more time, and over, and bring it back. Okay, roll over. Arms down at your sides, hold your pulls, whatever you need.

Legs go over, and open as wide as they'll go. Roll down, press the arms, the shoulders, the head, and legs come together, and open and roll down. And again, inhale, legs over, and open and roll down. And now reverse, open, and together, press into the head, press into the arms, shoulders, and again, over, and together, and home and again, over and together, and home. Left leg down, right leg up, circle the leg, and cross around one, and two.

Bring the hip with you, three, and four, strong upper body, five, other way, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one, and switch the legs. Leg up and cross over, and one, strong upper body, two, tense the arms, three, four, and five, and then reverse, and one, and two, and three, and two more, last one, and home. Sit yourself up. Rolling like a ball, grab the legs, okay? Hug your elbows in tight, like coordination, right, on the reformer.

Drop the head, hollow your chest, and inhale, and exhale. And again, two, and exhale. Lift your arches to your shins, three, and exhale. Four, and exhale. Lie back down, pull the right knee in, pull, switch, pull, and two, switch, two, three, three, four, four, inhale, exhale, one more, and lie all the way down, start like we did your hundred, inhale, press the arms into the sides of your body, exhale, bring the legs in.

Inhale, tighten it up. Push into the heel of the hand a little, and exhale. Inhale, and exhale, strong arms, press them in, inhale, and exhale. Inhale, and exhale, one more, inhale, and exhale. Sitting up, spine stretched forward, hands go down, okay?

From here, inhale with the breath, drop the chin and exhale, exhale, exhale, and come back up. Now, stretch your spine. Almost push your ribs out, what? Inhale, yep, and exhale, exhale, exhale, and come back and again, inhale, and exhale, exhale, exhale, and come back home into your open leg rocker. Coming back, legs out.

Now, this distance stays, and from here, exhale, inhale up, and again, exhale, pop the arches and up, and again, and exhale, and inhale, one more, exhale, and inhale. Legs come together, corkscrew, and legs come up and over. Now come down towards the right side of your spine and bring the legs around. Come up the left side of your spine and to the left, and come down, press into your arms, your shoulders, your head, and again, to the right, and around, and to the left. Press into that right collarbone, and now your left collarbone, and home.

Okay, legs out, arms out to the sides, chest out. and now from here, inhale, flip the back arm and exhale, exhale, exhale, and up. Inhale, keep those arms nice and tight, flip and exhale, exhale, exhale, and again inhale. The arm is what brings your spine forward. Lift, lift, lift, and again, bring it around, and lift, lift, lift.

Legs together, flip over, and let's go into your swan, any version that you are comfortable doing, and inhale, lift yourself up, and we'll go four times, and one, two, three, four and home. Okay, bring the arms out in front of you, bring the elbow so it's a little in front of your shoulder. And from here, lift the legs. Take your right foot, kick it into your bottom, and switch two, switch three, four, five, and six. Place your chin down, clasp the hands behind, and now lift the thighs.

And one, kick in, and lift up, and two, and up, and three, and up, one more four, and home. Okay, flip yourself over, going into your neck pull. Clasp the hands together, nice and tight. Elbows wide, okay? Chin to the chest, bring your spine up.

Now, over, elbows behind you. Keep the chin to the chest, push your ribs to your thighs, and now come right back home. And again, and up, over, chin to chest, ribs to thighs, bring it back home. One more time, up, and over. Ribs to thighs, and home.

Okay, scissors and bicycle. So cup your hands underneath. Keep your back super tight, don't let it move. Switch the legs. Switch, switch, switch.

Back is rigid, keep it going. Switch, switch, pedal forward. One, one, two, and three, one more, four and shoulder bridge. Okay, keep the weight in the feet, grasp the waist. Right leg comes out, lift it up, lift the chest higher as you come down.

Two, lift it higher. Three, flip, switch. And one, lift it higher, two, higher, three, and then roll it through. Arms out to the sides, spine twist. Inhale, chin to the shoulder.

Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale all the way around. Exhale, exhale, exhale, Inhale, keep the arms tight, exhale. One more time, inhale and exhale. Okay, jackknife, lying down.

From here, lift the legs, come up about five inches, hold, and then all the way up, bring it back down, and home. And a little up, and a big up, and come back down, and home. One more time, and a little, and a lot, and bring it back, and home. Okay, lay facing side for side kicks. Take your hands, just what you did with your neck pull, okay?

Nice and tight behind you. Bottom leg forward, get that side foot down like Watson was talking about. And top leg, two kicks. Inhale, and exhale, and two, and exhale. Three, and exhale.

One more, four, and exhale, okay? Switch sides, and tighten the arms. And we go, and inhale, and exhale. Two, and exhale. Three, exhale, one more, four, exhale.

Swing your legs around to the front. Teaser, so legs can stay down or bring them up, your choice. And exhale as you go down, keep the arms nice and tight, nice and tight, nice and tight, and inhale up. Now the torso, lower your spine. Down, and bring it back up, and again, exhale, and inhale.

One more, exhale and inhale, and then home. Okay, take your arms very wide. Go into your hip twists, oh my gosh, I'm almost gonna fall, and bring the legs up. And now push into the arms, push and pull, and take the chest, hollow it out. And two times to the right, one, and two and switch, one, and two, and home.

Okay, from here, flip yourself over. One breath of swimming, and inhale, and exhale, and home. Okay, into your pushup position. Take the right leg, lift it up, and come down, and left leg up, and come down, right leg up, and come down, and lift and home. Turn yourself around, and now lift up, press again into the arms and up, and switch, up and switch up, and switch, and home.

Okay, side kick kneeling. So lay into it, go for it. Flip the hand behind. And now from here, swing it forward and back, two, and three, one more, four, and switch. Lay into it, and here we go, one, and two, keep it going, three, and four, and home.

Okay, into your side bend. So hand to your shoulder. Press into the sides of your feet, just like we did in your side kicks, and lifting up, hold onto it. And now chin to the shoulder, and down, and up, chin to the shoulder, down and up, and home. Other side, and here we are.

And lift it up, go over the arm. And from here, chin to the shoulder, and down, and up, and down, and up, and home. Okay, bring it around, right leg over the left. And roll back, switch the legs, And up, keep the arms behind you, like in your saw, they lift, and home, and back again, and open close, bring it back, lift, lift, lift, and home. Seal, so bottoms of the feet together, and get those arms way in there, okay?

Take yourself and bring those toes into you. Now from here, going back, inhale, clap two times, exhale. And again, inhale, clap two times, exhale. And again, inhale. Now as you come up, press your head into the mat, and again, inhale, clap clap, exhale home.

Cross the legs nice and tight. Okay, over. Now, come back, don't switch the legs, just try to keep the thighs super close, and over. And one more and back. Don't switch them, just keep them close, and home, okay?

Flip yourself over for rocking. Grab the feet, push your hands into your feet, your feet into your hands. Lift yourself up, and go forward and back, two, three, four, and home. Okay, flip yourself over, balance controls. So hold the right foot down, left leg up.

Now with control, switch and change, and with control, switch and change, and with control, switch and change. Nice and easy, carefully bring yourself up. Push ups, and from here, arms come up. Now, plant your feet firm, firm into the ground, yeah? Bring it down, and walk one, two, three, four, And I'm gonna chew the handle, and bend, one and up, two, three, walk it back in.

And now from here, press those feet firm, pull the stomach in tight, attach your arms and your best Nadia Comaneci stand, lift your spine, and home. And now I get to send it to my good friend, Larry, who I've probably known since 1999, so we wouldn't even switch to a circle. Larry I'm gifting you my Bloody Mary. Cheers, you guys.


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Thank you for doing this Dana. It was a brisk, upbeat workout. I enjoyed the Langston Hughes poem. It goes well with another of his What Happens to a Dream Deferred? Making a donation in your name to Campaign Zero.
Kristina D
Again, sound not good enough. You all have to work on the quality of home produced videos.
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How did you fit so much in 20 minutes! Love that Dana Santi style! ;) Thanks for sharing!
Jane N
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Just what I needed first thing this morning minus he Bloody Mary lol x. Thank you always a great class from you x.
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A nice uptempo traditional class with straight to the point cueing all the way through - down to the Bloody Mary which I'm sure Mr.Pilates himself would have enjoyed as well, given his penchant for drinking :)
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quick and straight forward!  thank you!
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I loved this class. Very quick, challenging, fun. Perfect. 
Jessica P
Too cute. Love the Bloody Mary and the no nonsense workout. 👍
Bona K
As pilates teacher , classical method remind me getting back to basic so it was so great!! 
What's the babble about children? It's a 20 minimute pilates video, not a conversation about children, get moving!
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