Traditional Mat Flow
Dana Santi
Class 4174

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Thank you for doing this Dana. It was a brisk, upbeat workout. I enjoyed the Langston Hughes poem. It goes well with another of his What Happens to a Dream Deferred? Making a donation in your name to Campaign Zero.
Again, sound not good enough. You all have to work on the quality of home produced videos.
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How did you fit so much in 20 minutes! Love that Dana Santi style! ;) Thanks for sharing!
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Just what I needed first thing this morning minus he Bloody Mary lol x. Thank you always a great class from you x.
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A nice uptempo traditional class with straight to the point cueing all the way through - down to the Bloody Mary which I'm sure Mr.Pilates himself would have enjoyed as well, given his penchant for drinking :)
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quick and straight forward!  thank you!
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I loved this class. Very quick, challenging, fun. Perfect. 
Too cute. Love the Bloody Mary and the no nonsense workout. 👍
As pilates teacher , classical method remind me getting back to basic so it was so great!! 
What's the babble about children? It's a 20 minimute pilates video, not a conversation about children, get moving!
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