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Adrianne teaches a basic class in the style of Romana's Pilates®. The class is geared more for the student newer to Pilates and includes some "pre-Pilates" material for greater understanding of the exercises. Adrianne also demonstrates how the exercises progress by occasionally encouraging the more experienced students to try harder versions of the exercises.
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Jan 12, 2010
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Okay. So good morning, I'm having you guys. We'll start by lying down and I'm going to have you start with your knees bent. I have you using towels just so that you can have your heads a little bit higher than your heart and also said that your heads aren't straightening your necks. Yeah, you can fold the towel or roll it up just to give, do a little extra support. Okay, so let's just start to warm up a little bit. I'm going to have you take a nice deep breath in and as you exhale, think of pulling your navel into your spine.

Start to feel it a little lifting up, beginning to imprint your spine in the mat. Again, I'll have you do that about three or four times. Nice deep breath in and long breath out. Think of getting any, getting rid of any space between your backs and that mat. So if I put a flashlight underneath, you wouldn't see any light coming up the other side. Two more. Nice deep breath in. Okay.

Getting your minds into your bodies and exhale, shoulders relaxing. I last one. Nice. Deep Breath, Ben, and exhale. Okay. So now I'm actually gonna have you go into the hundreds. So bring your knees into your chest. I'll have you start in a tabletop position. Exactly. So your knees are bent, slightly turned out. So your heels are together, your toes are slightly turned out.

You're going to begin by reaching arms out by your sides. Start to lift them up above your hips and start pumping the arms. Taking a nice deep breath in for five counts and a long without lots of energy in the arms to five long breath out. Two, three, four, five. Now you can begin to add your head for extra challenge. You lift your head and you look at your belly button. But keep breathing nasty.

Press in. Long breath out. Exhale, two, three, five. Keep that going. If you want extra challenge, you can begin to straighten your legs. The lower those legs become, the harder the exercise becomes. Exhale, two. Sorry. Five only straight in the leg. If you feel your backs are supported on the mat. Exhale, two, three, five, three more. Four, five from the shoulders. Work their shoulders a little bit more. Exhale, two. Sorry. Excellent. Sorry, four or five last one, and bend your knees. Drop your heads, rest your legs.

Go ahead and place your feet back on the mat. All right, I'm just going to have you start with a little bit of a roll up as well. Slide your feet forward a little bit so your knees are still bent. I just don't want you to crunching the knees quite so much. Okay. All right. You're gonna reach for your thighs. Slowly. Think of lengthening the back of your neck to the back of your necks are growing longer. You're going to start to lift your head, so crow your chin towards your chest. Reach for those thighs, and exhale.

Don't come up very high just to the tips of your shoulder blades. Hold that position, holding onto your thighs and now pull your tummies in and then begin to roll back down. Rest your heads. Rest your arms. Now, how'd you do that? About two more times. Take a nice deep breath in. Begin to reach for your thighs. Lengthen the back of your next slide your shoulders down and begin to come up. Exhaling, feel the pull deep into that powerhouse.

Every thing between your shoulders and hips. Very nice and roll back down and arrest last time. Just kind of warming your bodies up. Nice deep breath in. And exhale, reach for the size. Think of squeezing your bottom, kinda wrapping the thighs around so your inner thighs are pinching. You can grab onto the size to give you extra leverage. Shoulders down, tummies in and rest. All right, go ahead and sit up. Your knees will still be bent, but you're going to hold onto the back of your thighs here with your heels again together, toes apart. So you're in a [inaudible] stance, your knees are open and your heads are going to go down. You're in a seeker, so from the top of your head down to your tailbone, you're in a see from this side, you want to pull those Naples in. So tell me in, and you're going to begin to round backwards. And as you round backwards, think of articulating your response. So the lower back, placing one vertebral on the mat at a time when your arms are straight. Stop.

Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale. As you come up, don't pop up. You want to try to round back into it. Exhale, shoulders relaxed. Drop your shoulders good, and begin to take that backwards. This is hard not to fall on the pelvis. You want the hips to kind of curl underneath you. Okay. And then here, here, and then begin to around backup. Very good. You want to try to keep the feet from moving, so go as far back as you can without those feet moving. Continue. If you want to add challenge, go ahead and lie all the way down.

Otherwise, continue just like this, just to where the arms are straight. Christy, you can lie on [inaudible]. [inaudible] grow your hips. Lenders are right here. Try to get this vertebral on the mat. Tuck your hips. That's it. And then bring it back up. Have you do one more where you're going to this time I'm going to have everybody lie all the way down. So shoulders down.

Go ahead and lie down. Take it slow. Really envision one vertebral going onto the mat at a time when your Daniel stay down. All right. Go ahead and straighten your legs. Think of the legs reaching out of the hip so your legs are very long, heels together, toes apart. And you want to think of a wrapping those dyes around.

So you're squeezing your bottoms and wrapping the thighs around so the inner thighs are pinching. Take your arms straight up to 90 degrees. Now all I want you to do as an imprinting exercise here, so you'll take a nice deep breath in and then you're going to start to lower your arms down to your side. And as you exhale, start to feel your tailbones lengthening the and your backs, pulling deeper into the mat and your navels pulling up. So your flattening, your stomach's flattening your spines to more arms come up. This is difficult because your legs are straight. Your backs will want to arch. Nice deep breath in. Begin to exhale. Lower your arms back down to your side, imprinting your spines even more. Let your chest open. Good. Pulling up long arms, right.

Last one. Um, Zap. Deep breath in. Keep that wrap happening in the thighs. And exhale, arms come back down. Yeah, I'm going to have you bend your knees a bit, not too much. Going into a full roll up exercise, you'll take your arms up and you're going to begin to lower your arms and begin to lift your head and start to round up off the mat. You can grab onto those thighs if you need to or slide your feet closer to your bottom. Exhale, pulling your tummies in.

Begin to straighten your legs and reach for your toes. You are going to round forward not with the shoulders, but by pulling into your navel. So scooped deep into here and start to round backwards. As you go back. Go ahead and bend your knees, soft feet articulating your spine, so don't just fall down. And the way you do that is by bending your knees a little bit for the control.

And two more nice deep breath in. Reach for your toes. Slide your feet towards you by bending the knees. Exhale, when you're all the way up, then you can straighten the legs for the stretch. Drop your next drop your Chin's, drop your shoulders nice and relaxed and begin to take that back down. This time when your head's touched, you'll come back up. Last one. Very good.

And exhale as you come up. More challenging is keeping the leg straight the whole time. Soft feet, good. Shoulders relaxed. Next relaxed. Go ahead and lie back down and you're going to stay down. Going into the next exercise I'm going to have you get ready by bringing your right knee into your chest.

So you lie down first and then you're going to bring your right leg in and give that the a stretch. So hold onto your thigh so you're not crunching your knees. So exactly good. And then you'll take that right leg up. Place your hands at your side and just be conscious of your box. So everything between your shoulders and hips, she wants your shoulders aligned straight up, straight together.

So shoulder to shoulder, shoulders to hip and hip to hip. So your frame is straight. Now keeping that right leg length in it. You're going to begin to circle the leg without your hips moving. The accent on the circle is up.

So think of your big toe going up to the nose to five times three. Keep your left leg lengthening as well. Four and one more. Five. Reverse that. And try not to tense your shoulders on these. What doesn't have to be too big too. Sorry, go good. Keep your hips very still. Four and last one and five. Bend your knee.

Hold onto that thigh. Give your leg a stretch again. Okay, you're going to go to the next leg. So switch sides. Left knee comes in, you'll hold onto the thigh and then you're going to take your leg up again. If this is too challenging, you can always bend the opposite leg for support and just continue with the circles. Otherwise, keep that leg lengthening long. So begin your circles accent up. One, two, the nose naval pulls back in two and three and up.

Four hip still and five reversed the circles five times. They have what? Keep those hips still two very hard. Three, four and five Venn journey. Good. Grab onto your thigh, give you like a stretch. Okay, great. I'm gonna have you guys sit up going into rolling like a ball so you'll hold onto your thighs. And Christie, I'll have you hold onto your ankle for extra more challenge in a first, find your balance. Your heads are down, your shoulders are down, you are literally going to roll back and roll up. So that being said, begin to roll back. Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale. Now move forward a little bit. Yeah, make sure you have a room behind you. When you roll back, make sure you only roll to the tips of your fingers or excuse me, the tips of your shoulders. Inhale, go back. Exhale, come up.

Keep your gaze on your tummies so the weight of your head doesn't take you three more. Come up and balance, hold, hold to and he'll take it back. Exhale, come up, hold onto the back of your thighs and last one all the way up and balance and place your feet down. That's a centering exercise as well as the massage for your lower back. So make sure when you do that Rollie, that you are on a soft surface, extra padded mat. Go ahead and lie back down. Good. Yeah, and that bring your right leg in.

You can either hold onto your thigh or for extra thought. You have to put your right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. So it's also a coordination exercise. Yeah, that's fine. Just bend your knee a little bit more. Then take your other leg, your left leg and extend it out to about a 45 degree angle. And important here is making sure that extended leg doesn't go too low because you want your powerhouse support. In other words, you want to pack to be supported on the mat. You don't want it, Archie, you'll add your heads, lift your heads, look at your stomachs, pull your tummies in and drop those shoulders.

Now you're going to transition switch legs, switch arms, so the left hand, left ankle, or you can just hold onto the thigh if you're just starting these and switch. When you transition, skip those tummies back down and switched. So each time you transition, your tummies will pop up. You've got to pull them back in and switch. Continue. Squeeze your bottoms and switch. If your next get tired. As you're doing this, continue with the arms and legs. But just rest your heads and switch and switch.

And now three fast one and one, two, two, three and three. Go ahead and rest your head. Pick a moment. Okay. Can I go into the next one called [inaudible]? It's a breathing exercise. You're going to hold onto the back of your thighs. Chris, I'll have you hold onto your ankles. [inaudible] you're back in that play stance. So heels together, toes apart, and let's just practice the arms. Take your arms straight up to 90 degrees.

Take a nice deep breath in. Begin to exhale, circle your arms, go back onto the ankles or the thighs the further you reach. In other words, if you grabbed onto your ankles, it's going to become a lot more challenging and exhale. So you can try if you'd like and hail, lift, exhale burring those arms back in. So it's a big circle. Now keep your heads down for a moment at your legs. So this time your arms go up and your legs go up. So nice deep breath in. Arms Up. Exhale, circle your arms, reach back.

Go ahead and grab onto the top of the ankles if you're going to reach that far. [inaudible] keep your head down. One more time. Arms and legs, just arms, legs, deep breath in, and exhale. All right, so now I'm going to have you add your heads. So the time you're doing that, you're trying to maintain that flat back. Here you go. Heads are up looking at your tummies. Arms, legs go at this at the same time. Nice deep breath and look at your stomachs the whole time. Exhale, inhales.

Try to stretch your whole body out. Flattening your backs. Exhale. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale. And you can reach back further because you're a stronger there. And exhale and inhale and exhale. Bring it back together. Keep your gaze on your tummy so you're next, aren't you?

Straining and exhale. Two more. Nice. Deep breath in. Look at your tummy. Chin to your chest. There you go. And then together. Last one, keep your gaze on your tummy there. Perfect. And come back getting rushed or heads rest your legs. Okay, so it's really working that powerhouse, legs and arms of your weights. Try to maintain that flat back. Okay, go ahead.

Take one leg up your walk, your hands as high as you can on that straight leg. If that's not, that's too hard. Just lower your leg down and hold onto the thigh. All right, so you're going to take your other leg out to about a 45 degree angle. It's also a powerhouse, a stomach exercise. You're going to begin to lift your head. Look at your stomachs.

The higher your reach, the more stretch shoulders are down. Pause your leg towards you two times. Pull Pool, scissor, your legs, pull. Pull. Careful that you're not rolling your hips around and that your legs stay aligned up with your shoulders and pulse. Pulse and pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. Keep going. Pull, pull, pull, pull. As you pull, tell me. Scoop, scoop, scoop. It's all about that powerhouse. Naval the spine as scoop. Scoop, shoulders, pushing down and cool pool.

Clear pulses. Pull, pull, pull, pull. There you go. Apple pull. Last set. Right, right, left, left. Bend your knees. Drop your heads. Okay, so you should be fairly warmed up by now. All right, so continuing. You're going to hold onto the back of your heads this time and again, at any point you're next. Get tired. Just put your heads down. Continue with the arms and legs or just skip the exercise, but your knees back in.

You're going to try to take the legs to a 90 degree angle. If that's not possible. Just try to keep the knees as close together or start to lift her head. Looking at your stomach, keeping those tailbones flat, your backs straight, no archery here. Your lower legs, about two inches. And lift them back up. Try to curl your sternums up. Pull your stomach's in.

The straighter the legs the better. And that will give you more of a stretch. That's it. Really try to get just the tips of the shoulders on the mat. So you're really curled up in that sternum and the storm stays still, so you keep, your upper body is still just, the legs are moving all the way to 90 degrees. That's it. Lift now, lift your upper body. Hold that just a little bit down.

Add up little bit down and keep your upper body still left. There you go. And here it is, and a little bit down with the legs and right back up. That's the exercise. Last one. And Bend your knees. Rest. Did I have to do too many repetitions to feel it and to get it precise? Upper body stay still. So it's really just lower abdominal, lower back.

All right hands will stay back behind your head. Going into the next and last of the series of five, let's go five different stomach exercises you're doing right now. You're you to take one leg out. Opposite leg is man, and then you want to try to tap the knee as you tap that knee you're telling me is will pop out. You have to push him back in scoop and then switch. Scoop. Careful with your alignment. Make sure your right knee, if it's your right leg that's in his lined up with your right shoulder and switch. Left knee, left shoulder switch. And as you're transitioning that, your hips aren't moving.

Just the upper bodies are lifting. So try to get your shoulder way up off the mat. Good and oil past the mat and knee to your ear and switch. Look to your back, elbow and switch. Now three fast and one eh, one and two and two and three and rest.

Oh, okay. So that's your series of five different exercises just in single leg stretch, double leg stretch. Alright, go ahead and sit up. Flex your feet going into your spine stretch. You're going to try to sit right on top of your hips if you have to bend your knees to do that. That's what you do. The straighter the legs, the more stretch arms are in front of you. You want to sit as tall as you can, so squeeze your bottoms, take a nice deep breath in, and then just begin to exhale and drop the crown of your heads down. Think of the crown of your head. Going to the mat as low as you can, keeping those feet flex and bottom squeezing.

And then begin to round up stacking one vertebra back on top of the other to sit up tall and deep breath in. Squeeze your seats. Exhale round down. Keep flexing those fee. So lots of energy out of your hail. Make sure your feet aren't rotating, they stay lined up with your hips and then begin to sit up tall, dropping your shoulders. Okay. And now I'm going to have it go a little bit quicker. So you're sitting up tall legs a little bit wider, so a little bit wider than your shoulders. Nice deep breath in. And exhale, rounding down. So you're really pulling deep into here.

Shoulders relaxed, squeeze in your bottom and then come back up tall and deep breath. Exhale, round down, going lower and lower each time. Try not to stretch with your arms. Think of pulling your navels in to your spine. And last one. Nice deep breath Dan. And exhale, go ahead and grab onto your ankles or your arches and give yourself an added stretch there.

Alright, I'll have you sit back up. Have you bend your knees and I'm going to have you take your hands inside your legs. You'll hold onto your ankle and we'll just do it. A little preparation exercise for open like rocker. So you want to first you're sitting up tall and then you kind of round your lower back so that you're kind of fitting on your sits bones. You want to try to find your balance. Your feet will come off the mat, you can kind of drop your Chins as well.

So the weight of your head isn't gonna roll you back and you'll take your right leg and just give it a stretch to where you can, may not straighten all the way and then bring it back down and then your left leg and down and right and one more left and rest for just a moment. By dropping your feet, give your shoulders a break. Go ahead and find your rounds again. We're going to add on to that. So right, like goes up. Less light goes up. You want to try to close the feet, open a feet and rest. Okay, one more time. So first find your balance. Keep Your Chin down a little bit. That'll keep you from rolling or right leg, left leg close, open and rest. Okay.

Go ahead and take your hands outside. You'll hold onto the back of your calves this time move forward a little bit cause I'm going to have you roll next. So you want to make sure you have a room behind you. You'll find your balance. So you're kind of in a tabletop position. Your heads are forward, so you're looking at your belly button, Tommy's or in shoulders down. All right? You're going to literally roll back, but only roll to the tips of your shoulder.

So control that role. You Roll back your round up nice and easy. Take the energy out of it. Try to really relax into these. And so don't force them continue and he'll go back. The more relaxed you are on these, the easier they become. And continue.

Go back, keep your chin curl to your chest. That'll keep the weight forward, right? Two more. Christie, go ahead. Straight in your legs for more challenge and come up and last one chin stays down. So keep that gaze to your tummy. That's it. Come up balance and go ahead and place your feet down. Okay. I'm going to have you guys lie back onto your backs. Did you like that? Well, it's especially when you're rolling. Yeah.

It's easy to tense everything and try too hard. So try not so hard. Yeah. Okay. Feet together. Hands at your side. I'm going to have you guys bring your knees into your chest for a little corkscrew exercise. These are extremely hard. So only do them if they, if you feel like your body's capable. All right? Take your legs up.

You want to try to keep them straight and you want to keep your hips very still. Like one long leg. You zipped him up. You're gonna circle length. Reverse it each time. So go right around to center. Left around center. Keep your range of motion very small and circle.

Now your hip should not move. So if they are moving major ranges too big. Uh Huh. That's it. Add around and center. Oh, rails Sanchez. So very small and in the hips. Lower back a little. There it is. That's better. Last one and bend your knees, Rath, go ahead and grab onto the back of your thighs and just kind of give your backs a little stretch. Those are side strengthening, lower back exercises. So again, just do it if it's up, you're capable, otherwise skip them.

I'm going to have you guys sit back up, going into your saw to stretch your legs will be apart, your feet are flexed, your arms are going to go out to the side and go ahead and open up your legs pretty wide. So a little bit wider. You two can open up your legs and a little wider. So a little wider than your mat. Sit as tall as you can, right on top of your hips. You can bend your knees if you need to. And I'll have you go to the right. So you're going to twist from the waist. And as you twist, don't let your legs move. Keep those legs very still.

Keep flexing your feet. Take your pinky and try to soft that little toe so your nose goes to your knee, shoulders down, relaxed. Good. You want to reach as far forward as you can without your hips moving. So pull your left hip back even more. There you go. And then slowly stack one Virta rope back on top of the other and sit up tall.

Switching sides. Go left. Your pinky reaches for the little toe. Drop your shoulders, drop your Chin's. Here's where the hips will want to move. You want to stay on both hips, especially that right one. If you've gone left, there's your stretch [inaudible] come back and center and turn and reach. It's okay to bend the knees. Oh, just make sure you're not tensing those shoulders.

Try to keep them relaxed and come back up and center. And one more to the left flex feet. So lots of energy out of those heels without locking the knees so much and come on up and that's enough. I'll have you guys flip over to your stomach's next, going into a little bit of a back exercise so you can move your pillows out of the way so you're lying on your tummies, your palms, your shoulders, or you can take your hands right by your side. Just a little back extension. All right, so you're just lining yourselves up. All right, so try, you want to try to keep the heels together? If that's not comfortable, go ahead and let your legs relax and open. All right, just checking everyone's alignment first.

Just take a nice deep breath in and fill your diaphragm. So polar enables up feeling or backs up. Nice deep breath in. And then just kind of exhale all the air out. Good tumor, just breathing, filling your lungs. Nice. Deep breath in, filling the diaphragm up and exhale, that's it.

And last one, Nice. Deep breath in and filling it up in here. And exhale. Okay. Going into the exercise, you're going to start by lifting your heads. Keep your foreheads pointing straight down to the back of your next or long. Lift your chest, take both hands off of the mat and just kind of hover there.

Hold that for about three counts. One, two, three, ed, rest. Okay. Same thing as you come up this time, lift your tummies up as well and try to come up. Challenge Yourself. Come up a little bit higher. So heads, chest, palms come off the mat, elbows can come off. You want to hold it that really pull up into here. And lift, lift, lift and [inaudible]. Rest. Last one. Don't need to do too many. Head, chest, palms and hold. Lift your stomachs. Two, three and arrest. Okay, go ahead and let's have you come up onto your elbows.

Make a fist with each hand. These can be tough on the knees or if you have any knee issues, I would just go ahead and skip based or lower back. You want to be conscious of that. Lower back. Really lift your stomach's way up into the spine. Squeeze your bottoms, kind of pushing your hips down, but lifting your tummies at the same time. Okay, now you can lift your head a little bit more so you're more lined up with your smile. Good.

You're going to take your right heel and try to kick your bottom two times without anything moving in here. So keep that scoop happening. So take your right heel and kick two times. Kick, kick, keep pulling up into here. Yes. And switch legs and kick two times. Kick and switch to our sets. We're right. Kick, kick, left, kick, kick ribs up, right kick, kick, kick, kick. Last one, right kick, kick. Really fill this up and left, kick, kick. And that's enough. Go ahead and stretch back to your heels so you're going to another would sit on your heels is kind of stretching her backs out. Okay. Come up onto your palms and your knees. Get your hands underneath your shoulders.

I'm gonna have you do a little cutback exercise. Just Kinda, just stretch the backs out again. And I just want you to round up. So drop your head, curl your hips, scoop your navels up, take a nice deep breath in and begin to lift your head and start to arch your back. So your heads will come up. You'll open up your chest and exhale, exhale, exhale. Exactly. You've got it. And deep breath in. Fill this up. [inaudible] and exhale, lifting your heads, opening up to your chest. Good. Last one. Nice. Deep breath in. Lifting your stomachs, rounding up, and exhale. Exhale, exhale, exhale that.

Okay. Go ahead and sit back on your bottoms with your knees bent. So you're going to turn around, your feet are back on the mat, hip with the part this time and you'll hold onto the back of your thoughts going back into a roll back exercise round your back. So you're in a seeker of again, your head, they're down and you're literally going to lie on the Mat. But take this slow article. Think of going right through your center, following one vertebra down to the mat at a time. So Navel, middle back, upper back head. You can rest your hands at your side. If you have a pillow, go ahead and put that back underneath your, your head or towel.

And then, yeah, and then you're going to try it. Come back up. This is where it's going to be very hard as well. You can grab on to the thighs for extra support. Right here you come up. So your heads are up, shoulders are pushing down. Really pull in and try not to let your feet pop up around you round forward. And then I'm gonna have you sit up tall, stacking one vertebra on top of the other. Just sit up tall.

So continue heads Dow, you'll begin to round back down. Okay. Do you want more challenge? You can put your hands behind your head with your elbows, ed. If that was too easy, that's it. Otherwise, just continue with those there. You'll still get a better, a lot of benefit out of that and deep breath in.

The only way your hands should be behind your head is if your feet aren't lifting up off the mat and sit up tall. Your feet are hip width apart though, and if the elbows stay open, that even that's even harder. Otherwise, just keep continue. Hold onto the back of your thighs. Continue about three more. If you want extra challenge, keep those legs straight, hands behind your head, squeeze your bottoms. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, peel off that mat roundup and then up as tall as you can.

See your feet are nice and flex and then you'll begin to round back down. Otherwise continue the same way that we started. [inaudible]. Good. Really Flex your feet and last one. I only need, did you do one more and round up it? Only if you can. With that. Those feet lifting up. Good. Round over. Drop your head. Sit up tall. Curl your tins to your chest. You'll lie back down.

This time you're going to stay down shoulders. Now squeeze your bottom. Yeah. Tuck your hips, articulating the Vertebra, and that's enough. Okay, I'm going to have you guys lie on your left side, getting ready for some lake sick kicks. So you're right, legs on top. In other words. So turn to your left. Go ahead and move yourself to the back of the Mat.

So your spine is lined up with the mat and you can check by using your hand, taking the back of the mat to see if your hips are lined up to your shoulders so he shoulders and hips. Your box are lined up with one another. You'll swing your legs forward so you're in kind of a boomerang position or a v hip on top of hip. Very important knee soft, so you're not locking those knees, feet soft and PyLadies. We work from the top of the hip to the knee, so from the knee down should be relaxed. Let's have you move your legs a little bit more forward so the feet might actually come off the mat a bit. Alright, your right hand is on top or off the mat, kind of for support and right in front of your ribs to remind you to keep that powerhouse solid. So you want to keep everything scooped. Take your right leg up about hip level, rotate your knees slightly towards the ceiling. Soffit, soft knees working from your bottom and hip.

You're gonna take your right leg and swing it forward. Two kicks forward, little one and then a big one. And take the leg back about two to three inches. Stop. Hold that for just a moment. Now kind of push your hips forward. So squeeze your bottom, pull your tummies in. That's the exercise. Soft your knee and kick. Kick forward. Swing it back.

Careful that your powerhouse. In other words, you don't arch your backs as you're moving and kick kick. You have enough room there and back. Kick as high as you can up and swing it back. Kick, kick. So your upper body stays still the whole time. Ang kick, kick and back. Shoulders down, kick, kick front. Swing it back hip on top of hip though. Don't let your hips roll, kick, kick and back. One more time and kick, kick and back. Rest your legs on top of each other.

The other important thing is to make sure the leg stays lined up with the hip when you're kicking to make sure your leg doesn't come higher than your hip and it stays hip level the whole time. All right, can I go into your up and down? You'll start with your leg up pip level again. This time you're going to take your like up towards the ceiling and as it comes down you want to think of squeezing your bottom exactly and pinching the inner thighs so the heels come back together and it goes up and squeeze and her size. Pull your tummies in and pull your shoulders back and up and lower and upper. Now as you come back down, think of that leg lengthening.

So think of your right leg reaching out of the hip so much so that it grows longer than the left leg. Very difficult not to use the knees here. Try not to lock those knees and work those inner thighs and your bottom two more up and reach up and reach. One more time. Up and right, rich reach. Push your hips forward more. So squeeze your bottom. Yeah, your tail button and rest. Okay. You're going to take your leg up, hip level, going into a little bit of a circle.

Hip stay still hips right on top of each [inaudible] other a little bit more for right there. And you want to think of brushing your knees together. Five circles, one to still scooping three, four and five and reverse it and one, two. Now soften your knees as you do this and you'll see how much harder it becomes. Three, four, and five. Then you'll really feel it in your hip. All right, I'm going to have you guys turn over to the other leg. So same thing, just the other side. You want to get your alignment, however you want to get there. [inaudible] okay. Swing your legs forward so you're back in that boomerang position.

You can either be up on the elbow or down. It's fine. You feel better. Everybody's facing the same way. Line up with the back of the hand. Oddball out. Okay. Line up with the back of the Mat. So hips are lined up with the edge of the mat. Shoulders are lined up.

Now you actually can lie on the arm or palm on top of it, but you don't want your upper body lifted. Yeah, exactly. So you're back into that flat back. You're just lying on your side. Everything is the same for your powerhouse. The same length. All right, let's see. Let me have you move backwards a little bit. Okay, so now you're lined up. All right, so you just get that engagement. Your shoulders lined up, your hips are in, lined up, your boxes, nice and square. Your tummies are scooped or powerhouses nice and stable.

Your legs are a bit more forward and your knees are nice and relaxed. All right, sorry. You're going to start with that left leg up about hip level. It's as that leg moves that your powerhouse will want to start moving in with you. You keep that still kick, kick up and swing it back. So towards your nose. Kick, kick, and back. Kick, kick, and back. Now make that bigger kick. Weigh up here. Kick and back. Two kicks. Little kick, big kick. So make that second kick the big one and kick, kick and back.

Now rotate your toes to the ceiling so you're slightly turned out. That's it. And two more. Kick, kick and back. One more time. Don't let your upper body move. It stays nice and still rest your legs on top of each other. All right, going into the next exercise, the up and downs.

We'll start with your leg. Hip level. Again, knees are soft. Rotate your knee towards the ceiling so you're slightly turned down. Theater soft again in your hips. Take your leg up towards the ceiling. This time as you come back down, you want to squeeze your inner thighs hip. Stay right on top of each other a little more forward and take it up.

Think of that leg lengthening. Reach out of the hip. Make that left leg longer. You might feel a stretch right through the sides here. Reach, reach, reach, good and up and inner thighs. Squeeze knees, stay soft. Three more up and reach to, let me see more resistance on the down so the leg isn't just falling down. You're resisting it by squeezing your bottom and your inner thighs and last one up and resist it and rust. Okay. Can I take your leg up again?

Going into the little circles, just hip level. I should have told you. [inaudible] [inaudible] right there. And you're just going to begin to circle the leg five times softer in the knee and you'll get in here more. So let me feel your thigh here. Circle up and around one and up and around two. That's it. Keep going. Sorry. Now you're working four and five reverser circles and one, two. These will burn. Three, four and five.

Rushed are like, okay. You can go ahead and shake your legs out if you'd like. And then I'll have you guys lie back onto your backs. Yeah, they're back. Oh, you know when you're concentrating, you're in the movement. Okay. Get yourself centered on your mat. Slide your, your knees are bent, but slide your feet pretty far forward. Angle your knees together and have you go into a single leg teaser.

Go ahead and start with your right leg up so your knees are glued together the whole time. Your knees soft, take your arms up. You can even take them that back. That's fine. Just don't let your backs pop up. You want to keep that imprinting happening so you're back there down and you're pulling up into your stomachs. You're flattening them. All right, you're going to begin by taking the arms up, legs in the back of your neck, start to round. You can just go to the tips of your shoulders or for extra challenge and you can try to come all the way at without that left foot moving and continue to roll back down and you don't want to just fall. You want to control the movement, articulating one vertebra at a time and deep breath in, healing off the mat, one vertebra at a time. That's it. Just go to where you can, where your body can feel the challenge and then continue to around, back down with control so you're not just collapsing about three more nice deep breath in and exhale earlier.

Chins towards your chest. That's it. Hold, that's fine. And begin to around, back down, shoulders relaxed to take some of the tension out of it and that will help you. Nice deep breath in to try to relax a little bit. Exhale, stay centered. Follow that center line and then slowly round back down with control. Very nice. Last one.

And exhale. Very deep exercises. You really want to pull your tummies in and begin to roll back down and rest. Switching sides. Same thing, other side. So don't force any of this so you can, you don't have to do all the repetitions. You do what you can. All right, you're going to take your arms back up, Nazer glue together and begin to round up.

Just go to where you can and then slowly around back down. The higher you come, the harder it becomes. But it can be just as challenging coming to the tips of the shoulders. And holding it. Three, four more exhale. So a total of five pull in your stomach as you try to come up for the not popping out and a lie back down. Yeah, anywhere from three to five of these. You don't have to do too many. It said soften your feet.

Take that energy out of here and keep it in there. That's it. And to exhale and bring it down. That's it. And Go ahead and lie down or that's enough. We'll stop. Okay, I'm gonna have you guys sit back up and roll one more time just to kind of massage all of that out. Your knees are kind of open. You can either hold onto your thighs. Yeah, let's, let's have you hold onto your size. And Christie, you could hold on to the ankles so your hands are inside your legs.

Make it harder. It's hard enough. All right, you're going to find you're happy with the, okay. Drop your head, shoulders down. Find your balance. These are called your seals and let's just have you roll back again. You're just going to try to roll to the tips of the shoulders. So you have to be careful when you roll back. Not to roll all the way back. You have to continue to hold your center and the powerhouse. Curl your chin to your chest.

Otherwise the weight will take you all the way back. So keep your heads down, your shoulders down, and just about two more. So here's c curve has to round further floor now on top your shoulders. Otherwise you're going to roll onto your head. There you go. Yeah, just a little bit back and come on up. Much better. Last one. Inhale back and all the way up. Okay. Place your feet down.

Go ahead and straight your legs and reach for your toes. It's really naturally just breathe. You'll, you'll know when to exhale holding your breath. Yeah, that's not good. You want to exhale to, all right, so just have you stretch a little bit and then I'm going to have you guys stand up to finish. So have you stand up. You can stay on your mats, but just face each other. We can all face the same way. Heels together, toes, apar and employees. You want the weight towards your toes, taking that tension off your lower back. You also want to make sure you're not arching the back.

So you want to pull your stomach's up and think of wrapping the size. So your tailbones go straight down and your stomachs are lifted. Good. Alright, so here you go. You're on your heels. You're just not. Yeah, there you go. I mean your hails aren't off the mat. All right, taking a deep breath in your Guinness, circle the arms. Nice deep breath and exhale and just think of growing taller. Lifting two more. Nice deep breath.

And exhale. One more time. Nice deep breath. And exhale. Now I'm going to have you take a deep breath in and come up to your toes. Keep lifting in your stomachs and we're wrapping this size. Try to keep those heels glued together and exhale.

Now have you reverse and hale. This is the challenge. You don't have to come up to the toes, but that's a goal. And actually we'll come back down to more just like that up. Keep lifting your powerhouse and exhale. If you think of a string on top of your heads, lifting you up, that will help lift Tommy's up. Bottoms. We're wrapping. Good.

And exhale. Come back down last time. Inhale, lift and exhale. Come on down. Relax. Keep your weight forward. Start to round four too. Your heads are going to drop. You're going to round just to the tops of the hips, so not too far down. Keep your weight on towards your toes. Light on your heels so the heels are down. Yes, you're just light on them.

You want to think of the hips on top of your ankles without falling, so you might have to soften your knees a little bit. Relax, come up a little bit higher, right about there. Arms are just hanging. No energy in them. Yeah. If you want to open up your heels a little bit, that'd be better for you. All right? You're going to give your arms a little push to begin to circle them. So you give them the push and then begin to let the momentum take over. Yeah, no energy from you. Just let them hang everything relaxed and then a little push to reverse those circles.

Keep the weight even on both feet. You want to feel all 10 toes on the mat. That's it. Even less energy in the arms. Just let them hang. There may not be a bunch of movement, okay, and softer and your knees good. You're going to begin to round up. Take this slowly. Pull your navels in and think of those hips staying on top of your ankle.

So push your hips forward. There you go. Soft knees just there straight, just not locking them. Red Heads can come up. [inaudible] both arms straight up. If you want to come up onto your toes, you can otherwise stay on a flat foot. Take a nice deep breath and get those roots back into here. Fill this in. Good, nice deep breath in. Exhale, go to a flat foot.

Drop your arms and shake yourselves out. You guys are all done. Nice job.


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