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Fitness Ball Fun

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Add some variety to your practice by using the Fitness Ball to increase strength and flexibility in this class taught by Meredith. Featuring Seated Twist, and Saw, a challenging back extension, and lots of abdominal work. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Apr 19, 2011
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Okay. So what we're gonna do is are these the same size? Pretty much, Huh? Okay. Let me just try something out and then I'll work. Okay. We're going to start with the ball with a cat stretch, so you can just set the ball down right out, right in front of you on your mat and just lean over so that your hands are on top of it. So before we start moving, let's just drop the head down and draw the abdominals upwards so much that you feel perhaps the pelvis start to get a little closer to your chest or find a deep tucked position. Taking a deep breath in there and XL, just solidifying the abdominal work necessary to hold that shape with integrity.

Then as you inhale, lengthen out the spine. It's like spine stretch forward from standing. So you want to go out into a flat back. The tailbone lifts up to the ceiling, the arms just at rest on the ball so the ball just rolls. As you roll. We draw the abdominals up into the spine and bring the ball back towards our legs. As we inhale, lengthening out through the spine, feel the shoulders reaching down away from the ears, pausing there, excelling to curl back up, carving out through the abdominals are scooping or hollowing or whatever makes the most sense to you. Inhale as we lengthen out, looking for the tailbone to reach up the chest to just only go so low XL to come on as you can be flat. So for some of us who have a little bit less flexibility, it's going to be worthwhile to say a little higher in space and XL to come back and let's you do that about four more times. Just nice and fluid. Big Breath in as we reach out, flattening the spine, deep breath out, warming up and controlling through the abdominals. Inhale, big breath.

Feeling the length through the head all the way through the tailbone and XL to pull back just two more like that. Inhale, it's a long reach and exhale we can tract and bring the ball back. One more time. Inhale. It's a long reach. Yeah. Next, how we can track bringing the ball back and then just let the hands leave the ball and come up all the way. Coming around to the front. We're going to sit down on the ball and where you want to position yourself so that my feet are getting real. Get slidy on. You.

Want to position yourself so your low back is connected to the ball. All right, let's take the hands behind the head. This is the chest lifts, so starting with the shoulders and the pelvis in a straight line. Take the upper body over the top. As you exhale, lift just the upper body back to straight line in here we go over the top again, so letting the ball support us and then coming back we stretched the abdominals but endeavor to keep them engaged and then we come back to a neutral spine position and inhale back to and lift. Using the ball to challenge the extension of the spine but also allow it to be a real controlled last five here. Excellent. Coming to neutral. Inhaling, stretching over the top. Exhale, coming to neutral in heel. Stretching over the top three and back, working in both directions to and back. Here's our last one. We're going to come from the top into a round shape.

So we pull up and then flatten out and up and over. So we're going now into flection instead of extension to neutral, neutral to flection. Using the breath to increase the depth in the abdominal, keeping the head and relatively heavy in the hands. So we're not pulling forward with the neck. I'm just moving the spine. Last five back and forth and back.

And three, I think of it like a crest of a way. The abdominals pullback as a chest crashes over. Oh, last count is this one. One. Yay. Walk back to your boss. UN sitting up on top of it. I wanna bring the feet together. Let's go. Arms out to the side. Just a little twisting here. So as we exhale, we're going to lift and twist towards the ocean in healing to come back center.

Then exhale, lift and twist. So at the moment we're going to make it relatively gentle. So working to warm up the body, then back to center and across and back. So using the abdominals to find the rotation but also feeling them engaged as we come back and recheck Roth and comeback and a cross and combat. Let's say three more and around and last one.

Okay, so from here just step your feet out wide. Mine are going to go a little lower cause I towards the ground. We're going to just do a side stretch, so relatively straight like maybe open up the feet a little wider. Deb, if that works for you. And then take, let's say the right arm. Just start to slide it down the right leg, reaching the left arm up and overhead, lengthening out that side of the body and then gently engaging through the abdominals. We roll back up, left arm comes down on the left leg, reach up first and then over stretching out that side of the wasting, active through the opposite hip bone or keeping the opposite hip bone ground and lifting back up Sioux one more around reaching across, sliding the hand may be a little lower this time. And then coming back and over to the other side I've been across and all the way back. All right, we're going to bring the feet back together. I'm gonna walk back forward.

Here's our chest lift with an oblique rotation. So we were back in our neutral spine position. We're going to go over the top of the ball. There's our inhale. Exhale, lift to neutral and turn towards me and back center and over. Go in the other way. Lift in, turn, bring it back. And Ah, and again reaching across. So you stay pretty close to the bottom of the road. Kids, we're not coming too high off the ball.

Another thing that's challenging is as you're turning your body, can you keep the ball still underneath you? It's alternating from side to side each time feeling the rotation occur around the rib cage. Yeah. Not going across, just working with the breath. It's an inhale to go back and an exhale to lift up. We're gonna do five more to each side, so we're about halfway done.

There is one stretching back and then one [inaudible] too and getting engaged on the way over here is I last three. What are the, are you sliding feet flooding or is it just me? It's just my sweaty feet maybe. Okay. Here's our last one coming up. We're going to stay at this side just here and just a little contractions forward. It's a pulse to three, making sure that opposite pelvis is pulled back into the ball. Seven, eight, nine, 10 back to center and over to the other side and just find the depth and the abdominals. The Rib opposite rib coming to opposite hip.

Here's five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Take it to the center and then take your body over the top of the ball and reach your arms overhead. Just stretching out through the abdominals. Start to walk your feet away from you. You'll end when your head is on the ball. Well, this is just a shoulder stretch.

We're going to press up from the backs of our legs. It's a similar feeling to the pelvic curl working in the hamstrings and the glutes. And then we just take the arms away, ah, and then wrap them around the ball as they circle to the sides so they stay narrow as they'd come up towards the ears. Still using the glutes and hamstrings to keep the pelvis elevated. [inaudible] think about correct alignment of the shoulder blade so it has the arms reach up, the shoulder blades drop down. They spread wide as we take our arms to the sides. I'm going to do about four, three, opening up the too and one. Alright, we're gonna walk back towards the ball with our feet.

You use your hands to help you come on top of it. All right, we're going to take the legs out to the sides again. So we're going to do a modified saw here, sitting up nice and tall through the spine. Inhale, let's go this way. Exhale. Take that back arm and push it behind you as your reach your front. I'm forward towards the opposite foot. Lengthen out through the spine. So try to go not flat and come center. Inhale as you turn.

Excellent. As you reach across, lift long and flat to the ground and then up and center and breathe in to breathe, to lift and lengthen to XL home. And inhale to link. Lift up and bring it home. Let's say two more to each sides. Working through the obliques, active reach to the back, arm and center across damn length and now, and bring it back home. All right, Devin, I have three pound weights. You could choose to use a bigger weight if you wanted to, but I wouldn't go more than four personally. Deb, why don't you stay that way and I'll face this way and here's what we're gonna do. Just um, if you want to balance, challenge holding the legs together as a fair amount, more challenging than just separating them apart, what you're going to do, and I'll do what you do. Okay, so this is a similar two arms supine feel.

The shoulder blades dropped down as your arms float to the ceiling to the sides. Push them down. Inhale, spread the shoulders wide as you float your arms out and press them into your body. Feel the trunk mimicking the motion of the arms so as the arms are being lifted through space, the rib cage, the trunk is expanding and then it narrows and contracts as we press the weights down and let's do four more. Lovely. Really feel the dropping of the scapula. That's important. It's almost like the arms are weightless as they come up.

Please excuse my voice. I'm fighting a cold. Here's the last one and we paused. Turning the palms to face back. We're going to go forward now, so keep the line of the collarbones consistent meaning as the arms reach up, we're not curving the shoulders forward, pushing back into like a chest expansion action. Inhaling and exhaling and inhaling and exhaling down, keeping the abdominals tightly engaged. Here's five. I think we're going to go to about eight last two and one more.

So allow the arms to just come down towards the sides of the volunteer your head over to one side, let the next and come up and let's take it over to the other side and come back. We're going to do a circular motion now. It's a combination of the same two movements. So we just go out, keep the collarbones long, bring the arms straight across and push down open. Let's inhale now and exhale down. Floating the OEM's heavy shoulder blades lightly. Just hold, letting the weights almost arrested in the hands. So this is not a big grip of the hands or the forearms.

Feeling the arms rotate within the shoulder joint. I think two more is enough. And just one more time and then we're going to go with the river. So you go up, you spread out the chest and you push down feeling the upper back working as we reached down, not only upper back, we'll start to feel the shoulders working quite a bit as well. This when it's five already go by fast. And here's our last three and our last too, and our last one. So we're going to bend over the legs. Cheating a flat back, so really left up through the chest. Upper arms press tight against the body.

For a tricep extensions, you just press and vent and press focus here as you press back on, engaging through the back first so the shoulder blades pull down and then the arms follow. Also focus on supporting yourself through your abdominals to make the spine stronger and more stable. Let's do 10 more, little faster out in to really squeeze the arms straight for fun. Coming from the upper back, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 sitting all the way back up. One more arm out to the side. Exercise. Maybe just reach out to the sides and then we're going to make a small circle so it's just circle pushed down and down and by push down, I'm talking more about the arm bones in the weights. If feeling the contraction of the upper back to support it. Five four, three, two, one.

Let's reverse ten nine supporting the shoulders, keeping the neck long, keeping the yams working. Last five, four, three, two, one. That's the end of that. We're going to put the weights away and then one more thing while we're sitting here, just a lot of the arms to float out to the side. Take one or they do flow. Have you ever played that game where you stand in a doorway and push against it? It's kind of that same feeling like so you, your arms literally do float up in space. Take the hand just one hand across one ear, gently guide the head to the side and then reach the arm first away from you and then slowly down towards the ball. Feeling the movement coming from the shoulder blade. Never forcing, just allowing the neck to get a little stretch. Maybe it'll push into the ball a bit with that straight arm and then let go of the head before you pick the head.

I bring the opposite arm up and across. Gently guide the head to the side. Reach the straight arm away to pull down nice and long through the neck, through the arm. Push it into the ball just a little bit at the bottom and then take the hand off the head and bring the head back up. Good. We're going to come onto our back. So some of the things with the ball are slightly more challenging.

Some are slightly easy or we'll start with an easier one and move into a more challenging when after that. So the spine twist is where we're headed next. The knees are going to be together, the arms may be down in [inaudible]. Let's go out to the side. But Debra, cause we have space taking the knees over towards the ocean first, keeping that opposite shoulder blade down. We'd haul out through the waist and bring the ball back and inhale, letting the ball support the way to the leg so we're able to hopefully in our bodies to go a little deeper in our center. That's the goal. Anyway, inhale across and exhale, tip that feeling the ribs, pull away from the knees and then pressing them, knitting them together as we return center. Inhaling across abdominals. Very much in and exhale to come back just a few more.

Let's do one more to each side. Excellent home and again, an excelling home. All right, so here we're gonna separate the feet a little. The heels are going to press down into ball. The ball, this is the pelvic curl are the ball might wiggle around, be prepared for that. Arms are straight down at our sides are going to anchor down into the ground. As we exhale, we're going to carve out the abdominal starts to peel the pelvis a lifting up so the hips are level with the knees, but the ribs drop lower than the hips. Inhale to hold. Exhale, rolling down, releasing all the way to neutral, excelling to roll up.

So what can potentially be nice about this, in my opinion anyway, is that because we have that ball that we're lifted up on, we've got so much room to work through the spine on the way down. Really take advantage of that if you will, and excelling to come and inhaling to hold and exhaling to articulate hollow. Feel the pelvis, reach towards the ribs and then really work through the lower back and then place the hips down one more time. Like, so we're rolling up, pressing the arms back into the ground in healing to pause and excelling to come down. All right Deb, this is going to get tougher. We're going to do a leg extension. Um, you might not want to go all the way straight with your knees. Keep the knees a little bit soft, but basically that what that's going to do is protect the low back. Here we go, we roll ourselves up. Once you've hit that high position, pressure legs, about three quarters of the way out, and then pull them back in. Press them out again about three quarters of the way, keeping the body long and still we're going to do three more.

If you don't feel your hamstrings, well, I don't know. Have any advice come to, you'll feel your hamstrings. There's no way around it. Here's our last one. Pulling in, taking a breath and just calming down. Slowly moving the spine subtly and releasing the pelvis down. You'd up for another set. Here we go. One more set. Rolling.

Stretching the legs away. Feel that pelvis lift and stay lifted as an east pole back in. We reach out and we pull back upper arms again, pressing back into the ground, stabilizing the shoulder girdle last too to pull in and one more to pull in. And with that we're going to come all the way back. Yeah, let me think. Now would be a good time to give ourselves a stretch.

So just let's let the left foot just rest on the ball. Bring the right side bone right up into your chest. So I'm holding on the back of my leg, nick. Keep it as close as I can to my body as I tried to reach the leg over my head. Now that means I may or may not straighten my leg, but what I'm trying to do is not move my thigh away from where I've put it.

Inhale to bend the knee, exhale to allow the leg to stretch back, reaching over the head and inhale to bend. Let's do three, reaching up and then bend and then take that ankle and cross it out to the side. So now the ankle is on the opposite knee, and then just roll the ball until you feel a hip stretch. I'm just bending the leg that was on the ball. Okay. And then we'll stretch that leg out. Change legs, bring the thighbone right up into the body. One side might be totally different than the others.

I'm expecting this side to be a little tighter for me. Oh, it was right. And so pull the navel into the ground as you reach the leg overhead. And also focus on keeping the pelvis down. We only did three, didn't we? Maybe we should've done more. Oh well, but the ankle across the knee. Bend the opposite knee.

Rolling the ball towards you until you start to feel a stretch there. Okay. Alright, so we're going to just take the ball with our feet, pick it up and place it in your hands. All right. This is a, um, variation on the double leg. Single leg, criss cross. Um, if the ball gets tiring to hold, it can always just go away. But what we're gonna do is curl the head and chest up so the ball is going to go out over the shins. Okay. Right there. We've got to work a little harder than normal just to not hold onto ourselves in, you know, to send the legs out. The ball reaches overhead. Exhale to pull back in, in to reach out, hollowing through the waist and Xcel to pull it. Just lightly holding the bar, feeling as the arms go over head.

Did the shoulders drop down into the shoulder joints or into the upper? Back in both directions. Good. We'll do about five more. Keeping the curl connected. Here's four and three, two and one. Hold there. Lift the legs up, lower the head and chest down and bend the knees into the chest.

Just having a little break. Curling back up, sending the ball over the tops of the knees, pressing down through the ribs. We're going to take the right leg straight and today we're going to pull the left leg right into the chest and then we change. Get the legs close together as they change. So they're squeezing actively towards one another and we just reach the act of trying to get the ball towards the tippy towels is going to keep us high enough off our shoulders that we shouldn't feel a lot of tension in our necks. If you do, it's worth it to have a break. Last four pull.

Push three, two and one. We're going to bring both knees in under the ball and I'll let the head come down for a moment. Let the ball go overhead. Just there. We're challenging the ribs to stay on the ground. Here's the crisscross. Curl the head in Chester. Stretch the leg for this away from me away. And then reach the ball towards that outer ankle bone and then change across outer ankle bone and a cross. So again, we get the rotation at the waist, just using the ball to provide an additional challenge.

Alright, remembering to use the breath. Alright, then we'll do four 32 [inaudible]. How are you going Deb? You're good. Okay. All right, got one more thing for us to do with the double leg lift. No ball or ball up to you, but what I'm going to do is try to curl my head and chest up.

I'm going to stretch my legs just under the ball. Then I'm gonna try to bring my ball up and keep my body just as high, taking legs down, and then pulling the legs back up. We're just going to do about five. Try to touch and then reach and pull deeply reached touch and three oh five is going to be plenty too. And one. However, I just thought of something else we could do. So let's have a rest and then we'll do that. All right, so it would be the scissor. Let's try five to each side.

Curling the head and chest. Sta stretching the legs out and then lifting the legs, but lifting the ball. One leg goes down, one leg reaches to touch and we change and we change. Keep pressing the ribs down to lift the body up. Go in two more times to each side. One and two, both legs up. Both knees. Bend had his chest down on the ground. Okay, that was hard.

Stretch the legs out straight. You're just going to, you can hold the ball off of yourself or you can just let it roll along your legs as you come into the roll up to get out. All right, we're going to do, um, our are another set of twisting in a, in a spine stretch, but we're going to open up the knees. Okay. So if you would prefer to have straight legs, that's fine. We're just gonna modify a little bit today. Okay. So what we're going to do, let's pick up the bottle, um, uh, maybe a little bit further away with your feet if that's comfortable for you so that you can sit a little forward. Perfect. Inhale as you turn, let's go this way. Pull the ball to the chest, squeeze it a little so you feel you're back working. Stretch the ball away, but feel the shoulders pull back and come back to center. Inhale as you turn. Excellent. As you grow the spine, the ball comes to the chest.

We press the ball away and we come back to center. And again, rotate, pulling in, lifting the chest, pressing the ball out and coming back to center. And Roti, pulling in, lifting the chest, reaching back and coming center. Just a couple of lift the back. Feel the ball the way to the ball, allowing you to challenge both your arms and your back and let's say one more to each side. Holding in the lifting, reaching back, coming to center. Last time, pulling and lifting, coming back and coming back to center. Is that the ball down for a second? This is going to be our saw variation. Okay. Opens up.

Okay. Ball up my shoulders, a little tired from the weights. Exhale, dive reached the ball over that outside or the side that you're turning to. Lengthen up. Sit up tall and pull back to center. In Hilton turn, I tilt to reach guiding the abdominals back as we bend at the spine. Inhale to lengthen and sit up and center in. He'll turn guiding the abdominals back. The ball reaches down. It's like you're bowing from the waist and bring it back and try and reach forward and lift and come back.

Center left little bit more forward. Deb on the way in center [inaudible] I think of leaning and you're perfect now. And reaching forward to lift and bring it home. This is our last one. Did I already say that? Oh, since your last time for sure. Oh, right up and center. Okay. We're going to leave our arms alone for a minute and then come up onto the knees. It spoils are a little bit big for this, but we're going to give it a go anyway.

Um, well you want to do, we're going to do a little bit of side work. So you want to bring the ball real close into the leg so that when you lean over on it, it's, there's not a lot of space between your thigh and the ball. So press it right up and then lean over and then you can just wrap your arm around the ball to hang on the opposite legs going to come out straight. Is your bottom? Yeah. Okay. Okay. So feel free to adjust the bottom you for comfort. Here we go. Nope, you can add.

Move actually moved mine out a little bit so it wasn't right underneath me. We're going to work our obliques and work our hip by lifting the top leg and lowering the top leg or the straight leg, I suppose. I guess it could be called the top up. Down. So how about pushing the lay down with the inner thighs, pushing down, do about sigh and for 'em a apart from what's going on in my legs, my body's pretty relaxed over the ball. This is one I'm gonna bend the knee.

Bring the knee behind the hips so it's just behind your pelvis and push back. So here's our little glute series. Hamstrings, glutes, push against an imaginary wall, or like you're trying to push something away from you. Keep the knee slightly behind the hip, but keep a bias towards a tuck or a posterior tilt. So you're not getting a lot or any pressure in the lower back. Yeah, but here's what we're gonna do now we're gonna turn the knee up so the now the foot is down. Now we're going to lift that whole shape up, up. Still trying to reach energetically backwards. Yeah, that's five, four, three, two, one. Take the leg to the ground. They get slightly behind you.

So you start to feel an opening through the front of the hip and then reach the arm over the ball so you get a good stretch to that side. Going to turn the chest and the pelvis slightly forward. Yeah, maybe a little bit more in that hip. Perfect. Now we're just going to take that. You can put your hand both hands down on the ball again and now we just lift the leg again. So hitting the glutes from a lot of different uh, ranges of motion pressing [inaudible].

Uh Huh. Let's say five, four, three, two, one that I didn't do it then the knee and bring it in. Just help yourself off the ball carefully. And so we're going to lean into that hip. So we're giving it a stretch. Once you get there, if you want more of a stretch or a to change a stretch a little, you just roll the ball away.

Okay. Here's our side work coming all the way back up it for our obliques. Same side with the ball. Let's do the hand. Just going to rest on it. We're going to bring the opposite arm out to the side. Inhale as we roll the ball away from us, reaching the top arm over head, taking a fantastic stretch through that waist. Exhale, engage the obliques, bring the arm down and there we are. Inhale. As we reach over that top arm energetically tries to pull even further with the shoulder blade down and we come back and inhale over and XL re-engaged for the obliques to flow back up and heal over.

Maybe they'll see if you can go little bit further. Do you think about the up first then over so you're not crunching the bottom side of your waist? This is going to be our last one like this? No. We're going to add a rotation so it's similar to the mermaid. You go over first and then you turn reaching the arm around towards about allow the pelvis to rotate. Slightly. Inhale as you unwind out of that position and Xcel to come.

Not sure what. What's better about the hand if it's, I kind of like it overhead Deb, try both and see what works for you. You could either leave the arm out to the side, but it feels better to me to go up and then reach the body around and let the arm just kinda come with me and then come out of it. So you're back through the stretch and then up. Let's say one more in healing over. Exhale. Diving over a little bit of pelvic rotation is perfectly fine.

Take it back and lifted all the way at you. Okay. On your knees. Do you need a break? Okay, good. Okay. So it's nice when you're the only person in class you get, you get lots of 'em, you get um, cater to all right. Not that you need to be catered to. Put the ball right up against your leg, lean over onto it, and then just adjust for comfort. But you basically want your whole waist to be lying down on the bottom. That top leg or that outside leg is going to be the one that lifts.

Take my word for it. If you engage your old bleaks pretty strongly, they'll work for you here. [inaudible] just reaching up out of that could do the hand behind the head like Deb or you could just touch the ball in front of you last too. And one more. We're going to hold the leg up. Now we bend the knee, so it's, we're looking for like a hip, knee foot parallel position with the knee slightly behind the pelvis and then we just push press as the foot goes back, we're fighting from the abdominals to keep the pelvis forward or in order just not arching the low back. He six press last too. Last one. Here's where we get to turn the knee up. So now we're in external rotation of the hip. We're going up and back kind of simple, small movements. Definitely quite a challenge in my humble opinion.

Last five, four, three, two and Wallah. Oh we took the leg to the ground and we just stretched over the top. And for me, I like to take my leg a little bit behind my hip. That way I get a hip flexor stretch. So if that's something that feels good to you, go for it.

And we rotated the pelvis and the chest slightly downward. Hold onto the ball or reach the arm forward and then the leg just goes back into hip extension. So working just at the connection of the hamstring and the glute, just sculpting the glutes today. Last for three, two [inaudible] and one and then coming all the way back up. I'm just going to help ourself off the ball. Sit on a diagonal into that hip and then you could move the ball away from you if that would feel good. Okay, I'm going to bring it back and we're going to get on.

Oh Yeah, the mermaid. Thanks. Keeping it real. Here we go amid. Let the ball go away from you a little bit so it's just under your hand and then lean a little forward with your chest. And here we go. It's an inhale to reach over. Big stretch to the waist, re-engage the obliques if they've lost and come all the way back. Lengthening Taller. And here we take it over the top an ax, how we come back. So reach upward and then over and lift and really just let the bottom shoulder blade, the one of the hand that is resting on the ball. Just be heavy.

That's gonna be our last time. It's an inhale over and an exhale in here we go in heel now to the stretch. Exhale into the rotation. Inhale, unwind from the rotation and exhale up if it feels better to have the arm just out to the side and then around. Do what feels better to you. I picked the other way because it felt better. We'll do two more. Make it a no abdominal contraction. You take it over the top. So good way to not only stay stable, but to increase the stretch. Here's our last one back and then, okay, we're going to do a little bit of front supported work.

So think you're gonna be okay. I may not stay on my [inaudible]. What you want to do. You want to be far enough backwards when you get on top of your ball that you'll be able to walk yourself and have that some mat for your hands. All right, so you get on the ball [inaudible] it's like an obstacle course back there and then you walk forward. And I'm going to position myself just to go proximately directly below the knee, maybe a little closer to the thigh if you want it to be easy or a little closer to the feet if you want it to be harder.

What we're gonna do here is keep the shoulders directly over. The hands start to hollow out the amps, so we hike up rounding through the low back and the knees bend. As we pull the ball in any of those, we send it back and exhale we hollow again. So the rounding of the low back initiate to the movement and inhale a, just take care to notice that as you're coming back into plank position, your shoulders aren't going backwards behind your hands so that they stay totally still should it be able to find quite a lot of work here. Let's do two more sets. Excellent to pull in, dropping the head down between the arms and allowing the head to come up as the spine returns to neutral.

Dropping the head down between the arms and align the head to come back up. As we returned to neutral, we're gonna do five pushups here, feeling the elbows pull in to the waist and press pull into the waste to press up. Last one. So we could either step off the ball or you could just roll yourself back to where you started. Just taking care. Okay.

Here's our standing balance work. I'm recommending to stay on the floor off the mat. We've got a real squishy mat. It's easier to do this on the ground. Okay. So your hands are on the ball.

You want to find a flat straight line with your body. So Deb walked back, move forward, maybe so you don't kick anything. All right. And then the [inaudible], um, I'll, I'll mark my words. If you rely on your arms a great deal, it's not going to make it easier. So try to keep the weight balanced into the legs. The right leg is just going to reach back behind us. So we're going to find a little purchase there.

Re stabilize the pelvis and now we're just going to float that like straight up. Yeah, and down and straight up. [inaudible] feel as the leg goes behind you and up the head is reaching in the opposite direction. Finding total balance in a straight lie. This one's five. I'm going to do eight last two times. It's normal for the ankle to wobble around a little.

If you need to soften your knee, that could potentially be a little easier. All right, ring that like all the way back. Let's take it forward into a stretch. So you just press the ball out, lengthen the spine forward. Bend the leg that was just in the air. So the right leg is going to bend I think, and then we just press into the hip.

That was stabilizing us and then we're going to come back, bring the spine back out. Flat check for abdominal engagement. So then the opposite leg behind. So I just leave my leg on the ground time. Good. Ensure that I'm ready to go. And then we just raise it up and lower it down. Not only are your hip extensors working, but you're working, your back extends is a little bit just a good thing.

Keep the head reaching forward. The neck in line with the spine. Want to avoid arching the back to lift the leg. So it's more of a reach away sort of a feeling than to try to really shove it high last three and two and one. Oh right on time. Press the ball forward and take a stretch. Okay. Bring the ball back. We're going to do one more set of [inaudible] bend. Bend like there was lifting in the air as in knee that Ben said that the leg was, that was balancing. Gets the stretch and then come back.

Set the right leg back again, finding your balance, lifting the chest. Just pull the shoulders. Perfect. Lift the leg. All we're gonna do is bend the leg. They were standing on a little bend and stretch. Um, yeah I do. If it would feel better to bend them. I'm, I'm not really thinking about my arms at all. I think it's easier to keep the arms straight. It's less, um, things to think about. We can do two more. Checking with her shoulders, plug him into the joint last time. Oh, that's enough stuff all the way back in again, right on time. Um, other side. So the last leg reaches down and back, lengthening out the spine, checked for the hips, check for the shoulders, and we go, it goes up in the air. And then we just bend and stretch.

Think about as the right knee bends, the left legs endeavoring to lift higher in space. Uh, here's the second half of this. We have four, three, two, and while La grand finale, that's the end step in. Press out again. One more time. And then we're just going to bin one knee at a time. So choose a knee as that knee Benz. Press the energy of your body or the weight of your body into the straight leg and hip, and then go back and change and then come back. All right, so we're going to roll the ball back up and come onto our knees with the ball.

This is the cat stretch. Um, there's a, there's a, you're gonna have to maybe spider thing that, uh, move the ball around a little bit in this exercise, but it is a good exercise. So I've got start with my hands on the ball. I'm gonna bring my head into my chest gnome trying here, not to move my hips back rolling down towards the ground. Here's where I have to start to walk the ball forward so that I can lengthen my spine and drop my head between my arms coming out flat. From that position, we're going to draw deeply through the abdominals, curving the spine, pressing from the backs of the hips.

Once the hips come directly over the knees, then we just pull the ball back and sit. Standing tall, kneeling tall, rounding the spine tab, hollowing out through the abdominals. Start to lengthen out the back so that the tailbone and the head come into alignment with one another. From that place excelling to pull back, drawing the ball in close to the legs by rounding the spine. And then we just continue to articulate this by not, let's go again and heal out reaching the body law. And Xcel. So Paula Jean up, up, up, and let's do two more. So looking for such around position in your back that you're potentially creating a stretch, maybe not on the way down, but if you focus on the legs pressing forward in the abdominal squeezing in might be able to find one on as you come up. All right, here's our last [inaudible] grinding along back a little shoulder stretch there as well and excelling to come all the way back home. All right, here's a pretty challenging shoulder exercise.

It's also a pretty challenging abdominal exercise, so we're going to go elbows on the ball, fingers interlaced, okay. From that place we're going to step back into a plank position. You've got the toes tucked under, alright, start with the shoulder blades down, let the elbows move out from underneath you a little bit, and then pike up through the hips, bringing this elbows back underneath the shoulders and lifting up a little and then I'm going to drop back to plank position l was under shoulders. Inhale, we're going to send the Elvis forward. Exhale. We're going to pull the elbows back and lift the pelvis a little and then inhale, drop the hips down. I don't know. I don't know the breath. Exhale to pike. There we go. And Inhale to drop down.

Continue inhaling as the arms reach forward. Exhale to pull back and pike. We're rounding the spine. Inhale back. Let's do two more. So boring and reaching back and forward last time pulling in and reaching back and just carefully come down to your knees. Alright. Take the ball off to your right, take the left foot forward and use your left hand if you need to, or both hands. What we're going to do is just go into a hip stretch. I lied.

I want the ball on the side of the leg that's in front. Okay, so always, um, find a comfortable place for the knee on that side. And then initially we're just going to come forward into that hip stretch. So to use the ball a little bit for balance, and then just reach that opposite arm up and then roll the ball away from you so that you can stretch over to the side. Or you can even just lean on it. Don't go too far, but be gentle with yourself and then carefully come back out of that.

We're going to start to push with the front leg, let the hand rest on the ball and reach out into a hamstring stretch. So it's the ball's kind of Nice cause it helps you to be high enough to be able to be flat right then. Then just bending that knee and helping your way out of it. The ball's going to come around to the other side, so you've got the foot forward. Gonna I like to position myself in a comfortable position for my knee.

Make sure that the a front knee is not too far over the front ankle and then just press in with any hip flexor stretches. As we know, we want to tighten through the back of the legs to maximize the stretch. And as well, when a lift up through the abs and lift the chest. So you have all of those components happening. Take the opposite arm up and then just gently let the ball roll away. It's probably not going to go very far. It's more of a side bend than anything.

Okay. And then carefully come back out of that, start to press through the front leg, sitting back looking for nice flat spine as you will reach out for the hamstring stretch. Okay. And then coming back in, I'm gonna bring the ball back in front and then go into a little bit of back extension. So this one's one of my favorite back extensions ever. A lie on the bond. So what, how it positioned myself here is my knees are kind of far away from the ball, but from my knee to my shoulder, I'm able to be in a straight line. Okay. From there, I'm just going to reach my arms around the ball. Okay. Kind of relaxing down. Anyway, as I inhale or as we inhale, we're going to bring our arms, just the arms lift to the sides.

Now on the exhale, allow the Elvis to start to rotate towards the ground. Lifting the chest. It's like you're flying or unfurling through the spine. Bring it back down and reach over the ball. So there it is. My favorite back extension in the world. Inhale the arms. Exhale, think upper back, not lower back as you lift up, bending from just around the bra line and then reaching back and reaching over the top. What do that three more times and then I'll add on to it. Inhale, arms XL. It's a rotation and the shoulder joint that gets us moving into the upper back and then we return the shoulder to neutral and we come back down a one more like that and then we're reaching out and out and then coming back. Okay, so we're going to go that again.

We're going to get into that upper position, keep the pelvis pressing forward or arms for us. Extend the spine. From there. We're going to just take the arms back, try to reach them together behind you and then flip them back out and then reach them together behind Ya. They might not touch, in fact, they probably won't, but that's the idea. [inaudible] and reach back and as you do, maybe your chest will lift, but not to the extent that you're putting any pressure at all in your lower back and reach. Yeah, Mac and we'll do two more reach [inaudible] back and one more time here, each and back. And then just take it all the way over the top again. Okay. Again, the balls are a little bit, but let's see what happens. You'll have to bear with me. I'm not done this on a big, big ball like this, but I think it'll work. So I had to work totally. So I'm just on the ball on my belly. This is swimming.

I let my feet on the ground and then I'm going to take one leg and one arm opposites and just reach. I'm using my opposite leg and arm to help me balance. So you might have to adjust the position so that you feel real centered I think because different people are different lengths and sizes. We're going to all need to be in a slightly different place, which is elevating one on one leg, looking for balance. So engage the abdominals, the leg that's on the floor pushes down in a way for me that's going to help you anchor and I'm Donald's in.

Then it's like you're trying to reach and stretch through your body, like someone's holding your arm and holding your foot and fighting to pull you in two directions. But everything is stable through the middle and just a couple more of each reaching. And, and I'm just sound my fingertips here on the ground and with the arm nine balancing with, I'm making sure that as I help myself there, that that shoulders staying nice and stable, let's say. Um, this and then one more to each side. Okay. And then once you finished that, just all I respond to just reflect on, just got a huge crack flex over the ball. Chiropractic adjustments are free tonight. Okay.

And then just kind of move yourself back and forth. Everyone I like I just said a minute ago, is the world different. So find a stretch that feels good for your body and then allow it to just, just be there for a minute and breathe into it. And then when that starts starts to go away, maybe you wanna roll a little closer to the low back or maybe a little closer to the upper back. So you get a different stretch. Check in with the neck. Just let it hang.

Okay. And then when you're ready, just kind of make your way gently back to the floor. I've got one more grand finale. Not want to come down from that. All right, so this is where we sit on the am ground. There's a, um, just be aware of your balance here. There's definitely a balance component. We're going into a backbend. Um, so you want the ball, in fact, come on, let's come from the top. So give yourself a nice space that you can walk forward and then just walk your way down towards the ground. You may not end up sitting all the way down, but you're going to end up kind of on your hunches, if that makes any sense.

But I'm kind of squatting about six to eight inches off the ground. From there, raise the arms, use your legs. It helps allow your spine to reach all the way over the top. Drop the head back and create a big circle with the arms. As the arms reach into a t, the head starts to come up and we bend back down. Fantastic. Yeah. Feels good, Huh?

Reach and just let the back just cascade over the ball. I don't know. And if this is a real challenging vaccine or a balance thing, uh, you could do it with the, um, feet up against a wall if it doesn't feel good to arch all the way with straight legs. Keep the knees a little soft. It's nice. You don't oftentimes get these big back extensions that are so supported like this. So let's take advantage of it and do just a more, as I'm going into back extension, think about a lot of abdominals. So if you hold your abdominals in, you're more likely to stretch them and then around.

And then last, do taking your time through the shoulders. Stretch, allowing the neck to just be heavy. Then just one way reaching back and okay. And then you can just make your way, I think just down onto the ground. Open up the legs, setting up and stretching forward. Yeah. It's taking a couple of moments here to relax your mind and your body.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, filling up the backside of the body. Okay. [inaudible] making your way back up to sitting when you're ready. That's all I got. Good job.


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Loved using the fitness ball while doing the pilates exercises. Great pace during the class.Hopefully you will do another class soon on using the foam roller.
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Thanks for the class Meredith, just what I needed this morning :)
Hi Jamie...Unfortunately I don't know exactly what size balls those are. I find these a bit big actually. I like the apex of the ball to be about level with my pelvis. Thanks for your kind words ladies.
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Awesome class - did it last night and abs are sore today! Loved the arabesque section.
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Love love this class! Thank you!
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Loved your class so much, I'm back for a second time this week!
Thanks Paula!!
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fabulous class--I learned so much!
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Great workout. I loved all the stretching that was incorporated throughout.
Thanks guys!! So happy to be a part of this site:)
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