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Recognize what you need today and take control of your practice with Kristi Cooper's Mat class. Within each exercise, Kristi invites you to ask yourself how you can get more out of it or what you need to feel better. Her thoughtful cueing will give you plenty of space for exploration, all while getting the benefits of a great workout.
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(crows cawing) Just like that the crows show up. Hey everybody, I'm Kristi. Welcome to my house. And today's class is called As You Wish. And I really wished hard to be here today, and we are, so I'll spare you the details on internet and so on, but welcome.

And the original intent and the intent today for me and hope for you is that to decide what it is you need today not who are you today, but what do you need? And so we'll go through some hopefully familiar exercises and within each one, decide like how can I get more out of them if you want that? How do I need to make myself feel better? And I'll do my best to kind of offer modifications here and there, but it's your class, it's your time, do as you've wished within the scope of queuing. Let's begin, standing upright.

Stand as tall as you possibly can just by being there. Shift your weight forward just a little bit. Thanks for coming. Shift your weight back a little bit. And this is again, my way of just sort of knowing where I'm not aligned and I can tell my head's forward and so on.

Weight Shifting

So just pay attention to yourself, line yourself up so that when you kind of feel like you're back over the middle of your foot, it almost can feel like you're hanging from the ceiling. The top of the head through the ceiling, arms are heavy. Let's do just one or two more. Might be more for me than you. So you're gonna have to do as I wish a little bit today.

Here we go. Land where you are. Let's take that roll down, inhale, exhale. Let your head almost draw your spine forward. Just the weight of it.

Roll Down

You have to support yourself a little. Do what you have to, but no more. Inhale when you get to the bottom start the exhale and roll back up. Do your knees need to bend as you go. Do you need it fuller breath?

Do you need more time or less? That's okay, you can do two for everyone I do. Exhale down as you wish, inhaling at the bottom, start that exhale. And as a reminder, that's what naturally allows you to begin to support in the core. Sometimes people think they're weak in the core but it's only 'cause they're holding the breath.

Exhale, I'm gonna take my hands to the ground as best I can. Bend the knees but take the knees, the hips, the spine is really what I'm going for here. I've inhaled and exhaled towards straight or all the way to straight. Inhale again, bend the knees, exhale straight, inhale, bend, (inhales) exhale, straight, and hang out there. And by straighten, I mean, to the extent that you can.


Come up to your fingertip, I'm not lifting it. Come up to your fingertip, double check your head is really hanging, like check it out. Maybe nod yes or no. Sometimes I wait until the end of class to do that when I should have started that way. So I'm just trying to release tension there without lifting again, take an inhale and exhale, pull the belly up consciously, and then let it go a little.


Inhale, bend, don't worry about the knees of your legs, get tired, you can bend them. Exhale (exhales) and then add into that contraction. One more time. Inhale (inhales), exhale, add into the contraction and let your hands leave the floor as you roll back up to an upright standing position. From here, just inhale, bend the knees and the arms forward, butt back, exhale, stand up.


Again why don't we just do a few of these to kind of heat us up in this way. Inhale, exhale (exhales). Inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale. I'm gonna do about five moreish.

It's not about the count. It's about just kinda heat up. (inhales) (exhales) And when I come back up, that's where I'm like right, I'm upright, I'm tall. I'm gonna get on the floor in a minute, and I wanna recreate this feeling. How about two more? (inhales), (exhales) Okay, it's time.

On the ground, you could be fancy about getting down, I'm not going to be today. Sitting upright, hold on behind the legs. And this is your chance. Like we get to support ourselves. So let's do, hold on behind the legs.

Half Roll Back

They're parallel, mine are apart. And I like to even slightly pull the legs apart so that I can remind myself the inner thighs help me connect to the middle, the rest of my body. So that's a little bit of what I'm doing. It's not severe, but there I am. Here we go, inhale. (inhales) On your exhale, feel those hip bones, or (indistinct) bones pull away from the thighs, and then come back up.

You can use your arms to come back up, exhale back. (exhales) Start finding yourself on the floor in terms of I'm grounded in my feet, I've got the whole body to work with and enjoy. So I am using my arms. I'm gently pressing into the ground, I'm pulling the hip bones back. Not by collapsing, hopefully, but by well, using my muscles. But I don't wanna think about muscles right now.

I wanna think about movement. (exhales) We'll go further this time, inhaling. I'm inhaling at the top. I start that exhale. 'Cause like when we were standing I feel myself supported more from the front, so my back can release a little inhale at the bottom. And the bottom is about, I don't know a little more than lower back.

Roll Back

Exhale, sink the belly again. Go ahead and use those arms, who cares? In fact, why not is a better way. Sit up. (inhales) Do it again. (exhales) You don't have to use the harms by the way. Do, as you wish, I'm enjoying the opposition.

That when I pull, I can with my arms I can pull back with the belly and allow my back to loosen up, inhale (inhales) and exhale. (exhales) Inhale, exhale, come back up. Let's kick it up a tiny bit even though it's early. Here we go, exhale, take it down. Down to that spot. That's about where you think you can let go.

Inhale, let one arm go up. Let's not change the spine. Exhale, bring it back to the leg. Hold on other arm up. Reach it back, back, back back and bring it down.

Roll Back w/Arm Extension

How about both arms let go? Oh, it's gonna be a harder way, way, way harder. Exhale, grab on again. Inhale for a pause. Exhale and roll back up.

Oh, those pauses have their places, don't they? Inhale, let's go again. Start the exhale. It's not a drop. You're not dropping.

You're not gonna drop yourself today or tonight, whatever. Choosing your arm, if you remember choose the other arm. Inhale up, one arm, let's go and reaches back, exhale down, other arm up and back down. Oh, we did both already. Let's go inhale up.

Oh my goodness. I can't go so far back because I wanna keep my body still in that position. Hold for an inhale. Start that exhale and come back up. Now once you're glad you're using your arms.

Sit up till, two more, we got it. Exhale down (exhales), first sidearm, or just pick an arm. You can let go, right? If you're feeling like you really wanna challenge yourself don't hold on at all. Other arm, (inhales), (exhales), both arms or just breathe.

Oh my goodness. Exhale, bring them back. Hold for the inhale. There's that pause. Start the exhale up.

We come, guess what we get to do one more. Let's go, take it down. Yes, let's go of one arm. Reach it back. Notice how much stronger you start to feel even as you wish I would stop this exercise.

I switched both arms. Here we go. (inhales), (exhales) Hold inhale, come on, come on. Start the exhale and up you come, holding on to the front of your knees or shins or somewhere anywhere really to just give yourself that sense of upward lift again. 'Cause we're going to keep going with some of this work. I'm spitting my hips forward toward my heels a bit.


We're going down for just a few pelvic curls, so lie down, arms by your side and reconnect to the ground. So you feel your feet. They're straight ahead. They're not rolling out. Your knees are doing the same thing.

Keep that intention all the way up, but also feel the back of your shoulders on the mat. For a pelvic curl, we inhale. Encourage you on the rest on this for the simple exhale start rolling up so that you could use the breath in its natural way that allows the diaphragm to do its thing in the belly, the drop belly, anyway, abs whatever word you want, as you wish. Inhale at the top, exhale melt it back down bone by lovely bone. Try to find them all.

Let's say 24 before you hit the second, right? And down, inhale. Start the excellent. Just notice like soften even. It happens naturally.

Sometimes we don't have to try so hard. Keep going, pick it up. (inhales), (exhales) Do you feel the back of your arms? Isn't this upward position to stay here for a second? You've got to check yourself out, right? Be your own teacher.

Maybe glance down. Are your hips up as much as they can be without flaring the ribs, right? I'm not looking for a backbend here. I'm looking for a straight line. And whether you're there or not something to think on take whatever breath we're gonna exhale to come down basically holding onto the back of the legs.

Oh, that way. Inhale (inhales), start that exhale up, we come. (inhales), (exhales) Inhale, take a second. Imagine for vocabulary too, I'm thinking pubic down towards sternum. So you're almost trying to tuck your pelvis around your lower back.

It's not gonna look rounded but once you've done a little bit of that you'll probably feel your hamstrings and glutes more. Keep that stand on your feet more. You didn't flare your knees. I know that, I know you. You're gonna keep'em straight ahead.

You're gonna feel it. And you gonna be fine with it. It's the warmup, inhale. Keep that sensation as best you can for as long as you can but start rolling down from the upper back or the throat or the any way up top until very bottom. Give you one more of those so you can play with that.

Inhale, exhale. You start that tuck. The sensation of this tucking or rolling continues even when it doesn't feel like it's doing that in action or shape or enough said, you're there. Do you need to recommit? Do you need to re-relax your neck recommit to your arms?

Inhale, exhale, we come down. Voila, all right. I'm taking my knees up to do at knees, I decide so, or you can keep them down. That was the end of that thought. Take your arms out the T position, not higher than your shoulders.

Supine Spinal Rotation w/Legs Table Top

Hopefully on the ground. Both of these come up and let's go toward the seahorse. We're rotating both knees. Take a moment, make sure the knees are lined up. Of course you're not having one in front of the other, exhale deepening some sense of contraction around the rib cage, so the legs come center other way, inhale.

I think I was Italian, that how much I use my hands. I just noticed that, exhale come back. (indistinct) Other way, inhale. So the opposite, the far hip any hip, one hip comes off. Hangout, are your knees lined up?

Start exhaling and forget about the legs for second, and think I'm gonna press my ribs down, my waist down, my hips down, and of course the legs will follow other way, and exhale. (exhales) And inhale, just getting that rotation going, make our back extension far easier later. Like pretty much everything, easier. It's a good way. Again, your feet can be on the ground to the front or to the seahorse today, (inhales), (exhales) and back. Can we do just one more each way?

If you wanna go further, go further. I kind mark keeping the shoulders down as my line. If I get any further than that I'm not really rotating anymore. Last one last, yeah. Cool, hug the knees in, and all I wanna do is kind of really and pick your head up.

Rolling Like A Ball Prep

I've got my elbows bow down, and I'm doing that thing again where I pull a little bit on the knees. They're not far apart. They're just naturally apart but it reminds me about that inner sign. I'm just gonna rock a little. We're not quite into ruling like ball yet, but we're. (indistinct) Cool, around there, set your feet down.

If you need you back up, go ahead. But lay your legs down completely. Arms are up. So, if you know (indistinct) at all, you know the a hundred, you can do the full hundred. I'm gonna do the one my friend Benjamin taught me which is where I start leaving both legs down.

Hundred w/Legs Down

But I imagine I pick them up before I even begin the exercise. If you want to do the full thing, go for it. I'll be doing small breaks in between. Here we go. The shoulders are on the mat.

We inhale, leaves the legs down but imagine you're gonna pick them up right now. Like just do what you had to do to pick them up. Exhale, curl forward, head, neck, and shoulders. Reach for those toes. Press the legs down, curl higher.

Start pumping, we'll only do three and they'll go back down. Inhale two, three, four, five, exhale. In, out. (exhales) In, and out, stay there, reach further. Go for it, go for it, and then come all the way down. You can reach the arms way back, even (indistinct) but recommit back of the ribs on the floor.

Arms up above your shoulders. This time I'm gonna do one leg. So right now I'm gonna, let's just call right leg. So you're ready to go. You're gonna think I'm lifting my right leg.

Hundred w/One Leg Lifted

And in moment you will, exhale, but be ready, exhale, curl and then eventually lift the right leg, float the right leg like three more in two, three, four, five, out two, three, four five, in. Are you really breathing or you're just counting? (exhales) That's it, put the leg down, come back. Reach back, take that stretch back of the ribs on the floor, arms above shoulders. You know what's coming next.

It is the left side. So think about it now. Your both sides are about to pick up but now you really focus on the left, exhale curl forward and then eventually hover that leg. You can hover it high. See, by the way, and in two, three, four, five out press the other leg down in, out. (exhales) Here's three already out.

Push the leg down, reach the arms back. Take the big stretch. Oh, we can do one more round with both legs off the ground or pick one or the other. Here we go. Arms just above the shoulders, inhale, exhale.


Think about lifting, and before you do and off we go only one set in two, three, four, five, out two, three, four, five. Hug the knees in, easy peasy. Right from there, stretch the legs out again. This time we're coming up. Oh boy, I like to rotate my entire arm out so that the hands face each other.

Roll Up

You could do it traditionally, which is pumps down. Here we go. As you wish, right? Inhale, reach forward, look forward, exhale, roll yourself up. And then it's a long secret in this version of it, anyway.

My legs are glued together and I am reaching forward as far as I can, but not so much that I'm just getting into a hamstring stretch. Inhale, exhale, start to roll back. It's no different than how we started that first seat of rollback. Come up again, inhale, arms up, head up, look forward. Exhale, I promise you the exhale helps to lift you up off the ground.

You could also just go faster, that's cool. Like I said, as you wish you can do two for every one I do, (exhales) or three is a case maybe. And take it down. The idea is for me is really paying attention to what you need today. (exhales) And I try to take out what Diana Santi calls the ugly. I try to take out the ugly but I'm okay with it a little bit too.

So if I struggle a little getting up or you do, I don't know. Try to take it out whatever, like this and down, only one more. You get yourself up there somehow. Here we come. and from there, hands by your hips.

So forward enough that you can roll back, pick both feet. Well, draw the belly in like that. First seated, rollback, pick both legs up. These together are a part of my go-together. It's a little harder.

Rolling Like A Ball

So keep a part if you want. Here we go. We roll back, we come right back to where we started, (exhales) and hold. Inhale, roll back, exhale up, hold. Inhale, sometimes I kind of cue mechanically because it helps me.

I liked the heavy beat on when I danced too. It was like back, up hold. But you can roll with it too. You're in charge of your own cells on this one and always, how about one more please? I set my feet down on that one back up enough that I feel like I'm in the middle of my mat picking up that right leg hugging it in, but also as I hug in, I'm pushing it out.

Rolling Like a Ball w/Single Leg Extension

It does make sense, hopefully. Push it out. Find that resistance for yourself. Start to roll back a little like the initial contraction, extend the leg. I am gonna put the inner seam of the foot on the inner seam of the other knee.

And we're gonna roll three more times. Here we go. Back, up, hold. Back, up, hold. One more, back, up, hold.

Let the leg down and switch, holding. So if you're interested, I have my right hand on my left knee. My left hand on outside on my left ankle. Pin it, stretch that contractions. You roll back a little.

You're ready to go. There's an easy point where that leg will come up three rolls, we go. (inhales), (exhales), one. Here's two, oh wow, I just almost did a circle there. Here's three, oh, set it down, switch back.

We're going into the regular single leg stretch. Details, and here we go. Roll yourself down, hover the leg, stay down. Hug the knee, weigh in. As you stretch the opposite leg, let's go.

Single Leg Stretch

I'm gonna do inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale switching at that speed. It goes in, in, out, out. The straight leg matters too. One more breath cycle Both legs in, hold them in and hug 'em in, weigh in. Try to get your forehead on your knees.

Double Leg Stretch

Even if your butt comes up, check yourself out. Let your butt go down. Double leg stretch. Reach back with both arms legs, stretch out, circle around and squeeze hold. Theoretically, the spine itself doesn't move.

We're just challenging the weight against it. Making the abs support us more. Let's go four, a little quicker. Three, two, here's one. Finish it, hug it.

Let your head come down, bring it back up. Check yourself out. Elbows wide for the moment, then let them go, put them behind your head. Your hands behind your head. Either released fingers or hand over hand but commit to whatever it is 'cause that's your pillow.

Criss Cross

Drop, and literally push your head back into your hands without falling back. In other words, the spine didn't change again. Keep that almost backward pressure curl up more like the chest falls to the floor. Then I'll just call right leg pulls in left leg pulls out, rotate to that knee, the bent knee, switch. Check yourself out.

Hold on one second. Make sure your knees not turned out, okay. You have to look at yourself. You have to switch. Let's go faster.

Inhale, switch, inhale, switch, exhale, exhale, in, in, in, out, out. We go in, in and out. One more time, one more time. Here's out. (exhales) Both knees in hug them to your chest. Let your head come down.

Both legs, we're about to go up. I'm gonna put my hands behind my head first. Even while they're down here, the elbows are up. I'm pushing my head slightly back into my hands to then curl head, neck and control those up. Extend your legs up to straight.


Can you curl your head and the controllers higher, even as you gently press back into your hands. Let's take one leg, whichever it is and down, and the other one more towards you. Small scissor first. Pulse, pulse, switch, pulse, pulse. And now it's make it bigger if you want, not huge.

And in, in, (exhales) you can breathe out if you want. 'Cause I'm gonna change this pace in a second. Just switch in now. Just breathe, just switch, switch, stay up in your upper body. Switch, switch, switch, switch.

Isn't this fun. Since this is, as you wish I'm gonna stop and bring both legs up and I'm not doing both legs. Double leg, lower lift situation. Both feet come down, your arms, come down by your side. Huh, feet are parallel.

Bridge w/Single Leg Lower Lift

How are we doing? You're fine. You're fine, we're fine. We're doing one more pelvic curl for now. Exhale, as you roll your hips up your arms are down by your side just like before.

You check yourself out. Sometimes I put my hands on my hips because I might just wanna go into a back extension instead of more hamstring. How do you get more hamstring? Maybe drop down in your ribs first, even though you already there, drop down a little, recommit to your tuck or your rounded spine or whatever you think of, when you say pubic bone towards sternum then step into it more. If you can't go all the way to the top, that's okay.

Pick up your right leg, straight up. Theoretically, your hips didn't change. We're going to reach that leg down. Go as far as you can without the ribs changing and I'm flexing to bring it up. Now we gotta go faster.

It's down, kick up, down, kick up, breathe as you want, as you wish, I mean. (laughs) How about two more? Here's one. Here's two stay up. Oops, flex it, down, put it down. I'm rolling down because I wanna make sure my hips are level, very hard to keep them that way through all that.

So recommitting to level hips, I push back up. Feet feel balanced, other leg comes up. Oh my goodness, thank goodness. That one was about to cramp. we go down, kick up down, kick up.

Try to keep everything else like it's stable and I'm doing two more. One, here's two it's up. Bring it back, put it down and roll down all the way. Hug the knees in. Yay, yay, yay.

Knees to Chest Stretch

We can go for the roll over now. So let's do this. Take your leg straight up. You're welcome if you're starting to cramp too. And ideally we're going to go over our heads.

Roll Over

If you have neck issues, this is not gonna be the one for you instead. You're gonna maybe cross the legs and just do a little pelvic lift, okay? So it's stuff for everyone, but it's a good one, Which it is. All right, so hold your feet together. We're gonna draw the legs kind of as close as you want to, but then exhale that pelvic tuck again to go over, taking your like parallel to the ground.

Don't look sideways. Don't look sideways. Just know that that's where you are. Flex your feet, separate them about shoulder width and start to roll down once again. It's like an expanded version of the, whatever we just did.

Pelvic curl or shoulder bridge even. Circle the legs together. I come to about 90, maybe a little more. Start the exhale come up and over, hit it. Flex the feet, separate like you're pushing feet midway.

Then start to roll down. Allow for the stretch. It's okay if the legs come closer to you. And then if you're feeling really strong take the legs lower as you circle them back together. Here we go again, up and over, flex push apart.

If you want to you could even touch the legs down and roll from there. I'm gonna reverse it now. So we circle around to the 90 degree, feet are slightly pointed, but there apart. Exhale over, oh, don't you hate it when just stuffs a momentum? Flex your feet, loosen your thighs and start dragging yourself back down.

Point toes, circle around, come to 90 or more and over, squeeze the legs, exhale down one more time. Up and over, squeeze and come down. Bend the knees. Hold on behind and rock up to seated. Yes. (inhales), (exhales) Check-in, I'm feeling good.

Spine Twist

I'm feeling a little better myself. I hope you are too. So from here, what we're gonna do is go into where I wanna go first. I wanna just go to spine stretch. So first, a lot of us, this is too challenging, and I am just keep a seated like this for a bit.

So feel free to bend your knees or turn them out to a diamond position. I'm gonna go straight today. Give it my best. I'm gonna reach straight up as if someone were pulling me up. I let the shoulders fall back down and then the arms come out to a T position, palms up.

Hopefully I'm not leaning back. Hopefully you're not leaning back or forward unless rotate to the front. Here we go. It's twist, twist, center, other side, twist, twist, center. And the idea is not that the arms are doing anything.

They're just sort of your radar or at least a measure. Center, and keep going. What I would pay attention to is what are your feet doing? Whether the knees are bent or not. Are you changing your hips as the feet changing?

No, they're not. That's the answer. There's a right answer to that one. So I'm giving you four more to check it out. It's twist, twist, get taller in the middle.

Twist, twist, taller in the middle, twist, twist, taller in the middle. You know the drill, hold, reach the arms up round forward. Just trying to tap into a little bit of everything today. Again, this is my, As You Wish class. So just come with it, just as you will.

Hamstring Stretch

I am taking my hands back, fingers toward my heels. They can turn out to the side if absolutely necessary, they could go back. Kind of changes it for me though, or on the fist. Here we go. Wait in the heels and the heels of the hands too, lift up through the back of your legs.

Reverse Plank

Go for a long reverse plank. When you come down, just hinge down. No, nothing special. Let your arms come up, free them up. Go back to the same place and let's go again.

Lift up. Is it even possible to go back to the same place? I don't think so. Maybe he'll go further, and I am doing two more, hands down butt up. Last one, here comes hands down pressing into the heels.

Don't forget the heels. If you'd put it all in your arms, it's just too much. And down, yes, from there we're going into opening cracker and saw. (indistinct) So let's scoot forward a little bit. We've done a rolling like a ball. So you're welcome to do that as well.

Open Leg Rocker Prep

I'm gonna start this one today open cracker with my hands behind my legs. Do that tilt back that we again did in the very beginning of class, and then as I lift one leg up, if you want to go far straight, right? Otherwise you can just support the back of the calf. That's how I'm gonna start this one. Pick the other leg up, support the back of the calf.

Now the idea here is that basically nothing changes where you start, you stay. Sorry, I didn't mean to talk at point. I do my dog. Let's take in a little rough. We're gonna roll back and come back to here.

Here we go. Roll back, come up, hold. So back, I am trying for a little back extension. The fact is my pelvis is rounded. Go back, come up.

So I'm stopping maybe just before that tailbone, go back, come up. (yells) Sorry, let me yell at you. And we've lost it on the forward roll. Okay, keep going like that or if you're so inclined, extend your legs. My legs are basically parallel even though they're apart, we roll back. We roll up.

Open Leg Rocker

See what you got. It's all right. Try to stay connected in the middle. Sometimes if I'm a little lighter on my hands it helps. Back, and one more time.

Where are you today? Oh, okay. Before we let go, which we are going, I'm gonna recommit to that sense of pulling my hip bones back. My legs are effortless. I let go.

And then I set them down down as gracefully as I can. Backing up again, I just like to be near middle. That's part of the centering situation. I did widen my feet more than my mat heading for sole. So for the flexible folks aren't you lucky> Try to keep yourself right on top of your hip bones.


Arms are out to the side. I have palms faced forward rotating towards the front here we you rotate. Now, did you change your hips? No, of course not Kristi. And then we reached forward.

Ooh, maybe I widened it a little too much. Reach forward outside that pinky finger. If you have it in you keep rotating, and then sit up in that rotation back to center other way, rotate, reach out. I do, I play with the hands. I don't know how to tell you about the hands.

Just do what's natural for now. Sit back up and center. So it's one rotate, two reach forward, three lift up and center. I know again, mechanical kind of annoying maybe but when I'm going for a little here is some hamstring and some back lengthening. It's not always how it's done.

In fact it's not how it was originally jumped, but that's okay. Rotate and reach. Find that, sniff the current rotation in the spine even as you get a little bit of hamstring, rotate, reach, lift up, you get two more. So let's go for as much room as you can take up. Last one, one rotate, reach two, three and center.

Right on, bring your legs to center. Maybe shake them out if you need to. We're coming on to our side for a side leg kick. I am doing sort of the version. I like the most, unless I'm really going for it which is to lie on your elbow.

Side Leg Kicks

Lower knee is bent right back. So lining your hips up your elbow. You do want it pretty much underneath your shoulder. If you can hand straight on but who cares? Lift up, before we go, is this someone pulled you by the ankle, kind of lean reach it that way a little bit, lower hand can be down for support.

We kick forward kick, kick, point and reach back, back. I'm gonna try to hit that plant before it's over, back, back, kick, kick, and back, back. It's pulse, pulse, squeeze, squeeze, pulse, pulse, squeeze, squeeze. Only one more pulse, pulse squeeze, squeeze come back to the side. Let's lower our upper body down.

Side Leg Lifts

Just leave your leg there. Come down, you can support your head or you can go all the way. I'm gonna go all the way today. Nothing else changed, but check that it didn't and we lift. We lift, we lift side of the size going toward the ceiling.

Five more here's one, two, three, four and five from there, lower it down. Stretch out that lower leg. You probably have to adjust. Some people are low. Depends on your body shape, right?

Side Leg Circles

You might have to slightly lean back or slightly lean forward to not hurt your hip for the pressure where the bones went. Turn the leg out a little bit. And we're gonna make little circles for the score of six it's one, two, three kind of quick, four, five and six reverse. One, two, three, four, five, and six. From there just lift yourself up, swing yourself around and be happy there.

Side Leg Kicks

As another option, another side. We were up in the elbow, the lower knee is at about 90 degrees. The shin is pretty close to 90 degrees off that, top leg is up. We pulled it away and here we go. We kick forward.

I do flex coming forward. Kick, kick, point, and go back. Kick, kick, and back, kick, kick, back. Oh, isn't this nice. So right now we're doing it in the version where you'd be very stable, but you can have really a lot of fun with this.

That might be six, but I'm doing one more. La, la, here it is, we're back. I come back to the side. I let myself go down and adjust my hips. So I'm semi-comfortable, but still straight on top of myself and lift 10, two, three, four, five.

Side Leg Lifts

Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm. We did some circles, but before we did that we did straighten out that lower leg. So I'm gonna do that. It's maybe the legs are slightly in front of you. Okay, here we go.

Side Leg Circles

It's six circles. It doesn't matter what? Twice, three, four, five, six, and switch. And I do kind of quick. Stay in control, control it, something like that.

Okay, that's enough of that. Turn onto your abdominals. For now put your forehead on your hands. Okay, and then wiggle yourself so you start to feel level in your pelvis. And I mean that specifically if possible that you feel the hip bones and pubic bone as level as possible, whether you actually feel the bone That's not the point.

Single Leg Kick

It's like, you don't wanna be arched or rounded. Try for level. All right, with that amazing (laughs) we're gonna reach there like someone's pulling on our legs. Our shoulders are sorted, wanting to go with them. The legs were absolutely straight to the point where the kneecaps lift off but the tufts of the feet are still down.

Then, now if you wanna think abs just engage a little bit, a little bit, it's good. A little bit, it's always good. All right, hover both legs. You can hover your head too. The only reason I am is in the mind but otherwise I would be down.

We're gonna kick the right leg to the butt twice. It's kick, kick in straight and other side kick, kick straight. Yep, keep going. And both kneecaps stay off. Both feet are now hovering completely.

You could touch down, but why? Come on, you can do that. Keep those halves engaged. You're not rocking your hips. Now you can get serious about it.

Let's go kick, kick, straight in, kick, kick push it away too kick, kick, push it away. Kick, kick, push it away, hit your butt. You're not arching your back each time you kick. I know that I don't even have to look. I'm doing one more each side, here it comes.

Or as many as you want or wish I should say. Okay, both feet down and we're gonna keep going, right? So from here, we're gonna take the arms away. Best you can grab onto a couple of fingers or even interlace your hands. Take them up as high as you can on your back and turn your head forward.

Double Leg Kick

Now you're not doing as I am. You're doing as I say. (laughs) I have a shoulder thing and I'm so happy with the progress but the elbows theoretically, go to the floor, right? So you see what you can do there. My feet are on the floor. I still have a little bit of abs.

My head is turned one way. I could chill here for a bit, but that would be wrong. So let's think about pulling those legs. The where the kneecaps come off, then flip the feet. We're gonna kick the feet towards butt three times.

One, two, three. We straighten both legs. We straighten both arms and we look ever so slightly forward as we hover the chest. Is that enough words for you? Switch sides, bend the elbows, pull those arms up.

Kick one, two, three, and stretch. It's double leg stretch and switch, two, three. I'm turning my head one way and the other each time. More important probably keep going. It's a one, and then two and a three, and then lift and reach.

I am keeping my feet off the ground each time. The whole time I should say, let's stay there on this one. We're up when you're everything is straightened. You're hovering, don't get too high. It's not about the low back.

Arm Pulses Up

Let's put the tops of the feet on the ground recommit to the whatever handhold you have, and lift the arm. So I want you to your sternum on the ground. Lift the arms, lift the arms. Imagine reaching your chest forward. Even though it's low.

It's okay, it's better in my opinion. But what do I know? I know a little bit. Okay, here we go. Let the arms come down carefully.

Free them from the grip. Take them out to the side. Looking down, you're in a T position. Sorry to take your arms to a T. Give everyone the second in case you weren't looking which begin.

Arm Pulses in T

Rotate the thumbs to the ceiling. I know it's a long time. Let your chest get a little heavier on the floor. This is a little, it's not about the neck. It's the sense of the sternum touches but everything else above it is trying to lift, and now the thumbs toward the ceiling, the arms lift five you can use your shoulder blades four, three, two.

Here's one, let the arms down. Maybe you bring them to your shoulders. Let yourself come down. Turn your head one way or the other, chill, chill out for one second. Then shimmy a little bit.

Back Extension

'Cause you know what? We are pretty much there. All right, we'll bring my face back so I can use my hands to lift myself up. Ooh, I'm gonna just hang out there. 'Cause that's what I wish.

And then to a rest position. Rest position can be really anything for me. It's me pushing my hands into my floor my straight arms and gently guiding my hips toward my heels. If that doesn't work for you, and it doesn't for many, for their knees. You can be on your back and do anything.

Rest Position

You can do anything you wish. You have to sometimes remember that to a point anyway. All right, and after that, let's just sit. Oh no, who wants to sit? Let's stand, just stand up.

Bend and Stretch

We'll end the way we started. Feet parallel, shake it out, in fact shake it out a lot. And let's, when in the beginning when we did the abandon, the arms went forward and come up, make it sloppy, and you stand wide, sloppy. I'm going sloppy, (inhales) inhale, bend, and just, and I'm not just breathe, right? Just like shake out whatever you can.

It doesn't matter even how you do it. Just let go a little bit more. Remember we're not worrying too much about the ugly or even the rules. All right, when you're ready, kind of come back to normal. (laughs) And just for the sake of comparing the beginning from the end, let's roll down and come back up twice and call it a day.

Inhale, (inhales) exhale. (exhales) It's just support yourself. No more to think about here. Maybe shake out your head, let your arms and bones be heavy when you're ready, exhale, roll up. Stacking yourself this time I'm going for heavy skin. It sounds pre-vis but true.

Roll Down

Here we go, forward. It's like the skin. It's just nothing to hang onto right now. I'll go back to the real (indistinct) in a minute. Let it go.

Inhale in when you are ready, as you wish, roll yourself back up. Take just one moment to decide what you wish for next. And I will tell you, thank you so much for being here, really, really happy about that. See you next time.

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Loved this class Kristi - this was exactly what I needed today!
Well done Kristi ! great class 🙌🏼
Fantastic as always Kristi xx
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Absolutely awesome,t hank you Kristi!! Where would we be without Pilates Anytime! Best classes in the world without a doubt. 
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Thank you Kristi!  My first class what a great way to get started. 
Thank you all for being with me in class!
Thank you Kristi :)
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Loved this routine
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love it! thank you!
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Loved this - Wishing for more!  Thank you Kristi!
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