Class #430

Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown

60 min - Class


Lisa is back with her inspired and fun Rhythm Pilates® Workout. Rhythm Pilates® takes traditional Pilates moves and puts them into a dance-like sequence and includes music. The breakdown class helps the dancers and non-dancers alike learn the choreography of the full Rhythm Pilates® class (Class ID #429 ) You will learn each of the three sections of the workout without music at a slower pace and with more instruction. Each section is then put it to music to get to you ready to take the class without the breakdown between sections. This class by itself is a good workout and lots of fun. Enjoy your time here then when you're ready, head over to Class ID #429 to do the full performance!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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All right. We're going to start straddling our mat. We're going to use props today. It'll be either two pounds or three pound weights, or you can choose not to use any at all, but we have two pounds t...


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Loved the class! So much fun to do pilates with a rhythm workout.Can't wait to do the full class performance. Hope you will continue to do more rhythm pilates classes.
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Whew! This class is no joke but its a lot of fun!
Hi Elaine and Sarah! Thanks ladies for your feedback, I love hearing from you. It keeps me motivated and inspired. I hope you enjoy both classes!
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This was great, nice routine. First time i've ever seen you teach Lisa, i'll check out your other classes!
Hi Francesca, Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. If you're up for the next level check out my advanced-level class and let me know what you think!
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Great class. Particularly loved the dance-inspired moves. Really great workout and I will look forward to doing other Rhythm Pilates classes soon.
Hi Marisa, Thanks so much and glad that you enjoyed the class and dance-like-format. Look forward to having in class again!!!
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Love love love! The music, the class, the teacher!
I love love love you, Lehua! Great to get feedback from an amazing colleague and friend! Glad you enjoyed...Miss YOU!
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Love both the slow and the quicker dancier versions. Going to do the breakdown in class tonight. We'll save the boogying for next week ;)
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