Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 430

Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown
Lisa Hubbard
Class 430

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I've been meaning to take this class. I love it! I don't do enough cardio besides walking. I worked up a sweat in this class. The hardest thing for me was the the roll ups in the first set I think. I struggle with this in most classes, especially the neck pull. I will take this class again as well as the other ones. You have a tower class coming out right? I look forward to it:)
Lisa Hubbard
Hi Anne-Marie, thank you for your lovely comments and happy that you felt a cardio aspect to the class. Remember that you can always modify some of the exercises to keep your flow and ease of the movements! Tower class is coming soon Thx!
Great class. Can u do more classes like these? I wonder if you could go over all the moves and then do the whole thing to music. That way when I know the choreograph, I can just queue it to the music portion to do the whole piece from beginning to end without fast forwarding? Love the music.
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Grace Chen! This is the class that you will want to take after the "breakdown". The fluidly set in it's entirety. //www.pilatesanytime.com/class-view /429/video/BASI-Pilates®-Pilates-Cl ass-by-Lisa-Hubbard
Lisa Hubbard
Grace CHen..."Fluidity"
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Great lesson and wonderful flow! I also loved the music! What is it where can we buy it? More more more! :)
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Vivica, such a wonderful post, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the music, as well. It is hard to find the right tracks for the development of my program which is now an Accredited PMA Certificate Course. www.rhythmpilates.com/classes/ All the best
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I love this class, so much fun! Can you tell me what music this is? Perfect for pilates!!
Lisa Hubbard
Thanks so much Lesley! I agree that the music really sets the stage for a fun & invigorating experience! I am keeping the music a secret ;-D
WOW! what a great class! thank you!
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