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Magic Circle Powerhouse

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Use the Magic circle to tap into your powerhouse right away working with variations that will keep you paying attention to your body. If it weren't for the stretching and the extra attention the glutes also get, we would have called this class "additional abs" class. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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May 16, 2011
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So let's start with our magic circles. How about where? How about between the heels? Okay, so you could bend your knees and do, do this just as easily. If you feel like you need time for your hamstrings to warm up from there, we're going to hug the ring just a little bit, but w hug it from the upper inner thigh. Create a sensation in your body of zipping up through the spine, through the abdominal wall, and you're tall. In fact, let's all bend the knees on the inhale. Exhale, lightly squeezed the ring. Think of your spine growing up as you extend the legs. Okay?

If you don't want to extend the legs, that's okay to let it come back in. Does it slide enough on that? Amat doesn't have to slide much. Exhale. Feel the back of your body lengthen up as you extend the legs. Applying a little pressure. Inhale, Ben. That's it. I like what Andy has got going on with the hands on the ground.

Feel the lats engages your net, grows long and squeeze that ring. Inhale, slight bend. Exhale, squeeze. As you grow taller, feeling both sides of the body, maybe even through the tricep. One more like that. Inhale, filling the pelvis. Stay still as you exhale and squeeze and hold from there. Reach the arms forward. Inhale as if you had a ring between your arms. You exhale, squeeze and lean forward.

Just a little squeezing the imaginary ring and the one between your feet. Inhale, lean back, a little XL, squeeze, grow tall. Lean forward, flat backs for now. Inhale, exhale, we go again. It's as if the ring is between the upper arm staying there. We inhale on the exhale. Draw the hip bones, front of the hips backwards, a little XL squeeze. Don't sync it all. Inhale, straighten it out. You can bend the knees again if you'd like XL, squeeze, drop back.

It's pretty small. Inhale and exhale. Feel the motion of the pelvis. Now let's leave the legs. Stabled whether they're bent or straight is up to you and just move the pelvis. That's it. Renee, in her growing Baccto and exhale, pull the pelvis back. That's it. One more time. Wide collar bones and exhale, reach forward.

Take the ring out and come into that, what I call a butterfly position. There's probably a better word for it, but basically you're up on the sitz bones a little bit or even slightly behind it. Taking the ring, place it between the heel of the hand. Okay? We don't need to squeeze much just now to use it for space. Inhale, exhale. As you roll the hip bones back, you come back with it. We're going into about mid back, adjusting the collarbones in the shoulders.

Inhale, looking right through the ring. Exhale, leave the hips where they are for a moment. As you roll forward, pulling back at the waistline, everything else stretches. And inhale, straighten up. Exhale, feel the hipbones dive deeper into the body and I'm thinking it's a sense of maybe hip bones. Inhale, exhale, come back. When your hipbones go back, they do go back. They don't go down. See if that makes a difference in how your body moves. Inhale your tall. Exhale the hipbones go backwards first instead of just down the back. Good and inhale. Check out your hips. Leave 'em there. Exhale, folding yourself forward, keeping the shoulders in line with your collarbones. Inhale, stack your spine. Come to the window. Inhale, rotate.

That's pretty out there. Exhale, roll back evenly weighted on your hips. If you have to let the knees come up a little, that's okay. Switch over to the other side. Inhale, exhale, hold those hips still are going to want to hike on one side. You'll see it here. Come to center first and straighten your spine to the back. Inhale, get the rotation. Exhale, roll back. Pull those hipbones deep into the body. Inhale, as you cross over, I'm pretty much around the shoulder blades.

Exhale coming back up. Center and straight net. Bring the ring in a little closer to you. Feel the lats engage a bit. Chester rises. Apply a little more pressure on the ring and keep it consistent. Inhale, rotate. Exhale. As you roll back, you're going to extend the arms keeping the resistance. Inhale, bring it in as you go to the other side. Exhale, extend the arms as you round back up and come center. Inhale, bend the ring. Elbows intern to the back. Exhale, reach the arms away from you. As you roll down. Inhale, bend and come across. Exhale, squeeze to reach thrower and come back to center. Bring the ring.

And so let's do it again. You inhale here, turn to the front and we're not going really crazy. Just like reaching out over the knee, right over your knee. Bring the ring. There you go. There you go. Keep the arm straight this time. Go to the other side. Inhale, exhale. Come on. Up and back to the center. Straighten up. Inhale, turn to the back. Exhale and push the ring away. Shoulders slide down.

Chest still feels like it's slightly rising in hell. As we crossover. Exhale coming up and back to the center. Staying in the center. We inhale. Exhale. We press the ring. As you pull the abdominals back, take an inhale, hold, exhale, and come forward as you squeeze the ring. Elbows point to the side, straightening the spine. Inhale, exhale. Reaching the ring. Feel the PEC muscles kick in. Work them. Inhale, exhale, and as if you had to press harder to pull yourself forward.

Get the back of the shoulder to work and straighten up. Inhale, exhale, press. Inhale. Exhale, pole. You're creating your own resistance. Inhale. Exhale. As you squeeze, you're reaching the arms forward. You hold. Inhale. Exhale. I'm still squeezing the ring, but now I have the sensation of pulling myself forward. This is the last one. Inhale. Exhale, press. Hold the arm straight.

You can lighten up on the ring a bit. Slide the feet in a little closer to ensure that your low back is down. Okay, it is down from there. We inhale. Exhale, pick up one leg. Inhale, set it down, not very far. Pick up the other leg. Exhale, you can apply a little pressure on the ring to help connect you to the core. Again, exhale, needs a boat out to the side and down. I'm alternating and exhale, stability. Keep the feet down. Arms go up.

Inhale as forward. Exhale, bring it down. I'm not squeezing the ring right now. Inhale up. Exhale down. Listen Up. Inhale up. Hold the arms. Exhale both legs. Don't move the back. No rocking. Inhale down. If you can. Exhale. [inaudible]. Huh? Each time you go up, you're taking a deep exhale to press the abs into the spine.

Lower the legs down, lower the arms forward. Inhale. Exhale. Come on up gracefully. Come on, come on. Come on. Release the ring forward. Stretch forward. Yeah. Good. Okay, so while we're here, we're here. Just lean to your left. Pick up that right hip. Okay. Do this. Or pushing off to the left side, the left, but she gets cleared.

Try to press that left hip, back down to the floor while staying where you are with the rest of your body and then come to the other side. So we're just shifting our weight over to the right side. Let that left hip. Lift up. Okay. Whatever the knee does it does. Then you try and reach the hip back down almost from the waist. Make contact even if you have to back into it a little and then back to the center to roll up. Okay, so far so good.

Just move the rings off to the side for a moment. We'll get, we'll get back to them shortly. And we're here holding onto your legs. Draw the feeding comfortably close. All right, from here, we're going to allow ourselves to send the hipbones forward just for a second. Feel what that is. A little arch of the back is fine. Okay. Then with a little inward pressure of the inner thigh and feet toward each other, exhale and make the hip bones come back again.

Try not to sink downward at all. Let's go forward again. Inhale, encourage the upper back to go into a little extension and exhale we rounded back. Just two more. Inhale coming forward. Lengthen. Feel sort of the undulations even though it's slow. One more time. Inhaling it and just settle into center. On the exhale, you're the hand in the back is going to the front. Both hands, right the rest of you, the lower body from the waist down is straight ahead. Still same as it was. Upper body is rotated from there. You might want your legs [inaudible] a little closer than you were. Exhale, we draw back. Let the arms just slide down. If you can apply pressure, do so as a lat control there. Inhale, exhale, come back up. Okay, grab on when you can straighten your spine without the use of your arms.

See if you can rotate a little more. Just working hard. Exhale down pressure. You know, try to go along your leg before you come up. I'm exhaling. Then I come forward sort of freely and I straightened up fine. Changing it a little. Go down again. Check that your hips are level. You might have to do some adjusting there. Now again, we're not going up. We're going forward for pulsing for eight. So Jim, you get to go a little lower in your body. Yep.

And now it's whole and it's a breath to feel it from the hips coming up under the ribs. Three, four, five. I'll give you all ten six. What are your lats doing? Seven. Keep hips level. Eight, nine. We will come up on this one and here's 10 once the shoulders are over the hips, you stack your spine at a rotation. And I, and I am using my hands. It's true, but try not to. Well, don't torque on the spine, right? Let the spine do most of it in the arms. Assist. Looking beyond. Looking over the shoulder. Take the back hand up. You know it's coming, right?

The front hand is going to come up, so anticipate that. Make those back extensors work. Domo come back, go to the other side, grab on both hands on the knee or thigh where it's comfortable. Hips are level. We exhale. Roll down. Let the arms just slide with you. You're going to notice you have to adjust the shoulder, particularly the one in the front. Inhale. Exhale. Going forward, you're shrinking the waist and then once shoulders over hips, you stack lift. Maybe you can rotate a tiny bit more from the waist and down we go. Hey, adjusting shoulders, keeping your head with you. Inhale, exhaling up.

Take a quick peak here. Just real quick. I'm, I don't how to say this. There's something that all of us do. I think when we all think we're go down, what is it? It's right. I don't know how to say that, but I was doing it too, so it's a, you know, I'm going, I'm going and then I'm going to counterbalance. No. Okay. Take it with you. Here we go. And down. Keep it, keep it, keep it. Thank you. And we pulsed for here for 10 slow or even smaller and eight to dig deep. Three if you got extra energy, squeeze everything out for Hanford and six straight lines across those Pelicans.

Seven I tell that eight, nine here we come up on 10 wait for it. We'd forget the shoulders over hips first. Stack your spines. Make sure your level on the hips and knee. This time we did add more rotation, allowing the hands to assist the upward motion. Yup. As if you've got a corset on tight-knit. Now to pick up that backhand or reach it, anticipate it.

You can let the other arm up and swivel all the way around to the front all the way to the back, all the way to the front and center. Just for a second, just for a second, go like so. I don't want you worried about your neighbor or anything in your way, so let's do this. Knowing that your elbow doesn't get in front of you. So this stays as is. Ready to the back to the front, grow tall, and we're going a little faster now. And one more quicker. One, two, three, and four. Center, reach the arms up. Exhale, roll down. Draw your feet in a little closer. Slide them in so that you know your back is down. That's where I'm going.

Exhale both legs up and down. Now here you may not touch the legs, right? You want absolute stability in your spine. You can even relax the leg to a certain degree. All right, we'll follow Andy back. Exhale, foe and back. Exhale, fold.

Let's take an inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale, hold the exhale up, right? So you've got the knees wide, still tailbones are down. Taking it out to a more formal double leg stretch or regular. Inhale, stretch it out. Exhale, bring it back and hug it and really close tonight. Keeping the tailbone down. Inhale out. Exhale, hug it in really close, but don't let the tailbones creep up again. Inhale, and in it, you can apply downward pressure. On the shins. Yeah, you knew.

And in one more time, inhale and in, bring the knees together. Extend the left leg. Extend the right leg up, holding on. Bend the left knee. Hug it extended. Just loosening up a little and change its pull. Stretch, change, pull, stretch, change, pull, stretch, change, pull, stretch, change, less set, pull, stretch, change, pull, stretch.

Both legs come in, bending the knees and legs your head. Come down right from here. Pull the knees and closer. Let them come apart, but probably not quite as wide as the last one. So it's aiming the knees more toward the shoulders. Okay, and again, you're really pressing down on the ankles for this one right feeder together. Feed or at least touching each other from their elbows.

Pop out to the sides, roll your chin to your chest and then we give it a little tuck of the pelvis to lift your hips. Keep the thighs close to you. Exhale, give it a rough try to keep the shape. Once you get one that you can stay with, we'll go four and we'll hold at the top three. Hold it two. Next one. Come up. Stay up. Excellent. Get your ring, reach it out. You can put the knees together. We'll slowly roll down to tabletop with the knees. Head goes to the mat.

Apply a little pressure on the ring. Not a lot. It's not about the arms at the moment. It's just use it for stability. Going to the front of the room with the knees. Staying here. Come this way to ever with an easier thank you. All right. So as you look at your knees there, level that matters.

So that opposite hip is up. Extend the top leg. You're gonna want to squeeze that ring a little here. The shoulders on the mat. Both legs come back to center and fold to the back. Both knees are bent as you go to the back. Extend the top leg. Exhale, stay there. Inhale. Oh, keep the opposite shoulder down. Exhale, back to center and fold again. Here we go. To the front. Inhale. Exhale, stretch from the waist. Inhale, hold in. XL, drag it center and folded to the back. Last time. Inhale and exhale, stretch, reach. Inhale. Exhale. Start bringing it to the center. And down. We go from there. We curl ourselves up, reaching that ring over the shins. Extend the like closest to the front.

Pull that other new way and tonight and change and change. Pull the knees away and you do that from right under the rib cage. We're going to go a little faster. Run. One, two, two, three, three out of four, four. One more. Set five both knees. Come in, set your feet down, reach the ring back, but keep your head where it is. Let your head go down from there. Draw the heels and close. Pick the knees up.

Curl yourself forward. Reaching out over the ring. Set the feet down. Push the feet toward the floor. Reach the ring in the upper body down. Slide the feet in. Take them up, Corolla. Reach the ring down. Reach the arms back and down. Changing at this time, draw the feet in Corolla. Ma. Curl your body up.

Place the ring between the ankles, hands behind your head. I'm going to kind of mix up the a hundred here so we are very much pressing the head backwards into the hand. Okay. Elbows are wide. From here. Inhale, you're folded right at the chest line. Exhale, extend the legs. Five, four, three, two, one. Pull into three, four, five and two. Two, three, four, five and in I focus on exhaling on the way out and squeezing more on the way out and in and out. And again, polled two, three, four out. Keep it out here this time, just inhale. Two, three, four, five. Now squeeze more. Two, three, four, five and in two, three, four, five and deep into three. I do like a sustained contraction there. You could pulse, but I find it a little much out. Two, three, four, five and up. Four, five and squeeze. We get one more around. Here's inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five.

If you can just take your legs to vertical or the 90 for the rollover arms or down. Inhale, a little resistance still there. Exhale up to go over for the first few. Let's stay horizontal. So let's not touch the ground. Flex your feet. They're parallel. Squeeze the ring from the butt cheeks, not from the feet. Inhale from your throat to reaching down, rolling down, keeping that space so we haven't really closed up much and then just let the legs drift a little bit away in Hilton 90 exhale over. Let's do that again.

Inhale, flex the feet. Exhale. Feel the entire rib cage shrink as you roll down, reaching through the bottoms of the feet, spreading out the collarbones and then point at the bottom. Articulate the feet. Inhale, exhale up over if you'd like and you can keep your back still as you do it. Flex your feet and let the feet go to the floor. School using through the ring as you roll down, allowing the legs to come closer to the body, deeply flexing, pointed the toe and inhale. Exhale over. Flex lower. If you're going to Xcel down, we go.

Taking the stretch and away one more. Up over flex quotes, finding all sides of your body on this one and we you go draw the knees in, curl up, take the ring and place it above the knees. You can set the feet on the ground. For this one. I think you could have a table top, but it doesn't benefit that much, so let's put them on the floor. Think parallel feet. Feet might be a little further apart than normal, but not by much. Aim for that pelvic curl position you normally are in. All Right, tail bones are released or hips are released so you have not started an attack from there. Inhale, exhale without changing the spine at all.

Apply pressure on the ring, but feel the sensation of zipping up through the front of the belly so you draw in and up and release just a few slow ones like this. Exhale. Create the sensation of in and out. Sometimes what happens is we, what do we do? We just sort of bear down on the ABS. It's not what we're doing here. Effort really. We are engaging them for sure, but also creating a sense of lift. So assuming you have that, let's go just a little bit faster so you won't release much.

It's just squeeze one out of ten two and three. Four. Hang on for five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 pick the ring up to tabletop. Check your feet that your knees aren't just bowed out to the side. Aim for parallel. Here we go. Another 10 of those. Well, one and two include the hips in it. Three squeezed glutes, a little four. Press five, six. You can always bring the knees closer.

If it starts to go too much, I hip flexor and there we go. Release the ring. Place it up at your ankles. Again, hands behind your head. You could leave your head down, but otherwise roll your chin to your chest. Folding right at the chest line. Legs are up and we squeeze. Ten two, three, four. Hang on. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. You could go back to the knees. You could stay there or lowered. Halfway down the last 10 and one.

Two make sure the knees aren't taking the brunt of it. Five, six, seven. Hang on. Eight, nine and 10 draw the ring in. Set your feet down for the moment. Move your hips to the back of your mat as if you're going to move someone else's hip. Sorry, moving your hips, not your hips. Move your hips to the back of your mat. Just there. Pick up your button, move to the back, pick up your feet, turn over onto your side. Facing from. Okay. Hi.

All right, so we're down. Legs are straight when you get there, hips are stacked. A top leg is um, I'm aiming for parallel. A little turnout would be all right. Here we go. Long Waist and we've from the abdominal squeeze and press hold two, three and let it up. But as you let it up, reach and two to three. This is your goal here, right, right there in the middle. Three, two, three, keeping the legs straight, but there is a possibility of over putting tension in the knee. One more time.

And from there, a little presses for 10 who? One, two, three, long, four, five, six, seven. Hang on. Eight, nine, 10 from there, turn all the way over. Just keep, go on. You can adjust. You use your feet as you need to. I like to bend my knees and kind of Shimmy a little. And then with your forehead resting on your hands, your ring will be touching the ground. There's no doubt about it. In fact, let your, if you can let your toes touch the ground too, you can just sort of find the ground with your toes. If you can't, that's okay. What I'm trying to really get you to do, it kind of depends on where your ring is, I guess is get you to straighten your knees knowing that your ring may touch [inaudible]. Can you feel the glutes where it matches the hamstring? Good and you, you don't really have to squeeze the ring to do that, right?

You're more, that's more in the reach. That's the most important part. From there with your head resting in your shoulders, down your abs, they're kind of gauged not a lot. Squeeze the ring one's okay to leave the ring on the ground too. I'd rather you did. Actually three squeeze from the top four prs will reach more.

Six, seven, eight feet. Relax. I can go nine. Same thing a little quicker. Make it come from the top. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Just to keep it easy, we're gonna continue turning so you'll be facing the way I never make you face, but it'll be good in the long run, right? All. Alright. From there, nice and long from the waist, you will reach long and XL school, either one, bottom legs on the ground and reached to see if you can feel the entire abdominal wall. There's three hold. We did five like this, four and five. Now we held that. Or You, as long as you could be in the waist. And here's your 10 who? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 right? That's all we did there. Pick up the feet. You're going to go back to your tummies, your abdominals, your fronts. Shimmy yourself back on your mat if you aren't. Four heads are down. Ben Knees this time, redraft the shoulders.

And let's have you all bring your heels as close to your balm as you can. All right. And let me say just, hmm, just windy and Renick and back up a little. Everyone else just kind of keep where you're at. Cool. Alright, from there, same setup. Just pick up the knees a little, just barely from the entire inner seam of the leg. You squeeze hold not just at the feet and release. Make it come from the high inner thigh and squeeze. Hold. Good.

So once the knees are slightly lifted, we don't need to lift them anymore. Good and excellent. Check your shoulders. They're going to want to creep up on you probably will hold that. And let's do our 20 here. Squeezing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 ago we go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 reach back to grab onto the ring.

Bring it in front of you so you let it go with the feet. Take it out in front of you for the swan on the floor. Straight out of the one chair. So what I'm aiming to do is have your hands on the ring. Probably some of you will be able to do it right on the handle, but I think it's probably good for all of us to do it just to the side of the handle. Okay. If you find that your shoulders are too tight for that, you could just put your hands on the ground and skip the ring altogether for this. All right. What you do want is a straight arm, so if it doesn't work with the ring, you can just put your hands down long.

All right? You're reaching the legs so you can feel the glutes and hamstrings. We draw the scapula down. You start to lift the back of your head. You don't even need to push on the ring at all until you climb up where you can maybe see over the ring. Okay? Keep your ring where it is. Minimize the pressure on it. Imagine reaching your chest through the ring. As you articulate back down, your head will be last.

Looking at your mat, you recontract so the shoulder blades feel like they start the action. The Chin just reaches forward. So you're looking at the low end of the ring. You look at the middle of the ring. I haven't really even lifted yet and I'm looking at the upper end of the ring in that starting to bring the rest of my spine with me and I'm not pressing on the ring much at all. Okay, so a Wendy's, everybody stereo are if you can, when you bring your ribs down like sync, just like [inaudible] even more. That's great. Even more drop down, down, down, down, down, down.

That right there. Perfect. Now the shoulder blades to your butt. Perfect. Do you feel that? That's great and down we go. I've taught this for years and I think I brought two people too high. That's why I'm making a deal. Here we go. Shoulders are down. As we reaching for, it's like you want to go through the ring, not just up here. We go from there. We also, you can go a little higher.

Jim [inaudible] from here we keep the position of the body press on the ring, but don't let your body change. Lighten up on the ring almost fully and to good and theory. Everything stays the same for looking for that stability. High five excellent six all the while feeling the chest reaching forward. Seven hang on, eight, nine and 10 articulating your way back to the ground.

Keep reaching through the up lower body and turn back onto your backs. Please taking the leg closest to the back of their us. Take your right leg, right leg in in the ring. I've got the basically the ball of the foot. It probably works just as well with the heel, but I might, I, if you can go to the ball first. That would be preferred holding on comfortably at the edges of the ring. You just bend the knee and keeping the sole of the foot to the ceiling. Okay. Elbows wide. Of course. From here, squeeze the glutes toward each other even though the legs shouldn't really change and then initiate a stretch from there.

As you gently reach the heel up and the tailbone or the top of the thighbone downward. More image than anything else pointed toe the ankle. You can move the rings. Okay. You have to right then let the weight of your arms and gravity flex your foot. You can pull a little if you need to. Be careful though. Now keep the poll that you have for the weight in your arms.

Now push the ring up so there's a bit more. Work into it. Gently you're gonna let go and let the weight of the arms flex you. Bend the knee again, see if you can keep the thigh closer to you. Just a little a millimeter and attempt is all I'm talking about. And extend the legs challenging yourself.

The other leg is reaching long as well pointed toe, so you get a little work out of it. Keeping a resistance on the ring and then add in the flex. Yeah, I'm gonna hang out here for a second. The leg that's in the air. Let's imagine taking either the outer part of the hip or the butt bone, the sit bone there and that leg and reach it toward the inner thigh of the other leg. That terrible. Keeping the idea of being that the, if we're all using our right, like the right side of our waste is staying really long or that right hip is reaching toward the left knee.

You might get a tiny turnout. That would be fine, but it doesn't, you don't need to do much now [inaudible] no, just the intent. I'm looking for an anchor as why I'm doing it. All right. Bend the knee. We're going to hold the ring in the left hand. I, you can continue holding it like so I like to flip my arm so that I'm coming under hand through the ring and then we cross over. It's completely up to you how you do it. Um, if you have where you can let your elbow rest on the ground, great. If not, that's all right too. The opposite hip does come up. That right hip did come up. Push into the ring, right? Go ahead and lean into the ring.

It's all right then keep what you've done. Keep the energy going into the ring, but pull the hip backwards again, it won't necessarily get to the floor, but the separation is there. Hopefully, and then for an added little fun push into the big toe in the ring. Hmm. Yeah. Help yourself back up. Switching. So you're holding the other hand and I don't remember how I like to hold it.

I think I do it the same way. Bend the knee, open it out to the side. Okay, so now I've got that elbow down on the ground. Okay. With a bent knee, hips are square. If it's available to you, you straighten the leg, but keep the elbow down on the ground. We may need to actually grab the foot if you need more of a stretch, but usually it's pretty good. All right, help me back up. Let's change sides. The other foot goes in holding it comfortably outside that handle. Check your hips. Now usually the hip leg, the hip of the leg in the air tends to hike up.

Even though we are sure it's not leg is comfortable, we bend it foot flat, shoulder down, and begin to stretch it by straight. Can you imagine just letting the leg bone drop into the hip socket bend again? Let's do it again and just, it's almost like the upper part of the leg just falling into that hip socket. As everything else reaches away from there. We pointed the toe, we reached away. Yeah, kind of let that one be easy and then carefully let the way to the arms.

Flex the foot, shoulders down, neck long. Then if you want more, need more, not sure, gently pull more. Keep that pole as you progress through the foot. Articulating all the way up. Keep it evenly weighted of course, and then releasing it down, down, down, and we vent again from here. We tried to keep the sigh a little bit closer than before. We squeeze the glutes a tiny bit, somewhere in there as we extended the leg.

Oh cool. This is the one that's supposed to be easy and point to the foot. It again, reaching the heel to the sky. Here's that chew again. Um, someone gave me a better one if they have one. It's a sense.

It is a sense Andy of in my brain anyway of externally rotating the thighbone, but I'm not really looking for that. It's just that is what it feels like. Space between the ribbon, the hip. Thank you. That's it. That's what I'm looking for. And almost even in the hip socket and if you did turn out, that's probably fine, but then balance out the foot. All right. Crossing it over. I'd take that under hand grip onto the handle.

You could do it over hand. No big deal. Allow the hips to come up as you find your way over. Yeah, it doesn't have to be that far. Can stay in the air. This one you want to be sensitive to, right? Everyone's different and then as you kind of reach into the ring, then start to guide the hip back toward the floor, pressing into the big toe. Oh, there we go. So it's just sort of the loose enough stretching technically I think takes longer than what I'm going to give it, but we'll lift up and go to the other side's switching cancer. The same arm, his leg. We'll hold it. Bend the knee first.

This is where it's a little different than I sometimes do it. We're going to open out to the side. My hope there is that you get support with that elbow on the ground. Then again, if it's available to you and your hips are level, you try and straighten the leg so that the foot aims towards your shoulder. Yeah, exactly. All right, bring it on back. Help it up. Draw, bend the knees, cross the left ankle over the right.

So I've bent the knees and I've just crossed the ankles. The feet are on the ground, right. We're going to lift our hips up, left ankle over right. Swivel the knees so that you are on your right butt cheek cause I, they were picked up and I just moved them out of the way. Some basically stolen center. Extend the legs out just a little. Reach the ring forward over your thigh. Curl up to look at it, look through it.

Then continue taking the ring beyond the side. Beyond the butt cheek. The left butt cheek. There we go. Yeah. Then not that far when I, sorry. Just right over here, but right over. There we go and now we're rolling up. Let's go and down and up. Do your best to keep the feet on the ground.

You can stretch it out a little bit. The feet, that's no, that's fine. And down. Exhaling helps and down and up when you get there. Stay there. Okay. Kind of on that hip. Good. Continue rotating. One and two. I'm not really squeezing the ring at this point to three. The waist for five. Hold. Inhale, exhale down. Inhale. I'm going back up for four more. Exhaling up.

Inhale, exhale down. Nice. Very nice. Something that might help you and I can't give you a reason as to why. Exhale up is if you put your thumbs on the inside and pull apart on the way down, pulling apart IX, it's what? The Lat engagement. I think you're right. I think it's just connection, right? Yeah. Especially on the way down. It doesn't do a whole lot coming up, but or maybe it does for me. I lose it there. I think this is it, isn't it?

All right, good. But we do have to go back down. Here it go down, down, down. Slide the feet in level, amount. Cross. Right over left. Lift the hips to swivel onto your left glute a little bit more. Where your knees end up. It's kind of fine wherever. Just try not to, as you curl up, try not to let them end up pointing to the sky again. All right.

Oh boy. My favorite. Decide if you want the legs further out. We were curled up, collar bones were wide. We continued rotating from the waist, not the arms. Okay, so your, it's the rib cage that's moving there. All right, here we go. Inhale. Exhale up would come. You couldn't hook. You can pull that top ankle into the bottom ankle in here. Oh, not good. Okay. How are we gonna modify that for you? You got it.

What you could do is just not curl up, like go to the Po. Okay. All right. And you guys have your feet very close to that. Makes it very hard. I just don't want, I just want you to know your options to spread them out if you want. If you're happy, I'm happy. Yeah, I think this is for possible five and we're doing fine. So if that was fine, you can hang out and I'll be right back. Here we go. Oh, good for you Andy. That's it. Pays to know how to count. All right, from here again, it's not the arms, it's the ribs.

To theory, good or bad. We have five more to go down and up. Here we go. Dow to come. Good idea is to get, you know, let all the air out on that one. Take a full inhale here. Start the exhale. It'll help. It's not going to make it easy, but it'll help or check the shoulders. Challenging yourself.

Here's three. Soon as they want to come up, that's where you put them back down. Even though it's going to make it slower, they'll make it deeper for your [inaudible]. One to go. Fun, Fun, fun. Here it is. Up, up, up. We will go back down. Enjoy.

Okay. Bring the feed in just to center yourself. Put the ring off to the side. We played with this one last time. We're going back to that initial position where we had the soles of the feet together with the knees dropped out. Okay. Depending on your hip flexibility. You may want your legs a little closer, a little further away. If for the most part I want you relatively comfortable, I would suggest sort of this that angle.

Be careful about getting them to close because of where I just know where I'm going, but it won't be fun if they're really close. That's your warning, but you can always change them too. All right, so we go arms down, chest down. I mean back down. We're going to peel up here, so just roll through the pelvis. You have weighed on the outer edges of your feet. Try to keep your legs in place. In fact, try to encourage the knees outward and down and then inhale, exhale, roll and again go a tiny bit faster. Exhale takes you up. Once you pass through the low back, you add the pressure into the feet.

Squeeze the glutes. You why not? That's what we need to do here and down we go. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale, rolling through. Inhale, exhale down. Press the back of the arms in. I'm going to play with it a little at the top. Next time. Here we go. Taking it up.

Sort of a version of a hip opener on the one to chair. We're going to bring that right leg, slide it closer to you first. Then pick it up, extend the leg out to the side, bring it back. It's going out to the side again and to everything else is still, and three out of five reach. Go for the stretch. Here's four. One more time. Five. Bring it back in. Set it down, roll it down nice and evenly and we go. Inhale, exhale.

We're the roll and think you know it's coming. Your hips remain level. Pick up that other leg. I believe it's our left leg and we extended out to the side one. Nothing changes. Here's two and pull it and imagine your foot was on a rubber band and you're pulling the rubber band than it's being pulled against. And one more time coming up.

Bring it back, set it down. You're right where you started to roll down from here. Slide the legs out onto your mat. You may have to be real light with them. Fold them back to parallel and roll yourself up. Good. Inhale, exhale. Rolling down. Start to turn the leg bones out, bend them back to that diamond position. Reached back overhead.

So I'm really doing this from just movement in the hip joint. Start to slide. The legs are rotating them forward and Wallah. Inhale, exhale coming down. If you don't all emotion and they have to just do a regular roll-up, right? I'm only doing two more. Here we go. Slide does like Vons until they rotate. Just back to parallel. Inhale and exhale unfurl. Like your legs are like barbershop polls. One Mark Up.

Yeah, and down when you get to the shoulder blades, let's stop there. Okay. From here you're reaching forward, pick up the lights and upper body only reaches forward one. Reached to keep that lower body still three, four, five of six. Take the a backhand inside. So you're straddling the, toward the front and one opposite hip is down to three. Four reach, five hand that's inside goes outside, so still toward the front one and two and take the whole rib cage with you.

Right? So it's not just the arm crowd and you know, and we'll come back to the center this time, both hands through six, five collarbones wide for reached three reached to work in the high abs and then straddle one arm out. Kind of turned that way with it. Three, four, five, both arms outside that back leg. Who want to make sure the rib cage went with you? Four. Five both arms back inside last six to three and four. Hang on for five. Hold six. Take your hands outside. Bring the feet in a little closer. Separate them.

Yeah, I dunno. I Dunno. Bring it. He says good. So right here, you're already in a little bit of a posterior attack. If you're not, you should be. So if you're down here, pick it up. Press the back of your leg into your hands. She pulled the shoulders into their sockets. Get a little rocking action one.

Don't expect to get big yet. Two. Nothing changes the tip. Press into your hands. Keep the shoulders where they were. It'll start getting bigger. Nothing changes. You're in charge. Smooth ride. Next one up.

Keep it up. Close it up, one foot closest to the front room down. Take that leg, try to keep your knees touching each other. Okay. But [inaudible] is on the ground. The bottom one's on the ground. If you keep it where it is, if you can bend the elbows and draw yourself towards your leg, looking for a bit of a flat back. If that starts to get a little too nutty, you can need first stretch the leg out a bit or you can move your hand down so you're not coming up so high. All right, from here, the hand opposite the one in the back. So it's the front hand goes outside, just like has it exactly like Wendy has it and the backhand to the ground. All I want for now is just to get a nice long spine. So Renee, you're actually, you're okay. Maybe move your lower leg out just a little cause. Yup. That's going to feel better in a minute. Good. Take the back hand, bring it back up and essentially what you're going to do, I'll show you when we come to the other side and we're going to roll down.

Let go. Just roll down and come up. So basically we're going to do reach forward. Keep your arms forward, straighten out your spine as if you were holding. Just rotate to the back. Keep that spine long. Come back and down all the way we roll up. Get Long, long, long. When you get there, rotate from the rips back to the center.

And now would you like to breath pattern? Hmm, I'm going to say inhale up. Squeeze the glutes, inner thighs. Inhale all the way up to the long spine. Exhale, rotate. Inhale back and down we go. And one more. Inhaling all the way up. Keep the whole lower body strongly contracted to us.

Just back to the center. Hold it, change legs, find the stretch, find your stretch, pull yourself into it. Find something to hold on to. This is one of those places where he could pull it. Press the thigh bone into the hip socket and relieve some pressure in the hip flexor. It feels good to me. Let's do one stretch. Backhand goes outside the front leg and down, and this is just so that you can sense where your back is flat. And when you make that rotation right back in, let go.

Here we go for four. We rolled in, we reach back, we come up on an inhale. If you're interested in the breath, exhale, twist back. And I'm doing two breath cycle. Inhaling all the way up. Take your time. Exhale, ring out all the air in, nail back to center. Exhale, draw those hipbones deep into the body like we did at the beginning and in the street. And now exhale. Inhale and on. One more time. And if we go straighten it out first, then you rotate back to the center. Put the foot down, roll down all the way. Yes. All right, from here, where do I want to? Yeah, go ahead and turn onto your side face front. Again. When I do the sidekick, sidekick, I'm either go to your forearm or tip of the elbow.

If you're going to tip of the elbow, you gotta deal with the shoulder stability a lot more. And so either one top leg is up. I do have my lower leg slightly forward, reach out of the hip, relax this leg. Hey, this is, I'm gonna teach this a little differently. Like almost totally relaxed it, but reach it. Okay. And if you do that, just make sure you don't stick your butt out at the same time as you do that now, just kick the leg forward and back. Swing it swing. Try to let it be as free as possible without, you have to be somewhat mindful, right? Without much motion going on in front. You'll have more than you normally do probably, but it's a long free, long free one more to the front and the back. Hold it to the back, then reach it like you do a little tuck so that you feel relatively solid. Grab onto the back the foot if you can. Yeah, and just give it a big stretch looking at it. If you do, if you looked at the front of your hips, it should be level, right?

You don't have the hipbones way in front of the pubic bone. Make that level, then take the five on backwards, but nothing else changes. Nice. All right, let's keep everything else the same. Turn the knee up, check that bottom shoulder. Then we're going to just bring it in front of us. Stick your bum out a little bit. Here. Hand is down. Come to your farm.

If you're not already there. And Jess, you could give your hand at West Four. So there's a sense of really leaning forward or reaching it, but the hip is back. Okay. And then with that, just bring it around. Take it back, bend it. And we're changing sides. So just switch. I down, pick, do what you did on the other side, right? So you're on the tip of the elbow. Pick the leg up.

Bottom leg is there for a bit of support and then reach it. So there's, it's almost like the leg becomes heavy instantly. Here we go. We swung it right is kick kick getting used to that. Right? The more control that we get, the more we have to take that as a sign of, okay, we've worked this stability aspect. How can I move the leg freely yet still be under control. Give yourself far more to, we took it to the back and chances are with that much motion, the pelvis would have deviated and fine. Now bring it back to level, the hipbones pubic bone. Grab onto the foot if you can.

You can also put it on the floor and do attack. In other words, if it's too tight to pull, you just set the foot down a tech and you'll get a good stretch. Otherwise guide the thigh bone backwards, the pubic bone forward. Hm. And then decide if that's too much on the elbow and go to the form. If you want, turn it up. Opening the hip. You don't like the straight [inaudible] you might like it bent. That would be good too. It's up to you like you're trying to roll the hips forward. So if you're sitting back here, who cares? Right.

Keep the leg pointed straight up and roll the hips on top of each other. All right. Then we dropped. Let the light come down in front. Tailbone stuck out. A little bit. Handles there for help and we lift too is if there's something heavy right on the need, the side of the knee here and, and, and [inaudible] and water law. Okay, bring it. We took it to the back. One more little stretch there and then bring it back in. Okay.

Turning over or onto your hands and knees. Is that you find your ring now that you're almost not there yet, Deborah, but I am going there. Here, right. So predictable. I try so hard to go check this out and know that I'm going. I am going but first thigh stretch. All right, so let's do a thigh stretch without anything to do with the ring just yet. Um, I think you're right. I think she, I think he's fine. I think.

All right, so what we're doing, stretch the tuck your pelvis just hanging onto the ring cause it's there. Start to bring the cat hamstrings closer to the calves. Might as well bring the rest of your body with you. Inhale, exhale. Come forward. Okay, so there's no Angela and this is robotic. Kind of inhale, tuck. Again, you want that exhale.

If anything you kind of looking down rather than up, right? Yeah. Sorry, I tease your shins. Pushes Shins into the ground. That's okay. So my idea and you can make up a different one if you want, was to get some pex into this. So it would be inhale, exhale. As you lean back, you extend the arms out. Opposite. Yeah. Inhale, exhale. Sort of like the one we did earlier, right? And pushing back and polling vote. If you're doing as I am, you make sure that pulling forward, yeah, the sense of having to use the back of the shoulder, right? Like the ring stayed in place and you're pulling yourself to it even though you're squeezing inward as well. And back. If you want more, stay here. Inhale out of breath cycle. I am not squeezing now.

I exhale to bring it back. Inhale and exhale, pressing back. Add the breath cycle. If you want. Junia exhale, arms down the inelegant and exhale whole forward for two to go. Exhale, press away. Squeeze that ring. You don't have to do the thigh hinge either. You can just do the arm party. Inhaling up. We're getting faster. Exhale. Inhale, hold.

Exhale pole. You're gone for back extension, Auntie and back. Inhaling up lovely and back. And those are supposed to be hard. So if they were good for you, now that in Deborah, we ready for the pushup. How you can do this on your knees or not. Um, it's Kinda good feedback even if you can do pushups, but it's up to you. We placed the ring about mid chest, hands underneath your shoulders.

You probably won't have much going on at the ring at the moment. Squeeze the heels together. Play. Squeeze the inner thighs together before you ever think of that ring. Now whatever's touching the ring, check this out. I'm going to ask you to draw the shoulder blades in the upper arms towards your feet so that the ring gets pushed forward.

Literally want you to push the ring forward with your chest and back it up again. Roll it back a little. It might mean your butt's a little in the air. That's all right. So everybody can do a little tuck your pelvis. Keep that. And just from the sternum press the ring forward is the shoulders. Press down your back. It's amazing. You Do, you do. You can actually do a little more little more for you. And yes we did, but, but, but here we go. Bend the elbows right next to your body. Oh, there's that ring.

Shoulders are still down. And if we go on, let's do five. True. The shoulders are constantly reaching down. Three or here's one more. Five lower to your knees. Roll back. Did you break it Andy? Okay, you can let it go. But what I noticed with it is when we do it, even people that are strong, it helps to keep the shoulder blades from collapsing on you just by feeling it.

So it's up to you. Here we go. You can get rid of if you want. I'm doing another set. So, um, but let's get into it like this. So if you, you can stay on your knees if you want, but in any case, your hands are about where you think they're going to need to be. Draw the shoulders down and let that straight arms roll you forward over the ring. If you're going to pick up the legs, go ahead and do that now and together you got the little tucks so you feel both sides of your body. Here we go and bend in one, two, three, aiming those elbow points straight back for here's five and six lower than knees. Roll yourself back. Move the ring and take yourself all the way to the ground again please. And from here we're just going to do an exercise called prone Cobra. So you're basically face down, your hands will be down by your side.

Palms down. Exactly. So then just straight your arm down. There you go. Just like that as if it came by and pulled on your wrist, reached towards your feet, slide down. Good. Then from where you are, start to rotate just the arm so you're not going to pinch the shoulder blades. You're gonna rotate just the arm outward more so if your palms were down, the thumb goes outward. So the ends up facing the ceiling that way. Yeah. Again, it's like someone's pulling on your chest, your arms articulate your spine like you did earlier. So you look forward a little. You don't have to come much higher. In fact, I probably wouldn't come high at all. You can lift the hands. Thank you.

Let the hands float. Try to keep them as close to your body as possible. And I'll go one step further. Try to raise them above your body. There you go. And so Deborah, Wendy only come down in your ribs more and I'm going to say for the everybody lighten up on your abs a little and reach your legs more. They're on the ground, the legs are on the ground. Good. And take a rest. Any questions? I'm shooting for upper back as well as rotator cuff. Here we go again. You or did, was that apparent? Reached the shoulders down around.

Turn those thumbs toward the sky. Hovering the arms before body. So you get the arms before by, that's a Jim. Now Jim, just look forward. Yeah, that's enough. [inaudible] and then as if I pulled on your arms, everybody's gets even longer. That's Craig. Wendy from there. Debra, come down a little bit in your body. Okay. From there, just pulse. The arms up slowly for five one, just the arms up, up to up. Three thumbs towards ceiling. Here's four. Beautiful. And finally five and high as you can keep them close though. You want five more rest, rest. Yeah. When do, you probably can go very high if I know you take a rest and then come all the way down. I'll show you kind of what I'm going for.

If you guys want to just go into rest position, we're basically done. If I can, I'll, I'll show you in just a second. Come back to a rest position. Let's wrap this up formally and then I'll show you what I mean. Taking a couple of deep breaths with the arms where they, where you may decide it feels better with them by your side here. It's up to you, but I'm really trying for the mid to low back stretching, so keep it round. Yeah. Cool.

And you're officially done. Good work. Good work.


Great class Kristi! Loved using the ring as a prop while doing the mat exercises.The pace was perfect. I needed abdominal work using rotational patterns.Will do this class again tomorrow.Thanks! Would love another class with the foam roller.
Great class Kristi! Loved using the ring as a prop while doing the mat exercises.The pace was perfect. I needed abdominal work using rotational patterns.Will do this class again tomorrow.Thanks! Would love another class with the foam roller.
Excellent! A balanced workout with a perfect flow between all the exercises!
I'd like to buy a Magic many to choose from. What brand do you use at Pilates Anytime?
Hi Joni ~ Sorry this post slipped by me. We use the Ultra Fit Circle made by balanced body. I list some alternatives in my Magic Circle Review if you're interested in more options. The Magic Circle is a great small piece of apparatus to have on hand.
nice class thank you
excelent regards from Chile
Thanks everyone. I'm so glad you're enjoying this class.
Thank you...enjoyed the rotational "stuff"...and the thread of butterfly legs throughout...the initiation of RLB & OLR from supine. Love this website!
I LOVE PROPS!!! I've always wondered why we don't use more butterfly legs... it really helps engage the lower abs (at least for me). Thanks for another great workout!
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