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BASI™ Mat Flow

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Taught in the BASI Flow™ style, Meredith takes you deep into the intermediate exercises. You will enjoy the flow, precise cueing, and a significant challenge to both your body and mind.
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May 27, 2011
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All right guys. We're going to start sitting up today. You can either just have your knees bent straight up or you can drop them out to the sides. Debra's nursing am okay. Hip Discomfort, injury, and I'm going to offer a lot of open leg positions. I'm personally going straight up to the air so you choose what feels most comfortable to you. So just holding on somewhere on your legs, lifting the spine tall and maybe close your eyes for just a minute. Take a nice deep breath in, just a natural breath and feel what happens in the body as the chest rises and falls. And then take that and let the chest relax. And instead as you inhale, breathe into the sides of the body, drawing the abdominals and feeling the expansion of the entire trunk.

Exhale, pulling the ribs down, the abdominals even deeper, still lifting the spine and working to support that shape. I'm going to do just a couple more breasts breathing. Using this as a moment to link your mind and your body together to be prepared or prepare yourself for your practice. One more breath. Yeah. And with that we inhale one more time. You can open your eyes or keep them close. Exhale, feel the pelvis tilt underneath you roll down until your arms go straight.

So it's just a contraction of the spine, of the dominance around the spine. Inhale, lift Baca, and exhale, curve the spine back. So drawing the shoulder blades down the back as we curl and just rock back into the abdominals. Inhale, take the spine forward in a an X. I'll just a couple more times. Curving the spine and inhale, lifting the spine and letting the breath help you with the movement or guide you through your movement just to straight arms and then right back up. Bending the arms and assisting you as you need to to lift back tall.

Either keep your hands on your legs or let go. We're coming a little lower this time. Do you need, uh, pressing the feet down into the ground in yields? Pause. Exhale, feel the chest. Go forward first. Stack the shoulders over the hip joints and then lift the spine back straight.

Exhale, guiding the abdominals backwards. Feel the shoulder bones again, heavy reaching into the ground. Any healing we pause. Excellent. We send the chest forward, pulling backwards even as we sit up through the waist and lift and two more like that. Xcel to curl back, warming up the spine. Keep the fever. Reaching into the ground. Next little curling forward. Yeah, left last time. Excellent sir. Roll back. We're going to stay back this time and challenge it just a little bit by raising the arms on the inhale, keeping the trunk stable. Exhale, letting the arms press down in front and heal the abdominals. Draw down to the mat. The arms float and exhale.

We bring the arms back down again. Inhale Brie, letting the arms stretch overhead. Xcel. Press the arms down last two times. Inhale, arms. Exhale, arms back. Challenge the F. Um, have them challenge how far back you bring your arms out. We'll challenge her up the even more. Let's pause here and bring it all the way up as you come up.

Right. Turn in my direction. Round down that side of your spine. Keep the lower half of your body totally still. As you rotate the trunk around to the opposite side and then peel your body up that side. Sitting tall first and then returning to the center. It's an inhale to turn and Xcel to tilt the tailbone, deepening the abdominals. We crossed the body, come up that side and return to center. One more time, a rounding. Exhale, pulling deep through the spine, pressing the feet into the ground. Inhale, come around to the opposite side. Exhale up that side and back to center and last time for the day rolling back.

Could also bring your arms a little higher here. I guess it's a little bit of a late call there. Exhale coming up. When you arrive at center, open up your arms, bring them back behind you, fingers facing and press into your arms and lift your chest up towards the ceiling and then just draw into the abdominals. Bending the, I was at a reaching back into a little bit of a shoulder stretch. We're going to press ourselves back up. Bring the arms around front and XL to come all the way down.

Preparing for a pelvic curl, sliding the feet a little closer to the body, adjusting on the mat if need be. Starting in a neutral spine position. Xcel. Feel the abdominal flatten into the ground. Then guide the spine up one bone at a time or rolling through the hips, through the ribs, up onto the shoulders. Inhale, exhale. Feel the chest drop through the arms, but let the arms continue to press down into the ground. Folding the spine down into the ground and returning to neutral pelvis.

Xcel as we roll, you're up again. So leading with the pubic bone and excelling to calm down bone by bone, carving out through the waistline again. Rolling. Send energy as you roll up out through the knees, out towards the toes, pressing the hips high, but feeling the ribs contained towards the ground. And exhale, bringing ourselves down into the ground for two more. Rolling up. As you exhale, press down into the arms to pick the pelvis up. Keep the neck long and as you roll down, feel the next stretching in the opposite direction of the tailbone.

So we're lengthening the entire spy. Here's the last one. Rolling up, pressing the hips up. Inhale and exhale to bring ourselves down, guiding the spine into the ground. Bring the arms out to your sides or in a Low v shape. Pickup one leg using the abdominals to do so.

Pick up the other leg for the spine. Twist, knees, stay connected. As you shift towards me. Inhaling, exhale, drop back through the abdominals coming back to center. Inhale over to other side and exhale to come back. Feel that as you shift over onto that side of your hip, the abdominals pulled back in opposition so that they're ready to bring you home. As you do come home in healing as you turn and excelling as you come back, she had, and you can move your knees just a little bit further away from your body forward. That's it, and back and inhale.

Adding on here, we're going to stretch the legs towards me. Again. Continue in healing as you stretch to like up. Exhale, bring them back to center and fold them in. Inhale as you tilt and extend the legs, drawing the belly button away from the toes. Xcel back to bed and continue that movement pattern. Please inhale, stretch. Exhale, drag and fold.

Inhale across and stretch to like straight. Exhale, drag them back to vertical and fold them in. One more time. Paying attention to how much you can put. Focus in the middle of your body and allow the limbs to be relatively relaxed. So don't force the leg straight. Relax them up. Pull them back and fold them in. Let's place one foot down on the ground, followed by the other foot, both hands behind the head, fingers interlaced fully for the chest left.

We're going to lift the head and chest on the exhale, pressing the ribs into the ground. Feel that your best attempt at a neutral pelvis in healing to hold, excelling. Pull the abdominal. Then lengthen the spine down. Allow the head to touch. Inhale, exhale to Curl Baca. Working deeply. Inhaling to pause and excelling to release down again.

We feel the fold come from just underneath the chest. This time. Inhale, reach for the thighs. Exhale, guide yourself. Maybe not higher, but perhaps more forward and that will get you higher. And then pause there, letting the legs go. Stretching the arms all the way back overhead. Folding the fingers together, hands behind your head to exhale and lower your body coming up again on the exhale. Lift once again the hand sign the thighs curl more or look for deeper or more intense. Let go. Arms Up. Refold the fingertips, hands behind the head and length in the body to the ground. Two, more like that. Excelling to come up. Inhale hands. Exhale God. Lek. Arms reach, fingers fold and we lower.

One more time. We're going to stay lifted this time, but we are going to go through that arm position or that arm variation. So a little higher abdominals in. Let go. Take one leg up towards the chest. Pause. Exhale to change legs. So it's a leg change. One and oh one if you feel the need to support your head, reach back and hold on to it. But don't let that bring you any and pull the thigh up like it's pulling up against a brick wall.

It stops just at vertical. One more, both legs that reach for the thighs, curl a little higher or look for more intensity. Let go this time. Both legs down. You decide how low the back half. So stay flat. Arms up into the air and push the legs up to bring the arms down. Inhale, toes down, arms overhead and exhale back and in heel.

Touch to the pool back. We reach of that. Keep fighting for the curl and pull the last two here to come back. One more to come back. Let's place the feet down. Bring the hands back behind the head.

All that was tough and lower all the way back to the mat. Coming up again. Head, chest for sacs. Yeah, hands behind the thighs. Lift a little higher or more intense. One Hand on top of the other. Reach across the left knee or one knee. Come back to center. Reach across the other knee and come back to center. Notice as you'd now turn your upper body that your lower half, once again stays very sto.

It's an upward reach looking for the fingertip to reach the beyond the knees. And on a cross to pull back and across to the pull back. Here is our last one. Cross to go back. Hold there. We'll separate the arms. Lift one leg, lift the other leg, reach for the lay curl a little bit deeper. Take the leg furthest away from me to the ground.

Turn taking both hands to the outside of that lifted leg and hold yourself in that high position. Then turning over to the other side left, so without using the arms to totally do all the work. We used them to help us achieve the height in the body. Pressing the shoulders down as you use them. The arms to rotate further. We're going to go four and four, three and three to stay high as you come through center. Here's one and one both legs up. Reach behind the legs.

Find intensity. Let go and stretch your arms over your headline, your head and chest down. Coming up for the a hundred it's an exhale to find that upper body curl. Stretch the legs on the inhale and exhale. One, two, three, four, five. Calm and strong with the arms in and squeeze the backsides of the legs. Pumped the from just underneath the chest or just underneath the shoulders.

That halfway here, if you need a head neck rest, you'll put your head down. You could always put your feet down. You could always just bend your knees. Last three [inaudible] and to, and one more. Give it your best. Go finish on the inhale. Exhale, bend the knees. Let's drop him to the ground. Take the arms overhead and stretch back. Stretching the legs out straight.

Debbie could do this with bent knees too. It's just the Rola. You're going to lift the head and chest Baca. Who can we get it from here? I don't know if I can right now. All there it is. Rolling. Uh, shoulders over him and he only to hole. Excellent. Making your way back to him. So he just fluidly moving the spy. Oh, let the body stretch back. Keep the ribs on the ground. Pick up the head and chest. Curve the spine up.

Pull the abdominals back as you stopped just over your hips with your shoulders and roll yourself back down again. Articulating the spine, picking up the head and chest. Draw down into the abdominals, curling the spine, stretching out, excelling. We roll back, lifting, reaching the body for long curvature of the spine. Rolling back. I'm gonna make a change after this one. So we are going to come all the way to the top again.

And then I want us to go down. Oh Gosh. It's pretty out there. Go down just to the bottom of the spine. So feel the low back down. Two choices with the arms reaching forward. I find that easier. If you need neck support, hold onto your head. Bend your left knee, stretch it to the sky. Take a small circle to the inside. Take another circle to the inside looking for trunk stabilization, pressing down through the upper arms last time, anchoring with the bottom.

Like we pause, let's go the other way. It's a reach in and pull across MPO. Ah, good. Last two. One more. Holding the leg up. We're gonna lower it straight down to the ground. At the same time as we bring the arms overhead and rest, picking up the head and chest, coming all the way up, starting from the top so that as we roll down we can really find a good solid position with the low back connected to the ground, bending the right knee, keep the curl of the chest, stretch the leg up. We're going to the inside first for five up and around, four up in a row.

Three looking for stability. Keep challenging the curvature. Here's one, pulling the leg back. We go the other way. [inaudible] and to pressing the upper arms forward and down. Last two and last one leg comes that it's going to go straight down. As we lower our body's stray down again, control it.

Troll is the name of the game. Picking up the head and chest. Curl yourself old way forward and just take a stretch forward over the legs. Maybe bending the elbows slightly to guide the chest a little closer to the legs. If you're looking for more, flex your feet. Alright, everybody sit up and everybody open up the knees for the spine. Twist, let's go. Hands behind the head, lifting up tall. We're going to turn towards the ocean. Exhale, picking up the spine even longer as we return to center XL. Turn the other way. An inhale to come back. What's that? A double pulse. It's exhale and then go further and inhale and exhale and think longer and center and turn intensifies, center turn, intensify, center on that intensive.

I don't think just for the thing. Taller and up and I left and uh, we're going to stop when we get to this side. Take the backhand and reach it around. Just let it land where it's comfortable for you. Lift your back even more. Guide yourself slightly deeper into that twist.

But think about sitting bones stable and back behind the head. And we're just going to turn a little bit more for fat. Maybe you won't see much, probably won't see much, but you should feel a lot to remember. The rotation always comes from the obliques. Let's bring it back to center. Go the other way. I think tall. Take the outside, backhand to the front leg.

Sit Taller first, guide yourself a little deeper into it and comes back behind the head. And then it's press oh obliques. Lifting through the chest. Two and one we're going to head back to center. Take the arms behind you. Fingers can face in, that's preferable. Or they can face straight out to the sides.

We're going to do a modified back support here and it's also a hip opener. So with the feet pressing together, press into your arms to lift up off the mat and then your knees are going to open. Think about external rotators and press the pelvis forward. Yes, and sit down and press the pelvis for the knees. Go out or down. The hips go up and we reach the chest. Throuth for the shoulder stretch and sit down.

We're going do about three more [inaudible] and Dan on these last two. I'm going to change it just a little bit. So come on, push the pelvis down towards the feet, narrowing the knees, come back away from it and sit down. Do it one more time. Lifting spine stable, shoulders in control. Go down towards your feet, back away from your feet and sit all the way back down and sit up. Modified. Saw hands behind the head. Turn towards me. Inhale, take the outside elbow or forearm towards the inside.

Shinbone inhale re elongate the spinal lifting on the diagonal and exhale to come to the center in Hilton Xcel. That outer elbow reaches across towards the inner ankle bone or shin lifting long and tall and we come back to center and let's go again. Turn and dive forward and reach back out and come center and turn to dive forward to the lift back out and come center. Keep in mind that as you're bending or bowing your body forward, there's a deep contraction back through the abdominals. Additionally, as you're turning towards that front leg, the back hip, the back sit bone is the one you want to make sure that stays still and center. Last one, reaching forward, lifting up and coming all the way back to center.

Let's stretch out the left leg. Bring the right knee foot up to the left thigh or knee or shin. Turn the body slightly so you're facing the leg. Walk forward along the leg, letting the forehead reach down towards the knee. Hang on where you can reach. Keep the left hand where it is. Stretch the right arm even further than the left, allowing the spine to go in that direction as well and then start to turn that right rib cage up towards the ceiling, right arm. We'll just reach overhead.

Nice big opening. Stretch to that outside waist. Come back through center please and just roll yourself up, bringing your homes with you as you come. We're going exchange legs, left foot up against right thigh. Turn the body abdominals in. We bow forward reaching just wherever it's comfortable for you. Anytime you stretching the back of the leg, just flexing the foot. Makes a big difference as far as getting a bigger stretch, keep the right hand where it is.

Reach the left arm further and bring the spine with it and then start to spiral that outside rib cage. That left rib cage out and around. As you reach the left arm over your head, we're going to take it back down towards the Mat and we're going to bring it all the way up. Bringing the knees in, reaching for the ankles, for rolling like a ball. You could do this. Um, again with the knees pointed out if you wish to. We're going to go just behind the tailbone and in order to pick up the fee, we wanted to try to contract the abdominals more and then they should just hover. It's an inhale to rock the spine back and exhale to roll. That can ever get the first one ever, ever. I'm coming in here to rock back. Keep this position tight.

As you roll up in Bam, it's an inhale and curl. Bowing the chest towards the pelvis, looking for a deep abdominal contraction. It's about three more. Do you mind? And last one holding there. I do a little exercise. I'm borrowing from Ms. Lisa Clayton. It's called the teaser explosion Keel. Starting this position, reach out through the legs and out through the arms, find it and then hollow back in. Scoop and heal the spine lengthens the legs. Stretch and exhale.

We scoop everything back in and how we stretch out and exhale Taco Mac and then he'll we stretch out and ax how we pull in two more and pull in one more pull. Set the feet down. Open up the knees, stretch over the legs. I'm going to take us through the open leg rocker. If you wish to keep your knees bent, her good place to hold it would be right behind the thighs if you wish to go for the real deal. I'm going to hold onto the ankle just one for now. Paul that cyber and deeper into the hip joint to lift the back. Then find the other leg reaching up through the back. The legs are strong, whether or not they're straight or bent, we tuck the tailbone, roll back, roll up with control and at the last minute we find those upper back extensors.

Try to keep the chest broad through out. That's the biggest challenge in my mind in the this exercises not allowing the shoulders to elevate as we rock. And again, pressing the shoulders down to lift the spine. It's the upper back sense. Is that in essence, put the brakes on one more time, please. Back Anna in a, hold it at the top. Can we simply by drawing McDonald's very much in let go carefully lower the legs to the ground. Sit yourself up Deb, if you need to, Ben, we're going to do the real saw. So a, the the, the actual saw turning towards me with the arms straight, reaching the front arm towards that, uh, back arm for the front foot. Lengthen out through the spine. Return to center. Inhale, rotate. Big rotation, lots of obliques. Exhale, reaching down. Inhale, lift and come home as you turn.

I don't know what I want to say. Oh, think about it. Now think up as you go forward. Think longer and push the back arm away from you to send the front arm more forward to get more rotation through this Phi last time. Long spine and then a little length and out of it. And come back to center. We're going to bring the legs together and roll ourselves all the way back down into the ground. Once you arrive on the ground, bend your knees. I'm going to go through the double leg. Single leg, Chris Cross. I Dunno. That's it for now. We'll see what happens. Hands on the knees.

Press your shins away from you. That will allow you to lift your chest and curl up so you're still using your arms to find a bit of assistance. Now draw your abdominals in. Can you simply let go and hold on now this time, let go without falling back. Send your arms over your head and come back. Hang on, adding on. Can you let go?

Send your arms over your head and your legs out straight without falling back. Fantastic. Let's finish in who we reach and we draw deep to Paul and we reach. The height of the leg is determined by your ability to see very stable through your spine. Very still. The back doesn't arch or even leave the mat at all.

Let's go five more, a little faster one. And in, when you speed up the movements don't lose precious precision. Okay? For this is it? Reach around for the Nice Curl. Reestablish that curl. Take both hands to the left knee, stretch the right leg out and see that the toes are on the same line. And then we change.

Use the hand position to help you lift to curl the ribs forward and feel that the leg that's reaching is stretching all the way out of the hip. Joint lasts for a little faster. One thing, precision two, three, four. Here comes the crisscross. Turning that body towards that bent knee. Ah, and Ah, and Ah, feeling the rotation around the ribcage, the sense of keeping the head heavy in the hands. The elbows stay wide. The work comes from the waist.

And we'll do three more horn. Whew. Too. Two, three n three bend both knees. Lay your head down. Allow your arms. Oh, bring your knees into your chest. Give yourself a hug. Okay. And then placing me arms down on the mat.

The legs are going to reach up towards the ceiling. If you need to modify here, a soft bend of the knee would be appropriate. Okay. We're just going to go into a very small pelvic lift, so you pull your abdominals down and you let your feet rise about two inches and then they go back. The pelvis comes down and present to the animals at the toes. Rise to the ceiling and release and rise to the ceiling and really hug and one more time. Stick with that one if you wish to. If not, start to lower your legs until it is much as you can. Keeping your abdominals hollow and pressed into the ground. Pick the legs back up. Exhale for the roll over.

Sending the legs overhead on the neo. Flex and separate the legs on the exhale. Drag them down towards the ground as you heal the spine bone by bone into the floor. Point the feet at the pelvis. Circle the legs to touch. Inhale and exhale. Folding the body over the top in howling, allowing the feet to flex and separate. Exhale, just rolling yourself down. Lots of upper arm work to keep the shoulders from curling up towards the Chin so it cause the legs to touch. Nice job. Lift and rollover.

Flex and separate. Lower down a little bit. If you cannot change your spine and peel down lots of upper arm work. Point the feet. Circle the thigh bones to touch. Last one. We're rolling over separating the fee and rolling down. Allow the legs to circle in touch. Take the right leg towards the ground. Hold onto the left leg.

Walk yourself up your leg holding on either to the calf or behind the thighbone. Just be careful about behind the knee. Let's press that right leg all the way into the ground. Anchoring it. Guide the left leg a little closer. Let's just give it a big stretch. Flex that foot, hold it, point the foot again and we're going to change legs. A double hold. This one, go ahead. Towards the body. Flex the foot, point the foot, and now we just continue the hamstring. Pull one.

It's a double pulse of that top leg in the pulse comes from the waist. Keeping the shoulders down as we guide. The leg towards the body. Exhale. Exhale. So use that second Xcel to deepen the abdominals. Hamstring pulled two hands either behind the head or food or you could go back into the single leg stretch.

Wow. One more for the hamstring pool three we to the lifted Ley continue to pull off that top leg whilst anchoring the lower leg. [inaudible] last two t each side to here's a one and one both legs up center the body. Bend the knees. Place the feet down, separating the feet for a pelvic curl. Arms down at our sides. Deep breath into prepare.

Xcel peel the pelvis up bone by bone, looking for a stretch to the front of the hips in healing out the top. Exhale, guiding the spine down. Reaching the fingertips all the way into the heels is that you could potentially touch them. Releasing the tailbone down. We're going again to the next helter curl lifting, pressing the hips. Inhaling and exhaling to articulate the spine. One more please. Rolling up.

Just feeling the mobility that you can create by focusing on the musculature in the front of the body and relaxing the musculature just behind what's moving the spy. All right, shoulder bridge. Debbie, you could just continue where you're at. So we're going to keep the left leg on the ground. We're going to pick up the right leg, stretch it to the ceiling to it goes down as we exhale and comes up. It points as it goes down and flexes the pelvis stays high, stays level. The arms are actively pressing into the ground. Last two, one more.

Lift the leg up, lower the leg down. Fold the knee in. Check the pole. The students sink. Re situate, pick up the other leg. Stretch to like to the sky. It goes down and Ah Damn [inaudible] damn as that leg goes down, pick up that that hip that's of the moving leg. This is our last two. Our last one.

Lift the leg up, lower the leg to level, folded back in. Breathe in hold. And for the last time you just peeled it. Mobilizing through the spine, releasing the tailbone down. Take the right leg and stretch it out on the ground. Bring the left leg up towards the chest.

Hold onto the outside of the left thigh. Just twist yourself to your right and allow your gaze to travel over the left shoulder. Take up a couple of moments there. Just breathing. Come back through center a stretch that like straight. Bring up the opposite leg. Hold onto it. Turn to the left. Allow the eyes to go over the right shoulder, reading deeply into the stretch.

Okay. And then coming back through center, bringing the both knees up in space, holding onto the backs of the legs, lifting the head up. Just gently rocking back and forth along the spine a couple of times, massaging the back and then all the way up turning in my direction. Let's cross the top leg over the bottom. Like for the side bend. I, if you don't wish to be on a straight arm, you could go down onto your forearm, which works just as well. Yeah, I'm going to go on my arm and we're all going to think about having the arm out away from right underneath the shoulder. Perfect. And then pull up away from it so that that muscle pulls down. Here we go.

The side bend. Inhale into a side plank position. Feel length in both direction. A lift from that bottom waist. Reach the top arm over your head. Inhale, head right back to the side plank position. And as you bend your knees go slightly away from that supporting arm. Inhale, we use our obliques to lift up. Exhale to side bend. Helen, you could also modify by putting your knee on the ground, your bottom knee, [inaudible], and then bend. So what that would look like.

For those of you who need to with be something like this, it's still a lift through the waist. It's just not such, it's not such hard work on the shoulder here. That last one. Lifting, reaching over, stress that upper body. Reach back, bend the knees to I'm down. Put that that top arm down and slide yourself down onto your bottom. Arm. Legs are straight down, glued together. We're going to reach them away from us and left. Take the top arm up if you can.

If not, I can stay on the ground and we're just going to lower the legs. A little epic, that moral right back and they go down in a way and engaging through the waist to lift all the focus is occurring right in the center of our body. Knees stay lined up. The feet stay Leyenda last five here, last four, three and a lower the legs down, but the top arm down again, come up onto the either onto the forum, which I'm going to do today or up onto the elbow, which is a more challenging choice. I'm happy on my elbow. Pull up away. So you're stabilizing that shoulder joint. That's nice. Shannon.

Lift the top leg. Yeah, bring it forward and bring it back. Let's stick that top arm behind the head. Swinging the leg forward. Challenging yourself to stay still and stable through the center as is available to you. Keep lifting up through that bottom sideways. She hadn't pull up. Good. Yeah, so that's where we w we tend to sink and that's exactly where we've got to focus last five, swinging to like freely in the hip joint. Squeeze the balm, has a leg, goes behind you to open up the front side of the hip. This is it.

Taking the leg back, take that top arm, reach it forward, and allow your body to rotate in the direction that your arm is reaching. Now with that back leg, we're going to squeeze the gluten. Just lift that back like up and up and up, holding the abdominals in. Maybe we'll even get a good stretch to the waist. And Five, four, three, two, one. Let's bring the arm back. Returning to center. Take a hold of that foot.

Pull the knee behind the hip and then press the hip forward so you're getting a good stretch to the front of the hip. From here, just push that foot that you're holding onto into your hand. It'll intensify the stretch son. And then let's let go the foot. We're going to come up. Just turn to your facing on your mat lengthwise and take the foot, the ankle of the foot of the leg. That was just working. Is that confusing? Put it. It sounded confusing. Put it up on the opposite knee.

Walk the foot close to the body but only as close as you can. Keep your spine real straight. Looked down at the pelvis and make sure the hip bones are squared and then maybe walk yourself in candy. Give up on us a little bit closer on. No, I know what she's doing. She's got dogs to attend to. Take that knee, the one that's crossed over the top and pull it in towards the chest so you've got to rotate on your pelvis a little bit and then bring it back and stretch the leg forward, the bottom lane and then stretch forward and that you'd totally given up and I made you so angry. She said, I'm out of here. I've had enough. All right, let's come all the way back up.

Swing your legs around to the opposite side of your mat. We'll start with this side bend. So on the elbow or on the hand. If you're on the hand, it's quite far away from you so that when your legs, straighten your shoulders directly over your rest. Here we go. We're all strong. Through the waist, a little bit away from your [inaudible] and lifting straight up. Lift through the bottom waist. Reach the top arm overhead.

Press into the to stretch in the opposite direction. Come back, bend the knees to bring the body down to the inhale to lift into the side plank position. Stay strong through the legs side. Been through the waist, reaching the saw body back to straight, and then bending to come down again. Modify by just coming up onto the bottom knee. Still lifting the waist, coming back and coming down. Let's do one more reaching. Feel the leg, the strength in that sideline position. Arm overhead. Bring it back and bring it all the way back down.

Just put your hand down to stabilize your slide. Your body out. Head is down on the arm, legs are together. Uh, make sure the inner knees are facing. Sing in. So a lot of times a bottom, he likes to turn out. Here we go stretch the legs away to lift. Arm is lifted into the air. Focal point is musculature in the waist. We lower the legs, we don't touch the ground and then we reach them out to lift. They lower litter and they reach out to left and just challenging the waist.

The stabilization of the body. You could always choose to just put your arm down if you needed to. A little bit more help with stabilization. It's up to you. What you do want to do with that top arm if it's up in the air, is pull the shoulder blade down no matter where the arm is actually. Sure the that lad is working, uh, last too.

[inaudible] when Allah, the legs go down, help yourself up onto your [inaudible] low or form bottom laid straight. If you have a really tough time stabilizing with a straight bottom leg, you can soften it a little bit. Took the top arm behind the head. Don't push your head forward with your hand, but instead push your head into your hand and lengthen out the neck top lega and it's a double kick forward at a single reach back looking for total stability. Shannon, watch out. Keep that waist lifted. Good and back and forth and back.

That's staying strong. Focusing energy on supporting shoulder on the supporting waist. Last four and back and three tightening the back side of that leg as the leg moves back last to one to go. Take the leg back, take that top arm and stretch it out. Turning the body slightly as you reach your arm forward through new little bit of rotation. Squeeze your bile on that top leg and lift it out.

And then out in can check in with the shoulder stabilizes. Make sure that they're active. Last four, three, two and on one. Bring it all the way back. Reach for the ankle of that foot. Press the pelvis forward and the need behind the pelvis and just stretch. And then maybe if you want a little bit more, you'll push your foot into your hand. Maybe he'll pull back a little bit.

Okay. And then we just let the foot go and we sat up. [inaudible] take that leg that you are just hanging onto, cross it over the bottom knee, use your arms to help you or to assist you in achieving a really straight back. And it's always a good idea to make sure that one po, one side of the pelvis isn't twisted forward. I'm not sitting right on my sit bones, I'm kind of leaning back behind them. And then if at that's not intense enough, you just move your foot in a little closer to, depending on your flexibility, you could probably get quite close.

All right. And then we brought that knee across towards the center of the chest, just rotating the pelvis a little [inaudible] and then bring it closer to the body as you come back. Do that one more time crossing across a little. I'm not totally picking it up, but it is. I'm not real heavy on it. Okay. And then let's uncross turn onto your hands and knees. Shannon, are you okay on your knees?

Yeah. Okay, so finding the hands just underneath the shoulders. We're going to go into a front support position. So slide one like back, put weight on that leg. Feel a little bit of a Tuck or a posterior tilt in the pelvis. Slide the other leg back and we're just going to hold here.

Feeling a sense of strength coming from the bottom side up. Breathing in and breathing out. Lift your hips. Press the heels into the ground. Let the head come just between the arms. Roll through your feet, articulating through the foot, and then articulate the spine back forward to your shoulders. Come over your hands. Press through the heels, lift the hips up, press the chest through towards the legs.

Rise up onto the toes curve focusing deeply in the abdominals. As you come forward, one more. Press through the heels coming up into the up stretch. Lift onto the toes. Allow curvature of the spine to occur coming forward over the hands.

That's point the right foot. Reach it up and back. For five and four. Wendy, you could lower your pelvis just a little perfect to one. Now lift into a single legged up stretch. And as you exhale, that taught me is going to bend and it's gonna pull towards the nose. And then we inhale to reach back and up and we exhale to abandon thorough, we're gonna do five reach back and bend and pull through. So I'm shifting my shoulders back of my wrist is I may not stretch then I'm shifting forward of my wrist is I'm in knee stretch. If you will, and back stretch that leg back out.

Do we need a shit that's come to our knees for one moment? Take a quick risk break sitting back on the feet. Undulate through this way. Coming back. We'll go through that series again. So finding friends, support Shannon, maybe bring your hands a little bit closer to your feet. Perfect. So here we go. For three lifts of Pelvis Up, press the heels down, roll through the feet, articulate the spine back forward. Shoulders over hands.

Here comes the train. Let's lift when it comes. [inaudible] yeah, I'm fine. Pressing through the heels. Lift the pelvis. Sir. Here's our last one to come forward. Here comes our front support. Shoulders over hands point the left foot. It reaches back and up. Five, four, three.

Gorgeous two. Okay one let that leg lift that brings a whole body up into the up stretch arabesque. And then we bend the knee, my fetus Oss lady in the knee and bring the knee through, reaching out and curling, deepening the contraction through the abs to bring the knee underneath the chest. Here's three to come in and four to the Pola. One to go on top. Whole in stirrups, that leg back out straight. Find friend support.

Soften the knees to the ground. Yes. And once again, set all the way back onto your feet. Taking a moment or two to just let the back relax. Let the arms relax and then we're going to bring ourselves forward onto our abdominals. Sliding the legs out from underneath us. Positioning your forearms just outside your upper arms so the forums will be flat on the Mat. Forehead down on the ground. Think about the pelvis for a moment.

The front of the hip bones should both be touching the mat more. See if you can find that. And then gently guide the abdominals up away from the Mat. From that place, roll the shoulders back and down and then gently start to guide the spine out and forward. It's the feeling in my mind to being pulled forward by the shoulder blades pulling back. It's a small extension or an upper back focus extension.

And then we lower down. Once again, the elbows guide down towards the ankle bones, the chest, like you're rolling something out from underneath. Use begins to arise. Keep tension out of the lower back. I'm keeping my hands on the ground, Deb. I don't, it's fine to do what you're doing. I just, um, I just didn't know if you knew what I was doing. Um, so Deb was lifting her arms. That's probably fine too. It's okay. I actually, um, after trying both, it's nice to have the arms on the floor to just give yourself some feedback for the shoulders. No, no, no. Yeah, so just, it's not that you're pressing with your earns, it's just that you're allowing them to support you. So yeah, you can really tap into the muscles in the upper back. That's lower down and do one more. Sending the spine forward, drawing the shoulders down, pressing the elbows inwards slightly, and then holding that shade. Just stretch your arms out in front of you.

Continuing to keep the shoulders down so we're still in just that upper body left for the swimming prep, we take the left arm and the right leg and we reach them away from one another. And then we change. As you're lifting your leg, don't allow the pelvis to change and then change. If you want to keep one arm down and one leg down you can. And after this one we're going to all lift up if we want to. So it's just inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale.

Perfect. Three focusing on stability in the body in two, four, five and exhale two fourth five one more breath cycle and XL two, three, four, five. Let the arms, let the legs come down, bring the arms around to the sides. Hold that and just press the arms to the sky. Out and up and up. Don't think about it as a squeeze of the shoulder. Thinks about it as a stretch away of the shoulder blades to elevate the arms for five and four. I'm not squeezing, I'm trying to spread. Last two. That's it guys. Let your body come down.

Take a moment to rest your back. [inaudible] and then when you're ready, start to make your way back onto your knees. Sit back on your feet for just a second. Rounding the spine to go back. Either stretching the arms out in front of you or reaching around, holding onto your feet. So if you were choosing to hold onto your feet, you can use your arms to pull your hips down towards your feet.

And then let's bring the arms back around front. If they're not, help yourself up onto your hands and knees for the cat. Stretch. Knees are separate. They're underneath the pelvis separating the two segments of the spine, starting with the lower spine. On the exhale, send the pelvis, trying to keep the upper back relatively stable. Really work those abs as you curve the lower spine and he'll return to neutral and exhale, extend through the upper spine, but keep the pelvis star inhale to come back to neutral. Exhale, feel the pelvis or rock underneath you. The back of the legs can help you there just a little bit and inhale to come back.

Keeping the pelvis stable and still extend like you're yawning through the chest or through the upper back and inhale to come back. Let's do that two more times through excelling as you bring your pelvis underneath. You did inhale, return to neutral, but length from the spine, from head to tail, and then create an extension through the upper back. Just small and come back last time through around in the spine, allowing the head to just gently drop down towards the arms. Heading back to neutral spine position, excelling to extend the spine and with that, Tuck your toes underneath you, so roll over the toes. This is an okay for your knee. Shannon, come from standing and then bend down. It might not feel good to your knees. I don't know. You're okay. Just watch that barrel behind you.

Okay. It's pressing download, downloaded, just stretching the feet and on the roll up onto the toes and put pressure into all 10 toes. We kind of neglect our feet I think as a human race. I Dunno. And then um, let the hills come down. It's nice to just to let the feet move a little.

Let's roll up onto the toes again. The knees might come a little closer to the chest. I don't know. We'll press some down. [inaudible] we'll do that one more time. Rolling up. Pressing the heels down. This time as we press the hills down, we're going to start to lift the pelvis up. So we're coming into a forward fold, allowing the spine to [inaudible].

Just hang down towards the ground. We're going to bend the leg, Bend your right knee. I can't do like closest to [inaudible] for this confuses me a right hand to the center of the feet. Spiral the spine out and around, bringing the left arm up towards the ceiling. Look up at that arm and then we come back to center. Allow the right leg to straighten. Exchange hands to the left lake comes to the ground.

Guide that shoulder down away from the ears as you reach your right arm out and up. Take it back forward. Allow now both knees to soften. And then here, just envision the bone of the Femur, the thigh bone, sliding deeper into the hip joint. And with that we've got pulling onto the abdominals. Allow the lower spine to just cascade forward.

Might get a little bit more room there. Take a couple of breaths into that stretch. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Keeping the knees soft. You could use your hands to help you. F If you wish you, if not, we're just going to start rolling up. Rolling all the way up through the spine and when they arrived, standing, allowing the eyes to go forward, her reach the [inaudible] and release all tension from the body as the arms come around. Let's do that one more time. Inhale, reach the Hamza Annex Alto.

Bring the cameras down. Wow. Right Dan, thank you for coming.


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great workout, I loved the pace, it allowed me to work a little deeper. Cueing was wonderful and I'm feeling stretched, worked and a little fatiqued.
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Nice workout! I felt, strectched and stronger. I can feel my whole body working and activated.
Great to hear from you ladies. Keep up the hard work!
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Awesome class! Your cueing always makes me go a little deeper! And the flow and transitions were perfect!
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Great class! This was my first one to try on here. Loved it. So tough, so motivating. Thank you.
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Very good class - very challenging for me, Are you suppose to sweat this much doing pilates? lol
Thanks guys! Mary, I think sweating is always a good thing :) It means you are working hard!
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Thank you so much! Great class. Excellent instruction!
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Fab work out and excellent instruction....... I will use this for my class too!!! Thank you so much!!!
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AWESOME CLASS!!! Loved it!!!!!!!!
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