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Gratz Push-Up Handles Flow

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Join Chris Robinson in our first class ever with the Gratz Push Up Handles! Here Chris teaches the benefits of using the Handles as well as introducing how to use them. He begins with the most basic level of movement, then demonstrates how to continually increase the challenge to achieve more advanced ways to use the Handles. Enjoy exploring your strength with Chris!
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Aug 09, 2021
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I am Chris Robinson. I'm here today with the Gratz pushup devices. The great thing about this is, I like the curvature in the device, because it's going to match the curvature that's in your palms. So I'm a boxer. So when you box, you kind of have that same thing in your palm, where you have that curvature, so when you hit, all that force goes past your wrist, past your arm, and into your powerhouse or your core.

All right? So we're just going to go over some of the basic, basic ways to get into your pushup. And then also some little bit more advanced stuff with that. All right, first thing, heels together, toes apart. I want to reach way up as my heels go down.

Now, as I roll down, this is an exercise, just like the roll up. I press here, and notice there's a straight line from my wrist to my elbow, to my shoulder. I keep that, and keep pressing, and then I just step back, step back, and don't move a thing. Now, when I bend down, my arms are going to stay straight up and down at the forearms, and then I come up. That way I use my powerhouse, not my arms.

And then I come back, and then I step in, step in. Okay, find it, and then I come up the same way. Okay, so I'll do it again. So reach over, find it here, press, step back, step back, long, one, two, three, all powerhouse, come back, back, and then all the way up. So, you can see this part of my arm is straight up and down, So that way I'm not really using the grunt of my arms.

It's really, I feel all the force here. So I'm just going to do something just to kind of show you how it works. All right, so if I could do that, then I should be able just to push up, and not get fatigued, because I'm only using my powerhouse to lift me up, and I should still be fine. Come back and come up, end there. Okay, now, couple of different things to make this a little bit more challenging.

One thing that I have to do, is kind of have a lot of control in the L position, because that's the position that I'm gonna get to, and kind of hold, and come back. So I'll go back to here, step back. So I'm just gonna show you a little progression, step back, and step back. Now, all I'm gonna do is walk forward, go all the way through, and just hold here, and keep both feet down, keep my chest up. Okay, now just take one up, and then take the other leg up.

Okay, and then I can just walk back. Okay, so here, step, step, and then come up. Then I can start adding to that, and make that a little bit more challenging. So, again, I wanna keep my movement honest, because if I'm not using my powerhouse, and I'm using my extremities, it's actually going to make me weaker, okay? So from here, I'm gonna walk through.

Stay here. Now, lift the chest, take one leg up, switch, take the other leg up, switch. Now, hold this leg up again, switch them both at the same time. So just for a moment, you have both legs off the ground. Switch, switch, switch, and down, and then bring it back.

Okay, step back, and back, find that line first, and then get out of it the same way you came into it. Okay, now let's make it a little bit more advanced. Okay, so I reach up, I go down, I go back. Okay, nice and long, I walk through. Okay, now, go here.

Let's just switch them both at the same time, switch them both at the same. Now this time, both stay up, hold it, hold it. And then come back down. Now just stay here for a second. Now see if you can lift both up at the same time.

Hold it, hold it. And then back down one, one more time. Now notice there's a straight line from my shoulder, elbow, and wrist. So I should be able to hang out here, and just chill out, and just be relaxed, and stay in control, and then come back, and then walk back, get that line, then here. That's how I got into it, that's how I'm gonna get out of it.

Okay? So now that's kind of an intermediate way. I'm using my powerhouse. I have control. I find the alignment of my body, so I don't overtax my body.

All right. Now let's get a little advanced. So this is what normally do. Come down. Find that line step, step, and I'll put some pushups with it.

So I'll push up one, hold it. I come up, stop, reach, clap, bring it back. Reach, push up again, stop, up. Hold it here, cross it, together, back, here, and then walk in, and come all the way up. Okay, so now I can start putting things together to try to challenge me a little bit, challenge my client, but making sure I have control.

If I use my extremities, I'm actually going to make myself weaker. But what I'm doing is, I'm just using the powerhouse to do all this work. And I'm just challenging with my legs going out, my arms trying to hold me up. Everything is trying to throw me out of my powerhouse. I'm seeing if I can stay in it.

Okay? Play with that and see how it works.


Awesome !! 
Love this routine! Super effective in minimum time. A definate MUST for males....  and female athletes!   Thank you Chris!!!
Michael Mary S
Your advanced move is amazing!  Wow!
Well THAT was amazing!  Concept of using the powerhouse and not extremities was very helpful.
Great progression, thank you.
Love it Chris!

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