Class #463

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Malcolm Muirhead brings us another great class taught in the style of Michael King Pilates. While offering informative and detailed cues that refine and educate, Malcolm teaches class focusing on fundamental skills required to do this work well. Enjoy the music, the imagery and depth of connection offered in this class by this talented and fun instructor.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jun 11, 2011
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Great class! Wonderful cuing and imagery. Thank you so much!
Thank you Malcolm - taking away a couple of movements for tonight's class. Hope you'll be back in UK before too long
Well done!! (I have just finished watching this for the fourth time!!) The cues and imagery you give are exceptional and very effective. I have learned several things to improve my own teaching so thank you very much.
Love it Malcolm! Thank you!
After having the pleasure of working with Malcolm recently, I am reminded of the importance of 'precision'. I have put into practice much of the MK Pilates repertoire and can honestly say client feedback is fantastic. Thank you sir, for this wee reminder. This truly is 'teaching' at it's best. I hope we can meet again.
great class... reminds me of the classes I used to do with my favourite teacher... looking forward to the progression through the levels..
This class is almost "yoga-like" in its serenity and deliberate slowness. Thank you for providing variety.
I really enjoyed the simplicity and beauty of this class! Thank you so much Malcolm!
Wonderful...studied this one on a Sunday morning - perfect way to start the day. Loved the rotating rollup, rolling jackknife & my re-education on side bend...oh & that blasted sponge! Thank you
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Thanks for your wonderful positive comments everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of teaching for Pilates Anytime and look forward, now even more, to the next opportunity to present a class. let me know what you would like me to do if you have any thoughts.
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