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Fluid Spine Corrector

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A Spine Corrector class has never felt so good. Distinguished instructor Michael King teaches a class that will have you moving fluidly and effortlessly around the Spine Corrector. Enjoy the music as you work your core and loosen up your entire body in just 30 minutes.
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Okay guys, welcome to some group spine corrector. We're going to be doing group spines credited today with music. And the concept of this class is to have a little bit of fun using this bank. Gregor, I love this equipment because it's what we all need is going back and extension. What must we buy? See these days spend a lot of time in a flex position.

So trying to find creative ways to make people love this piece of equipment. Um, I thought music might add to that, that challenge today. So first of all I want to do is serve your feet about apart Paolo. Lengthen your spine. Let's set the body up every set, right. If I look at you and kind of close my eyes as me as you're sinking down. So remember them for me. Everything is about that length of that.

By drop the shoulders, get down, engage the center, connect to center and focus on your breathing. Okay, to start, first of all with a couple of breaths. Soak, can the arms pass? I'm breathing again. Breathe out. Keep checking out. Sensor input. One more time. Push it up. I'm back now. Raise the arms up. Small. Flex back again. Slight. So even though you're flexing, keep the method. It's fine. One more time. I didn't know Andres. Take it back, back. Let the ride. Take it down. Lift the other side. Push up, come back this time. Lengthen up again. So pull back. I'm push flex back, run back.

Lift one off. Take it down. And if the other arm push, let's lift both arms. Reach up this time. Come up. Good. Let's do that again. Flex back. I'm pushing that the other arm with the center engaged both off. I'm put so cool. I'm back.

Now let's flex back locally. Arms around the de secular top. Do that again. Slicks back, circle around again. Take it back. He does send to engage. Don't go too far. Strip that back. Keep it low Beth. And so reach out. Let's do two more.

Take it back, reach back and said, listen up and recheck. One more time. Listen up and circle back to the beginning. One arm race. Flex. Lift up. Take it down at the side. Both arms we up and take it. Yeah, come up. So cool. I'm back. Like really? Circle back.

We can circle. Come up, reach seven tall again. Take it back and circle back. Lends it up. [inaudible] good. One more time. Take it back and stuff. Lengthen up last time. Circle back, back. Reach out. Good. Now to the front.

We're going to do diagnosable. I'm come on other side. Good to the front. Really rotate. Use the movement each time you come up to that top position. Good. Two more times. [inaudible] one more time.

Hold it there and release back. Good. Now for the second track, we're gonna do some lateral flexing. So reach your arms. Open. Center. Correct. Breathing in, breathing out. Lesson the spine. Drop the shoulders. We're gonna take the body first to the front. So come to me. Place the handle on the ground. Take it over. Reach. Come up to the back, take it over and length it up. Good.

Do that again. Take it over each law. I'm pool to the back. Good. Now circle the arms now with a flex. Take it over. This time. Stay there. Let the pelvis push the pelvis down. Lift the pelvis up. Push the down. One more time. Push down, coming up other sides. Take it over. Lift the pelvis, push it back again. Oh, good. Thinking to that chair. Come up. Good. Let's do that again.

Reach over. Over. Lift up and foot. Good. Push the pelvis in. Reach one more time. Come up last time over. Lift up. Push down. Reach Bush. Let's add to this.

Come up over this side. Not to be armed to the front. Diagonal. Reach back. Come back. Other side. Over diagonal. Reach and live that good again. Pick it up over the diagonal. One more time. Over. Good. We're going to continue this, but make a semicircle. Take it over. Diagnose.

Circle around and come up river over [inaudible] circle. Yeah, and live it again. Oh, by diagnose. Circle around. Good reach. Let's go back to the very beginning. Back. Flex one. Arm It. Good. Are the arms both arms lift up. Come up and circle. Do that again. Take it back. One on there.

Good. Use your breath. He's the center. Good. Those arms come up. Circle just to flex the side. Lift the pelvis up, push up. Good. One more lift. Come up and reach other side. Reach out, up on pelvis, push lift off, reach. Come up, semicircle to the front. Take it over, up, circle, reach and come out. Reverse over reach and lift. Do that again. Over semi, over and again back over. Semi. Let's go on now. Take it to the side, but this time, reach back, diagonal. Come to the side, come back up again a little bit and then zoom back.

Now don't be afraid to use the chair. Good use. That's fine. Creighton. Lend them back. Push and come out again over here we go. Semi circle behind. Oh well, circle around and come up river over. Send me around. Good again. Breathe in. Brita, he that center engaged. One more time over back.

So this is a semicircle. Ford are of semicircle forward. We've noticed that. Semi slow, local good. Come back up now. Semi-Circle back. Back around again. Semi reverse back around. Let's do a full circle. [inaudible] semi forward. Go straight behind around. Come up, hold it.

Take a breath. Faculty all reverse that over. Semi forward. Slow it around. Good around. Come up, circle. Push up Holly that open the arms out and 11 good hold. Little Bit of movement there now and a little bit into the shoulder bridge variation. Lift the arms up connecting center.

We're going to roll back. Feel your shoulder blades against the spine corrector. Now from there, have the feet underneath the knees. Lift the pelvis, roll up slowly. Roll the pelvis down, come back to a sitting position. Let's see that a little bit quicker. Let's go back, back, lift, push, roll up. Hold of that. Now lengthen and keep that center engaged. Let's try it again. Take you back, back, pelvis down, roll up. Circle the sweet but a little bit slower. Ticking back pelvis.

Roll down slowly come up. Good and stay without speed. Take it back back. Heal this up. Take it down, roll it up again. Use the center. Use the glutes, but don't just use the glutes. Make it about the center on the glutes. Working together. Do that again.

Take it back back. I'm live roller this time we're going to stay back down now. Stay up holding that. Open the arms to the side. Open. Lift back up again. Just the arms open. Lift up, open the arms. He's a spine long. I'm push slowly. Roll up, row and circle back.

Let's put together what we've done so far from the very beginning. So send to lengthen. Connect the center. Use your breath. Breathing in. Breathing out. Now flakes back. Go back. One arm lift. Good. Other the arm and down. Lift up. Circle. Circle again. Circle again. And lift. Flakes back. Back.

Yeah. Lift up. Good other arm. Lift up. Come up. Subtle. I'm push. Push. Flex, back, back. Lift the off. Good change. Stay there.

Lift both arms slowly down. Socal. Diagno. Pool. Fun and live that diagonal. Stay. They're both arms. Circle back. Reach out. Good. Now full flex circle. Thinking back. Circle back.

Lift up. Second, lift and push. Good. Make that movement law again. Back Circle, back. Lift up. Circle good. One more time. Thinking back and circle. Lifter. Unreached. Last one. Good. Center reach. Good.

Reach and lateral flex. Come back up. Lateral flex. Nice and long. Push lateral reach up. Good. Lateral push. Now Semicircle for first. Take it over. Hello.

Circle around. Lent that whole breathing in. Reverse over out reach. Hold. Is that good? Take it back. Send me circle back over. Reach up.

I'm push ribbon. Good. Oh, full circle to the front. Come on, circle. Take you behind. Rack. Circle to back. Cycle around. Come up, hitting one arm back. Lift up, lift up. Say that. Slip both arms back. Come up. Subtle. Good. Reach. Diag Nepal again. Push back. Good big of movement.

Good reach. Good brief hold of that. Oh, that's it. Good. Now a little bit different. Now we're going to do side lateral fun. So have you turned to face me? Now I'm going to turn my machine to the side, so we're going to go out from away from each other. So breathing in and breathing out. So you guys are going to go that way.

I'm going to go this way. Reach unless it change. Arms reach and come up again. Ah, oh. Answer. Change. Arms reach again. [inaudible] over. I want to steer here one more time. Lengthen. [inaudible] now let's take it halfway over. Live. That whole lithium, what's the city now? Small reach. Diagonal away from you. Litho Bush. I'm pushed greed back and left again. That's why it keeps a knee down.

Uses a bleach because the gentle, you're resting, breathing, and level push cannot be. One more time arresting him two more times. Now take it over and release it out. We support your head with the hand. Now from here we're going to make a circle.

The front circle behind with me, with the off I before I'm behind again. Circle nicely, settle, fine. Touch the floor in front. Touch that fall behind. One more time. Let's reverse that. Go behind the back again. Again, I'm struggling, Alyssa. One more. Sign up. Come up, come to a sitting position. Does the face the opposite direction?

Long Spine. Connect the center now. Lateral Ridge. Take it over. Change hands. Come up again. Change hands again. The change pants. Reach out. Read that one more time. Listen Up.

Let's go halfway over. Take it over now lift the arm up, reach up, control he. Check the shoulder. Keep the spine in. Much change. Good. April Times eight 70 check the pelvis, the shoulders assays down. You're basking him to off. I can take it over. Suppose the head with a hand. Now let's circle to the front so it's a full circle back again. Circle again.

Circle the reverse that circle and take it back. The biggest circle each time. Good. Two more times. One more. Come up. Come to sitting. Position facing to the front. Reaching out. Lengthen out.

Now for the souls of feet together. Let's go to the side. Reach over. Stay there now please. The hand behind the head. Look to the ceiling and look back. Just hold it that take a breath again and bring it down again. We can use the hand to support on the floor.

One more time coming up. Let's come back to the center. Place the right hand behind the head. Hold the hands like behind and lift the chest up. I don't release back. [inaudible] Nah, take a breath. Lengthen out. Reach the arms out. Good.

Center connected. We're going to go back to the shoulder bridge preparation so the feet are under the knees. Take it back. Roll back. Now stay there. Lift the pelvis up, keeping the arms lifted. Keep the pelvis fixed. Just lift one new up. Keep the foot down. Just Lik the heel lift under. If you feel your neck too much, place one on on the head and the head way to there. Again, good roll up and come to a sitting position. Close the arms over the chest.

Let them back. Good small lunch. Pelvis back down. Lift up. Good. Now as you're doing this, keep the center engaged and live there again. I'll lose that connection. Push up. I'm back now stay back. Hold it there. Your back starts against the shoulder bridge.

If your elbows are dropping down, so have the buddy again. Have the buddy. Good. Still keep that center engaged. Round it. Good. I'll take the arms directly to the front.

Good. Let's do two of each. This is the front push. Good. Let's alternate. Flex alternating diagram. Cross last time. Crunch. Push. Come up to sitting position. Let's release it out. Circle back, circle back, stretch back and come back to sitting position.

Good. Let's release this now with a little stretch. Come up to a sitting position or standing position. Now facing each other. We're going to bring the back leg forward so your knee is resting the top of the spine corrector when the other foot forward. Now without foot forward, have the leg behind, straight, not on the floor. Think about the leg being straight so your hands and gently resting on the floor and this position. Engage your glutes. Connect the center.

Now you should be able to handle all that. Don't move the shoulders. Just that helmet. Make us about that black quad. Behind that we're going to turn to the front leg. Look at the ceiling, the 10th of the front, the back of your neck. That good. Let it up. Bring the hands down. Now turn away from the front leg. Lift up. Bring the hands down, down. Any problems with your back.

Stay down if you can come up so your hands are resting on that fight. Still keep that back leg straight. Engage your center. Breathing in. Breathing yet long spine. Shoulders now again towards the front leg. Look up, reach up. Stretch that back leg straight. You're turning towards your front leg. Good. Now away from that front leg.

It's a balancing good. Come down a little bit of a rest. Take the other leg back behind and then bring the other leg forward. Check that position so the heel underneath, underneath that knee. Push up straight leg, long leg behind. Shoulders down, even on this heat, the spine loss. Check your shoulders.

Engage those glutes, tying up the center, keeping up. Then to engage. Turn to face the front lane. Look at the front leg and look at, take a breath. Breathing [inaudible] away from the front leg. Push back. [inaudible] hold us down.

[inaudible] what's your not I come down now again, if you can come up to the hand for the handle, the side length, long leg switch and lift glutes. Keep them engaged. Use the sentences for the back. Shoulders down. What's that? Try Not let that record you. Open up together. Down towards the front leg.

[inaudible] on I'm breathing. [inaudible] and away from the front leg. Litho. Good. [inaudible] bring the body forward. Take both legs. [inaudible] when you step behind a spine collector to slightly push it forward and roll up, put your right. Hey, call your front leg on top of the spine corrector. Lengthen. Good. Just on the top of the seat.

No, we rolled out. Put it up. Take a breath. Good change legs, shoulders. Whoa, Whoa, whoa. Okay, good. When your feet together, take your breath in.

Slowly breathing out, and again, breathe in. Slowly. Breathe one wall in. Slowly. Really out like your body around. I'm come back up. Got The standing. Thank you. [inaudible].


Love the spine corrector! This class was challenging and fun!
I really liked this workout because I, too, believe the spine corrector is a great tool that is underutilized in studios. Unfortunately, about halfway through, the video stopped and flipped back to the beginning so I'm wondering if their is a problem with the feed. It was during the part of lateral flexion/extension on the side of the spine corrector. I hope this gets fixed so I can watch the rest. I loved it. Thanks!
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OMG! What a fun, challenging and very creative class. A great change of pace from the usual. I was so bummed when it ended. More classes from him pls!
What a fun class! Michael please come to Chicago!!!
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¿Quién dijo que practicar Pilates era aburrido?. Gracias por estas clases!!!
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What music did you use? Love the class

2 people like this.
Amazing! I loved the concentrated flow of this class. My center feels so strong yet I feel fluid not stiff. I loved this class. More, more, more please! And Michael, I love your inflection and your cueing. Thank you for creating such an amazing class!
This class made me fall in love with Pilates all over again. Thank you, Michael. Come visit South Africa sometime!
Shoshana, we've sent an email to Michael regarding the music. We know it is from a royalty free company but will get the name of it when we find out.
I just did this class for the second time. Please please please more classes like this from Michael!
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