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Progressing to Advanced Work

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Join Adrianne for this Reformer workout that offers smooth transitions featuring exercises like Rowing, Tendon Stretch, Balance Control, and Side Splits. This class is meant for the long-time intermediate client ready to transition into advanced movement on the Reformer.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Jul 05, 2011
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So good evening. Afternoon, morning, I for maybe Martha is demonstrating a high intermediate reformer workout. Today she's going to start at a nice white Pilati stance. And depending on what reformer you have used, the springs that you're accustomed to for foot work, she's on three just because of she's under 135 pounds and she has no injuries. All right, nice lifted heels. Good arms are long. Smile and breathe. Begin.

This is her foot work. Three, four, getting a nice length and the Messula Lola, she extends out six or you're counting as you go. You do about 10 no more than ten nine 10 then she's nicely gonna Transition to her arches. So the movements in the reformer are pretty flowing. You don't stop. It's transitioning from one movement to the other, continually three and that's what's nice about the garage is you can do that with the balanced body and whatnot. You can, it just takes a little bit longer. Six good seven zipping up the legs, pulling the navel in and up.

Hi. And 10 and transitioning to her heels. So she went from toes to her arches to her heels. She's just like pours feet together. Parallel threes, zipping up the legs once again and a little bit quicker. Five warming up, getting that energy into the body and the breath.

Breathing through these just naturally. But remember not to hold your breath. I would say that's nine. One more 10 and now she's going to transition to her toes to tendon stretch. Lower, lower, lower lift, lift, lift 10 times a little bit quicker.

Add lift, lift, lift too. So again, this is going to be a fairly high intermediate. Once you've kind of mastered that, the intermediate, you can start adding on some advanced exercises. So it's just depends on your mood and how your body's feeling that day. Okay. And then she's gonna take her straps and take her bar down all at the same time.

Very nice. Okay, so here we go. She's going into her hundreds. She's going to lift her head, extend the arms out long. Really reaching the shoulders down and begin breathing to five x five and two. I'm just going to correct her just a little bit. You can't always see yourself or feel we all have stronger, weaker sides.

So I was just getting her in the right position and I'm going to have her go ahead and lower her legs a little bit more for more challenge, but lots of energy in those arms. Big Breath in, long breath out. Careful to not to lock your elbows. That's it. And still keep the wrap in the size. Doing a hundred hopefully you're counting. Exhale a little bit bigger with the arms. Exhale and one more. Nice deep breath in and a long breath out. Bend your knees, Bend your arms. I'm going to have her go ahead and take her headrest down now and then I'll have her sit up and drop the spring.

So it's nice also is you're doing this and changing your springs so you're still moving. I'm going to have her go into short span. So why don't you go ahead and Trans Change Your straps and you'd do that by taking the leather and looping it through the handle. Whereas on balanced body you might already have them or on peak or any other equipment you might already have. Those straps in position. All right. And have her do maybe two frogs just to kind of warm up, get the of the springs stretching out and that will happen. Let it go a little bit higher on your extension. All right, so now she's warming up the equipment as well, and then she's going to extend out and float up and over, relaxing her neck, not pushing with the arms, and now roll down one vertebrae at a time.

She wants to actually push your tailbone. Deb's not so much about getting the leg straight as it is. Getting the back to lengthen on the mat and anchor. Bend your knees, count to two before you go out again, one, two, and then out. Up and over. Bend your knees, roll down. So we're going to put this into more of a flowing movement. So really stretched down. Push that tailbone down, down, down. Bend your knees.

Don't pull from the knees. Hold one, two. So as soon as she goes out, her hips should lift. So it's powerhouse that's taking you up, not the legs. Bend your knees roll down. So let's have her demonstrate that it's hard to get these correct. One, two up with the hips. That was nice.

Over bend your knees. Hold the feet still, but drop your bottom down, extending the spine, really stretching it and keep pushing that tailbone down. It's still up. That's better. And rest. Let's have you do one more out, hips and legs at the same time. Float over, so you want it to really look flowing out and over and roll down, down, down. Take advantage of this stretch. Nice, soft neck and shoulders and bend your knees. Taking the straps off. She'll grab the handles and the straps at the same time. That way she's ready for coordination, so sure, elbows are down. She's going to extend out open. Close the legs, bend the knees, bend the arms.

Inhale, really curl in. Push those wings down, those shoulder wings and he'll stretch out. Long, long, long legs. Exhale, exhale. Criss cross speeds. So I'm going to have it go out. Cross your legs for eight counts, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Exhale. Exhale. Nice. Deep breath in. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Exhale, knees, and that's enough. And I have her go ahead and sit up and let's have you set up for rowing. So you're in drop one spring and I'll have a flip around.

So this is an advanced exercise, but it's a nice one to work into if you're just at that intermediate level and you're ready to move on, drop your head. So she's starting from her sternum. She has about a hands with her on the back. All right, so she's going to begin curl her hips under, open their arms, push them back, touch the fingers together, lift the arms up. Big Stretch. Reach for her toes with that scoop of the ribs and the rapid the size again from the sternum. Hinge back, open. Push with the arms, then stretch over.

Lift and stretch. One more time. So no more than about three of these. And you back and open. Pull back, stretch. So you touch the fingers together. Big Lift, lift, lift. I'm going to give her an extra little stretch. These feel wonderful. And then I'll have her reach. Good. All right, so now she'll go to 90 degrees. So in other words, elbows, line with the shoulders. Good, really tall. Squeeze your bottom. Keep those knees relaxed and stay tall as you hinge.

Tall, tall, tall, not too far back. Come up, reach forward. Pull along the outside of the carriage. Once again, you're going to touch those hands together. Lift them and circle. Touch the toes. So 90 degrees, this is really done in six counts. You hinge one, you reach over to you. Pull that three, you touch four, you lift five and toes on six Walmart time, six counts. And Djing one up to over three. Cold back four lift five and stretch six.

So as she's stretching, she's still scooped. Shoulders are relaxed and she's squeezing her bottom. Alright, she'll put her hand straps down. Turn around, move backwards for front rowing. So you should be familiar with those rowing exercises that are kind of complicated if you haven't done it at all ever. All right, so inhale up. Exhale straight down. Nice deep breath in. Arms Circle. And you want to lift your back and grow taller, taller, taller.

So from the chest up and down. Nice. Soft knees up and exhale. Try not to tense the thighs here and inhale up. Exhale down. Nice deep breath in. And exhale, open, open lift, lift from your hips this time. So she's done three, she's going to do three from her hips, stretching out, sitting up, tall, nice, deep breath in. Energy is going up. She's growing taller from that spine again, so she's going to inhale, stretch out. Now you still reach as you sit at tall, so reach those arms out, out, out. Then curl up and exhale.

Don't let those roots pop out. Inhale, stretch energy on the heels at the same time. Lift up, arms up, exhale, and that's good. Have her cross her legs. She's gonna go into a shaming exercise, so she's taken the straps, lifted them straight up, and then behind the head to protect her shoulders. All right, so you still want to be tall here. Head up a little bit. You can see, but you just have to lean a little bit forward so the straps can clear. Then she's going to take those arms up. Reach the arms up long and down as soon as you do that.

Get those ribs to pull back, use that powerhouse and exhale maybe two more exhale up and, and no more than three or five hold. You don't need a lot. Open deep breath in hugs. Exhale, push their way. So always working in here. Breathing. He had net oxygen in and then exhaling. Now hold that position was have you re crossed your legs, reverse the breathing. Exhale, bringing the hands together. Inhale, stay tall. Exhale tight.

Inhale and exhale and inhale. Now I'm going to have it put the straps on the hooks behind her and I'll have her step off to grab her box. She does not need anything else other than the box right now and she's going to set up for a long box. Okay, so I probably didn't mention, but all of that was done on one spring. I'm going to have her now do pulling straps. Ideally anything done with just the arms is one spring.

Let's have you make sure your shoulders are on the box. Him are to move backwards just a little bit. All right, so she's holding onto the shop. She's walked her hands pretty high. So there's some tension on the straps and she's holding on the outside of the carriage. Okay. Keeping the arms longer, pulling from the shoulders, powerhouse. You're going to reach down, lift the arms up, open up your chest. Now what a lot of people will do is they'll tighten their knees here. Try not to do that, but still use your bottom squeeze.

Lift the ribs powerhouse belly button up and lower. Sorry, all new hold for three counts head or hold a little extra long there and left. Crack that walnut between your shoulders, arms, day long, holding, holding, holding and lower. Three times last one and arms. Come up and hold. One, two right here, three and straight down. Now you can just slide your hands down to the end of the strap. This time the arms are up in a t position. Once again, she's going to bring the arms back to her tailbone.

She can lift her head pretty high here, but still working here and still lifting up into the ribs in the stomach and open again or reach back and hold for three counts. One, shoulders, arms, two, three and open. Keep those arms up tie. So that tension on the stress is still there holding one powerhouse up to three and open. Taking the straps in one hand, so you want to take those handles or your straps, whatever. You've got the fuzzies and you're gonna take them. On one hand, you're going to add one spring. So now you should be on two springs. Two reds are red and a blue, whatever it is on Gretz, it's just too two springs.

Let me have you show how to sit back on here. So when you go to sit down on the box, she's getting ready for backstroke. She has to adjust the straps behind her back and then she's going to sit right at the edge, kind of on her tailbone almost. And her feet can go on that black bar to kind of get herself into position. And she's going to start right above her forehead.

So the knees are in like a tabletop or a plotty stance position. And now she's ready. She's going to follow her legs with her arms, arms and legs up open together with the legs and arms and hold, hold and come back in. Don't come too high in the chest. Inhale up. Exhale, open. Inhale, reach for the toes. Pull the shoulders down and curl in. There you go. So it's not coming up. It's pulling in open and stretch forward long.

The lower the legs, the more challenging this is and come in. I'm going to have a reverse those stretched straight out. Hold for two counts. Open the arms and legs up together, and bend. Inhale, reach, hold one, hole two. Exhale. Inhale and exhale. One more time. Nice deep breath in. Hold, hold, exhale. Inhale and exhale, and that's enough.

She's going to take that the straps once again in one hand, and you're going to sit up in a teaser and drop us ranked. Very challenging, so take your time tight till you understand how to do it and how to do it safely. All right, so now she's ready for her teaser. She's moved back a little bit so her bottom supported and she's kind of in this crucifix position. All right, not locking her knees and she's ready. She's gonna slowly come up. Just like the roll up on the Mat. You want to appeal up one vertebrae at a time. Off The mat you hold, you find your position. Arms are gonna Lower and lift the ears three times one staying tall, two and three, and then everything melts together.

One Vertebra at a time to lie back down. Now you can continue with just the up and downs or you can challenge that with adding some circles. Begin to come up articulating once again, one vertebrae at a time. Hold your position and out, arms up. And the bigger the arms, the more challenging once again to exhale and come up and then lie back down. So she did three circles and one half coming up and then coming down to make it look pretty. All right, now I'm going to have a reverse or a circle.

She'll come back up, she'll find her position. Careful with those knees. They're a little locked. There you go. Now arms good to, and then you got to use that energy to cover right back up. If you pause too long here, there's no way to get up so you have to use that powerhouse to help you up and come back down. I'm going to have her do one more set up. Usually you do about three sets. She did three, but I'm going to have her do a fourth just to demonstrate one more thing.

Come on up. Find your position. I have her do the back arms again just because she needs it and come up one. Stay on that right hip a little bit more and two really tall. Don't crunch, no hunter up or back three and up and bring it all down. Very nice. All right. This is where you would just drop your stress in the well behind you and then you're going to step off.

You're going to turn your box around and put it either over their shoulder pants, depending on your height or in front, you grab a pad and a pole. Lastly, as you want to add one spring. So now you're back to two sprigs. So for teaser you were on one for backstroke, you're on two. Alright, so feet are now hip with the part you should only be a hands with from the back so she can move back just a little bit and make sure your feet a little bit wider. Good. Going into a hug. So a nice rounded position and hopefully you've noticed this is pretty flung. We haven't really stopped. She's been moving the whole time. Squeeze your bottom and begin to around back.

So what I'm looking for is this base to fill in and come back up. Inhale, go back, curling the hips under pulling in and coming back up. Now I'm going to have her do something a little bit out of the ordinary, which is more advanced and you have to have a nice healthy back for this. But she's going to go all the way back and I'm going to have her stretch. She'll grab onto the back of the or the underneath the reformer, give herself a little pull. But as you pull, you want to get those ribs to sink back down and steel still keep that wrap in the US and then she'll grab onto her waist, back into the HUD and rim by scooping. Come back up.

Now I'm going to have her do a pushup. So one more where she goes back and then she'll place her hands on the floor. And this is the only good really with the garage only because this isn't as tall as the other machines. So the pushup is nice on this one. She'll give herself a little push up and then that's it. She'll wrap once again, took her chin and scoop and round forward. Otherwise, if it's not the garage that you have, just do the stretch the pool. All right, so now she's going to go into flat back. So she's tall, soft legs, good and feet are flexed and come back up. Grow Taller, lifting your sides, your ribs up off the hips and arrest. Grow Tall, squeeze your bottom and hinge. Working both sides. Make sure there's no rock and roll and rest. And just one more.

Just maybe three to five of these, not too many. And come on up once again. Rest. Go ahead and drop the arms in between. Give yourself just a moment and then come back up. Preparing for side stretch so she'd get a bend or side bend. Hey, come up. And these are kind of like a waltz over one, two, three and up to three. Now I'm going to have her go pretty far, but I want her to be a little bit taller here. So lift, lift, lift. There you go. And come up. Don't pop your ribs out. Good and go.

Left in a shift. You just as a little bit here. Hold that. I'll give you a little more support, a little bit taller through the lower back. Ribs close. That's it. And come on. All right, so maybe two sets, one to each side, taking her arms up. I'll have her twist and go right into a hinge. Hinge to the side. Don't let your belly button pop out. Try to pull it back in and come back up. Taller Center.

So these are all sides strengthening exercises. So she's really working in here, lifting, coming back. When you hinge, you don't want your hips, the lift off the mat, you want to keep those hips still come up and center and to the left, to the corner of the machine, out long, up and centered. Now I'm going to have her go around the world. So this is more advanced. You're going to twist to the right. She hinges to the corner and then she centers out. Then she hints to the left. Reach up. Both sides should be long center. Now she reverses like a reverse corkscrew center right up and tall and that's enough. Alright, she put the bar underneath her and she's ready to go right into her tray.

So again, make sure you still have a space. Better hands with from behind sitting as tall as you can see. Exactly. So from the side you really lifted in here. Then she's going to try to straighten her leg without collapsing her back to d. That's where you'll feel the stretch. Then you walk up your leg, you find a nice seeker of shoulders relaxed and you're holding on lightly.

No white fingers here and walk down and not so far down just about tabletop. Good. And then work on this scoop coming up. Good. Get your nose as close to your knee or on your knee if possible. Hold your leg. Forget so much about getting this leg straight. Really work on getting your back up.

Now she's pretty flexible so she's able to do both, but most people aren't. So you might have to bend your right leg a little bit in order to get your back taller and come up now. And the next one I'll have her demonstrate the stretch going back since you've already seen that. Well you can do it here too. You walk down, you keep this leg at 90 degrees and you go ahead and take a hold of underneath the carriage and give yourself a little pool. But as you pull again, keep that scoop in the ribs belly button. Tuck your chin, grab on the leg and really scooped those can be dangerous. So listen to your body, especially if you have a bad neck and now she's going to flex in point. Make sure nice and square two, three and she can pick an apple off the tree if you want extra little stretch.

Ready for the next one, going into the left leg. Same. Same exercise. So first always check your box, make sure you're nice and centered and square that shoulder to shoulder, straight, shoulder to hip and hip to hips. So your box is squared. And then she's going to walk down just to about tabletop position. So no further than the box. In other words, you're going to come up, she's going to hold her position. Then she's going to left. Now it looks like her left hip cup. Move forward a little bit, Huh?

And a little bit taller on top. So you want the back of your hips lifting. Little less work here and you're off your head. Drop your shoulders, use that powerhouse to go down. Right here is where I'm missing her powerhouse. We're really working. There you go. That was better and come up. See what I'm looking for is that scope. Come on up. Lift your spawn. Once again, if you don't have that flexibility, soften your knees. Both of them.

And that will help get your back to stretch more. And that's really what you want here. Now she'll stretch back another, she'll go all the way back. She can reach in. These always feel really nice cause we don't get that enough. And Curl Your Chin staying centered. Come on up, hold lifter back. That's it. And Flex and 0.3 times one. As you're flexing and pointing, you're still lifting that those hips up yes from behind and you pick your apple off the dre. All right, so now she's going to step off.

She'll get rid of her box and everything. Pretty much her box or pole, but she'll keep her pad. If you don't have a pad, you still survive. It just helps from slipping and sliding. So she's lifted her head rest back up and she's still on two springs, so not a lot of spring transitions and she's going to go right into her long stretch shows. She gets right into a plank position.

So let's have you show that one more time. Step off. So getting in, she's going to go hand, foot, hand, foot and foot, hand, foot right into position. And she's ready to go. Push away and bring it all the way and keep those ribs and belly button lifting. But open your chest. Don't let your upper back hunch, but most importantly is staying solid and not letting your lower back collapse. Last one and lower to your knees and arrest in no more than about three. But I am gonna have her demonstrate it on one spring.

This is very hard. This is advanced. But when you're doing these as intermediate, you'll see that'll help strengthen your pretty fast. And again, no more than three and you want to push away not too far. Protect your shoulders, really work on coming in. And that's enough rest back, Tony. She'll go back to her two springs setting up for down stretch. So now her feet are against the shoulder pads. Nice deep breath in. She's good. This is a nice breathing exercise. You exhale. Exhale, open up the chest so the shoulders want to roll forward here.

You want to pull them back and lift your spine, lift your navel up so you're stretching. And again, maybe three of these. Exhale, exhale. Exhale is wonderful cause you don't have a lot of repetition. Okay, so you're going to stand up for your up stretch. I'm going to have her show this two different ways, the regular intermediate way and then also a reverse way. She didn't push out from the hips plank, controlling the carriage and all the way and you can keep your head up and then back to her c. So that whole exercise, she made it look pretty effortless. That's the idea.

And she's going to come in and then she's going to skip filling this back up into her elephant position. So careful not to push from the knees. You want to push from the powerhouse, a bottom abdominals, a little bit of everywhere. And now hold, I'm going to have her reverse that. So, so you start out the same way. You push out you plank, you come straight in. Now here's where it changes. You push out with the arms, you stop, you scope, you pull up and under with the hips and out with the hips back in, push away, push back away and come in. So one more time with the hips. Push out you plank.

You bring your shoulders straight over the bar, you push the arms, you push yourself back, you pull up with the powerhouse filling this up. There you go. And that's enough. I'm going to have her go to a flat foot into her elephants. So you can do those. You can do three of each, three regular, three reversed. And you'll find that to be plenty.

And sorry counts to Kevin, these two. I see a lot of people that pull with their knees. Don't pull with your knees. Use that powerhouse. And the other thing people will pull their arms. So try to relax your shoulders and really just focus on lifting and getting your hips to drop down to dropping that tailbone between the knees. And that's enough. Alright, have her step off.

And in a more advanced, um, transition, you go right into tendon stretch. So let's go ahead and do that. So leave your pad there and then I'm going to have you sit down on the bar facing this way. Now sometimes we're not all as tall as each other. I'm going to have you go into, I'm sorry, long back stretch. I said tendon stretch, but put your feet against the shoulder pads so she sometimes if you're not as tall, you would maybe put a little moon box here and put your feet against that. But for purposes of time, we're going to go ahead and do this.

Now I'm going to have her drop down. She's on to spring. She pushes us, she lifts her hips in. You want wanna open up the chest here. Good. Thank you. Skimming your back on the bar. You'd go down as far as you can. You lift your hips as high as you can and then you crack that walnut between the shoulders and out, up all the way in. If you want to take a break, sit on the bar and otherwise, reverse push out. Drop. Lengthen your back up, up, up and open and down. Sorry. Up and open. One more time. Push away, drop down.

Come in and grow taller, taller, taller. Crack that walnut. Then sit on the bar. So three each way. It's a little arm dips. Okay, so now she's gonna go into stretch you. There's different ways to do this. I'm going to have her show just this way to start and then I might have her show the sideways. So head is down, you push out, you're trying new, she doesn't. She is very flexible. She went pretty far.

And then I'm going to have her come back up slowly. Now slow it down. Go forward. You want to try not to touch this bar with your bottom. You're trying to to get in front of it so you'll feel that stretch with it. Very big stretch for the back of the leg. So you have to be pretty flexible and very strong and so no more than three and come back up.

So you might just start off with a little one show a little one little bit out, but work on coming up. Go slow. Otherwise you'll do a little somersault. Sit down for just a second rest. Now I'd like her to show the side one. Now this is for your more advanced, high energy and strong type of body. So drop your head, keep your gaze on your belly button, and then she's going to push out and she's going to come up. Now hopefully if you are doing this all on your own, you're strong enough to bring that back in and rest. So no more than three.

All right? And then she's gonna show the other side. So you're holding on good. Your foot should be underneath your hip or between two springs to this extended, like should be up as high as it can be and three and that's enough rest. Alright. Lots of different ways to do those little show that today. Go ahead and step off Martha, and then I'm going to have her set up for stomach massage.

So you go back to the springs you started with for footwork, she started with three. Some people start with four. Just depends on your body. Okay. All right, so keep your head down. She's beginning fairly close to the front, which is because she's flexible, the less flexible you are, you start further back. So in other words, you would be sitting back here, do what your body's able to do. And 10 of these and these are pretty, I like to do them pretty flowing, feel like I like that to move through my exercises. Exhale to stay up and over. So she's done 10 now because she started on three she's going to stay there.

If you started on four drop to drop one's brain going to three springs. All right, so tall back. And why don't you put your knuckles in the Mat, Marta? Yeah. Some of us can reach back. I like to hold onto the shoulder pads when I'm doing this. Some of us aren't able to do that.

It's more comfortable to have the knuckles in the mat and now lower lift the heels. The heels should really lift and the energy should be in and tall and in. So again, no more than 10 I haven't counted. Hopefully you did good. And as she's down to two springs, so she just dropped a spring. She's really going through her exercises. There isn't a lot of hesitation.

Chest open, don't reach like this. You want to keep the shoulders broad and open, but lift your hips up and back here you're lifting, lifting, lifting. And no more than four to five and now twist to the side. Don't lean forward. Really lift your back. There you go. And come in and was the side taught. I'll talk heels up.

This is where you want to check to make sure both heels are together and lift an income back in. Cause sometimes when we do this we can't always feel that we're concentrating on the twist. Good and one heel will be dropped and last one and come on in. All right, go ahead and step off and I'm going to have her show semi-circle. So I'll have her drop this bar and she's going to lie on her back. The head rest can just stay as it is up.

And this is another tough one. Have to be pretty limber in your spine or she don't want to do this. If you have any back issues and it can be a little bit tough on the knees. So if you do have any knee issues but you feel like you can do this, I would recommend staying parallel with your feet apart. All right. Otherwise, if you do have real knee issues, skip it all together cause you can see how much you crunch here. All right, so I'm gonna have her start by rolling down into the well and ideally she should not move the carriage here as she rolls down to drop her bottom into the well against the springs as low as you can. And then she's gonna skim her bottom on the springs and push out.

Now you check that your hips aren't wobbling. You want to come up really centered to keep them straight articulating from the lower back to the middle back all the way up, shoulders relaxed arms are long ago. And then bring it back in. So three each way. She's gonna want to get enrolled down, upper back, middle back, good, lower back. Try not to move that carriage roll down and you push away. Heel should be up. Curl your hips.

Don't move that carriage as your hips come up, the carriers will want to go like this. You have to keep it from moving. That's another challenge too, to take on. And one more time going down. Good. [inaudible] keeping you from moving here. There you go. And now a little bit lower here. Got snagged. Sometimes you can get snagged.

Your clothes might snag on the hook and you just [inaudible] get yourself out of that and do it again and come on in. All right, so now she's done three going down. Now she'll reverse it. Doesn't matter which way you start, but try to reverse them. And now not moving the carriage she's doing really well cause they were right there. She moved it a little bit and then you'd come back in and curl up. Challenging and up with the hips and down with the ribs and out and articulate. Upper back, middle back. Now don't move the carriage right here.

Keep rolling those hips down, down, down. Drop this hip a little bit. There you go. And giving her an extra little stretch. She's going to start to come in. There you go. That's it. And come on up and I'll have her do one more just to stay consistent with the reversed out and ruling down. Upper back, middle back. Both arms should be straight. A lot of times we'll forget that as we're moving, their arms will start to slack off and so they're working to and come on up, up, up, up ribs. Good. Careful. You're falling over here a little bit.

There you go. With those hips up. Good. And now for an extra shut, she can go ahead and take her hands, grab on her ankles, give herself a lecturer, a little pool pool, lifting those hips up, but pulling up into that naval and then both heads at the same time. Grab onto the shoulder pads, slide yourself back. So she's getting off a little sticky sometimes if you're sweating. Okay, let's go ahead and have you step off and I'm going to have you go ahead and put the bar back up. Let's see. No, actually let's go ahead and show the snake and twist if you don't mind. So the bar's going to go down. Now if you're just starting these, I recommend two springs. If you've done this before, you can use one spring.

One spring is a lot harder. So I'm gonna have her. Yeah, go ahead and start on this side. So the bars down, she's on one spring just because she's pretty advanced. All right, so there you go. Getting into position. All right, so now her hips or even she's got a hold of one part of the carriage and as well as the shoulder pad, she's gonna. This is called the snake and twist because she's going to go straight on to one line like a snake and exhale, exhale, exhale, opening up her chest but still lifting. Good and then Tuck your Chin and scoops of her working side. Is this left side right out. And one more time, just like that. Exhale. So both hips should be nice and square here and then she's going to come back up. Now here comes the twist of the snakes.

She's going to inhale and she's going to on a look over her right shoulder, opening it up, but still getting those hips working and then scoop and come back up. Nice. Deep breath in. This is a breathing exercise because you're really trying to wring out the lungs like a washcloth. You've just rung yourself out and then you come back up. And I would say that's enough. So to snake and to twist, and she steps off the back. She walks over to the other side. Now you'll get to see it from this angle. So good. So she's got her right leg over her left right now.

And now. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, drop the hips, squaring off, keep pulling up, drop your chin, scoop and come back up, back into that elephant position and exit. Open your chest. Good. And come on up. Now she's going to twist. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, looking over her left shoulder and pulling it back and come on up. Last one and exhale. Exhale, ringing your lungs out as well as her waist and come back up and step up with great sides, living exercise. All right, go ahead and add one spring. So she was on, once she's back to two, I'm going to have her show the, um, corkscrew and balance control stuff. So I'm going to have her lie down. She'll need to take her head rest down. All right, so I'm having her demonstrate corkscrew.

This is another advanced exercise and I'm going to have her just keep her hips down, so don't actually jackknife on the first set. So she's in her bloody stance and now she begins circling to the right and back to center. And now keep those from moving. You want to really keep your hips down and not grip. You want to try not to hold on as tight as you can. They're there for support, but you don't want to straight good your, she's working on getting the legs to really twist around and center and the lower the legs go, the more powerful this exercise becomes for your powerhouse because your legs are, your weight's good. And one more good. And now I'm going to have her demonstrate an actual jack knife part of this.

So she's going to circle around and kick up. Now you don't have to go that high. You could do a smaller one. So show a little one, just maybe the first four Vertebra, and then control the movement coming down. Very important here, not to lift your heads. Next on this. You want to keep that jerk in here from ever happening cause that can hurt your next and last one little lift and that last one. Sorry. This is the last one. And then you're in the jack knife all the way up.

So ideally she's going to come up here and she should be able to hold that. She is holding on now I can feel her dropping, which just means she used no, soften your knees a little bit. There you go. Hold that right there. Ready? Almost. There you go. Good and roll. Yeah, very difficult. Okay. I'm going to have her do a little tic talk. So hold on and keep the knees soft so she looks the opposite direction. Her legs go and then the legs go the other way. And as she does this, I want her to try to keep her legs at 90 degrees, but more importantly, not really let her ribs pop up or her hip lift.

Try to keep those hips down. It's just a stretch right in here. And last one over. Okay. Balance Control. So here's a very advanced movement. She's going to move herself down like you would for semi-circle to arms. Measure your the distance away from the shoulder pad.

Then she is going to hold onto the handles in the back here and she is going to Jackknife up. Now I'm just going to, I won't, don't want you to actually step off. I'm going to have her go up into a jackknife position and I'll help protect you here. All right, so now I'll take you in. I'm going to have her take one hand and at the same time her opposite leg is going to go down. So she's got her right hand on the shoulder pad as her left leg taps the outside of the carriage and she's really working on this lift. Really lift up in here. There you go.

And now she's going to scissor that so she switches hands and she switches legs. Her head stay still and she's working on the lift up in here. Now I'm going to have her show how you would step off. So if you're just starting this, just do that. This is a very dangerous exercise.

I recommend doing it with an instructor who knows what they're doing and she goes into a position here. There you go. She's going to plea a and Relevate. Try to get that back leg up. These are very hard. Once you've done all this work, you are a little fatigued and tired by this point and then she's going to roll on her shoulder, not her neck and Jack Knife up. Good. Again, not too much in the knees. Now she's going to take the other leg. Lift this one up. There you go. Reach up, up, up. Keep the energy here. There you go. Keep that. Reach up through that back leg, but hit the window here, but I think it's forgiving. Good.

Square your hips. That's it. Play relevant and clear and hold and now she's going to grab on. Once again, this is an exercise to do with an instructor, but if you've ever done them and you who should know how, and of course no injuries. All right, Ben, I'm going to have her bend her knees and come down so you just roll out a position, place your feet down and let's have you go ahead and step off to the side. So there's lots of exercises you can do here but I'm going to have you go ahead and finish with kneeling knee stretch series. So go ahead and place the bar up. Those are just a couple of Nice ones to add except for maybe that last one.

I would stay away from that unless you were with an instructor. All right, so but it's pretty to show. I think it's important. All right, shoulders down, arms are long and she's going to do about eight of these and then I'll have her transition right into the next one, three which is the arch four and in five and top six under with this hip, seven knees underneath your chest and one to watch that your knees don't go wider than your hips here. Sometimes a little slipper in the knees will start to splay out. You want to keep them aligned with your hips and now knees off and one and under. So she's working on this part of her back, curling under like she had a tail and put it between her knees under shoulders down. That's it. No more than 10 knees, a little bit lower on next time and rest. Okay. And especially if you do from arch, sorry, from the round to the arch, the knees off. Those three exercises she just did without stopping because quite a workout.

All right, so back to her original springs that she did from the start, which was three she's going to cool down. So she's on our toes. She's going to run. So she's going to extend out, straighten her legs and begin to walk. Three four just getting that sense of being really long and tall and pulled up. Seven, eight, nine, 10 getting those muscles in the footwork and the, she can should slide here, make some noise. Six seven, eight, nine and 10 so she walked for 10 and ran for 10 and now she'll go into her pelvic left to your arches, curlier hips and extend out and come on in and out. So just the first four vertebra off the mat and I like to do anywhere from six to eight of these.

It's really up to how you're feeling. They feel really good. So do what's good but don't do more than 10. So when you're ready, you may roll down a little tense toes. You can relax your toes a little bit. All right, I'm going to have you step off and I'd like to have you demonstrate the site split. So we're going to get a pad here. Sometimes you can use two pads.

You can put one here all the way against here a little bit longer. But um, marches step over here for just a second. And then I'm going to put the pad right underneath the, the foot bar right on this wood piece here. And we're going to go down to, for her, she goes down to one spring. But if you're just starting, I would recommend to, and this is another one that I would recommend first learning with an instructor. All right, so stepping on.

She's going to first place her right foot over and as she's in a side split position, her arms were to the side. Her shoulders are slightly in front of her hips, not too far. Her ribs should be together and she's using that wrap of the thigh. All right, so she's going to push just a little bit out. It's not a split, but it's really about coming in and lifting and growing taller up out. So this is working up so she's not just pulling from this lake, but working both sides. Last one and come in. I'm just going to have her demonstrate this.

I'm going to have you go pick some flowers. So push out. The carriage is now out. Now the carriage should stay. Still. Don't Tuck, heighten those knees. Try to keep them soft. She's going to give the flowers to the gods and lift, lift, lift, grow tall. Open their arms to the side and I'll pull the carriage back in and lifting that spawn and now she's going to do that one more time. Now the carriage is in and I want her not to move it.

I'm here just in case and exhale, lengthen your back long, long, long back, good and open and that's enough. She'll show me her left foot in and then she'll take your right foot and step onto the carriage and turn around. Now you'll be able to see the next one, so outside foot first, the other foot shimmies out. Now again, I'm here to be able to keep the carriage from moving as she transitions to up your Chin a little bit. Ribs lean a little bit forward. Okay, so tailbone is down and now she's going to push a little bit out and she's going to grow taller. Now one spring is very difficult to get this to come back in. Lyft wears this and up. Come back in.

Now I'm going to have her stay out and I'm going to have her saw. This again is a very advanced movement. Tuck your Chin are very high intermediate, I should say as well. Drop the tailbone long, long back. And now she'll go the opposite way. I'm here just in case. Good. It's very hard.

You should feel a little jittery. And now she's going to try to keep the carriage in. I've got it as well. Now if I were to let go, you can see it's gonna move. So that's why I suggest doing it with the instructor. And another important thing is people again will use their knees and you don't want to do that. It's really right in that power house. All right.

She's done an actual shimmy her right foot in. She'll step on with her left and then she'll step down very fiddly gracefully. Okay. So I've got the bar back up. I want to put her back on two springs and have you demonstrate the front splits, which is a nice way to finish as well. So she's going to stand up on the carriage. Exactly. Good.

And she'll go ahead and start with your right foot on. So your right foot should line up with your right hip. Makes Sense. Right? And then you're going to hop your left foot against the shoulder pad. So it's kind of turned out good. So your knee is in a good position and she's gonna use her right leg to push out. Now again, she's very flexible.

We can all do this and then you want to sit towards your hill. Some of us might just go to here. Now she on the other hand can go pretty far and you want to keep your hips square, which she's doing nicely. So three of those two. This is a nice way to stretch. Very good for men. They're very tight in the hips. Hold.

Shift your weight too before you come up. Shift your weight to that back foot there. Now your hip and knee, your right hip and knee, her right hip and knee should line up with each other. So you don't want to be low. Your knees. There you go. Now you want to keep your right knee line with your right hip and she's going to push out with that right and in.

So the knee should go out and it's his straight back and straight in. Three times. That's enough. She'll take her arms up, she'll find that secret, the scoop to come back down. Both hands on the pad. She pivots, she lifts up onto the toes and then pivots to fall onto the left knee to protect herself as she comes down. Alright, so now for the last one on this, she's going to push out again, very flexible. You do not have to go that far. Push out a little bit to demonstrate. So sometimes just to about there and then you're gonna come in and try to sit on your heel. Now go ahead and go as far as you'd like Marta. Good. Cause it feels good for her.

You do what your body's capable of and what's good for it. So I wouldn't do more than three. That's Ponti. Again, she's on two springs and now I'm going to have her walk to the tips of her fingers. This you can leave out or you can do if you'd like. I just arch back and open up her chest, exhaling open, open up and, and curl your chin. And then she's going to take your right foot off. She's going to stand up. She's ready for her left side. So that was that front split series.

So now left foot first she hops her right foot back. It's kind of at an angle. So her knees in a good healthy position and she's going to push out with her left and come. And what I would like her to do is sit a little bit more in it. There you go. And there, that's it. Good. So you want to lift your bottom up as you push out.

So just do what you can. No more than three. Three is plenty and sit on your heel. Good. Keep this like long. That's it. Nash, she transition. So before her head she shifts her weight to her right foot and then she around that articulating her spine. One Vertebrae at a time, she's tall. The knee and hip should align with each other. So there you go. A little bit lower, sit in it. Okay.

Ribs and push out with the left and straight in. Three times one. Two. You'll know if you're capable of doing this because if your leg is shaking, I would say don't do it all right. Or if you have an instructor, then you'll be okay. Okay, so now she's transitioned. She came up onto her toes and then she pivoted so that the knee line with the foot. Make sure that that bottom knee is line with your hip as well. Some are to bring your knee in a little bit. There you go. Okay, and now she's ready to push out. Good and sit towards the heel, the shoe sitting this way and and push out there.

I'm pushing on you on purpose. Hips are pretty square, so this is easy for her. If your hips for really crooked on this, don't do it and you can do it. There's that. Plenty of other stretches to do. She can come up to the tips of her fingers. She's lengthening, lifting up her spine, and then taking that arch back, opening up her chest. Good. Take your left foot off. I'll have her step off and I would say that's enough for today. Hmm.

Very nice. I always recommend doing a little rolling, some rub on. I always recommended doing some rolling some type of mat after doing any of the equipment. Okay, so well done. Thank you.


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Beautiful work!
I have lots of respect for the classical style but I found this one to be a bit dry. sorry.
Fantastic class...definitely needed a "spotter" on a few of the exercises. Your "student" is amazing - she made it look effortless. Thank you!
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Great Challenging reformer class., fluid and engaging :)
Yeong Cheol C
good. ???
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Beautiful workout!
Your pacing and cues were perfect. Thank you 😊 Adrianne
I love this version of classic exercises!!! This was amazing! 

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