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Twisty Wunda Chair

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You will work your entire body with this creative Wunda Chair class by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She encourages you to keep an open mind as she incorporates a blend of traditional and non-traditional movements for a comprehensive workout. You will find new places to add rotation and other spinal movements so that you can work on your strength and mobility at the same time.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Table Chair

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Jan 04, 2022
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Hi, I'm Blossom Leilani Crawford. I'm here with my friend, Stephanie Mackley and we are gonna do a workout on my favorite piece of equipment. The one to chair. It's gonna be twisty, maybe some really traditional things, and then maybe some really completely not traditional things. So come along for the ride and just keep an open mind and don't judge, I mean, or do just quietly.

No, you can do it. Just text me. have a seat, have a seat Stephanie. So we're gonna start with something very traditional. Let's go for good old fashioned footwork to begin.

And from right off the pedal, I'm gonna start in a different way. So I don't wanna start with toes, go to pressing the pedal down to begin and go to heels on the pedal. And let's go for parallel position as Stephanie is here and let's walk the feet completely together if you don't mind. Yeah, exactly. All right, in this position, don't even go anywhere yet.

She's gonna gently grab with your toes, push her big toes in toward each other, heels try to touch ankle bones and knees slightly open. Yeah, one hand in your belly. One hand on your low back, really resist the pedal coming up by letting the pedal come up, stick your butt out almost and push the pedal down. That's the slow-mo version of the exercise, and if you've got a good motion going and your pelvis is nice and still, you may pump faster, you're trying to get to 10. Maybe if it turns to 12, that's fine. All those are some creaky springs.

I'm wondering if you can hear that. We're gonna work those springs out. It's gonna be better. And after you finish your 10, you press down hold, let's go to the front of the heel. So not quite arch the front of the heel, same sort of grabbing, pushing in ankle bones apart position.

Start to pump here again. Maybe switch the hand, Stephanie, right? Yeah, so nice and still pelvis. As she lifts up, she's trying not to send her chest forward, which a lot of us do. And if you're sort of getting a little Chessy, you could cross your arms in front of you and think of driving the rib cage back ever so slightly while still lifting and keeping the pelvis still.

When you're ready, toes on only, let's go to your Pilates stance now. Make sure the base of that baby toes on, in this position, lift the heels up really high spiraling. Those ankle bones away, heels are high, pedal is down, lower the heels down and up a few times. Yes, that's exactly it. There's a little quiver happening, right?

So I feel like that's good, right? It's our feet having to work in a pillow position, it's not used to, and then end with the heels really high. Get the pedal up very high. Little pump right here, teeny up. The accent for me on this one is the up, that's it?

The controlling of the up and it's not a big motion, but it's a deep feeling on the inside if you feel like you're doing it, right? Yeah, I feel like you're there. So after what feels like a set, you're gonna press the pedal down and hold on. Let's go to heels into the corners. Here comes some non-traditional stuff.

Hands behind your neck and with your hands behind the neck, don't worry about elbows wide. I actually want you to think more shoulder blades wide. So elbows wide does this pinches. I like shoulder blades wide and said, start to pump here, Stephanie, and just really let the knees open you bigger, even bigger, bigger, bigger. Yeah, so this one, the emphasis is the up and keep those ribs back a little bit.

Yes, that's more like it, okay? Here we go. She presses the pedal down and hold, from here, you're gonna side bend over. Keep going, keep going, keep going and come back to sitting up tall, pedal comes up. Now, Stephanie, how did the spring feel?

Do they feel too heavy? Okay, then, let's lighten them up a little bit. Yeah, I was watching Stephanie, I was like, someone asked me recently, well, what kind of spring should I have on? I know him somewhat personally. And I said, well, the spring should be challenging and supporting you like a good partner.

Yes, I know. So think of it like a good partner, right? 'Cause that was bullying. That was, yeah, Pedal comes up and really stick there. Yes, that's more like it, okay? Yeah, it was a little too struggling.

Okay, now we're adding on. She presses the pedal down. She side bends over to one side loving life and come back up to center, sit up tall, pedal comes up, press down, side bend over to the other side. Keep going, keep going, keep going, come and bring that ribcage to be, bring that rib cage to be. Thank you.

Bout two more sets like that. Just pressing and adding that side. Now move that rib cage away from me. Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. Yes and come back up and I'll talk about what I just did there.

So sometimes you can side bend and throw the rib cage away from where you're going. Bring the ribs to me. Bring the ribs to me. That's getting more low back. Pedal comes up. I think I said one more set, right?

Press inside then. That's it, staying here. Go, go, go, go, go and come back. Sit up tall, ribs are in pressing side, bend over to the other side. Take the ribs with me, bring the ribs with me, bring the ribs with me.

Thank you. And come back up, we add on. You press the pedal down, you turn to face me. Yes, staying here. So she just turned to her, right?

She's gonna reach her right knee forward against it. Waistline working and come back to center. That's all it is. Press and twist. This is the footwork Opus.

Yes. Keep going, keep going keep going. Reach your left knee forward. Stephanie against the twist to the left and come back and two more sets. The rib cage just floats along over the pelvis 'cause I feel like you wanna arch and you're gonna keep, that's it. Pushing down, that's it.

Find your a little more belt. Oh yes, and come back up. So you're using the push down into the springs to sort of help anchor the pelvis as you then twist around, twist around. Very good, Stephanie, don't lean forward. Let's come back a little bit more.

There it is. And come back to center. Yes, one more, little bit. If you can go to parallel legs, heels on only, let's sneak in a little bit of single leg, right? So press the pedal down when you're ready, trying not to shift in the pelvis too much.

Extend one leg forward please and five pumps here. five, four, three, two, change legs. Yes, other side please. Anchoring the pelvis. We're gonna do one more set adding on.

When you're ready, extend the right leg and twist to me. Yes, reaching that right leg pump five times here. Winding up that waistline three, four, five. Excellent. Other side, twist. Yes, that's her harder wad and pump.

That's it? That's it. Oh, and I think we have done enough at work. Don't you think so? So we're moving on. Let's go to swan from the top of the chair.

You might wanna pad at the top of the chair. That's up to you. So come around the other way, Stephanie. Let's have that's it. So do you want a pad?

Sure. Okay. So if you wanna, I mean, pad at the center of the chair, I have this lovely pad, but for some reason there's like a little bite out of it. I forgot what that story is with that. We'll investigate later. Have a lie on your chair.

Oh, I'm sorry. One spring in the middle or the top. It's up to you. Remember our saying, supportive, right? Yet a little challenging, but not too easy.

Let's see this position. This looks great. So she's finding one long line. Stephanie has her legs together. That's up to you. If you have your legs, a little open, that works as well, but I'm really looking for a spine aligned, especially in the head and rib cage department. This is gorgeous.

Now, most people they need to lift the back of your head. That's still good. Let's maintain this position and start to just pump the elbows a few times. In this pump feel what's going up as you push down, right? So the hint is its rib cage goes up our pedal and arms go down.

After this, keep the arm straight and let the pedal push you up. Inhale, exhale, lift the chin, lift the chest eyes up and push back down, look down at the floor. And let's repeat that a couple more times. Now, as you do this, you try to keep those legs super straight. Yes, and pushed back down.

What do you say? One more time? Keep those legs working. Yes. And come back down. Let's repeat that again please. Pumping the pump. Yes, that's it.

I like it. And Stephanie's doing elbows close. You could do elbows wide too. I still love this cue from Kathy Grant. She would say, "Let follow the springs." I feel like in this one, there's so much of a wanna sort of work that back and you are working your back, but following the Springs really helps you connect to what kind of resistance you're getting.

Excellent, and let's add on. From here, Stephanie, let's go from two arms to one arm reaching out to the side. I don't care which one. Hold it there, change again. We're gonna do that two sets.

That's great. And as you do this, see if you're getting a shift in the hips. Yeah, which one's harder. It looks like that one. Yeah, and then the other, good.

From here, sneak that hand behind the head for Stephanie, it's her left. She's gonna simply bring her left elbow toward her right elbow and twist in. Yes and come back to parallel to the floor in her spine. Do that two more times. Twist in, yeah.

And come up just one more. I sort of have enjoying this like really twisting and curling. And now from there you're gonna push down on the pedal turn and look toward the left elbow, pushing and twisting in the opposite direction. Yes. Two more times. And just sneaking in that big twist.

Just one more. Yes. Yes. Yes. And that's enough rest to the other side. That was her rest. It's happening right now and it's over.

I should stop using that word rest. Now this side gets a little, that's right. And now active legs and reach those legs to me a little bit more, Stephanie. There we go. Elbow to elbow. When you go elbow to elbow, you have to really push the pedal away.

Yes and that's when you can kinda do that legs toward me a little bit more. There you go. And now from here, active push down and think of broadening across the chest. Keep those legs to me. Boop, yes.

And come, this is not her favorite side, legs to me. One more time. Legs to me still. There you go. Keep that's it. That's it, all right? From here, let's go and do some teasers next to slowly.

Come off the chair. That's exactly right. That's a dismount that is much harder than we actually realized. So let's do it one more time actually. Shall we? No, I'm serious. Let's just talk this through for a second.

'Cause I forget how hard this is. And so if you're new to chair, this one's for you, right? So when you go to come out of this, if you're trying to do it officially, so to speak, let the pedal come up. I feel like that's the safest thing. Next thing, put your hands on the top edge of the chair.

And you can kinda shift back as exactly it so that you have less of that spring coming, flying back at you. All right, let's head to teasers now, shall we? So have a seat on top of your chair and facing with your back to the pedal. So let's go for my version of teaser. So I think teasers are often it's too much about the legs.

So let's just not take that into account right now. So you could do it with your feet down on the floor like this, if you have a little box or I'm just gonna roll a chair on into the space, let's just do it. Wouldn't it be nice if everything was on wheels? So can you, wait, hold on. I got to get closer. How about that?

Can you reach it? No blossom. I can't. Oh yes. Fuzzy Waze. Okay. Yeah. So we'll talk about this later.

Put your hands on the pedal behind you. Same springing that we had before and you're just gonna hold this position. Oh, this is good. All right, so the big thing is I want Stephanie try to find a C shape spine as she goes down and up a few times. Yes, oh, and the funny thing about having this chair so far away, she has to really reach her legs.

Yes, that's important thing number one, keep going my friend. Yeah, important thing number two, as she does this, she's keeping her neck long, especially on the way up 'cause in our effort to curl, we get a little like a Nautilus shell in our neck, right? Press down upper body. Yeah. That looks good, push down one more time, wanna add in a little pump and how are you feeling about the springs? Okay, great.

We're just checking in. I hope you're feeling good about the springs too, if not change them. Yeah, moving on. So that's our test. Now let's try to do, if you wanna make you take your legs off, follow us, bring your knees into your chest.

Yes, that's enough. You should have a little bit of space, right? Keeping your knees like so go down and up with a pedal. That's all. That's exactly it. Curling long neck.

And here let's talk about her gaze a few more times. As you do this, think of that line that your legs are making as they come together as your center line and you just go up that line with the gaze of your eyes one more time and coming back up, maybe find a lowest spot and you go pump, pump, pump. We're gonna do two more sets, bear with us. If you wanna make it harder, you could go to teaser of straight legs. It's up to you or do another set with your knees bent and that's for you as well.

Go down and up again, yeah. I really like it when people make decisions. So I don't care how fancy it is, but make a decision, right? Like, no, I'm not ready for that. Instead of like, oh, or try it and go, no, that's not for me.

And then again, come halfway up and pump, pump, pump. And then the last thing, if you wanna try it and I'm gonna have you demonstrate it just so we can see it, straighten those legs if your legs aren't all the way straight. And you're gonna try to lower those legs to your hard spot, which is gonna be parallel to the floor. Keep going, that's okay. Keep going, she's like, this is not for me.

Now, if you're in this position, I'm gonna hold you as you go down and up. So this is the position you're going for. Legs parallel to the floor, which is I think the hardest place. When I do this, I tuck like crazy. That's exactly it.

And so those are the three I'll take any one of those when you're doing your teaser. Yeah, and pump, nicely done, and that's it. And she's gonna be so happy to rest her feet here. Everybody come all the way forward with your feet on the floor or on a bench or stool, go forward and just take a little bit of a stretch, yeah. And Stephanie, put your feet on the floor.

In fact, I'm gonna roll this chair away and just put your feet on the floor. You're gonna hold onto the opposite elbows underneath your thighs, all the way away. And in this position, can you round your rib cage back and up into my hand, still holding onto the resistance is arms against ribs and you're gonna really round that back. So exactly opposite of what you just did. She'd feel kind of good though.

And in this position, just breathe into the rib cage and one more breath like that. Oh, okay. Let's go for a kneeling more person as I like to call it. So I'm gonna move the chair slightly. You're gonna come around to the pedal side of your chair and we're gonna go for a kneeling more person.

Okay, I'm just adjusting this. Okay, so when you can kneel to the side of your chair, again, same springs. So that's the fun part. And let's have Stephanie and you just side bend over and let's just take a look at her position when she gets there. How does this spring feel?

Now the first thing's first, Stephanie's doing what a lot of people do. She's pushing the pedal all the way down. I think it's almost too much for you. I think less is more, yeah. 'Cause I'd like to really work on the upper body arching.

How's that? Are you okay? Let your head be heavier, 'cause that's it. And now, just energetically push the pedal down. Yes, in this position, all of us are gonna go up and down with straight arms. Yes, yeah, just like that.

So more notice, I didn't say down and up, up and down, I want more of the up. Yes, that's where she doesn't really wanna go. But that's the part of the rib cage, I really want her to move. 'Cause she has a lot of bend in her waist and if I make her go too low, that's right. Stay right here little pump right here.

Head is heavy, Stephanie. Yes. And let's just do that one more time, up and down. Maybe find a different range of motion. Maybe you go lower this time or maybe you stay up higher. By the way, do you know there's a rapper called Little Pump.

I don't own little pumps name, but I like to pretend that that's what happens right here, you're gonna give me a little pump. I'm sad that that rapper name is taken. 'Cause I would like that to be my Pilates rapper name, which totally exists, right? And then from here, she's gonna let the pedal come up. She's gonna put both hands on the sides of the chair and twist, just like that.

Yeah, just like that. Now, Stephanie, can you do a little twisted cat cow? Oh, yes, and reverse sort of lift the chin, lift the chest. Yeah, and again more about the rounding and in this rounded position, stay in your rounded position just breathe. So in this position, Stephanie's trying to square her shoulders off with a pedal and she's thinking of pubic bone facing straight ahead.

Those are the two things. Yes. And then while she's there, she's breathing into the sides of the back and unfurl yourself out of that. From here, don't panic, you're gonna put both hands on the floor in front of you. Exactly. I know, she's like, what is this? From here, Stephanie, take your right leg out to the sides of the leg that's farthest away from the pedal take it out to the side.

Yes. Just like that. And can you really bring those chose facing forward? Yes. Okay. From here, she's gonna stick her tush out, and Stephanie scoot a little closer to me so that they can see your foot on this gray mat. There we go. Exactly.

So you're gonna stick your tush out and you're gonna send the hips back and get a great inner thigh stretch. As you just send your hips back, like you're doing child's pose, but you just happened to have one leg out there. Do you feel that nice stretch? So this foot that's on the floor. I want you to keep it there. That's the stretch.

So I'm hoping that you're feeling a good stretch here. If you're not come back up onto all threes, I guess. So come back, she's like, say here, so if you want a bigger stretch, walk this foot a little more forward. I don't know she does. Okay, great. And then send the hips back and that's an even bigger inner thigh stretch.

See told you some things are just not traditional at all. It don't matter. It feels good, doesn't it? And we're gonna do that to the other side, please. I'm gonna move the chair just because I don't want the rear facing for this second part. Not necessary, not necessary.

Let's go for mermaid when you're ready, Stephanie. More person, right? Okay, yep, just go onto your side bend everyone and stay here. In this position, do you feel like all the bend, Stephanie push the pedal all the way down. See how all the bend is happening so much right here.

'Cause she can really bend here. So I'm gonna have Stephanie and maybe you as well come halfway up. I want a lot of the stretch happening up here, okay? In this position, let's go with straight arm pumpings. Yes, and up. Yes, exactly.

So of course, if you need more stretch in your low back, you could do it, Stephanie did and push all the way down, but I think Stephanie needs it more than that parts. It's gorgeous. One more and then a little pump. I know, I might need to listen to some of that music. Bring this hip forward a little bit, my friend.

And then just repeat that one more time, up and down with straight arms and Stephanie think heavy crown of the head. And maybe opening up that rib cage going far this away from the pedal, just one more. And then again, a little pump for yet left hip forward still. Yes. Great. And then let that pedal come all the way up after this and just turn, simply turn your body to face the chair and hold onto the pedal.

And how about a little twisted cat cow? Part of this moment is really just figuring out, okay, where's my body. So Stephanie's doing this like rounding and arching and she's thinking shoulders square with a pedal and one more time rounding and stay in the rounding. And in this rounding again, shoulders square with a pedal and the last thing is pubic bone forward. So oddly enough, Stephanie, right hip forward for you now.

Yes and now she breeds into her rib cage. Ah, one more breath like that. Yeah, and relax. Are we okay? Put your hands on the floor in front of you and you're gonna take the leg froze away from the pedal out to the side. Yes. Good.

And then really sticking your tush out. You sit back toward the heels. That's exactly it. That foot of trying to keep the sole of the foot is important 'cause that's kind of is the anchor to get that inner thigh stretch. Can you do that one more time, Stephanie?

Come forward and you could bring your leg more forward if you think you can get a bigger stretch in and really stick the butt out, stick that's it. As you send the hips back, back, back, and get that nice inner thigh stretch. Just one more breath there. Yeah. Okay. Stay on your hands and knees, Stephanie, just come to kneeling and maybe turn toward me.

Let's go for a little bit of a push up situation. So when you can keep it on the same spring from your cat position, press the pedal down with your right hand, left hand on the floor. Yes, good. Now in this position, can you find, if Stephanie keeps her pedal arm straight, it's gonna send that shoulder up. she doesn't have to, I would like her to bend her right arm.

Yeah, a little bit more so that her shoulders are square. That's exactly it. Can you maintain this position and just hold, that's work, oddly enough we're not twisting, but she's working those muscles that work on the twisting. Now small little pump with that pedal arm, It's teeny. Yeah, this is plenty.

If you wanna add on, take your opposite leg from the pedal hand back. So for Stephanie, her right hands on the pedal, her left leg goes back and she's really anchoring back with that right foot. So I'm gonna even go here for her and she's gonna pump again. Yes, that's it. And if you don't like your springs, change it, right?

And then full pushup, wider feet is easier. Just a little hint, right? And then see if you just holdings good. And if you wanna try to pump, if not, no problem. Yes, yes.

And then come on down with the knees and take a little bit of a moment to breathe. Now, Stephanie, come back as far away from the chair as you can, but with your hands still on the pedal and scoot even further back as far back on the pedal, that's it. So that's right. Now, press that pedal down and come back to all fours again. Yes, From here, Stephanie's gonna stay here.

She's gonna reach her left arm out to the side and hold. Yes, from there, she's gonna reach up to the ceiling. Give me a big inhale exhale twist. Oh yes. From there, she's gonna thread that back of the hand to the floor.

The elbow touches, now, Stephanie, you're gonna slowly get that left shoulder onto the mat. Yes, yes, yes. After the shoulder touches down, the pedal can go up and you can let it twist you more and breathe, yes. So in this position, I don't even know if you know which one is your right hip, but the hip closest to the chair goes back, correct? That's it, and you should really feel that stretch.

Should we try that one more time? So you decide if you wanna press the pedal down first, then come up or just come up and then press the pedal. It's all about arm strength, yes. And then do that three legged cat reaching out to the side again. Yes, and inhale, exhale twist.

Look up toward that hand. Thank you. And thread the arm through almost think of sticking the tush out right now. Exactly. Exactly. And then as that pedal comes up, think of the sternum almost going with you as you twist.

Beautiful, beautiful. And then hip closest to the barrel. So for Stephanie, that's her right hip. She reaches it back, awesome. Other side, I'm gonna flip the chair.

You're just gonna flip around the other way by flip. I do love how light my chair is, it's so enjoyable. Okay, so when you're ready that up from the floor. So push on down with a pedal arm. Yep, good.

And then when you can you just stay right here in that position, right? Squaring off the shoulders is the hardest piece and this is definitely her left arm. So Stephanie, would you like to go to a lighter spring? I'll try. Okay, she's trying.

She's like, yeah. Yeah, that's it. Okay, so when you can just hold head lifts in opposition, breathe and then pump when you feel ready, little pump. I'm gonna work that work into the ground. I expect some information from Dave later, by the way, maybe he knows him.

Press the pedal down, hold, and then when you can take the opposite leg back. Yes, and strong back leg, pump, ribs are lifting. There you go. Awesome, I love that. Full pushup position.

Again, wider legs is usually easier. Just holding is hard, and if you can and wanna try to pump, it's weird having one arm straight in one arm bent. And then when you're done, you kneel down and take a little bit of a breather and walk your hands as far back of the pedal or as far toward you as you can with a hand sill on the pedal and then press the pedal down again. Maybe adjust your knee. So you're there right underneath your hips and when you're ready, you're gonna reach your right arm to your side, Stephanie, and hold.

That's right. And then from there you're gonna inhale, exhale, reach and twist, that's it. And you thread the arm through, and notice how Stephanie's arm is going along the side of the chair. So her shoulder can come down and the pedal comes up. Sometimes people try to reach it into the chair.

Yeah, your hips are much better on this side. Yeah, and press the pedal down when you're ready. Yup, and come up to three legged cat reaching out to the side again. Hold, inhale, exhale, big twist. That's it. That's it.

Great, now stay here, Stephanie, seeker to shout and send that. That's it. And thread the arm through, you go along the side outside of the chair and let the pedal come up and continue twisting and twisting. And just let that pedal lifting kind of help you twist as opposed to having to fight against it. Just one more breath.

(Blossom breathes in) All right, let's center yourself just a little bit. So when you're ready, sit facing that way. You're gonna have your back to your pedal. Let's leave it on the same amount of spring. So we'll start traditional first.

You wanna sit as close to the chair as you can. If you have tight hamstrings, you could sit on a pad, a pillow from the couch. You'll let me know if you want my couch pillow. You're gonna press the pedal down with your hands. Can you get it?

Yeah. So, the fingertips are facing forward. And then the hardest thing is just to sit up tall. Yeah, that's why for the tight hamstring folk, you want a little pillow, but I think Stephanie is fine. In this position, we're not squeezing the shoulder blades.

You can see that, we're not squeezing. We're just gonna sort of let it come up a little bit. That's all it is. I just say here, Stephanie, can you just sit up as tall as you can, try not to squeeze those shoulder blades and just let the pedal hover here. Hopefully you're getting a nice stretch across the chest maybe or shoulders.

And then the next inhale, you press down ever so slightly and you let the pedal come up a little bit higher. Oh yeah, inhale, press down a little bit. Exhale at the pedal, come up a little bit higher. Just a few more like that. That's all it is. So I know this is a ridiculous image, but I always think of this as sort of like a Zen rock garden.

Like if you look at Stephanie right now, there's not a lot happening, but there's a lot happening on the inside and it's really just simple and it's quiet. Yeah, that looks great. So she's playing around with how high she can get her pedal and elbows up without pinching and tightening and tensing, especially in the neck and shoulders. So from this, let's now head onto another variation. So you're gonna hold on, pressing the pedal down, just swift switch your grip, exactly, and bend your knees, put your feet on the mat and let's go into a bit of a pelvic lift.

So the pedal goes all the way down. You lift your hips up and you're trying to lengthen and stretch the front of the hips (Blossom laughs) What you're really working is the back of the legs. The feet do not have to be together. So just holding here is good, right? You're really trying to get that pubic bone up.

If you wanna add on, you can add a little bit of marching, extend one leg in the air. Yeah, change sides. Extend the other leg in the air, right? So as you go side to side, see if you can look at your hips, try not to wiggle them and try not to just throw that leg out there. (Blossom laughing) Oh, one more set, yes.

Whew, some legs are easier. What can you say? And then after this have a seat down, yep. You're gonna extend the legs forward. Stay holding on overhanded and let the pedal come up and let it just give you a little bit of a stretch. In this position, do not pinch the shoulder blade, let the shoulder blades roll forward and almost let that ribcage get pulled back while you let your head sorta dangle, and in this position, how about just a little soup head, a little circling of that head.

Dangling that imaginary spoon from the nose and then stir in the other direction, exactly. Let's move on and maybe add in another variation if you're up for it. So when you're ready, let's go for pressing that pedal down again. Bend the knees, go back to that tabletop position. So if you liked the marching, do another set.

If you wanna try something different, stay here to rotate one hip higher than the other. Yes, change sides. So you're trying to keep weight in both legs. Not equal weight, but definitely weight in both legs. Exactly, one more set.

And so you should be feeling obliques. Yes, last side I believe. Good, and then from here, have a seat down down and let's just do that stretch one last time, letting the pedal go up, letting those legs straighten and just stay there dangling. Try not to pinch the shoulder blades, let them just droop and relax. And one more breath. Great.

We're gonna say on the floor and let's go for a little bit of jackknife when you can. I'm gonna pull the chair back a little bit. So when you're ready, Stephanie, have a lie down on your back and I'm gonna just sit here for extra stability in the chairs, just in case, honestly, just because I wanna sit too and I'm gonna lounge casually. So you can hold on to the sides of the chair, you can hold on to the pedal, whatever feels comfortable for you. Here's the thing, the pedal, because it's on a spring, it's a little unstable.

The chair, it doesn't have a spring, so it's a little more stable. So whatever you're looking for, you're gonna start with by bending the knees into the chest and extending the legs up to the ceiling. That's exactly it. So let's just do a few frogging in and extend the legs up. So finding that tailbone down and the 12 o'clock of the legs, which is like straight up to the ceiling, just one or two, more like that.

Yes, and you should really feel that deep, low zipper of the belly. And by the way, if you can't straight your legs all the way, it's okay. Stephanie, can you just bend your knees? As long as your thighs or those femur bones are perpendicular to the floor. So Stephanie legs a little further, that's it?

So that's 12 o'clock of the legs if you can't straighten your legs all the way, as opposed to Stephanie, bring those knees toward us with the knees bent. Yeah, we don't need that, right? I'm really looking for thighs perpendicular to the floor. That's exactly it. On your next exhale, keep the legs super straight as best as you can.

You're gonna rock that tailbone up off the ground, a little bit right there and right back down. Do that a couple more times. So if that's what you got today, I'll take it. If you can add on, you're gonna lift all the way up and bring those feet up to the top of the chair for Jacknife. Here, just stay here and just roll on down, think chest away from the chin as you come down and take your time, yeah.

And at 12 o'clock, if you can, let's do that two more times. Lift up to the top of the chair. Good. And then from here, just think lengthening down, chest away, rolling down, rolling down, rolling down. And just one more like that up and over. And let's add a little bit of a cemetery saying here.

I'm gonna have her keep one foot down, I don't care which one? Bring one leg up to the ceiling. Parallel legs, yes. Bring that foot down and bring the other leg up. Exactly. Exactly.

Trying not to twist, yes. And now both legs up to the ceiling, yes. Keep from the both legs lifted. Can you roll down, roll down, roll down. When the butt touches down to the foot, the big twisty moment here comes corkscrew three o'clock, six o'clock, nine o'clock, it's up to you if you wanna go up and over or if you wanna go to 12 o'clock, we had a moment, and come on down, that's it.

You decide if you wanna add a lift, I'll just take a Sur. I really just care about the twisting of your spine. Yes, try to keep the one part that you're trying to keep still, keep it still, try to move the rest of it. What do you say? One more set, Stephanie? Keep breathing really think of going from one hip to the other side and up.

Just one last one, here we go, that's it. And go up for the last time from here. Reach those legs up one last time and come on down slowly, lengthening away, away, away. Hug those knees into your chest and give yourself a nice poll. All right, let's get back up to standing, shall we?

So when you're ready, I'm gonna go to two springs. So you decide how heavy you want it to be. And these are big. So you're good. Definitely gonna want some support for this. So Stephanie, shall we go for two in the middle?

Oh, we're gonna do the side step ups, etcetera, yeah. Want it heavier? Are you sure? Yeah, because heavier is also a burden too. I know.

I was just making it heavier yeah. By the way, when you ever you change the spring, it's always good to change it and then just give it a little bit of a test because you never know. That's it. That's the (mumbles) right? Okay, so when you're ready, you come to the back of the chair and you're gonna press the pedal down with your leg that's closest to the pedal. So Stephanie's gonna use her left leg to press the pedal down.

And can I stop you right there? When she goes to press the pedal down, right now, her foot is facing straight ahead, I want a little diagonal and then press that pedal down. Hands on the sides of the chair as you press it down. Good. Yeah. And press it all the way down and just stand on the pedal when you're ready.

Good, and just stay here. So in this position she just set the pedal down with her left foot. Keeping her left with there, she's gonna drag her left shoulder forwards. There it is. Now she's feeling all kinds of work, yes.

I'm gonna get out of the way she lifts her right leg to the side three times and two. Now, by the way, friends, this is plenty, you can just hold it here for three counts. If you can, you could just push down and try to lift the pedal a few times, three. Yes, breathing through it. Thinking left shoulder forward too, just one more, bring the pedal down and hold staying here.

Now she's gonna keep that right leg lifted. Bring your left arm out to the side. So opposite arm and leg. Hello, obliques, and take that arm down. Bring the right arm out to the side, keep the chest facing the floor.

Oh, she can do that one. One more set, left arm out to the side. (mumbles) That's how it feels for me when I do it. And then other side, right arm, right leg. And if you're feeling fancy, you can add in some lifts where you're just gonna hold it here for another breath and then take it down.

Can you do that to the other side? And shall we change the chair around for you yet? She's like, yes, please, I don't wanna do that with my rear facing forward, having that conversation now. Okay, shall we? Press that pedal down on that little diagonal and so that is Stephanie's right foot.

So she's gonna really bring her right shoulder forward in this position. So just dangling her head, pushing down and internally lifting her rib cage. He lifts that left leg three, excellent. Two, one more. She holds it there and she just stays.

From this position, she's gonna try to push down and lift that pedal up. If you're just staying there, lifting that leg up, it's work and that's good. Breathing and when you lift the pedal, try to drop the head. On this last one, you're gonna bring that pedal down and hold, stay lifting internally, bring your opposite arm out to the sides, for her, its left leg right arm. Oh yeah, and take it down.

Same arm, same leg, chest stay spacing the floor. Great, one more set. I love how in the chair, you just, the position is work. You don't even have to pull up if you don't want to, that's exactly it. And again, if you wanna be fancy, you could lift.

Awesome, if not, I'll take this. When you can stand on the pedal facing the chair, pull ups or next. Both balls of the feet are on your in Pilates stance. And you really want that baby toe base of the toe on and that spiraling of those ankle bones away like we started with and footwork is happening now. If you can't quite press the heels together, you could put a ball between the heels, just so you have something to squeeze against, right?

And when you're ready, lift and lower the heels a few times, the head is dangling. I always feel like it's so nice to do pull-ups after this, because you just did all that asymmetry. And now you're so grateful to have both hands and both feet on, right? So let's go for lifted ish heels. So not your full lift, but something in between pushing down into your hands, let's lift that pedal up and down.

Gorgeous, really good, Stephanie. Think of grabbing onto that foot bar with the feet and pulling it up with you. Yes, and think inner thighs spiral, those ankle bones away and just one or two more like that. Yes, last one coming up. Yes, and come on down, rest, lower those heels stretch the calves.

And I like to hold on as far back on the chairs I can and kinda lean back and stretch. I feel like that's like a universal thing we all sort of do this one. Just one more breath. Okay, couple more big twists for me, Stephanie. Step off when you're ready.

So this is what I like too. So down to one spring, this is what I like to think of as the big seated twist. So you could again use that box that you might've used for the teaser, you'll see, but have a seat on top of the chair and face out this way. The pedal is behind you if that makes sense. Okay, so Stephanie is sitting at the center of her chair, but I'm gonna ask her to scoot a little to her, right?

Because she's gonna twist left. So she can just keep her legs dangling like this. You could straighten those legs, Stephanie, and just hold them there. You'll see how it feels. But the big thing is you can rest the lace for now and just see how it feels.

Open the arms out to the sides. Let's inhale twist. So we just twisted to our left. So she's gonna reach her left heel forward as she puts her left hand on that pedal and she reaches her right arm over, both legs are straight. Yeah, that's it.

And she can go down and up. So that's the big twist and come back up a few more like that. So she's to really reach across and go pressing and twisting, gorgeous. Whew, so this first part is a big old C shaped spine curl. Exciting that one more to go and curl press and it's back, little pump (Blossom laughs) Laughing is breathing friends.

What'd say? One more set. The big thing with this one is really use the reaching arm to help you in this twist, gorgeous. And she's doing such a good job at really getting that C shape spine. Yes, beautiful, one more time. The top arm reaches and curves and again, blossoms rapper name that she's not licensed to use.

Yes, and when you can press the pedal down in a hole, reach this arm up, press the Palm up to the ceiling and you really are literally pushing the ceiling up and arch that back, push it up and push it right back down. Do that two more times. Yes. Well, you know my image, right? Remember this one? We'll talk about it later. Up, up, up and other side.

So for her to go to the other side, I'm gonna actually have her stay right here. Just shift your hips over, right? And this will, you'll see her back. So open the arms out to the sides. On this next side, she's gonna twist to her right where she's gonna energetically reach her right leg as she pushes that pedal down, correct?

And this is the C shaped spine moment. Good, that's you using the arm, up and down at least three times. Lots of inner thigh. Yes. Beautiful. And twist, that's your happier twist, isn't it?

One more push on down and then add that little pump and a three, yes. two, one more set like that, just up and down. Huge twist, yeah. And to really reaching, yeah. One more and blossoms Pilates rapper name.

Yes, and then from here comes the big arching. You're gonna press that pump up, ever see Flashdance? You know where the water comes down. I'm in it right now, yes. Which slapped some legwarmers on Stephanie will be great and really are set back.

Yes, thank you, and rest. But it really is that like arching and it really feels good after all that curving. She's like, oh, thank goodness that's over. So one more big twist. I'm up to standing right there where you are.

I suggest doing this on one spring at the top for you. You'll see how you feel if you want it less or more. So we're gonna do a push down from the back of the chair and I'm gonna borrow a little something from the Fletcher family. So let's do the push down from the back. So she's sending in Pilates stance and you're still gonna do that spiraling out of those ankle bones, and without your hips, going back, reach over your chair and try to touch the pedal.

If you are a little shorter, you could even stand on a little box, like a little moon box from here with a rounded spine, press that pedal down and up is the simple queuing of this, right? Try not to hit your head on the front of the chair. Now notice how Stephanie's hips do not go forward and back, they stay right there. So she's really working at grounding her sits bones all the way to her heels. And she's feeling lots of work in the back line of her body.

She goes to the lowest spot and she adds a little pump. I can't help it. I can't help it. And then from here, let's go and go into a reverse spine arch your back, lift the chest and just the stretch in the opposite direction, up and down in the torso this way and push on down. Yeah, a couple more use. Last one.

You're gonna come up to some sort of in-between place and pump pump, pump. And again, hips were really doing the same thing, not going back and keep those legs extra straight, if you could, Stephanie, yes. From here, drop your head, round your spine. Now she's gonna roll up getting her hips over her heels. Now from here, both hands, leave the pedal.

Start to reach the arms up to the ceiling. Keep the connection between the two legs, hook the thumbs inhale. Take a little bit of a back bencher just to stretch in the opposite direction. So take that pubic bone up. Yes, keep going, one more breath.

Look straight ahead, open the arms. And you're gonna reach forward for the pedal again, but this time you're gonna take one leg back behind you in dance terms, it would be a ton do back. Yes, and keep the toe on the floor. Yeah, so keeping the toe on the floor, reaching forward. Good luck, yeah.

Good. Exactly. So keeping that toe on the floor, go down and up just a few times. Yes, that's it. Exactly it. So she's having to, and so are you to readjust and figure out where she's standing and how to navigate how she's now on three legs instead of four legs. And then from here, she's gonna lift the leg up.

That's behind her so much so that she has to push the pedal down. Yes and then let the pedal come up. Oh, let the leg go downish, exactly. So I think the body turning into a seesaw. I'll do that two more times.

Leg to torso, torso to leg to come up. Nice, Stephanie, one more time leg drives it. Leg, leg, leg, leg, leg. Now stay here, bend that top leg. Twist your pelvis to face forward.

Oh, that's it. And then come up a little bit higher if you could, Stephanie, right there. Thigh away from the chair, just a little bit more there. Pump the pedal if you could. Little pump got working.

Spiral your standing leg a little bit more. Yes, keep lifting that top thigh. Straighten that top leg. Lower it down as you lift the chest. Both hands leave the pedal.

Come up, give those hamstrings a little bit of a break. Ooh, shall we do that to the other side? Yeah. It's kind of a fun balance, right? And if it gets crazy, you just put the foot down, right? So when you can, other leg goes behind you and you can hold it there.

Fine the pedal (mumbles) And then when you can keep that foot on the floor and just enjoy the going down and up, getting used to standing on one leg and two arms. That's what I mean by three legs. By the way, I know we don't have four legs. One more. All right, and now my favorite part, you come up-ish.

Now the leg takes you into the pushing of the pedal down. That's right. So a lot of leg, a lot of like, a lot of leg. Yes, and come back up. Yeah, two more lot leg.

Does it? Oh, that was questionable, Stephanie. And come back up. Pubic bone still faces the floor, one more. That's it. Leg, leg, leg, leg, leg, leg. Yes from here.

She's gonna slowly bend that top leg, twist her pelvis, you're gonna twist the pelvis to face one direction to the side. Rib cage faces down and now small pump right here. In this position, externally spiral your standing leg. Those are the up positional forces happening. Yes, I'm here.

She straightens her leg, lower the leg down, come up to standing, both hands leave the pedal at the same time. Whoa, nice. And almost now not put close. So go to one more spring and we're gonna end with something a lot more symmetrical than that. See it just one more spring.

I would do one on the top, one on the bottom. Let's end with a little frog. Just bring it all together 'cause all that twisting is great, but hopefully you can kinda pull it together. So when you can come around to the front of the chair, so you're gonna step the pedal down with one foot and then the other. And you're actually gonna come into like a squat down on the chair.

Just really squat and enjoy yourself for just a second. That's kinda nice, right? With your hands, find the position that feels right for you. You're gonna press down and lift your torso up and lift your pedal up. So you have to have enough leverage to press the pedal down with your arms and lift that pedal up after you straighten your arms.

Like that. No, they can straight. Well, so you're gonna come back. So lift up. Yeah, that's it. And now in this position, you're gonna look straight ahead and you're gonna keep the hips a little lower and I'll bring that pedal up from here.

Yes frog on the pedal few frogs here. Exactly, and then from here, how about some dips of the arms? Bend and straighten three times pedal up. Yes, three, exactly, two, you got one more. Let's repeat that just one more time and pumping away.

Yes, make sure you feel the down in the heels as well. Awesome. And then arms bending and straight in three, two, yes, one more, and rest sort of straighten those legs. Drop your head. Go for that little stretch.

Holding on back here and just go for that stretch one more time. And let's do one more thing. Step off for a second. Just to say hello to those hamstrings one more time, but in a different way, have a seat on your chair, press the pedal down. Let's do tabletop yet again.

So toes on parallel feet, yes. Press the pedal down and lift your hips up into some sort of tabletop, but with the pedal down, which we don't normally do, exactly in this position, Stephanie, open up the front of the hips. You'd like that pelvic lift we did earlier. In this position, Lower and lift your heels a few times. Yes, that's what I wanted.

Do you feel that work in those hamstrings? Yes. Last one, and that's enough rest. Let that pedal come up. Feel good? Waistline, obliques, hamstrings.

That's it. Lots and lots of legs. Thanks for joining us you guys.

Anything Goes: Twisting with Pilates


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LOVED your creativity !!! Perfect way to start my day before work!
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Great  work out. I loved all the different twists and turns. Thanks!
Super fun~
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Awesome class, thanks Blossom!
Tahmour B
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Oh Blossom Love your classes. I'd buy your Pilates Rap Single when it drops. Thanks for the chair inspiration.
Gerri M
fun class especially enjoyed the tondue over the yummy. thanks Blossom
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Little Pump, I LOVE all your chair classes!! Love this one with all the twists! Thank you!
Really loved this class! Thank you ✨
Gurjeet K
great class, loved all the twists!
Blossom this class was awesome. Loved the twists you snuck in all through the workout- delicious! Your teaching style is humorous too, so I love chuckling along to your sessions. xx
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