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This class is about noticing, checking in with your body, and becoming aware of where you're moving from, how you're doing that, and what it feels like. Paying attention to detail and being present. Amy begins class standing with weight shifting and some are you rising and lowering your weight on your heels? Moving to the Mat, you'll be led through some delicious movements to stretch your hips, spine, and chest while in rotation to 'wring out' your body and give it length. Re-discover where to pump your arms from for the 100, experience some fun rolling variations, and challenge your side-lying shoulder support with a little surprise. Neck Roll and Cat/Cow give this basic class a nice balance. Enjoy!
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So let's do start standing facing front today and just take a look at your feet. We're going to start from the feet and work our way up. And I think I'd like us to say, usually I have us all the way together, but we'll go apart. Just take a good look down at your feet. And the outside edge needs to be nice and parallel, all 10 toes parallel and the inside edge of your foot. And I know this is a lot of review for most of us, but we want to really set her the weight evenly here off and we'll get going.

We think we're centered and we just start drifting out on the outside edges of the feet. So just be a little bit more aware of the inside edge and how that relates up into the high inner thigh and its way up into the lower abdomen and up along the front of the spine and up through the top of the head. So from the feet up, I'm thinking that, and then the abdominal muscles pulled up the hip flexors nice and long. Here. Let's just do a little um, weight shift experiment. So we're going to shift our weight forward toward the fronts of the feet. Not so much that your heels lift off the floor, but you feel like you're traveling forward. And then again the opposite.

So shifting your weight more back to the heel and again, shifting for when you can close your eyes if it feels good. Kind of fun to play with, not seeing where you're moving a, what space you're moving into and then rocking the heels or toward your heels. But still having the full foot contact on the floor we breathe. With that, we could take an inhale forward and then exhale back an inhale forward and just start to notice what you're feeling in your body. Could be anywhere, could be some stretch in your ankles, might be some abdominal connection, might be some back waking up. Could be that your shoulders lift too. Catch your balance. All of it. It's okay. Just notice where your, where you're feeling.

This could be a class today about noticing what you're feeling. Wow. Preview. Take it forward and rocking back. Once again, rocking forward and rocking back and we'll find that place right in the center. Point over the arches of the feet or the front of the ankle. And let's just bend the knees, send your knees straight ahead, you're creasing in your hip joints and bending your knees and then extend up to straight. So this fear, fear the basic right now and bending forward and stretch.

So you do want to have the full foot context. If you feel like your heel is going to lift, that's your limit. The front of the Shin is going to contract. The lower you go. And here we go. Bending down and stretching up. Going to add a little arm, reach of the arms forward in front of the shoulders on her inhale. Exhale and down. Inhale, arms reach forward and exhale, open and down, letting the hips crease, chest stays open and down.

Let's go one more like this with the arms in this pattern and then we'll switch the arms. We'll still with the leg creases, arms will lift to the side shoulder level, move them forward and down and out to the shoulder level. They come forward, they lower as we come up to standing. And how smooth can you glide into the bend of your knees and your hips? A couple more times. Inhale [inaudible] and the last time, no. Come forward with the arms and known. Stay in your little play or your squat. We can actually lower the arms.

So when you're a plea, a, uh, I'm going to review the box we've talked about before. The torso as a box. Two shoulders, two hipbones. We've got a straight line across this way. Hip to hip. We've got our hip up to shoulder, we've got shoulder across the shoulder. It's actually more like a rectangle. Okay? So that we're trying to keep that rectangle even. Of course, this would be not something different. This would be something different. You get. So that nice straight box.

Now put your hands right back behind your seat or on your seat and let your sits bones not be squeezed right now. Kind of soft in your rear. When you, when you come up to standing, squeeze those together. As we pull up, it puts a stretch across the front of the hip. So we're going to bend the knees. Let go of your sitz bones. You don't have to squeeze when we stand up. I do want you to squeeze, Kinda engaging through your derriere. Okay, inhale again. Let go of the glutes. Exhale, engage. Three more. Inhale, you can let go. You don't have to hold on anymore. And exhale, squeeze to stand. Pull the belly up. And again, inhale, let go of the glute work. Engage it as you come up to standing, puts at length in the front of the hip. And one more time.

Stay right there again. And Barbara, let go of your, your pubic bone. Let it drop this way. Perfect. And then squeeze here to Stan and we're going to take a roll down. Let's take our arms up. Okay, just easy. Does it? So now focusing on your articulation, starting to find some articulation of your spine. And take your time. Guys, I want you to get down to where you feel you you can get without having to bend your knees, keeping your weight forward on your foot a little more forward of the ankle.

Take a breath when you're there. Let's go ahead and start to roll up. Pull from the belly. Just notice, have you shifted weight to the outside edges of your feet? Are you still on the inside edge? Are you [inaudible]? Are you still parallel? Let's take the arms up again and over working those abdominals just enough. You don't have to overdo it. Let's take another inhale. Exhale pattern.

To get a little farther in the round, it's fine. Perfect chance to look at your feet. Where are they? Parallel? Centered on your feet. Breathe in here. Exhale, belly work, puling you up. Grease, stack the spine. Let's take the arms out from the sides all the way up. We'll take it two more times. Get a little more lift in your body and exhale.

Easy shoulders, easy neck. There you go and I'm going to take a quick peek. Everybody looks pretty good and inhale at the bottom and exhale. Feeling this stomach pull up toward the rib cage. One more time. Reaching the arms out to the ceiling.

Exhale and a long neck. Strong upper abdominals round you forward. [inaudible] let's stay down. I'm going to have us put our hands on the floor on your mat and walk your hands out just a little bit. You can still stay up on your fingertips if you need to. If you've got the limberness to go flat hand, that's okay too.

I want you to go into a little bit of a deeper knee bend. Okay? So as I'm bending to my knees a little lower, my feet are still flat and we did a little bit of this last week. I'm in something and I've, I've got myself, you know, kind of in a squat, I want you to focus on that and round focus on rounding your lower back so you're not at all resting on your thighs. You actually have your chest up away from those size and um, feeling like your bottom is engaged a little bit here. Okay? Now to straighten the knees, pull your stomach up and open the knees back. Open up your knees.

Okay, let's do that three more times. It's an inhale as we been. Pull your hips under trying to get around this and your lower back. Exhale as you stretch. Ah, just straight legs again and Brin and exhale. Ah, one more time. Looks good.

Exhale, stretch. And then from there we'll keep the legs straight. We'll reroll up to standing. Keeping that weight shifted forward of the ankle. Restack open up your shoulders, right? Good. One more thing in standing.

Let's take a challenge of rising up to relevant. I'm just pulling up the edges of my pants so you can see we're still parallel. Arms loose by your sides. Now as you shift your weight forward a little bit, that will unweight the heels and you'll rise up to, you're at the balls of your feet being mindfulness, trying not to roll out on the Pinky toe side. So if you're biasing something, it'd be your big toe and your second, third toes depending on how short your pinky toe is. It may not even be on the floor, it could be lifted, but if still there, good. Okay. Now as we lower the heels oppose, you're going down to ground by thinking up, up, up through the top of your head.

So you don't really just drop your weight. You place it down and we go up again. Inhale and exhale coming down. It's purposeful reaching the heels to the floor. They just gently touch. We rise up again. Inhale and exhale. Stretch your heels down. It's as if your waist is still up here though. I've got a feeling of Oh, pulling up, up, up, up, up to bring my heels down.

Does that making sense? Exhale and lower. We'll take five more. Just a titch faster and lift and low or I'm a resisting coming down. [inaudible] anyone's back of legs working, Huh? Yeah, mine too. If you feel your hamstrings or your dairy or you may be feeling some good stuff.

Not Uncommon for that to get a little warm. It's okay. Lift and hold. Now we've done these before. A little walk in place. I'm going to take my right heel. You can take your left and put it on the floor. The other knee bends forward. Hips are still square boxes still square. Of course, we're going to walk in place. We lift. Other heel goes down, lift other heel goes down, lift and lower.

Lift and lower. So notice what might be happening in your feet. I'm pressing into the floor. I'm trying to think. Could my foot spread wider as a press down onto the floor. Press to wake up the ankle to wake up the calves and press God.

Pull the abdominals up just enough to secure a little bit of balance and I want you to grip in there and low. Where can we take it a tiny bit faster. So there'll be that percussive rhythm. Let's do a little keep going. So the accentuation is going to be the [inaudible] up, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, down, up, down. A little faster. Up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, having fun with the feet. And four, three, two, one. Let's go right back up. Hold, hold, hold. Here we go. Nose. You lower your heels. Neath no quality should drop. Lengthen up.

Just hit lower your heels and shake your feet out. Nicely done guys. Okay. Last week we did some a hamstring stretching from standing. Did that feel okay? Some of you that were here. Did anyone feel anything after like Saturday or of the day?

We'll see happens maybe tomorrow. So I want to have you go open feet open. One more thing in standing position. And again, parallel feet. Okay. You could stand here without engaging the inner thighs. We know better act as if you have a magic circle. You're going to squeeze the legs in and then just place your hands maybe right on your top of your thigh. Where your hip join is.

We know where hip joint is and I want you to take your torso and fold it forward. Now this is not a classical Palladio's, um, exercise here. We're doing something for w feeling our body and some people asked you for some body awareness. So as you've taken your torso forward, what we're looking to have is a flat back. Like I could come over and have a cup of coffee on it, like a table. Okay. So often will need to happen is the neck. We'll need to get lengthened and Tuck your chin down a little bit free, Samantha. There you go.

And apply a little concept of swan in your upper back. There you go guys. So what that did for you is it got your back engaged. Okay? You get to stick your sits bones back. Now I'm going to just adjust. Elbows don't need to be too high. Lift your back a little bit higher. There you go. Okay. Rib Cage needs to come up. Now.

Just take a little a balanced challenge and have you drifted back to your heels. I'm thinking I'm, as I look at you guys, most of you have drifted back to your heels, which is very natural. So if there's a possibility of you coming a little more toward the front of your feet, balls of your feet, my heels are still on the floor. I'm just kind of unweighting the heels a little bit. Okay, you're going to do it. Okay. Barbara, lift your chest a tiny bit more and reach your sternum out. There we go. Alright. Just stay with it guys. Take a couple breaths. A couple more.

So we have our hamstrings on length, but they're also working. They're not just hanging out, being stretched. You're slightly contracted in them and they're helping to hold your knees stable. Okay, let's take one more breath. I want you to use your exhale. Keep that back flat and come up to standing. Do you just replace your pelvis in neutral or level? Torsos up.

Let's take it again and exhale. Some folding right here at my hip. Joint ribs are in, you get your nice long neck. Tailbone is sticking back, sits bones are pointing back. Challenge that balance kind of drifted bit more to the front of the ankle or foot balls of feet. [inaudible] keep going. Little more. Chin down. Good.

A little more shoulder blades down and get a little longer neck. There you go. No, I will say if this is bothering anyone's knees to be this straight on them, you're allowed to put a tiny bit of softness to them. Not a real big Ben or you know, just enough of a bend to feel like you're easing into the back of the joint. You don't want to stand up and hyper extend them. That's partly why I'm having you come forward over the balls of the feet with it. Okay. Take another breath. Let's exhale and come back up.

We're only going to do that one more time. Make sure you're squeezing it on the inner thigh. Inhale and exhale and lean forward. Forward fold. Keep breathing.

What would it feel like to take your arms out to the sides like a second position? Maybe arms out to the t and your poems would end up facing down. Doing that arms or level with your back. Look at the floors. If you're looking at the ocean floor, maybe you're seeing a little fish, you know, swim on by. We're going to add our little armor guys. The arms are going to come down. I'm pointing my fingertips to the floor there in shoulder level. Breathe in, exhale and lift the arms up in line with your shoulders. Three more times.

Inhale, so the shoulder blade stable on the back. Exhale two more and exhale. [inaudible] one more time. How are your hamstrings? Are they warm and bring everything up guys, and you can lower your arms down by your sides. That makes sense. And back extensors, warm hamstrings. I feel some warm here even in my calves, my back. Yeah. Good. Okay, let's have a seat. We're going to come on down and want to start.

Start us in rounded back position all the way down and let's focus on the shoulder since we've got some warmth in the back extensors here at palms face down, feet parallel in line with your sits bones. And before we do any abdominal chest lift, work less. Focus on the Scapula at the tips of the shoulder blades. And if you lighten your poems on your mat just a little bit, I've got mine hovered about an inch. I want you to concentrate on the bottom. Tips of your shoulder blades even lower on the back of your ribs than you usually take them. Okay, and now keep that there as your hand is lifted, flex the hand, flex the wrist.

I'm thinking pushing through the heel of the hand toward my heels. Okay, we're going to take your breath here now. That's the accentuation in your chest lift and when you go, exhale, push. So I'm thinking bottom, her shoulder blade down my back heel of hand to heal her foot and then rolling back down. Going back up. Exhale, letting it come from the shoulder joint down with the shoulder joint. Inhale, exhale, bottom of the shoulder blades, getting a little high. Inhale, exhale, breathe out. Feel it. Come in, Phillip. Press out again. For more guys, maybe focus more on the shoulder blade, more movement, then your abdominals. Good. And three more demand, a little more. This may be the only time today you have this opportunity to feel those muscles.

Why not do it now? And one more exhale. Now I'm going to have you stay there. Let's do some pulses. Chest toward thighs, heels out, and we do. Yup. If you need to support your neck, you know that's fine to do.

You could use one hand. You could do, do two hands. Still focus shoulder, girdle down, less breath cycle there. Anyway, come all the way down and arrest. Okay. Turn your head to your right. Give it a quick neck stretch. Turn it to the left. Quick. Next stretch. We're going to come back to our abdominals in just a moment. Meanwhile, bring your feet together, knees together. I want you to lift your right leg to the ceiling.

Just kind of casually cross that knee over the other knee and squeeze pretty firmly in your knees there. Okay? Now your pelvis is still level. You can take your arms away from your sides a bit. Ro let the legs drop to your left. We're going to go into a twist. Now what I want you to think about with the twist is, uh, let me show you quality for a second. Here's a twist. It's like a ragdoll just dropped off the from the ceiling, cut plunk or an activated intentional.

I'm using muscle to make my body go that way. That's what I want us to do. So let's take it again. It's oblique work. It's spinal rotators. It's hip stretching, deep low tummy. Now we've done this before. What I want you to, we're going to pulse that percussive rhythm. Knees toward the floor. Here we go. And okay, again, it's intentional. I'm not bouncing. I'm reaching, reaching. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Exhale. Four, three, two, and one. Now bring a bar, get a breath head. Exhale, come back to center. Pelvis level. Lift the leg and change sides. Okay, so left leg up cross. Let's breathe in together.

Intentionally contract stretch where you need to stretch contract where you need to contract and reach the knees. Here we go, and pulling your body, the side of your right ribcage to the mat. Pull it down. Good. And four, three, two, last one. Stay there. Inhale and exhale. Come back to center level pelvis. All right, we're going to do it again. Usually the second round you've got more range of motion. Inhale. Here we go. Exhale, don't go yet and just are you as far as you can go. You're not pushing.

You're reaching. Now take a little inventory on your chest. Is that right shoulder still back. Notice that you want to keep that anchor there. Ready? Here we go. It should feel good. I want to look and Juliet looks fantastic. You know you're fine.

Bring your ribs in a little more. That's it. Good. Good you guys. Four, three, two, and one. Inhale. Exhale. Come back to center. Uncross left leg up and over. Breathe in. Exhale with intention. It don't go yet. Check your left chest.

Is it as open as it could be or your abdominals in as much as they can be? Is your back flat on that right side? You don't want a dome right there. Ribs in and it's a reach of the knees toward the floor. Okay, and four, three, two and one. Stay there. Inhale and exhale. Come back to center and leg up.

Okay, excellent. You guys just stick your legs a bit. We're going to come back to something that has that in it again, but now let's put our hands behind her head. Interlace your fingers. Open up your elbows. Maybe your back feels more open. Chest feels open. Take your breath. Chest lift. Yeah, coming up. Let's just take four of these. Inhale to come back.

Exhale, curling up. We know this position we want. We all have a comfort zone. I say that a lot. To come out of that comfort zone just a little bit, I've got to push against the mat. That push against it actually helps me come up a little higher. Good and down and xls. One curling up. Now let's take both legs on the exhale up to tabletop. Ah, stay there for a moment. I want us to actually take the legs apart. So I've got, um, like a little frog or diamond. My feet are still touching, but my knees just drifted open. Okay? Yeah. And that, the intention with that is to kind of relax the hip flexor.

Maybe some of you like to have a little more relaxation of your hip flexors. Okay. This is an arking of the leg. Take care of your neck if you need to. I'm going to start with my right leg and it's the farther one over here by the wall. I'm going to arc it down toward the floor. Some of you may not be able to get it all the way down without feeling a bit an arch in your back. So it's okay. You don't have to go all the way down, but we do want to get it there someday. And the next sale, bring it back up. Let's take an inhale. Exhale left side [inaudible] in. He'll return [inaudible] other side. So you're letting the arc of the leg move that leg right from the hip joint left side.

Good. And you guys doing okay? Keep going. We'll take a quick look. Right leg. That's right and right like a nice amount though. Are you in that comfort zone? If so, try to come up. Open up your elbows. There we go. We're going to take one more single leg, right leg down. Open up that side of the pelvis and bring it back up and left side.

Inhale. Exhale. It's like a little single-leg diamond couldn't thing. Okay. I want you to keep your legs up but let your chest come down for a second. Okay. And in fact just kind of wiggle your legs from your pelvis. We're going to go back up and tried to both legs at the same time for repetitions. Okay. Be Really careful cause I think that the, I know for myself though, the weight of both legs turned out like that could arch me here. So I've actually got to go to double time on my upper belly work. Okay, here we go. Curl it up. Not every day, but some days. So inhale, exhale, both legs arch only where you can manage it. Inhale, exhale. Again, coming up, three more [inaudible] and back.

Very stable on purpose. It's there to support the weight of your legs. Sure. One more time. You guys were just holding the position is fine. [inaudible] and coming up. Oh right. Let's fold the knees in.

Bring your head and chest back down. And once again, just kind of shake your legs. Okay. Place your feet down. Another breath in. When another chest lift to come up. Raise your left leg to tabletop. Take your right hand to the outside of that left knee or thigh and a torso position for crisscross. Okay. Yeah. Where your body would be for criss-cross. So we've got some end points going on.

Here's one hand on knee. Feel that I'm actually using my hand and really pulling on my outer thigh, but I'm pressing my thigh to my handle. So lifting off the back a little and trying to turn that chest, that pictorial muscle toward my tricep, toward my elbow. You guys feeling when I'm feeling? Hopefully, well, probably not exactly what I'm feeling, but do you feel the work? Okay? Does that feel good? No. Stretch your other leg on the floor.

Check that out long from your hip. All right, hold on. Holden. I told you today was going to be a class about noticing things, so what do you notice? I noticed that this has come from challenging. I want to notice that long leg level pelvis. I'm going to open up the elbow a little bit more.

This one so I can see your face and your neck. Yeah. Okay. We're going to come out of that. Bring your body to the front. Bring that right back up and you can bring your head back down. Ready? Other side, chest lift, left-hand outside of right thigh, torso rotation towards your right. Press your hand inside together. There's that end point really solid.

Open up your chest. Find those rotational muscles around your trunk there in your back. Also extend your left thigh breeze. Notice if it feels the same as it did on the other side or similarly. A couple more breaths. Could you rotate more?

Could you curl higher off your shoulder? Are you resting on that arm? We don't want to be resting. Let's take one more breath and then everything will relax and wait. Did you let your head go? Arms down, legs down. Just lie there. Ah, so the twisting work is very healthy. Wringing out, we know Joseph potties. I talk about that a lot.

He referenced the ring out quality. I feel rung out. I'm going to bring the knees back together. Feet together. And this is a similar to the rotation we just did a minute ago with a leg cross, but let me show it first. Okay, so it'll be up in a lounge, like arms will be up to the side. We're once again going to rotate as we did now to stabilize or keep positioning with the femur. I'm just going to have you put your hand on the top of your thigh here.

What's going to happen is some hamstring stretch. So the, I'm going to take my right knee, this my right leg and I'm going to extend from my knee. Some of you. This won't feel like a whole lot. Some of you, this is going to feel a lot of stretch back here. We'll probably do that four times. One, two, three, four. Then we may do a little bit of trying to get that leg to come more up this way. Alright. I'm also thinking about a lot about the hip reaching opposite.

It'd be that sit bone to opposite heel cue that we hear a lot. Okay, down here. Yeah. Yeah. Trying to try to be down. You Bet. I am. I am trying very hard. Very hard. Okay, so let's begin. So what are our right leg? It lifts, right leg is going to cross. Let's take those arms out to the sides. If they aren't already there. Breathe in. Fully control your twist.

It's intentional. It has purpose. You've done it with control. Take your left hand everybody just for reference and place it on your right thigh just to hold it there. So now you're working from your knee to your foot. Let's inhale, straighten the knee. Exhale, bend the knee. Inhale, extend the knee. Okay, exhale. Bend the knee to more.

Once again, stay out there on your exhale. Lower your hand to the floor then and let's just do five. Exhale only to bring the leg up so we've got to inhale first. Exhale, try to bring the leg a little higher by reaching your hip to the other heel. And exhale, are you feeling the stretch in your hip and hamstrings? Okay, three, four. I'm feeling it in my foot and fine, that's enough for me.

Cross the knees and roll back to center and lift that knee. Place your foot down. But before we do the other side, let's do seven pelvic plops. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. And we've learned about that recently. Take the Lego and we cross intentionally rotating to the right. Okay. And then right hand, we'll gently hold in front of the left thigh just to know that it's going to stay there. Ribs, their down abdominals are engaged. Inhale, extend the knee and exhale, fold the knee. Continuing to reach your left hip to your right heel and full again, extend.

You can be working your abdominals here just like you would be anywhere else in Hale. Got to put your intention there. Once again, inhale and exhale. Hold the leg. Okay. Lower the hand. Inhale. First we're doing five reaches. Exhale, n one inhale. Exhale, reach it from your hip. Down. Legs should come up a little higher. Three, two more for, and I know it's a little awkward and five and that should do it. Full the knees and return to square. Put your foot down.

Little bouncing, a little plopping. Okay. How are we doing guys awake? Let's do the 100 because I want to pick your knees up and we're going to do it a little bit differently. It's about that. Um, but I'm not going to have this. You like them. I'm not going to have us do the pump this way today. Not lemme. Let's pretend we're pumping. Okay.

We're going to pretend we're pumping by reaching through the heel of the hand and we're just going to the, I'll probably snap a little bit and the arm is going to do this. One, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four or five year ago, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five and three, four, five. And exhale. Could you reach more through the heel of the hand from the base of your shoulder blade? You guys feeling what on that yet? Feeling that that's it. It may help you curl a little higher. Let's diagonal the legs. Five more rents. Inhale, three, four, five and exhale three or five and up. Good or diamond legs. Tabletop legs is fine.

Three, four, five years. Nine, two, three, four, five and five. No, I do want everyone to hold the position. Palms flat. That's what that should feel like in your 100 that much energy underneath the tip of the shoulder blade. I think sometimes we kind of forget about that. That's all. Let's bend the knees. Roll Up. We'll do a little ball. We're up. Ready? Scooting the hips up. Find the ball position that works best for your body. You can close the knees.

They could be open. You could have crossed hands one on each. Let's do six. Ready? Roll it back. Scoop that belly. Little balance at the top. Girl Beck, come up a little balance at the top. Inhale. [inaudible] massage your back to the mat. Two more and lift the hips.

Okay, last one. Roll on. Lift. [inaudible]. Place your feet down for a second. Okay. For Fun, something different. And for fun, reach your left leg forward. Put Your hands on your right Shin where they would be for single leg stretch.

Lift those elbows up and out and flip. Kind of flare your lats. I'm thinking of all that. Reach through the heel of the hand is really ignited my, um, side of my back. Good. Now make a c curve ignited. God. Let's take four. We're going to roll back and forth like this. Four Times.

Try to hold your form as best you can. Ready? [inaudible] hello. Worked earlier. I have an imaginary balance beam image underneath my back. So if I were to rule evenly on it, let's take one more. I'd go right down the center of that balance. Speed.

Okay. Change sides. Okay. No judgment. Just experiment. Noticing today, right? We're noticing things. Here we go. And [inaudible]. Repetition of too many of the same things may not always be the best choice. So changing the parameters just a little bit, what you feel, what you noticed.

One more time. [inaudible] okay. And then place the feet. Yeah. Cross your feet. How about leftover? Well, it doesn't really matter. Leftover right is where I naturally went. You know the beginning of Boomerang. Most of us know the beginning of Boomerang.

We're going to play with that right now. This is not mine. This was someone else's recently in a workshop and try. So what's going to happen? And we're taking that pelvic tilt. You get that sacrum down to the mat. You've got to unweight the legs and bring them up. And what we want to do is kind of, we'll kind of, it's rolling sacrum and lumbar.

[inaudible] like a little ham yet. Huh? That feels good. Yeah, I like that too. Disagreeing. And you know what? This came up, this came up last night with a, uh, another class and couple of the gals needed to fold their knees to do it a little bit easier through their back. They felt as though they were just going down in one flat piece and weren't able to get the, the rolling or the articulation. So it's basically rolling like a ball or seal or crab. Those, those rolling pieces we've just extended the leg line, which really does challenge the flexibility back here more.

So want to try the other leg. And again, not everyone has the same challenges. So if you're feeling like, hey, this is no big deal, that's okay. Some of us are feeling like this is a big deal. Yeah. I think this might help some of us in our teasers and any ruling piece of choreography or pattern in the plot is repertoire because you're wanting to get lumbar vertebra imprinting. I know a couple more. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think bending the knees is helping a couple. Yeah.

And last night that showed up, there were only a couple that really got it with the leg straight. So good. Good you guys. Okay. Face me. We're going to get away from all the, the rolling back here. So I'm on my left elbow. You can come to your right one. Let's all start the same way with the knees. Bent, knees, stacked hips, stacked elbow, right in line with your hip and just holding your position for a moment. Okay. With a lot of thought through here. And the neck position could be, I have my head on a diagonal.

That feels okay for my neck today. Sometimes I do need to adjust my head and put it up this way. Let it make sense for where you're at right now. Okay? Both sides need both shoulders need to be down. So if we go back into the reference of the box, there we go.

You see it now. So the shoulder, shoulder, hip, hip here would be a crooked box or a rounded cited box. So we want a nice long side. All right, now let's unweight the bottom hip. You don't have to lift it high. I'm going to going to take mine about two. Here I am going to take the other arm over my ear though. That feels good. And now we've got a long neck. Let me see both.

Both shoulders go down a little more. There's our neck. There we go. All right, let's take another inhale and then that's a nice easy one, something. Well, we bring the hip down and you can bring your arm down and add a layer to it and going back up again. So as your arm is overhead, we want to draw that shoulder down. You know that now extend your top leg.

I'm going to have you start with your foot on the floor. Just start with your foot on the floor. There we go. You still have your trying or your box here. You rectangle. You're ready. Inhale. You gonna bring that knee back in and lower your hip down. We'll do that layer again.

So what I know about that, go ahead and do the same thing. Leg Out. Um, the bottom hip. This one, it's going to work. We want this side lateral hip to work. Lift the hip a little bit. I've got my sitz bone slightly squeezed together. Take a breath, bring that knee in again and then lower the hip and everything down. How are we doing? You're next. Okay. Not so much the lot. Oh God. Are you kidding? It's so much focus here. We're doing a lot of work on it today to, you know, absolutely.

Take care of yourself. If this feels good, you know, getting a glass of water. Don't take a nap. Ready. Last one. Now the leg is going to go out. I do want us to take the leg up, get a little more going on this lateral hip. So we're going to take five of them. Lift lower and lift.

Let your head reach out of your neck. Three more. Up and down. Bellies are in. Nice, Juliet. Up and down. That's gorgeous. Last one, you guys lift and lower. Okay. Knee in and let's come down. Okay. Can we swing ourself over to the other side?

Who needs a chiropractor? No one just laterally turn your head and Bam. You get a little nick Ruth directly in the lower your shoulder and is some days I get a little particular about what to do with the hand. I noticed I didn't do anything about that today. If there was a preference palm down. Okay.

But you may be focused so much on what's going on right here that the palm may not matter too much. Sarah. That's beautiful. Okay, so we've got our, we've got our rectangle that looks more clear today. I think it helps to have that, um, thought the visual of that, that line hiphop starting kind of basic, but this might be where you stay for the rest of the repetitions. All right, we've got a low top shoulder. I can see both sides of everyone's neck nicely. All right. And we breathe and we come down. [inaudible] same thing one more time and exhale. This is a lot of work on the shoulder and upper, upper arm and your neck. Inhale and exhale.

And let's lower down. Keep that box, the rectangle organized. Next one. Exhale. We're going to add extending your top leg out, foot on the floor. So just unweighting a little bit. This is getting a little harder. Breathe in. Exhale, fold the knee in. Lower your hip. Arm down. Same Layer. One more time. [inaudible] I like how that, uh, leg just extends really easily from our hip. Inhale. Exhale, em, come down. Okay, one more time. This is our last one. Exhale.

Now as you lift your leg up, we're looking for hip height. We're going to take it down and up five times. One exhale, lift down, and exhale. Lift three, and we love to feel stretched and four and up and last one, five and live. Bring the knee in and everything down. Okay, we need to do this for a second. I know everyone's doing a little, um, something with your head. So I think safely, just bring your head your chin down.

Just let the weight of your Noggin come down lightly. Put the hands back behind your head, let your elbows come down. It's a stretch for the back of the neck. Three deep breath. [inaudible] and coming up. Turn your head to your right shoulder.

And I'll, I want you to do is you're, there is two things folk, just visualize. I'm gonna look at you. Visualize that rectangle, nice corrections, okay. And then the right ear. Let him hear more of what's going on behind you, which will probably create more of a head rotation. Now as you're asking for that or trying to kind of find a little bit of that, just check in, has the other side of your rectangle come forward. Oftentimes that opposite shoulder is going to come forward when you ask more from something else. So you're trying to isolate one area. As you amplify something somewhere else, it's difficult.

Your neck muscles are active here. There's supposed to be, and I know they were in the last exercise too. Okay. [inaudible] is still about the neck and head rotation as well. So let's come back to center. We don't work our neck enough, I think in the right way. So if you turn to your left, visualize that rectangle. It's going to be your opposite shoulder that wants to come forward with. So maybe address that a little earlier.

And if you want to hear a little more of what's going on, it's your neck that's allowing you to do that. There's rotator muscles all through our spine. This is part of it. Okay. And one more. Just come back to the center. Now we're doing a head tilt ear to shoulder.

And think about this as not so much a bend or cranking down to the side, but more of a, an lengthening on your left side. How much more length can you ask of those muscles on your neck? That's nice you guys. Alright. And then center and then other stretch [inaudible] the line of your neck muscle. Let's say it starts here, one of the neck muscles. If it starts here, it ends there. Can those end points lengthen away from each other?

Nice. Good. Okay. One exercise belly belly down. That was, I was cute, Sarah. That's fine. No way to say sorry. Sometimes opening. I do. I mean that feels good to open it up after some neck stretching.

I think it actually feels pretty intuitive. Now this is [inaudible] the net, so I rarely do this one. It's actually a preview or precursor to swan. I'm the neck role, so we've just done a bunch of neck stretching. It was intentional for the neck roll, so, but we have to put the abdominals in in the back together too.

So if you come up, I'm going to have my legs a little apart today to sometimes we'll stop at our Cobra. I want you to go a little bit farther than that with the stomach up. So there's a very active upper back and tricep and lat and a position. Okay. We could do single leg kick from there, but what I want us to do with this is turn your head, look to your right. Okay. Now gently look down towards your chest. Check them out, look over to your left and then back straight ahead. Alright, stomach hasn't dropped out.

We're going to go left and inhale like feel good to breathe. Exhale. Looking down with the girls, looking over to the wall and back to center. Lets go one more. Inhale to the right. Well exhale in, down over to the left and center once again to the left and exhale. Look down over. Okay.

Center and all the way down below, right. Okay guys, Tuck your, put your hands back by your chest, push yourself up into a rounded back position. I've got to move my knees forward. Hands down lightly. Once again, let's focus on the roundness of the lower back. Let the head drop. Pull the low belly up.

[inaudible] no, we're going to go from here. This round back into a flat back address. Those shoulder blades are going to come down the back of the ribs. You reach your tailbone back. Now I'm going to have you go a little bit. Thinking of Swan, upper back doesn't mean you drop your neck back. It's the chest reaching forward and slightly up. Yeah.

Just bring your hips back a tiny bit. Yeah. Okay. It's your chest, your chest, your chest, your chest, and then coming back through to around back position. Can it start at the pelvis redone and [inaudible] going back through the extension. [inaudible] so if you're pulling your triceps back to your last two more times and exhale [inaudible] inhale year and exhale. Pull my chest through my hands and last time. Inhale and exhale.

N rounding through seeker. [inaudible] Tuck your toes, lift your hips. Try to find that flat back extension here with your legs. Straight head right between the arms. This is an okay place in my book. I think if you would like to bend your knees ever so slight, if you're feeling a little challenged with it, the bend of the knees good. Might allow you to rotate your hips in such a way that you get more out of the hamstring lengthening. Then you know, challenge to find it.

Okay. We want some length in the upper back. There you go. Can those shoulderblades meet your ribs? A little more in there? Okay. We're enjoying the stretch. Some of you are [inaudible] start to walk your feet and your hands together. Let them meet in the middle. Take another breath. Exhale everybody. Bend your knees. Get the hips to come down.

[inaudible] rainbow shape with your spine and begin to rule yourselves up. We did something last Friday that was kind of, I thought it was nice. We're going to do it again. It's not [inaudible]. It's just something else. Take your arms up. You remember it. A couple of you, some of you actually said you had. You liked it. We used swinging, so let it all go. We did a lot of contracting today. I'll show you from the side what this is looking like. A, I'm thinking c curve round. Swing the arms back. Swing the arms front.

I do have some abdominal work going on, so I'm not just dropping it out, but my chest really never meets my size. There's a little bit of a swing, quite a bit of a swing going on. [inaudible] can I play with where the momentum and just velocity kind of [inaudible] play together? Four more and one, two, Woo. Three cool.

Someday we'll jump in there and whore and we're all finished for today. Thank you guy.


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Too slow start need some action
1 person likes this.
This was my first class in some years having previously been a regular and it was a great reminder of some of the positions and exercises. There was enough challenge to make me feel like I've really worked my muscles.
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Thank you Sue.....glad this class was a nice re-entry class for you. This is a committed group who are game for anything I present be it foundation work or learning more advanced pieces. Welcome back to your Pilates practice!
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Thank you for this great class. Your cues were on point and really helped me to connect with my body and be present in the moment. I felt great, completely stretched and stress free after this invigorating class!
Rena.....thank you for taking class with me and for all this wonderful feedback! I so value what people have to say after participating in a class. Glad this class left you feeling stretched and stress-free, yipee!!!
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I love this class thanks Amy, feeling light and ready for the day
Glad this class got you ready for your day Suzie, thank you !!
I am having a difficulty opening any of the videos. Any suggestions.
Lois ~ Try watching the videos in a different browser, I usually have the best results with Chrome. If that doesn't work, you can email us at for other options.
Great class, great exercises , positions, made me really feel every part and muscle in my body, thank you Amy, this class will definitely be in my favourite list!
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