Class #484

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Amy enthusiastically delivers a great class perfect for beginners. With only a few variations which occur in the warm-up, this class mainly follows the classical order, but does show modifications for those who may need them. Amy uses a small squishy ball for many exercises, but it is not required as you will receive a full body workout from this class. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Aug 01, 2011
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you can easily use the magic ring instead of the overball for this class
Hi Todd, you're absolutely right, the magic circle can be used in place of the ball. :) Did you give that a try?
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I love the way you teach. I get very inspired by you when I teach my classes. Thank you for the cues and the modifications with the ball.
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Hi Fabiana! Thank you so much....what a generous compliment.....makes me smile! :)
are there technical problems with this class - I even tried my mother's Laptop and it still wouldn't play
What is the diameter of the overball? I used the magic circle, but have what seems to me to be a smaller yoga ball.
Hi Julie......I will let our technical staff know that you were having problems with viewing/taking this class. I would say.....close out any other programs that you may have running and try again. I do hope you'll be able to take class. Let me know.......
Hi Muareen, the ball I was using was about 9 inches in diameter. The magic cirecle can be used instead of the ball, but yes, it's a bit bigger. I would just 'go easy' knowing that the size of the prop doesn't matter ...... as much as the connection you're feeling in your body. That's what matter what prop you're using! I hope that helps!
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Great class; love the slowness, attention to detail and the focus.
Eimear (what a beautiful name!)......thank you for your comments and I truely appreciate them! :)
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