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Mat Workout

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Amy enthusiastically delivers a great class perfect for beginners. With only a few variations which occur in the warm-up, this class mainly follows the classical order, but does show modifications for those who may need them. Amy uses a small squishy ball for many exercises, but it is not required as you will receive a full body workout from this class. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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We're going to start standing today. Don't get too comfortable, you know that. So, um, you can just have your ball or your magic circle near, near your mat in nearby. Let's start near the back edge. So that'll be the side of the room on that side. Yeah. And you guys back there. We'll just check in on some weight distribution.

It looks like there's some good energy in here, so I never know who's going to come to class, you know, I really never know. And um, it's always fun to see if he does show up. So then I can decide what to do. If anything doesn't feel good for your body, you know, just modify, slow down, take a break, watch or just push through it a little bit. But, um, and I'll of course make sure if I'm looking, if it seems like something's going awry or will help. But, so let's start in parallel. We're gonna have our legs, sitz bones with the part, little bit of space down there. And look down at your feet. You want all 10 toes facing forward. Okay. Yeah. And then take your focus straight ahead right away.

Put your attention on the abdominal muscles, really drawn back towards your spine to your long get your body nice and tall. We want to be able to do that without feeling like we're bearing down in a body, you know, and gripping too much. It's really, it really do empower us to be more free in our standing posture. So we're just going to start with some rolling down. Let's take a good breath here and as we exhale, everybody read the head. Go forward. Your shoulders round forward.

Your arms are going to be very loose and hanging. I do want you to bias your weight so that you're more forward on the balls of the feet or toward the balls of the feet rather than back towards your heels. Get as low as feels comfortable. If you w I'd like you to keep your knees straight if you can. Holding right there, let's everybody take a breath in and as you exhale deeply, pull your stomach in even more up underneath the rib cage, round your tailbone down, [inaudible] vertebrae and open up your chest.

Come up a little taller than you started without arching your back. Here we go, and again, exhale, we're going over this [inaudible] and abdominal warm up, but all lot of that focus, that intensity in your tummy. Encourage your head to hang loosely from your shoulders. Let's take a breath here and then again, exhale, everybody pulling yourselves up, standing very evenly on your feet. Sometimes we have a tendency to roll to the outside or inside edges. We want to be very level across all parts of the foot.

Let's go again and exhale, feeling so around Nissen. Every Vertebra, each joint of the spine can bend independently. Taking an inhale at the bottom. Good exhale, pulling those stomach muscles in and up. Restacking the spine. I'm gonna take one more in change a bit. When we get down there, breathing in and exhale. Here we go. Rounding forward.

So we're going to walk out on our hands out into what most of us know is our front support or plank position. Feel free if you need to do, I'm going to show it on the my, the hands here. You can also go onto your fists and some of you know that as a modification, if you have any risks, issues, um, this is fine to do. All right. And I'm going to just go ahead and show it flat handed. So I want you just to stand there, feel some energy reaching back through your heels. However the heels will be up above the ball of the foot. So if that, yeah, so my cue Kinda did not make sense. That's all right.

But get a little more sharp with that for everybody. We wouldn't have our shoulder blades pulling down our back. I want you to have the sense of your chest getting more abroad as you're in this position. Thank you. Courage. Like three more expansive breaths.

[inaudible] feeling those stomach muscles very pulled up towards your spine. Take one more. And on this exhale, lift the hips. You can have a flat or extended spine head reaching through those arms. We're going to walk ourselves back, hand, hand, hand towards your toes, round that spine again. Now here, boom. We're going to use that to roll ourselves up.

So get into those abdominals again. Pull yourself up nice and tall. Let's open up the shoulders. We're gonna do that one more time. Everybody breathe in tall and XCL. That would have been fine. Rolling over. Starting to feel some circulation, some warming up, a little more blood flow. Same thing as you're walking out, you're nice and steady. That's it. Okay, so I'm going to take a look. Now. Everybody's staying right there, so yes, my queue previously didn't quite work.

I do want your heel above the ball of the foot. You can still have energy reaching through your heels, but you don't have to shift your feet. To do that. We want our head a little more looked looking forward, long chin and long neck. There we go. Supporting your lower back with those strong tummy muscles. Everybody take a breath. One more exhale. Lift your hips and right there.

I want you all just to stay and we're going to take one more inhale on this exhale. Let's bend our knees. Bring those knees down to the mat and just come around and have a seat. We're going to stay looking forward towards each other and start working with a little more prop. So most of us have a ball. A couple of you get the magic circle. We're going to put her right between her knees and as you know, sometimes the prop between the knees and gives a little more intensity to the ABS. So that's good. Let's put our hands behind her knees.

Come up and sit very tall. And how much pressure can you put on your ball or your circle? You want to feel that you can squeeze it with your abdominal muscles, strangely enough, and your inner thighs even a little bit back here in your hamstrings. Okay, we're going to start some small pelvic tilt. Take a breath, focus on your pelvis. It's, you can actually get it to move like a a wheel kind of at the first action of a wheel that it rolls back. Hold that position. Really good. Exhale, we're going to come forward. You can let your head come forward too. And restack your spine, shoulders above your pelvis at the very top.

Take a breath and again, it's your pelvis. Pull it back away from the ball, deeply pulling into your core, that low gut, the low tummy, shoulders down. Let's breathe in and exhale guys, go deeper into the abdominals. Squeeze those suckers in and come up to vertical set. Again. Exhale, n contract.

So we're going to do probably four or five more of these. I really want just to kind of give you some time to get into your center. Shoulders down as part of your center. The inner thighs are part of your center. So squeeze, pull down. Let's breathe in. Exhale, curl forward. We want to start bending those vertebra a little bit more in health hall.

Okay. And exhale, curling back. Might be able to go a little bit farther if you're feeling ready. I do want you to think that going farther is because you're tilting your pelvis more deeply, pulling your stomach back more. Take a breath, exhale, come forward and vertical set. Yeah. [inaudible] let's try two more with our arms reaching here. Put some energy in those arms.

Inhale. Exhale. Squeeze the ball. Pelvic tilt. Roll yourself back. So classical Pilati is most of you have probably heard the Q or what this part of our body is called the powerhouse. I don't queue that very often, but that there is a lot of power right in there in your body. You just pull into that, take a breath, exhale, use that to come back up. Restack up to his vertical set. How your shoulders down as much as they can be.

Let's breathe and we got it. One more time. Exhale, squeeze that ball. Enjoy the contraction, but your intention into the abdominals. We want to really all through the hour, continue to pull them toward the spine. Pull toward the spine, pool toward the spine. Let's breathe in. Last time guys, going forward and restack up to vertical spine.

This one we get to go all the way back to the mat and we take it back. Yes, that's a good idea and let's take ourselves all the way down, bone by bone, flatten your pelvis. We don't want to be lying here with our pelvis in the Tuck. That was to roll back and forth. I do want you to bring yourself to a level position. Bring your heels now a little bit closer to your sits bones.

We're going to do some bridging and some articulation bridging. Okay, so arms just down by your sides. Make your shoulders comfortable. You might choose to put your palms face up, palms down, even palm is facing in towards your pelvis. It's really about the openness of your chest. Imprinting your back and squeezing your ball and your abs. Okay, so let's take a good inhale here. We're going to roll through the spine, pelvic tilt. I want you to pull your tailbone off the mat, roll through your spine. Most of you are going to feel fine to get up to the base of the tips of the shoulder blades. You don't need to go too high even here.

This is about your abdominals. They haven't fallen out. You have an arch to your low back. Let's take a breath, squeeze your ball a little more and let's continue to roll down the middle of the spine. You should be reaching it toward your knees. Extend the length of the muscles between each and every vertebra until you're back into your level. Pelvis has taken again. Inhale and exhale. Curl. Press your spine. Squeeze the ball, checking on your feet.

Are you still evenly weighted? Hopefully so. Inhale at the tongue from the center of our spine, reaching toward the ball. Start that articulation rolling down. This might be your only opportunity today to move like this, so take advantage of it. Inhale from a level pelvis taken two more you guys. Exhale curl.

Feel free to breathe more than I am cuing you. Never hold your breath. Let's take an inhale again from the center of the spine. Start that reach toward your knees. Chest is widening back of the arms are pressing a bit more firm on your mat. We're going to take it one more time at the top. Will Edson squeezes and peeling your way back up.

We're taking that bone by bone articulation. Squeeze. Okay, so here we are. We're up on our bridge. Press against your ball a little bit more underneath your bum where the back of your thigh meets your tushy. There's a good set of muscle. Uh, there's a lot there. Squeeze and lift your pelvis from that back area. Okay, keep engaging there. We're going to do the 10 presses there and in the ball.

Ready on little exhale so we've got a little more boost. Exhale what? And [inaudible] two and three good and four doesn't have to be a huge movement. We want a deep squeeze, six and seven and eight. Two more guys. Nine looks very nice. 10 Hole. Let's reach your arms down to the ceiling, palms facing into each other for everybody. Breathe and exhale.

Return your spine down, spine down, broaden your chest, imprint your shoulder blades back on the mat. And then once your pelvis comes all the way to a level position, let's stack our hands and place them behind your head. All right, pelvis, very flat. Just going to stay there for some chest lip. Let's see. Inhale and exhale, head and chest. Squeeze your ball. Pull those shoulders away from the neck and your ears. Inhale as we come back down again, exhale and press the ball.

Squeeze and lift the chest. Inhale to come back down and again, exhale, equal effort of imprinting your back as well as pulling your chest forward. Inhale down. We don't really need to come higher than the tips of the shoulder blades. All right, so it's not really about lifting higher than that.

It's bending into your spine, curling yourself more towards your thighs. That's it, you guys. Inhale down. When we go to more exhale, squeeze and curl. [inaudible] good breathing going on today. Down last one. Exhale and curl. [inaudible] a lot of you know my transitions arms are going to come down.

Let's go ahead and take palms face up. Okay, now is your palms are face up. Reach your hands towards your feet. Shoulder blade should be going farther down the sides of your back. Good. Elizabeth, to curl a little bit higher. Let's take an inhale. Reach your arms up and exhale. Pull your palms back down and lower your chest down. So the pattern.

Take an inhale, return your palms face up, exhale to a chest lift. [inaudible] you get a hold. That arms are going to rise up about the height of the knees. Exhale, press down. Connect to your lats. Inhale and exhale, lower back down. Turn your palms face up. Let's do two more so that the shoulder blades shrugging down, getting off of that neck. Inhale, lift the arms. Exhale, press against the ball. Press your chest higher. And inhale. Let's take it back. Palms return face up. Once again, exhale. Let's curl [inaudible].

Inhale, arms. Exhale, press an inhale. Let's lower all the way back. Okay. Choices for you. If you'd like, we're gonna do the 100 you can stay feet down and squeezing the ball. It's actually pretty intense to do it that way. You can raise your legs to a tabletop, continue to squeeze the ball. You can also take your ball to your ankles if you like, and do the extension of the knees out to your normal diagonal.

I'm actually gonna show it and do it for myself today here at the knees and tabletop, and we're not going to actually do the big pumps of the arms. We're going to do more of that little pattern I just gave you there with the breathing rhythm. Okay. So are you choosing what you want to choose? Getting set? Anyone going to the ankles? No one today. Okay, so let me have you start. Palms face up. Everybody are your shoulders as low as they can get taken. Inhale. Exhale, chest lift. Okay, before we start going pumping with the breathing, you're just going to isle this the tempo. It's going to be inhale, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five and two.

[inaudible] an exhale. Three, four, five at, arms up, three, four, five. Arms down, two, three, four, five and lift and two, three, four, five and up. So there's less reach of the arms towards your feet, your chest, a little higher, but not off the tips of their shoulder blades. You're bending your spine toward your legs. Two more up. Four, five. And exhale. Three, four, five. Last one, three, four, five. And exhale, three, four, five. And let's come down and rest if you'll all right, we are. Thank you. All right, moving into our roll up. I want you to take your legs down, squeeze them in together, no ball. So your inner thighs might be a little bit warmed up in prepared ball in your hands or magic circle in your hands, just on the outside. Stretch yourself out.

Don't arch the back. I want you can you stretch here and actually deepen into your abdominals. If you like the cue of your powerhouse, you use that. It's really all around your core. Sit here. It's also underneath the back of the legs and down into the sides of the back.

All right, using all of that to roll up. Let's take our arms head in, chest. Exhale. Now, today, I do want everybody to go for a reach here, so your head is between your arms. Your shoulders might be a little close to your ear. See if you can avoid that, but as you stretch farther over your legs, your stomach back even farther. I want you to get a little bit of hamstring stretch out of this, okay? Because we need that for the rollover. Inhale. Now we roll back. Exhale, pull from the low belly. You're okay.

Articulate each vertebra from the stomach. Take those arms all the way back. Remember, we're not arching. You're getting deeper into your belly. Here we go. Squeeze your ball if you'd like to with your heads. Reach over your thighs. Inhale. Exhale is roll it back from your tummy, from your tummy, from your tummy.

Keep those legs squeezed in. Slide your shoulders away from the neck. Again, arms, head, chest, and reach. Big Scoop. You guys. Big Scoop. Can I be deeper pulled and breathe in. Exhale as roll it back again. This might be your only chance today to do some of this stuff. Make it count. Okay. Hopefully it is. Arms, head and chest up and over. Squeeze.

Reach a little more. Breathe and exhale and roll it back. Okay, we're going to keep going with the roll ups. This is a pretty moderate tempo. Let's try four more. Going a bit faster. It's not about thrust and momentum. You have to deepen your connection and know how you work your body when it speeds up. Okay, I'm going to count to four to get us up. Here we go in one, two, three, four, and back. Two, three, and four, and up.

Three and four, and back. Two three, two more and three and four and back. Two. Three looks good. One more guys up at 2:00 AM three and four and back and two. And let's take a little rest. Wonderful. Okay. I need to move up sliding backwards. Okay.

Like that. Oh, I knew you'd find that. Okay. Um, can I ask a quick question it today cause some of you are new to me. How are your next feeling? Neck and shoulders feeling. Okay. Rollover. You okay with it? Some of you all right, so she's not okay with it and she knows what. Okay. Um, let's do this everybody. I'm actually gonna not have us use the ball for this one. We, well, I'll give you choices. That's one of them.

Now if you know yourself to have a bit of tension or tightness in your hamstrings, you can still put the ball here and perform this or do the exercise with your knees bent. It's fine. You don't have to force your knees straight sometimes that forcing your knees straight interrupts the other progress of things. Okay, so you can go here. In fact, let's just go there. I was going to show another one, but we'll, we'll stop it here. So arms press heavy. You are allowed to use the back of the upper arms in this exercise just as long as they're not the only thing you're thinking about. Most of it, you roll yourself up from your stomach. It's your abdominals to your back. Okay? Take an inhale here. We're going to lift our pelvis up toward that ball.

Roll over. I've got my butt facing the ceiling. My sitz bones are face up. I'm going to stop right there and take an inhale. Now, as I roll down, going through each vertebra, Longreach in my arms, I'm getting some workout in my triceps. I'm gonna come down to a level pelvis, my knees basically in a tabletop or a little bit above tabletop. Okay? Feel free to straighten your legs if you'd like that variation. Inhale here.

I'm going to show one like that. Exhale up and over. Same thing, sits bones to the ceiling. You're not back on your neck. You're bending your spine. Okay? Take your breath. Exhale, let's come back down. You can keep your feet relaxed or you could flex your feet as you come down. Either way. Let's take it again. Inhale here. Good job. Exhale, and up we go. Oh, over the shoulders. Pelvis is reaching to the ceiling.

If you want to flex your feet, here's your chance. Inhale, exhale. Roll it down. I love the breathing. You guys really working your breath. Let's take two more this morning. Breathe in. I'll go back to a bent knee to show that one. Exhale it over. Sits bones pointing up. Breathe in. Exhale, pulling into that center of your body. Shoulders down, belly, back.

Inhale, and we watch your last one. Exhale as you roll over, it's fine to use your hands. Fine, not to go very far over. I've got a lot of different levels going on. It's great. You're all working yourself. What you need to do, breathe in there. It's about the articulation, right? And Roll yourself down all the way.

Once you get yourself down, you can take your ball away for a second. Just off to the side, right? It looks good. Yeah. Hold. Get your ball next to you. We're going to use it for some other things, but right now the single leg circle, let's take our body flat for a moment. Imprint your your stomach to your spine and I want you to take your right leg up toward the ceiling in a little. Turned out. This is another exercise. You're allowed to do this with the bent knee. Absolutely fine. Okay.

The other leg can also be bent as you're holding yourself here. Focus on your stomach. Have kind of a loose knee, loose foot. Circle your thigh to the left. It's an inhale. Circle your thigh around. Exhale and center. Cross left, circle around and center. You want to feel accomplishment with being steady and holding those stomach muscles down to your back. One more this direction.

Cross XCL, beautiful around hold other way for five. It does not about going big yet. Maybe if someday it's conditioning this hip joint, strengthening the hip, strengthening your stability of your spine against your mat. Last one around. That's plenty. Bend your knee into your chest, give it a little little hug and then a quick change to the other side. Okay, everything to the mat. Make it be about your stomach right here. Soft foot, soft knee, that's a fine. All right, here we go.

Across to the right. Inhale, exhale around, up and pause just for a second. Cross. Exhale around a whole are your abs in as much as possible and hold cross. Exhale around and hole. Last one a year and cross. Exhale around.

Let's go the other way for five an open down around and lift. Pause, open and pause. Sometimes the pause is important. Are you? There? Are you and your core? Exhale ran in hold. Last one. Exhale around an hole.

Bend the knee to the chest. Excellent you guys and hug it in. Okay. Take your leg. This is an interesting transition to get ourselves up for rolling like a ball. Lots of ways we could do a roll up. Let's reach your hands this way as if you've kind of halfway through your roll up. You're gonna take your head and chest up. Sturt, curling up on the way up.

Pull your knees in and hold onto your ankles. We do. Okay. That seemed to work nicely. Okay, so rolling like a ball variations. You guys know what you can do. If you really good at your ball, close your knees. If you feel really good about ruling linkable, close those knees up. Put your hands one hand on an ankle. The other hand on the wrist, the opposite wrist, and told yourself down close. Okay.

Maybe your forehead is touching your knees. If you're there, stay like that through the bowl. Okay. You can also part your knees a little bit and try to get your head closer between those knees. It's again about the curl of the spine and the use really of your high abdominals to bend toward the legs. We're going to go with six rolling back and forth just to your shoulder blades. Here we go. Everybody. Inhale, exhale up. Hold.

Inhale, roll back. Exhale level hold. Inhale, game. The pause is important. Are you there? You squeezing in enough. Three more rollback. Upper abs bending you forward. Two more last time. Hold. Okay, place your feet down for a second. You'll all right. Put your hands here.

Lift your hips and move your hips back. Just slightly. Hold onto your ball. Just here. We're gonna roll ourselves back for some abdominal series of five. This is just for something to hold onto right now, okay? So go ahead and I want you to roll yourself back slowly. Pause when you arrive on your shoulder blades.

Bring one knee into a table top, hovered that ball right above your knee or your Shin, and then the other leg up. Not Too low today. In fact, maybe your toes could be on the same line here in space. Okay? I want you to bend your spine and get the ball a little more over your middle Shin. Curl up. There we go. Ready James sides on an exhale. Nice and slow. Just 10 of them. One. Exhale, two and three.

Exhale for five. Ask Yourself, are you reaching enough with your arms? Are Your shoulders down enough? Eight. Exhale, nine, exhale 10. If you need your neck to come down, flees, go for it. I'm going to go right into double leg. Stretch five repetitions, arms come back, framing the ears. Reach out and hold yourself. Leg should be loose. Stomach should be not loose. Exhale back in. Inhale, kind of lose legs. Anchor your core. Exhale three more. If this is too low, please take your legs higher.

You don't want to arch your spine at all. You got to guys. Two more. Inhale. Good. Tad last one. Reach and exhale. Now let's everybody bring the head back and rest for a moment. Put the ball off to the side. We don't need it for scissor. We could, but it's a different scissor. We're gonna reach our chest up.

Hold onto the back of the right calf. Lower your left leg about an inch above your map. [inaudible] take a look at your pelvis. Are you level pubic bone should be level with your right and left hip bones. This morning we're just going to do one stretch, one exhale. So right now let's breathe and get ready for preparation. One exhale.

Ah, which one? Exhale. Ah, [inaudible] I'm choosing to go a little slower so you can maximize stretch, contraction, precision and control. I've used the image before that you, what if you were on a balance beam or something like that, doing this exercise, that amount of pull into your center. Four more. Three, two, last one. And let's all take a breath and rest back. Doing okay. Hands behind the head. Two more in this series.

Let's take our legs to center straight up, or again, you can go to tabletop. We're a little shy of, that's fine. Curl your chest up. Okay. Now this is the straight leg lower lift. When we take weight of our legs down, Mo, there's a big chance that this could arch your back at arch. So the way I think about it, if I take my legs lower, I have to get this flatter. This whole connection to the mat, not lighter.

Okay, that's my inhale. Exhale right up to 90 join me for five. You're ready. Go. Inhale heavier spine. Exhale to 90 degrees. Inhale to 45 or so. Xao Up to 90 keep going. Please. Inhale cause some have.

Exhale. Two more. Inhale. Let's challenge ourselves one more time here. Keep your knees in a tabletop. Rotate your chest to your left. Now extend the right knee. Okay.

Couple things I do want to see if you can get that chest closer to the thigh. Go Up. Also pull your left elbow back a little bit. We're going to just change to the other side. Exhale whole. Don't go too fast. Check it out. And other side doesn't have to be fast to be intense. Exhale other sigh. We've just got one more. Each leg, each side of our body twists last time. Exhale, twist. Okay. And let's rest. Good. You guys, hands on your knees. Kind of circle yourself around. Yeah, you can turn your head left and right. I could Okey. Find your ball.

Bring yourself up. New Spine. Stretch forward this morning using our ball. So do you feel all that good? Me Too. I'm actually feeling a little sore from last night at five 30 little re sorry. Okay. A the spine stretch forward. If we use our ball, what's gonna Happen?

You're gonna kind of just do a little bit of this with your hands with it. It's to help promote rolling of the spine. Sometimes it props the, the mental image and the, okay. That movement can also be what's happening internally. If you don't want to use this, you don't have to. The arms would just be like that. All right. It's kind of fun with this, but do you have your legs extended? Good, hard flex in your feet, reaching through your heels.

We're going to sit up as tall as you can and can you sit with a little bit of engagement or kind of a lot of engagement in your rear end? Okay, that's a breath in on the ex-CEO. Start with your head rounded. The next vertebra below that rounds, the one below it begins to round and so on and so on and so on. The goal, continue to breathe while I talk it through would be that your head, the crown of your head could get to the mat, but not by shifting weight off of your pelvis. You're using abdominal muscles to bend like a pipe cleaner. Bend yourself down.

Maybe the reach of the ball is helping you get a little further. Anybody? Yes, some of you are lower than that. I usually see there. Now when we roll up, your head is the last thing that arrives. What happens first is you pull your belly back. Your lumbar starts to restack one bone at a time. Here come the Thoracic Vertebra right over the lumbar shoulder blades down your head is the last thing to arrive. No, we won't do that slowly, but that was the idea. Let's do three together. Breathe in getting you guys sweaty. Sail over, man. I'm going to have us do another breath in. Out.

Squeeze your spine can bend more. It really can. It really can't breathe. Roll back up. Restack. See if you can sense being taller than you started. Inhale, would that look nice and over? Take another breath and flex those feet.

That's right. Reach to me. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. That's right. Breathe in and good. Exhale. Roll back up. Feet never give way he's reached those heels out. Reach you through your heels, through the back of your legs. Let's go one more time.

Breathe in and sale curve. Curve that spine. It's like you're mimicking the shape of your ball with your spine. Are you as far as you can go? Yeah.

Are your feet as flex as possible? Connect to the heels. Still at Gorgeous [inaudible] you guys more heels. Give me the heels. Give me your, give me your heel reach. That's right. Burry there too. Okay. And roll all the way up and rest good stuff. Put your ball to the side. You may need to stagger now on the mat. Someone front, someone back. We're going to go into saw.

Sometimes it doesn't happen for a couple more exercises, but we'll go here since we're up. All right, so with the saw today, take your arms out to your tee position. All right. Open up your chest and there is a sense when your chest is open, uh, that you know, I want you to really connect to expanding your chest and your rib cage. Okay, now we're going to rotate to your left feet are still flex legs. A little open mat width. Okay, in heel towards your left. Now guys, I want you to take your right hand to your left pinky toe. Saw it off.

Hold that position, put more weight on the back of that right sitz bone. Inhale. Let's roll ourselves up. Exhale, find your center and heel to your right. Twist. Exhale to the pinky toe. [inaudible] sot right off. Sit back on your left sits bone. Inhale, roll up. Open your chest. Exhale, center what? Not too fast to wist. Exhale, saw the pinky toe. Inhale, Rola and ex-CEO. Center to your right twist. Give me a rotation.

Exhale and reach beyond your left Sitz bone. Good correction. Inhale and exhale. Center. Nothing thrills a teacher more than seeing the corrections. Exhale, reach beyond that, right Sitz bone. Well, there are other things that get us happened to inhale and exhale. Return. One more guys to your right twist. Open it up, twist and reach and rolling up and Exhale, center. Okay. Bring your feet together and just kind of bounce the legs a little bit.

You can go ahead and do this little rest. We're going to go onto our tummy for some back extension. Okay, so heads off face in. Where am I? Oh Gosh. All right, we're going to build something. Most of you have seen me do this. We've done this many times.

Hands Underneath your shoulders. Long neck, stomach is light on the mat. Pull that up to create that lightness. It fills up your lower back and a long gates that I'd love for your legs to be together if possible. Work for that. Now we're going to take a breath in. Want you to exhale and just lift your head and the front of your chest. Not so high on the, I'm gonna ask you to stay right at the base of the ribs on the mat. If you can get as high as that, that so great, but not yet going all the way to full swan. Okay, so as you're there, the base of my ribs are on the mat.

I don't really have a ton of pressure on my hands where the work is in the back, my back muscles and into my underarms pulling down my tummy is up my butt. Squeeze a little bit. We're going to inhale and as you come down, reach you the crown of the head. Put your body down once a theater, just hold and inhale. Now the head stays down. I want you to lift your legs on the next exhale. Same thing, not real high. Okay. Your belly is still light and let's keep our head and chest down on this one. It's just your thighs. If you can connect to really straight knees, that'd be best. Okay? Do you all feel the back of your legs?

Okay around your Tush and your lower back? That's all good stuff. Okay. Now when you take your legs down, make up a longer long legs to go down. We're going to put the two things together, a little more flow. Breathe in to get ready. Exhale, light, belly, chest comes up. Remember you're not pushing with your shoulders and hands.

Your back is engaging to lift. Exhale, come down. Your belly is still light. Inhale at the bottom. Head stays down, legs go up. Exhale, hold them there. Breathe in and exhale and lower the legs back down. Let's take it again. Inhale, head in, chest. Exhale.

Good. Stay there, breathe in, exhale and come down. Last one you guys. Inhale. Exhale, legs. Inhale, hold and exhale and lets your legs come down. Now I'm gonna do neck roll. Next one and take a breath. Head and chest. Exhale, come up. If you feel like you'd like to go a little higher with your Swan, you may. Couple of you, I'm going to stay right here. This is fine for me right now. Turn your head and look to your right.

It's a neck stretch right now. Neck roll. You're going to look down towards your mat, even to your chest, even to your belly. Look over your left shoulder and then look straight ahead. We've got to do the other side. Once. Turn to your left shoulder. Really see something there. Exhale, roll the head down. You're still pulling your shoulders away from your ears. Turn to your right.

Do you all feel how your back worked? A little more in the head work and I did and down. That's going to be enough of that piece. I want you to move your hands back by your hips. Push a little bit right with your hands and make our round c curve.

Do you like the idea of going back to child's pose? That's fine. Take a few deep breaths. Yeah, there's something beautiful. When you move your head in that rotation it does fire up and kind of deeper can be a little deeper work in your back extensors. Okay. That's kind of good preparation for a swan dive work. Okay, so let's go sideline everybody face me on your right side and where I want you to set up.

Let's use our ball. Oh, we use our ball and I want you to have yourself down so that you're going to be kind of dividing the center of your mat. If you'd like to. Your legs will be in line with your pelvis as opposed to straight ahead or on the front diagonal and put this near your ankle bones and we are parallel with her legs. So I have my bottom arms straight and my head down. Uh, I'm okay with that. If you would rather have a little more support for your neck, you can bend that bottom elbow and make a little pillow. That's actually, it feels pretty good too. Okay. Um, what I do want everybody to do though is pull their bottom shoulder blade a little bit more down the side of them. Yes. You feel the support underneath your supporting side now rather than to over lift the waistline like that. That's too much lift I have.

I'm not symmetrical. I want to have this actually think about the top hip, this hip and reach it toward your leg that makes this connect. Do you guys feel that so it picks up just enough now you should feel like you have a nice corset. Sorry Tad, but a tight pair of pants around your middle and right here. Guys, just lightly put your fingertips here by your on your mat. Really light one last check. Shoulder, top, shoulder. Now I feel like I'm working a lot. Just now here you guys with me?

You know I don't even have to do much more to than this, but if we do it's going to be a lift of our legs. Really Small and an inhale. As we lower, I want you to connect to control, strength and control. Exhale, someone I respect, highly said recently set up is about 95% of our exercises. I really agree with that. Sometimes the set up is the exercise itself that he wouldn't want some more challenge. Maybe hand on hip hand over this way on him, or most of us have seen the arm up. Don't roll backward.

Inhale legs down. Let's take three more. Keeping those legs parallel and lift. Inhale down. Exhale, use a bottom inner thigh and down. Lift and lower. Last one, we're going to lift and just hold. Okay. And most of you have seen this. Now before we move this arm, are you in your abdominals as much as you could be?

I needed that question to myself. I'm gonna take my arm over my head. As that arm comes overhead, I'm gonna slide that shoulder down. I'm gonna connect to parallel legs, making sure my low belly is pulled up in, in. I'm enjoying the challenge of being on my side. Good. And that's plenty. Let's take that arm up. You can lower your legs down and then just take a little rest. Okay.

Let's just do that on the other side. Challenge Yourself. This'll be fun. Keep your ball between your ankles as we change sides or magic circle. Little Friday fun. Huh? Oh yeah, I think face me this way. Yeah, that was too easy on you thought. Well that's not that hard for sure. No Way. Okay, let's see. Right, we are sliding our shoulder down. Just a little top leg, top, hip, reaching a lot so it picks up that waste light. Fingertips, long neck and shoulder. Parallel with your legs.

Okay, ready to go. Take an inhale first. So it's the bottom inner thigh. Lots to help press the legs up. It's quite a bit of in your stomach. Inhale as your legs come down and exhale again to progress up. Inhale, lower down feeling okay, you guys looks great today. And for rest the legs up. Inhale, lower annex seal.

Check those shoulders. Exhale and down. Exhale, press. So you got a little challenge. How are we got to take some arm away from it. Exhale, legs and center of body and down. Exhale. So some of you that I see on a regular basis looking pretty solid.

Your balance is incredible and some of you new people to meet. Wow. Good stuff. Easy neck and shoulders. Two more exhale. And last one. We're going to take the last time. Exhale, lift and whole. Now the right arm, your right arm overhead as it's going over.

Slide that shoulder away from your earring or your lobe. Oh your abs. And as much as he can be, yes is the answer. And then arms down, legs down and arrest. Great. Some basics, but good ones, right? Come all the way up. We're going to do seal.

No Ball. Well, that'd be fun. I always visualize. Bounce it with your nose. Never seen it done. I always think about it. Alright, so the seal, let's put our knees open. Clap your hands together and underneath your heels and on top of your ankles. Okay, so there we go again. Uh, I was working with a couple gals last night. Boy, they are some flexible. Their knees just flopped open.

Well that's not going to help close in. It's uh, maybe she needs can be shoulder width. You can think of that. Okay. And then again, if you shift your weight back a couple of degrees, you're moving the center of your gravity back a little bit on your, on your sacrum. You want to start with that a little bit back? Okay, so let's just practice the feet and the legs doing a little clap. Clap, clap from up here. We're going to do a little clap. Clap, clap, hold. Yeah. Clap, clap, clap. Right. And we know that that is, we perform this when we come up out of the roll. One, two, three. So here we go. We're rolling. Backward. Roll back up and a little clap. Clap, clap. One, two, three.

Feel free to do the claps when you're back over your shoulders. They've got to happen kind of quickly. Once you three up. One, two, three, roll back. One, two, three. Roll Up. One, two, three. Roll back. One, two, three. Roll Up. One more time. Balanced. When you return please. Once you three. One, two, three. Hold. Okay, we're not quite done. I want to do one more thing.

Can you put your hands like this on your ankles? Lower your feet so your feet might be an inch above your mat. Your toes. Good Dad. Okay. Lift your sternum but still have your, your stomach. Very, very drawn back. We didn't do open leg rocker, but we can do this stretch for it.

So I want you to take your right leg and reach it to the side. It's no wider than your mat. The goal there, you can lift your leg up without disturbing your balance. Okay? And then bring the other leg up. Hold it there. Okay. Bring your right leg back down.

Ah, and your left leg back down. Now left leg is going to start. You're still off the back of your sacrum just a little bit. So your center of gravity slightly pulled back. There we go. Right leg. Left leg is going to come in. [inaudible] and rightly comes in both legs at the same time. It was a nice timing. Ta-Da.

All right. We're not doing rocker. I just want you to hold your balance for a second. Okay? Legs won't be any wider than your mat, so reign that in. We can do one teaser today, the position of teaser. So if we close the legs, feel free to bend your knees if you need to. Okay? Doing all right. I know your thighs are getting tired. Probably some of you.

All right, so there's the legs together. Now teaser, we don't want our legs this high. What makes it kind of challenging is you lower the weight of your legs down top, toes, eye level, but your arms are still reaching toward those toes. So things have to adjust a little bit. Yes, let's hold it for five counts, I promise. One and two and three and four and five. Everybody bend their knees. Come in here. Bring your sternum up.

Hold onto your shins actually, and just separate your feet and pull your chest. Test Up. Do a bit of a in your upper back, if that makes sense. Yeah. Shoulders have to pull down. Open up your heart space. Open up your lungs. Open up your collarbone. Read three, three. Let's take three breaths together here. There you go. Okay guys, really nice class today and thanks for the new students to be. Tell. Thank you.

To be focused with me. And that's sometimes how I approach it. If there's new people to me.


you can easily use the magic ring instead of the overball for this class
Hi Todd, you're absolutely right, the magic circle can be used in place of the ball. :) Did you give that a try?
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I love the way you teach. I get very inspired by you when I teach my classes. Thank you for the cues and the modifications with the ball.
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Hi Fabiana! Thank you so much....what a generous compliment.....makes me smile! :)
are there technical problems with this class - I even tried my mother's Laptop and it still wouldn't play
What is the diameter of the overball? I used the magic circle, but have what seems to me to be a smaller yoga ball.
Hi Julie......I will let our technical staff know that you were having problems with viewing/taking this class. I would say.....close out any other programs that you may have running and try again. I do hope you'll be able to take class. Let me know.......
Hi Muareen, the ball I was using was about 9 inches in diameter. The magic cirecle can be used instead of the ball, but yes, it's a bit bigger. I would just 'go easy' knowing that the size of the prop doesn't matter ...... as much as the connection you're feeling in your body. That's what matter what prop you're using! I hope that helps!
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Great class; love the slowness, attention to detail and the focus.
Eimear (what a beautiful name!)......thank you for your comments and I truely appreciate them! :)
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