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Total Body Overball

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It's amazing what you can do in a short amount of time, especially with Tracey Mallett! In this total body workout, you will increase your stability, mobility, and strength. This class is filled with dynamic sequencing layered in with creative ways to use your Overball. Enjoy Tracey's playful variation of Side Lying with keeping control of the Overball. Class ends with a well-deserved, feel-good stretching sequence.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Hi, Tracey Mallett here. Welcome to Pilates Anytime. Got a fabulous class for you today with the ball. Yes, the famous Pilates ball. We love this little thing here because it can assist you and it can make it a little bit more challenging, but most of all, it kind of switches it up a little bit, mixes it up, and that is the title of our program.

So this is why we've got that lovely ball. Alrighty. So we're gonna start standing for the first little portion of the class to work the legs. And then we're gonna go down onto the mat to work the core, the back, the inner thighs. So it's a total body workout.

All right. So clap your ball, stand up. And we're gonna start with, just to warm up a little bit, take your feet a little bit turned out, a little bit further than shoulder width apart. So we're gonna do some legwork to start with. So you're gonna grab your ball, press on the balls. You can feel your chest muscles working, elbows lifted, and we're gonna go down into a lovely plie and back.


So here's your legwork. Shoulders over your hips. Now, when we are doing this, think of pressing the heels into the floor. You got it. Down and up. Down and up.

Perfect. Let's do five more here. Five, four, just warming up. Three, two, and one, take it down back into your plie. Now adjust your beautiful form, shoulders over your hips.

And we're just gonna do a little pulse in that midway. So it's your midway, mid-range of motion, not going to fully extension, but you are working that mid-range of motion. Keep pressing the hands onto the ball. Alrighty. Feel the inner thighs working, and let's do about five more. Alrighty. So we go five, four, three, two, and hold it here.


Now we're gonna twist to the right. So we go right, now left. Let's go a little bit deeper. So those thighs are working, can feel the heat in the lower body. And we got that lovely rotation to get into the core.


And rotate. Now we're going a little bit faster. Rotate. Rotate. Now, look in the direction that you are torso is moving in. For four, for three, exhale, two, and one. Back to center.

And then extend, lifting up. Now coming into your parallel position, bring your feet a little bit close together, toes reaching forwards. Now, we go into a squat and lift, keep pressing. Now, we're gonna reach the hands forwards and lift, forwards and lift. So you're reaching towards me.


Your buns are going back. Your toes are pointing forwards, and you're just reaching forwards, and back. Now take the weight into your heels of your feet so your toes can wiggle around. So we access those hamstrings. Okay? Your hamstrings, your back of your upper leg.

Alrighty. Let's do four more here. Reach those arms out. Four, in, three, in, two, in, now hold it here. Now little pulses, mid-range of motion. Your ears are by your biceps.


Got it there? Now tilt the pelvis slightly underneath with your lower abs. So we are not arching the back. Your abs are really supporting your lumbar spine here. For eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two.

and one. Bring the hands in, lift up, straight up. Now, take the ball. We're gonna put the ball in the middle of your mats. You're gonna step slightly externally rotated.

Step. So you're in like a little plie. If you are right by a door frame or by a wall, you can hold onto the wall for balance. So in that first position, the heels are actually on the ball. Okay? Connect the heels. Hands on hips.


We do plie, down and up. Now, if this feels a little too challenging, then of course, you can take the ball away and do it with the heels on the floor. There's always an option. But the ball actually stabilizes your ankle joint in that releve. It's actually helping your balance.

So if you wanna be by a wall and hold onto a wall or a chair, absolutely. Until you feel comfortable to come away. All right, let's do four more. Four. Your knees are going diagonally forward, the heels are connected together.

That's it. Gonna feel those inner thighs. We love those inner thighs. Hold it here. Now, little pulses. Pulse.


Now reach the hands out. Send your arms out to the sides of the room. Hold it here for four, for three, for two. Now, hold it here. Reach the fingertips out, we're gonna rotate.

Rotate to the right, rotate to the left. Rotate to the right, rotate to the left. Four. Are we breathing? Three, two, keep the hips still, and one, hold it here. And extend up.


Come back down again. Now we're gonna lift the hands over your head. And down. Lift, press down. Those legs are starting to heat up.

Arm Press

We're gonna feel the quads, the hamstrings, the inner thighs. Lift up. Now, scoop out those abs for four, and three, exhale, two, exhale, one. Ready for your pulse is one last time. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one, lift up.


Now, from here, you're gonna keep your right heel there and then take. So you got your right heel on the ball, we're gonna take the opposite leg out. You see that? So your right heel is on that ball, the opposite leg is out, and you're in a plie position. Now we're gonna go back down into some little pulses here with that lovely plie. Heel is on that ball.

Single Leg Pulses

We're gonna work through that little range of motion, pulsing here. All right. Feel those inner thighs. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Hold it. Keep your hands on your hips.

Heel - Single Leg

Now, try and lift the opposite heel up and down. Woo-hoo. That opposite heel goes up and down. So you got a lot of balance challenge going on right here. Keep your hands on your hips, elongate that waist, the hands are gonna help you stabilize a little bit, and just lift that heel up and down. Ooh, feel those legs working?

Ooh, shaky, shaky. And four and three and two. Are we there? Can we hold it? And then we try and extend. (Tracey cheers) There we go. Extend those legs and bring it down.

Now we're gonna bring the opposite leg back, and we're gonna transfer. Did you do that? Or did you have to move the ball around? Whatever, just get to this position. Doesn't matter how you get to it, just get to it.

All right. Are we all there now? And down, and down, and down. There we go. Love these exercises cause it's great for toning of the inner thigh. But keep the shoulders stacked over your hips always.

Single Leg Pulses

You got the imaginary wall right behind you, and you're sliding down that wall. Okay. Now we're gonna hold here and pulse. Ready? Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Hold it here. Now lift that heal off.

Heel - Single Leg

You ready? Pop it up and down. There we go. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest, right? I always think that sometimes the simplest exercise is always the hardest to execute.

Up and down. Can we do it? Can we keep smiling? Let's do six more. Six, and five, and four, and three, and two. Hold it there. Can we balance?

Shoulders over your hips, extend, extend, extend. Beautiful. And then lower. And let's just take that ball. There we go, away.

We're gonna turn around to this side here. We're gonna get down onto the mat. We're gonna bend our knees, rolling down. Get the butt onto the mat. We're gonna reach our hands forwards to this position here.

Now your feet, a little bit hip width the part. Alrighty, we're gonna roll down into a lovely C-curve position. Holding there, everybody. Put your feet firmly in the floor. Now from here, we are going to continue that roll down about another inch and we're gonna draw the abdominals in up from back.

Roll Down - Partial

Hold it there. Pull your shoulder blades down, and scoop out those abs. Perfect. Hold it there. And then we curve all the way back, but keeping that C-curve. So you're reaching forwards where the abs are reaching in opposition.

So we're gonna go a little bit faster now. So we go four, three, two. Hold it here. Curl up. Four, three, two. Now for two counts.

roll down one, two, curl for two. back for two. Now, the next one you're gonna hold it. Hold it here. Hold.

Place it in between the inner thighs. Now, we're gonna continue that roll down through the spine. Arms over your head. We're gonna inhale, exhale, roll all the way up up. Keeping that C-curve position, squeeze the ball.

Roll Down

The more you squeeze the ball, the more it's gonna help you come up. Your adductors, your pelvic floor, your abs. Think of that awesome dynamic movement. Squeeze the ball. Adductors, pull the pelvic floor up like a sling, pull it all the way up, and then drawing those abdominals.

Inhale, exhale, C-curve, reach forwards. Abs are reaching in opposition towards the back of the spine. Squeeze the ball. Don't forget that ball is there. And inhale slow.

(Tracey exhales) C-curve, reach forwards, and then roll down. Okay, one more guys. Inhale. Slight pause. (Tracey exhales) C-curve. Continue that roll down through the spine.

Perfect. Take the hands behind the head. Shift your hips a a little bit closer, and we're just gonna lift up and down. So you're lifting up and down. Now, while we are doing this, your tailbone is anchored into the mat, your glutes are completely relaxed, and you're using your abs to lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor.

Chest Lift

Now we lift the upper body, we lower. We lift the knees up, we lower. So head lifts up in a chest lift, knees. So you're a alternating the upper body and the legs. Exhale, inhale.

Chest Lift w/ Double Knee Lift

Exhale, inhale. Now keep squeezing that ball. I always say you almost wanna feel like you're gonna try and pop the ball using those inner thighs. (Tracey exhales) And up we go. Legs to your chest. Three more.

Three. Watch that tailbone. Anchor the tailbone into the mat. (Tracey exhales) One more. (Tracey exhales) Up we go.

Bring your head, neck and shoulders off the floor, and little pulses. Pulse. And squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. Simplistic but a little burn in those inner thighs and your upper abs. For eight little tiny, seven, six and five and four and three and two.


Hold it there. Lower down. Wrap the hands around, bring the knees into your chest. Grab your ball, take your ball to the right thigh. Now, your right thigh, right hand, left hand behind your head.

Single Leg Lower Lift Other Knee Bent

Now reach that opposite leg up. We're gonna lower that leg down. And then we lift it back up again. But don't forget this hand here. You're resisting the ball.

your lats, your serratus, those intercostal muscles are working super hard. And we're inhaling down, exhaling, bringing that leg up. Okay, let's do about four more. (Tracey exhales) Inhale. (Tracey exhales) Inhale.

Exhale. One more. (Tracey exhales) Reach that leg out long, hold it there, and lift up. Little tiny lifts. Up an inch, down an inch. Up an inch, down an inch.

Up and Down

For seven, six, five, exhale, four and three and two. And hold it there. Drop that leg down. Lower the head. Yes. Take the leg, lift it up, bend the knee and hold onto that ball.

Roll Back w/Single Leg Extension

Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor and hold it there. Hold it. And now draw those abs in. We're gonna bend that back knee. Lower it down.

Lift up just a little bit higher. Hold it there, now isometric squeeze. Hold it there. And now we're gonna lift that leg up. Are we there? We're gonna roll all the way up.

Roll up. And balance. Now if that's too challenging, bring the leg down. So you've always got that option. And roll back down again.

Inhale here. Exhale, roll up. Keep that leg up if you can, or just lower that leg down. Curl down. You're resisting the ball. Inhale. Exhale.

Resist that ball, lift up. Curl down with a C-curve with a spine. Inhale, exhale. (Tracey exhales) Up. And then curl down.

Can we do one more inhale, exhale? (Tracey exhales) Hold it there. And then curl back down slowly, slowly, slowly, bend the knee, and then lower down. Beautiful. Then switch with the other leg.

Up and Down

So place the ball on the opposite, we're gonna resist. Take the hand behind the head, and then lift that leg out. And we're here. Okay. So resist that ball. Your shin is parallel to the sky.

And we're gonna lift that leg up and down. Exhale, up. Inhale, down. (Tracey exhales) Keep resisting your upper body against that ball. Inhale, up.

Exhale, down. Now only go as low and as high as your hip will allow. Four more here. (Tracey exhales) Three, (Tracey exhales) Two. Remember there's no right way or of breathing. And then lower the leg. Hold it here.

Now lift up, pulse. Eight, pull seven, and six tiny, five, four, three, two, hold it. And then lower down. Bend that knee. Take the ball behind the back of the knee.


That's it. Squeeze it tight, lift up, reach that leg out. So you can feel that resistance there. You are resisting your ball and you are lifting up. Drop that knee down, lift up a little bit higher. Feel that resistance, draw the belly in.

Roll Back w/Single Leg Extension

Now, we're gonna roll all the way up. Either put your leg out or down on to the floor. Ready? Exhale, roll all the way up. The first one's always the hardest.

And then we curl back down again. And inhale, curl. Resist that ball, and curl down. Curl, curl, curl. Head is off the floor.

Inhale, exhale, curl. Use your breath. Use those strong legs and back. Three more. (Tracey exhales) And down.

(Tracey exhales) One more. You have this. And last time. (Tracey exhales) Hold it there. Curl, curl, curl, curl, down, and then bend that knee and come back down. Beautiful. Drop the feet down.

Lift your buns up. Put the ball behind the back of your lumbar spine. From here, just walk the legs. Just walk them. Now, lower your tailbone down into the mat, actually, into the ball, should I say.


So your ball's on the mat. Your tailbone is anchored down into the ball. Now, let's just do a couple more here just to free those legs. Now, bring your right knee up, left knee up into your chair position. From here, we're gonna lift those legs straight up, stack them, ankle, knee, hip.

Okay. So get them stacked. Now, we go towards your chest in that beautiful stretch. And then we're gonna lower the legs to where you feel comfortable, we circle them around, and come back toward your chest. So are we going down, down, circle, open up through your hips, and bring it back. So there's a lot of hip mobility here.

Leg Circles Variation

A lot of core work. You're balancing on the ball. Hip mobility is a big proponent of Pilates. And if it's not, it should be. Inhale around, draw your abs in, and then down.

Let's do one more. That nice, big circle. Now we're gonna reverse it. So we go, out, take it down as far as you can control it and then up. Remember, everybody's circles is gonna be different.

We never compare ourselves. We listen to our body. Our body will dictate how big those circles are gonna be. Just circle the legs. Inhale and exhale.

Should we do a couple more? Feels so good. (Tracey inhales) Exhale, around. Let's do one more. Inhale, up, Exhale, around.

Lift those legs up. Now, we go down, down, dip the toes, extend and pull back. One of my favorite ball exercises. We're going down. You're feeling your hamstrings. You're feeling your quads.

Double Leg Lower Lift Variation

Your abs pull back up. You lower, hamstrings, quads, abs. So don't move your thighs as you're bending the knees. It's like a leg curl. Those hamstrings are gonna go into action right here.

Hamstrings. Don't move your thighs. I know a lot of you wanna move your knees to your chest. No. Keep your thighs still. Hamstring, quad, abs. Just two more.

Down, tap, out and in. Now, one more. Hold it down there. Hold. Now tap it for eight, tap, seven, out, six (finger snaps), five(finger snaps), four (exhales), three (exhales), two (exhales), one (exhales). Now, grab your ball. Come to 90.

Toe Taps

Lift over into your roll over. Everybody there in the rollover. Open flex. Flex the energy out through the heels. Keep holding onto the ball.

Roll Over

Lower your butt down onto the ball. Circle the legs. So inhale, 90. Hold that ball. Ready? Exhale. Curl over.

Open flex. Now, curl back so you are lowering the hips down onto the ball, we circle around. And inhale, 90. Now use your apps to exhale, curl over, open flex. Now reach the energy out through the heels.

As you lower the tailbone down, circle around. One more, guys. You've got this. Use your abs. Exhale over. Open flex.

Now reach the energy out through the heels, try and extend those legs as much as you can, circle the legs around, bring the legs up. Take your right knee in. Give yourself that lovely stretch that you've deserved. Always on that point. You gotta do that hip flexor stretch.

Knee to Chest Stretch

Switch, hip flexor stretch. Perfect. Now from here, bend both knees, lift your hips up, lower down. Doesn't that feel amazing? Now your back feels so good.

Perfect. We're gonna reach the legs together, arms over your head. We exhale, I'm gonna curl all the way up in that transition. Reaches that nice little stretch, and then crawl all the way up. Let's turn to our side now. So you're gonna put the ball out at the side.

Roll Up

We're gonna do our sideline series here with that lovely ball to initiate the core, the lats, the serratus. So everybody get into that position here. Now reach the hand up. Perfect. Now from here, we are going to rotate, and lift.

Kneeling Side Leg Lift Variation

Just rotate, but it's gonna get a little bit more challenging. Of course, it is. We lift the leg up. And we go rotation, lift. Rotate, but you can always keep the leg down.

Curl, lift. Curl. You gotta really access that glute medius there. As we lift that leg, curl. Glute medius. There we go. Curl.

Lift. Curl. You have one more. Ready? Curl. Lift. Hand behind your head.

From here, we're gonna bend your knee. We go bend, rotation, push the ball out, kick the leg back. So bring the knees down, rotate, reach the ball out, curl and then lift the leg laterally to the side. Make sure your knees and your toes are pointing forwards. Rotate.

Kneeling Side Leg Lift

Reach out. Exhale, Reach out. Two more. Curl, curl, curl. Beautiful. Lengthen that leg out.

One more. Awesome work. Hold here. Guess what? Pilates side kick. Flex, flex.

Kneeling Side Kicks - Front and Back

You'd think I'm not gonna let you get away with this. Flex, flex. You're not even smiling now, are you? Except me. Flex, flex and point.

Flex, flex. Come one, guys. You got it. And flex, flex. Point, point. Flex, flex.

You have two more, stick with me. And back. One more. Hold it here. Guess what? Circles.

And eight and seven and six and five and four and three and two. Ready? Circle again. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, hold it. Bend your knees. You deserve that nice stretch.


Nice work, guys. Stretch it out. Pick up your ball, lift up and over to the other side. Lift up and over and just stretch. Cause guess what? We've gotta do the other side. Isn't that fun?

Hip Stretch

Yes. We can't be a one-leg wonder. We gotta go to the other side. Alrighty. You ready to go to the other side? And up and over. Okay.

So get that ball ready. Hand out. Get into your sideline position here. Now reach that arm up straight up. Make sure you're in the middle of your mats.

Kneeling Side Leg Lift Variation

Toes are pointing forwards, knees pointing forwards, right? Now, from here, we rotate. Look to the ball, back to center. Exhale, scoop out with those abs, and back to center. Now we're gonna lift the leg.

Optional. One, lift the leg. Curl. Lift. Exhale, lift up.

Really gotta work that underneath side, lifting up on that underneath oblique. This is why we love the ball. Cause it's challenging us to use the underneath oblique right here. And lift. Inhale.

Exhale, you got three more. Three. Two. (Tracey exhales) One more. Hold it their, guys.

Take the hand behind the head. Ready? Bend your knees. Push the ball away in that beautiful stretch to the QL, and then lift back out. And rotate around, and lift back out. And again. So you've got that lovely rotation.

Kneeling Side Leg Lift

Push the ball out and then come back and kick the leg to the side. Remember, you've always gotta have that leg to the side of the body. You're in the middle of your mat. Curl, use your abs. Kick that leg, working the glutes.

Couple more. Beautiful. Sideline. One more. Curl, push the ball away, get that stretch, and then hold it here nice and strong. Pilate sidekick.

Kneeling Side Kicks - Front and Back

We flex, flex. Point back. Inhale, inhale. Exhale back. Inhale, inhale.

Think strong. Think strong. You have this. Keep lifting up out of the ball and the mat. And back. Two more. Flex, flex.

and back. Last time. Flex, flex. Take it to the side. Circle for eight and seven and six. Don't give up. Five, four, three.

You're ready for reverse. And eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two. Now hold it there, and bring the knee in and enjoy that stretch. From here, hold it there. Lift up, back into the other side and stretch.

Hip Stretch

There we go. From here, we're gonna come down. Roll down. So you're on your tummy now, reaching forwards with the ball. Okay. Let's lift the upper body and lower body here. Hold it there.

Swimming with Single Arm Reach

Now from here, we're gonna open the arm out to the side, smile and then come back. Grab the ball, out to the side, and back, pretty simple. Now start to flutter kick with the legs, and just switching that ball. There we go. And switch, and back.

Switch to the ball. Follow the ball, follow the gaze, your gaze of the ball, and back. All right guys, let's do two more. Two, and one. And then come back. Perfect.

Just put your hands right by the side of your body. Lift back into a child's pose position in that stretch. Walk forwards. You're in your quadruped position here. Just keep the ball wherever it is.

Child's Pose Stretch

We're gonna take your right leg out. From here, we're just gonna bend the elbows, look towards your ball and then come back up again. Bring the knee in. Switch the other leg, and reach forward as if I'm reaching towards the ball. Come up and down.

Push Up Variation

So if you place your ball in front of you, you're aiming for the ball. That will help you take your body a little bit further forwards. So you're working your upper body. Let's try that again. Reach the leg, hips are square, reach towards the ball, and come back.

And reach that leg out, elbows bend, and then lift up and come back. Now, grab your ball. Put the ball in between your legs. Curl the toes underneath, and we're gonna come into our hover. So draw the abs in, lift into that hover.

Knees Side to Side

So your knees, about a few inches off. And then from here, we're gonna do a little rotation. We come back to center, we do a little rotation. So you can feel your obliques stabilizing as you're rotating. Your inner thighs are working, rotate, bring it center, rotate.

Two more. Rotate. Last time. Rotate, bring it back. Now, extend your legs, squeeze the ball, reach that leg back, and press, press, press.

Down Dog Variation

So you get a nice stretch through the calf and the hamstrings. Just pressing that ball. One more. Come back. Switch to the other leg, and press, and press, and press. That's it.

Think of your chest toward your thighs, calf stretch here for four, three, two, and one. Bring that leg down. Walk the hands back. Grab your ball. From here, we're going to walk out with the right hand underneath the ball.

Side Plank Variation

You in your pushup position here. Now take your right hand, open up, bring it back. Open up in your side plank, bring it back. Open up in your side plank, bring it back. Open up.

One more. Open up, bring it back. Switch hands. You're in your plank. Open up, plank.

Exhale. Look to your top hand, plank. Exhale, reach. Inhale, plank. Two more. Reach.

One more. Reach and plank. Bend your knees. Send your hips back into that stretch. Roll yourself all the way up.

Child's Pose Stretch

Turn into your back. Rolling down, rolling down. Lifting up into your scissors. Do a Figure 8 in your scissors here. Figure 8.

Scissors Variation

There we go. Move that ball. Hand-ball-eye coordination here. Lengthen those legs to finish off with here. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Bring your knees in.

Now from here, we're gonna inhale. Exhale, around. Inhale, thread the ball around. Inhale. Exhale, around.

Double Leg Stretch

Inhale, reverse. And inhale, thread it around. Inhale, reverse that ball. Inhale, reach that legs out. Exhale, around. Couple more.

Reach. One more. Reach. Hold it here. Grab onto that ball.

Drop the head down, and now we do a little pelvic tilt. Pelvic tilt, pelvic tilt. Hold that ball. Lower abs. Couple more.

Pelvic Tilt

Last time. Roll yourself of all the way up, reach forwards, and give yourself a nice stretch. Put the ball forwards if you can, maybe you'll be able to get your toes on the ball, maybe not. You may just be here. Either or. Just fold yourself into in that stretch.

Forward Fold

So everybody's folding themself into in that stretch, breathe, (Tracey exhales) and then roll all the way up. From here, take your right leg forwards, put the ball underneath your knee, and let's see if we can reach forward. Some of you are gonna be here. Some will be able to get your toes. And just fold yourself in to.

Figure Four

That ball is assisting you a little bit in that little pigeon pose, that external rotation of the hip, and then crawl all the way up. Beautiful. Switch. Put the other leg externally, rotate, put the ball underneath the knee, drop the knee on the ball, flex the foot, and see if you can reach maybe here, or maybe reach for your toes, and pull yourself down. Awesome work you guys. You work very hard today.

Hold it here. It's amazing what you can do in a short amount of time. Just gotta keep moving, keep doing it. Hold that stretch. Shaky, shaky.

Those legs are stretching out for four, three, two, and one. Reach the legs forwards. One last stretch. Put it in between the middle of your thoracic spine. So we're all here.

Thoracic Extension

Got it. Now, just take the head back if you can. Oh, that feels so good. Elbows down. Or we gonna work to get our elbows down, and let's just reach the hands out.

Ah, there we go. We all deserve a little bit of self love, a little bit self care. So don't just think now, "Okay, I've finished. I'm onto my next thing, my next chore of my day." Give yourself a few seconds. That's it. Enjoy.

Just breathe. Close your eyes. Let's take one deep breath. Okay? Inhale. (Tracey inhales) And exhale. (Tracey exhales) Beautiful.


See? Just a few seconds goes a long way. Reach the hands over your head. Ah, I feel so good. Open up your chest, roll yourself falls way up, and lift up. Awesome work you guys.

I hope you enjoy that as much as my body really enjoyed that. Remember, always look after yourself. This exercise program is what you need. It's what you need to be doing every single week to be a better version of who you are. Okay?

Look forward to seeing you back here right here on the mats. See you soon. Bye, guys.

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Hi Tracy, I loved this workout! You made me sweat and I enjoyed the different variations with the ball. Thanks so much and have a beautiful day!
Anne M
Fabulous class!!!
Lina S
Fun class. A total body workout in a short time! Great!
Marija V
Great class!!!
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What an incredible class. You had me right from the start though I did waver a bit with those wicked side kicks.   Too bad that next time I take this class I know they'll be coming.  Haha. There are sooo many creative variations throughout this hard working and fun session and your enthusiasm was unfaltering.  Thank you.
Awesome class Tracey! Thank you.
Holy cats that was some burn in the core and legs !
Wow! Challenging and so effective in a short time frame. Thank you! 
Thank you Tracey. What a Purrfect class… it did not feel like a short time to me. Just right.
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