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Feel energized and inspired from Sarah Bertucelli's moderately-paced Reformer class. Sarah encourages you to just flow while using hands-on self-adjusting tools to enhance the effects of the work and maximize your range of motion. You will enjoy exercises such as Knee Stretches, Tendon Stretch, and Footwork with a playful Sarah Bertucelli spin.
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May 12, 2022
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Thank you so much for joining me today. We are just gonna get moving and see where this workout takes us. I remind you to always take care of yourself and be mindful of working out any kinks that you may have. And also enjoy the movements. If it doesn't feel good, don't choose to do it.

We're set with footwork spring. I'm set with footwork spring. For me, that three reds and a blue. You do you. Let's go ahead and lie down and get started.

So here we are. Settle into your reformer mindfully. And figure out, you know, just kind of where you are. Take a couple moments here enjoying your breath, preparing to move. Perhaps turn your palms to face up.

Check in with your chest muscles and make sure they're nice and soft. Check in with your pelvis and make sure it feels like it's relaxed in a home position. Hopefully a neutral position. Breathing in through your nose. And perhaps breathing out through your nose as well.

Begin with a pelvic curl, we inhale. Use an exhale to curl yourself up, lift as high as it feels good to you on this very first one. Perhaps it's small, perhaps it's big. Take a breath and lengthen and lower down one lovely vertebra at a time. Settle the pelvis home and repeat.

Inhale. Exhale to curl up. So feel free to explore your pelvis. Perhaps it feels nice to push up a little more with one leg, with the other leg. Perhaps when you lower down, it feels like a good idea to drop the tail a little bit beyond neutral and arch the spine a little bit there.

It's up to you. Use your breath, explore the movement. Do what feels good. Make sure you're breathing. And lengthen and lower down.

Also check in with tension points. And if you're pushing so hard that there's no wiggle room, remember that that's not ideal. We wanna be curious in positions and allow them to settle and find space without pushing too hard. And lengthen and lower down. Beautiful.

Let's go ahead and take a couple spine sways, relaxing the legs over to one side. Use your breath to drag the pelvis back. If you'd like to hold the pegs by your ears, please do. Inhaling. Exhale to drag the spine back to neutral.

Maybe you'll hold the frame if your shoulders are more open. And drag the pelvis back. And just one more here. Inhale. Perhaps use an exhale to drag the pelvis back.

Settle in neutral. Take the arms back up to the ceiling. Let's exhale, lifting the head and chest. Feeling a nice abdominal curl here. And then lower down.

Notice when you exhale, you're endeavoring to keep your pelvis stable, but you are in fact grounding your low spine. So do ground your low spine. And maybe if your pelvis needs to move, allow that until you're able to keep it stable. This time we'll lift and we'll hold. Float your legs to tabletop.

Single leg stretch. One leg comes in and the other goes out. And breathe and move. Here we are. Just flow through the movement, enjoy.

Perhaps you'll take your leg all the way to the bar and press into to it a little bit to create just a little bit of intention on those hip extensors. Don't do it if it doesn't feel good. One more time on the right or whichever side you started. And then the other side. Hold here.

Perhaps reset your lift. Slip your hands behind your head. And let's cruise into crisscross. I like cruising into crisscross. Twisting and breathing my friends.

Think about your pelvis staying stable. Think about staying lifted as you pass through center. Enjoy the movement. I'm certainly enjoying the view here. One more time here.

Come back through center. Bring your hands to the backs of your legs. And perhaps rock and roll a little bit on your spine. So I've lifted my pelvis. I'm enjoying a little bit of a stretch, a little massage through my back.

Always feels nice to me. And then rest here. Hug your knees into your chest. Place your feet on the foot bar. Belly of the heel is on the bar.

Classically flexed ankles. Feel your body settle in with your pelvis, with your sternum down, but your chest open. Palms up if you prefer for your hands, or palms down if that suits you. Exhale to straight please. Nice and energetic with our footwork.

So we're pressing out. And we're pressing in. Inner thighs on the way out. Nice neutral pelvis position. Breathing and moving my friends.

As you start to move a little faster, you may find that the breath will travel for an entire movement. Inhaling. And then exhaling for an entire repetition. It's up to you. Last one here.

Come all the way in. Let's shift to a middle foot position, near the ball of the foot, softening the foot over the bar, kind of a prehensile position. Settle for a moment. And then out you go. The goal here is to keep the feet very relaxed.

The goal here also is to kind of massage the bottom of the foot and allow the top of the foot to yawn open. So while doing that, you're using your legs, self-correcting you as needed. Check in with your pelvis, check in with your breath, check in with tension in your neck, in your shoulders. There should be none. Slow down if you need to.

Speed up if you'd like. Last one here please. Breathing. Gently come on in. Shift your balls of your feet on the bar.

Settle for a moment. So we're lifting the heels up, active foot. Establish the height of the heel when the legs are straight, feel open across the front of the hips. And then continue to move. Again, making adjustments using your hands as needed.

And slowing down if needed. Or speeding up if you prefer. Do make sure you're completing the movement all the way. Straightening the knees, feeling the energy travel out through the crown of your head as you breathe and move. Last one.

Come all the way in. Slide those heels together. Settle for a moment. Feel the pelvis, softening of the hip crease. Out we go.

Make sure you're completing the movement by opening across the hip crease. Feel free to use your hands sweep or any self-corrective thing that you know works for you. Sometimes you'll notice my hands go to places just so I can keep up the pace and still do it from the right place. So I've just taken a little bit of a hook of my tissue, allowing me to stay rotated and feel like I'm using my body correctly. I like it, feels good to me.

Last one here. Come all the way in please. Open your feet wide on the bar. Find your open V position. Any self queuing you might want to find your hip work a little bit more solidly where you need it to be.

And then out we go. Here this just always feels so good on my hips. I love keeping that rotation. I love getting that openness across the inside of my hip crease here, as well as feeling the deep work in the hips. It feels so nice.

Breathing and moving. So remember we're using our abdominals to support, but we're not gripping or bearing down. So for me, it's really helpful to keep thinking about lengthening, rather than holding on with the abs. I think of lengthening, that helps me tremendously. Last one here.

Go ahead and put the balls of the feet on the bar. Same amount of rotation ideally. And then out we go. Again, the heels are gonna stay lifted at the same height. So establish that position with whatever tools you need.

And then continue to work it at a pace that suits you. So I find that establishing the position when the legs are straight is useful for me. And then I'm able to continue to move. So you're going to direct the pace that suits you throughout the workout today and once we've established the exercise. Couple more here.

One more time please. Press all the way in. Bring your feet narrow on the bar close together for calf raises. So a bit of separation. We'll press ourselves out.

We'll press the feet under the bar. And press up. So again, self-correct as needed. Feel your core, feel the lengthening, feel that opening across the hip crease, feel softness and ease in your neck and shoulders, and still try to maximize your range of motion. Moving right into prances please.

We'll bend one knee pushing through that forced arched foot as well as you change sides. Slow and methodical for the first two or so. And then start to pick up the pace, giving it like a running intention. Using both feet. And watch that you're not jamming the foot down, but you're controlling.

Try to really use that foot in the forced arch a bit more. That's a good soleus exercise for us. We need to do that more. Last one. And then hold.

Adjust your foot so you can relax in the stretch and find what you need. Breathe in. And breathe out. So I'm reaching my heel under the bar. I'm using the foot bar to massage my foot, perhaps in circular motions.

Sometimes I like to push my pelvis a little bit to the side or slightly tuck my pelvis, that feels really good. Change legs please. Breathing in. And breathing out. Again, feel the opening across the hip crease, the stretch where you need it.

Breathing in. And breathing out. We are going to do some single legs. And I'm going to choose to keep this spring tension. Feel free to sit up and change if you choose.

Hug your knees into your chest, just to give everything a little bit of a pause. And then settle your heels back on the bar. So we'll do heel position here. And that's all, just one position. So keep the right leg on the bar, take the other leg, let's flex the ankle at tabletop.

And then let's press out as we do. Try to just stabilize everything through your pelvis. And gently come on in. So keeping the other foot flexed as you move that right leg. Try to tap into the glute and the hamstring.

And feel your breath here. I'm gonna do five in this position with the ankle flexed and the knee bent. Now I'm gonna add an extension. So if you're working faster than me, then feel free to count and make sure that you stay even. So you're gonna lengthen through that leg.

As you straighten, trying to get just a little bit of a stretch through the back of the leg. We have have just one more after this one my friends. And hold. Cross the leg over the other leg. Just take a nice little spine twist before we switch sides, releasing through the back, releasing through the outer hip.

Come back through to center. Put your left heel on the bar. Assess that you're right position underneath your hip. Stretch the other, or actually the other leg is at tabletop please. Flexed ankle.

Out we go. Breathing and moving. So we'll do five here. Keeping the legs stable and being mindful of where the pelvis is. Being mindful of your breath, continuous breath.

Being mindful of trying to use the back of the leg, as well as the glute, which is part of the leg. So now straight leg up, we're gonna flex and bend. And flex. And bend. And flex.

And bend. And flex. And one more time please. Good. Come on in, cross the leg over.

And ah, relax into a nice little twist there. That feels good always to twist in my outer body here. Let's hug the knees into the chest and we'll make our way upright and continue moving. One blue spring for the next couple of exercises. Again, if you know me, I'm a huge fan of the reverse knee stretch for abdominals and that's where we're headed.

So we'll come to our knees with that blue spring on. Knees and feet together, hands on the frame. Lean into the arms, round through the back. Really enjoy that flexion. Pull the carriage in.

Mindfully be grounded through the foot and the shin as you breathe and move. Maybe you're gonna go a little faster, exhaling in perhaps. Inhaling back. Stay connected to that core. Pay attention to using both legs equally.

Perhaps within the move you'll use one leg a little more. And then you'll use the other leg a little more and try to assess where you fall apart or where you need a little attention. Last one. Lower all the way down. Let your forehead rest.

Whoops, I bumped the stopper. It rests perhaps on the headrest. Sway side to side a couple times. And then come upright. Let's move off to one side.

I'm gonna move off to my right, which means my left knee stays down on the reformer. I'm gonna lean into my left arm, so same arm as leg that is on the reformer. And I'm gonna little bit of a stretch. The goal here is to not overuse the arm, but to really lift up through the ribcage. And so you're in rotation as you curl your pelvis through.

So you're having to use those obliques quite a bit. Also stretching the side body a bit. Hold the shape as you take the other foot, other leg up. And then we're gonna do this twisting reverse knee stretch. Pulling in.

And out. So feel that you're constantly lifting up through that ribcage. So for me, it's the left ribcage. Breathing and moving. And just moving with the left leg.

So I've got really just one leg moving. The pelvis is endeavoring to stay still. Last one. Pause at the stopper. Here, go ahead and try to take your hip all the way down to the mat.

And just enjoy a little bit of a stretch through that side body. I like to move my pelvis forward and back a little bit. And I'm just stretching a little deeper in that outer hip and outer waist here. Slip up from that position. Move yourself to the other side.

So here you've got your right, I've got my right knee on the reformer, my right hand. I'm gonna lean into that hand, lift up through the ribcage. I'm trying not to use my arm too much to hold the position, using more my center, my core, my waist. Lean into the arms, pull the carriage in. And we inhale.

You can move at a faster pace if it suits you. For me, I like to really iron out some of this tightness I have in my side body, so I'll really push my pelvis further over, focus more on lifting through the core in order to get just a little bit more range here. That's my goal. And gently rest this, bring the carriage to the stopper. And then just in this shape, take the whole outside of your leg down.

And just see if you can kind of find something that needs a little attention here. We'll stretch. A little release. Breathing in, enjoying that I hope. Beautiful.

Let's come on out of that. And we'll be on a blue and a red spring, a red and a blue, which is one and a half springs for our hip work. So let's lie back down on the reformer. And you'll go ahead and put your feet right into your straps. Just kind of figure out where your body is as you're doing that.

And make sure that you're centered and grounded. Spend whatever time you need to feel that your pelvis is where it needs to be, your ribcage, your head, everything is where it needs to be. And let's do our frogs with nice flexed ankles. We're gonna inhale in. And we're gonna exhale out.

So actively keeping those ankles flexed as you breathe and move. Again, if you're breathing longer breaths, feel free to just let the breath happen. But if you need to coordinate breath with movement, that's okay as well. Last two here please. And one more.

Keeping your legs straight, let's point the feet and let's lift those legs up as high as you think you can, keeping your pelvis down. Now take them just a half an inch further, working your range. Go down through center. Try that again. As high as you can with your pelvis down, go just a half inch more, maybe two inches.

And then figure out how to gain a little bit of range there. Now, find your center range for me. So center range. Open the legs wide to an opening position, but with your pelvis still stable, so not tucking here. Let that be the width of your circle today, if you feel ready.

Are you ready? Are you sure? Exhale down through center. Circle wide and around. Glue those heels together and continue on.

So the goal right now for me is within reason and within safety, with a safe body for you, still feeling safe, that you're creating a bigger range of motion with your circles. So how wide can you go? You may even explore the idea of going into neutral alignment here, instead of external rotation if that feels good. That feels good to me, so I've just done that. One more time please.

And then we'll reverse the circles. Let's go ahead and return to a safe spot. So not as far up, a little bit less high. Rotate externally. Open.

Find your wide point. Come down. Find your low point. And then within reason, keeping your pelvis stable, see if you can start to make your circle a little bit bigger. Focus on getting a little higher up, perhaps a little more open, perhaps a little lower, maybe not.

And breathe the whole way through. Check in with your jaw. Check in with your chest open. And your pelvis staying home for the most part. Pause in a center position, like a position it feels easy to have two straight legs.

Allow your right knee to bend, your left leg goes wide to the side. And then meet back at center. Switch sides. So one leg goes wide, one leg bends. So let's continue to do that, putting the focus on the straight leg out to the side, pulling back in primarily with that leg.

Opening wide, going a little further if you can there. And then pulling in with that straight leg primarily. Of course, you've got that other leg there to help you as needed. So use it when necessary. Last one here.

Pull your legs back together. Take a pause, allow your legs to come in. Allow your feet to rest where it feels good to you. Shake it out a little. Short spine is next.

So for me, I always need to move just a little bit away from the shoulder rest so I have space. Classic short spine if that suits you or any variation if you'd like. So technically it starts with the knees bent. So we press those legs to straight and point the feet. We fold at the hips, enjoying that beautiful stretch through the back body.

We roll ourselves up onto our shoulder blades, nice and high. We bend the legs, keeping the spine still. We roll down with beautiful control here. Flex the feet as you bring the legs to that frog position. And then continue on.

Point the feet. Breathing and moving. So let the breath suit you here. My recommendation is to use an exhale as you roll up, it's useful. Rolling yourself down, trying to articulate through the back.

This time, bring those knees a little closer to you, feeling that beautiful stretch through your back body. Then flex the feet. And press out. We'll just do one more short spine please. Folding.

And then rolling up. And bend. And rolling down. Now here, find that place where the middle of your low back is down or the center of your spine is down. See if you could grab your feet or your legs.

And pull those legs closer to you. So I'm taking my knees toward my underarms, I'm holding onto my feet, and I'm just enjoying a beautiful back stretch side to side. So at this point I could just take my feet outta my straps, and personally, that's what I will choose to do. You're welcome to get out of this a different way, if you feel safer that way. But I could just take my feet out.

Hug my feet in in a different way. I just got tongue tied. And then put your feet on the foot bar as you return your straps to their home. Take a breath. And then make your way up to standing please.

So here we're gonna move into some zesty full body integration. So I'm going to suggest a red spring, unless you know you need a little more support. In which case, you might wanna go with a green spring. So a red spring is a good choice. We'll step up on the reformer for our upstretched position.

Heels are lifted a bit, not too much. Try bringing your hands close together at first. And sandwich your biceps, or your head with your biceps is a better way to put it. So you can just work for a little bit more stretch here, a little bit more openness in the side body. So I'm moving my pelvis side to side.

I'm just kind of figuring out where I wanna be here for a moment. And let's just for fun practice this like this today. So you'll slide the carriage back just a bit. And you'll pull the carriage in with your breath. Again, we're just keeping those arms nice and strong and you're keeping that whole body nice and strong.

I really like doing this arm position. It helps me actually create just a little bit more stability. So if it works for you, great. If not, separate your arms. Now hold the carriage in here.

Let's just lower the feet flat like this and hold the same shape with nice straight back. But now you can keep the arms on the bar like this, if you want to. Otherwise, just take your right hand down to the carriage if that works for you. If you wanna continue on, you're gonna rotate around and slice that arm across. So you're getting a beautiful little rotation.

So let's try doing the elephant like this. Moving the legs out and in. Breathing and moving. Find your breath. Make sure there's a big breath going into that rotation.

Unwind this, put your two hands back up. So thumb to thumb. And then you'll put one hand down. That's an option one version here. And then if you feel comfortable, you'll come all the way around and you'll just reach as far as you can here.

Enjoy that. And breathing and moving. Mm, feels so good to me. Unwind. Put your two hands back on the bar, lift your heels up.

And let's go ahead and move ourselves into a plank position. So we'll shift down to that plank. Hold your plank for a moment. Get organized. Make sure you've got your shoulders where they need to be.

Make sure there's actually wiggle room with your legs. And then we'll pull forward and back. Breathing. See how far you can go working with a range of motion that suits you. Just one more time please.

Pull the carriage all the way forward. Use your abs to lift those hips up. Again, lower your feet flat, but this time, go to a round back elephant. So rounding through the back there. Feel a beautiful stretch through the back body.

And keep thinking about pulling up through the center. Slide the carriage back and in with breath. Just a couple more repetitions, whatever pace you're working at works for me. This is your workout. Allow your hands to relax and come into a forward fold.

Let your head relax. Let your whole back relax. Mm. So just dangle. Wave in the wind.

Enjoy the stretch and this release. And then we're gonna make our way into a deep squat position. So if you need to adjust your feet forward a little bit, everybody's gonna need to adjust their feet forward a little bit, probably. And see if you can reach around and hold on to the edge of the reformer and just kind of sit back. And you might be able to find a connection here to, oh my clothes are hanging out all over the place.

There we go. You might be able to find a connection and sit on the headrest, that could work. And if you don't need the headrest, then you can pull yourself forward a little more, so you can sit a little deeper. And just enjoy that for a couple breaths. I like to use my hands on the carriage, so I can just really stretch a little bit through my low back, which is pretty much always tight for me.

And then we're gonna roll, I'm gonna roll over my feet. Hopefully that works for you. And then slide my feet back, setting up for the down stretch. Really try to take a couple moments getting that good stretch through the feet, so that you can really stay connected during the down stretch with the backs of your legs. Two hands on the bar.

I start rounded and then I'm gonna curl myself forward. Oops, I'm gonna make a little adjustment there. Curl forward. And then find your extension. And let's just move down and up here.

Breathing and moving. So choose the breath that suits you. The key here is that you're keeping your body stable. See if you can tap into both of your backs of your legs, your hamstrings, not just your glutes. And focus a little bit more on opening through the chest.

So you're keeping back extension, upper back extension. Hold the carriage in. Untuck the toes. And sit in the child's pose here. From here, we'll walk the knees forward, so that the knees are hanging off the edge.

I like to hang off a fair bit more. So three, four inches off the edge. My two hands are on the bar. And then we're gonna push the legs, or the arms rather, these are not legs. The arms out to straight.

And feel the end point here. If you want a little bit more range, a little more challenge, you could take your hands a little narrower. Otherwise, wider on the bar. And so the endpoint for me really is letting that rear underarm, that outside underarm, really lengthen without using the upper trapezius. So your goal here is to get that full upward rotation of your scapula.

Bend the elbows as you come in. And press out. Bend the elbows as you come in. So you choose the arm position that suits you today. So you might go wider with your arms, you might go narrower.

Do what works for you. Nice little push here. But also think about completing the move, getting full upward rotation. Just a couple more repetitions here. I'll take one more.

And gently come on in. Beautiful. Let's make a shift into some slightly different arm work. So I'm going to keep this spring. And I'm going to play a little bit with our arms kneeling.

So if this doesn't work for you, just go back to the traditional arms kneeling with your knees up against the shoulder rest. But I wanna play a little bit here with balance. So what I'm gonna ask you to do is get a grip. Get a grip. Get a grip on your straps up by the tapes here.

I think that's gonna be ideal. I think that's what we wanna do. Yeah, that's where we wanna be. And then come to your knees. And if you're a longer person, if you're a taller person, you'll probably have to have a little bit more of your foot hanging off, but you can explore how that feels to you.

So I'm kind of in the middle of the reformer, and I've got a little bit of my toe hanging off, my toes hanging off, but not my whole foot. And then I wanna establish my straight upright position and do a little bit of chest expansion here. So what I like about this is you have to balance. If the spring is too heavy, lighten it. I'm on a red.

Or you could hold the handles instead of the tapes, right? So you'll figure this out. So now this is the easy part of the balance challenge. If this feels too challenging, then maybe just go to traditional chest expansion. We're gonna pull a little bit of tension.

So I'm about, I'm not quite back yet, but I'm near my body. I'm gonna shift my weight to one leg. I'm gonna choose to shift to my left. And I'm gonna try to keep myself from wobbling too much as I take my foot forward onto the headrest. I'm gonna lean into my front foot using my leg enough, so my back knee is not too stressed.

I'm gonna take my arms fully forward and then pull with my one arm. So I've got my right leg forward. And my left arm is pulling as I rotate around. So changing my gaze here a little bit. And just working balance and the upper back and rotation, all kinds of fun things are happening here.

One more time. And then here, we're gonna pull a little bit of spring. It makes it a little easier. I don't care where you put your arms. You could bend them, you could have them be straight.

Just keep the spring here as you take that right leg back. It's way harder than I expect it to be. Woo. And shift to your two knees. And then you'll take the other leg forward.

A little, a little sloppy there. But lean into that front leg. I like this because my left leg does not like to be stood on very much. So I have to really think about where my pelvis is. So pull now with your opposite arm.

I'm left leg forward, right arm pulling back. So you wanna make sure you're in opposition here. Beautiful. And just one more after this one. And certainly you could practice that challenge, not up on the reformer.

Here we go. Woo. Against the spring makes it a little bit trickier, actually a little bit harder. Let's just try stepping forward. Right leg.

Lean. Come out of it. And go back. Other side. Leg.

Lean. And go back. Woo. And then come to rest. Let's go ahead and put the straps away and give our dear little arms a bit of a break.

How about we'll, actually, let's keep the spring just as it is. And stand on the side of the reformer for a nice hip flexor stretch. So you're gonna, I've got my left foot down. My right foot is on the shoulder rest here. And I'm gonna lunge deep into my lunge here.

So I used to be super particular about finding the exact position. And if you're into that, that's fine with me, go for it. But I'm more interested these days in figuring out where I need to stretch. So I know I have to find a release before I can get into the stretch. So for me, it's really helpful to kind of lean into the arms and maneuver around and find that ease point.

So I've just released now in that TFL region, where I tend to hold on without even really knowing. And now, I can bring a little more attention to my front foot and support. And now, I can bring attention to my abdominals to support my low back. And now, I can lift myself back up into a more traditional kind of put together lunge. So however you need to get there works for me, but I want you to make sure and do things that work for your body, that feel good.

And now I feel as though I can just continue to go deeper into this stretch, deeper into this lunge. And it just feels like I'm working in the right spot. I'm stretching in the right spot. One more breath please. Oh, that just felt so good.

Mm hmm. Love love stretching my hips. I hope you do too. So let's do the second side here. Same way if you want or you can get right into it if your body allows.

But what I like to do is put my foot onto the shoulder rest. Then I have to put my knee down and just kind of maneuver into it, specifically on this side. It's just always a little bit tighter. And my pelvis is sloppy, I know that. So I'm leaning over into the direction of the reformer, the middle of the reformer to get that release that I need.

Feels good to me, it feels like the right choice. And then as I start to release and soften that tissue, I can kind of organize my pelvis back to a more neutral position. I can stand on my right leg a little better. And then I can start to bring myself up into a more traditional stretch. And it feels like I'm stretching.

It feels really delicious. And then from here, I can start to sink deeper. But if I would've gone right to that point from the get go, I would've felt it in my back for sure. Couple more breaths. Feel.

Feel what feels good. Go for, go for the feeling my friends. Go for the feeling. And then let's come on out of that. Woo, my hip says thank you so much for that.

So let's go ahead and move into some box work. So we're going to use the short box for some abdominal work and some other fun things. I think that we do need to take the bar down. If you're a tall person, remember that you're gonna wanna put the short box, maybe over the shoulder rest. I'm a short person, so I'm gonna put it three or four, two or three inches in front of the shoulder rest.

So let's put the bar down. All the way down is probably the right choice. And put a handful of springs on, so it feels secure, ready to go. And then you'll wanna make sure your foot strap is available to you. So have a seat on your box.

Tuck your toes in. Your feet in rather, not just your toes. And just kind of get settled. So one of the things I like to do, this is a variation that we do with, well, it's a variation that we, it started with Bassey, but I really take it probably a little bit further, in that I really like to have my knees quite a bit bent and I wanna sit far forward, where I can really keep my knees pretty soft, pretty bent. So play with that a little.

Now here, we're gonna be not traditional short box. Okay? So I would like you to take your hands behind your head. And I'd like you to use your hands on the back of your head and roll down. And I want you to roll forward, so that maybe you can make a connection of your knees to your face, your forehead, your eyes, whatever.

You're gonna stack your spine up. As you do, your arms will reach up to the ceiling. Open through your heart. Circle around. And now we're gonna take our arms forward.

We're gonna roll ourselves back. How far back do you feel comfortable going without fully straightening the legs? I want you to feel the flexion of the spine. Flexion of the spine, that's my end point. So I'm gonna be nice and rounded, nice and sloppy here.

Stretch, stretch, stretch all the way forward. Hands to the back of my neck. I'm gonna relax. I'm gonna roll myself up. Take my hands up through center.

Lift. Open through the heart. Circle around and repeat. Rolling back. Nice little movement here.

And rolling forward. And stretch. And rolling up. And reach the hands up. And I'm purposefully not asking the hands to go in a specific way.

I want you to enjoy the movement. Rolling back. And rolling up. Use the hands on the back of the head. Stretch maybe.

Rolling up. Lifting up. And opening. Just one more. Rolling back.

Rolling forward. Stretching. And rolling up. And let's pause there. And it's time to move into the side over.

Yay. My favorite exercise. So I like to do it with the headrest up. And you're gonna tuck one foot, the one foot in the strap still. And you wanna kind of spend a few moments getting organized here.

I feel like we get into this too soon. I want you to self correct your low back and make sure you're not overworking there. So you might put your hand back there. So you're gonna really push up through the foot and back. So you feel the back of the leg, not front of the quad working.

Use this other hand to help you stabilize as long as you need. And maybe this is your side over. It's okay. Put the other hand behind the head if it works. And feel that you can stabilize this position with no movement.

I don't wanna see you lift the hand. I don't wanna see your body change as you lift your arm and you place it there. And then we're keeping with this energy outward. And let's breathe and go down. And lift right back up.

And breathe and go down. And lift right back up. We'll do three more please. Breathe. And right back up.

And breathe. And right back up. And one more time. The best part about side over is the stretch after. So keep your foot hooked.

Find what works for you. Maybe you'll just rest your elbow on the headrest. Maybe you'll put your hands on the frame on the floor, whatever it is that you need. I know I like to reach my same arm as leg that's hooked and really get into a bit of a rotational stretch here. It feels so great to me.

Same line we would stretch if we were doing mermaid. It feels really lovely. Again, the picture I'm making may not be pretty, but it feels good, so that's what I'm looking for for you. Breathe my friends. Breathe.

Mm. Slowly use your hands to help you come up out of this. Give yourself a moment to sit perhaps and just kind of reset, shake it out. I can feel my left side is very on fire from all that work. So let's make the other side do the same thing.

So shifting to the other side. I'm going to really push up through my heel and back, using my glute here quite a bit in the back of my leg, trying not to use the front of my quad, using my obliques as well. The hand can be down to help support. Check in with your low back. I don't want it to overwork.

Gotta feel those obliques working. Hand behind your head. And once again, I don't wanna see anything change when you lift your arm up, it should just look the same, the same. And we reach down and over. Big stretch.

And we lift up and lengthen is the key I'm gonna give. Down and over. And lengthen. Breathing please. And last one.

And then we get to stretch. So you find the stretch point that works for you. What I like to do is really reach through that opposite arm and allow, I allow my leg actually to kind of soften down a little bit. So that actually gets me into a nice little, little bit of a TFL stretch, a little side body stretch. Feels really good.

I'm also feeling a nice stretch on my bottom hip, my waist on that side, not my waist, but my outer body. Glutes, I'm gonna say. Lateral hamstring, it's really wonderful. Then go ahead and let's come out of that. Mm.

And my friends, let's just do one final pulling straps. And we'll call this a lovely workout. So how about one blue spring for that? Pull some straps. You're gonna wanna turn your box around, so that it's long box.

And then let's slide down on our bellies. If you feel you need more spring, certainly use more spring. I like to use a light spring for this because I really like to focus more on getting the thoracic extension. A little less on the low back extension. So feel free to wrap your hands around, so you can get more range.

Don't do that if it doesn't feel right. But if it does, it does. So settle for a moment and see if you can take a little bit of time, not right away lifting your legs, but actually kind of grounding through your pelvis. So feel your hip bones and your pubic bone grounded. Maybe you'll float your legs up.

Maybe you'll bring them together. I know for me, I have to really think about it or I'll bring them together from the wrong place. Maybe you'll lift higher into extension, or maybe you'll just think of lengthening. It's up to you. Let your shoulders come to your back body.

And then here, don't think lifting. Shift your chest forward, open your heart, and find your beautiful thoracic extension. I want you to really try not to feel your low back. And lower down. All the way forward with the arms.

Again, the shoulders plug, your gaze changes. You're gonna press your chest forward as you come to that thoracic extension. And forward. Let's do one more just like that. Small back extension.

And now if you choose to make it a little bigger, that's fine with me. So you'll come into same shape. And then decide, do you feel like you wanna lift a little higher? Hold your lift, arms come to the side to make a T. And pull back in five.

And four. And three. And two. And one more time. Rest that please.

Put your straps on the pegs. Allow your head to hang forward, perhaps it'll even rest on the headrest, maybe not. Let your arms dangle where they wanna dangle. I like finding a spot where I can really just like let my, the edge of the box help me bend a little bit. And I kind of hook part of my, my knee or my tissue.

It's really my quads are hooked. So I get a beautiful little bit of traction in my low back when I lean my head forward. Breathing in. And breathing out. And then here, let's just bring ourselves into a child's pose up on the box.

So come up to your knees. Let your feet hang off. Allow your forehead to rest on the box. Your arms can dangle over the box forward. Whatever feels good.

And give yourself a few breaths here. Swaying side to side. Breathing in. And breathing out. Mm.

And make yourself, make yourself, make your way up to a standing position. And let's just stand together for a couple of moments. Feet underneath the hips. Palms are open. And just feel yourself.

Feel where you are in this moment. Take your arms wide, lift your heart. Stretch. Perhaps wave your head side to side. Just notice how you feel.

Take your arms down. Feel that your feet are even, your weight is even. Feel that you've got length through the crown of the head. Feel ready for your day. Thank you so much for playing.

I'll see you time.

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Just what I needed today. Thanks, Sarah!
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I loved this workout. Great flow and just the right amount of challenge for me today.
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Great flow! Thank you Sarah
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Thank you very much, dear Sarah!!!
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Enjoyed it. Thank you, Sarah! 
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Felt lovely, thanks. And I loved the moment when you reached toward the sky and a bird flew by ;)
Perfect and thank you Heather S !
Hi Lisa M, I am so please the class worked for you.  Thank you! 
Thank you Karen K !
You are welcome and thank YOU dear Barbara L !!
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