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You will tie everything from the full series together with this advanced Reformer workout by Carrie Pages. She flows through movements that will help you deepen your strength so that you can do what works for your body. She reminds you to focus on progress rather than perfection so that you can appreciate how far you've come. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Hi everyone thank you for joining me for our fifth class in this series, "Breaking through to the advanced reformer". Today we're gonna put all of the exercises together that you've all learned so far, remember that this workout, is about progress not perfection so do what works for your body, and let's just have some fun. Ladies let's go ahead and lay back we'll get ready for footwork we're gonna start in Pilates V stance now we're gonna do our first five repetitions, just regular Pilates V stance and the last five repetitions are gonna be in the bridging position. I'll cue you through it, listen for the cues with an inhale, take yourself to the top girls with an exhale bend those knees to come in inhale press up two exhale bring it in. Start to bring those arms alive, presence of the little finger rotate the upper arm again, press up let's bring it in let's press up and hold.

From there pressing into the hands, lift those hips up bridge now bend to come in there exhale will inhale push that up exhale it in inhale push up exhale bring it in. Inhale up exhale bring it in one more take it back, and let's hold articulate through the spine while you're up there. Once your hips hit the mat, bend the knees roll all the way in go to bird feet same pattern here inhale takes you to the top exhale brings you in inhale up to exhale it in inner thighs, engaged arms pressing down. Good four exhale in one more is five let's bring it in now roll up to the top and pause, press into the hands bridge the hips up with the hips up, we roll in inhale press up. Exhale bend inhale press up find your core with that deep exhale up exhale inhale up one more bring it in take it up and hold.

Stay there with straight legs roll through that spine lovely ladies once the hips touch, bend the knees roll in. Walk up to the heels, with the heels on the bar feet flexed, we go inhale press into those heels and bend inhale up two, exhale you bent inhale take it up three. Good push from those seats four, arms pressing down five bring it in now push up and pause, bridge up onto those shoulders bend those knees exhale Inhale take it up. Exhale two inhale take it up hips can go a little higher on this one usually and out in four take it out in five let's press out to finish that one. Roll through the spine bone by bone and those hips lower down bend the knees roll all the way in go to Pilates V stance on your toes.

Slide yourself to the top five heel lowers here heels exhale, inhale up one exhale down inhale up two, three, and up four, and up five and hold for what I think is the hardest one press into those hands prop up onto your shoulders and do five more there down and up. They're almost more like pulses yeah, they're pretty petite three and up from that seat four and up, let your back feel alive five and up. Hold roll your spine down, then those knees come all the way in *we're gonna sit up and do our a hundred beats with the feet on the foot bar on one light spring. So send your feet to the side just bring, go to just your lightest spring, so one blue we'll do on this Peak Pilates Reformer or one light at home. Lay on your back springing your feet onto the foot bar, you're just gonna scoot off those shoulder rest a good two solid inches slowly stretch your legs straight.

Slide up to the top take a deep breath in right here let's parallel the feet, press the heels down draw the chin into the chest curl up, pump those arms inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five continue. So the whole idea here is that, we're pushing the feet up into the foot bar to create a greater energy and connection to the core. So as you press the feet up with like a five or 10% effort, you feel the belly engage a little tighter and drop down away from that t-shirt just a little bit tighter. Ladies you look amazing, inhale and exhale, and inhale and exhale let's just do one more breath, of a hundred and then I'll throw some surprises in and exhale. two, three, four, five. You hold take those hands *bring 'em behind the head ladies we crunch up for eight, and seven and six and five.

The belly drops as you lift seven lift and hold now, pause right there pull the left knee in twist to the left pause right there. Make sure that right foot's still pressing up crunch eight and seven, this was just for fun six and five, four, three, two, and one send that foot to the foot bar. Pull that other knee up, twist towards it and go eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one right back to the middle. Put both feet on the bar, five just to center it out five, four, three, two, one, ladies rest those heads, roll your carriage in. The next exercise is doing the footwork with the feet through the straps so you'll sit up the spring tension here could go a little bit heavier.

So you could go to a medium or a heavy just keep in mind when the spring gets too heavy on this, it can really pull on the back. You need to put your legs through your short straps on our reformers we're gonna thread our foot strap through the handles the straps as a reminder go right above the knee. So not up high in the thigh up, or right above the knee good once you get those legs through, you're gonna lay on your back wiggle your bottom as close to the shoulder rest as you can. Yeah Pilates makes you a good wiggler, hold your knees for a second and hug 'em back you're gonna use your arm strength to hug those knees towards you because in just a second, it's gonna be only your belly. So ladies take a breath and to prepare as you exhale, draw your chin into your chest to curl up good.

Now from there go ahead and let's do hands behind the head today feeder and Pilates V stance. You extend the legs outward and upward inhale then exhale bend the knees back you've got it inhale legs, go out and up to exhale pull from the belly bend the knees. Inhale out three exhale, a little higher with those legs Olivia, when the legs get too low, it actually throws the exercise off you wanna work 'em a little on the high side, that was five knees to chest head goes down. Deep breath in Zoey was afraid, I wasn't counting exhale chin to chest curl up good, now from here it's like bird feet pointing those feet hands behind the head the legs go inhale out exhale knees bend. So the trick here is if it starts to sneak into your back either one lighten your spring or just extend your legs up higher four, exhale it and one more inhale five exhale hug those knees head goes down.

Take a moment big breath in chin to chest curl up now flexing the feet like you're on your heels hands behind the head we go inhale extend those legs exhale drop the belly to bend the knees. Inhale two exhale feel that deepening through the middle three exhale it in inhale four exhale bend one more is five exhale bend hold those knees the head goes down. Only one set of cris,sorry, two sets of Criss-Cross deep breath into prepare you're gonna curl up with your exhale those hands go behind your head both legs extend out straight. From there bend your right knee twist towards that knee with an inhale, meet the legs straight and together in the middle go the other way exhale gorgeous girls inhale meet in the middle make this set fabulous it's your last one rotate it. Inhale zip through the middle curl high exhale rotate it zip through the middle curl high pull the knees into the chest hug those knees rest down, rock yourself up to seated.

Now you're gonna leave your foot strap threaded through your handle and just hook that on the silver poles we're gonna turn around, change the springs to two mediums for short spine and frog. Warming that back up for our overhead, which is coming next I always find it's a great strategy to warm up for that overhead. So you can just bring your feet into your straps ladies you don't have to do it perfectly just yeah get those feet in there and we're just gonna do three frogs and three short spines, starting with frog. As you take those arms and press 'em down can you bring that life to your arms that you had from earlier with an inhale, extend your legs out low exhale bend those knees belly drops to the spine. Inhale legs out two exhale bend the knees inhale legs out three exhale we add short spine now legs out inhale pause ladies.

Think lift my bottom lift my bottom then move the feet and roll over bend the knees inhale exhale use your core to move that spine down. Extend the legs out inhale you hold it's like you're not gonna move your feet at all, you're just gonna lift your hips then eventually those feet go you're up to the shoulders. Bend the knees inhale use your core to send that spine down gravity's not doing the work you are inhale the legs extend out. Exhale take it over for your last one here, bend those knees inhale and just roll through send the belly to the back work that spine, so it's ready for overhead. Reach up take your feet out of there carefully holding onto your handles good all right so we have the handles in the hand, just three overheads arms reaching up long legs reaching up long I'll get these foot bars outta your way.

Nice inhale to prepare lower your legs down ladies leave the legs where they are touch the mat with those hands make the contact, then go over and lift those feet up. Now start to roll down, but think about your short spine so as you're rolling down, how engaged in your middle can you get to send that spine down arms come up and the legs go down. We hit that mat with the hands, go over and take it up start to come down when we first learn the exercise gravity is moving us as we advance, and get better at it we are moving our bodies arms go up and the legs go down last and best press those hands take it over and up beautiful. Roll it down reaching yearning into those handles as you roll through the back ladies you can simply bend your knees, hook your straps on the poles sit up for me we're changing those springs again. The rowing are next so pick your poison here you can go with a nice light spring or you can heavy it up a little bit, you just need to listen to your body and do what's right for you today.

Grabbing your handles you'll hold those handles in your hands bring your knuckles together really take those hands and pull those fists in towards your chest there. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, start with the pelvic tilt tilt that tailbone under and roll back from here ladies we press the arms out, you can reach the fingertips if that's helpful and press one, bring the arms forward press back two, bring those arms forward. Once again press three bring the arms a little forward hold wrap knuckle in the ten knuckles and roll all the way up sitting nice and tall breathing pelvic tilt to roll back. Find that connection it's almost like your teaser there press your arms open, press one and forward press it two and forward a little press it three and forward pause. Bring it knuckles to knuckles make that connection sit all the way up nice inhale, grow, grow, grow, grow tall, third and last roll it back press those arms open.

And we go one and forward two you look great ladies good think like teaser, pull the tummy tuck the tail three gorgeous work knuckles to knuckles sit all the way up. Flip those hands up elbows are at a 90 degree angle shoulders are anchored down, with an inhale pitch back flat as a board, from there we take those arms and reach 'em back and long. Bring the elbows back to the 90 degrees and then sit right back up just like flat back on short box again lean back and then reach the arms back and upward. Pull those elbows in, beautiful lift from your heart to sit tall and again take it back reach those arms up, up, up, up, up, pull those elbows in gorgeous and sit all the way up Olivia almost did a teaser (laughing) that was amazing. Go ahead and hook or you don't need to hook your straps, but just turn around and we'll go the other way for the rowing facing out for rowing three and four.

All right ladies those legs extend out, hold your suspenders that's right and then from here with an inhale, reach those arms out long exhale hands come down inhale hands come up. And it's like you're a cork popping out of a wine bottle you press down and elongate up gorgeous knuckles or hands to suspenders. Again inhale reach it out, take it down exhale, reach those arms forward and then that imagery here at the cork is popping up out of that bottle bring the hands to the shoulders again, extend out, (breathes in) hands go down, (breathes out) inhale arms reach exhale press and elongate up. Bring it to suspenders and then bring it to the mat for rowing four inhale prepare chin to chest curl down now I want you to think prep for your tendon stretch. Shoot those arms out, now stack your spine up pulling from the belly to elongate through the top of the head, send those arms a little bit forward around and bring the hands to the hips.

Now again think like tendon stretch, chin to chest round down get that head close to your legs use your core to do it shoot the hands out. Roll your spine up, sit nice and tall circle the arms forward up and around it's stunning do it one more time exhale take it down. How much can you use your core to flex that spine? Send the arms forward, roll the spine up circle those arms forward out and around we're hugging a tree on the knees today you can come on up, arms reaching out, very nice ladies. Now in this position, remember we're prepping for our down stretch for later so push your feet into the shoulder blocks find those glutes and hamstrings and think pull the skin of the back of the knee, up to your high knee now close your arms.

Inhale lean into that wind open the arms exhale, it's easier to lean when your arms are together you've got more spring tension to support you when you open that's where the hamstring cramp usually comes in. I'm laughing cuz I'm not doing it exhale open (laughing) again inhale four I know the feeling so well though. Two more inhale reach five exhale you open once again inhale six exhale bring it to salute, now let's pause here and salute we're gonna reach those arms up, we're gonna immediately take the arms back two to three inches and then we're going for shave the head right away. Bend and press one and inhale bend exhale press two nice ladies inhale bend exhale press three, we've got three more bend press. bend press.

And then one more to bend and press it right back up from there, can you give me more glutes more hamstrings make that final position feel like the biggest part of the exercise circle, your arms around take a rest lovely job, hook those straps on the poles. We're going for the long box next so go ahead and get your boxes bring them onto the reformer long ways I'll bring the foot bar up for you and we're just gonna do a quick Swan. One medium spring is usually the best spring for this go ahead and lay on the stomach hands on the bar from there push yourself back let those arms stretch long and straight. This will be start and stop today, floated up inhale lift the head and heart come up, exhale take it all the way down. Gorgeous job again inhale brings it up feel free to separate those legs to free up the spine no need to slam those legs together if that makes you not able to come up as much for your extension.

And again inhale brings you up gorgeous and let that exhale take you down bend your arms come all the way in. We're gonna lower that foot bar down and we're gonna do the helicopter spin I'm gonna get out of the way ladies spin towards the windows there, very nice and then just adjust and get yourself put back together if you need to. All right going for pulling straps, *and t pulling straps starts high I want you to believe in yourself and go for the best extension you've got today. Draw the shoulders back inhale pull those straps go ahead and arch those backs ladies, exhale lower the arms bring them down again inhale pull the straps lift up gorgeous exhale lower release that head again. Inhale pulls you up three exhale, lower down taking the hands all the way down to the ends of the straps.

Possibly even those metal clips so that you can get low lift your arms up the carriage is still on that stopper shoulders are off those ears. You go inhale one exhale return to start inhale pull two exhale red turn to start last one inhale three exhale return to start release. Very nice go ahead and hook your handles on the pulse, you're gonna turn around and get ready for backstroke, we're gonna change those springs first though. So go ahead and put your other medium spring on so you have two yellows, you can get the handles in your hands and then have a seat on your box. So backstroke on your back yep there we go all right scooting those seats forward we're gonna add little crosses of the legs today on this.

So ladies roll back bring the hands in front of the head curling up nice and high, the exercise begins by reaching arms and legs up inhale one exhale open to a tiny v inhale circle around, reach over the thighs cross the heels. One, two, three, four, five, together knees and arms all bend back in everything up inhale that was lovely, exhale open inhale circle, reach open cross two, three, four, five together knees and arms bend back in just one more today take it up. And then you open circle reach and cross two, three, four, five together everything bends in. Just put both straps in your left hand and then just sit up swing your legs to the left a little bit, yep it's always easier said than done. I know it's such a tricky transition, hook your handles on the poles for a second change your spring to one blue and we're doing teaser next we're doing two teasers with the feet on the bar and then we're gonna see if we can pull off two teasers with the spring attached or with the handles in the hands.

So for your teaser with your feet on the bar, hips come all the way forward we're gonna slowly stretch those legs straight and you're just gonna reach your arms up and out. Nice ladies from there, breathe in and let's find that teaser shape, so a little pelvic tilt and let's pause right there. Taking a moment can you send your shoulders down, parallel your feet and send your heels down very important that those heels are low. Now the feet are pressing up just like they did on hundred. How connected can you get?

Find a big breath in, roll that spine down exhaling push the feet up to lock into those cores let the arms just come straight down and release it back, lift the head curl inhale teaser up, gorgeous teaser right back down exhale. Very nice let the arms go back, now remember we gotta find the coordination here of curl look at the feet put the low back on the box, teaser up and now bend those knees and come in ladies. You need to change your spring for your teaser usually a medium spring is about right sometimes a little more spring than that is helpful. You need to get your foot bars out of the way, drop them down(giggles) perfect and grab those handles. All right, laying back about to where the shoulder blades are still on the box, but you're towards the edge of 'em maybe in the little wiggle Olivia perfect, and then release that head and arms back.

Ladies in this position, we breathe in with an exhale lift your head look to your toes and bring those toes to eye level hands close to hips teaser up inhale one gorgeous. You got it exhale take it down beautiful, absolutely stunning you only have to do it one more time today. And from there inhale exhale look to those toes low back to the box and inhale teaser that up, up, up, exhale send the belly to the back, to send your spine down. You get to release those handles and I always lie because you have to do one more teaser to get up, drop the handles on the floor from there lift your head, look at your toes grab those thighs as needed and teaser right up good ladies put your feet down and relax. ladies the next exercise is rocking, so we are gonna do the little hamstring pulls go ahead and thread your foot strap through your handles and I'll get the ones over here.

I'm gonna be a good, well actually no let's do the transition let's do the transition so, we need one medium spring probably you probably don't wanna be too heavy on this. And, have a seat on your box put your feet on your headrest grab your straps, Cross the straps and put them on your feet. I know I'll be a good friend I'll help you if you lose them and then yeah, just rest your heel there you go whichever strap is on top, you turn towards the strap on top and you flip around Zoey got it. I'm gonna give you a little help right there and I'll help you Olivia, yep we almost lost one. We did it So good. `Okay good

it's always good to have a friend around in the studio. All right from here let's just yeah cross the hands in front of the box for just a second. All I want you to do it first is just two lift lowers of the thighs, so those thighs are gonna come up up, up now lower the thighs down good. Do that once again, press those thighs up now hold 'em there and do two hamstring pulls pull those heels really close to your seat, they gotta get close enough that you can reach 'em in a second. Extend them away do it again pull 'em really close to you like you're gonna put your heels on your head and go ahead and move them away, now here's where we're gonna pull, hold them reach those hands back.

see if you can find an ankle or a foot or just some sort of your body part of your body. And from here, everyone breathe in and try to puff up so you lift your heart and chest push your feet up into those straps. Now go back down release and draw the chin in it's beautiful again, prop it up push the feet into the hands and lift. Now you try to add that little rock, you go a little forward and up two more forward and up one more forward and that's enough release and drop down. Let your legs extend, drop your straps on the floor send your feet to the floor, stand up and why don't y'all do a quick little counter stretch hands on the box and round over that was amazing.

Horseback is next today so you're gonna need to hold those handles in your hands your spring tension should be fine and you're gonna straddle the box. The knees are quite far forward and you're just gonna give that box a little hug with your curves and your knees more than your inner thighs. So if you feel like the box is on your inner thigh too much, just wiggle your knees kind of forward and the girls are showing a really good position here all we're gonna do right here, is the reaching forward and three arm lower lifts and then we're moving on. So we better make 'em really good and sassy so let's inhale to prepare ladies, with an exhale, Oh, Olivia your straps are crossed hold on. Oh no.

That happens. Thank you. All right you're perfect, so we breathe into prepare, with an exhale send those arms forward pull the ribs back pull the waist back everybody hover and hold. Now from there take those arms down with an inhale exhale, think you're teasing up right here inhale lower those arms exhale lift them, inhale lower 'em exhale lift them and hold for three pull the ribs back two tip the tail under one sit right down. And that's all it's gonna be today you can hook the handles on if that's all says the person not doing the workout, please take your boxes away take 'em to the back of your reformers.

The long stretches are next so we're gonna bring these foot bars up, and ladies we are going to go to a yellow in a blue spring or a medium and a light. You need your sticky pad on your headrest and your headrest raised up high we're gonna flow through these long stretches in the upper body workout. We did a few different variations, but today we're just gonna flow through everything we're just doing two or three of everything so isn't that exciting? So go ahead and when you step up Olivia come around to this side for me, all right we're all gonna step up right hand on the foot bar first, then left foot on the sticky pad left hand on the bar right foot comes up and you're just boom ready to go. We're just doing two nice inhale takes you back I want you to challenge your distance today I'm giving you permission to let your shoulders creep a little with an exhale bring yourself forward.

Pull up, up, up through your middle, think about that hundred beats from earlier as you take the carriage back with an inhale, think about the digging of the feet up on the foot bar right now you're digging your feet down and you're gonna find that connection to your belly, we're gonna use that throughout this series. From there ladies go ahead and put the knees down, open the feet apart we're doing down stretch two repetitions really think about that pulling of the back of the knees up to the seat. Girls go for it inhale take it back exhale bring it up hover and hold how much extension can you get, inhale take it back to exhale brings you up hover and hold chin into chest curl and round your spine, now prop up for upstretched knees come off the mat. All right I want you to think about that a hundred beats queue again okay carriage goes back inhale one hips come down exhale dig the feet, connect to the belly. Keep the head down as we inhale over that bar chin pulls into chest we're curling up trying to keep the carriage glued to that stopper inhale take it back two, exhale those hips come down, inhale you come forward.

You find your stopper, you glue to it and you pull up from the belly like a pike, now it's up down combo inhale carriage goes back. Exhale hips come down and you Swan through we're not gonna touch the stopper pause just before it. Take it back with your arms draw your chin in float up like a pike complete that moment there yes then take it back again inhale exhale hips down. Come through like a Swan gorgeous keep that chin up push back with your arms then tuck the chin and pull up like a pike. Walk those feet down flat, we're going right for elephant two repetitions carriage goes back inhale one exhale carriage comes under.

Dig the heels lift the toes, carriage goes back two, exhale it comes under flowing into Arabesque one carriage goes back we hold steady quiet the equipment. All you do is take your left foot through the shoulder rest and lift it up now two times roll the carriage in, roll it back with precision. Roll it forward, roll it back and hold everything goes silent the foot comes down it's still silent, as the other foot goes through and up now move it exhale under inhale take it back. Exhale under inhale take it back, bring the foot down get ready for Arabesque two we're doing the prep today only so this exercise is open the carriage as much as you can there. Take your right foot, your left foot rather, put it behind your right, now from there breathe in with an exhale the carriage rolls in and that leg lifts up high with an inhale.

Take the leg down roll the carriage back that's one exhale just do it once again inhale bring it back and then you walk to do the other side. Good and the right foot comes back exhale leg comes up big lift, gorgeous girls inhale bring it down, exhale floats it up up, up Inhale brings it down. Bring that foot down, bring the carriage in everyone walk your feet forward turn around and have a seat on your foot bar getting ready for long back stretch. All right, we're gonna walk those feet out only two long back stretches in each direction, here we go with dynamics inhale bend the elbows down exhale roll it out. Inhale lift the hips exhale reluctantly roll back to the start position, bend the arms inhale down exhale tuck and roll it out.

Move that carriage move it, move it, move it lift up bring yourself right back in undo that tuck reverse it exhale tuck and roll it out. Keep those arms straight go low then the elbows back behind you push yourself up Oh, the hardest part take it out good. Lower down pull yourself back, push yourself up have a seat take a moment roll out your wrist for just a second. We're gonna get ready for tendon stretch we're going right into it so we're only gonna do two tendon stretches with both feet then we're gonna walk around and do our two tendon stretches on each leg doing the swinging. So when you're, well not when you're ready When I'm ready.

(laughs) Right. Deep breath into prepare with an exhale draw your chin into your chest and round down now everyone pause here, the heels should be down and I want you to shift your body weight forward over your toes a little more. Ladies two repetitions only with an inhale carriage rolls out you go, (breathes in) with an exhale lift yourself upward more than backwards. Again, inhale takes you out too exhale and lift up ,up, up, up, up, have a seat on the bar gorgeous, walk around. As you walk around let's take the left leg, bring it on in front of the bar good you're holding that bar with your hands all right there's gonna be a pause two, three when we get the leg up okay.

Prepare with an inhale exhale stand up, get the leg forward and upward hold one, two, three now swing the leg back and the carriage out, swing the leg side the carriage comes in only one more inhale swing it back exhale swing it up hold for one hold for two hold for three step onto the floor behind you switch legs. You're amazing I'm so impressed, here we go other leg hands to the bar big inhale to prepare, exhale bring that leg out to the side, bring it a little forward hold for three, two, one leg goes back carriage goes out. Exhale leg goes side carriage comes in, inhale leg goes back exhale leg comes to that side step down to the floor take a break gorgeous job. The semi-circle is next ladies so you can get rid of the sticky pad, you can just place it back on your box that's fine for semi-circle we want the two outside springs so those are the two medium springs on the outside is our goal on this, the legs just hang over the bar and then just wiggle yourself down. So those hips go down and then start to push the carriage out and you're gonna try to get to where those arms are nice and straight in a perfect world the edge of the carriage would be right about at your bra line area is our goal here.

And then you're gonna walk your feet up onto the foot bar we're only doing two in each direction, when you've been working this hard I call this a catch of breath moment, even though it's a hard exercise it's an opportunity just to slow down and breathe. So girls let's pick those hips up high, once your hips are up high, bring your carriage in as close to the stopper as you can, or as close to the foot bar as you can. Find a big inhale and ladies roll your spines down with your exhale just breathe out and again just using this as an opportunity to catch that breath. Now the hips go down between the springs you almost let your back release a little and you use your strong arms and legs to get two thirds of the way back and you stop with precision. The carriage does not roll as you pelvic tilt with an exhale and roll up to the top of your shape, then keep those hips high and bend your knees to come in.

Inhaling. (breaths in) We go down again ladies exhaling working through that spine, beautiful job and the hips find the springs staying on those springs, we roll it out inhale. Pausing there, and then tuck and roll to come up nice controlled pace ladies, bring it all the way in. And now we reverse that you go back you pause there and then you roll arms are strong legs are strong that gives you that pliability through your spine. Then you keep those hips low as you roll in, I think that's the hardest part then it's a pelvic tilt that pulls you up really trying to segment out this exercise one more time in that direction, inhale take it back.

Pause there exhale roll down, those hips find the springs you stay on those springs as you roll in and you deepen through the middle, pull the belly, tuck the tail and you curl to come up. Ladies, let your arms bend just let that carriage come underneath you wiggling down nicely done. You just got a really good moment of a rest, which I know that didn't feel like a huge rest but back bend is next so sit up for me take all your springs off. We're gonna do it just like we did on our back extension day, so the carriage will roll all the way back, you're coming down onto your knees. All right gonna take those arms up to the ceiling above you we're going right into trying to add the full expression of the exercise, so taking care of your bodies at home if you're not ready for it yet, take the arms back go into a little arch from there twist towards your right and reach down palm is facing up, grab that bar turn and see.

Is it possible for you to grab that bar today? Hold there bend and straighten your arms three times then stretch one, then stretch two, then stretch three and hold use that high knee and bring yourself up twist and sit all the way up ladies, that was absolutely stunning. You only have to do it one more time so here we go nice little extension takes you back, good then you twist you reach palm to ceiling grab that bar twist and maybe you can find the bar with the other hand. You go bend straighten one, bend straighten two, bend straighten three twist and bring yourself up strong seat lay over your carriage and release beautiful, beautiful job. Come on up to standing we're going through snake next so we need our boxes again I'll bring your carriages in, the spring tension is one medium spring or one yellow on the peak reformer.

We'll bring the boxes to this side of the reformer today to get started option here to just do the pike variation that we learned earlier, but we can also take it into the full expression of the exercise which is what we'll do today. So step on up and you're gonna walk really close to your frame and cross that left foot in front sorry, left foot in front the hands come down good. All right so from here let's just pause let's breathe into prepare as you breathe out I want you to pull that carriage as tight against the stopper as you can and raise up to your highest tippy toes there, now start to roll the carriage out inhale once it gets about halfway out, you start to snake through lift your gaze out arch through inhale. Let's draw the chin in exhale, curl to come right back up again really close it to the stopper we're gonna do that one more time only roll it out. Really wrap through the thighs the legs do more work than we, they realize here good and shin pulls in you curl yourself up and bring that carriage all the way in.

Feel it click and take a rest nice ladies lets take the box around to the other side, very well done. All right stepping up all right and right foot crosses in front I had to do it bring the hands down, take a second really close that carriage and then tippy toe those feet and start to roll out inhale. It goes about halfway and then with an exhale you snake it through open through the chest gaze goes out, chin pulls into chest curl up inside yourself. Really close it feel that connection to the belly as you bring it to the stopper, and we go again inhale take it out exhale link them through beautiful ladies. Draw the chin in and pull up breathe out connect to that core, to get into the stopper hear it, click and rest.

Very nicely done we'll just get the boxes out of the way we'll bring them to the back again. Cock Screw, TikTok and balance control are next, so we're gonna load the springs up to stabilize the carriage, lower the headrest down if they're not already and lay on your backs. Only two sets of everything hold onto your poles once you get a nice grip around the poles, think pull those elbows as wide east and west as you can draw your knees into your chest. For Cock Screw we're going right into big daddy so the legs go straight up with an inhale, we'll lower the legs to give you a little momentum to get over and go for it, swing over and up. All right from here take a second Can you lift your chin a little?

So your neck isn't so flat now tip your toes to the left just a little and start to roll that spine right down the center of your mat, that's your inhale you'll take your legs downward and around and you use that right side to guide yourself, back up to the top. Let's relift the legs a little bit ladies gorgeous now legs to the left, we roll that down good those legs go around and you come up. We do it again to the left inhale takes you halfway around that exhale brings you around and up beautiful to the left, to the right rather inhale roll down bring it around, exhale and up. From here send your spine down onto the mat your hips to the mat getting ready for, TikTok those legs are lifted over hips we're gonna look to the left and the legs to the right let's exhale. As we do the movement then let's inhale return to center today other direction, exhale look right legs go left inhale bring it back to center and pause.

One more set exhale, good inhale bring it up exhale, inhale bring it up lovely. From there Jackknife over and up once again gorgeous take one arm put it down on your mat, glue it down other arm to the mat, glue it down. Ladies take a second to think. Where is my frame gonna be? Prepare with an inhale my left leg goes down, right leg goes up breathing out, breathing out, breathing out, inhale meet in the middle very well done.

Switch exhale breathe out, breathe out inhale meat in the middle one more set as one leg goes up high it throws your balance off so your belly has to lock right in to hold you steady meat in the middle inhale. Switching one last time exhale meeting right in the middle inhale now come down thoughtfully using your core no gravity. It's all you and hug those knees into your chest for a second, send your feet to the floor jump up grab those boxes. Short Box is next, you can also get your bar I'll get your bars for you How's that? I'll be a good friend (giggles) so you can bring your foot strap up and there's a bar for you dear and a bar for you.

I'll just hold that for you, we're just doing three of everything holding the bar right in front of the shoulders it's just round flat and side up today. Take it back let the breath in flowing, this is an opportunity to catch your breath again exhale come forward who knew short box would start to be the easy exercise. Inhale takes you back it's lovely ladies exhale you come forward good. And again let that breath in take it back let the breath out and continue that exhale to lifting the bar right up over your head flow it inhale back. Exhale brings you up, inhale take it back, exhale brings you up I'm hearing some quivers I love it, *hearing and seeing 'em back beautiful bring it up.

Just sneak that actually hold that bar in your hands only three side up so turn and face the right leaving the left foot under the strap. You only have to do it three times you can do anything three times, hold the bar up over the head take a deep breath in everyone and exhale. Lean it over see if you can get that bar to the floor if you can't no biggie inhale brings you up that's one, it's already just two more exhale take it down and bring it up. One more take it down bring it up and just turn around, do the other side that's simple holding that bar above your head, pull with your foot big exhale takes you down. Stretch that body inhale brings you up exhale take it down two inhale brings up exhale take it down.

How low can you go and bring it up you girls are amazing rest I'll take those bars for you stand up take those boxes away one final time. Running and bottom lifter next setting your springs the same as you used for footwork is usually what we do so we'll do a few sets of running into just five bottom lifts so this goes through rather speedy with a nice inhale stretch, the legs speedy but controlled. So we go inhale one and two and exhale two we're just doing ten sets this is three and three and four and four. Start to think about bottom lift that's coming. How can you get that body ready for it?

And seven and eight, nine and ten both heels up then the knees come in, take those feet out to the corners of the bar taking a deep breath in you exhale, tuck and curl those hips up the back bra line stays anchored down. Slide yourself back girls inhale, stretch the leg straight exhale drag yourself in take it back inhale too no holds but you're thinking of what those muscles feel like on the holds. Inhale take it back exhale brings it in inhale take it back exhale brings it in last invest inhale take it back exhale bring it in. Roll through that spine and take a rest walk your knees together and we'll get ready for our side splits. So go ahead and come up to standing if you need a side split platform like we do on these peak reformers, you're gonna go grab your platform now.

Our spring tension is gonna be two medium springs and the girls are just gonna slide those platforms in and get them secure. We also are gonna need our sticky pads just to get started for this sticky pad right to the center, ladies coming up we're gonna go up to standing and we're just doing two reps of everything, so it's gonna be two of the outer thigh hold two threes then we're going right into the Gondola. So starting with those two medium springs, we'll come around and face this direction first ladies step up safely one foot to the platform, other foot to the sticky take your arms, reach 'em out wide to the side. Take a moment to make sure the pelvis is set in place and that those knees are not locked, prepare with an inhale press the carriage out, get there and hold no wiggles one, two, three. Control that carriage coming in you do it again like that you only have to do two so make it fabulous.

Exhale brings it in now you're gonna reach down and take one of your springs off, from there turn your toes out. Arms reach out to the side big plea there with that carriage on the stopper and you hold right leg doesn't move left leg extends take it out one it comes under just one more like that, out two bring it under. Now the right leg goes move out, drag yourself in and take it out and drag yourself in hold it on the stop or stretch the legs straight stand up. Now go back down bend both knees one roll out stay low stretch both legs straight roll all the way in again bend down, roll out stay low stretch both legs straight come all the way in reverse it take it out. Bend both knees down stay low, low, low, thin, stand up amazing one more time take it out it's so hard.

Bend those knees and you stay low, low, low, and you stand up carefully coming off of that equipment, we can step down and turn around to do the other side. Throw that yellow back on so we're back to our two mediums for the heavy outer thigh exercise go ahead and step up. Good ladies arms reaching out check in with the pelvis, check in with those knees prepare with an inhale roll it out, exhale get there and everything goes silent. And then you bring it in, even I went silent that never happens again take it out hold it, bring it all the way in gorgeous job. Reach down change your spring, you're down to just one of those mediums the toes turn out to the side and ladies here we go squat down low.

Beautiful, right leg only send it out pull it in take it out two bring it in you hold that left leg moves you out. Bring it in and out, bring it in stretch both legs up straight bend both knees down, low, roll out, stay low. Stretch the legs up come all the way in again ladies, take it down, take it out stretch it up you come in reverse that take it out. Go down low and try to stay low, low, low , stand all the way up one more time take it out bend the knees. Go low, low, low, stay low and stand all the way up amazing work, we come out of that stepping down carefully to the floor.

So we have to get rid of our side split platform so we're gonna get those out we're going into the Russian splits next, so we're gonna skip front splits just do the Russian splits. Foot bar comes all the way up, going to a yellow in a blue spring, a medium and a light headrest comes all the way up. And ladies come up to standing facing this direction and just hold right there for a second all right we're gonna integrate the whole body this exercise today is gonna be about strength, not about flexibility. So let go of any expectations and your flexibility take a deep breath into prepare draw the chin into the chest, curl down and take a hold of those shoulder blocks. Take your right foot bring it back onto the foot bar the heel is up on the top of the bar the toes are on the side.

Try to prop up on your hands and bring that left knee up and forward very good, now find your low lunge there roll the carriage out a pretty good bit. Load lower down in everyone strong back leg like it's an exercise for this leg the left leg now goes out here's where we just think I'm gonna push it out with my hands and then bring it in. Don't worry about where that flexibility goes think about it being an exercise for that right leg choose enough, option for balance arms come out feel free to leave those hands on the shoulder blocks. We go again take it out excellent bring it in, again take it out, bring it in bring those hands down. Now everybody fold up with two straight legs yep, pick your foot up hop your heel to the crease of the headrest, so the whole foot's on the headrest.

Big inhale to prepare, exhale from your strength, don't fall into your flexibility deepen from your strength. Inhale fold it up (breathes in) let's send it out again with an exhale today big press out and pull it in. And now stand on those hands pick your knee up and walk your foot back and bring that foot down stay right there, switch legs left foot goes back and then that right foot hops forward. Find your low lunge, take a moment, take a second let's get that back leg as solid as you can get it, now push with the right out and it comes back and it goes out two, and it comes back option for balance here and go out gorgeous. Bring it in one more, take it out excellent ladies those hands come down we fold up both legs are straight.

Rolling the carriage all the way into the stopper, pick that foot up bring the whole foot onto the headrest and then big inhale ladies, exhale press it out. How much strength from the back leg and glutes can you use? Inhale bring it up I saw that fixed Zoey that was really nice again exhale take it out, use your arms use your back leg. Yes inhale bring it in stand on those hands pick your knee up a little and walk that foot back. Now put both feet down, balance out the feet for a second I want you to bend both knees two to three inches, now your carriage is gonna wiggle light crazy but I want you to try to roll up with strong control.

Head is the last thing so that chin stays pulled to the throat chin stays down, chin stays down and you stand all the way up. It's no big deal a back bend is next So, Big deal. Come on down again says the person not doing the workout, grab your boxes we're gonna do the back bend the same way that we learned it with Olivia. You may have to adjust your hair, If you've got a high bun on, I think you'll be okay Zoey box goes down length ways, and just the springs really don't matter cuz the carriage doesn't move, but we could just stabilize the carriage by throwing a spring or two on. All right so we've adjusted our hair and we're ready to move on to the full hybrid so for this exercise today, we're gonna sit on the front edge of the box, front edge of the box and then your feet are on the foot bar and you're gonna roll down to your back and the top of your head is gonna go onto the headrest.

Yeah so you just kind of wiggle back and you don't wanna have a lot of pressure on your head just barely a little bit of pressure and now take your hands and reach 'em onto the wooden frame. You have to figure out just where it's right for you adjust as needed in between the first thing I want you to do here ladies is put so much energy into your arms, that your head feels a little lighter on the box or on the headrest. Now without pushing your arms straight at all, just bridge your back up lift your back and squeeze your seat really bring your legs to life now bring your bottom down again. Just that much now do that one more time just the bottom up, and then bring that down all right ladies here we go. We're gonna pick that bottom up and now you're gonna see if you can push yourself up into the full bridge there, pushing with those arms stretch.

Try to stretch the knees straight ladies, hold for three, hold for two, hold for one, bring yourself down bend those knees easy head to the headrest. Draw your chin into your chest curl up inside yourself and round over gorgeous as if that wasn't hard enough we finished today with the exercise star. Stand up let's get those boxes out of the way one final time, I think I've said that twice now our spring tension is gonna be one medium spring or one yellow. For the star it's gonna be two repetitions you're gonna find the position, you're gonna slide out come in twice. And then we're gonna try to lift the leg as you slide twice that's it so ladies you can come around and you bring your right hand onto the foot bar.

Your right foot is gonna come up you then stack that left foot, and we hold there go ahead and lift the arm up ladies from there slide out inhale slide in exhale. Let's slide in inhale you know what I mean? Exhale come in now see if you can lift the leg as you slide out it might happen, it might not bring yourself right back to start. One more time lift the leg, roll it out lower the leg, bring it in step your foot down gorgeous and walk around. Do the other side that was stunning, remember not to hang in the wrist and the elbow joint.

So as you step or put that hand down strong arm, push the carriage out a little with that left leg, roll it down and then stack up. Boom you're there go ahead and lift the arm out and girls, we roll inhale out, exhale roll in inhale roll out. Exhale now add a leg lift, leg lifts you roll you bring it in its beautiful one more take it out, bring it in step that foot back and step to the floor. Ladies how do you feel after breaking through to the advanced reformer? (laughing) Great.

Thank you so much for joining us for this series of classes what I hope is that you found all these little areas where you could do things you didn't think you could do, keep working towards these final expressions of the exercises and remember that whatever you're doing is enough, just showing up is plenty. Thank you so much for joining us and I'll see you next time.

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Carrie I walked through these series with you and just like you said at the end of this class - I had never been able to do the high bridge and I was able to now with the help of the box! I was so happy to achieve that! Also, for this class making just a few repetitions of each exercise helped me perform them with much more precision, integrity and quality. I will come back to this class over and over again! Thanks so much for sharing your work!
Karen K
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Love love love this flow! Thanks ๐Ÿ™
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Thanks so much for doing the entire series! I am so proud of you for completing all of the classes and I'm so happy to hear that you felt so successful!

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I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this series. Pilates Anytime, pls more content like this๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
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Amazing class! I love the flow and speed and all the variations on exercises I have never been able to do before like high bridge.
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Couldn't find the flow in the series.ย  I understand adv is low reps but it doesn't do it for me. Slowed it down a bit and did a reps of 4 each and it was better
Amazing class and series, thanks so much!
Great job Carrie loved it ๐Ÿ‘Œ
I loved this series, how each class highlights a region of the body while still being whole body, and then the grand finale pulls it all together.ย  ย I loved doing just a couple repetitions of each exercise, and I loved the creative way to get into backbends, high bridge, and snake.ย  Superb cueing, absolutely crystal clear.
Wow, Carrie you are just so awesome. I can't believe I was able to do that high bridge at the end, but I did. Thank you for creating this series.
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