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Prenatal Wunda Chair Workout

30 min - Class


Pre Natal specialist Amy Cady teaches a class suitable for all trimesters of pregnancy. Using the Exo Chair and three students (including herself) to represent modifications for each trimester, Amy offers a class that will address posture, muscle tone and pelvic lumbar stabilty of the pregnant woman. The Wunda Chair can be substituted for the Exo Chair but you will want hand weights to use instead of the stroops in order to do most of the exercises. For second and third trimester, Amy also uses a "C-shaper" toward the end of class. If you do not have a C-Shaper, it is not appropriate to lie flat as a modification. Instead, use a few pillows to elevate your body on an incline. This is a great class for anyone wanting to have some direction on the exo chair. It is creative, it flows and above all, it is fun! Thanks Amy!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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This was fantastic!! Loved all the variety the chair offers esp using the stroops. The Exo chair is just so versitile. Hope we see more programs using the chair for the non pregnant client as well. Loved this instructor. Hope she comes back! A nice flow with this class, the modifications were very insightful.
This is a great class. I hope you come back soonest because We miss exo chair workout. I personally find the chair very challenge because the base is so small and particulary fine for the sitting posture. Please more ......Thanks to everyone. Monica italy
Amy, A beautiful class! I loved it, even though I'm not pregnant, nor do I own an EXO Chair. I have a client that is in her first trimester and has actually taken your per-natal certification; such a small world :) I'm getting creative with it!
Amy, thank you for this class. Great to see pregnant women moving so much and so dynamically. I do want to ask though about one particular thing- You teach a lot of exercises with the legs in "scissors"- weight bearing and non weight bearing. I didn't hear you "warning" or making any comments regarding PS dysfunction... and I wonder what is your view on that? Many thanks again. Amit
Great class, Amy. Beautiful transitions!
Hi Amit, Thank you for your question as it is an important one. Yes, PS (Pubic Symphysis) dysfunction is an issue for some pregnant clients but not all. It is important to check with your clients if they are experiencing any pain in that area before you give the exercises. If so, omit. The exercises in this workout that are weight bearing, single leg and scissor are done on very light springs and emphasis is on lumbopelvic stability as to not aggravate or irritate. Keep in mind the exercises in this workout are suitable for all trimesters, but important to pick the ones that are comfortable for your client. Here is more information: Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction
Hi Amy. Many thanks for coming back to me. Being aware of the issues of PS dysfunction and having a lot of experience working with pregnant women, the point I was raising really is that maybe it is worth adding a 'warning' that if a woman is feeling discomfort/pain in the PS area, she should not continue with those exercises that potentially can strain the area further... Best, Amit
What company sells the C Shapers? Thanks
Hi Shoshana, I got the C-Shapers from Balanced Body and Stott Pilates.
The video kept cutting off after about five minutes.
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