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Quick Traditional Flow

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You will work briskly through traditional work in this challenging Reformer workout by Maria Leone. She drops in immediately, encouraging you to keep your focus during this quick class. She offers different options for exercises like Pulling Straps and Chest Expansion so you can work to your current level.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Aug 08, 2022
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Hi, I'm Maria Leone. And today we're doing a brisk 20 minute traditional workout. I have Ryan here with me. So his springs are gonna be a little bit different. Let's start with footwork.

Three reds and a yellow. Maybe three reds and a blue. Maybe you have all the springs on the machine. The feet go wide in second position. Engage those inner thighs and start moving out and in.

And two, and in. Finding length in the spine. Trying to drop in quickly today, 'cause we don't have a lot of time together. Really keep your focus. Last time. Come all the way in.

Feet to first position right away. Wrap the legs and pull. And in. And two. And in. Three. Create length in the spine.

Lift those heels high. Glue the inner thighs. Quicken the tempo a little bit for me. Quicken and slow. Quicken and slow.

Last one. Stay in. Heels parallel on the bar. And start flowing out, and in. Working the out, working the in. Pulling the body long.

Two more here. Last time. All the way in. Sit yourself up. Let's put the foot bar down.

Changing your spring to a red and a blue, maybe two reds, maybe two reds and a yellow. Onto your back for abdominal work. The hands are coming into the loops. We're gonna be building starfish. Legs to tabletop.

Inhale here. Exhale. Lift to your a hundred position. Hold it. Feel it. Set it.

Come slowly down. Moving on. Back to your hundred. Stay here. Turn out the legs.

Inhale. Open the legs. Exhale. Close. Squeeze them tight. Inhale open. Exhale squeeze close.

Two more. Inhale and exhale. Last one. Inhale and exhale. Lower down. Inhale here. Exhale back to that hundred.

Turn out the arms and the legs. Just the arms move. Inhale open. Exhale close. Inhale open.

Exhale close. Last time. Inhale, exhale, lower down. We put it all together. Inhale here. Exhale lift. Turn everything out.

Arms and legs. Everything opens. Everything closes. I'm gonna add some little flourishes, but you can follow Ryan. Inhale, exhale.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Last time. Inhale, exhale, lower everything down. Head and shoulders stay down now for everybody.

Legs to the ceiling. Hands by your side. Turn the palms to face you. Inhale. The legs lower, the arms open. And you pause for three, two, one.

Everything back to the start. Again, open and pause. Front ribs to back ribs. Two, one, back to your start. Lengthen and reach.

Hold still for three, two, one. Back to your start. Adding on. Lower and pause. Hold three, two, one, legs up, tail up. Open the shape and pause for three, two, one.

Legs up, tail up. Lower and pause for three, two, one. Legs up, tail up. And lower down. Reach behind you.

Put your headrest down. We're moving into rollover. Take your legs straight up. Take your hands by your side. Inhale. Hands go down.

Exhale. The legs go up and over your head. Flex the feet. Open them the distance on the machine. Peel down with control, and then circle the legs down and together. Float the arms up.

The arms go down. Exhale up and over. Open the legs. Push through the heels. Peel down with control.

Circle the legs down and together. The arms come up. Arms first. Move from the center of the body to get those legs over. Open and reach.

Keep reaching as you peel down. Down and together. Arms up. Last time. Inhale, and exhale. And inhale, and exhale.

And inhale. Knees in, arms up. Lower everything down. Sit yourself up, and change your machine. Change your machine to one heavy spring. Maybe a heavy and a light if you're a gentleman.

We're doing something a little new. Your knees are back at the edge of the machine. Pull the knee up and into your shoulder. Flex the foot. From here, push the heel straight back in line with our glute.

And in. Back out. Two. And in. Try to stay light on your hands here. Maybe even taking one hand off. Two more.

Last time. And lower down. Here's one of the hardest parts. Loop up over the knee. As gracefully as you can, go back to that same position.

Pull the knee up into the shoulder and push that leg straight back. And in. Now if this is too much, just repeat this without the tension of the machine. Notice how if you get light with the hands, you really feel that sensation throughout the whole body. Make sure the head is in line with the back.

Two more. Push and pull. Last time. Push. In we go. Take the loop off your knee.

Transfer it to your hands. You're on your knees and you're upright. Right here. Two choices. A simple row. This one's a little bit easier, where the arm stays straight and you pull back.

No matter what you're doing, the spine is long, the shoulders are wide. Push the shin bones down. Keep the focus on the center of the body. Last one. Transferring to the other side. And let's set up for your other side starting with that dress rehearsal first.

So knee to shoulder, make sure you're not arching. Push the heel straight back and then pulling it in. Straight back, heel to sit bone relationship. Really feeling that glute. Try taking a hand away, which is doable here.

It's super hard once that tension comes on the leg. Last one. Come on out. Grab your loop. It's going up and over your knee.

And then coming into that start position, getting your bearings and pressing out and in. You gotta really anchor with the center of the body before you start moving that leg. I recommend you keep that leg flexed, that foot flexed. Try to be light on your hands, but it's really tough here not to rely on those hands for support and stability. Last one.

And come on out. That loop is going into your hand. You're on two knees. You're upright. And maybe you're doing a basic row, or maybe you're pulling the arm straight back.

Whatever you did on the first side, do the same thing here. Even if you know you can do one thing on one side but not the other. Crown of the head to the ceiling. Last time. Moving on. Some of you are gonna stay on your knees for this and you'll follow Ryan.

Let's start all together, pulling the two arms back and the two arms forward. Two arms back, two arms forward. Some of you, hands to the shoulder blocks. Step up. Put your feet right where your knees were, and then continue.

Now if you're standing, you need to have a really good focal point, and the hands can't lose tension. So make sure those ropes don't go too far forward, and really ground through your feet. Getting tall wherever you're at. Bend your knees. Hinge forward from the hip.

I'm changing the grip to an overhand grip. The elbows come in by the side. Back flat. And then out and in. Keep your breath.

Bend deeply into those knees if you're standing. Make sure you're controlling on the way in. Two more. Last time. And everybody out.

Keep holding the ropes. Turn around and face forward. We're going into a traditional rowing front. One of the traditional rowing. The legs are straight.

You're up in front of the shoulder rests. Hands to the shoulders. We're gonna build it. Reach out on the diagonal. Pause. Feel the shoulder blades are back in.

And again, press out. And controlling it in. Back out. Three. And control it in. We're gonna move on.

Press out to the diagonal. Pause here. Press the arms down like you're pushing a window pain down. Back to the diagonal, and into the shoulders. Continue. Out. Reach as you lower.

Reach as you lift. And in. Now focus on the shoulder girdle as you do this. Keep those shoulder blades more or less still, and wide on the back. Moving on. So we push out.

The arms lower. This time, arms all the way up over your head. Arms by the ears. Ribs are tight. Press the arms down.

Weird transition back to the shoulder. Push out. Press the arms down. Keep lengthening as you get tall, tall, tall. Press the arms down, and back to the shoulder.

Last time. Pushing out. Get tall as you lower. Get taller as the arms go up. Press the arms down and into salute. Hands come to the temples, and then ever so slight pitching forward, pushing out over the head and in.

And I like to keep the arms, excuse me, the hands apart. So put a lot of attention to that upper back, keeping it nice and long and flat. Some of you might opt to go to a single arm here. It's up to you. Notice how much those legs wanna ricochet over to one side.

Ricochet. I haven't said that word in a long time. (laughs) And last time. And come on in. Put the loops down. Onto your hands and knees, facing forward.

I have my feet back on the headrest. Hands at the front of your carriage. Take the arm closest to camera, reach it back behind you. Find yourself with your back flat. Opposite leg reaches out in the air, and begin a bicep curl here.

And now if the balance is too much, just come to two knees. But ideally that leg is reaching out behind you. It's super long. Check in with the position of your head. Last time.

And now keep the arm back behind you. Flex the foot. Carry your leg all the way side, and then all the way back behind you. And again, much harder than it looks guys. And all the way back.

And the leg goes side. And I'm allowing the hip to flex also guys. And again, all the way back. Lower the knee down. Quick child's pose here.

Put the rope down. Grab the other rope. And we come up for the other side. Begin your bicep curl as soon as you're able. And then determine for yourself if you're gonna keep the two knees down, or maybe you're gonna reach the back leg back.

The knee points down. The hips are square. The neck is long. And just listen to the soundtrack of your breath. Full engagement.

Keep the arm back. Pause here. Carry that leg all the way side. Flex the foot. Try to keep it high, but it'll lower. And all the way back.

And again, carry it side. And all the way back. Notice the work in the trunk. Not to tilt. All the way back.

Last time. All the way side. All the way back. Lower down. Quick child's pose. And up we go. Into pulling straps.

Grab your box. It's on your machine. The spring should be good to go. Lay yourself down. Chest is off the edge.

Choke up on the ropes. Belly lifted. Inhale. Lift the heart up, and lower all the way down. Inhale. Lift two, and lower down. Inhale. Three, and lower down.

Last time. Inhale. Lift four. Lower down. Slide your hands down to the edges of the loops. Bring your arms to a T.

Stay here. Pull the arms into your sides and open. Option to start swimming your legs as you're doing this. Option to lift the chest as you're doing this. Keep flowing. Keep moving. Last one. And everything comes down.

Okay. Up. And we're turning the box traditionally short. So for me, it means over the shoulder rest. We need to adjust our machines in at our studio. I'm gonna add a spring, a heavy spring.

And we're setting up for a side over. Face camera so you can see me. We're seated over on the side of your hip. Take your fingertips, put it down on the headrest to establish your diagonal. Hands behind the head.

Here we go. And we go over, and we lift up to that straight line. Back over. Two, and up. Over, three. Option to add any arms that you want.

It's gonna always increase the challenge that you're working at. (heavy breathing) Two more. Last one. All the way down into the well. Any stretch that you want.

I prefer to rotate than side stretch. All the way up. And setting up for your other side. So you're on the side of your hip. I don't care too much where the foot is.

Put your fingertips down. Make that nice straight line from the crown of the head to the heel. Hands behind the head. Elbows are wide. Here we go.

Taking it over and up. And two, and up. Constantly lifting that leg up into the strap, maybe taking a different arm variation to add some challenge, and add weight to those obliques. Keep the breath smooth and steady. Full range. All the way down.

All the way up. All the way down. All the way up. Last one. And into the well. Whew. For a quick second.

That's it. And up. And the box comes off. Okay. We're going into Russian splits. Bring your headrest up. Your machine, two heavy springs, or a heavy swing in a medium spring.

I work with the foot bar up. Step onto your machine. Hands around the shoulder blocks. Right foot goes against the foot bar. Step the other foot forward, and establish your lunge.

Stay here. Reach strongly back through the back leg. Front leg now goes out and in. Option to take the hands off here. Up to you. If you're wobbly at all, keep the hands down.

There's a huge load if you're forward on the leg like this here. Last one. Hands go down. Stay here. Lift the back heel up high and keep it there. And now bring the carriage in and out. And then option here, to also take the hands away, or keep them down.

Last one. Press out. Stay here. From here, straighten the front leg, lift the hips, and head to foot. The carriage is all the way in. One time. Push the carriage out all the way to whatever feels good. From here, the carriage comes in, weight on your hands.

The front leg steps all the way back to the foot bar. Pull the carriage in. Lower the heels. Hold the carriage here, and breathe. Shoulder blades wide.

And the other foot steps forward. And then establish your lunge. Take a beat here. Situate yourself. Reach to the back heel.

And now the front leg goes out and in. And some of you will take the hands off. The back is flat. The hands go down. Lift the back heel up.

You'll notice the carriage will adjust out a little bit. Make sure the head isn't dropping. Back leg comes in, and out. Propelling yourself from that glute. I know your thighs are burning because mine are definitely generating some heat.

Hands may be off for some of this. Ooh baby! Last time. The hands go down. Lift the hips up. Bring the carriage in.

Drop your head to your front foot. That feels really nice. One big split. Pushing out, out, out, out, out, out. Here's our transition..

Bring the carriage in. The front foot goes all the way back. Pull the carriage in. Round the back. Heels are down, and hold.

Shoulder blades wide. Step your feet down to the carriage. Be in a little fake downward dog, and then come all the way down to your knees. Hands by your side. Forehead touches the mat, and some deep breaths here.

In and out through the back of the rib cage. I'm staying here. We are done for today, guys. I hope you got a good workout in. See you next time.


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Maria, outstanding quick reformer flow. No fuss, no muss, just good, sweaty fun. Please do more of these 20-30 minute fun, creative flows. Loved it.
Wow! More please!!
Loved it!!
Loved it!!
Michele M
Wow What an awesome quick workout with a lot a my favorite exercises!  Thank you Maria for your creativity and sharing!  Yes more, short practices please:D
Michael Mary S
Really nice quick flow.  Loved it.
loved it so much that I did it twice:~) 

I loved this! Thank you Maria! I almost passed it up because for some reason I thought it was going to be a classical flow. 
Great class! Doing it again for sure!
Great flow + love the pace! 💪🏽
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