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Dynamic Mobility

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Flexibility is passive. Mobility is dynamic. This is where the Pilates system works magic. Stretching and strengthening in the same dynamic movement with few static holds improves muscle elasticity with power and purpose. The ability to move muscles and joints through their full range of motion during active movement helps our body reach its full movement potential. Enjoy this workout with Jame Isaac to restore balance and optimal movement!
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Flexibility is passive whereas mobility moving a joint through its full range is dynamic. So in this workout, we're gonna use some dynamic movements to improve our power, our agility and our endurance. So join me here to move with power and purpose, and we'll start standing to make this happen. So let's begin standing tall. So we begin with some squats. So start with your arms out, stay connected to the powerhouse, and let's just bend the knees and straighten keeping the spine as long as you can, almost like you're sliding your back up and down a wall.

Let's do a couple more of these pressing all the way up goes deep as you can into the squat, and then press all the way up to stand tall. Let's take a look at shoulder mobility now. So we're gonna stabilize the entire body. It's called irradiation. So radiate the body nice and strong.

Reach your arm out to the side and just moving just the shoulder. Everything else is completely stable. Two more and let's change sides. The other arm reaches out and just moving just the shoulder joint stabilizing the whole body. Let's do two more. Let's repeat that similar in a similar way, just with the shoulders lifting up, shrug them up, and then draw them down. And up and down.

One more time. And then let's loosen the body a little more and just start to roll the shoulders back. Just roll them around. And now we can start to make the whole arm start to move. Feel a little free through that movement.

Try not to let the body move too much. Just the arms move to begin with, and then you can start to allow the body to move with them. As that range of movement feels a little more accessible. Let's reverse it back the other way. Do one more and bring your arms by their sides.

Now bring your arms up to the ceiling let's see if we can take the arms in opposite directions now. So we're not just challenging the body, we're challenging the brain as well. So let's take one arm forward one arm backwards, come all the way around and repeat and let's reverse it. You're managing it? It's a tough one. It certainly challenges my brain. Let's reverse.

One more time, one way, one more time, the other way, and then bring your arms down by your sides. So bring the feet in, that shoulder width apart, and just begin by just swinging the arms this time. And as you swing the arms, start to bend the knees. Combining the movements, just getting the body nicely oiled up. We'll do a couple more like this.

That swing reach up, swing back, lifting up last one. And then we're gonna turn this with a little bit of a twist. So we come up, come back and then twist and back and twist. Let the whole body move. You feel this all the way from your head to your heels.

One more on the other side, and then come back through the center. Okay take a step to the front of your mat, cross one leg behind the other and fold your arms. Let's see if we can stand tall, abs in and up, and lower ourselves with control down to our seats. Now if you feel like you're feeling unstable today, put your hands down, support yourself. You don't have to do this and succeed every time.

So make sure you set yourself up for success. So here we go, lowering down all the way onto our seat. Now the real challenge here is can we stand back up again? So can you stand all the way back up without using your arms? Let's come down one more time, and lower onto our seat from here.

Okay now roll over onto all fours for a little cat and cow. So start by drawing the abs in round in the back and then arching back the other way, broadening the collar bones, rounding over, and lift the head chest shoulders, smiling with the collar bones as we lift the head up. One more round and then come back to about halfway between the two let's try and work through all the joints of the hips, the shoulders and the wrists now. Just taking our body weight to circle around all of these limbs and let's reverse and go back the other way. You feel the pressure of the weight of our body just allows a little more range of movement, feels great in the hips.

Now bring your right knee forward, same movement, but you'll find that just by changing that placement of the knee, just challenges the range of movement a little more. It allows us also just to take a look through the body and see if one side is easier than the other, not to judge that side, but just to notice it so that it gives us something that we can focus our workouts on when we move around the studio later. I've got my left knee forward now. I'm definitely noticing that my left hip is a little tighter than my right. Let's reverse it. So that's good feedback and good information for me.

All right I'm just gonna take back into rest position for a moment, and then lift myself up and over onto my back, ready for my hundred. So stretch your legs out long. Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Take a big in inhale, reach your arms up by the ears. Exhale the arms down by your sides. And again as you lift the arms up, can you keep the back of your ribs down?

Challenge that shoulder joint. And again last time big inhale up. Now as we bring the arms up, we're coming up into our hundred. So arms come chin to chest rounding up and let's pump the arms strong, big inhales, big exhales, and again breathe it in, exhale it out. Keep the abs nicely connected, moving those arms from the back of the shoulder.

Exhale then add about five more to go. So breathe it in, breathe it out. Keep pumping those arms vigorously. Get that blood pumping around the body. Last two sets, and exhale it all out.

Lower the legs down, lower the head down. Bring the knees into the body now. And let's steal an exercise from the reformer, a little bit of short spine. So press your heels together. Reach your legs out, up and then bend your knees. Keep the legs, the feet where they are to lengthen the hamstrings as we come down and again out, up, bend the knees, lowering down.

Let's do three more, reach it out, up, as the knees come down, my seat is lifting up. So I'm really stretching the back, getting all that goodness out of the exercise. Last one. And roll all the way down and then hug the knees. Rock back and forth a couple of times, and come all the way up to sit ready for rowing. So stretch your legs out long in the mat in front of you, sit up to bring your arms out in front now, scoop the abs.

Let's round back as I'm scooping back and reaching my legs away, elbow's wide, take your nose to your knees. Push your arms behind you. Now we're getting a stretch here, take the hands together and let's see if we can reach them up. But I'm drawing my shoulder blades down into my back pockets at the same time. Then through whatever range of movement is available, bring the arms up and over, take a fold. Let's do two more with a little more flow.

So back, reach wide, stretch your arms, fly up and over once more scooping back, reach wide, stretch, and then reach up and then fold them over, sitting up nice and tall. So let's look a little bit at knee mobility. I'm gonna spin to face the camera so we can see what's going on. Stretch one leg out long, and we're gonna do an exercise that's similar to the tree. So take your wrist, drive your arm under your thigh. Take your wrist and lengthen up nice and tall.

You wanna pull the thigh and the torso together. Keeping the leg just straight as we were with the tree, and straighten it three times. Now, pull the foot back and turn it out. We're gonna work through that knee, range of movement of the knee, lifting up three times. That should feel subtly very different and turn the foot the other way, and we do the same on this side.

Pull in the thigh to the body and then just lower the leg down we change sides. Drive your arm, take your wrist straight and bend. Pull in the thigh to the torso. Now turn the foot out and draw the toes back the same. And now let's turn the foot in, I know it's a very strange position for the ankle, but you should feel that just differently through the muscles of the shin.

There we go right let's swing over and turn out again, ready for one leg circle. So lower onto your back and for this one bend your knees. Float one leg up to table top, and we'll start by just doing some hip mobility. So we're just gonna move our femur in the hip joint, keeping everything else anchored down. Working on what range we can get, keeping that stability.

Let's reverse it. Two more, pressing the shoulders down as well. And let's change the legs. Float the other leg up. So everything else is stabilized. It's just the femur moving in the hip joint.

So stir the femur around. Let's reverse it. And then lower the leg down. Now straighten your right leg, flex your foot, bring the left one up to the ceiling. Let's take that one leg circle through bigger range now. So I want you to take your toe across the body. How far can you go before your opposite shoulder wants to lift off?

That's about me there. So that's my point, my range of movement. And now take it out to the other side. Keep in the hip and shoulder of the other side of the body, pressing down. As soon as it starts to want to lift, that's our range of movement. Let's come back to the center. Now, three leg circles in each direction and we're gonna move through that full range. Here we go. We go across, down, around and center. Across, down, around and center.

So we're controlling the range of movement let's reverse. This is a little more like Joe's original one leg circle that we see in return to life. It's actually the first rotation of the spine in the classical sequence. So here we go. Let's do the other side. Let your hip lift. How far can you reach keeping your opposite shoulder pin down?

There we go. That's me there. And I'm gonna take it out to the other side. How far can I go before my hip wants to lift, and now I've got my full range of movement. Here we go. Across, down, around and up. Across, down, around and up. One more. Reverse it. And again. Last one.

Lower the leg down and coming up to sit for roll like a ball. So take hold of your ankles for roll like a ball. Let's just hug it tight and take five. Really enjoyable ball rolls. So take the head in, keep the abs connected and again. Scooping the abs, staying strong through the whole body.

Last one and then take your seat to the middle of the mat. Ready for our ab series. Reach one leg out hug the other leg in and lower onto our backs. Now if you feel that you want the focus to be on just the legs, you're welcome to lower the head down. Otherwise stay up with me and let's hug the other leg in.

So one leg hugs in the other leg reaches. Let's change. Hug it in as tight as can reaching an opposition. Hug it in and change and change and change. Keep your body square. So the box, the frame of the box, which is your hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder, and then the sides of the body joining those up, stay square, stay strong. Do one more on each side, ready for double leg stretch.

So lower the feet down, lower the head down, arms to the ceiling. We're starting our double leg stretch with just the arms. So reach up once again, past the ears if you can, but keep the back ribs down, reach around the sides, and back through the center. So I'm not just throwing my arms around in big circles, I'm controlling that range of movement, keeping the back of the shoulder down into the mat. Now let's bring the knees up, the head up, and let's see if we can repeat that same connection with the arms.

Let's reach out, stay connected, sweep and hug, and you'll create even more resistance in the exercise. Just from making those arms a little stronger. Let's do one more. Here we go. Reach, sweep and hug it in, which brings us to scissors. I love about scissors is that we get a stretch, and we also get that mobility as well.

Cause we're reaching the leg away. So it's increased our stretch, pull, pull, and switch. So we're controlling it. Abs deep, reaching the legs long and strong, staying square in the frame of the box again. Keep working deep abs pull, pull, pull, pull and again.

One more each side and then bring the legs together. Hands behind the back of the head for lower lifts. Once again just stay up here, but lower the legs as far as we can and lift. Just two more to do and lift. Once more and lift. Bend the knees, place the feet down.

Keep your hands behind the back of the head for our criss-cross. So for this one, let's find a stretch in the criss-cross. Take your elbow out. How far back can you get this elbow stretch, keeping your opposite hip pin down? And just reach, reach, reach, look into that outer elbow let's change sides and stretch, reach, stretch the side buddy, come back to the center.

Let's bring the knees up now here we go. Stretch it and change and really open that side buddy. One more in each side, reach it out and change. And then from here can you come all the way up to sit ready for your spine stretch forward. Sit in nice and tall. Feel that connection lengthen in the spine up.

Take an inhale, exhale, chin to chest, and press out once, two, three, and then stack the spine up tall. Big breath in exhale out. Inhaling up stacking tall let's do one more of these up and over chin to chest pressing out further each time stacking the spine up tall. Move your seat forward, for a little bit of fun with open leg rocker. So normally we might wanna sit here and just work on our flexibility.

Maybe stretch in the legs whilst staying in a balanced position. If that's you, that's fine. If you're happy there, that's great. Otherwise let's challenge ourselves a little more. Can we sit tall? Imagine our hands are magnets.

Let's float one leg up. Can you take one, one ankle? Let's do the same float the opposite leg up. Now the real challenge. Can you get both legs up at the same time? So reaching forward, abs deep really connect, get those magnets moving really strong.

Pick the legs up just about here we go. Scoop back the abs and round back into our open leg rocker coming back up to sit tall and again, deep back, roll it back. And we're keeping that integrity of the powerhouse throughout the roll. On this last one I want us to actually pull on the ankles and give the legs a little bit of a stretch. If you stay scooped, you'll get a nice release to the lower back.

And then let's see if we can use the abs to come all the way up legs together, lower ourselves onto our backs. Okay, tik toks. So from here, let's continue with how we were with one leg for one leg circle, and see if we can do the same for both our legs together. So anchor down through the hips, take the legs to one side. Now let that hip lift. How far over can you go while still keeping the shoulder pressing down into the mat? That's pretty challenging.

So only take it through a range that you can keep that control. Let's go to the opposite side. Opposite shoulder pins down, you know at what point you're starting to loose control so just bring it back from there and challenge yourself. What's your range of movement that you can maintain your control through? And back through the center.

Now full core screw. Let's take our feet to the right biggest range we've got down, around, up and lift and lower. Resist to come down. To the left, down, around and lift up, resist as we come down. Let's go one more in each direction. Here we go. And lift, resist, out, down, out, and then resist all the way down.

From here let's teaser up if you've got it, legs wide, ready for the saw, okay. Take the hands behind the back of the head again. Let's see if we can challenge the obliques to ring out the lungs and ring out the spine at the same time. So hands behind the back of the head, take a big inhale, exhale. Take the opposite elbow towards the opposite knee and look up to your top elbow.

I know lots of instructions but let's see if we can get there without lifting our hips off. Three pulses, inhale, up, exhale, twist the other way, twist it out. You really feel the body doing the work here and again, breathing out as we twist, inhaling, up, twist, ring it up, inhale, up. Last time on each side. Exhale as you twist, look up to that top elbow inhaling, up, twist, looking up to your top elbow. Keep the opposite seat anchored down, stack up nice and tall.

Okay from here, turning over onto our tummy for some swan. So just turn over, lower ourselves down, hands by the chest. Now begin by reconnecting to your powerhouse. 'Cause if we're connected and stable, that's gonna help us with our range of movement and control. Now let's push an imaginary marble to the top of the mat, lift the head, chest, shoulders drawing back and down and you can push a little bit with the palms here, just enough to rediscover that length.

And again let's lift it up and this time let's do some neck rolls. So I'm gonna look to you, chin to chest, round to the other side and center, and then the opposite way and center, and then length them to lower back down. Now how far can we come up if we don't use our hands? So this time a little push at the beginning and then take the hands off. How far can you come up? Lift up, lengthen, really reach your feet away, reach your head away and lengthen to lower down.

Let's do two more swans. You can repeat any of those or if you want, let's do a rock and catch. Let's lift the head, the chest, the shoulders, take in inhale as you exhale we're gonna shoot the arms out and catch. One more time and then come down. Take the seat to the heels. We'll take a nice opposite stretch.

Just a breath or two here and then lower into your tummy again. Ready for single leg kicks. So make fist with the hands, thighs pressing together put your heart up on the wall, and here we go it's kick kick change, kick, kick change. Kick, kick change, kick, kick change. Stay connected. Stay long.

Reaching those heels to the seat. Last one each side and then lower down for double leg kicks. Take the hands behind the back, elbows towards the mat. Both legs together now, make the kick active, three kicks to the seat, good active kicks, keep the whole body active. Here we go. one, two, three, and reach, stretch it back, and lower into the other side. One, two, three, and reach, stretch and lowering down again.

Three kicks one, two, three, scoop the abs, but lengthen the body change sides. One, two, three, and reach. Let's do one more on each side now. Here we go last two kick, kick, kick, and stretch. Reach it out. Change sides.

One, two, three and reach really stretch it out and lower down. Now press your seat back to your heels and take a well earned rest position. So thighs together scooping the navel away from the thighs and this return to a little mobility of the shoulders. So keep your elbows off the mat, make fist with the hands and I'm leaving my thumbs up. Bring the thumbs to the ceiling and let's see if we can just hit your ride out to the side.

So there's a real subtle moment just moving the thumbs out, but it's big on the feels. I get such an intense stretch into the shoulder joint and the muscles surrounding. There we go. Let's do one more. See if I can take my thumbs a little further out. That's a big stretch. That feels great.

So from here, bring your hands in and roll up to nail tall for some thigh stretch. So feet train tracking back behind the knees, arms out in front, scooping your abs deep let's hinge back at the knees. Just control that stretch you're gonna feel it here working, but here is getting a glorious stretch. So lift tall as we come back out, let's do two more, scoop the abs, lengthen from body back and I want you to lead almost with the seat rather than the shoulder blades. Let's do one more leading with the seat and then we'll just change it up for the last one.

Let the shoulders come back and arch back, lifting the heart up to the ceiling. Now we've gone this far back. We've still gotta come back. So bring the chin to the chest, arms come forward, and lengthen to return back up. Turn it over onto your seat and lower down onto the mat for neck pull so feet just a little apart, hands behind the back of the head. Now if this extra load of having the arms here is a little bit challenging, you can simply put a roll up in here in its place, but if you're working with me, let's do this.

Okay, so chin to chest rolling up. Keep rolling. Take the top of the head to the knees and it's just enjoy that stretch and stack the spine and lower back vertebra by vertebra down to the mat. And again up and over, take the head to the knees, just stretch it out stack into. There's lots of energy coming from here out through my heels, even though my upper body is doing a lot of the work. Rolling up stack into and then scooping the abs to lower back. Last one round up, round over, stack into it and then lowering with control all the way down to the mat.

I'm gonna bring myself onto my back on the mat, feet sit bone distance apart for some shoulder bridge. So switch your seat and lift your sit bones to the back to your knees. And let's get into the thoracic back a little bit. Inhale the arms up big stretch. Leave the arms up here as we lower down.

Can you get the thoracic back to come down before the hips come down, arms come by your side. Let's repeat that cause it feels so good. Lift the sit bones to the back to the knees, inhale the arms up and then lower down through the spine to the mat. Arms come down by the sides to have a little play with that same exercise. Let the hips come up, take the arms up on a big inhale. Now we're gonna come down through the side of the body.

So to keep one side up, one side down. Can you lower through the ribs all the way to the hips cross to the other side. Lift the other hip, coming up in reverse on the other side and reverse it all the way down. Opposite ribs feels weird, but it's so good. Here we go. Other hip lifts come up through the side, and then let's return all the way back through the center.

Bring your arms by your side. We'll do one more thing while we're on our back. Bring the feet and thighs together. Lift the hips up right leg up to the ceiling. We're gonna lower that out three times.

See if you can keep your hips even as we do so to the thigh and up, to the shin and lift, to the ankle and up, change the legs over keeping the seat lifted, left leg up. Let's reach out to the thigh and up shin and up, ankle and up and then lower down with control, hug the knees in and then rock backwards and forward until we come up to a sitting position for spine twist. And I love this version that we're gonna do of spine twist, 'cause this really opens up the spine and really makes you work for it. So sit up tall, feet together, little toes drawing back and take your arms out wide to the side. Let all that oxygen come into the body as you inhale.

And then with a slow controlled exhale, just rotate. As far as you can breathing it out. When you get to the end of your breath, two more pulses as we breathe out, some more pulse, pulse, inhale through the center, exhale, twist, and we're looking as far as we can over our shoulders. We twist pulse, pulse, inhale up, exhale and twist. See if you can go a little further this time.

Inhale up, twist it out. One more each way. Last side, exhale it out and then pulse, inhale through the center, and we're lowering onto our side for some side kick series. Rest your head on your hands, reach your body line, but we're bringing the feet to the front corner of the mat and then press that bottom leg down. Stretch your top leg long. We start with leg kick front and back. Here we go.

So kick, kick, back, back. And again kick strong, reach long. Keep the upper body as quiet as you can. Just moving the leg. Let's do two more kick, kick, back, back.

One more, and back. Let's go up and down. Lift it up, reach it out. And up and out three more, and two, and one. Now let's combine the two. Kick forward, lift the leg up over behind you as far as you can bringing it through again.

Up all the way over, behind you kicking forward. I find this incredibly challenging in my hips, but it's helping me get that bigger range of movement every time I do it. Let's reverse it. Take the leg back, up, over and forward, and back, up, over and forward. One more and then exchange to the other side. So resting my head on my hands, bring my feet to the front corner of the mat.

Same again we start with leg kick front and back. Here we go kick, kick, and back. Kick strong, reach your leg long and again kick, kick and back. Two more, and back now let's go up and down. Lift that leg up, reach it out and try and keep that leg as long as you can. Try and avoid the hip lifting up towards you. Two more.

And now let's combine the two. Kick forward, lift your leg up, all the way over behind you and bring that leg through. Up, all the way behind you, bring it through. Once more. All the way behind you. And let's reverse it. Take the leg back up around and in front and again.

Pressing the other leg down into the mat as hard as you can. Last one, and then bring the leg back. We're gonna lower onto our back ready for teaser. So stretch your legs out long, take your arms up above your head. Just reach your body as long as you can here.

Full body integration, fully connected. Reach for the knee, reach for the toes, and then stretch your arms up as high as you can, lower everything back down to the end of the mat. Let's do two more of these. Reach for the knees, reach for the toes, lift up and then lower in with control. Last time. Reach for your knees, reach for your toes, lift up, lift up, lift up, and then lower with control.

From here turning over onto our fronts for some swimming. So bend bunny lifting up and rolling straight over, and we bring ourselves onto our tummy on the mat with our arms reaching long. So for swimming, let's think about the range of movement. We're going for maximum range of movement here. So to do this, we're gonna begin with the head down, keeping the head down. Lengthen in the body.

Forehead is on the mat and I'm lifting my right arm, left leg, keeping my hips down. How hard. Pulse it three times. Bring that back. Change legs. Reach one, two, three. And then again. One more. Now you're welcome to carry on doing that if that felt good, otherwise we're going for full swimming and let's just go as big as we can go.

So lengthen everything up, come up even higher, and let's swim. Keep swimming. Faster, longer, and see if we can get even more range and hold, and lower down. Hands by the chest, ready for our leg pull. So I'm gonna move forward on my mat so that my feet are on the mat. Now lift the knees off and in one whole unit pushing up into our Pilates plank position, let's push on up and hold.

I got my fingers, my thumbs, all in alignment, as strong and connected as I can be, now without changing my hips. I don't want them pushing up, I'm gonna try and lift my leg a little higher and change sides. Lift my leg, reach it up and change. Lift it up, change legs. Now let's press the heels together and rock three times.

Right leg up, let's do the same. Left leg and then turn over to sit facing the other way. So we'll start with our knees bent, feet hip distance apart, and your hands can face whichever way feels comfortable for you. I like my fingers pointing forward and we lift my hips up, sit onto the backs of the knees, and feel that stretch through my shoulders. So rock a little bit forwards and backwards.

And that felt good. That feels really good in the shoulders. Now you can carry on here or if you want stretch your legs out long for leg pull. Here we go. Lift it up, reach it down, lift it up, reach it down. And again, pressing the hips up. One more in each leg.

I know it's challenging this one. And then let's tuck one leg over and come up into a kneeling position for kneeling side kicks. So take one hand behind the back of the head, reach the other leg out long. So we're gonna challenge this hip, lift the leg up and start with leg kicks front and back. We're gonna do three of these kicking forward and reaching back, kicking forward and reaching back, once more and reaching back.

Now flex the foot, pulse it five times up one, two, three, four, five. Can we transition? Other hand, other knee, other side and shimmy down the mat just a little, reaching my leg out long leg kick front and back. Here we go. Kicking forward reaching back, and forward and back.

One more and back. Flex the foot and let's pulse it five times up one, two, three, four, five, nicely done. Come down onto your side for side bend. So top foot in front of the bottom, hands nicely secured here under the shoulder. Let's sit up nice and tall.

Lengthen and this exercise, I want us to really discover the stretch part of it. So let's lengthen up, reach and stretch, stretch, stretch. Coming back down, let the hips just kiss the mat, straight back up again, stretch and down. And up, we got two more of these to go here we are. That's one really stretching, that's two, stretch it.

Now let's turn to the other side, coming down ready to begin. Find that length again. Find that opposition. Stretching up really find that reach, find that stretch, let the hips just touch the mat. Reaching three more, two more, last one coming up, and then lower onto your seat, bring your legs out in front of you ready for boomerang. And we all love a little bit of boomerang.

So I'm gonna cross one of my ankles over. Boomerang incorporates so much of the work we've already done. We've got open leg rocker in there, we've got the teaser in there, there's even elements of the rowing, the stretch we get from rowing. So let's see if we can discover all of those. So lift the legs up, roll it back.

Change the legs in for the teaser part, bring the arms behind you as you lower the legs. And now here's that rowing stretch and fold. Let's repeat that. Scoop the abs. There's our open leg rocker. We change, there's our teaser, reach, and get a full stretch.

And again three more. Back, switch, lift, lowering with control, and stretching fully. And again let's keep that flow going. It's a fun exercise once it starts to keep in motion. Last one here we go stay with me. We're almost there.

Reaching up, arms behind, glorious stretch, and enjoy the last stretch to fold over the legs. Bring the legs in ready for the seal. So bring your seat forward to the edge of the mat, hands come through and around. Now, normally in seal, we're gonna hold the ankles in, and sort of put pressure through the hands. What I want to do is still keep the hands there, but make the work as we clap the feet happen from the hip.

So it's the hip mobility that's working here. Here we go. Let's clap three times, roll back, and clap. And again. So all that hip movement is coming purely from the hip joint. This is a fun exercise. There's no way you can't smile when you're doing the seal.

Let's do the last one, roll it back and come up to sit. Now, cross your legs and just step back into a plank and then lower ourselves down onto our front for a little stretch for the rocking. We're not doing the full rocking, I just want us to lengthen. Take both the feet in the hands, four headers down, and just draw pulling the heels towards your seat. Keeping your hips down and your thighs together.

Just enjoy that stretch. Just lengthening the body. One more big breath in. Now take the hands, press the seat back to the feet to the heels, and just take a rest position, just a counter stretch. Now moving on to push ups.

So curl your toes under, and press your hips up to the ceiling. Bring your feet in just a little, press your heels together, and try and rediscover your elephant position maybe from the reformal work we've done. Walk your hands back towards the feet. Let's roll all the way up to stand. Stand as tall as you can.

Lengthen up and let's reverse rolling down, hands come to the mat, flat hands on the mat. If you need to bend your knee to achieve this, do so and let's walk the hands out ready for three pushups. If you need to come down to your knee to do them well, then do so. That's absolutely fine. Let's do this together. Here we are. One, two, three, walk the hands back, looking in towards your naval, and then roll all the way up to stand.

Now if you've joined me before in mat work, you'll know I like this next exercise. Gonna do some lunges. So hands on the hips, step one foot forward, nice wide lunge, back foot turned out, energy through the back outside edge of the foot and we square the hips and just straighten and bend the front knee three times. Now arms up by the ears, reach the hands down either side of the foot, straighten then bend again, and again, and once more. Now step your back foot to your front foot, and your front foot goes back, or come all the way up to standing, hands back to the hips, square the hips, straighten and bend three lunges, one, two, one more. Arms come up, hands come down the frame of the foot.

And we try the same here, straighten and bend the front leg three times. One more time. And then step your back foot to your front foot, and just with knees soft, just roll all the way up to stand. Okay. We finish with one more exercise. That's great to show level mobility in the hip at the same time challenge in our squat.

So I've got a towel with me. If you don't have a towel, you can of course just do squats here that we did at the start of the workout. So I'm gonna place my towel down on the floor, place one foot on top of that towel, other foot just keeping it under the hip, hands can be on the hips or out in front for balance. And we're trying to make this leg stay nice and stable and strong, really challenging this hip complex. And at the same time challenging the mobility of the other side.

Let's press the leg out as we squat down, and then draw that back in as we stand up and again, just press out to a range where you've got control. Cause you can go out as far as you want, but can you bring it back in again? Let's do one more, press it out, bring it back in, and then of course let's repeat on the other side. So foot on the towel, other foot just under the hip, as tall as we can be bend the knee, press that out to the side as far out as we go. Can you still bring it back?

And again press it out, draw it back in. Last one now make it count, press it out, draw it back in. Like we're zipping the body all the way back up and let's finish standing on our mat. Roll our shoulders back. Thank you for joining me.


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A great class, dynamic, straightforward and with no fuss. Exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot!
Joost V
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Love the sparkling enthusiasm 
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Jamie Isaac
MARIE L So happy this worked for you! Thanks moving (and mobilizing) with me 👏🤙
Jamie Isaac
Joost V 😁Pilates is too much fun not to get excited about! Thanks for joining me in this class 🙏🤙
Jamie Isaac
Ozlem D Thank you!🤙
Great + Love the energy too!!
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It was such a great class Jamie Isaac , thank you! Is there a way to purchase more online mat classes with you ? I loved your cues & your  energy, really motivating! 
Jamie Isaac
Hi Iga So glad you enjoyed the class! There's another fun series here on Pilates Anytime that is a mat workout challenge (Ride The Wave), as well as another mat workout to come in this series. I hope you enjoy. 🤙
Jamie Isaac
Noelle I Thank you! 🙏🤙
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