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We missed the opening breath and the Hundred due to technical difficulties but we felt it was such a good class we decided to include it in the library anyway. Monica teaches a well paced intermediate/Advanced Mat class offering precise cues and good flow. This is a great class to focus on your precision while maintaining a good pace. A great challenge!
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Sep 03, 2011
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Arms head and pull it up. Stretch it forward and rolling back. Lower back, middle back, upper back. Oh, it's head. Really lengthen those arm stretch and rolling back. Lower back, middle and upper gray arms head and pull it up. Stretch it forward and rolling back. Lower back, middle back, upper back and one more time. Head. Really lengthen those arms and rolling back. Lower back, middle and upper. Great. Get back on your mat if you need to. You're doing good. We're going to go for the roll over.

So really stretch long. Press the back of the neck. Long onto the mat. Aaron, scoot over. Just a hair. Good. Long through the back of their neck. Feel the shoulder blades slide down towards your tailbone. Lengthen the arms away, stomach pulling in and up. And let's turn those legs out. So you're wrapping in, squeezing and lift those legs all the way over.

Continued to the floor behind you. Just stretch. Stay there. If you can flex the feet and push the balls of the feet onto the mat if you can, and then open them about shoulder and press back on the balls of the feet again. Great. And then you're going to roll down like that with your feet flexed and shoulder with a park coming down one bone at a time and then sweep as low as you can. Squeeze them together and back over. Touch the balls of the feature, the floor stretch. Open the legs, stretch, roll down.

Really lengthening your legs that way. Sweep them as low as you can. Squeeze together and over the last time in this direction, pushing back on the balls of your feet. Good open, pressing back and coming down. We're going to reverse it. You're going to sweep him down. Click the heels, but then open them and go over with them. Open nice press. Hold them together and stay there. Press back now. Have the feet relaxed as you go down there. Relaxed and upper body stance, relaxed long. There you go.

Stretching and down. Open around, over pressing the balls of your feet down, sliding them together. On the mat and then coming down. No crossing. One more time. Sweeping down, open over. Good. Pressing back on the balls of your feet. Stretch. Cite them together. Push back for a stretch and now relaxed. Relaxed. There you go.

Nice. Good. Give your right leg up. Lower the left leg. Good and let's stretch it. Hold that leg up to the ceiling. I'm going to have you bend this one actually a little bit and put your hands behind your leg and carefully stretch. Watch that hamstring. How did it feel on the, I'm open like rocker. I mean thank you. Rollover. It was coming. All right. Now I want you to use your stomach to really hold that back flat.

Press your arms into the mat. This needs to be a little more down the middle of your body. There we go. Now all about extension. Anchor that belly reached for the ceiling. Retreats. Reach, reach for your shoulder. Get up there all the way up to your shoulder. Now pull all the way up to nose this shoulder, sweep it down, around and up.

Good. Cross around and up. Try to go as low and long as you can. Try to touch this heel to that eight, that top of the foot. Really reaching out, keeping up around long to the ceiling. Draw a circle on the ceiling and let's reverse down. Cross around up. Keep more solid in here, around up. Good. And try to kick me over here. It's over here. Yes, it's not so far out that way for you, but more to me. Good Brown bullet up.

Give me one more, really long through that thigh and bend the knee in first stretch. Lower that leg switch to your left. Either bending it in or extending it right on up. Good correction. Stretch that left hamstring long, long leg. Alright. Press your arms into the mat.

Really pull those shoulders long stomachs and we're going to pull it up to your nose. Cross over to your right shoulder. This time down around, up and cross and around, up. Good cross. Don't let that left hip roll up. Keep it long that way there you go. Long as you crossover last time and we're going to reverse. This foot is reaching and this hip is long and down around a good length. Thinning that hip, squaring it off as you pull it up and get to that shoulder, no clicking. You got to hold it open and that's enough.

Hug it in. Let's go for raw. Rolling like a ball. Bring that leg down. Sit on up. Lift your bottoms to the front edge of the mat, grab onto your ankles. Good and tuck your head between really keeping a lot of space between your stomach and your thighs, but then stretch the rest of your spine forward while you maintain that space. So space in here, so your lower back feels a fabulous stretch and your upper belly pulls your body forward. Add. Here we go. Inhale, roll back. Exhale right up and give me a little more air and all the way up with your hips.

Yes, and exhale and in with the air. And exhale. Now stay here. Stay here. Relax your shoulders. Make this exercise less tense and the breath should be mourn. It's really, really, really exhaling. Yes. When, especially when you come in. But let's not make it like a, a tense breath, but more of a really relaxing breath. Okay. So we're going to inhale, roll back and just massage and exhale roll better. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll it up. And how really go with it.

And uh, one more and he'll really use your pass a lift and up and lower your feet down. Lift your, brought him back to the middle of the mat and we're gonna use your stomach. Yeah, lower down. You're to use your stomach to pull the right leg with you. As you roll out. Getting ready for the series of five. Think of the series of five. Yes, there we go. Left leg up. Good.

And it's right hand on ankle. Left hand on knee. Good. And let's switch using your passcode. Just go and right. Good and left. Good. Anchor. A little bit more. And no shoulders. Let's just pull into you stretching. So we're going to bring it like that and switch.

Hold at right, good. And just use your stomach. Relaxing. Everything else. Beautiful. Last set and grab both ankles. Good. And reach your arms away from me and keep pulling away from me. Reach, reach, reach, reach, and in. Love it. Good. Inhale stomachs in an up into your chest balm and exhale. Hold the reach a little longer for me, Aaron. Retreats, retreats, and pulling it in. Inhale, looking at the stomach.

I need it to pull all the way up into my toes right here and exhale. And one more. Inhale long. Exhale, right leg up to the ceiling, left leg forward and switch and switch. 10 switch. Good. Scrape the ceiling as you switch. Don't let your legs get heavy. Reach out, reach long. Stretch them. Pliny reaching up. Scrape the ceiling last. Set both legs up and put your hands behind your head, one over the other.

And as the legs go down, press your head into your hands and pull up nice and [inaudible] and pull them up. And retial sties long enough, pulling them out of your hip, hips and up. One more time. Don't make them heavy. Pull them quick and now bend the right knee and pull all the way up to a twist up to it. Your hands. Yes, yes, yes. And switching towards twist, twist. Really enjoy a good stretch and pulling it and you want to allow that hip flexor to stop. And there you go. Nice. Last one. I'm just going to let Aaron do an extra set on his own there and hug your knees into your chest. Nice work. Good job. Sit on up our spine, stretch forward. So on that one it's really easy when we're, it's the last one of the series of five and we get really tired and so our stomach starts taking a break and our back starts stiffening up and when you pull in that knee, it stops right here, almost like at a right angle until you allow yourself to, let me get my balance here, scoop in so that you can just pull that knee in and then twist.

Cause otherwise your back looks more like that as you're trying to get that knee in and it won't work. So you got to just allow it to pull in. Okay. Pulling in and up, spine stretch, pull those toes back and really grow taller, taller, taller, taller. And you're even using your bottom to lift off your heels or pushing away. Now keep that height in your spine and exhale forward reaching dad. Exhale, exhale, exhale, and inhale. Come on up.

One bone at a time and exhale forward. This is a breathing. You want to go with your breath and inhale up, so you do want all that precision and exhale forward, but you don't want to take forever to get there. Exhale, exhale, exhale, and then inhale all the way up and two more. Exhaling down, down, down, and picture your spine and inhale the last thing to come up. It's going to be your head. There we go. One more taller as you go forward. That's it. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and an inhale. Rolling it up. Side, no shoulder blades down. Great. Pull your powerhouse in and pull your weight back.

Let those legs rise right on up to your hands for open leg rocker. Just keep pulling back. Keep it in your powerhouse. You got it nice. Just feel centered. Even crawl up as high as you can behind your calf's. If you can. There we go. Relaxes. You feel like you're tucking in in your, but lower your legs down for a moment.

Unless you want to just hold that position. You know, he actually would teach a whole class on top of his desk or table. He probably didn't have a desk in an OpenLink rocker position. Still, you'd want to actually find a calming position and not so much in the rest of your body, but just in your powerhouse. So go ahead and bring those legs up. Go ahead. All right. So when you're behind your knees, what are our, let's say right behind just your calf muscle. Okay. Not so high. A little bit lower. [inaudible] pulling back a tiny bit. Good.

What does it feel here? You're saying it hurts. It hurts. Bad cue. Bad cue. Yes. It's that you're supposed to be scooped. Yes. Um, yes, but that is when you're not arched. So that's a great, great question. So you're supposed to, um, lower your legs for a moment. The first thing you want to do get on the open, like rocker is a, is a scoop. Is that round? Round. Back. Okay. And then as you get stronger, you feel that your stomach is still in and you can straighten it out a little bit. And then with that straight back you can start lifting your chest, but you don't want to lift your chest from your lower back.

And so that's where it gets confusing because you do want to be as forward on those bone little sit bones that you're talking about as you can be. But if you do it too early, you might go pop it forward from your lower back so you can keep it straight. So originally if in the beginning we'll let you go into a scoop just so you really feel that stomach but your past that you can come forward into a straight back. But feel that you're lifting your chest bone from your stomach, not from your lower back. And the kind of confusing thing that I always found is when we're stiff or tight, when you come back up you feel like, Oh, I can't keep my leg straight or my arms straight because I'm tight and I can't get up high enough up to my ankles. But it's actually the upper stomach. The upper stomach's going to be what's going to pull you up and get your upper body closer to your ankles rather than your legs further away. Yeah, so think a lot on the, when you come up about pressing the bottom of your shoulder blades down or the back of your bra strap for you as you're coming up so you can really get into that upper stomach. All right, let's pull up those.

Sudden y'all bring those legs down. We're going to bring them up at the same time, always keeping our body balanced. Pull back in that Paris. You've got it. And I know you can do it. So I make you do it. All right, so we're gonna roll back in with the air and exhale and let's hold it here and work on what we're talking about. We're going to keep our stomach and we're going to keep trying to come forward and forward. Lifting up, up, up, up, and then melt into the mat and exhale up and keep coming forward and forward and forward and melts into the mat.

Legs only about little wider than your shoulders. Just like that. Great, and roll it back. Add, exhale and use that upper belly to keep sliding up to your ankles, up to your ankles. There you go. And inhaling back and exhale. Commit with your head. It's actually holding you back a little bit. There you go. One more in with the air. Exhale, rolling it up. Hold it. Nice job. Very good. Squeeze your legs together. Keep them there and roll away from your legs.

Good legs up to the ceiling. Nice ad. We're going to go into corkscrew. You want to get your head in a little more onto the mat. I didn't know if he felt that. Okay. Legs on up. We're going to keep the belly in and stretch as far right as you can. Sweep the floor, left and center really fall, left, left, left, left, left, left around and center. We go one way, the end of the other and anchor and all the way around. Good an anchor and anchor and stretch as far as you can and one more anchor and reaching around and let's sit up for saw. Let's try that transition again.

Lie on your backs. Legs are up to the ceiling. Keep them straight and pull your powerhouse in and up. Sit right on up with straight legs. Legs go straight down and then they opened. Nice. No, that's fine. Great. The purpose is just to keep the muscles engaged instead of to break it up and then do one leg and then the other. Keep it all engaged. Arms out to the side.

Nice long fingertips. Love it. Good. Grow taller through the crown of your head. Really pulling the belly in more and love it. Twist to your right and empty your lungs routine passed your baby toe had commits as well. Really bring it down. Good in with the air up. Twist to your left and exhale. Very nice extension. Reaching in both directions in with the air up.

Makes sure both sit bones are staying square on the mat. That's better. Very nice in with the air pool in and tight and exhale, relax that shoulder as both arms reach longer, longer. Beautiful. Inhaling up, twist and exhale. [inaudible] allow a little less in there. Yeah, one more. Inhaling up scoop, scoop, scoop and exhale, reach that pinky back, trach.

Inhaling up and relax the arms. Squeeze your legs together and keep your powerhouse in as you flip over onto your belly for neck roll. Here we go. You got it. Good. All right, hands underneath your shoulders and right here I want you to take a breath and just exhale and just try to get used to your stomach being in while you're breathing on your belly, you're not like a dead weight into the mat and then keeping that weight. We're going to pull up in our powerhouse and lengthen out the crown of your head. First. Just really get a beautiful long spine and we're going to start coming up one bone at a time. Do a nice upper back bend. Here we go.

Start with the upper back. Don't push your lower belly. [inaudible] keep that long too. As you come up. Good correction. Keep coming up as high as you can. Let's push up. Good. Opening those shoulders and look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down around to your left and look forward.

And now reverse it. Look left and down around here. Right? And look forward. Good. Now hold it here and make it look a little less effort. Okay. Really relaxing it. Relaxing those shoulders and her powerhouse is going to stretch you in two directions as you come down. Cause we're going to go into Swan dive on the next one. So pulling in, I want you to come down really feeling length, length, length. Great.

All right, you guys are up for trying. Swan dive. Okay. I'm in the past. I think I've seen you do a transitional Swan dive where you want and you come up and you go for it. But then you catch yourself, you, um, and what I would like to see is just for you to keep it going. So no. Stoppings okay. Awesome. So, um, I love for you to think about there's a basketball hoop right above you and you're gonna see when you come down, I want you to reach out and catch basketball and trying to put it in the basket above you. Okay? Really high up with that upper body. So we're going to pull up in the stomach and we're going to go back into that neck roll position. Coming up and up. Nice, Aaron. Very good. Good job. That's it, Tiffany. Good. And on the count of three, I want you to really reach forward and catch that balls, those legs.

Touch the ceiling. Here we go. One, two, three. Reach forward and arms, legs, arms. Use the stomach and reach through those legs. Reach those arms forward more with those arms. Yes. Beautiful. And that's enough. Nice work. Round your back. Sit onto your heels. Really good. Really, really nice. That's a really good one for you, Tiffany, because you're so strong, it's helps you reach more through your body and get more length instead of just constantly strength and strength upon strength. Then we're going to go forward for a single leg kick.

So you're going to go onto your belly. Yup. Up onto your elbows. And the powerhouse is in and up. Bring the elbows a little closer onto the mat. There you go. Aaron. Lengthen those legs behind you and they're together as much as you can and lift them up a little bit off the mat. And, but let's try that again. Lower him down. Really careful. Keep this long as you lift up those legs.

And now single leg, kick one, two and left two and right and left. And this is all about the bottom. So work you gotta squeeze, you gotta press it together and huh? And that's it. Head up. Press those elbows into the mat for you so you have energy up better. And last set. I'm giving you a little extra and that's enough, right facial cheek on the mat. Hands behind your back. Good. And get them up as high as you can. Good. And press them down.

Great stomachs in. Now press those hips together. Lift the legs up from these muscles. Good. Now keep lifting and kick three times to your bottom. One, two, three. Awesome reach. And let me see that stretch. Reach those legs this way. Reach that chest that way, and switch legs and all. Gimme more on here.

Two, three. There you go. And [inaudible] and again, really lift those thighs up and work that bottom. There we go. And long and one more time and lifting. That's it. And stretch long legs on the floor and that's enough.

Round your back. Sit onto your Hills. I think that was a whole lot better for you on that exercise. That feel good, Tiffany? Good. All right, we're going to flip over and use your powerhouse. We're going to do neck pool one hand over the other, behind your head by on down. There you go. And we're going to end with the air. Head up and exhale. Keep pulling in the powerhouse all the way up. Curl it up. There you go.

And you want your legs apart. Yup. And flex your toes. Inhale, sit up tall. Exhale, go back. Really feel the stomach. Pull in and out. Keep going that way. Keep going that way. That's beautiful. Love it. Inhale right on up. Exhale, ride on for it. And you're going to use your bottom to push your heels away. Inhale, sit up. Tall, lifting even off your bottom. Good and exhale.

We're going to S show me less down, sir on that. Sit up and I'll show you what I mean. And inhale up, head to your chest. Exhale all the way forward. Inhale. Use your powerhouse to roll up through your spine. There ya go. And keep using your powerhouses. He pushed me away with your heels. Come on, let me feel energy. That's it. And inhale up. Exhale.

Push me away with your heels. You got it. Inhaling up. Notice I'm not putting my hands on top of your legs and exhale, go back just by you using your seat to push me away. You're staying balanced. I want you to imagine I'm there on this last one. Inhale up. Exhale all the way forward. Excellent. Inhale, pulling the belly in so much. It's all the way out the crown of your head, pushing into your hands and come back. Going back, not with the, don't lose the lower back yet. Yep. The lower pass. Nice work. Why? On your right side. And we're going to face this way for our sidekicks.

Good. Yup. Right hand under. Good. Alright. That alignment looks pretty good. Let's work a little more on posture today. On here. Okay. Because I want you to really work on the extension. Can you to put this hand right in front.

So when we are doing our sidekicks, we want to think about what would happen if we were standing. So if we were standing, we would want our powerhouse in and up, right? And nice and long and have this energy and we would want to keep that energy while we swung our leg around. Okay? However it was. But when we're doing our sidekicks, all of a sudden we start going, eh, eh, eh. And we start looking at where our legs going and we lose all our upper body posture. And we're almost like encouraging kyphosis.

Like we need to use our stomach, pull it up, push your head into your hand and keep thinking about that extension. Even energy out the crown of your head, right? Instead of getting in and in and in an inch to that Lake. And at the same time, I'm going to rear want this leg to really pull your belly in the opposite direction so I don't yank your leg out, right? We really want to reach with this leg. Okay, hold that leg there, here. So you watch that hip, it's rolling forward and it's going to be corrected as soon.

This hip right here, as soon as I just Oop there. So keep this nice turnout right here, pulling your belly away from me and want to reach for the ends of all the walls while you do your sidekicks. Okay? All right. We're going to sweep forward and sweep it back hood and forward and pressing your head into your hand, especially as your leg goes back. Good and don't be satisfied with just looking forward, right? You want the energy out, the crown of your head.

Lengthen that spine and really reaching for all of the corners. Good. You can take your leg a lot more for Tiffany all the way forward. Yes, and really touch nose with it. Imagine you're going to go into a full split, really challenge your range. I want one more here. Challenge that. Reach up and back. Good legs together. Alright, good. Take that like up to the ceiling and press it down. Good. Each time that leg goes down, it needs to be longer than the bottom leg. Okay.

Up. And it starts from that hip. We have to pull it long now. Keep it long as it goes up. So you work right through here and [inaudible]. Good. Two more length in your neck as that leg goes down. Beautiful. One more. Up and reach. Now keep that length and give me five little circles. Making sure you circle behind. Good or five.

Reverse it smaller, almost clicking the heels together. Three, two, one. And relax. Good. That was nice. Let's keep that extension. It's work ground, Rhonda Zam here. So that means you're going to take that top leg and you're going to bring it us forward as you can to your nose. Then keeping it up high, bring it up to the ceiling, towards your ear, all the way up, up, up, up to the ceiling. That's it. And now turn in the hip as you bring it behind you. Yes. Rotate that leg turning. That's better. It's gonna turn like so.

There you go. Reaching, working from here and keep it at this level. As you sweep it all the way forward, use the powerhouse to blow it up to your ear, to the ceiling. Then rotate in that hip as it goes behind as far back as you can. How's that posture? And then take it forward to your nose. Last time, up to the ceiling, to your ear, taking it way behind you, and then legs almost together. Pausing here for the reverse back. Now, rotating that hip as it goes up, up to the ceiling, into your ear.

And then I want to see it to your nose. Up to nose, up to your nose. There we go. Now coming back. Good. Oh, all the way back. Rotate that hip as it goes up. Two years up to the ear. Good. And then keep it up this high, and that's a lot of work in that leg. Good. One more back and then up to your, keep your posture and lengthen out the crown of your head. Turning it out.

That's better and together. Very, very nice. All right, we're going to pull in that powerhouse. Keep that long, long posture, and let's squeeze both legs together and long and lift them both up and lower them. Keeping the powerhouse in and up. Let's lift both legs up, hold them there, and let's let the lower leg go down and squeeze up down and squeeze up one more and uphold. Now I want you to make the biggest scissors you can. One leg forward, one leg back, reach, reach, reach, and switch. Very nice. Keeping that energy in and up. Lovely. And switch. That's it. Take it behind. Nice. Nice, nice, great posture. Love it. One more switch. Bring the legs still lifted, but together and a quick walk.

Now tight, faster. Go forward and back. Forward and back. There you go. Good. Good. Three. Very nice. Love the effort. Hold them together. And I want you to just rule onto your stomach with your legs lifted and long. One hand over the other. Making a small pillow for your forehead. Adjust. Sorry to keep you. Just want to do straight. Alright.

Keeping those legs up longer, longer, longer and 20 beats. One, two, three, four, higher. If you can extend to that ceiling, work on that Swan here. There we go. And lower down your legs. Nice job. I want you to go ahead and bring your, um, round your back, sit onto your heels, boom. And then extend the legs this way. I want you to see everyone facing that way for our other side. Exactly. Nice work. Elbow doing all right there. All right. Bring your legs a little bit forward. [inaudible] good. Still working on our posture, making our hand less of a rest and more of a help to lengthen.

Excellent. Powerhouse. Ended up. Watch those ribs a little. There you go. I'd bring your shoulder forward a little tiny bit more. Your whole upper body. A little forward. Just a hair behind your pelvis. There we go. Nice. Okay. Lift that right leg up. Turn it out just slightly and make sure it's trying to be longer than your bottom leg and sweeping it forward and taking it back further back.

Further back. Good and forward. And let me feel your energy as you go back more in here and forward and pull in and press yes and forward and back and forward and from here and forward. And don't push you out. There we go. Long really reaching out the crown of your head. One more, getting taller legs together and we're going to push up and really reach longer than your boss, you know, um, it can stay, it can flex on the way down. It gives you a little more emphasis, but you don't really need to flex or point and up.

You're trying to get more the inner thigh. So if it takes, we're gonna rest down for one second cause I do like that question. Um, when you flex and point, it does tend to tense things from the knee down and on this exercise you're trying to imagine that there is a lot of weight or pressure here and you're pushing up with the outer thigh. So go ahead and push up. Okay. So really, really pushing up the outer thigh. And then on the way down, it's like a really strong inner thigh machine that you can't push. Good, good, better, better, better. So if flexing and pointing your foot takes away from you feeling those muscles, then leave it out. But if you can do that and it actually adds extension to you, awesome. But sometimes it can shorten it from just here. So play with it a little bit. Let's do two more. We're going to go up and really feel that inner thigh as you go down. Good. One more. Up and pulling in that powerhouse.

Getting out never longer and longer. Yes, as you go down now, hold that length and that legs really long and circle goes. One, two, three, solid, four, five, reverse it. That's it. I was the crown of your head to one and legs together. Great. Bring that leg forward for your ground to jump forward up to the ceiling, trying to get your ear, rotate that hip as you go behind you. Good. Taking it forward all the way forward. I'm going to come here because I want you to really work at.

That's what I wanted to see and taken it behind you and one more forward. Turning it up. Good and taking it behind you. Hold the legs together for me, Aaron. There we go. And reverse. Take it behind you. Rotate that hip as it goes up to your ear all the way up here. Nice.

And to gather two more back rotating as it goes up. And I want to see a little more rotation here. So taking it up to your ear, good. And look how high it is. I want you to keep it there and bring it up to your nose as it goes down. Come on, turn it just a tiny bit. There you go. Go and legs together. I like that. Very nice. Alright, squeezing both legs together.

Let's lift them both up and lower down. We're losing a little bit of our posture, a little tense in those shoulders, scooping it in. Lengthen those legs out as you lift and lower down. We're going to do it one more time, so I want you to reach them out as you lift. Then that lower leg comes down and up, down and squeeze the inner thigh. One more down in. Squeeze the inner thigh and now big scissors. That's it.

Reach for the ends. Yes. Reaching switch one more and back. And now we're going to be legs together and lifted a little more in front of you for me here and there you go. And a quick walk. Squibb reaching faster, longer through those legs, through those the eyes, through those sides, tried stomach and legs together. And Dow go ahead and lie onto your backs. Nice work. Bend your knees into your chest. Your teasers always.

Yes. Good. We're going to lift up those legs and shake them out. Good. Good. Long, long, long. All right, let's start with teaser three. Let's go ahead and reach your legs long on the mat and reach your arms for long backwards. I'm just going to straighten you out a little bit. Take your hips over. Just a hair. Good. Now when you're long though. No space there. Okay, so keep really, really pulled in.

We're going to take your, I always wonder why my mat keeps scooting to one side. Couldn't be that. I'm stronger on the outside or anything. All right, so read sitting long, long, long and I want you to just feel like from your center you're going to fold up all the way to touch your toes. I really want you to touch your toes. So bringing the arms, they're going to start coming up together. Good. Keep coming up. Keep reaching. Touch those toe. Ooh, arms live from your powerhouse and both arms and legs start going away. Rolling down.

Ideally at the same time your head and toes touch your fingertips and toes and up. Rolling it back up. Lengthen through the back of the legs. That was really nice. Just watch that net. Commit with it. Arms lift and rolling away. One more up. You go. Up, up, up, up. Nice. Stay there with the arms forward and see if you can lengthen the lower legs from the back and down a little bit and scoop them up and down and scoop them up.

One more down and scoop them up. You got it now. Arms lift and everything down. Everything down, everything up, scooping it on them. Skip, skip, skip, skip. Now leave the legs long and reaching right there. Lift your arms up to the ceiling and roll away from these legs and come right back up. Good. Now, less effort in the tops of your thighs. More in the back of them. Arms up more in the back of your thighs and going away from me. That's it.

One more time. Up you go. So feel like there's a zipper. I'm going to let go and you get your own balance. Okay, got it. Pull on that and you're gonna stretch through those and arms. Lift and feel your stomach go all the way through your fingertips, all the way through your fingertips and enough hug your knees into your chest. Nice work. Hug him on in. Good. How are we doing? Great. All right.

I'm going to flip over for swimming. Long legs turn on over long arms. When we're really strong, sometimes our arms and our legs get a little bit too tight and into you with the swimming. Really think about almost for you hybrid standing in your elbows. Really try to stretch through those arms stretched through, and that's really, really challenging. Scoop it in the powerhouse. Long next, lift all your limbs as high as you can. Good. Then reach your head too, and your right arm and left leg up even higher. And feel yourself reaching through the tips of your fingers and the tips of your toes. Don't get too wide with, keep it narrow or keep your limbs through the mat. And let's switch. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Head out of the water, head out of the water. Look where you're going. Longer legs behind you.

Lift them up. There you go. And melt. Just a little scared or bring your head up out of the water and sit onto your heels. There you go. Nice. Good, good, good, good, good. So, um, Tiffany, I'm going to make Aaron get back into that position. I want you to watch the net. Go ahead and lie on down. Good. All right, so pull it in. Lift all your limbs as high as you can. Alright, great. So what happened there is his neck line followed.

Just look down just a Tanny bit. Follow the line of his spine, but now hold that there and now look down for me Aaron. Drop more. That's where your head was and it was pulling your weight down. But since your stomach's coming up and lifting your chest when you want your neck to just follow that. Okay. Go ahead and sit on your heels. Thank you. So it's so, so often our body will fight us instead of help us out. All right.

Now we're going to stay in this position for a second cause it's a great transition. They be may scoot forward a little bit, both of you because you want your feet on the mat on this. All right, good. You're funny or Oh no. Another exercise. I love it. So we're going to tuck our toes under. So they're flex and the balls of your feet are on the floor, but in a [inaudible] stance or together. Yes, there you go. Good. And the palms of your hands, the lungs, arms are long reaching as long as you can.

The palms of the hands are like suction cups. They glue down. Now you can easily lift your stomach in and up and you're going to pull yourself forward into a pushup position, into a plank. Lifting those knees up, not women pushups. You know what we're talking about? Squeeze those hips. Good. Same thing. Posture, extension, all the way through the back of the net. Good. Now keeping this perfect posture. Use the hamstring and bottom to lift that right leg. Rock back a little bit, stretching and come forward and switch and left and back.

Forward and Dan, press your hips down a little bit more. Squeeze them together. And now be really aware when you lift that right leg that they don't move. Rock back. Squeeze this down. Come forward and switch and squeeze. That's it.

Back forward and switch. One more set. Come on tight and feel it here and down and left. Back forward. Great. Now right arm to right hand to left hand, right hand to left. Good. And now you can cross one foot over the other if you want. What?

We're going to flip over facing the ceiling. So take your left hand long up to the ceiling. There you go. And lift your hips up high. Keep turning. Just keep being natural with it. There you go. And turn your fingertips to me. Legs long, right? Like up and here. We'll flex it down, switch the left and flex it down and lift from your right cheek and down and lift from the left, bottom and right bottom and left bottom.

And now you're going to take that right knee and it's going to bend, but it's going to kind of turn a little bit onto the mat. But the knee on the mat. Ha, let's switch legs. Sorry. Left knee. There you go. Everybody get down. Great. And I'll start turning towards me. Excellent. And just think about your frame and think about your box.

I loved it that you didn't stay super stiff on that. Bring this hand right here and there'll be more underneath your shoulder, even a tiny bit more. Yeah. And this hand is going to be behind your head. Good. All right. Now feel your powerhouse in always first. Nice, very good. Pulling in and up. Reach long through there. Push the head into your hand. We're still working on our um, on art extension and our posture here. So pulling in and up.

See how forward far forward you can squeeze your hips for me, Tiffany. A little more, not the bottom one. The bottom one. Actually. There we go. So they're working against the stomach's pulling back the bottom to pushing forward. Now reach through this thigh really long first on the floor on the floor. Can't get any longer.

And then keep that length as you lift it all the way up and sweep it forward and back. Higher and forward. Tried to keep that bottom still pushing forward and forward and back. And now hold the leg right out. Press your hips forward more. And we're going to do three little circles here. Circle one and two and three and go the other way.

One and two and three and three bicycles. You're going to kick it forward. Bring the knee to your chest, take the knee back, back, back, and extend all the way forward. Pull the knee to your chest, take it back, back, back, and extend and forward. All the way forward. Bring the knee to your chest. Take the knee as far back as you can and extend and leg out.

Reverse back. Bend the knee. Good. Take the knee forward and extend. And now to push your bottom forward. There you go. Taking it back. Awesome. Tiffany. Loved it. Extend as your leg goes back. Take that bottom forward. Yes, that was your last one. I think. Knee to your chest and extend and legs together.

Meet bending ups now as you come up, push your bottom forward and get up tall as you kneel up. Thank you. Bottom up. Good. That's it. Now look a little more relaxed. All right. Right hand down. Maybe go up for a little bit away. There you go. You look like I had just held you up in a highway robbery. They're pulling in enough hand behind your head. That's it. Good. Pushing your right cheek this time as forward as you can. And remember, we're going to lengthen that left like on the floor.

Take that thigh away from the pelvis as you lift it up as high as you can and three times sweeping it forward and back. I love your postures. You're working a lot better on really maintaining a long spine. You can get that leg up higher. One more. That's it. Now hold it straight out from you and keep that up. Up, up in three circles, up one and two and three and reverse it and one and two. And push your hip forward for me and good and kick it forward.

Bend the knee to your chest. Take the knee back and extend. Good and forward and bend the knee. And as you take that leg forward for this last time, Tiffany, take your bottom forward. Better. Bend the knee, taking it back and extend. And we're going to go for the reverse. Where right here. Push your hips forward. The bottom one more and more and more. Yes, take it back. Bring the heel to your bottom knee, all the way to your chest and extent, and take your bottom forward.

Yes. Heel to bottom. Good forward. One more. Take that bottom forward. Nice knee to chest and extend. Awesome. Good news together. All right. Come on again, pushing your bottom forward, but more with stomach than with strong arms. Oh, that's nice. Much better. Now go ahead and sit on this left cheek, right and onto the side. Good. Just like this and perfect, but one foot on top of the other, one knee on top of the other. If you have good knees and good everything right, and you're going to extend the left arm right up to the ceiling, holding onto your ankles like you're doing. Think about your ribs here and I want you to relax and enjoy this a little bit more. We're going to pull your belly in, right?

And it pulling it in and up. The spot. More rounded in here. Yep. And so much that we're going all the way out your fingertips and now I want you to really stretch over thinking about expanding these ribs. Really expanding. Good. Just stretch, stretch, stretch, and bringing the arm up and switch arms. This is going to go out just a little bit on this arm, right up to the ceiling. Try to keep your hips stacked, your knees stacked and your feet stacked as you pull in and up and reach over to that side. Good. Just stretch away again, pulling into here and expanding the rib. That's better expanding this.

Yeah, and then with your stomach you're just going to be light as a failure in a switch. Pulling right up to the ceiling. Yeah. What's tough is sometimes our weight goes down as we switch arms and instead I want you to really reach to the ceiling and we're to come over this way. Stretching. Good. So we're really trying to expand our ribs through here and just stretch. That's it. Nice exhale. And then bringing this hand out.

This time we're going to bring it out just a little bit further so that we can drop that elbow down to the mat and keeping those hips stacked and you can drop that elbow. Good. Again, expanding this more. There you go, Tiffany. Nice. Now to come back up. You're obviously using your powerhouse, but it might help you to push your ankles together, your knees together, and squeeze those legs as you come up and reach for the ceiling. Good. And now stretching over to the left. Again, really stretching, expanding, empty your lungs. Really breathe God and then switch on out. This time you can take this arm out as far as you can. If you want to lie flat with the mat, but you're going to come right back up.

So go on over and then right back up. Good. All right, to switch sides, I want you to actually kneel up on your knees again and go to the other side just because of the placement that you're on in your mat. Yep. Good. Alright, now we're going to take that right arm up to the ceiling. Your knees are stacked, ankles are stacked and really get pulled into your back and reach over. The last thing you want to do is have a sway back right now or an arch in your back or kinking it. You want to pull into it, support it, and expand all of those ribs and feel delicious. There we go. And switch.

And just working on that extension again, pull in right a little more into here and just getting that stretch. And we're going to switch this time going out. So where, Oh no, not on this side. Sorry. We're going to stretch and arm up. We're going to take that arm just so that we can put our elbow down onto the mat and still feel the grounding through the lower body. Good.

And coming up nice and reach as far as you can. You can even allow yourself to wrap that arm around your head here and you think you could really use that stretching and it pushed you a little forward. Stretch you a little more. Bring this arm more like so. How's that feel? Good. And we're going to bring that arm up and this time you can reach out with your right arm as low to the floor as you want. Good reaching, reaching, reaching, and then pull right on up. Put it, press that hip down.

I'm not a lot of lifted up and just stretch. Nice job. Alright, turn back forward. So you're facing this way and let's go ahead and do some seal. So we're going to face forward. Hands under your ankles. Yes, and we're going to clap two, three, and in two, three, enrolled back to three and forward two, three and back. Keep it moving.

Relax more with it. Enjoy it more. Good. No tension in the body here. Not so stiff. That's it. And work on the extension. It's looking a lot better actually. And forties where did you relax over us then? Court doesn't do it. Absolutely. That's right.

You just want to speak for yourself, Aaron. Now we're going to let go of her legs. When you're back there and use your center to stand up. We'll use the momentum. Use the energy to just roll right on up. Love it. Keep going through your fingertips. Yes, turnaround and get into a nice, polite stance. God, we're gonna do two sets of five.

You're going to reach all the way through your fingertips and then roll off an imaginary while. Keep your weight more forward because the next one's going to be really mean and going out, walking out into your pushup position. Nice plank. Good and lower yourself down to the mountain. Up one and Dan up two. Good job down up three. I love how straight you're saying for one more and now lifting from your waist, coming back up.

Try not to sway the hips side to side and keep your weight on the balls of your feet so much that we're going to keep our powerhouse in and we're going to rise up onto the balls of your feet. There you go. Think about it. Feel the energy. Feel the lift of your, let's go ahead and lower down your feet for a second and bring your arms down again. And I want just a tiny bit. Bring your, make your aha. It's impossible if one foot is going to be too much turned out right. So what I want you to do is feel this energy that happens when you start thinking about the arch of your foot. You don't want to overturn out and lift the ball of your big toe, but you want a little great to be under your arch and you don't want to squish it and make wine. You want to keep it a little lift there. So we lift the arch.

What happens when we lift the arches? Then our inner thighs start to engage and pull up and it pulls up through our pelvis, through our pelvic floor, through our powerhouse, up through here, all the way through our fingertips, all the way up to the ceiling with your arms, keeping all that energy so much that then it's easy to rise up onto the balls of our feet because we're using that. Lift that energy all the way up onto the balls of your feet. Relevant for me, Tiffany, and now stay on the balls of your feet as you roll off that imaginary wall coming forward. Take your time. It's all yours. I want you to stay up on Relevate up on the balls of your feet forward with your weight is the whole point. Walk out into a pushup when you can. Heels are lifted, right, right over the balls of your feet. Good.

A set of five down, up one, two. Using that powerhouse. Use your bottom a little bit more. Tiffany, work it. Don't leave it up. Squeeze it down and pull back up. As you walk back, you're going to remain on the balls of your feet. Keep your head to your chest for me, Tiffany, and as you come up, lift through your head and now keep lifting all the way through. Regain it wherever you were, right? He's on up.

Exhale as you slowly push your heels down as if there's an egg shell under them. You don't want to crush it. And now take a breath as you push down the earth and lift through your body and empty the lungs. Good job guys. Really good. Nice job.


The sound stopped just halfway through for me. The first half was very good though.
Not so sure the opening should have been left out. I think I am fairly strong, but hurt my back by going right into roll up and roll over. Need some sort of a warm-up.
The only thing left out Connie was the hundred which we tried to tell you about in the description so you would know ahead of time... So Sorry to hear your back hurts. Traditionally all mat classes would start with the hundred and then proceed, as this one does, with the roll up and roll over. It may be a good idea to do a gentle warm up before you start any of the classes. Many of our classes do include additional movements to warm up in hopes to avoid what happened to you. I hope you feel better soon.

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