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Advanced Reformer Flow

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In this Advanced Reformer flow, Sarah Bertucelli brings powerful flows that will energize you and leave you feeling your best. Her cueing will ease you through challenging movements like tendon stretch, front support and long back series so the exercises meet you where you are today. It's easy to have fun and let it flow with Sarah!
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Thanks for joining me. Today, we are going to get zesty with a nice moving flow here on the Reformer. I'm going to offer up some advanced exercises. If they don't work for you, please do you and modify as needed. Let's get moving.

I'm set here with my Reformer Springs for footwork. So I've got three reds and a blue on my Reformer. Let's go ahead and lie down. Settle into your space into your Reformer with your feet on the bar in a comfortable position for you. Separate it a little bit.

Just do a few sways, perhaps side to side, organizing and settling, and finding stillness. Close your eyes for a couple moments, breathing in, and breathing out. Breathing in, feel your head heavy, feel your heart, your ribcage heavy, breathing out. Sense your pelvis position home, relaxed. Perhaps turn your palms to face up so that you can keep an openness through your chest or palms down if that's better for you.

Let's begin with some pelvic curls, inhale. Use an exhale to curl your pelvis up and then up through your spine into a nice bridge position. Inhale there, please, and use an exhale to peel down one vertebrae at a time. Repeating that action, think about where your feet are. You may have your heels, you may have your arches on the bar.

It doesn't really matter to me. Just make sure you feel comfortable with your position and that you can access the backs of the legs. So abdominals come to the party first, backs of the legs, glutes and hamstrings, inner thighs are engaged. And then breathing and moving as you roll down. Let's do one more just like that.

Pelvic curl, loosening up the spine, articulating and enjoying, and lengthen and lower down. Beautiful, let's go ahead and sway the legs side to side a couple times. Perhaps hold the pegs by your ears or even the frame if you prefer, releasing. So add a little push into the one foot, allowing you to lift your pelvis a little bit more. So I'm twisting in one direction.

My other leg pushes me deeper into the rotation. One more time like that. And then, we'll really heat up our core and move a little faster. Come back to center. Bring your legs to tabletop for me.

Reach your hands to the ceiling, inhale here. With an exhale, lift your head and chest. And with an inhale, let's lower down. Try to feel the grounding of your low back as you lift. So it's like the low back grounding floats the head and shoulders up.

As always, we're enjoying movements. So a hint of a smile rather than a scowl. One more time, let's lift and hold. Single leg stretch, one leg in, one leg out. Feel free to use the bar that you have there as a little ground to push into, waking up the backs of the legs perhaps.

Breathing, find your breath. Try to pay attention to where your legs are in space. They should just graze past one another as they go out and in. And then here, two legs are gonna come in. Lift a little higher with your hands should you need to.

If you'd like to slip your hands behind your head for your crisscross, you can do that now. If you need to use your hands to help, you may do that too. We twist as we rotate and we twist. Twist and rotate, that's a little redundant. So you're twisting your body as you change your legs is what I wanted to say.

Breathing and moving, my friends. Your head is heavy in your hands. Your breath is consistent and your low back stays grounded through the entire movement. One more time here. Two legs are gonna come in, lift a little higher.

Two straight legs, hold on to one, put the other one on the bar, a little pulse there. Touch, change, touch, change. So nice breath here. Little pulsing of the top leg, try to really ground down the other leg. Check in with your pelvis and do your best to keep it nice and neutral.

Some of us will wanna tuck pelvis here. So perhaps you can keep it grounded. But you also want your low back to stay grounded. So be mindful there. We got one more here and then we're gonna add a twist, reaching up, looking in one direction.

And we're gonna add a twist, reaching up. So I'm holding my leg with one arm. I'm pulling my body a little higher, stretching, enjoying the shape, and then changing, stretching and enjoying that shape. A big fan of using my arms to help me get just a little more rotation. Last one here, please.

Two legs come into your chest. Settle into your Reformer. Perhaps you'll sway side to side, breathing in and breathing out. Place your heels on the bar for our footwork. So I'm assuming you've done footwork many, many times.

So we're gonna make a speedier pace here today. Ground your pelvis, feel your body, out we go, exhale, and you find the breath that suits you. If you're moving quickly, you may find that you wanna breathe for a couple of repetitions or just breathe when it makes sense. Pay attention to fully straightening the legs. Pay attention to pulling up a little bit through the inner thighs or pulling together a little bit with your inner thighs in your mind, last two and one more time.

So come into the stopper here, pelvic bridge. So with the carriage at home, we lift up, we see how high we can bridge, and we roll ourselves down, abs and hip extensors. Again, using the breath that suits you, both legs are participating equally, last one, and down, beautiful. Place the feet for me on the bar from the balls of the feet. Once again, we're gonna find a nice, zesty flow here.

Lengthening the body as you pick up the pace. Certainly if picking up the pace doesn't suit you, slow it down. Breathing and moving, my friends, finding your flow. Couple more here, one more time. Now keep the feet just like this, carriage is at rest and we do a pelvic bridge.

Feel the backs of the legs. Take a breath and articulate back down, and again. Again, the breath that you wanna use is what you should use. Classically, I'll use an exhale both on the way down and the way up. But when we move faster, you might find that you just wanna use one full breath.

It's up to you. Lowering all the way down. We slide those heels together and go right into the V shape, here we go, finding the power and finding the pace. Using both feet equally, feeling those upper inner thighs. Find your breath.

Feel the glutes working as well especially at the top. But the glutes are working to organize the legs, not the pelvis. The pelvis stays home if possible. Last one here, pelvic curl, inhale, and curl yourself up. Find your height, maybe a little higher with the rotation.

It's kind of fun. Let's do two more. Using the breath that suits you, hint of a smile across your cheeks. Remember we're having fun, always important, (Sarah chuckling) or at least for me, it is. Heels wide on the bar, just kind of relax for a moment here, hmm.

And then, let's find that rhythm again of lengthening the legs and coming in, beautiful. And we're going to change it a little bit here. Instead of going up and down, let's do some pulsing. So one more here. And then we'll pulse those legs, focusing on the in, in, in, nice energy, and then all the way out.

Do a couple more full repetitions. And then, let's do that pulsing again, in, in, nice, strong legs, breathing, and then all the way out, and one more time like that, a couple all the way out and pulsing. Here we go, nice. All the way to straight, please, and our final position will be from the balls of the feet. So pressing the balls of the feet.

Into the bar, we extend the legs, breathing and moving at your pace. So the breath is up to you and the pace is up to you. Feel that you're pushing yourself a little bit, but certainly if it doesn't feel right, move slower, please. And here, let's do those pulses again, da, ta-da. So the focus is on the in for me here.

Pelvis is home. Breath is consistent all the way out and again, all the way out and pulsing da, ta-da, ta-da. So I always like to add just a couple little extra leg extensions in, all the way out. One more time and some pulsing. Here we go, this is our last set of pulsing.

So certainly if you wanna push yourself a little more, you could stay here a little longer. All the way to straight, and let's come all the way in. Bring your feet together to feel that you're centered. And then, separate a bit. Pressing out, we go down and up with the feet, calf raises.

So feel the energy of the upward energy as you press your feet down, lengthening on the way up and the way down. And see if you can feel the lengthening from the backs of your legs all the way up through the back of your body to the back of your neck. And let's move right into our prances changing. So when you do prances, pay attention to the difference between shifting your weight and then keeping your two legs participating in both actions. So here, try playing with with either/or, so you can do what you want.

Generally, I like to keep both feet participating, but there's nothing wrong with shifting to feel a little more stretch as well. Just know what it is you're doing. And then, hold your stretch on one side, move your foot so you feel comfortable, and breathe in and breathe out. If you haven't already, close your eyes and just maybe roll your head side to side, loosening up anything that needs to be loosened so we can keep moving. Changing legs, doesn't matter which leg you're on, just stretch one of your feet.

Move the foot where you would like. Feel free to roll the head side to side, enjoy. Breathing in and breathing out. Press your body up and then come all the way in. And let's quickly come on up to a seat so we can move on.

We're gonna change the spring to just one full spring for a little bit of abdominal work. So let's spin around and have the feet resting on the headrest. Reach forward and hold the ropes above the buckles. Certainly, you could use a lighter spring here if you want. I kinda like the red spring so I can play a little more.

Check in and make sure you have enough room to roll back. But you don't wanna be too far forward either, so find your placement there. Curl yourself down so your low back is grounded. And then, curl yourself back up, sitting tall, bend the elbows. Let's repeat, curl yourself back, and curl yourself up.

Sit tall, bend the elbows, repeat. Curling back and up and bend. Let's change, so curl back again. Holding that low position, lift your two legs up, and then we'll lower the body and lift, little lifts, lift, little lifts. So focusing on keeping that low back grounded, just trying to get a little deeper flexion, a little more abdominal recruitment.

One more time here, tap one foot, and we change, and we change, we change, we change. Find your breath supporting with your core. Perhaps endeavoring to lift just a little higher, still staying in flexion in a round back. Two legs come up, stretch them out, turn them out, cross one leg on top, roll your body up to find a cross-legged teaser, much like the boomerang. Now we're gonna stay rounded through the body as you roll yourself down.

And roll yourself up, you have to actually tip to a straighter back to get to the teaser. And then, I want you to flex or round yourself down here. Can you lower your feet to tap the floor and lift back up so you're tapping the headrest, not the floor. And lift up, good, one more time. We lift up, we lift the body up, tip to a straight back, switch which leg is on top.

We roll down through the body three times and we lift up and we roll down. And we lift up, this time we roll down and we stay and we tap the legs, three, two, and one. Two legs down, keep them crossed if you want. Roll yourself all the way up to a sitting position. Nice little abdominal work.

So let's put the straps away. Change the springs to a red and a blue for side lying single legs which will act as our hip work today. And you can set your body so that you can hold that peg behind you and that helps to keep your body stable here. And then, just kind of settle in and put the top foot forward on the foot bar first. Press your two legs out to straight and make any adjustments that need to be made here to feel like you're in the right spot.

'Cause once we're here, we're gonna be here for a little while. Flex that foot a lot. And then, bring the other leg up first in front of you and bend and straighten your knee a couple times. So this is an option one. If you wanna go a little deeper here, go ahead, and when you come in this time, pull that bottom leg behind you and see if you can hold onto the top of the foot and keep going.

So we'll do now a few more like that and that should feel just like a nice little added stretch. See where you can go with that back leg. I'm bumping the stopper, people, I'm bumping the stopper. One more time here. We're gonna come all the way in and make a change.

So the bottom foot goes to the wood chunk. Press your two legs out to straight and be for a moment. Here, lift the bottom leg up so it's gonna touch the inside of the bar. As you bend in, the heel lifts and it stays lifted. So we'll do a few there.

Nice little pace here, breathing and moving. Try to feel that outer hip working. Try to feel the leg working as well. But I'm really looking for hip extensors. So I'm looking for glute-hamstring participation.

And we're just gonna do two more here, please. And one more, good, my legs are feeling it. Good, let's go ahead and keep our body in this out position. Take the foot behind you. So make sure you feel that you can straighten your leg and get your glute to participate.

Then, the other leg comes forward. You can keep the knee bent. That's the option one, bend in. Make sure you feel not your knee and your quad mostly, but your glute and your hamstring mostly. If you'd like to extend the leg out to straight, go ahead and do it.

That's the front leg I'm talking about, beautiful. And then, we'll just keep this shape for the next few more here 'cause my legs getting tired. How about yours? How about we do three and two and one more, beautiful. And we'll gently bring those legs into your chest here in this side lying position.

Use your hands to help bring yourself upright. Go ahead and take the leg we just worked and cross over, taking just a couple moments of stretch here before we flip around to the other side. Hmm, I'm gonna get up and walk around 'cause it's a lot cleaner to do that. You can roll over if you prefer, but here when we slip into the Reformer. Remember if you can hold on to the peg and your chin is kind of close to the forward shoulder rest.

it's the best alignment there. And then, we'll settle. My front foot, my top foot is forward. My ankle is flexed and I'm trying to get my glute to participate. Take the other leg forward in space and try a couple on for size and see how you do here, bending in and out.

Now should you like to change it here, it's easier to do when you're down. You'll pull that leg behind you and pull yourself into a nice, little stretch there. Glute is participating, breathing and moving. And we've got three more now, one and two, and last one, three. So we come on in.

We find the placement of both feet so you can change. So I've got my other foot in the middle of the bar, my working leg. The bottom leg comes up so it can touch the inside or the underside of the bar. And then as I come in, my heel's gonna lift. And then, that's the position I'm gonna keep, and keep that flow there.

Trying to get the back of the leg to participate, the gluten, the hamstring. If you feel your knee, remember you need to probably wake up the back leg tissue just a bit more. Find your breath. We've got two more here and one more. So certainly if you're moving at a slower pace, you might be doing fewer.

Take your leg behind you now, find the back part of the bar. Make sure with your leg straight, heel lifted, you can get the glute to participate. Take the other leg forward, soft leg first and we'll bend in. Maybe you come all the way in, maybe you don't. Think about really getting that gluteal to work as if you are pushing yourself forward or leaping through the forest like a gazelle.

If you'd like to straighten the front leg, go ahead and give it a go. We have five more here, one and two, and find your breath, three and four, last one, five. Gently come on in and go ahead and come on up to a sitting position. And I'm just gonna stay facing away from you for this little stretch because it's such a beautiful view. Lean forward and stretch that leg you just worked for two or three breaths.

Don't worry, I'll come back and look at you again. Hmm, and let's go ahead and now change the spring. So you're going to be, for me, on a green spring. You can always go with a lighter spring if you prefer. But we're going to do the down stretch and I want you to feel a little bit supported when we get there today and for the next exercise as well.

So tuck your toes under and push those feet, really wedge them up against the shoulder rest. Using your feet here helps tremendously. So before going into the down stretch, we're gonna round through our back and feel a nice flexed spine, and we're gonna lift away and be in our knee stretch position, round back. Do a couple there, inhale and exhale in, probably quick breath here is ideal. And then, hold your legs back this time.

Undulate into a straight back. And then an extended spine and come all the way up and all the way down. One more time, all the way up, all the way down. Now come halfway up. Flex your spine.

You're in knee stretch again, do two more. And then, legs go back. You're gonna undulate, you're in down stretch, lift. Find your breath, lower, lift. Good, you're gonna go all the way back.

Come halfway up. Flex your spine, knees. Good, go all the way back. Undulate your spine and lift. Let's stick with the down stretch for the final two.

Breathing and lift all the way in this time and untuck your toes and have a seat in a little child's pose for a moment. You can keep your hands on the foot bar if you want, swaying side to side, or you could put your hands wherever it makes sense to you. I like what this does for my shoulders. And here, we'll get a little creative. So I'm going to ask you to just move your knees forward a little bit and I'm going to move my legs over to my left, which means I'll be using my right leg more, okay?

So I've moved over. I'm also going to be using both arms, but I'm gonna have to use my right arm a little bit more when I get into it. So right arm, right leg. So the first thing I'd like you to do is just figure out how to bring yourself down to the Reformer, resting that leg, kind of so it's an alignment with the edge of the Reformer. And then, we're gonna just kind of push out and sort of find this shape where you feel pretty comfortable in like a mermaid shape.

It's a modified mermaid, okay? So just try that a couple times where you're just kind of pushing out and stretching a little bit, and then coming in. Now here's where it changes and it's fun. I've pushed out as far as I can, right arm, right leg. I'm going to push into my right leg to lift my hip up and slide the carriage back.

So my other foot can rest up against the shoulder rest if I feel slippery, and I'll do that three more times. I'm pushing and I'm pushing. And one more time, so my body, my gaze stays the same, my lower body moved. I hope you enjoyed that. Let's do the same thing on the other side.

It's not the prettiest thing to get in and out of, but we'll give it a go. So I've moved my legs over to the other direction. I'm now gonna be standing on my left foot, and my left leg and my left arm. So I'm gonna shift my body over and that's about where I need to be. I'll adjust my feet so that I feel comfortable.

You might wanna feel that your heel of your other leg is up against the shoulder rest. Now here I feel a different stretch here on this side. So I'm gonna sit with it for a moment. And then, slide out, enjoy that stretch, and then slide up. So my left arm, nice and straight.

I'm getting a whole stretch through my side body on my left side. I do have both arms on the bar, both hands on the bar, but there's more intention around that left one. One more time and then we'll hold that out position here. Stay, nice energy through that left arm. You're gonna push into the left leg and you're gonna see if you can lift.

Ooh, I can't quite lift up, here we go. That's where I need to be. We're gonna lift up to reach back and lift up to reach back. So I'm lifting and sending my legs back and lifting and sending my legs back. So my body kind of stays where it is, my upper body, two more like that.

So that was a fun little in balance position for me. Go ahead and rest. I was able to feel that I had gone a little bit too far and then didn't have the power to lift, so I just changed it. One red spring for this next exercise, guess what? We get a lovely standing lunge you do to you.

So I've got one foot forward near the foot of the Reformer, the other foot is up against the shoulder rest. Go ahead and just find a nice deep lunge. Enjoy what it is that you need, breathing in and breathing out. Lots of options, today I feel compelled to stay more upright, to use my legs a little more. Certainly if you're feeling like you wanna lean into it and relax, that's okay too.

But I'm gonna breathe here. I'm gonna lift my heart, look up toward the sky a little bit, move things around as I breathe and enjoy that gorgeous stretch. So my hands are just very lightly helping me here. One more breath. And then, we'll come out of that and go ahead and go to the other side.

So skipping the hamstring component today. Again, nice deep lunge here. Front foot near the front of the Reformer, bend, breathing in, finding your position, breathing out. Do when you're standing here, try to feel that enough weight is on that front leg. I find that a lot of people lean their weight only on the Reformer leg.

And if you can keep more weight on the floor leg, you're gonna find that you actually have a little bit more support. You also have a pretty, a more readily available balance mechanism when you're standing on the earth a little bit. So holding onto the bar won't feel so necessary. One more breath. Now, are you ready?

Are you sure? We are going to climb up onto our Reformer, two hands on the shoulder rest, your feet hang off the edge. Lots of foot hanging off the edge. So it's just the balls of my feet on the edge of the Reformer. And I'm just gonna kind of lean a little bit, stretching a little, my hamstrings, and my back.

So bend one knee, and then bend the other knee. You got it, my friends. We're headed into a nice powerful series. We are going to do tendon stretch. We are going to do some front support.

We are going to do some deep lunges, and we're going to do long back stretch. Are you ready? Yes, you are. Hollow your belly in flexing your spine. Look at your bar.

Reach back with one hand. Find a connection. Find your balance. Find your ability to reach back with the other hand and find the connection. You're all set up for tendon stretch.

Drop the heels, scoop the belly up, and away we go. We reach through all the way back up and energy through all the way back up. So if you need to do a modified version, feel free. One more time after this one 'cause I wanted to do one more. Cue that a little too soon, we hold.

Walk your hands back to the shoulder rest. Set your hands on the shoulder rest. Forward, bring your shoulders forward. Bend your knees a little. You can walk one foot forward, find the foot bar with the other foot, and extend out to a plank position.

High up on the tiptoes support with your core, other leg comes up, stay there. Holding this with power, the head is back where it belongs. Arms go forward and back. One more time, please. Good, hands are underneath you.

Take your right foot forward between your shoulder rest, stay there. Your hands get a little bit of a break but they're still there for me. So try first extending your front leg in the direction of straight and bending, extending the front leg in the direction of straight and bending. If you're feeling super zesty here, you can find your balance. I'm feeling kind of zesty here.

And you can try extending your leg in the direction of straight and bending, and extending and bending. One more time, please. And then, you'll come down, two hands on the shoulder rest. Step back to your plank, we go again. Arms forward, five, four, three, two, and one, hands underneath you.

Bring your other foot forward. You can keep it there. Your arms get a little bit of a break 'cause you're standing on your front leg. Now your hands are just there. Extend the leg to straight and bend.

Maybe that's enough for you. Maybe just holding this shape is enough for you. If you feel rather zesty, make sure that back heel is lifted. I forgot to do that there. Ooh, weaker side, here we go.

We're gonna find our balance and you're gonna see if you can extend your leg out straight. I'm just gonna hold myself here for a moment, but you can go ahead and extend your leg, and then pull in, and again extend your leg. Good, I just found it, one more time. Ooh, don't mind showing you that. This is my harder side.

And then, we bring our hands down to the shoulder rest. Step the foot back one last time. Feel your power here, hmm. Step one foot down, bring the carriage in, take your feet so they're hanging off the back edge again, and just take a nice little relaxed stretch. Perhaps you drop one heel and then you drop the other heel.

Now look at the football. We're going back there with our hands. Put one hand there first. Round and curl up through the belly. Put the other hand and then have a seat.

Long back, stretch happens. Now we take one leg forward all the way up against the shoulder rest and then the other. Open through your heart. Here, let's bend the elbows and scoop ourselves up. Keep the flexion of the spine as you come back and straighten out.

We go again. And we're scooping up and we're rounding ourselves back. Two more please, bend and we reach and back. And one more time. And let's carefully.

Step off of your Reformer with grace and with ease. My friends, I am working hard. I hope you are too. I'm going to take the bar down one rung. So I'm on low bar.

I'm not on the very lowest, but I'm on much lower bar. And then we'll come and grab the box that's been hanging out over here and we'll put this on long box please. So this next piece is a little funny looking getting in, but it feels really good to me. So I hope you'll bear with me. We're going to lie on the box with the hip crease right at the edge here.

So you'll just have to work your legs around the bar a little bit. But we'll use the bar eventually. So I kind of get myself in. Then I'm gonna get my feet on the bar and press out. I'm still just on one red spring, so I feel I've got something to work against, but not too much.

So here you can make adjustments as needed. Here, I've got this nice little hook now where I can just let my legs rest up against the box. Sort of hug the box, allow your head to rest if you want, or float if that feels better for you. Press your legs first to straight and try to feel the connection of all three points of your pelvis. Also feel the power of your legs right here.

And decide, do you feel safe here? Does it feel like a good idea to lift to a lovely little back extension? And then lower down, bend your knees. Out with the two straight legs. We're gonna lift to that back extension, and lower down.

Bend the knees. Now we're gonna press out. We're gonna lift to that back extension. We're gonna send one arm up and the opposite leg, and we're gonna change. One arm up and the opposite leg, and change.

One arm. I'm in external rotation with my legs, so I'm keeping that external rotation just because it feels more supportive for me today here. And it's fun. Here we go. We're gonna bend the knees in, changing.

We press back out two straight legs. Feel the power. Do you feel safe? Do you feel comfortable here? If you do, let's actually come in.

If you feel comfortable, go ahead and grab your straps and hold onto the ropes above the buckles while you're at rest here, while you're down. And then we'll bring those into play this time. So you're holding the straps, you're gonna progress yourself out. You have no tension on your ropes right now. You're gonna lift to back extension and pull your arms down by your side.

And if you feel okay here, you pull with your arms so your feet are no longer on the bar. The arms come all the way around overhead. And we're gonna pull all the way down back to where we came from, repeat. Legs stay energized, body stays nice and still. Good, we'll do two more like that, big range.

And one more please. This time the arms go overhead. You stay lifted with your legs. Bend your elbows. So I'm noticing that my legs are getting tired, so they start to touch the foot bar.

Try to really keep them lifted. So I'm doing a lap pull here. One more time. Two arms straight, pull down. Find the foot bar with your feet, press out.

Bend your knees, take a pause. Breathing in and breathing out. So I'm just kind of hugging my box right now. Feels quite nice actually. In this relationship, I have one more thing I had like to do with you.

Little tricep work. Here we go. We press our two legs to straight. Our arms are straight down. Pull them up by your body till you feel the spring.

And then you're gonna pull, legs are off the bar. We bend the elbows, and we'll do 10 triceps, and nine, and eight, and seven. Last one please. My legs are getting a little tired. Feet go on the bar, gently come in.

Put the straps on the pegs and just take a little hug and a little relax there. Nice little rest spot. And now we're gonna carefully get out of the Reformer. So you're gonna have to just kind of wrangle your feet up and out of the way and see if you can use your arms and your legs to come to a standing position. So let's turn the box around.

And you got it my friends. One must do side overs in a class like this, don't you think? So we'll add a few springs here. You're gonna need to put your foot bar down to kind of get it out of the way. And on this Reformer also, so we can get the strap out so I can get to it.

So go ahead and make that arrangement and then climb yourself up on your Reformer. I'll face to you first. We've got one foot tucked. If you know me, you know the rules. The rules are we're gonna start with our hand down and we're gonna support and be fully committed o this beautiful position before we even consider lifting the arm.

Press through the leg. You got a lot of glute. Use those abdominals. Feel the length thing a little upper back. Let's take the arm here, straight overhead and the other arm up to join.

Look at that. Nothing changed. Yes, can you clasp those hands together and reach over with an inhale and right back up. And again, over, right back up. Two more please.

One more. Holt, hand down, other hand down. Find a nice relaxing stretch. So you can choose where your hands wanna go. I like to actually keep one hand like a kind of on the headrest area and create a little bit more of a mermaid stretch.

You could go one hand on either end of the frame and create a little more rotation there. Just breathe. You can put your elbow on the headrest and relax your head depending on your flexibility. Remember to also pay a little bit of attention to what your straight leg is doing. By bending and straightening my knee a little bit, I'm getting a little release right up in here, which feels really delicious today.

And slowly using your arms, just use your body to come on up and fix your hair if needed so that you feel ready to go to the second side. So we'll tuck the other leg in. We'll spin ourselves around. Remember to take your time to be sure that you're set up appropriately. So we'll put a hand down perhaps on the headrest.

Reach up, find the glute of that supporting legs. So I'm reaching up through the heel here. And then feel the length through the crown of the head. We're gonna go ahead and take that other arm straight overhead by the ear and decide, can I hold this? Yes, I can.

Try again, nothing should change. Yes I can. One more time. We're gonna hold that clasp, the fingers if you're able to, and we reach over. Big stretch, and we lift up.

And again, over, find your breath. Last one please. And then find a stretch for you. So put your hands where your hands need to be in order for you to relax into this pose here. So anywhere you need to be.

I can give you cues, but you can just kind of explore. Remember to be patient and to be curious and allow things to wiggle around. If you feel that it's taken the breath away from you, you've gone too far. One must be able to breathe in the position. Slowly use your hands to help you in whatever way makes the most sense to bring yourself upright.

And then let's just step off of our Reformers. So let's put the box away so it's out of the way. And I would just like to finish with you all standing for a few moments, so you can find a place where you can stand comfortably. I'm gonna come around to the front so you can see me. With your feet underneath your hips.

How about feet together actually? Feet together. Take a big stretch up, and roll yourself down. Feet together. See how that feels?

Separate them. If you need to. Relax your head. Roll yourself up. And then open your heart, turning your palms open. Looking up as you open your heart, take the arm behind you.

Try that again, the arm behind you. And one more time, behind you. Other side, the arm's gonna go behind. Stretching through the shoulder there. Stretching through the heart.

And one more time here. Take your hands together behind your back. Separate your feet as needed here. Open through your heart. Look up.

One more time, look up. I'm also doing a back bend, release. Turn your palms to face open, find your still point. Your legs are relaxed. Breathing in.

With your exhale grow a little taller, feel the ease and work in your body. Breathing in. And with your exhale, still grow a little taller. Feel that. And one more breath please.

And then awaken your eyes. And my dear friends, I thank you so much for playing. I will see you again soon.


Melissa D
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Wonderful flow! Thank you! 
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Loved it. Thank you! :)
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Thank You it Was a Nice class
Love love love your fabulous energy! Thank you for your inspiration.
Hi Melissa D, I am so pleased this class flowed well for you!  Thank you for playing.  Take care:) 
woot woot! Melanie thank you for playing.  :)
Thank you Stephaie !
Hi Wellness through movement, I love your energetic note!  thank you so much for "playing"!!  Take care:) 
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love it as always....especially your flow from tendon stretch to front support to lunges and back again!   also loved alternating knee stretch w downstretch!   thank you thank you Sarah & PA
Thank you Jennifer S !  
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