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Join Niedra for this Beginner level Mat workout focusing on incorporating some new exercises into the routine her dedicated beginner students have been practicing for several weeks. Enjoy!
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So w let's keep on going with our challenging beginner level work. So come to the front of your math. Today we're going to stick with more or less beginner level math work and maybe we're going to start adding in some little tidbits as we go along. So hold on to your elbows and lift the powerhouse up to this. That's at the waist is lifted now just as the stomach lifts, press the shoulders down and if the chest a little bit more, you want to feel the whole spine nice and long and the hips narrow cross, Yup.

Feet and just for the fun of it. Cross your feet the other way and now I the bend both knees all the way to the floor or take one foot and bend it behind you. And if you can't get down this way, you fake it and do it another way. That's it, Rick. Pretty good. Pretty good. UNCROSS your feet. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Sit Up nice and tall. Now pull the stomach way up and press the shoulders that and get a sense of a very long neck, very long neck, shoulders a little bit lower, and then roll back an inch and pull your stomach up and roll down another inch and pull the stomach up and start to feel the connection into the ribs and go a little bit further enough. Start Tucking the sake room under you as well, colon even more. There you go. Excellent. Roll a little bit further down and then see if you can continue going down nice and slow so you lower yourself to the mat without falling down.

Place your hands on the mat and bring your feet a little bit closer up with a warmup. And now if any of you like to have anything under your head, you can set yourselves up and just take a moment to lengthen the arms down so you, you're really having the shoulders away from your ears. Get a sense of the back of the neck, nice and long. Knees and feet together and stomach pulled way, way up without changing anything. Lift your right knee towards you, your chest. And put the foot back down and lift the left knee towards your chest and put the foot back down and lift the right knee towards your chest and put the foot back down and the left knee and down, and the right knee and down and the left knee and down. Now hug the midline so the hips are tight and narrow. The stomach is up, the knees are together, Rick, the ankles are together.

Take a moment to see if you can even feed you. Feel your calves moving towards each other and then lift the right knee again. Keep the stomach in and lip the left knee so both knees are in the air, the knees are together, the ankles are together, the hips are tight. Put the right foot down and put the left foot down and lift the left. Mia, that's it.

And the right knee up and the left foot goes down and the right foot goes down. Pull the stomach up. And if the right knee up and the left knee up and the right foot goes down and the left foot goes down and lift the left knee up and the right knee up and the left foot goes down and the right foot goes down. Now check your alignment again. You want to feel very broad across the shoulders. The stomach is pulled up, the knees and the knees and the hips are together tight and the stomach is lifted. Have the arms extending, so you're taking the all the bones of the spine and the skeleton gate, keeping them long. Bring both knees towards your chest, using your powerhouse.

The knees have to be together. Yes, bringing the feedback down to the mat. Pull the stomach in and lift the knees up and lower the feet back down and bring both knees up and both feet back down. And one more time. Both knees up and both feet back down. Now lift both arms to the ceiling and check that the shoulders are wide and get a sense of the distance between your chin and your chest because you want to keep about the same distance. Lift your head and chest and reach your arms forward. So you read and have a look on a long diagonal up opposite you and lower back down. Lifting the arms to the ceilings of Kate Caplin more that way.

And lift up this to give your head a natural placement. As you come up to not crunching, you only want the tips a little less high, less high. There it is, and lower back down. So only the shoulder blades are lifting up and lift up again. So the hands come parallel to the mat. Shoulders away from your ears. There they are, and lower back down. So your hinges from the rib cage.

And one more time lifting up rib cage closes as the hands reach wrong Caitlin. A little too high. There it is. And lower back down. Now add the knees to this. So lift up again and bring the knees to the chest. Lift up, knees come in and lower back down and lift. Make sure the hands comparable to the mat right there and lower back down and lift up against stretching the fingers nice and long and lower back down. And one more time. Lift up, lengthening long.

Bring the knees right into the chest and lower back down. Very, very good. Stretch your arms over your head. Nice stretch thief. Knit your hands all the way to the floor. Even if the ribs come up and the waist comes up, and then bring the hands back up and set. You started preparing for hundreds. Bring the knees to the chest. Lift your head and chest up.

Hands go down and it's parallel to the mat. Lift the legs up to the ceiling. Start pumping with the arms. Breathing in for five. Exhale, three, four, five. Bend the knees a little bit, Rick. Bend. Then them. Four, five, three, two, three. Bring the feet towards me a bit. Exhale. Three, four, five, four, two, three, four. Buy for you. I want you to be like this. Five, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five. Now lower the legs a little bit out. Exhale. Three, four, five, stay where you are for you, Rick. Xav. Four, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five. Take the legs. Another like in town sale. Three, four, five. Last set, three, four, five, six, seven. Very good. Bend the knees into your chest.

Everybody had in feet to the mat and rest. Very, very good. So just as a note, like if you're new to the class, sometimes I'll tell you to the exercise a little bit more modified. That's just to make sure you're doing it right and you'll catch up to speed very fast. So if come down Rick, we come down, stretch arms over your head, lengthen the legs out and just see how far away and hands go over your head. She didn't get the hands to the floor and stretch the toes as well. See if you can get the toes and the fingers as far away from each other as possible so you can get your hands to the floor.

Even if your back arches, you are getting much looser. Mr. Kim, bring the arms to the ceiling and then roll up to a sitting position. Roll up, bend your knees if you need to and you can bring the knees into come up very, very good and right where you are. Bend the legs hall behind the knees. Pull the stomach muscles way up and roll halfway back till the arms are straight and check that you're closing your ribs. Check that your shoulders are down. Look a little bit forward with your head and then roll back and sit up straight.

Nice. Lift broad shoulders roll back down again, slightly rounding, creating very round, circular shape. Make sure the head coming forward. Tim had moved forward. Shoulders down that Sikkim very good. Come back up nice and tall. Feel this bone in the chest. Lifting and again, start to roll back. Close the ribs, fill up the back ribs. Pull the stomach in and roll back up and lift the ribs away from the hips.

Now stretch the arms out. You know what, Rick? Get your feet further out. It'll be a little easier. That's it. One time, rolling back the same way. No hands rolling back. Now all of the weight of the body is being held by the powerhouse. Roll back up and now rolling all the way to the mat and started rolling down.

Soldiers are down articulating through the spine. Roll roll row until your shoulders are flat, your head is flat. The arms, come to the ceiling and then lift your head and Rola, articulating through the spine. If you need to grab your thighs to help you come up, that's fine. And Roll back down again. Nice. Roll one bone at the time, all the way down, articulating through the spine. Take the arms to the ceiling and then lift your head and chest.

Reach forward at that right and roll up. Good and roll down again. Shoulders, shoulders, step. Yes, articulating through the spine. Arms come up and left your head and chest. Very good and roll up. Good, Diane. Excellent.

Stretch your legs all the way out so the legs are straight and stretch forward. Drop your head down and start rolling backwards. As you start to roll back, imagine someone's holding your hands and not letting you go back, so you have to pull super hard with your belly and your waist rolling down, rolling down until you're flat on your back. Stretch your arms way out so they reach far away from you. Open the armpits, bring the arms up again and lift your head and chest in, articulate through your spine. One bone. At a time to come up. If you need a little help, you can bend your knees and go forward and then stretch way forward. So Diane, give yourself a good stretch. Let the head drop. So you right here, you want to let yourself stretch out a little bit. Now Start Rolling back.

Shoulders broaden away from the ears and from here a night in your own speed. Just you go down and up. If you need to go slow, you go slow. If you're in control, you can move a little bit faster. The important thing, you don't want to be throwing yourself or falling. You want to work through the stiff spots and you want to train every bone in your back to articulate. And once you get that you can speed up.

So it's really personal how you work. You want to work with your own body and with what you're ready to do and you will get better. And I sing quicken all doing really, really well. One more time. Finish your roll up. That's it. Very, very good. And then roll back down on your back and stay lying down there.

This is your last rollback lie down on your back with your hands, by your sides for single leg circles. So they arms right by your sides. Bend both knees and bring your feet up close to your bottom and check again. Organized shoulders away from the ears. The back is long, the stomach is in, the hips are nice and grounded into the mat. Lift your right leg to the ceiling for single like circles right up so you can get the foot right above your hip. Point the toes. Lengthen and straighten the knees. If you can draw a circle going left down, around and up. Circle the leg in, up.

Circle the leg and up. Circle the like accident is up. Circle the leg an up. And one more time. Circle the like every time. Feel the connection to your powerhouse and reverse it. Circle the leg up. Circle the leg up. Circle the leg up for slightly to now circle the leg in, up and circle the login app.

So you take you now take the left leg and stretch it out on the mat. Left like straight down, right, like straight to the ceiling. Go again. Circle the leg in, up. Circle the leg in, up, circling up, circling up, circling up, reverse it and circling up. Circling up, circling up. Just bend this knee. Bend this knee, circling up and circling up. And now hold the leg with both hands. Hold behind the hamstring, turn the leg out, Rick a little bit and then gently stretch the leg towards you. But check that your shoulders are why your hips are steady.

The back of the neck is nice and long. And then put your hands by your sides on the mat and slowly lower the leg down. Stomach is in long leg, long stomach, long back, all the way down. Very, very good. Excellent. So once you're down your heels and neatly together, nice tiny waist, narrow hips, long arms and bend both knees so your feet are bent.

Lift your right leg to the ceiling. As you lift the leg up, check that the hips are firm. So the other leg, the leg you weren't duty using. So see if you can get the knees straight. Yes, and very slightly turned in the knee out so you can lock your hips nicely so you have a clamping of the powerhouse and you start again. Cross your body down, around and up, and circle the leg inner. Circle the leg in up. Very good. Circle the leg in up. Circle the leg in up, and now reverse it and circle the leg in a circle that I going up. Circle the leg up, circle the leg in, up and circle the leg in up.

Now take the right leg straight down. You keep it bent right, right leg on the floor. Stretch the right leg out, left leg straight to the sitting. Start again. Circle the leg up. Circling up, circling up, circling up, circling up and reverse it. Circling up, circling up, circling up, circling up and circling up whole the night with both hands. Give the leg a stretch, but keep the right leg long on the mat. So the right thigh is pressing down in the left leg is lengthening up and the shoulders are wide and the waist is long. Put your hands on the mat and slowly lower the leg down and pull your stomach up in opposition as the leg comes all the way down. Very nice. So you're healed the NAPI together. Stretch both arms over your head.

Reach with the arms just for a moment. Give yourself a good juicy stretch. Point your toes. Pull your knees up. Excellent. Now bring the arms, the ceiling. When I meant pull the knees up, I met, pulled the flies up, but you can bend your knees and roll up to sitting position with the knees bent if you want to. So Rola, very good for rolling like a ball. So you're sitting, your legs are probably straight. Put your hands by your buttocks. Have a look at where your feet are. Find your stomach and see if you can pop your hips up and bring them towards your heels. So one simple movement. Open the knees and whole behind the knees, elbows around, close the ribs and look down towards your navel.

See if you can freeze this shape and roll back toward your shoulders and come up to roll back and roll up. Okay balance back and up in balance. Really Nice, strong stomach. Closing the ribs year-round. So Debbie, not lifted, slightly curved in your back. Roll back again. To make a seeker, you're looking to have this openness in the waist and roll back.

That's good. And Roll Up Diane. Keep the shoulders down so it's all here and roll back and roll up. Very good. Grab your ankles, look down so the head is out of the way. Bring your heels closer to your bottom and roll back and up again. Roll back and up and up and roll back and up and roll back and up. [inaudible] one more time. Roll back and uphold your balance.

Hold your balance. Let go of your ankles. Get the knees, the feet closer to your bottom. Get your knees closer to your chest. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Put the feet down. Very nice. Stretch the arms out and roll down in your backs. Roll, roll. Roll for single leg stretches. So adjust yourself if you moved off the mat or if you want to get back to your head with a pillow or towel. So you set yourselves up to the shoulders, a long knees, a bent back, his long stomach is in.

Squeeze the knees together and bring both knees up at the same time. So they'd skim in toward your chest. Curl your head and chest up and hold your ankles. So we remember your, you're like rolling like a ball. You want to pull the stomach in and up and have your elbows wide. Take your left hand to your right knee. Pull the right knee and left leg is out.

Hat right hand to the ankle. Co Kayla, Caitlin Carlin. Switch left-hander the ankle. Switch right hand to the ankle. Switch left hand to the ankle. Debbie, you got the wrong hand switching. Full switch, simple switch, simple switch and Paul, switch and pull and switch and pull. Bring both knees in and head and feet to the mat and rest.

So [inaudible], this is just to review the hand position. This is a brain twister. It's completely not natural the way you're supposed to hold your feet. So if you bring, bring your right knee into your chest for a minute and the most natural instinctive way you will reach is with your right hand to the knee and the left hand to the ankle. So go into that position. Permission Minute, right? That's it. Now with right-hander, the knee left hand to the ankle.

When you're in that position, the knee easily rotates out and the foot comes in a little bit. That's a not bad. Joseph Valadez wanted us with the leg bone straight. So flip your hands around and you see how it's much easier to hold the legs straight because you're actually gently pulling the knee in a bed, but it's not your natural position. So that's the logic bit behind the handhold. It's to keep the legs straight in, in relation to the hip. So we put the foot down, we just going to do a few more just to kind of focus on the hand hole because it is a bit of a trick. That's it, Rick. That's exactly right.

So bring both knees to your chest, hold your ankles with both hands as you lift your head and chest stops. So curl up and take your left hand to your right knee and stretch your left leg out. Now flip your leg. That's Wendy and change legs and change hands and change legs and change hands and change legs and team's hands and change legs and so always outside hand to the ankle. Rick, you got wrong. That's a Tim. You got it right and switch and switch. You're getting it right now. And switch that said and switch. Excellent. Everybody got it right?

We were all one. And when you leave in, hadn't been to the mat, it takes it twice. It's like, you know, doing this, it's like not or whatever. I can't do it. You know what I mean? Okay. Dabble leg stretches. Bring both knees to your chest, curl your head in, chest up, grab your ankles, bring your heels close to your bottom and bring your knees close to your chest and check that your bottom is still on the mat. So there's your position. Keep the stomach and stretch your arms and legs out, hands by your ears. Circle the arms and hug tiny little sake and stretch the arms up and back by your ears.

Tiny long waist circle and then head stays up the whole time and reach circling in. So Rick, keep your head up and reach and in and reach. Hands here. Circling in and reach hands here. Circle and in and head and feet to the mat and rest. Very, very good. Oh, okay. Scissors. Bring mountain both knees into your chest.

Grab your ankles and curl your head and chest up. Lift both legs straight up to the ceiling without anything changing. Hold your right like with both hands and stretch your left leg out or both hands. Hold your right leg. Pull the leg twice. Paul Paul, scissor the legs, po, po switch, pull, pull, switch, pull. Pull so much more energy. Candidates pull, pull, switch and hold your ankle. Paul, Paul and Paul.

Paul and Paul Pope and Paul Paul and Paul. Paul and Paul Paul. Both legs are up. Bend your knees to your chest and lower your head to the mat. Lower your feet to the mat and rest. Very good. So double leg stretches are double straight leg stretches of lower lift.

Place your hands behind your head. Keep if you're more in advance, you keep your elbows wide. Bring both knees into your chest. Curl your head and chest up so you close the ribs. But now see if you can rest your head in your hands with the elbows wide. Lift both like straight up to the ceiling. Pull the stomach muscles way in. Everybody lift your chest a little bit further up.

You can bend your head in a bit. There it is. Lower the legs 12 inches away from you. Keep the stomach and keep the chest lifting. Bring the legs up and the lower the legs, keeping the chest up. Chest up, chest up and lift and lower the legs. Long legs, just a little bit.

Stomach is in and up and lower the legs. Lower the legs, left the chest and up. One more time and lower the legs, lower the legs, lower the legs and lift and bend the knees. Head to the mat, feet to the mat and rest. Also. Now you're all getting so good. We going to add Chris Cross to this I not sure if any of you have done this before. Some of you have. Now we're going to start working into the obliques, so just have a look. We'll add this in in segments.

So first movement you'll be lifting up. Remember, you always want to be lifting by closing the ribs, not by dragging with your chin so that you lift up and then the hips steady and you rotate to the right and lit. Rotate to the left and lift. So we, that's part of the movement. We'll add the knees, but let's have a go with this first. So on your backs, hands behind your head, the knees are bent. Pull the stomach muscles up and lift your chest up off the mat. Very good. Now rotate to the right to roll the ribs a little to the right and then back to the center and lift your chest and rotate to the left and lift your chest and rotate to the right and lift your chest and rotate to the left and lift your chest and lower back down. Very, very good. So that's upper body part.

Now we add the leg part to this. You'll be bringing your knees in and then rotating and the left, the right knee and the left elbow. I'm moving towards each other, but the most important part is opening the right side, lifting as you come through the middle and rotating the left, lifting in the middle, cause what's going to happen? You're going to feel yourself get heavier and you're going to keep wanting to drop lower and lower to the floor. But the real aspiration is to keep getting a little bit higher ups. You're working deeper and deeper into your obliques, so on your back we just can do three sets so you go for it and then you're done.

So knees and feet together, stomach in, back long. Bring both knees to your chest and curl your head and chest up. Very good. Now, right elbow to left knee and right leg stretches out that twist and lift the center and alternate other leg. Twist and lift and twist. So the hips stay quiet. Lift and twist only the rib cages, twisting, lift and twist. I'd like to like much higher and lift and twist.

Come back to the center. Lower your head down, low, your feet down. That was Chris Cross. Very, very good. Stretch your arms over your head, stretch your legs out. Nice stretch and then roll up to a sitting position. So roll up. Very, very good. And Open your legs out, out for spine. Stretch forward so the legs are open, a little bit wider than your mat.

Let's have you juggle a little bit of forward and back. Okay, so Rick, you move a little bit further back. Caitlin Carlin forward. That's it. Candice. Very good re, um, Tim feet a little bit wider just to hear now just put your hands behind for a minute and just for the fun of it, pre pull the kneecaps up and press your knees down and then reach with your toes out. So the legs feel like needles or really like arrows you're pointing. And then relax the muscles and again, pull the knee cap up, pull the quad up and press the back of the leg down and reach with the toes and relaxed him. Those legs are looking very good. One more time.

Lengthen the legs, Rick. Sidney, pursue knees down. Yes, that's exactly it. And relax. Now relax your legs and lift your backups. Even get your shoulders right over your hips and pull the stomach up. Let's have the hands on the floor and really lift up the whole side body. So from your hips to your armpits, you want to be very tall and relax and again, pull the stomach in and lift and lift.

Also the sternum bone that a lot of work to get the spine vertical and relaxed. Now we're striving to do both at the same time, which is hard, especially when your hamstrings are tight. If your hamstrings are really tight, it's more important to get a straight back than it is to get the knees long, but eventually want to be able to do both. So let's just start by lengthening the legs. Get the knees down and lift up with the back at the same time. Keep pushing those knees down, Rick. I think you can do it. Yes, keep the stomach lifting in our stretch arms in front of you.

Take a deep breath in, keep the legs active and then start rounding your head down so you round in the shoulders. Then you round in the middle ribs and then you round in the waist so the stomach is pulling way back and the back is opening and circling and then roll back up and pull the kneecaps up and pull the waist up and pull the chest up and lengthen up through the crown of the head. Now the big breath in and start rounding. Upper back, middle back, lower back, very circular. The chest is pulling backwards canvas and then roll back up. Roll back up, sit up. Nice and tall.

Shoulders are down in the spine as long in the legs as strong. And again, drop your head and start around. So this comes in a bit. Yes, and roll to very circular. It's like you're taking your nose to naval. Come further forward, Diane, for the forward with your arms and then roll back up. Roll back up, stacking up the spine, stacking up the chest, shoulders down. Nice and tall. And one more time. Drop your head and round forward, round forward. Reaching further forward. Further forward arms at shoulder height so you curving in on yourself.

Now stay here, take a breath in and breathing out. Take your head lower down towards the floor, reaching your arms, shoulder height. One more time, breath in and go even further and then roll back up. Roll back up, roll back up. Stack up the spine. Stack up the waist. The shoulders are down, the head is long. Lift up through the crown. Tighten the buttocks. Get even taller.

Lift up even more stretched to the fingers and relax. Very, very nice. Okay. Bend your feet and hold behind the knees for open leg Drucker. They few feet up off the mat and take your right leg up and back and the left leg up and back and the right leg up the knees apart. Rick in the left leg, knees apart. That's it. In the right leg, up and down and the left leg up and down. Very good. Put your feet down. Bring yourselves further forward towards the front of your maps right now, both legs at the same time. If the legs up and both legs and back and both legs and back and both legs and back.

Okay. Put the feet down. Very good. Now if your hamstrings are tight, we do another set of three holding here. So definitely Rick, I want you to stay holding there, but some of you are getting more flexible so you can have a go holding inside. So either stay, let's have um, those of you who want it because now you're gonna see if you can stretch holding the ankles. So you're going to have a goal when some of you will fall down. But you know what? Nothing bad will happen. So just try it. So whole behind the ankles. Lift your feet up. That's it. Right for you. Definitely there.

Stretch those legs as close as you can and yes, very good. And stretch your legs. Pull the stomach in, see if you can find that balance and down. Awesome. Now one more time. Keep the shoulders down. So all the power is in the stomach and down. And I can't believe nobody fell down. This is history was made today. So this is good.

It's hard work now for the rocking back and forth. It's your choice. If you want to really challenge yourself, you can hold your ankles. Otherwise if you still kind of working on it, go for this position. It's also fine to work with your knees bent. Now this is the thing, when you go back, see if you can stay like a China doll. It's more like so you rocking and coming up rather than crashing back there and heaving up and trying to fight where you want. So I know you'll be halfway in the middle, but let's go for it.

So lift up and balance so it's fine whether you want to be behind your ankle, your knees or your ankles. Lift up and just find that place where you're hovering. That's it. Carlin. And lift the legs. Extend the legs out into the V so legs come find out we now, here we go. Roll back and roll back up and balance. Yes and roll back and roll up and balance and roll back. And if you really out of control, you cave to the knees more bent and up.

So hold behind the knees Caitlyn and rollback and up and balance a little bit more scooping there. Diane, get the Rib. There it is. One more time like that. That's exactly right. Rollback and up there it is. Keep scooping. Yes. So you ha yes. Believe it or not and put your feet and that was very good. You do need that c curve shape to get this happen.

If your back is too flat, you can't roll because uh, you know, a block doesn't roll very well, but a ball does roll. So you really emulating creating a ball type. So a lot of the work we're doing in the [inaudible] method is to get the spine very flexible. You have a vertical plane, but you have this whole, you know, we have curves in the spine and then each one has an individual spy. But what we're doing with a lot of the secret, we're taking the whole waste area and we're looking to traction it and stretch it in the opposite direction so it becomes more mobile. Again, it gets very kind of frozen. The same goes for the rib cage. We're closing it. We're opening.

So we're looking to create shapes to return the flexibility in the spring to the spine. So one of the problems when we roll back and forth, it's a little bit of falling down. So there's a bit of a trick to this. Obviously Rolling Downhill is easy and going uphill is hard. So you put the brakes on on the way down and you put the power up on the way up. So you want to with find right now, experiment with your knees bent. So on the way back, try to control the falls so you're not kind of crashing down here, but almost like try to be reluctant about it and then power up.

So you have to kind of internally calibrate the role you'll see will be much more in control. So have a go lift up into a V and I don't mind where you are. You can have knees bent, knees straight, but find the round shape that you're secret. Now reluctantly go back and try to put on the brakes or back you go with the brakes and good Diane, and then power up. But you need to get the [inaudible], the curve into your pelvis and back. You Go. Go back enough Diane to get the bar that was better. So your bottom comes up.

Good wreck and up. Good again. Roll back and power up and one more time. Roll back and power up and now balance. That was awesome. Very nice. When your legs together in the air and walk down your legs, lower yourself back to the mat. Four courts with the laser in the air and hands are on the mat and really nice strong legs. Squeeze the legs together, squeeze your bottom, pull the stomach up.

Now do a small circle with the feet going right down, left and up. So you're massaging your spine. Re reverse it. I mean massaging your sacrum and right down, left up and left side. Left down around. Very nice sandy and right down around and up. Good and left down, around and up. Very good. Now first time, lower the legs all the way to the floor, straight, all the way down. Keep the neck long, keep the stomach strong all the way down, all the way down. And rest.

Now stretch your arms over your head and then roll up to a sitting position. Bend your knees if you need to and roll up. Roll up, roll up. Good. Rick. Up You come. Very nice. And open the legs for sauce to the legs. I hit with the part and not hip with, I'm sorry. A little wider than the Mac. You want to juggle yourselves forward and backwards again so you all have room so Tim know Wendy, stay forward. Wendy, stay forward. Tim, go back and Diane go forward. That's it Carl. And come a little further forward.

Candice, come a little further forward. We have, that's the ladies are in front. The gentleman are like holding the space for us. So nice flex feet. Nice flex fee. Pull the toes way up. So opposite to the toes being extended. Now the toes are pulled way up. Now see if can pull your quads up again. Uh Huh.

Just to really start to work. The late stim. Rick, can you get your knees down out there? You are so really straight legs. If possible. Take your arms to the side and lift the back up again and open the chest. Imagine someone taking each hand and spreading it to the side. Press the shoulders down. That's it. Lift up even taller.

Now everybody just twist to the right twist to the right, right hand back, left-hand forward and take both buttocks on the floor, both so the left hip has to be down. Now take your right hand behind you. Turn it as the palm is up and reach toward your right little toe and reach three times. Reach and reach and reach. Flex your feet. Sit Up nice and tall. Flex the feet a lot today. Today the flex foot. Dianne, flex your feet more. Thank you. Go to the left, twist and reach 30 a little towel. Stretch, stretch, stretch and come back up. Sit up tall and spread the arms wide. Twist to the right and go stretch the left foot. Forward two and three and lift. Twist to the other side.

Stretch one, flex so's feet. Nice and strongly. And lift. Twisting one and two and three and live, twist and stretch and two and three. And lift. Okay, this one was, what are we doing? We don't know. Stretch the legs out. So as the arms out and rolled down on your back, roll down. Very nice light. Roll onto your stomach and just get yourselves back on the math. If you're off, place your forehead on your fingertips for preparation for Swan.

So the legs are together, the buttocks are tight. You want to feel the pelvis pressing into the floor so you take your sacred menu barrier and pull the stomach up. Now everybody lift your elbows off the floor. Keep the elbows lifted and lift the fingertips in the forehead, two inches off the mat. So you hover and lower down the forehead should be on the fingertips. Rick and again, lift up and hover. So your nose, noses facing the floor and down. And now lift a little higher.

So lift a little bit higher. Elbows are wide and down and lift a little higher. So you're almost starting to look forward and down. And one more time. Lifting up and down. Very, very good. Now sit back into your heels and just stretch your hips back for a minute and then just have a quick look because we're going to start working into swan and swan dive.

So just want to go over this cause for some of you this is new material. You will. So you've been starting to work in the upper back to develop the muscles and keep the hips nice and form. So now to start working towards swan dive, you will have your hands kind of in line with your forehead. The first movement you'll do is pull your shoulders down, lift your head and start using your back muscles. You see I can just push up with my arms and nothing's happening in my back.

But we'd been working here to get the back muscles working. So you want to start using and the hands are there just to lift a little bit so you have a sense of a lift and openness. So I don't want you going so high up that the shoulders come up in the chest drops. Just so some of you, if you're a stiffer, maybe this is all you can do, but that's fine. Everyone will find their own level and you want to start to notice how the whole back is starting to contract. So let's have you all on your stomach. Your hands are kind of in line with your forehead right now and a little bit wide. It's not the final swan position, but it's just as hard to have you start to figure things out. Now.

First Movement, just press the shoulders away from your ears. So and that now lift your head and chest and start to lift up, bringing your chest forward with the shoulders. Why? To push away from the floor a little bit with the hands. Diane, I think you become higher. Okay, and lower back down. Now let's have all of you move the hands a little bit down. So the elbows are up in the air. Yes.

So you have more of a sensation of being able to push. Yes, that's it. That's it. To the elbows. A little bit higher, Candace. Good. Now press his shoulders away from your ears and start to lift up. And as you lift, just use your back muscles. Very nice, Diane. Yes. Lifting a little bit more and lower back down. Excellent.

And lift toes down. That's it. Nice. There we go. Excellent, Rick. And down. This is very good. Two more times and lift. We feel how your whole back muscles are starting to work. Nicely. Come a little bit more sandy and down.

And one more time and live. Then just hold this position. Feel the chest open and then pull the stomach up to the stomach. Fields law. But your hips are nice and firm and you want your neck nice and long. Elegant. Oh, okay. And come back down. Very good. Excellent. Now the same quality come up onto your elbows for single leg kicks.

So come up. You want your elbows under your shoulders. You want to make fists with your hands. Broaden the shoulders and pull them away from your ears and feel the length in the stomach and have your hips nice. And firms even when your knees together and look forward, don't look down. Look forward to your and to feel lengths really opening up in the chest.

Shoulders are down now. Bend your right foot, kick your bottom twice. Kick, kick. Bring the like down left foot kick, kick and down. Right foot kick, kick down, left foot kick, kick and down. Right foot kick, kick and down. Left foot kick, kick. Very good and Downer. Pause. Tighten your buttocks a whole law. Feel the pelvis pressing into the mat and do the exercise again without your bottom flopping around tonight from hips and go kick, kick and long and long kick. Kick. Kick the bottom. Nice and tight and long kick, kick and long kick. Kick. Very good and long.

Lie Down with your right ear on the mat and place both hands behind your back foot. Double leg kicks so the hands are behind the waist. The elbows are wide, the hips so tight and the legs are long. Buttocks are nice and tight. Very good. Now make sure one hand is kind of starting to hold the other in preparation and press the elbows towards the floor. For some of you, this is a very intense stretch. Knees and feet are tight together. Tighten the hips, pull the powerhouse up and let's start. Bend the knees and kick three times.

Kick two, three legs. Go down on stretch back and squeeze the shoulder blades and lift. Lower the head down others side and kick three times. Cake two, three and Paul back with the arms. Stretch your elbows and look straight ahead and lift. Lower down and kick two, three and pull back.

Squeeze those shoulder blades all look at you lady and down. Other side. Kick and pull back and lift your chest. Stretch your arms towards your knees. Paul Paul and down. One More Sen. Kick and pull back and lift.

You're going to go very fine eventually and last one, kick three and pull back and lift. Lower down. Hands under your shoulders. Sit back into your heels. Child's pose. Nice long stretch. Pull the stomach up. Once you get down, take a deep breath in. Fill up your back body and breathe out and breathe in.

Breathe into the and breathe out. One more time. Feel the whole spine move because of the breathing. Okay. And breathe out. Very, very nice. Now lie out on your right side for the sidekick. So some of you will be facing, you'll be two opposite directions.

Lie Down on the back part of your mat. Um, let's do this. Let's have Rick and Candace turn around. So you're all gonna face. Yes. You too. Stay right where you are. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, and you'd end up kicking each other, which is not very social. So you want to support your head with your hands unless you have a problem with your neck, in which case you lie out and the you want to lie on the back part of the mat.

And imagine from your shoulder, your elbow and your buttocks and your feet are right against the wall. So you're making a totally straight line. Now that should be quite hard to balance. And the top hand is on the floor in front of you, helping you balance. Now everybody pull the stomach up and narrow the hips and lengthen those beautiful legs because you starting to get some really nice long legs in this class. So nice straight knees, long legs.

Now pull the powerhouse in and up. Lift your legs up, bring them forward and put them down with your feet flex. And then pull the stomach up. One more time to check that the shoulders are down. Press into their top heel and lift the leg a little higher than your hip and down and lift that it and down and lifting links. And now that's it. And down. So you're pushing into the heel from the waist and down and lift flux your foot and down and lift and down and lift down. And one more time and lift. Very good and down.

Now the one where you swing forward and back, lift the like hip height, point the foot and take the leg in. Double pulse to the front. Pulse, pulse and long to the back. Pulse, pulse and long to the back. Pulse partner. Keep the body quiet and long. No movement back and forth. Pause, pause and long poem and long and pause. Pause and long. Okay, bring your legs down for a minute. So Rick, you have to follow Candace, otherwise you create traffic jam behind you. Now we will do this one again because there's a lot of flip flop going on. So you know what, Rick, let's move you a little bit.

Let's move this mat a little forward for you. Yeah, that's it. That's it. And just follow Candice. Candice knows what she's doing. So what's happening is you're all kind of as a legos forward, your body collapses. As the leg goes back, your body opens. So right now at the basic level, you're learning to control your powerhouse and your box. So this, the whole trunk has to be kind of held. And then you only do as big a movement with the leg as you can without flip flopping. So gather your energy into your powerhouse, lift the leg, hip high, pull the stomach and it starts small pulse.

The the little small movement. Pulse, pulse and reach down and slightly back. Pulse, pulse and back. Pulse, pulse better and back. Now a little bigger. Pulse, pulse and back. Little bigger if you want. And backlash, run pulse, pulse and back. Much better. When they go on top of the other high kicks to the ceiling, turn the leg out. I kicks up to the ceiling, swing the leg up, flex your foot down and swing the leg up and flex your foot down and swing the leg up and flex your foot down and swing and down and swing and um, and swing and swing and, and swing and down and swing glass one and down little circles, extended leg, little circles. One and two times you doing this circle. Notice where your bottom foot is and half of your circle is in front.

Half of your foot is behind the bottom leg. Now reverse your circles and back and back and back and back. So again, the body's quiet and you feel the like reaching out and really organize that circle. So it's right half in front, half behind the bottom leg. So you're all in front, there's half, that's it. And bring the legs down. Very good. Take your top like bend it up in front of you.

Flex your inside leg and lift the leg as high as you can. Nicely flex today and down and lift as high as you can and down and lift and then, and lengthen through the leg and down. Nice straight leg and lift and down and lift and on. Point your foot. Lift the leg way up in little circles, two and three and four and five. Shoulders down and seven and eight and reverse it and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Low the legs, one t the top leg is on top of the bottom leg.

Pull the stomach up and narrow your hips just the way you did. Not Check that the shoulders are down. Your body's strong and lift the legs up in the air and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift. Very good and down onto your stomach for a little beats. Forehead is on your fingertips. The heels are together. Narrow the hips.

Pull the stomach up and lift both legs up in the air with the knees. Straight knees story in the air and opening. Close. Beat those heels. One, four, five, six, seven. Lift a little higher. Point the toes if you can, Candice, as high as you can for six, seven and eight blow the legs down. Put your hands under your shoulders, take your bottom back to your heels and stretch your body out. Nice long stretch with the stomach in and roll onto the other side for the repeat with the other leg.

So you just do opposite direction to the side you were on. So lie the back part of your mat. That's it, Diane. Move Right back and get the elbow back to cause ideally you want to feel like you're lying against the back part of a wall and then the legs will be in the front part of the mat when you move them. So nice from hips, lift the legs up, bring them forward, put them down on the front of the map. Flex your feet or just now that bottom foot, the little toe digs into the floor as though you are standing. So you have to have your feet flexed and just feel, feel what?

Flex your top leg and lifted a little higher than your hip and down and lift. And I'm a little bit more turned in and download as you lengthen it. Stretch it from there. So you push out from the waist. So the leg is getting longer. Tried to touch my hand and Torres so it's not about height, it's about links and lift, right and down and lift the leg and down.

Very good for the swinging forward and backwards. Lift your like hip height and port. Reach with the toes and go to the front. Front, front and long. Front, front and down and back. Front, front, very good, Wendy and down front. Front. Much better everybody. Now a little bigger if you want, and down and front, front and down. Last one, front, front and down and bring the legs together. Very nice. Turn your leg out and swing it high. Kicks to the ceiling.

Swing up and flex down and swing up. Flex down and swing up and flex down. Point the foot, flex it down, point the foot, sit down and up and down. Up and down. One more time and down. Reconnect to your powerhouse and little circles. Circle one and two and three and four. Again, check that circle there. It's half in front, half behind the bottom leg.

Reverse it. One and two and three and four and five and six and seven. Very good. And a, take your top like bend it in front of you on the Mat. Keep your shoulders down, flex your bottom foot strongly. Lift the leg up, veneer and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift. Very good Rick.

And down and lift and down and lift and down. Point the foot lifted up and it'll circle. Circle one and two and three and four and five and six and seven. Reverse it and one and two and three and four and five and six and seven. And a leg comes down both legs. A one on top of the other.

Check that your hips are still stacked at the top. Hip has a tendency to roll back. Pull the powerhouse up, lengthen the legs, lift them both up in the air, lower down, lift them up, lower down, lift him up, lower down, lift them up. Lower Dow, lift them up and lower down on your backs for preparation for teaser. So Ben, the knees have your feet together. Having the feet not too close to your bottom. So Carla, a little further out. Arms the by your side.

Make sure the feet are together as well as the knees team. I think if the feet a little bit further out it'll be easier. Diane is being the feet a little wide. Yes. Now squeeze the knees together. Um, Candace as well. I think if you bring your feet a little further out there so it's almost a 90 degree angle.

Take your right like an extended up without the knees coming apart. Now lift your head and chest and see if you can roll up to a sitting position. Roll up and roll down. Good. And roll up and roll down one more time and roll up. Good Diane and roll down. Huh?

Does on the mat and squeeze the knees together. Lift the other leg up and again and roll up and roll down your bottom and it's too close to close. Yes. And roll up again. Roll Up. You need to and roll down. It just will help you counterbalance one more time and roll up power up there. That's it. Yes. And roll down. Okay.

Now just we're going to go for full teaser, have a look. I just want to show you something cause I know some of you are still at that state where you're struggling and some of it is just literally physics. If your feet are too close and your leg is almost in a vertical, basically this part of your body is very heavy and there's nothing here to counterbalance with them. I'm kind of more flexible so I'm cheating to get up. But if you're, you're still at that stage where it's hard for you to get up. If this leg is about a 90 degree angle, so this is more of a long angle, you have a much better chance to actually be able to roll up and roll down.

If you're too tight, you almost can't do it. So just something to check, Diane, that's totally your, your thing. It was just positioning. You have the ability, now we get the cheat. You're going to do your full teaser. Yes, keep your legs out, but your arms are going to help and they will give you a few, do a little bit of momentum. Probably you will get up. So lie down on your backs. Don't tell anybody I said that. Then the knees on the mat first and then stretch your arms over your head. Bring the knees into your chest.

Bring the knees into user's hands right over your head, right over your head. It gives you over there. Over there. Yes. Lift the leg straight to the ceiling so you will know where ceiling is. And then take the legs to 45 degrees away from you and up you'll come nice and fast. Roll up and roll down. Yes. And roll up up.

There it goes and roll down. One more time. Ro Power, power, power up and roll down. Okay. Bend the knees and give yourselves a hug and then roll up to a sitting position for seal. I love it, Carlin. Yes. Open the knees. Bring your hands into prayer pose.

Lift your feet off the mat so you can get your elbows inside your knees and wrap your hands underneath and hold your ankles. Just check that the shoulders down and see if you can get that c curve in your way yet. Yes, yes. Now lock the hips a little bit so you're stable. Clap your feet. Three time, clap, clap, clap, roll back and come back up and balance. Good again. Clap, clap, clap, roll back. Come up and balance and again, clap, clap, clap, roll back. Come up and balance. Very good.

And put your feet down pretty good. I must say. You're all doing good. When you come up, this often happens. It's real easy because you know you're kind of flopping back and forth. So see if you can really get the shoulders down. So what did, what did will do? It will force you to use your powerhouse if you have nothing else cause that's a momentum to help you go. So if you can keep the shoulders down, roll back, and then not let them get engaged, you have to work much harder.

And that's the goal. So, so hand be between underneath the ankles, lift the feet up and justifying. So Diane, inside, no inside. Good. Now everybody pull the shoulders down, but keep the stomach in and feel that position. See really your powerhouse. Clap three times. Clap, clap, clap, roll back and come up. Use that powerhouse. Wendy. That was good. Clap three times. Clap, clap.

I don't even care if you don't come up and come up. Oh yes. Candace, clap three times and again, roll back and come up. Clap three times. Last one. Roll back and come up and clap three times. That was a hundred percent better and put your feet down. And just by the way, it doesn't matter you that you do the exercise correctly, that you do the exercise. It matters that you work correctly. So I'd rather see someone not get up, but do take the form then kind of fake their way through unless I've given you permission to the jeans.

So come on up to standing position and let's do wall against the wall cause that'll be fun. So let's have you, uh, one person can be here. Here. I know we're going to be a little tight. Um, Yup. Here Rick. You can be there. Yeah. Good, good, good. We've got room for everybody. So you want, your feet are good 12 inches or more away from the wall and you want to be that distance so that it allows you to get length in your waist and lower back. If the legs are under you, the natural curve of the spine comes in. So from when the legs are forward, you have another opportunity to take the back ribs and fill them against the wall and pull the stomach way up. So can you have your heels together? Um, yeah, there you go. Now keeping this stomach Rick, get your feet together as well.

Now have the midline get the fips from and the knees from and Diane for me today, just a little bit, maybe two, three inches between your big toe. When the feet are slightly open, it's much easier to get all the hamstrings wrapping towards each other. So from here, keep the stomach in and lift the arms up in front of me, but feel the lift from your stomach. Bring the hands down, pull the stomach in and lift the arms again. Feel the lift from the stomach. See connecting everything to the center and down and lift up from your powerhouse in three circles here, circle and circle and circle. Reverse it, circle and circle and circle. And as the arms come down, feel yourself getting longer and taller. One more time. Lift the arms up. Lift the powerhouse in three circles. Circle two, three, reverse to three.

Get the spine to get longer as the hands come down. Now keep the waist lifted and drop your head and just roll the shoulders away from the wall. Then roll a few more inches down and pull the stomach up and press your back into the wall. As you rolling the upper body away from it. Roll a little bit further down and I'll keep rolling down towards the floor and you go until the arms are hovering above the floor or you are as low as you can be. Now check here that the head is long and the shoulders are relaxed, but the stomach is working strongly. Three loose, nice, easy circles of the arms. One and two and three. Reverse it.

One and two and three and then start to roll up. Roll up a little bit and just check as a tail. Starting to scoop under, roll a little bit further up and lengthen the sacred against the wall. Roll Up. Roll Up. Roll up now. Right. You want to get that waist in the ribs against the wall. So maybe hard to get the upper spine totally upright and one more time.

Roll down the same way. Drop your head. This is about articulating your spine and supporting the back body with the front body. Stomach is pulling way up, the navel is lifting and you're lengthening in your back. Very, very good. And then again, three circles here. Circle one, two, three, reverse it. One, two, three. And imagine you're holding weights in the hands and the weights a dragging down.

So as you start to roll up, the arms are heavy, the head is heavy, the shoulders are heavy, but the lower back is working, the powerhouses working. And as you come further up that you feel the pelvis rotate under, you feel the stomach lifting, you come up. So you have this length in the waist area. Put your hands against the wall and then push us up away from the wall so you're standing on your feet. Once you're standing, the spine changes a bit. The natural curves come in, so it's easier to get the upper part of the rib cage lifted.

Now to check that the shoulders are wide, the rib cages over the hips, the hips over the feet, the neck is long. Just look straight ahead. Imagine you have a little crown on the top of your head and you're very proud. Very good. Take a breath in and breathing out. Let it go. It's a very good work. All of you. Excellent. Very well done. You all look so elegant at the [inaudible].


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