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Niedra Gabriel

Niedra Gabriel

For over four decades, Niedra Gabriel has dedicated herself to the teaching of Pilates and yoga. Her mission is to help students and teachers alike discover their unique abilities, elevate their performance, and approach physical work as an opportunity for personal growth.
Read More Niedra's extensive knowledge of the body and its movement potential is enriched by her background in fascial release work, bodywork, dance, nutrition, meditation, and the study of the mind. This interdisciplinary approach allows her to help clients with injuries, technical challenges, and issues that come with aging.

Niedra offers both live and online courses, private sessions, private coaching, and consulting services. In addition to leading teacher training and certification programs, she is focused on delivering her own brand of teacher training.

She continues to spread her expertise internationally by conducting workshops and retreats across the United States, Costa Rica, Caribbean, and Europe. She has also been featured as a guest presenter at conferences in China and Korea.

Niedra resides in the picturesque mountain town of Ojai, California with her dog Wally and two cats, Tinkerbell and Twilight, who often make appearances in her online classes and courses. You can find Niedra's classes online at Pilates Anytime.
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