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Power from your Center

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Class begins with balance work and goes into depth of movements during the warm-up to really focus on the center and your power. There is a flow to the class that will let you tap into your movements more deeply. There are a lot of opportunities to modify for ease or challenge. Exercises in this class include Back Support, Side Bend, Twist, and many more! Enjoy!
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Oct 04, 2011
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Standing Tall. Ready. Inhale Danny [inaudible] down. So finding your front of your body, finding the back of your body, finding what part of your body you need to tap into and what parts have been hanging on a little too much. I'm going to put my hands on the floor and that means I have to bend my knees. So I'm going to recommend you do too fact. Let's bend them a lot in roll all the way up to the balls of the feet.

Lifting the heels. You don't have to go really low with your heel hips, but I would go ahead and Debra and Aaron come down since your knees are fine and then press the heels down as soon as you can. Straighten your legs as much as you're comfortable with. Let's do two more. Bend to lift. And even in this small movement, well easy movement straightening. You can start to think about where your arms attached to your back. Tapping into the center.

Press your heels down and let's hold a long leg top of the head to the floor. Deep, long breath in. Draw through the inner thigh so you feel a little bit of abs. Soften the knees. Let the hands leave the floor rolling up. When you get near the top, float the arms up, extend the legs, circle the arms around, and when they get to your shoulders, roll down again. Rounding down, I'm gonna go a little quicker here. Hands to the floor. Inhale, bend the knees, roll all the way up to the toes. Balance Your feet. Exhale, heels flat and straight. And inhale, pause, and joy. Bend the knees. Exhale, rolling up, stacking and aligning.

Building a little bit of a foundation. Arms Up. Take them out. We'll do one more head first. Upper back. Feel the sequential movement of your bones coming to the floor. You inhale, bend the knees. The lower you go down, the deeper the AB contraction heels to the ground. Exhale. Let's go ahead and roll up on this. Exhale. When you're ready to inhale, go ahead emailing up and exhale. All right, balance. You love it. Good. Okay. Right foot forward, kv, on or off your mat. If I were you, and I'm going to cue it step to the back of your mat just so that you're not on the squishy maths. It's just one more piece we don't need just in words.

Perfect. Just like that. Okay, so your hips are as level as possible. You're just going to from the center of your body, bend the knee first of all, and then drawing the leg up as high as you feel comfortable without strain. Now I'm not looking for strain at this point. Put it back down. We're going with the same like again. Reach it out in front or bend the knee. Bring it up and down.

Let's take the arms behind her head and remind ourselves that you can push the back of the head, bending the knee, pull up and down. Push the back of your head into your hands. The last one, reaching forward and up. Keep it up. I should've said hike the hip of the side. That's in the air. Wait, wait, wait. You gently press it down. Try not to lock the knee. You're standing on. Press it down.

So is a little out of alignment. The other way, and then lifted up again, pressing the back of your head into your hands. Find what you feel is level. Keep your eyes forward, but not on anything in particular. Calling that what Aaron Stereo scopic. I forget. Take the knee to the side. Bring it back to the side.

Press the back of your head into your hands. This time if it's going well, take your knees out and look the other way, but don't change your arms. Slowly. Bring it back one more time. Yeah, and bring it back and put the foot down. Release the arms to the ceiling. Inhale. Yeah, they get to the shoulders. We rolled out all the way. Letting go. Then the knees inhale. Roll up to the feet or to the toes. Exhale, heels flat and roll all the way up. Inhale when it feels right to do so, arms reach up. Bring it around. Hands to the hips.

For the first few left leg out and from somewhere deep in the body as if you were reeling the leg up like a fishing rod or however it married. He says it comes out a little bit better than that. I'm thinking more like puppet on a string for me. Let's take the arms behind again, finding that little sense of like you're lifting your head up and your leg is following. One more time up.

I said one more time. I'm going to ask for yet another and this'll be the one we stay up on. Okay. Take that. It must be left hip for all of us. Hike it way up. I'm trying to leave the upper body still. Right, so you didn't go pitch an off to one side. Just the hips came up and down little further than you think would be level.

I get up again, feeling those obliques kick in and that opposite glute right and down. One more time. Bring it up. Fine level and just the light goes out to the side. The foot can be just real close to the floor too. It doesn't have to be high as we all seem to have it.

Just where we went and bring it back or about to do it again. And as the knee travels you look the other way. I tried to leave your arms. Where are they? Where are our last one? And back foot goes down, arm go up, inhale and exhale. We'll roll down, roll down, bending the knees. Way Big, high stretch on the bottoms of the feet. Stay as low as you can. As you try to let the heels go to the ground. Don't we don't need to force it, but just to get a little additional stretch.

Then lift your hips and do the spinal roll up. Connecting your arms to your back. When you get to the top, turn the palms to the back, open up the chest area and looking straight ahead so you feel a sense of reaching the collarbones or the chest to the side. From here, we're not going anywhere yet. We're just simply gently reaching down first. But then like we're pressing our triceps or upper arm against wall, so we were not going to go maximal to roll the whole shoulder over. But as if you could take your whole upper body and press firmly against the wall to feel your upper back, feel your triceps. Inhale, release back to neutral XL. Subtle reach down, but more of a press down and back opposing from the front side of your body and inhale, release a little x. Here we go. And then I'll just draw your attention to the lower half of the body.

More probably inner thigh as we rise up and press against the imaginary wall. Try not to lean forward much. Inhale, create space between the ribs in the hips as you come forward and exhale, press up, right? You don't have to go high if you want to to get the stretch, do more going really for connection from front of the body to the back more than I even am for balance, although it's in there too, obviously to more pressing. It doesn't have to be all your energy, but if you are aware of anything, I'm hoping it's more of your upper back then your feet and then we'll come down. All right, step onto your mat and let's go ahead and cross one leg over the other, fold the arms, lift the powerhouse, the belly up, and then either just sit like so or you can move that back like out of the way to have a seat as gracefully as possible, sitting tall with the feet slightly apart. Hold yourself up. Hold yourself up now with your arms.

Find your support in the middle and then we'll start working that. Inhale. Exhale. Just rounding the spine. Roll back when your arms get almost straight, go ahead and let go all the way to the ground. Your alarms are still touching your legs or at least your hands. Inhale, look forward toward the belly. Check your pelvis. It should be pretty level. Most of us, I don't think have the tech. Maybe Debra, maybe Mandy, a tiny bit, not right away. Cool. Forward more, a little bit more rather than up. Just forward. Take a breath. Inhale, look at the belly button and press it down on the exhale.

One more inhale and we will come up on this exhale. I'm going to suggest you grab your legs and oppose the desire to come up at the belly button and then stack your spine. Inhale. Here we go. I will not take that long on the rest and down we go. Something that's kind of fun to do is depress into your legs from the whole. I'm not just the hands. Inhale, exhale, pressing in as you come up and then stack your spine in following our breath.

And so when we press into the legs, press the legs into the hands. Inhale and exhale. And if I'm to really try and get what I want, I would say do that with not a whole lot of strain. Put the strain in the belly. Inhale and exhale. This time we'll kind of lighten up on the arms. You know what it feels like. Let them come up overhead and exhale.

Let the arms come out to the side. Inhale, squeeze all the air out as you come forward. Once you're over your hips, you extend the spine with the arms. Exhale. When you're about to the shoulder blades, inhale, float the arm part here. It's just to kind of help you zero in on the breath come forward and that now it's not really choreography I'm trying to incorporate back here. Just the idea that we're following it. It can be tiny and I think of pressing the upper arm in and it's a long exhale that I switched on you. That's all right. Last one, taking it down.

Inhale, open, exhaling all the way up and then with that we're coming down. Draw the feet in a little bit closer stuff at the shoulder blades. Hands go up, but in behind your head so you're in a nice chest lift. Yeah. Exhale. If you haven't from here, inhale, press your head back into your hands, but don't let that be a reason for dropping back. Exhale, Tuck your pelvis. Inhale, release, ship, Elvis. Exhale, Tuck your pelvis. Keep the Heidi of your chest, your rolling pelvic bones right towards your sternum.

Keeping this journal where it is, get that stretch of the lumbar spine. It's fine to fill those upper abs a little. One more. Inhale back to what feels neutral. Going to the window on the rotation. Exhale in. He'll come across the center. Exhale, feeling that rotation of the spinal column through the center and to the front. Okay, and through center [inaudible] and come to the front. Hold it to the front.

Remember how we hiked the hip earlier. I want you to do a little hiking of that hip that you're going towards. Totally out of alignment, not where I want to keep you. So now do the opposite though. Try and take it the other way as if you're going to hike the other hip.

Rotate a little bit more. So essentially you're kind of already there. I recognize that, but I want you to think about your rib cage closest to the back, away from the hip you're turning towards and trying to turn it a little bit more. You may not see it. Go for the depth. Inhale through metal, other side. Exhale. There you are. Hike that hip a little bit just so you can feel what that is. Then taken away. You can breathe as you need to at the moment.

So now you've got it a little bit stretched away. Inhale, see if you can keep it like that. You're going to rotate a little further, just further, not higher, just rotating as a difference. Come back to the center. Inhale. Exhale, reach forward. Grab your legs. Inhale, bend the elbows. Walk your feet a half step away. Exhale, we're coming up, stacking your spine, arms up. Put him behind your head. If you're not comfortable here, you can move your feet, but they'll have to travel with you as you go down because we are going back down to that lift physician. Try it with your arms here or reach them in front of you in front of you and be a little easier. Here we go. Find the hamstrings right now so you don't just plop down.

Then when you get to your shoulder blades, we take another inhale. Draw the feet in. If they are real stretched out to the front. Exhale, keeping the hips just neutral. Now inhale through center. Exhale back. So yeah, there we go. And a reminder that we are in fact rotating the whole spine. So if you notice your head moving without your arms, that's probably not good. You notice your arms are moving that your head, that's definitely not good. I'm to the center again. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. We're coming up. Exhale.

You can move the feet out, shoulders down and stretch the legs out. Sit and tall. We're reaching, I won't leave you like this. We're just going to feel what it is to be straight. Okay, lovely. And we'll just leave the ankles pointed from here as if you, I don't know why I don't have my images tonight, so just press forward rounding the back as if that had something to do with exhaling the air. In fact, it kind of does. Inhale, expand and from your upper arms, not your hands and the belly and that energy in the middle. Get the glutes involved, the inner thighs, blow everything.

And then from the back extensors and just breath and spirit. Lift tall and exhale everything out. But with ease, you're energized. But with these one more inhale, we'll be taking it to the roll up, but we're actually go down. Here it is. Exhale and go back with it. You can have gently pressing the backs of the legs into the mat. Reach back, we touch right away. We're coming up. Inhale, exhale, come to the top, straighten your spine. Inhale and exhale as your hands go forward. Your hip bones pull back into your body and that gets you going.

Touching up again. Exhale, keeps scooping, keeps me good. And then from the base of the spine, expand or your glutes still involved. You know me, that's always a yes answer, pretty much, but not extensively. But if they're there we can add onto this. If they're not there, it's not so fun to add on. So one more chance to squeeze blues or maybe just the inner thigh last time down like that. And then I'll add back extension at the top. Here it comes. I finding I'm talking faster and faster, but maybe that's just cause I can't keep up. Here we are squeezing. Let's just stay here, finish the exhale. Can we squeeze the pose a little more?

What? And extend our spines. And so what we do, if we squeeze the glutes, we won't be able to arch the back. If your hamstrings are tight, you won't either. But keep the glutes involving, get that upper back. Turn the palms to the ceiling. Exhale, go down and reach back. We'll do three. Number two up. Exhale, finish the roll up. So get over yourself and then rule up. There's a statement up. Look up, palms up externally. Rotate, gorgeous and down where you go and back.

Binding energy deep into the body and letting it in and out. And here we go. Inhaling up. Exhale, we go down to the chest or chest lift position. Take the arms behind your head. Looking straight ahead. What are your feet doing? Trying to make them parallel. Bend the right knee. Check the hips that they didn't change. Extend the leg up, flex it.

Alright, and we'll just circle around. Inhale, try to keep the body still exhale. Tiny bit of a more of a curl area. Inhale. There we go. And exhale the lower leg. Is it strong? Inhale, I'm doing three sets. Here's the third one. Exhale, change sides. You could do this with your head down and enjoy it. Maybe even get more out of it. So make sure you're not in a position that's just awkward and not doing anything for you. This is it. Exhale, hold it up, point the toe, grab onto that leg, bend the knee a little first head goes down and bring the like this. Yeah, and then if it feels right to do so, you would extend the light here or just leave it bent.

And then I'm going to ask You Ben the lower leg and definitely straighten the top leg if you haven't yet. Finding opposition. So gently as the energy reaches through the heel, that opposite sit bone or the sit bone of that same leg I should say is gently reach into the floor. And just for fun, grab onto the ankle, shin, maybe even the thigh, but it's easier to hold at the ankle and pull straight down. Like you're pushing your thigh bone into the hip socket to give it a little break. So those muscles that hang on there can rest on more. All right, with that, take that like did the ground stretch out the other one on the ground. Reach the arms already down. So let's leave them there.

Reach forward and come up [inaudible]. Yeah, in your own body. You don't even have to look up. Check that your, your shoulders are still in that straight line across the collarbone that they haven't crept in front of you. And now we extend the spine, we reach to the side, get the glutes in the inner thigh to rotate the entire shoulder girdle back and down. It's look up and we'll go down to the chest lift position, reach the arms up and then behind your eyes are forward, preferably somewhere around the middle of your body. Left leg comes up. If you need to adjust, please do legs up. Flex it, crossing the body. It's a full circle around in same direction. Exhale. Oh boy. A different side for me. I'm going to hold my hips still.

We're trying for stability. I'm maybe I'm gonna put my head down cause this is not happening for me. Is this the third breath? It was. Okay. Other side. Inhale around, up. Exhale around. So for me, this like, today's not working far better. I put my head down and keep the leg stable. Right? One more cycle or is that it?

Here we go and thank you. Hold it up from there. We reached forward to grab the leg. We've bent it a little just to make sure and put our heads down. And then I have information for myself to explore or just let it go. Just my explanation tonight. Alright.

Because it's early, unless you're really warmed up or super flexible, I'm going to suggest bend the lower leg to allow you to easily straight to straighten the top leg. And then as you gently guide the leg towards you, you're also biding the top of the leg into the floor or even into the head. If you can get a firm grip to gently press or pull downward, do just to sort of offload those muscles. Loosen up within the hip joint. A little accessory space. Madeline talks about that. I'm hoping it's nice to chill. All right, straighten out their bottom leg. Straighten out the top leg.

One more. These guys. So we'll just reach forward for a roll up. Find your back extension. Enjoy it, look up, enjoy. And with that we're going to close everything up. But this time we bend the knees to pull them in. Yeah, probably some of us need to move forward for ruling likable. Here we go. Inhale, roll back. Exhale up balance at the top and inhale, roll back. Exhale. So you're well prepared for this now, right? You're tapped in. Everything works for you. Following the breath.

Just like before. Inhale, exhale that I am a firm believer in the trick to this, not just working because a lot of people can roll all day long, but to feel it is to keep that connection at the lower end of your powerhouse. Like inner thigh. Even slight glute. Not a lot, but some will go one more. Here it is. One more hands up to the knees. If you're really far forward, you may want to move back, but, and we slowly lower down. Tuck the pelvis in, lifted up and release the pelvis. See if you can do that without moving your upper body. Lift the hips lower. It's like you're pushing your knees directly to the ceiling. There's not a whole lot of bringing them towards you and down upper body still will respond.

But what I don't want is both ends coming toward each other and both hands dropping down. It's very different to hold and pull to one end. That's the difference between stable and unstable. You want the upper end of your body steady state. I think we're good. I'm just talking on one more. Leave it down for now. Just reach your arms forward. Plug the shoulders back on. Inhale.

Just tap the toes to the mat. Exhale, reaching arms back. Big Inhale. We're bringing them both back together and grab on. Inhale, let go. Reach down. Exhale, reach back. Inhale, hold, and exhale. Oh, that's just way too hard. How about all in one breath? Inhale down. Exhale back. If you have room, you can circle the arms. I'm not at the moment and I do have room, but I am thinking about bringing the upper arm back to position from under the armpit or from the back of the rib cage. Really, and then from there, bring your head down. Take your arms straight up to the ceiling, reach up for a second, just so you feel that. And then put the shoulders on the mat as best you can to the window, to the front. Take the knees over both shoulders still down.

You're gonna be limited if you're used to doing this with your arms on the ground x sale center. Well for a little control for the first few India knees stay aligned after you going a little look at that. And exhale center and inhale and excellent. So you did the rotation from the upper part of the body. We're doing it from the lower part of the bodies, basically the same thing, but this way is a little more controlled and probably doesn't feel quite as fun last time. Do the back sort of when you get back to the center, take your arms out to a t, be careful of each other or low V's fine, whichever way. And then make it a little more more. Just more so to the window as you go. Go as far as you feel comfortable keeping that opposite shoulder down and turn your head the other way.

Start the XL so you're protected to lift back up and we don't want to go so far that a, the opposite shoulder comes up or that you're really struggling to lift it back up, right you, you stay in control. It shouldn't feel like this big heave hoe to come back. We're looking in opposition, feeling that full rotation and exhale only one more to the back in him and exhale, leaving the legs in the air. You're going to curl up again to grab onto the knees, either that first version or regular double leg stretch. So let's do slow for first inhale there.

Take a minute and as we raise the arms and legs, little do it because you feel your spine pressing in the mat, not because the hips are flexing. Hey, bring it back and I'll say now, you know what I mean? I hope. Yeah, open out. Now if your arms and legs move up, do it because you're pressing your spine into the mat and then bring it in. All right. Now just keep your spine into the mat. Let's do three more calmness low, but circle around or bring them back. Annual one and open.

Exhale to feeling those contact points. Here's three and then either the same or you tap down a little as you scoop and lift up. That's only if you know that you're keeping the bones of the back stable two more and up. Or you can even do a small little circle if you want to play with it. And last ones coming at Ya la and down.

Head down. One moment. Curl, Chin to chest. Slide. Hands up to your knees and roll up. Tuck your pelvis. Sit back just a little. It's my feet, my feet, and we were all down just to the starting position again, Tuck your pelvis, lift up and release. Lift up so it might feel like you're, I don't know. What does it feel like Bri? Rolling toward your face, but not your face towards your hips. Last one here.

All right, hands behind your head, but we're not crisscrossing yet. Curly upper body up a little elbows are wide but not behind you. Not For me anyway, and then push her head backwards and curl up a tiny bit more. All right. Extend the leg to the back so it's long. Squeeze the inner thighs. Rotate to the front. No, no, we're not rotating. Christie, you just said that.

Change legs. Press your head back into your hands. Keep the curl and here we go. We're a little quicker and it's exhale. Exhale. Inhaling as I change, as I reach, it's like you're going to get up, right? You'll have a sense of the back of the leg. I want more back of the leg. Is that from Marion? Windy. They got it. The back of your leg, right Emily. Thank you. It's different. It's energetically different. All right. Do you need a break? Take a right. Good. Take it.

Cause you feel the difference, Emily. It was subtle. It wasn't to my eye. It wasn't just that you went longer. It was like, I dunno. For me it almost looks like you're pushing down, but she didn't go down. Okay. Is that enough of a break? Cause I couldn't keep talking. Can No, just bring your legs back up. We'll do a few crisscrosses but I'm going to do a two slow cause that seems to be working for us. Can you tell us, I learned from Monica and I know Mary does this all the time.

I just heard it differently one day and it's the idea of holding your head back. Um, so I'm playing with the idea of pressing my head into the mat right here. Let the elbows off the ground a little and then keep your head pressing back. Even though in fact you are curling up, it just makes everything better. All right. Extend the leg to the back. Again, rotate to the front and just so we know where we're at, grab onto the knee, pull up a little first. Most of you don't tend to need to come higher, so we'll be okay with that. But rotate more. Again, feel this opposite rib coming around to the other side.

Get that as much as you can. Then remember how you hiked that hip earlier and then you unliked it. It's gotta be a word for that. D hiked that hip. So your right hip is on this side of other way. You've got to fly. Okay. All right. And then stay there. Let go.

So you're up and chain side. Pull yourself up. Check that it's not hiked. If WWE reach it away, rotate your body more and more and more. Let go. If you can keep it in the height. Inner thighs are involved and we'll go. Here we go. Switch, press and finding. Hit that position where you're really focusing more on the what?

The ringing out of the spine. Almost feeling it is. I guess what I want you to go for is feel for it rather than just going where you know you normally do. Let's get four more single. One, two, three. I'm coming back to the center. Bend the knees. You can put your head down for a minute, but we are coming back up right now. You might double check. In fact, if you left your hands where they are and pulls your head forward out of your hands, keep your hands there, pushing back. Extend your legs up, roll the pelvis up and down. Up. This can be done with bent knees and down.

Curl up a tiny bit and stay there and down. One more. Up and down. Tailbone stays down. Arms down. Aaron's being attacked. Feel it. I can see it. All right, rollovers. Here we go. Let the legs back up a little. Do you feel the back of your legs again? Here it is. Inhale, exhale over the horizontal or parallel to the floor.

Hang out there. Even here, it should almost feel like you're about to push your legs up. You have energy in the back of the legs. Flex your feet. Separate them. Only now would you lower them. If you can do that with out changing your body and roll down, down, down, circle to close. You inhale to 90 use the back of the arms. It's fine. Preferably not just the fingertips. There's the difference.

Flex your feet, separate them and lower and down, so you got to look for the opposition. You just have to look for it. If you've got a million of these, if you think they're easy, great. Yeah. Oh, that's nice. You're getting true tests of mind over matter today. Aaron, with the fly writing like we go, let's reverse it when we come down. So I'm going to ask this side to hang on for one second. Thank you. Thanks Emily. All right, so we open it up. Exhale altogether over in your flexing clothes as if the ribs or the breath had something to do with the closing of the legs. And then from here, maybe think of pushing the bottoms of the feet overhead has a belly button, presses against the spine and down we circle to open. Inhale, exhale over. Oh, sometimes these are just heavenly, aren't they flexing close and down and when they're not, we kind of have to honor that to push into the feet. They're together. That's the only way I reversed it, isn't it? Might as well watch your feet.

Here we go. The last one over. Flexing close. Looking straight up at the ceiling on this one so you don't over flex the leg. When you get down, leave the right leg straight up the left. Like when you go to the ground, if you feel tight, you bend that leg up. It's gone to the ground. Otherwise it's down curling up.

Draw the leg as close to you as you can. Take this hip that's in the air, spin it away. It's like this sit bone. That same side is going to reach to the opposite knee. Spin it open, but leave the leg parallel. I got lots of rules tonight. Leave your hands where there are. Take that deep breath where it's just like we started class the leg out of your hand from deep in the body. Do that again and just bring the other leg up.

Switch. Draw it in as close as you can, knowing that you've got to then take that hip slightly away just to keep it level most often and then we draw the leg out and are we ready? Let's change to this. As you do get to use your arms a little bit, but not without the ABS, right? Eventually they do go away. And, and by the way, it's not just a pull up, but it's also a press down whether you go to the mat or not, we typically do, but there's opposition. Let's do four more hands behind your head. Let's go for a little quicker. Here's three back, doesn't move. And two, one more.

Bend your knees in and arrest. Arms reach overhead. Feet are on the floor apart like a pelvic curl. So that's what, four or five inches. And without rolling up yet, can you imagine you're being pulled by your wrist so much so it kinda feels really good. You let the shoulders reach up to your ears. Please do that. Let them reach up. You can arch your back the little bit if it feels good, but the ribs open and flare and take a deep inhale or a long inhale here. And as someone continues to pull your wrists, you just bring the shoulders back onto your back and feel the back of the bones of the body. You reach into the mat and without fully letting go, just take a long inhale again. And as you exhale, we go rolling up. Just leave your arms there. I've got them hovering, rolling up through the spine, finding the hamstrings, finding the long line. Then hang on, I need to look at Ya.

Ah, looking for more to say possibly. When do you go higher with your hips? Oh, absolutely. Okay, so in your all in good spots, Mandy may be a tiny bit. Only if you added a tuck though you, I think you're probably good. So here's the deal. You're going to think about tucking more. In fact, you're already there. So see if this helps you. Somewhere in on the exhale, imagine pressing your thigh bones to the floor. I'm not asking you to change anything, but as your pelvis is going up, your thigh bones go down. You're just intensifying.

Hopefully I want to feel that stretch to the hip flexors. Oh, that's good. You tell that, don't you Emily? She's not talking to me. Yes. Okay. Inhale. Then leave your arms there. Roll down and enjoy. Oh, is it great. Let's go up again. If you can stand up, leave your arms there one more time and then I'll get him out of your way. Rolling. Yeah, and maybe the goal is this time is just to feel good and feel the length of the front of the body.

Inhale, exhale, bringing it down. Maybe setting your hips down further than where you started them. And inhale, exhaling all the way. Okay. From here, arms either down on the ground or a straight up challenge. Did you by putting them straight up, we're going to pick up the right knee.

Do I need to straighten it? So just anticipated a little bit so you don't drop that hip. Let's go. Exhale to lift it up. Inhale to straighten it, reach it down and put it back in place. Oh, excuse me. I'm just going to stretch out that crown. Go ahead and help prepare. Exhale, the left life coming up. Inhale, stretch it up. Once it's there, exhale slowly reaching down maybe to the ground.

Slide it back into place. Check your position, right leg. Inhale, exhale to lift. Inhale, stretch, exhale long this hopefully to contain the ribs. When we do that and slide it back into place, we'll call that the inhale. Other side. Exhale, lift up. Inhale, straighten it analog, so it's like we're taking these gigantic steps. Inhale slides back into place. Recheck the Tuck of the pelvis is, you're very likely to lose it if you don't think about it and if the breath makes you sort of choppy, don't, don't worry about it. Just breathe smoothly. Other side, this will be the last one and putting it back in place.

Arms into the ground. Inhale, feet parallel. We'll roll halfway down. Arms are just easy on the mat. Take an inhale. You can go all the way down if you want. I'm coming right back up though. Here it is up paying attention to the inner thigh, hamstrings of course, and that length back to the right leg coming up. Just get it there all the way up down. We go.

Kicking a little quicker down and exhale down. Flex up three of six. Here's four. Five. Come back up. Replace it. Do you need to go halfway down? No. Emily's up. Let's go and down. Flex. Kick up. Damn.

I a probably should say reach instead of down because we all can go down. Let's go for long. Next one is the last one. Keep it up or actually put it back. Inhale and from the top of your back. Oh, that's all kind of hard to me today. Right. Stretch out your legs onto the mat. Arms are up right above you, but on the your back as well.

Reach forward and roll up. Great. And then stack your spine for spine stretch. [inaudible] let's do just a couple of regular and then you can opt to stay there if you want. I remember early in the class we were doing that. To me it's a similar feeling. I'm not gonna start rounded, but it's that same sense of hugging inward. All Right, huh? Exhale to rolling. So the feet are about the mat, distance apart, right? Then inhale, take a moment to know that the abs are in a bit, but now you switch onto the back extensors to draw you up. It's not so severe, it's just coordination at the moment.

But if you're going to get an actual spine stretchy note to do, keep going. Exhale to go. If you're going to get an actual spine switch, you have to consciously continue to contract the abs cause gravity could say, ah, I'll do it in here. Hold, exhale, roll. Yeah, and though there's time to just hang out or not. We're growing or feeling. We're allowing the levity of our body do its thing down. We go adding back extension. So we'll just let the arms sort of follow the spine starting at the tailbone.

Inhale, lengthen in your back on the diagonal. Arms alongside your ears. Gorgeous. Mandy. Exhale round over. And because the focus is in enrolling back to sitting, sorry, because the focus is the spine. We don't want the hamstrings to get in the way, so we bend them if necessary and exhale, rounding over first just like the regular. Then from the lower part of the spine, you inhale encouraging the stretch through both the back end, the hamstrings. Big Inhale. If you haven't already, get longer, exhale round and we roll up on the same exhale. When you run out, you're welcome to start inhaling and [inaudible].

It's no coordination, right? It's in the feeling. It's in the switching from one side to the other and knowing that you're doing it because a great and exhale round. I think kind of hip bones pulling in to roll up. In fact, the back muscles are doing it. Next one, we'll stay forward once we get there. Exhale, you can travel forward a little. Debra might have to bend her knee a little.

Then inhale into back extensors and your feet are flexed at the ankle, so flex a little stronger. There we go. From here it's just pull the arms back a bit on nothing changes in the spine. So much arms are straight though. If you have to go wider in your V, that's fine. One more. Hold all right from here, rotate to the window please. Making sure the hips don't change.

Let's take that hand and cross over and just wherever you can use it for assist. Take the other arm behind you. Are you going to look at it? If you're not sure, but what we don't want to do is I'm going to ask you to kind of encourage more to stretch our rotation, but try not to do it by changing the hips so your feet won't change. It's you lifting yourself in rotations, so your arms not doing it all. All right, we're going to come back to the center diagonal line with both arms up. Here we go. Inhaling here. Exhale round and roll up.

Yeah. They also were not using that arm when we go the other way as a crank, we're using it as an assist exhales, hopefully pretty significant difference. Rounding over, find your back extension. Your head falls into line and the last feel that it's nice and easy. Rotate to the back. Excellent. Go ahead and let that opposite hand. The hand closest to the window will go across and hold. That's right Aaron. Sorry. And the other hand reaches back. She can look at it.

It's almost like a saw. So Aaron and Debra, you can lower the arm a little bit. Yes. Aaron, your top arm. Bring it down. Yeah. Now find your middle of your back. Excellent. Come back to the center with both arms f round over. Let's stay forward and just enjoy a stretch here.

And while it sometimes seems like if I really let the shoulders round and push into my shoulder blades, letting them wrap around the front, it Kinda does feel good. But I'm going to say let's not do that. We just undid that. So leave them kind of relaxed if you want more stretches to make it come from the middle and lower back by drawing the abs in and guiding our bodies low. And then recommit rolling up. I was going to say pick up your legs for open leg rocker, but I never loved that.

So let's not bend your knees on the turn and pick up your ankles [inaudible] and find that in your body where he needed to be in order to balance with just your knees bent and your back straight. So back straight means you're actually in a little bit of a Tuck of the pelvis right when you're ready. If you're ready, you can either keep them straight or take them both up. And for most of us, I think all of us, I'm gonna check it out. You're going to probably want to look straight ahead as opposed to way up. So Aaron, you're keeping them close together to challenge yourself. No. Okay, because that's way harder. It's like doing a rolling teaser. Okay, we're ready.

Go ahead and roll back in him if he'll come back up. Find your back extensors and try not to jet the chin. We roll back. Exhale, trust the breath. Keep your eyes down until it's time to straighten out. That's another little trick that sometimes works. Anyhow, back trusted.

Keep looking down. Exhale, use it and then we'll look forward when you need the break. Inhale. Okay. Challenge yourself in some way. I'm, I'm using Aaron as my motivation. He had his legs quite close together, which is a fine way to do it. Or perhaps you don't go real wide.

That just changes it too much in the easier direction. Maybe you hold higher. I'm not going to grab my toes, but you could. We're all right. We don't land it. Last one. Do something fun with it. Close the feed everybody and enjoy a stretch. You can bend your elbows if that helps you to stretch whatever works for you.

How about flexing the feet? Finding the length in the spine, bending the knees to tabletop. Oh look, my shoulders are in my ears. How did that happen? So don't do that. Slide your hands back. Lean back a little. That's going to help is your glute. Is Your uh, are your, are your glutes engaged or yeah. Slowly rolled down to your shoulder blades. The whole like push into the leg thing works here. Roll back up. If you want a breath pattern, exhale down.

Squeeze your glutes more like you're pushing a wall away but don't look like to actually move. Inhale, come up. And then if you don't want the arms to work at all, use them to throw your balance and reaching back. Keep your body still though on that part and up. You come up and down. Once you get to shoulder blades, just the arms go back. If you're playing that game last time up when you get there, draw the knees. I'm sorry, I forgot that part. When you get there, draw the knees in closer, grab on, stretch them up again gently, whether the legs are bent or not.

Think of pressing the thigh bones deeper in the hip socket. So much so that you could almost let go or you could and then carefully let them come down. Sit yourself the whole legs a little wider. That's right. I'm going to do the old like arm. Then extend just so we don't hit, but if you have room, go for it. So for the software civil, let's get up to all rotate to the front. I'm doing that innercise sort of thing. Again, extend the arms and reach. Inhale Cita, refold arms and center one more at that pace and not letting the legs change.

Extend the arms and reach. So we encourage some back extension here in this version and y'all sitting up in the rotation. Then center. Let's change it. I'm not really a bit. Come up front again. Go there, stay there when you get there. All right. Something to think about wherever you landed. Yeah. Okay. We all know about keeping the hips level and that looks good. But just in case, sit on that other hip more than you think you need to. There you go.

Now that you've done that, take that same ribcage, that side of the rib cage for this side of the room, Aaron and Deborah, that's your left side. I want you to rotate the left side toward the window more and leave your arms where they were. And opposite for you guys. Right. Thank you. Then sit up tall. Is that different for you guys at all? Yeah, it's already coming up and center. Yeah. Okay. It wasn't different or what I was, no, you're right. You're right. You were totally right. Yeah, just, just that moment had them come up. So just so I'm clear, restaurant, one second. Um, again, I have, the way I learned to teach is by going, oh, that's not what we're supposed to be doing. And I did that today.

So I don't know which way. It's probably easier if I show you this way. So when we go, I'm rotated, right? Certainly I can see, but okay, there I'm rotated, right? Once I get here, as soon as I think to put this down, I end up flaring and I never knew that until today. And so what I'm going to suggest when we go to the other side is we'll put the hands down and the hand down, even if it's here, and then take this rib side of the ribs and encourage, again, I'm not cranking on myself, I'm using the musculature to rotate further. So when do you arrive? And then, then we'll come up. Okay. The more you can do it without the hands, the better.

But to get the sense of it, do it there to the back. We'll go slow. Inhale, rotate, extend your arms and reach out to what is normal for you. Right? Let the hands go to the ground. Opposite hip is down, and then the spinal column turns more with a little assist. Yeah. And then flex it to heal more, the ankle more. And they go ahead and you're right. Sitting up, folding arms and center. All right, so in real time, maybe slightly slower than normal. Inhale, rotate, reaching. Here's the know the sink a little bit longer.

Remember those hips don't get to move. That's the challenge sitting up. It's a bit of a brain teaser for me, I have to admit, and center in reaching, get along. When you do that rotation, you're making sure the legs don't change and sit yourself back up and fold. Can we do two more? Inhale and reach. You know, ultimately we mean to land there, so maybe you always were, but it's just something I never really highlighted before. Last one did the back end. Hale and exhale. Inhale, sitting up and center. Closing the feet. Hands are back.

Fingers face your heels. First things first, I want you to flex your feet please and I'll just leave it at that. Just quick check of yourself. Do you flex your feet at your toes thinking you're flexing your feet? That's something to check out. All right, lifting up out of the shoulders and then press the heels into the ground to get the glutes and hamstrings to work. Then you can reach the feet to the ground. You may have to walk them back on that first one. Nice, long line, not looking behind you, but maybe straight up and sit down and just keep the feet relax up again.

Exhale. Okay. And if you rely just on your arms, it's just not fun and it's not the point either. So try and kick in the whole back side of your body knowing that the most power you can generate would be ethic, waistline and down. So at the glutes, right up and down. One more and I've coming up out of those shoulders.

Stay here for a moment. Can you let the chest rise? I don't mean to the ceiling, I mean towards your face and the shoulder blades kind of reached toward your waist. It might be more image, but something to think about. Come on down. Release your arms and legs forward and roll up to face, front, sideways, side Bend, twist. Uh, so three side bend. Yeah, your heads are on that end. Yeah. Okay. Give it a little space. Give it a little space on the first one and then lift.

Making sure you're lifted out of the shoulder already. We're going to use the feet. Inhale, lift up. We find our long lines good hanging out there. Can you feel energy going through your feet? So like you're almost, and for a moment, focus on that part of it. Then focus on the other hand, arm as an energized lift from here. So it's not a push, it's a lift. Once you know your hips are as high as you can and you haven't turned, you can look down. That's all just your neck. Then all at once, you come back to the long line bend and come down right away. Up.

Inner thighs will help you push the lower leg into the upper leg. Maybe that'll give you a nice lift. Okay. While we're here, armpit to waist, increase that curve. Come on. Ooh, I just turned into a personal trainer again. You know, you hear that it's calm. Wow. Is that the third? This is it. Let's go. Let's go. I was like, you're trying to pull away from that arm. Come long again and coming close with your feet.

I know I said twist. I'll get there. Promise and give it a little rest on that. Okay. You can spread this out. If it's not good for you, right, you can make it so it's not a crunchy feeling but a nice, lovely feeling. Stretching the lat by letting the elbow bend, keeping the neck in alignment. I have to work on that one and up. Take it back out. This'll be the three twists. Just a quick man, I don't know if it's a tip but you want to feel like your back is flat so sometimes we would across the chest and I am reaching across the chest but I'm not rounded or I'm trying not to be. Okay, so here we go.

Same Start and now lift. Lift like you're going to decide when stick the rear end out a tiny bit. Reach across the chest. Not a whole lot of weight on that back leg at the moment but right away as we come back you'll use it again into your long line. Let's have some fun. Take the top like off, put it back down and we'll bet that'll, I won't think of anything other than that, but each time if you feel like pike reach across, keep thinking but up in the air a bit. Head down in long inhale, find your link first. We don't have to do it fast. If you want to lift the leg, find it and do it now. Put it back in front and come down.

Last time shooting it. What happened? Where are you going again? I almost did that too. Probably a good idea. Reopen it with the train and they balance and down and let's just switch, breathe and stretch them. Three. Okay, up we go. I think it's worth kind of taking your time on that first one. Position where you want it. If you look down the Mat, your hand, hip and elbow, all about the same. Go ahead and Pike and lift. Can you stretch the Tufts side?

Inhale back to your long line and Ben, come away from the arm. Give yourself a little break and up we go. I would resist turning your head to the very last second because all too often we turn the body and we don't know it and then come back and that really changes the exercise. You don't have to turn your head at all. It's a good stretch, but get up, get the lat stretch, then see if you can just turn the head and come back and one more. Make any adjustments you need to. You got Liberty Mats there. When we lift, did I already do three of them?

Oh, aren't you lucky? I'll go back to that. Tell me stuff like that. Deputized. She's like, I'm feeling crowded. I'm going to bring it out. So I like what you're doing devil. We did go into the last stretch here. You could support that too. You're pulling apart. I'm actually kind of supporting it and then I feel more comfortable at the stretch as opposed to just hanging. It feels funny to make.

I'm a little tight there. Okay. Twist. Shall we do for no. No. Okay. I know we'll do three [inaudible] and Deborah will stop if I keep going. So watch her. Here we go. Set the position, lift up. Go ahead, rotating, cross the chest. You know, if I still working, they don't have to touch, but they're working. Reopen. I think we did it on that first one, didn't we? We lift like someone pulling you that way. That'll help you balance.

Put it back down and bend the knees. Good again. Squeeze the inner thighs. Keep them in. Reach Occur Oss, cross cross Rio. Take your time. Feel all the lines of energy before you pick the leg up. Otherwise it's just darker. And that's not the point. You want to feel control and Ben to come down. Last one. Here it comes up.

I can reach, reopen. I'm just remembering a cue rail gave me, and now I think I know why he did it. Lift out. I'll tell you in his, I hit. I'm busy. And all right. Um, come down onto your temp stomachs. Um, for single leg kick. We're almost there. So maybe it's always been this way, but he said last time I did this in front of him to keep the arm straight and I'm thinking, I can't do that. I can do that. You're gonna hit the floor.

Well that's this point, right? If it's get up away, I still can't do it. But I say that I think that's his point cause you have to contract sooner rather than thinking it's a marker. I'm guessing. But otherwise, cause I kept thinking, I'm not telling anyway. It just, Oh you're getting, you're focusing more on the list rather than the, what's it gonna look like in the end? Yeah, that's what I'm [inaudible] he's thinking whoever sees the next, okay, we're at single leg stretch or whatever. This was told. I did take it very seriously. I swear I'm going to ask you to come lower.

So you're almost on your right in the middle of your breast plate. Reach the legs long. We're not tucking the pelvis, but you are meant to feel all the bones of the pelvis. So if you hyper extend your back, normally you are tucking your pelvis. If you don't, you're not reached the legs right out of the hip socket. So they float and let's go kicking in Hilti, switch out two, three, four in here.

I didn't really tell you what to do with your arms, but I did make a bit of a diagonal. I think we all had to. But since we're doing that pole with the little, pull those arms in the floor and kick, kick, kick, kick in. Inhale and exhale. Whole body [inaudible] two, three, four, one more time and our drive and out to three for stretch out the legs. We keep them off the ground. Go ahead and lower your head to your hands. You'll have to widen your hands out and make room.

And from here reach the legs a little bit longer. It's a thought, but hopefully trying to connect with the hamstring and glute. If you can keep the legs together, do I'm okay with the slightly apart? Bend the knees, they're still off. Go ahead and extend. I'll tell you what, let's let the feet touch as if we were doing devil like kick and bend the knees. Don't let your pelvis changes.

It's very tempting to roll those hip bones into the, into the floor and lift the pubic bone and stretch and Paul and stretch this time internally, rotate the legs so that means like the knees are turning inward a bit. Maybe just touch the big toe so you know where your feet are and bend, Huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. Right, right where it's hard. Right? Again, my knees are still hovering, not just cause they're hanging off. Anna, one more. If you start to notice it going into your low back, might be lifting too high and might need to fill this long. Okay, now turn the leg bones outward and Ben, so maybe just the heels touch. The knees are going to turn out a little. It's okay and back. Keep them.

Keep all parts of the hip bones on the mat and back. One more and back. Go back to parallel that the feet go down for a minute. Check that you feel long in your low back. If you need a break, you can come up to a rest position almost there. They'll feed are pretty close together. Bend them again there. Hubbard and then from here, choose one leg. They're going to come apart obviously, but don't try to separate them. Just slide up a little one. It's so small.

It barely moves too. Same side three. No need to bend the knee anymore. You're not seeing anything cause it doesn't look like it's moving, but I swear my right leg is when I chose is going up a tiny bit at the thigh bone. Just tiny bit without moving the hip bones. Let's change sides. Here we go. Other knee one shoulders are relaxed to the re not feeling a rock to the pelvis or we'll do six. Here's five. Here's six. Stretch the legs out. Yeah, they're still working right? Arms in front of you, right arm, left leg. Go for length, not height. We've been up here a long time. Switch.

One more pass each way like that. Moving from the hamstring rather than the foot. All right. Three rounds of five and hills to five. Excels here. They come in here, two, three, four, five. Then moving from that area of the gluten, you were just working and inhale. Legs are parallel and exhale two, three, four, five stretch long and breast into the mat. [inaudible] here, ready hands by your side to press up into a rest position.

Hips back over here. You may find that year. Nice. Don't love this position. You can do a couple things. You can try it with your knees. A part of that might feel better or on your back with your knees rolled into your chest. Or if you're really flexible, you may not be getting anything from it other than time, which is also good.

But maybe you need to pull the hip bones up off the side bones and gently press the palms into the floor to create a little curve to the lumbar spine, which is really what I'm trying to stretch [inaudible] and with that, if you aren't in this position, come to your knees or to this position, maybe reach the walk the hands a little bit further forward so the hips come off the heels. A little, very close here. We're going to roll the pelvis. It's like doing a pelvic curl in the reverse position. You tuck the pose, the hand over head like we did in class, you may need to push into the tops of the feet to clear that kneecaps comfortably. That's fine, and then as you start to come forward, we're going to end up in an arch back, but before you do that, start thinking to press your thighs toward the ceiling as you tuck the pelvis and then arch never dropping into the back. [inaudible] in here somewhere from the front of your body. I think at a whole front of my trunk pulls me away, weight out of my arms and never quite get back all the way. One more like that. Inhale rolling.

I finding a pace that works for you right about once I'm past the kneecaps, I start thinking my thighs are pressing backwards as my pelvis presses forward, so I have support with the back of the legs and then round back, curl the toes under. If you can keep the hands where they are due or you can just walk in and closer. I'm going to go to a pyramid, hiking the hips up, dropping the head, feet are comfortably apart. They're actually kind of wide. The way I have parallels good too, but I have mine pretty far apart. Let's rise up on the toes a bit or a lot.

Bend the knees a little kind of a lot and then reach the tailbone up to the sky. So you just sort of feel like maybe you're starting to go into a low back arch. Hopefully you won't actually get there, but keeping the front of the ribs sort of in line. And then if you want to and feel like you can comfortably do so, start to straighten the legs with the pelvis up like that. The tailbone kind of leading the way. If that's cool, you can drop the heels and really enjoy that.

Wrapping the armpits almost around the front of the body so the upper back stays long. And with that I'm coming up to the toes again first I'm gonna do a little tuck of the pelvis and then I'm going to walk my feet forward. Baby steps to where I'm hanging over like we did in the beginning. [inaudible] and for the moment let's just let everything drop. So that means the shoulders slide off your back there, up near ears, and a cozy spot. Jaw might open, your eyes might open, they may close. Whatever feels better.

That's what I would hope you do. [inaudible] see how much can you give away here? How much can you let go? How big can your tongue be in your mouth? The breath, hopefully kind of long. And then once, wherever you're sort of settled, nod your head yes kind of consciously.

And then let go of that and let gravity take over and just, you know, pay attention. That's all. You don't even have to pay attention really. And then start shaking your head no. So only thing we're doing and then let gravity do the rest. Your head become heavier. Oh, I think I could actually sleep here.

My hands are a little far out for where I want to. I'm bringing him closer to me. I may even put them on my legs, but before I do anything else, I'm gonna even out my weight on my feet so I'm know where the earth is there. I'm going to draw the abs up away from the bottoms of my feet and I even kind of draw the bottoms of the feet up a little. If I think about it, I'm just going to set my shoulders back down. I'm not working there anymore. Draw myself into a tucked pelvis. My knees are going to bend more just to make it easy and I'm starting to grow up out of the ground. Somewhere along the way I'll start straightening my legs.

[inaudible] my head is going to be a very last thing cause it was kind of comfy down there. Cool eyes open or closed. It's up to you. We just sort of let your body be and [inaudible] if you're totally still, I suppose that's good but I think a little emotion if it happens is cool too. And then from here, soft knee sort of drop into your knee. A little sort of giveaway there and float the arms up in here. I'm just gone about halfway or whatever feels good for my breath. Exhale, letting them drive and see. Arms go down.

I'm letting energy travel up and out the spine top of the head. Inhale again. Maybe your arms will go a little higher and exhale. Feeling light on myself. Hopefully light on yourself. Let's take a little bit deeper. Longer breath, reaching a little higher. Let them drop down, and then all the way up. Inhaling, if you want to arch the arch, whatever feels good. Big, big, big, and let it go. However it best suits. Yeah, and I kept you late. Sorry guys. Get up. Hey.


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Awesome class. I really felt the opposition working! I feel longer and taller!! =)
I think it's more of a deliberate pace with lots of time in btwn to rest. The challenges come from holding things a lot longer.
Loved the energy of the class. Really like the additions or challenges to traditional exercises like arms above shoulders in bridge and flow of spine stretch with the additon of the arms. Laughed out loud when Kristi let her inner personal trainer come out. I like her style and imagery and "things to think about".
I do try to keep her locked up Linda!
Thanks Pele, I'd like to create a class that holds things a bit longer without the rest in between. Thanks for the inspiration.
... nice to see you here Veronica!
Great mat session...loved the hip hike that was threaded thruout the class,loved the extension work with the roll up with the arm movement, love the toe drag in DLS, and the side bend/twist piece. Thank you...cheers!
Was loving this workout.. but midway thru the rolling like a ball . its stopped playing altogether.. I tried to start it over 3 times and it stopped same place everytime.. anyone else have this issue or was it just me? too bad.. i was warmed up and ready to work!!
not sure of soo much flexion to start
What's interesting Kim is that I intentionally added more extension with the modification in the roll up and all the balance in the beginning. I'm afraid you'll find a fair amount of flexion in most of my classes if you think this one over does it. I appreciate your comment and will evaluate my class design with that in mind going forward. Thanks!
Another fabulous class. I liked the hip lifts at the beginning. I really enjoyed the whole class and and feel great now. Thank you Kristi.
I always love your classes! Your personality is so energetic and fun which really motivates me to work just that much harder. Thanks again for another great workout!
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