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Join Meredith for this high-energy BASI Flow class that will work your body all over. Meredith keeps a strong focus on the upper back and abdominals featuring exercises like Up Stretch, Teasers, Side Bend, Arabesque, and much more.
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Oct 09, 2011
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Alright, let's get started. We're going to start sitting today, feet flat on the floor. Just reach and hold on by the backsides of your legs and lift your spine tall and close your eyes or keep your eyes open. But let's take a minute just to breathe for a couple of breasts and find our center. So as we inhale, feeling the ribs expand the entire trunk expanding and perhaps feeling a little bit lighter through our spine. And exhale, feeling the abdominals, engage the ribs sliding down the front of the body, supporting the spine. Just a couple more breaths. Connecting the mind and the body as you breathe in, feel lighter and longer and building the spine taller. And as you exhale, just find a way to support that without a lot of excess tension.

And we're going to move now. So breathing in as we breathe out the shoulders over the pelvis, but curve the spine so you're making a deep sea shape with your body. And then see if you can go a little deeper back through the, as an inhale, grow the spine back up. Building from the base to the top of the head. Xcel flexing the spine, feeling the abdominals. Drawbacks, I don't lean back, Barbara. Just keep your shoulders right over your pelvis. Just curving and straightening. We're gonna lean back in a minute, but right now we're just trying to bend the spine from an upright position as much as we possibly can. And inhale to lift.

We're going to do that a couple more times. Take your hands and push them into your legs. Getting a little bit of Pec work, Lat work, and then he'll feel that pressure go away. Feel the the ribs, maybe the elbows expand a little and exhale. Press into the legs. Concave in through the abdominals. And in here we lift one more like that.

Flexing the spine deep enough perhaps to get a stretch in your back. And in here we left letting go of the legs. We exhale. Feel the spine moving down into the ground, not all the way. So we're come to just to the bottom of the rib cage and breathe. Exhale, we come forward, set the shoulders over the pelvis and then lean forward over the legs. Flattening out the back to sit up. Exhale, feel the pelvis move out from underneath you.

Your arms are active here and strong and straight and in here. Exhale, folding the spine forward, creating length in the spine as you send in the chest towards the knees and left. Exhale, we go again last time like this and heel to pause. Exhale to send the body forward. Lengthening out enough and again, exhale to roll back. Feel the feet on the ground. Inhale, take the arms to the sides. Exhale, bring the arms forward in the spine up. Stay round. This time Xcel to roll back, feeling the depth of the abdominals. Inhale, we take the arms wide Xcel, they come forward and the spine travels back. And one more time like that. Exhale to go down. Inhale, arms up. Exhale.

Feel the contraction of the entire trunk as the arms travel back towards center. Lifting the spine tall. Turn towards me. Roll down that side of your spine. As you exhale. Inhale, come across the midline of the body. Exhale, roll up that side of your body. Hey, Emily said all the way up in return to center. Inhale, rotate toward the back. Exhale, curve the spine downwards in. He'll send the body. It's more of a rotation through the ribs than anything else in Rola and find center and we inhale to rotate.

Keep weight on both sitting bones as you peel back down, come around through center. Exhale to come up and restack the spine center. Turn that back way and exhale down. Inhale across the middle of the body and exhale to come on. Sitting tall, coming back through this center on the exhale. Inhale, take the arms up and around in.

He'll take the arms again and are supporting that through the front of the body. We go one more time. Take one breath to hold your position. XL total lift back up, growing and building the spine tall. Rolling back again, finding the low back. The middle back. Basically just curved off the ribs.

Pick up the left leg and the right arm, but them down or whatever. No, just opposites. Go off a sets and down and alternate and push down with the arm, but more than the arm, the shoulder and reach past the knees towards the ankles. I don't know if that's a physical possibility, but that's the idea. I think this is going to be our last one and we're going to come down and we're going to come all the way up and then scoot your body right up into your feet.

Reach and touch your heels and try to keep the hands it touching the heels as you roll down so your feet might need to slide towards you a little bit. As you come home all the way down onto your back. For the pelvic curl we breathe in. Press the arms into the ground. Exhale, articulate the spine up, reaching the knees forward towards the big and second toe. Pause at the top to breathe in. As you exhale, rolling down, feel the chest, move the arms, lengthen in the direction the spine is traveling. We reach all the way back into a neutral pelvis.

Exhale as we articulate this spine, feeling energy through the backsides of the legs. Inhale and exhale. Two rolled long arms, heavy shoulder blades relaxing in the neck. Exhale to left, carving out through the front of the body posture. Inhale and exhale. Come down and again releasing the pelvis down. We're going to more times exhaling. Inhale the arms overhead. They float just off the ground. Palms facing one another. Exhale to peel down, reaching the arms energetically the opposite direction.

Let the pelvis come down. Send the arms just towards the ceiling. Exhale to lift the pelvis again, rolling up into that bridge position. Ribs below the pelvis. Inhale, arms overhead. Exhale, roll down. Feeling the stretch through both sides of the spine are the top and the bottom of the spine. Bring your arms out to the sides or down in a Low v shape wherever you have space. Picking up one leg followed by the other, supporting that from the front of the body. We take the knees towards me.

Inhale and exhale. Come in through the center spine. Twist. Inhale across to the opposite side and exhale through center. Feel the abdominals working in both directions and exhale back. Feel the knees lined up with one another and exhale. Feel the arms relax perhaps or maybe a little energized, but perfectly still on the floor.

And inhale to exhale. Coming once again towards me. Extend the legs as you begin. Exhaling pulling them back to center on that same Xcel breath. Inhale to bend and rotate. Exhale to extend Andrew Rag back. Fold the knees back in. Inhale, straightening the legs, making the lever a little heavier.

We dragged the legs back through center and fold them back and inhale to stretch the legs and exhale to come back. One more time and either side, reaching across, stretching out, pulling back through center and folding and reaching across. This is it. Stretching out, coming across through center. Folding the knees back to bend. Place one foot down, followed by the other. Reach your hands behind your head fully into locking your fingers for the chest lift. As we exhale, feel the bending of the spine, the ribs. Press him. The eyes go just over the tops of the knees. There's an inhale to pause. Exhale, work your way down at East centric Lee contracting the abdominals.

Feel the head heavy in the hands. It presses back to increase the challenge and the abdominals as we curl and lift. Inhale to pause XL to create length or longer bodies as we lengthen to the ground. Exhale to lift. Inhale to pause here. As we exhale, we're going to roll up into a half a pelvic curl. Keep the chest lifted, but pick up the pelvis rolling up to the bottom side of the ribs. Release down as you inhale and exhale to lower the body down.

So again, exhaling to lift, just working towards mobilizing the spine. Breathe in, pause XL picking up the lower half of the body. Keep that upper body challenged and lifted. Lengthen the tailbone back to the ground and length in the spine, down and again excelling to the left. Curl the pelvis light on the feet.

Feel that that articulation of the spine we're coming down is happening from the abdominals, not from the legs and last time like this. Exhale to the left and curl on your next exhale. The lower spine release back down for the chest lift with rotation towards me. Inhale, find center like so changed sides had heavy in the hands. Reach the ribs across towards the opposite side of the pole vis.

Feel that spiraling energy through the center of the body. Check to see that both hips are equally weighted. Both feet are equally weighted. Two more times across and one more time across and rate coming center and we lower our bodies to the ground. Exhale to lift up again. Inhale, pause, intensify. Exhale, curl the pelvis. Inhale, put the pelvis down. Exhale, chest lift with rotation towards me, but take that outside hand and reach across towards the edge of the knee and we change that arm is going to help keep the lower body stable and also maybe give us a little bit more left and we reached. Try not to come down and center but stay lifted up off the shoulders.

One more time on either direction. Back to center, both hands behind the head. Hold a pickup, one lay pick up the other way. Stretch the arms out towards the hips. Let the arms reach towards the ceiling and only then take the head and chest back. Coming up for the a hundred prep it's XL to reach the arms back. Let the arms start to lift as we inhale, only when they get to the years do we lower the body to the ground and XL to lift in. Start lifting the arms, feel the shoulder blades pull down, release the body to the ground and exhale to the left. Inhale the arms travel upwards. The abdominals pull down and we send the body back. Exhale to left.

Taking the arms up, taking the spine back last time. Exhale to lift. Taking the arms up, the abdominals down into the ground. Stretch it back. Exhale to lift in. Pause. We're taking it through the a hundred Bentleys or straight legs. It's up to you. And here's our exhale. Two, three, four, five and in.

And how? Two, three, four, five at in long arms. Exhale, two, three, four, five and in here's four, two, three, four, five. [inaudible]. Press through your back muscles, not just your hands. Nice job, Andy. And six two curling from underneath the ribs and seven two, three, four five that lift the body and e two three four five [inaudible] last two to three four, five [inaudible] last full breath cycle and [inaudible] and bend the knees and attached the chest to the size is the size. Come on rural, right up into place. One foot down, plays the other foot down. Take the body all the way to the ground. It's like the left leg. Straight out. Ben, the right knee into the chest. Stretch the right leg up to the ceiling.

Flex the right foot. We're going into a big leg, so we're going to pick up the whole pelvis. Bring the leg across, go down around and find center. We Cross picking up the hip swing leg around in the hip joint and center and across. Working for stability, bit also mobility here, reaching around and up. One more time, reaching around and up. Pause at the top. Go the other way. Reach across. Feel how the obliques have to stay involved with that rotation in the hips and inhale for a full circle and exhale for a full circle as the breath pattern. We're going two more times crossing the body, Anna, and one more holding here.

See if just by engaging the abdominals a little deeper, you can pull that leg a little closer to your body. Fold the knee back in, hold onto it with the opposite hand and go into a twist. Bring the body back through center. Stretch the right leg out, anchoring it into the ground as you do so, fold the left knee and stretch it up towards the ceiling. Flex in. Here we go. It's across the body for us down around it up, picking up the pelvis, down around and feeling the support through the middle of the body and again cross and pull up and cross and pull. Last two times. Staying strong through our center, strong through our bottom leg. Pause at the top. We take it the other way. Reach, lifting the pelvis up and then put the pelvis back down and strong bottom like strong arms, no tension in the neck.

Let's go. Three more, two more, and one more. Holding the leg up in the air. Pull it back even closer to your body. Bend it and cross it across the body. Looking the opposite way. Come back to center. Stretching both legs together, arms over head. For the Rola we inhale as we lift the head, chest and shoulders.

Exhale as we curl through the spine. Find the round shape with the shoulders over the hips and then inhale, press the arms back and come into back extension and XL. Round back the arms close in on the waist. We reach back. The head touches that head's attached to that arms. As the arms lift. We roll through the spine and then list the body up.

Press the arms and fold the body back. Backend. Curling yourself too. And arms over. Head on. Lift, no roll and stretch. Open and curl back and arms overhead and lift up and stretch. Open and again and left and Oh, and this time as you roll back, pull your knees in first, rolling down onto your back. Take the arms overhead, roll back up towards your legs. Finish rolling up at. Stretch the legs out and come up straight. Exhale, weaker from the lower belly from the pelvis. We roll down, the knees are now bent. We lift the head and chest roll up.

Start to stretch the legs and sit. One more like that. Curl gliding the body down. Arms go overhead. Rolling back up, stretching the legs. Zap. Cur that down, sliding the knees and stay up off your shoulders. Slide the feet right in. Close to your pelvis. Pick them up, put the hands on him, the double leg stretch.

Push down on your knees and then reach out and circle to come and reach out and circle back. Bring the arms close together as they travel behind your head. Feel the back flat on the Mat. Continue to challenge the lift through the chest and continue to breathe fully and use the breath as the last four that all right, and three and and, and one. Bring it back around. Take the left knee with both hands. Stretch the right leg out, push down into the knee and bring the chest closer to the thigh without bringing the side closer to the chest. Change. Feel an inward squeeze so it's like those thigh bones are pressing into one another as they pass one another bot pressing down on the bent knee fee.

The arms work or feel the arms work. Use that pressure to keep the chest lifted and challenge and four, four, three, three, two, two, one and one hands behind the head. For the crisscross we turn slowing it down a little and a crossing, deeply contrasting through the waist. They had just rides along in the hands. One more like this and now take the arm outside the leg. Again, reach and reach and reach. Maybe even push into the leg without taking your body off balance to help you rotate more. Less. Two, two, one, one both knees in head in center.

Let the harms reach forward. Place them down. Let the body calm down. Stretch the legs on the high diagonal for the rollover. Breathe in to lift the length. Breathe out to rule over flex and separate the feet. Lower the feet down. Slowly peel the spine into the mat. Creating space between the bones in your [inaudible] signed as you place them down one by one point the feet. Circle them to touch.

Lift up and rural. Wow. Long neck flexe separate. Lower the lanes and enrolled. Point the feet at the bottom. Circle to touch. Lift animals.

Flex and separate the fee. Drag the abdominals deeper and coming around to touch. Separate the legs. Lift, roll up and over. Bring the legs together. Hollow out through the abdominals or challenge that we're all down, dragging the knees across the tip of the nose, bringing the legs down, separating him, a little analysts to rollover. Flex to bring the legs together and rolled. Last one and bringing the legs together for the last time we just rolled down.

When your leg, when your pelvis comes down, keep the legs lifted in the air. I'm going to do the corkscrews, appointing the fee. Take both legs towards me. Make a small circular movement down, but keeping the back flat. We bring the legs across and center. Take them across the other way, down around the rim of the pelvis. In Center. Inhale, as you rotate like souls, you reached down and around long arms. So oftentimes we forget to focus on the pressure into the arms.

It's going to help us stabilize our upper back and shoulders. Go in three more times. Here's one, and now one more to each side. Crossing across center and in last time reaching across and in and from there, bend the knees, hugging the knees into the chest. Curl the head and chest up. Start to push your legs into your hands so you're in like the double leg stretch position, and then just rock it there to the pelvis, to the shoulders, to the pelvis, to the shoulders, and it's massaging the spine.

Nice open position. Let's do one more. Find your way to the top. Let's get your feet a little closer to reach around for the front of the legs. Now draw a deeper into the abdominals and here we go. Rolling like a ball back and balance and and balance and back. [inaudible] coming up and keeping the way just behind the pelvis as we lift and back and up and back and up.

Let's do two more. One more. I mean all the way up. Allow the feet to come down. Stretch them out and sit up though spine stretch forward. Straight. Arms out the front, reaching and pushing with your arms. You've got a little bit of energy in the chest. Inhale, lift taller, build the spine. Exhale, bring the head into the chest.

Pull the ribs and the abdominals back as you stretch your body forward over your legs and breathe in. Exhale, coming from the lowest fibers of the abdominals. We challenge the abdominals or the front of the body as we stack the back of the body to straight. Breathe in again and breathe out as you roll down, peeling the spine forward as though moving away from a wall in healing to pause and exhalation to lift back maybe depth. Just keep your head a little bit above your arms when you go forward. Exhale to go down, so now the arms are slightly lower than the head and neck, but the spine still gets to move. Inhale and exhale restack and press your arms open and around you are.

Bring your arms back and round forward and now list the spine. Lengthen on a high diagonal, reaching out through the body, reached back forward, Rola and reach the arms out. Let's inhale now. Exhale as we press the arms back together and guide the spine forward. Inhale, as we lengthen out through the spine, finding a flat back.

Exhale to dive back down and roll up. Inhale, arms out to the side. Exhale, close that roll forward. Stretching the body forward. Inhale, coming out into a long diagonal spine that tip Barb to stay low with your body. That's it. Reach back forward. Roll your body out and open the arms out. Two more. Reaching forward. Peeling down, stretching in you. Where am I? Lengthen the Bayada. Here we go. I'm back.

Roll back down. Roll up, down and reach out. Last time. Reach arms forward, hugging the chest, reaching out length in the body. Drop the arms down and just let them rest on your toes or your ankles or your shins. Pull your body a little flatter, a little straighter. Maybe you'll bend your knees in order to do that and then just let the arms lightly reach back and they continue that reaching back in a pulsing action. Four, six and five.

The rib cages we have dominoes are pulled tight. Last three to, Ooh, I'm bringing it all the way and bring the arms around to the side. Let's bring the legs together. Reaching the hands back behind you. Fingers facing in or out to the sides. Yup. Here we go. The back support using the backs of the legs and using our strong long, straight arms. We pick up the pelvis, reaching the feet into the mat, pressing the chest through the arms, and then the hips come down.

The chest goes slightly forward in space and then the hips come up, anchoring back through the backsides of the legs and then we sit down sending the chest forward and again, lifting on, reaching the feet into the ground and and again, lifting up. [inaudible], guiding the abdominals heavily towards the ground as the pelvis lifts up. One more time. Lifting. Gorgeous, gorgeous. Sitting all the way down. Lift off your arms, reach around to your feet and give yourself a stretch. How many? A couple of breasts there?

Yeah. And then when you're ready, start to roll up through your back. Stacking yourself right up on top of your pelvis. Hands behind the head for the spine twist. We're going to come towards the ocean first are towards the window. It's Exhale, exhale, center and exhale. Exhale, center and spiral upwards. As you twist, keep the head still in the hand center and turn and grow taller.

Ho and turn and lift and home. And again, let's go a little faster, so not really stopping and said and exhale. Exhale. Inhale as you pass through center. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Exhale. Letting all the air out of the body on that exhale. Okay, come back towards me on hold. Stretch the arm back, back, back, bringing the spine with you. Bring it back behind your head and find center.

Go the other way far. Arm reaches back will reaches you around and you find center and we come back home. Take the body forward, roll the body back up, hinge back, strong abdominals, and then we slide the pelvis out from underneath us and then we're going to lift the head and chest again for the neck pole. We're in a roll. Reach over the legs. Grow the spine as you build it bone by bone. Keep it long and straight as you hinge back. Slide the pelvis out from underneath you.

Reaching your legs away from your head. Comes down in how we left next ultra rural, stretching the body over the legs and then building the spine back to straight engine back. Move the pelvis first, lifting the head and chest rolling and overtake your hands off your head and reach around for wherever it feels good for you to hold on. And then as you roll up, bend your knees shift so that you're sitting just behind your pelvis. Hold the ankles, so push into your legs with your arms a little bit and then push into your arms with your legs a little and find that energy. Lift the chest even more. Stretch the right leg straight.

Exhale and inhale to folded and grow the spine. Exhale, left leg goes straight in, how it folds as we build the spine taller. Exhale both legs now and inhale. We bet. Go in again, right leg and bet and building the spine as we stretch the lane and then here comes both. Hold it here. Here it comes. Open Lake rocker. We round the low back, rocking back, rolling up and lifting the back. Feel that energetic inward press with the arms that we just talked about and pulling the thigh bones deeper into the hip joints to find our balance. Finding a little ease in the movement handle.

Last two and left and one more. Here we go. We're going to let go. Let go. Keep those legs lifted slowly start to lower the legs, bend the spine. Over the lengths. Give yourself a stretch and then let's come all the way up for the saw sitting tall, arms out to our sides. Do you have enough space? I think so. Know. Let's go like this. Do this. So you've got the goalpost shaped with your arms. Think about pulling the arms out of the shoulder joints.

So there's our back turned towards me and now stretch the arms as we go over the leg. Lift back up with straight arms, fold them back in and return to center. And inhale. Exhale, stretch the arms. One reaches back and in the other one reaches forward and across. Lengthen, bend and return and spiral upwards and outwards and lengthy. Now fold the elbows back in return and across to reach pressing back and in with the back arm it helps and central it's do two more rounds. Reaching across, lifting up, folding the elbows back and returning to center and turn. Here's our exhale.

Diving forward. Inhale, we lengthen. Start to fold the elbows back and return and inhale and lift. Folding the elbows back last time to this back side and reach and long body and full and come back. Bring the arms down. Bend the knees, right leg is going to stay bent. We're going to pick up the left leg with our hands. I was like, so lifting the back as you roll down, start with the pelvis and bring that leg back with you. Looking for a controlled movement. As you get all the way down, bring the leg with you and stretch it and then send the leg away from you.

Bringing the head into the chest, rolling yourself up. What would have been good if I could do it and lifting on tall. Let's do it again. Rolling back, bringing the leg, using the abdominals to travel backward through the spine. Bring that like back towards the body and then send the leg forward and roll. Then just reach up, pulling the spine up straight, flexing the foot, point the foot, roll through it, flex in pointer and fold the knee back and let's do the other side.

Let the right leg in audience pull up into a flat back from here. Start to carve out through the abdominals. Feel this hip bones level, so we bring our back down into the ground, guide that right leg back. Press the right leg forward as you lift your head and chest, using the abdominals to list and reaching the spine straighter. Nice. Where I crawling back, I'm finding it helpful to anchor with my leg that's on the ground. I'm using my hamstrings and then we pull back and then we left and I'm stuck again. Ah, here I am. Okay.

Flex your foot. Pull your spine a little straighter. Reach out, pointing the foot. Toes come back. As we flex, reach out, pointing. We're going to bring this leg with us one more time. As we come back, we're going to slide that bottom leg out straight, bringing the right or whatever legs in your hands, close into the body and here comes our hamstring pulls. We pulls pulse and change. Reach, reach and change. Anchor that bottom leg into the ground. Bring the leg into the body with the abdominal, not just the hands and last one, taking us through hamstring, two hands behind the head. Slicing the legs out.

Energy through the bottom. Leg n the top plate. Yeah. Last one for rotation. Come towards the leg in the air. Give it up. Pull in towards the body. [inaudible] one more to go. Ba, Ba, ba both legs up.

Bend the knees. Let the head and chest come down the feet. Come down. Walk the feet together just for a second. Feel the big toes lined up in the ankles lined up and then separate them against their hip distance apart. Just checking our alignment. Here we go. Inhaling, prepare. Exhale, coming up into her pelvic curl. Rolling through the spine, peeling the spine up off the ground in yelling at the top. Enjoy the stretch or maximize your stretch as you take your body down. Boom by ball. Yes, and one rolling up. Pressing into the feet.

Feeling a long stretch to the spine as you lift up all of a sudden and rolling down arms long and straight. Here comes the shoulder bridge. Lifting the body again, stretching the knees out over there. The toes keep the right leg on the ground. Pick up the left, stretch up towards the ceiling. Pick up the pelvis and then we take a down and back and down and up. Push the leg down and let it float.

Last two, hold the leg up and just five tiny little presses. Oh four three, two, one. Once again, roll through the foot, put it down, recheck the alignment of your pelvis. Change legs, stretching the leg up and it's exhale down. Push and float. Push and float. Last four. Here's three. Here's two. [inaudible] lifting the leg up.

Flex and lift. Ah, ah, ah. And to an through the foot. Put the foot down, take a breath and slowly massaging your way down through your spine. As you place it down on the ground, bring the feet together and just take both knees over to one side and then allow them to come back through center and take them over to the other side and both knees back through center. Now separate your feet wide. So Matt with her, maybe even a little bit wider. And then both knees come this way. Yep. This is a stretch.

I just want it to feel good. So let it feel good. Oh, the other way. On the hip that's lifting off the ground. If you squeeze the bottom on that side and push into the front of the hip, should be able to open it up a little and let's shake and one more time through changing and across and changing and across and then roll towards me onto your side, bringing the bottom or underneath you and placing your head down on it. Put your hand down on the ground or on your thigh doing the side lift here. So we draw our Donald's in and stretch the legs away and lower down but not all the way and stretch the legs away.

Yeah. And again, feeling the focus through the middle of the body. Exhaling the year out of the body. Last three into and one taking the arm overhead externally. Rotate the legs and beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, squeezing the pies together. Buh, Buh, Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh. Squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, hold.

Take the bottom leg back and the top leg forward. Just a little. Feel your body in the center. Yup. And I actually got to focus on that back hamstring and whatever leg is here is go into the back hamstrings, work on one more and then take the front foot and let it go down. And the back leg just reaches as the top arm reaches forward your self, a nice opening through the waist and then we come up coming up onto our elbow. I am really hot. Okay, so we've got the elbow just underneath the shoulder and a pull up away from that arm with the ribs with the way so nice and straight from the shoulder to the hip. Opposite hand behind your head. Push your head into your hand, top leg up in its kick, kick reach and kick.

Kick just a little bit more down with that shoulder, Helen. Perfect, perfect. And back. Okay. Okay, great. Last three, beautiful positions and two I don't. One, bring the leg back forward, lift it up, bring it to the back, touch lifted up and take it to the front. Keep challenging the stability of the shoulder up and around and kind of flips up off the ground hopefully. And up.

I don't run and leave a town and reach forward. Once again, stretching through the waist and then coming back full the knees. Take the top leg over the bottom leg and lift up. Either stay on your elbow if you wish to modify the exercise. We're going to do the side bend or we're on our hand. Okay, so finding stability in the shoulder.

Let's just do a couple of the shoulder staying totally still. Totally still. The arm stays down in, just come into position straightening the legs over the shoulder, so challenge that stability and then go away from the arm, but don't let it. Don't lose it and then go over the nice and then go down and one more over the arm. Hold that. Bring the top arm up, reach up with the waist, take the top arm over the head, allowing the eyes to reach down at that hand. Come back through the sideline position. Energy in both directions. Then we go down and we lift and we reach over and that shoulder stays nice and stolen. Stable.

We go away from the arm and come down. One more time. Left reaching, bending through the waist, coming all the way back and bending the knees down. Good. Swing your legs around to the front and come all the way down into the opposite side. All right, so we've got our legs together. Got The head on the arm, no arm where you wished the opposite arm. And then he just left stretching the legs out in a way and then allowing those legs to lower, but not a lot. Just want a real big movement. Think of it as a long movement. Okay.

Drawing the ribcage down the abdominals, back [inaudible] and then do three more. Breathing out to lift an inhaling to come down and to then, and here we go. Lifting the top arm externally, rotating in the hips and ribs in event. And we just [inaudible] beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Keep the body centered, squeezing through the glutes, through the inner thighs and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and Whoa. Nope. Take the bottom like bottom leg back. And then the talk like that. And then the bottom like that. Staying strong through the middle, controlling that and forward last too, right? Here's our last one.

[inaudible] so we're just put the bottom leg down, top leg reaches back, reach her arm and opposition for a stretch. Oh, free to play around with that. Make it work for you. Help yourself up onto your elbow, pulling their ribs away from the, the farm top lay comes up and it's a double kick hand behind that and a single range. The body ideally is totally stall kick, trying to stay strong on that shoulder and then back last three and stretch, engaging the back of that leg as it goes to the back. Here's the last one. And back. Here's our circles. Take it forward. Go. Ah, banner and long waist and stable shoulders. Good thing we only did three of these. Yeah, and I've been back and, and just let the legs slide away. Stretch the arm away as well.

Okay. And then we're going to come across the top leg over the bottom, coming up onto their hand or on the elbow if that's where you were before to stabilizing the shoulder. Keep it super strong, stretch the legs and come. Bring the shoulder over the hands and just down from there. No movement in that joint, out and down. And last one, here's a side bend. Top arm comes up and we reach eyes down at the ground. Come back and go home and lift up and reach up and come back and bring it down.

One more to go lifting big side bend through the waist, coming back and coming all the way down. Turn on to your stomach. Single leg kick. [inaudible] interlocking the fingers, lifting the body out, pressing the chest through your arms. So get that, uh, feeling it works for me is trying to pull my arms back and my chest up so it's like a opposition or reach. From there we see hover the legs, dominoes are on and it's like Kik, Kik, reach, reach, reach, reach, keeping the spine stable, lifting the chest up, guiding the eyes up and forward. And maybe they'll help bring your spine with you and kick, kick, stretch, kick lifting up out of the shoulders. Two more. Last one. Who all thanks. Go stray.

Lowering the body down to the ground. Bring your eyes towards me so you're on that outside cheek. Bring your hands behind you. Slide them as high as you can up your back, your fingers interlaced, or holding onto all five fingers with one hand, gently drop the shoulders and then gently drop the elbows. Try to come back to this position every time. Hovering the legs. It's one, two, three on a stretch. Opening the chest and we change one to Lincoln.

Keep in mind the idea that perhaps it's less about hype and more about [inaudible] length and change too. Yeah, and stretch and bring it across to three and strategy. Here's our last one, one, two, three and stretch. Let the arms go. Reach them to the sides. Reach them overhead, letting the feet come to the ground. Reach them back out when the arms and put them back under your arms. Shoulders, lift yourself up and sit back on your feet and just stay here for a moment. Putting the back loosen up.

Then we're going to come forward onto our hands and knees heading into front support. Finding the hands directly under the shoulders. Slide one leg back. Anchor and support with that leg. Prepare to lift the other Lang and we hold. Then I draw the right leg underneath the body, pull in with the ABS and stretch it back. It just glides along the ground. Exhaling and exhaling and exhaling and exhale, keeping the spine stable.

Helen, you could just go down one and back and down one and back last time. Well that when you come to the ground, the other come to the ground. Set the knees just under the pelvis for the cat stretch. Do we need to come with our wrist for a second? Come off your wrist for a second if you do and here we go. Exhale.

Feel the pelvis move underneath. You. Try to focus the flection on the lower spine. Keep the shoulders reaching towards the heels. Inhale, coming back to neutral. Exhale keeping the pelvis still extend only through the upper spine and then we're breaking the spine into pieces from about the bottom side of the ribs now and then coming back, holding the pelvis still and now he extend just the top side of the room's good. Don't March and exhale to curve and inhale to come back and exhale to extend and inhale to come back when the SLAs time and extent I'm going to come back through the front support position, one foot, then the other finding plank. Lower down your pelvis a little bit, dub even more than that and Tuck it more.

Lift the right leg up, slow and down and left and left unless [inaudible] and left and I left it, but lift the body as well. Reaching up hinges from the pelvis. Let the lake come down and touch the mat. There's your plank and here's your up stretch. Reaching the like Rudy and down touch and lift and down touch and less one way. Don't touch and lift holding here.

I'm going to take that top leg and bend it, step it through your hands and then find your way down onto your back knee. Either stay down here or let the hands come off the ground. Finding your balance as you arise on could hold onto your leg. You could reach your arms forward and up, maybe growing the spine a little straight or feeling a little bit more buoyant. Take just the arms back a little.

Yeah, and then bring the arms back forward. Putting weight into the hands. Tuck the back toes under. Stretch the back way. Yeah, take right leg back and bend your knees to sit back on your feet for a brief moment. Take a little weight off your wrist. We're going to come back and do the other side. So we were all through this fine, fine weight over the hands. Slide one leg back the other leg back, a little bit of Tuck in the pelvis. Step in a bit lower. There you are.

And then point the left foot and reach out. It's slow and control and now and strong and straight. Here's one and now we lift the entire body up. Hindering into a pyramid shape and back was tapping the top of the foot on the mat and lift and pull up with your apps like a pike. Enjoy the stretch to the back of the right leg and down.

Last to lifting. And here's one, lifting up. This is the one where we bend the knee. Stepping the foot between the hands guiding down onto that back bottom knee. Yup. If you're going to hang onto the ground, do we are going to come up now at the time, lifting up out of the pelvis, taking the arms forward. Anna, don't bear down into the stretch, but rather lift up out of it.

Believe it or not that I'll make it more intense. I think I'm breathing and breathing. Let the arms come down. Put them down. Tuck the back toes under. Slide the op, slide that front leg out and come down onto both knees. Sitting all the way back onto the feet. Here comes the combination. So it's a combination of an upstretched around back. Flat back. What one. Oh yeah, but we did that. That's, you don't have to do it on both sides cause it is a both side thing.

Do you want to do it again? No. You sure? [inaudible] all right. Arms out in front. Here we go. You're gonna pull up off your heels with your hips curve through the spine. So you around your back.

Start to put weight in your arms and drop the shoulders down. Start to engage the back of the legs as you press the chest through, rising like a snake up out of the arm, and then start to bend the spine from the lowest part of the spine. Come all the way back and just hover off the heels. Inhale, exhale round through the spine. Legs are strong, shoulders are strong. Inhale as you stretch, open through the chest, lifting off the ground. Exhale as we curve the spine backwards and just hovering off the heels to mourn the rolling through, supporting with the leg, stretching the front of the hips, I the chest upwards. And exhale back.

And here's our last one. We're rolling. Opening out, lifting the spine, rounding back. Oh, sitting all the way back onto the feet again. And once you're there, this rest the back into the wings. Walk both hands in my direction and feel the hip on the opposite side. Pull down heavier, Eh, and then coming back through center. Just go walk around to the other side.

[inaudible] [inaudible] okay. And then just cross your ankles behind you. We'll over your feet and bring 'em out the front. We're going to end with the teaser. I can keep my mic on. That is okay. So let's do three of each. Yeah, three t's are so lean back, a little. Lift the legs. So teaser prep included, let or hold on, right?

Sometimes that's even more of a challenge to keep the legs still. Whatever you're choosing to do and roll down onto your back just to your shoulders and then roll yourself back up. Enlist the back and roll down. Yeah, and try to inhale as you come up so that like a wave. You Start Your exhale on the way down and here's teaser one, lifting. Hold onto the backs of the legs. Again, reset. Stretch the legs.

Let go and we roll back and your arms come overhead. The entire spine wheels back and we reach up and we roll down and back and left. This can be done on with one foot down if you wanted to. If you need a modification down and back. This is number three already and lift. Don't lift your arms this time.

Just keep them out in front of you for the teaser to the legs. Go down, the arms go up and everything comes home. Legs down, arms up and everything. One more. Here comes teaser, three starts to roll down. Let the legs reach away from you. Hover the legs off the ground, but don't let the lower back lift. That's going to determine how low your legs go. And then we rise up and then we roll back. Oh, did I just waste that hip flexor?

Stretch it. I gave us an oral left last one and everything up. Oh, let's bend the knees. Open them out. Sit Up. Put your hands just on the front of your shins. Push with your arms and lift the spine a little straighter. And now like we started at the beginning of class, curve the spine.

Pull back with the adds that keep the shoulders over the hips. Can we find a stretch? Doing that and then lift and then hollowing off to the century. Curl endless. And this time keep the pelvis from arching, but take the upper back into extension. Squeeze your bum, lift the chest, sta returned to neutral and now curve the back. So it's like a sitting up cat stretch and lift holding onto the lower spine, extending just the upper spine. I'm using my arms a fair amount and back and curve and back and stay here. Take the hand closest to me, either on the ground or I think just on the ground as good. Pick up the opposite arm.

Then the elbow that's on the ground and stretch to that side. Now take the body forward, bending over that knee and back around to the side and you use your abdominals to lift you back up. Floating the arms up. Change sides. You just side bend first and then we around over that inside knee and then we come back, we come up, we change it a little bit, but it's going to start the same. Going to the other side, folding your chest over the knee, but this time make a full circle around, around to the other side. You can help yourself up with your arm if you want. And then both arms float and you go the other way. And Ben First to the side, then across the knee.

Then all the way around to the opposite side and up and home. And just let both arms float on Nice and light. Dive over the legs. Exhale, stack this spine with his little tension as possible. Finding ease in your body. Let the arms float up as the head comes up, reach around to the sides. Take the arms forward and up. All right.

Just the spine forward. Yeah, we're rolling back up. And then just so out of the hands to rest again, maybe on the knees or on the Mat. Let's take one. Hit, uh, one ear towards one shoulder and then allow the head to lift up the other ear to the other shoulder. I don't know how they had to come up and bring the chin into the chest. Yeah. And allow the had to come up and close your eyes as you come up. And just three big breaths. Gathering energy, releasing intention, maybe feeling a little bit more in touch.

And then on your final exhale, open your eyes and we're done. Thanks for coming.


Liked the pace of the class, Meredith. You're a great teacher!
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Mary, great class. Terrific spine stretches and new challenges. Michelle B.
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Perfect pace and great class that got us moving. I enjoyed moving during every minute. I didn't glance at the time at all. I haven't seen you for a while. Any reformer workouts from you coming up?
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Meredith, I love your classes, you have such wonderful energy and your cueing and tone are calm, what a great combination. I always enjoy your classes
Thank you is always great to hear your feedback!! Pele...I hope to teach a new reformer class soon and NEVER want you to watch the time! Thanks to everyone for the encouragement.
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Hi Meredith, as a yoga and a pilates teacher I very much appreciate your fluent and fiery but at the same time always perfectly balanced way of instructing, thank you for that, love from Germany, Heike
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Loved the class. A very good teacher. Liked the up stretch on the mat.
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That was superb
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Great class! Very challenging! Thank you.
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Great challenging class, I really enjoyed the pace. Thank you.
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