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Day 3: Flowing Combinations

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Welcome to Day 3! Delia works your entire body with combinations that will keep you moving from one exercise to the next. She includes some of her favorite movements to get you set up for success throughout the class.
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May 15, 2023
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Hi, I'm Delia and welcome to my five day challenge. Today is day three and we are using no props, which is actually my favorite. That's, let you in that little secret. But we're gonna start on the mat on all fours, and I'll be facing any direction here, but I wanna be vertical with the mat. I'm gonna have my hands on the floor, just a quick cat stretch to start, but I'm gonna get you set up here.

So hands are underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips. And let's flex the spine. So as you flex the spine, I want you to really try to stretch from your tailbone all the way to the top of your neck. And then as you come in the other direction, think about stretching the front body that you just shortened. So it's an exhale breath as you flex.

And an inhale breath as you extend. Mobilizing the spine is really important, especially in the beginning of a class. That is how you lubricate that vertebrae is by moving it. So if you are somebody that's pretty stiff, just moving feels a lot better. So get your spine going. One more time as you flex and then find that extension, stretch the chest and then flat back.

The spine doesn't just move forward and back, it moves side to side, so let's move it. I'm gonna take my hip to the left. As I follow my hip with my eyes, I'm stretching my right side here towards the windows and shortening it towards you. And then I'm gonna go in the other direction. Don't be too focused on the position of your arms, just have the spine moving.

I actually got a little pop out of that, it felt really good. A little stretch to one side and then over to the other. So I want you to imagine you've got a little short tail like a dog, like my dog. My dog has a short tail, and now I'm gonna lift up to a longer tail. So I'm gonna bring my right heel to my bottom.

And now I'm gonna get more fluid motion here, because I'm pivoting on my knee. And your breath is an inhale, exhale, but it could be in any way you want. So it could be an exhale as you flex and then come through the middle or an inhale. I find that if I inhale in certain spots, I can get my ribs to open a little more. Let's try the other side, heel to the bottom, and it's eyes toward your foot.

Follow that little tail. Inhale, exhale, breath. Allow the shoulders to move with you. Just one more to each side and then back to the center. Curl your toes under and sit back at your heels, stretching the arms in front of you.

This will open up your feet, so that you can stretch the bottom of your toes. A lot of times, we'll crunch our toes up in our shoes. This is a nice little stretch. From here, shift your weight forward until you are low into your wrists. And I'm actually going to shift forward here and find that position.

Okay, so now I'm gonna go back and forth, just pressing into my heels and then pressing into my wrists. This is also going to stretch my wrists as well as stretch my feet forward and back. On the very next one, just hold it forward, pause. And then from here, lift your knees up into a plank position. And if you were in the right all fours position, it should be easy for you to lift the knees there and then lower the knees down.

By easy meaning that you're in good position. Extend your legs, lift the knees, fire the abdominals, and then lower the knees down. We're only going for two more. Inhale to lift, find that plank and lower. And last one, you're gonna lift up to your plank and lower yourself down.

Let's relax the feet, shift back into your heels, reaching the fingertips forward. We're gonna stay on all fours for just a little longer. So back to all fours, hands underneath the shoulders, and knees underneath the hips. Let's curl those toes under and lift the knees about an inch or two off of the mat to a hover and then lower yourself back down. Now what that's gonna do is keep the weight underneath you.

It's a little bit easier than a plank. However, it's not that easy on your arms, 'cause when you go to lift the knees, your quads can't help you out here, 'cause they're not, you're not extended at the knee. So there's a lot more on your shoulders, so be careful. Inhale knees up, exhale to lower. Let's challenge you by rounding your back and making it a little bit harder.

So flex the spine and keep a flexed back as you lift the knees up and down. Very similar to knee stretches on the Reformer as you lift the knees and lower. Except this mat doesn't move like the carriage. So hopefully a little easier. Two more, inhale breath, and lower down.

And then exhale breath, and then knees to the floor. Toes relax back to your Child's Pose for a stretch. Let's go directly onto our belly and then open up the front body. For this extension, I don't want you to fire anything in the lower half of your body. Just relax it all together.

The arms are by your side. You should see your fingers in your peripheral. They line up with your eyes. As you lift your eyes up, head to the ceiling, just stretch the front body. Don't bother engaging anything, just open up through the front, and then lower yourself back down, lowering your elbows.

Now if you do not have that much extension, just bring your arms forward, and only lift as high as you can. So here I am modifying for myself. And then lower down. If you have a lot of extension, you can bring your hands closer to your shoulders with your elbows off of the mat and that will get you even higher. So think the closer your hands are to your chest, the higher you're going to get in your extension.

Reminder, just relax everything. Don't tighten the glutes. That'll hinder extension. Don't do anything with your legs. Just press up, stretch, and then lower back down. We'll do that one more time.

Lifting it up, find that stretch, and then return. Flipping over to your back. We're gonna go into some of your abdominal work here. Let's start off interlacing the fingers behind your back, behind your head, excuse me. And your tailbone and pelvis rested on the mat.

I'm just fixing my little mic receiver here. Elbows are in your peripheral vision. Feet are fists distance apart, which is about the width of your sits bones. And you're just gonna lift up. And when you lift up, can you stretch the back of your neck to come up very gently and allow your body to stretch?

So don't think here, think here, and then lower yourself back to the mat. We'll do four of these. Nod the chin on your inhale. Exhale to flex. Inhale, pause at the top, and then exhale as you lower and lengthen your spine to the mat. Twice more, just lift and stretch.

You'll definitely feel your abs. And then lower back down. One more time, we're gonna pause at the top. So chin to chest, lift. Grab your hamstrings with your legs, and see if you can get yourself to come up just a little bit higher.

See if you can stay up that height. Interlace the fingers, roll yourself back to the mat. And again, nod the chin. These exercises are leveling up normally, and that's, most of my classes are that way. So if some of these exercises are too hard, drop back to the last one and continue to move.

Nod the chin, exhale to flux. Grab your hamstrings, curl yourself up a bit higher. Hold your head lower to the mat. Let's add on from here. Chin to chest. Lift up, flex. Try to maintain a little bit of a neutral spine.

But if you can't and you have to press down, just don't press down so hard. Holding your head. Rotate the body to the right, dropping your right elbow. Come back through center, rotate your body to the left. Drop your left elbow, come back to the middle and rest.

Let's try that again. We'll start on the other side. Chin to chest and you flex. Left elbow goes to the floor, right elbow goes to its diagonal on the ceiling. Come back through center, rotate to the right, come back through center, and then release back down. Let's make it a teeny bit harder.

Nod the chin to chest, flex up. Now grab your hamstrings, curl yourself up. See if you can hold yourself here. Interlace your fingers behind your head. Rotate right.

Through center, rotate left. Come back through the middle, grab your hamstrings. Curl it up, hold. Hold your head here. We're going left. Back to the middle, we're going right.

Back to the middle. Hold your legs up, curl, rest all the way down to the mat, and extend your legs long to release that tension at the front body. Let's reach those arms overhead. As the arms come up, we're gonna come into your roll up, chin to chest. Grab onto the back of your legs if you need to. Otherwise, roll yourself up and find parallel with your arms to your legs.

And roll yourself down slowly. You wanna make sure that the arms have freedom. So as you nod your chin and flex up and reach the arms forward, let those shoulders rise and reach past your toes. Then they'll slide into your back pockets and you'll roll yourself back. Just twice more. Arms up, chin nods.

You flex, you reach towards your toes, you start to roll yourself down. And if you're talented like me, you start to pull your pants up as you roll yourself all the way back down to reach your arms over your head. And then let's take those arms out to an A on your side. From here, right leg towards the ceiling, reach the leg up to the sky, and let's hold the leg, point and flex your toes. Maybe circle 'em in two different directions.

And then what we'll do from here is keep that leg perpendicular to the hip. Pause there, release the leg and flex the left ankle. Bringing your arms down by your side. And I'm gonna open up the width of my arms so it's more support for me. Take your leg over the midline of your body, and then bring it back through the middle and take it over to the other side.

And now you can see by having your arms out a little bit wider, that'll give you a little bit of support. I want you to focus though on the left leg, the left leg is your supporting leg. And it's actually the most important piece to this exercise, 'cause if your leg is really tight or tight in the hip flexor and you soften your knee, it's gonna change the emphasis of what's going on with that leg. But the left leg is always going to be that stable leg. Extend your legs back up to the ceiling, and then lift your shoulders up and grab on as high as you can on your leg, preferably the calf or behind the hamstring.

Just not the back of the knee. I'm gonna go ahead and lift that left leg up off the floor and switch. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Give that leg coming towards you a little pulse. Pulse, pulse. This little hamstring pull or scissor legs.

If you need to soften your knees, then grab by the back of the hamstring to do so. Two more. Last one. Let's stop with the left leg at the ceiling. Lower the right, tuck the knee to chest and give yourself a stretch here.

And then from here, side to side with that leg, extend it to the ceiling, maybe point and flex that foot. Be consistent to whatever you did to the other side. Little circles in two different directions. And then let's anchor that right leg. Take your arms out a bit wider, leg perpendicular to the hip.

And go ahead and take it over to the right over the midline. And then over to the left. Keeping that right leg nice and steady. It is a swinging motion, but you wanna have a lot of control. We're anchoring that right hip to the mat.

And again, you do have the option of bending that knee and then just gaining that mobility in the hip. We're gonna go back to the center. Extend your legs long, take your head up, grab onto your hamstring or wherever you held earlier, I held at my calf. Lift that bottom leg, point that toe. Pulse, pulse, switch.

Inhale, inhale. Exhale. Inhale, inhale. Exhale. Try really hard not to pulse the leg that's going away from you, which is actually neurologically really difficult. We're gonna go one more to each side, and then pause with both legs towards the ceiling, knees to chest. Roll yourself up to seated position and extend your legs nice and long.

I'm gonna take my legs about hip-width apart. Reach for my toes and do a little stretch here on my back. Then sitting up nice and tall for the spine twist, I'm gonna take my palms out to the side as though I'm holding two glasses of water in my hand. And then of course, if you can't sit here nice and tall with your legs lengthened, soften your knees. Let's take a little twist to the right.

As I twist to the right, I'm balancing the water in my hands, and I come back to the center and the same thing to my left. This is gonna help me ensure that I'm not using my arms to imagine that I'm gaining more rotation, which I'm not. I'm gonna try to keep them right in line with each other at the shoulder. Let's add two pulses to the right. Inhale, inhale back to the center and hold.

See if you can get that rotation to happen right at the bottom of your ribs or if you're wearing a bra, right at your bra line. Back to center. To the left. Inhale, inhale. Now let's go three pulses. One, two, three.

So you're trying to go a little further and grow a little taller each time. And again, inhale, inhale, inhale, exhale. That inhale is gonna help expand the ribs and hopefully help you grow a little taller, taller. That five, four, one, two, three, back to the center. Reach the arms up to the sky, bring the arms around, point those toes, let's lift those hips up to open up the front of the body, and then lower those hips to the mat.

And again, exhale as you lift the hips up. Inhale. Option to turn the toes out or the toes forward. Whatever feels better on your knees. Two more times. Lift it up.

Inhale. (inhales) Exhale to lower down. Last one, inhale, breath. And exhale as you lower, arms reach to the sky. Flex forward, reach for your feet. And we're gonna go ahead and come to the knees.

So side kneeling. All right, center on your mat. We wanna have both directions of the mat to place something, place the mat, or hand on something soft. So arms out to a T position. And let's just go into a little stretch from side to side, maybe some airplane wings here.

Inhale, exhale. And while you're doing this, it's also a nice little break. You're opened up through the hips. You're not lying down, you're not sitting, you're not on your belly, you're just swinging and stretching the side of the hip. We're gonna commit to one side.

So I'm gonna take my left hand over to the mat and then extend my outside leg. Before you get started at any of the kneeling legwork, you wanna make sure that the bottom leg feels comfortable. It doesn't have to look a certain way, it just needs to feel comfortable underneath you. The arm that's on the floor should be in your peripheral vision as though you took like a little marble here and just rolled it down and it landed right at your thumb. Let's go ahead and take that top leg up, and let's hold the back of your head, lining up your head with your shoulders.

Let's go to a kick. We're gonna flex the ankle, bring the leg forward, scoop the abdominals in, take that leg back and open up the front body, extend, exhale, sh. Inhale. I'm gonna alleviate the, or eliminate the pulses. We're just gonna move forward and back with that leg.

Exhale, breath. Inhale. Think about the abs moving that leg forward and think about the glutes moving the leg back. Two more times. Last time, bring it forward, and then bring it back.

And then lower the foot to the mat. Come up for a quick little counter stretch, arm to the ceiling, stretch over. Back to side kneeling on the left side, hand comes down, hand back behind the head. We're gonna lift and lower that leg up. One, and two, and three.

We're gonna go to six. Feel that hip working as you lift the leg up. We have one more. Hold. Drop the foot and then take it over for a little stretch.

Let's add some pulses. Left hand back down, right hand to the head. Let's pulse the leg up three times. One, two, three. And then come up to stretch.

Two more sets. Hand comes down. One, two, three. Foot comes down and then you stretch. Last one, left hand down, we go one, two, three. Leg comes down, stretch up and over.

It's not the end of this side, so we're gonna turn back to all fours, hands underneath the shoulders. We're gonna wear that bum out just a bit. Point the toe, right leg goes up and down, one. You've got hip extension here, shoulders wide. And you wanna think about opening up through that front part of the thigh as you work that left glute, right glute.

Now let's lift up little pulses. Go eight, seven, six, four, three, two, one. Now you're gonna take that right foot to the outside of your mat and rotate. Curl the back toe under and then lift yourself up. So now you're at more of a diagonal.

Lift the upper body up until all of your weight is slightly forward. Arms are hanging forward, but you're not collapsed. You're, actually, it's harder to collapse. It's way easier to maintain control. So I'm gonna lift my upper body up, hinging at the hips, lower my upper body down.

You wanna make it harder? Bring your hand behind your head and then hinge yourself forward. Let's go, what's that, three? Let's do three more for six. Open up the hip, lower back down towards the thigh.

Two more. Inhale. Exhale, I'm also getting a nice stretch in that left hip flexor. Last one, hands come down, back to your side, hold, and then over for that counter stretch. And then onto your knees. Let's see if we can do it on the other side. Arms are out.

Going back to some airplane wings. It resets me. It's like an instructor's secret. I'm breathing and resting. (laughs) We're gonna go one more to the left, one more to the right and start over. Here we go. Hand behind the head.

Line your leg up. Here's your kick. Flex the ankle forward. Bring that leg back. Exhale forward. Inhale. Remember the abs.

It's like pulling on half of a teaser, half of a swan. Exhale forward and back. Let's go for two more. (exhales) Last one, (exhales) bring it back, lower the foot, counter balance stretch to the other side. And again, hand to the floor. Make sure that arm is in front of that shoulder.

A little reminder, hand behind the head. And you're gonna lift that leg up and down, one, and two, three, let's go for six. Four, five, last one, six, foot comes down, hand comes up and over. We stretch. Here comes your pulses. Hand's behind your head.

Pulse, one, two, three, up and over. And again, two more sets. Inhale, one, two, three, foot down, up and over. Last set. It's one, two, three, up and over, stretch.

Turn. So now I'm back onto the mat. Hands underneath the shoulders. Little leg lifts, one, and exhale, two. So we are working, again, the glute, the side of the hip. So you've got all of the muscles around the hip there.

But now we're bringing back the upper body, abs, and back. Last one, little pulses, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Leg to the outside in a diagonal, rotate and up. I put my foot at the outside, because I feel more stable with my foot not being on the mat. That's why I've rotated out.

But my back leg is still on. So I'm gonna pull up, remember that hip joint, it's a hinge joint. So what we wanna do here is close the door, open the door, close the door, open the door. All of this is stable. Take your hands behind your head.

Make it a little bit harder, pushing the weight of your head into your hands. Inhale forward. Exhale, lift. Let's go for two more. Two. Last one.

Nice. Hands down, rotate back. And then counter stretch over to the other side. On your back again now. So sitting at the front of the mat, we're gonna go into a teaser prep, but starting from the top part of the teaser prep.

My right leg will go to a tabletop position. Left foot is stable. The position of this foot that's on the floor is different than shoulder bridge. Shoulder bridge, the leg would be closer, but we're gonna put the leg further away for counterbalance. I'll roll onto my back, bring my arms overhead.

As my arms come up, my chin to chest, I come up. Come to that teaser prep. Option to extend the leg if you want, bend the knee and roll back down. And three more, chin to chest, flex, extend. Arms, or leg reaches.

You could also reach your arms up if you'd like. And then arms back. And again, chin the chest to roll up. Scoop those abdominals in and reach and lower. Now I think that was four.

I'm gonna lie here. Bring my heel a little bit closer to my bottom. From here, I'm gonna lift the hip up into a unilateral one leg bridge. Right leg gonna stay a tabletop as I lower my hip and lift my hip up four times. One more.

Hold, I'm gonna dip my toe four times. From the hip, one, two, three, four, then I'm gonna alternate. Bottom down, bottom up, toe down, toe up. Four sets. Last two, last one.

Lower my spine all the way down. Let's go ahead and switch feet. Take my arms overhead and then find the top of my teaser on the other side. Roll myself back down, reach my arms overhead. And then pause.

Inhale, nod the chin, scoop through the abs. Again, option to extend the leg if you want to. Bend the knee, roll back down. I instinctively made that adjustment with my supporting leg. I had to move my heel a little bit further out and then lower back down.

That's not the important part. What's important when you're doing Pilates is to figure out your objective and then just meet that objective. Not every part of your body has to be perfect. Just figure out what you wanna work first. Let's do that one more time.

I missed, didn't count again. Then reach that leg up, lower down, adjust your right foot so that it comes closer. And then my goal here is to keep that hip up. Pause. I'm gonna lower that hip down to the mat. One.

Inhale, exhale. Two. Three, and four. Toe dip down, one. Two, strong arms even, three, and four, alternate, hip comes down, hip lifts, toe drops and lifts. Three more.

Definitely my less flexible hip side. Last one, up. Lower the foot, lift the foot. Let's go ahead and just bring the foot down to roll the spine all the way down. Extend your legs nice and long.

Reach your arms up overhead. And let's roll all the way back up and then onto the belly again. So I'm flipping over, so that we're doing counterintuitive exercises. So a little to the side, a little to the back, a little to the front. You guys know the drill anyway.

So let's go ahead and take the press up to another level. Legs are long, feet are back. Back extension. You should really honor your body and back extension. So if it feels good, keep going.

There's a difference between muscle soreness and joint ache. So make sure you're aware of that. We're gonna start off like we did earlier, except I'm gonna actually activate the lower half of my body. So I'm pushing my pubic bone down into the mat, pressing my feet onto the floor. Quads are engaged, glute is fired but not oversqueezed.

Back and abs are working together. Float the upper body up until you can squeeze those shoulder blades together, making a W with your arms. Place the hands to the floor and then find your extension. As you come down, try to hover the arms off the floor before you release completely. Inhale, float up, hands down.

And I'll take an exhale to extend, which is actually opposite of what I normally would do. So let's do that one more time. Let's lift the arms, squeeze the shoulder blades together, place the hands onto the mat, and then lift yourself up into that nice extension and slowly lower yourself down. Come to a hover. Come to a hover. And then return back to the mat.

I am gonna take you to the next level of swan, which I have to say, it's not easy for me either. So we're gonna try this together, okay? Let's go ahead and press the feet down. Press the pubic bone down. Remember what I said about discomfort?

Muscle discomfort's different than joint discomfort. Hands are to the floor. Let's start off by lifting the upper body up as much as you can, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Then without losing height, place your hands down, then lift all the way up. Now as we come down, we're gonna come into a simultaneous hover as our feet rock towards the ceiling in swan.

So it looks like this. And then I'm gonna catch myself as I come up, okay? Here we go. Inhale, exhale up. Or it could be exhale, inhale up. Whatever works best for you.

Two more. Last one. Hold. Lift your knees up, curl your toes under. And just in case you wanted to relax, we're not going to.

So we're going to go out to plank and hold plank. Shoulders are nice and wide. Let's go into some front support or as some would call mountain climbers, right knee forward, left knee. Now that I'm warmed up and the sun is hitting me, I might as well just keep going and break a little sweat. And if you'd like, you can round the back, working a little bit more abs.

Again, quality over quantity of these exercises. Let's do one more on each side and then lift to pike. And I also call this my upside down teaser. The reason I call it my upside down teaser is that I don't lose myself up here. I drop my head between my arms, and if I lift up to the balls of my feet, I can really feel my abs working, almost as though I'm holding my hands in the air.

My butt's grounded and my feet are in the air. Then I'll drop the heels down for a stretch, shift my body weight forward, lower the knees. And we're doing one more here in prone. Extend the arms, extend the legs, and swim. Right arm up, left leg up, and alternate.

Inhale two, four, five, and exhale. It can be the same breath as the hundred. It can go to about five sets. So two more sets here. Breathing in, breathing out. Last set and then rest down.

And let's take that well-deserved Child's Pose, knees forward, butt to the heels. And this time, I'm gonna rest my forehead. As yogis would say, your third eye here feels actually pretty good. Reach your arms back, let the shoulders round forward. Take a deep inhale breath, (inhales) and exhale. (exhales) And one more deep inhale, (inhales) and exhale breath.

And then sit up nice and tall. We're gonna sit side this time. So sitting side, which we haven't done yet in the challenge, we're gonna be doing some side bend work or side plank. Let's take the left foot slightly out in front. So I'm sitting on my right hip, my left foot's out in front.

My right leg is bent, because I'm gonna try to keep actually my knee on the ground for the first one. My forearm is on my knee and my right hand is out. Please note that the first one may not be the perfect position, so just sit back down and readjust yourself. And it might not be for me either, we're about to see. So as the arm comes up, I'm gonna keep my bottom knee down and stretch up and over.

And I'm gonna slowly lower myself down. Now that's not easy if I put my mind to it. I'm thinking about that underbody as I stretch. And then returning back, let's try that again. Two more times.

If I put a repetition goal in there, then I usually keep it. But if I just keep going, then I don't know how many I've done. So inhale up and then exhale to lower. Now let's try extending that leg. Ready? So we're gonna lift up, extend the leg, stretch, and then slowly lower down.

So you don't have to fully commit. You can put a knee down, lift it up, stretch, and then lower it back to the mat. And I'm making feet adjustments. If you've got sticky grippy socks on a mat, be really careful, 'cause it's not gonna be as smooth as a movement for your outside foot. And then lift it up and lower.

Last one with a bonus, lift it all the way up. And then twist. Take your arm underneath you, and then lift that back leg up. Four, three, two, one, all with control. Turn.

And then lower back to the mat. Let's go ahead and take the legs together, and counter stretch, a little mermaid stretch to the side. Maybe add a little rotation, dropping the hip, maybe look behind you as well. And then back to the middle. And then over, let's switch the legs up.

All right, right ankle perpendicular with the left ankle, forearm on the knee, arms slightly forward. Make all your wardrobe adjustments, and here we go. Arm's gonna come up. Knee is going to stay on the mat to open up that hip, and then come back down to the mat. Again, you may not be in perfect position.

And as I tell a lot of my clients, "You're not in concrete, so fix yourself, it's not a race." There is an I in Pilates, by the way. So it really isn't a team effort. So it's all about you and this mat. And again, how many was that? This might be three or four.

It might be four, and then lower. Okay, now we're gonna add lifting the leg up into side bend. So you're gonna come up, slide that leg lift, whoop, and then slowly lower back down. The dismount actually is harder than getting up. So you're gonna lift up, push with that outside leg.

Find that side bend. And then this part is the hard part to control the lowering down, which is a negative resistance. Reach it up, positive resistance push, and then the pull into that negative resistance. Here's your bonus, reach it up, twist, thread the needle under. I get this gorgeous blue sky.

And then I'm gonna lift that back leg up, four, three, two, one. Turn, lower. Ah, all the way down. Okay, so legs will just stay there. My arm will reach for a little counter stretch.

And then back to the center. And then finally, onto our knees here. Hope you guys got a pretty good workout today. Hands are underneath the shoulders. Knees are underneath the hips.

This is how I find my perfect plank. Right leg back, left leg back. Lift up to your pike position. Then you're gonna walk yourself back. Hold here and breathe.

Do not come up yet. Walk yourself all the way out. Let's take your right foot between your hands. Drop your back knee, relax your foot, reach your arms up. Give yourself a big old stretch in that hip. Take that left hand to the floor, gimme a nice rotation.

And if you have it in you, maybe wrap the hand around the back of your hip. Arm comes back up. Hands to the floor, curl the back toe under. Step the right foot back. Pike up.

Walk your hands back. Pause. Walk your hands forward. Left foot between the hands. Drop your back knee. You're welcome into a high lunge.

I'm trying to get myself into cooldown here. And then lift your arms up to the sky, pushing the hip forward. That feels so good. Right hand to the mat. Rotate towards the left. And then bring that arm around if you wish to do so.

And then we're gonna stay at this part of the mat. So you're gonna bring your hand down, step your foot forward, pause in the moment. So you're gonna roll yourself all the way up to standing. And then reach those arms to the sky. Take a huge inhale breath in gratitude, hands to heart center.

And thank you so much for joining me on day three of my five day challenge. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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Excellent series! I love the variation and the challenge! Thank you Delia for this great workout!
Love this class, thank you for putting it together 
Lina S
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My favorite until now! I'm looking forward Day 4!
Patricia C
Great class! Thank you , Delia 🌻
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Great class! You are one of my favourite teachers, Delia. Thank you for this new series, they will be on repeat! 🙏🏻
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Lots of good stretching in this class, which I enjoyed considering it is Day 3!
Anne M
Great class, Delia! Thank you so much!
Jess H
1 person likes this.
Another wonderful class, I’m loving this series and think it’s one I’ll be coming back to often :)
Julie Lloyd
Another brilliant class, thank you Delia!! I am really enjoying your five day challenge. This class has made me feel well stretched and invigorated.  It is gold star! Thank you.
Great variations and flow; thank you
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