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Challenge the Basics

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Take your Mat work to a new level using the Stability Ball. Challenge the basics (Pelvic Curl, Hundred Prep) and enjoy variations on familiar exercises like Pushups, Pike/Knee Stretch, and Chest Lift with Extension. Additional Weighted Arm Work and Standing Balance work round out the class. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Fitness Ball

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Oct 22, 2011
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Okay. So we're going to start in lieu of a roll down. We're going to do some spinal articulation. So what you do is you just stand and, oh no, no, just hold your ball between your legs for a second. No. Stand with your feet parallel and put your hands on your ball and look down and draw your shoulders down away from your ears. And right here is where we're going to take our moment. So we set up, our feet are truly parallel to one another and we've got equal weight throughout the heels and the toes and the balls of the feet from here.

Press the pelvis towards the ball. Press the shoulder blades down away from the year. So you're in a pike like rounded position. And with that on the inhale, let the ball roll away from you as your spine lengthens downwards towards the floor. So you're just going out into a flat back. Think about coming up and out. Deb's so you. Yeah, not in other words. Don't worry about how low you go. Worry about how flat you go.

And with that we curve the bottom body bringing the ball. The ball just rolled as we roll and we inhale, letting the head reach out, letting the chest reach down towards the ground, feeling the tailbone lift right there, Devin. With that a little bit upward through the chest. Perfect. And then we pull the body back and we'll take that a little quicker. Now inhale, moving with the breath. Feel the spine Elongate, taking stock in your body. Exhale, curving back in. Just letting that ball move as we move.

Feel the shoulders drying down away from the ears. The spine stretches along along the mat. Bend the knees, let the body press down even further, and then keep the body there as you work to stretch the legs back straight. Finally rolling the ball back towards us. We'll do that two more times. So we inhale Ben Nannies Heaping Hayley. Exhale, stretch the legs and continue excelling as we curl back in. One more time in here. Continue in healing as you bend the knees, pressing the body. Keep the body low as we stretch the legs.

Starting our exhale now and continuing the exhale as we drag the ball back in. And once you can let go, just will do and roll yourself all the way up coming into a seated position. So just sit and give yourself enough space on your mat that you can walk forward. My feet always end up sliding here. So I like my mat underneath me from a seated position. Walk yourself forward and as you do so, start to Tuck the pelvis under so that as you arrive on your ball, I feel like I want to look at you.

Yeah, good. Yeah. Let me go. So where are we? Got Our lower spine pressed into the ball. We're going to go hands behind the head and from that place we're going to just let the body come back so it's in a flat line. Perfect. Inhale to take just the upper body over the top of the ball and exhale, draw the ribs, pressing them down into the ball to lift just to that straight line and inhale to go back. A little bit of energy between the inner lots of energy in the abdominals, keeping the head heavy in the hands as we little stretch unless left in healing back and exhaling to come up.

One of the more challenging concepts about this is to keep the abdominals engaged on the way backwards so that they're ready for us as we lift back up. So we're essentially contracting the abdominal, stretching them as we go back and concentrate, we are working them back towards the neutral position. Let's do that five more times back. I had a pretty strong work here and back. I left and back lift last two times, so run the stomach back towards about one more time from the top. Find that nice straight line, lift it just a smidge higher. Deb, and now curl forward up and over and back. Little faster, up and over and back. So as we move our chest towards our thighs, our abdominals are hollowing back, I imagine. Okay. The crest of a wave. If the inner is pulling in as the upper body crests over the top, let's do four more and back [inaudible] with each curl upwards.

Deepen the contraction in the center last two times. One more time. Oh, and then just start to walk back towards the ball with your feet and you'll end up sitting up. Still want to roll off my mat? Okay. Keeping the hands behind the head. Gentle rotation in the spine. As we exhale, let's go to the ocean. So twist on length and upwards. Inhale, as we come to center, exhale as we turn to the back. Really great place to start working the body turning. You don't have to fight with your tightness in your legs or the hamstrings or the hip flexors. Just get full mobility of the spy, paying attention to the legs.

They should stay still and back and who is just and back. And we'll just do that a couple more times. Feel the body spiraling upwards. So create a sense of lightness in your body. Keep the head reaching into the hands so you've got a nice stable base or the neck isn't turning. It just comes along with this spy and across and center.

Once again, walk forward. Just bring your hands in your head with you. Find the low back on the ball. Again, we're going to do an oblique rotation, so we're going to take the upper body over the top again. Exhale to rotate in my direction and inhale over the back. Exhale, lift and rotate in the opposite direction and we inhale over the back and continue that movement pattern. As you turn, keep the feeling of the rib coming across to the opposite hip in your mind. The elbows are wide. Again, hallways, a sense of to lift over the apps and again, I cross and back and across and back.

We're going to go four more times to each side. The further you take your body over the ball, the harder the work is to come back up. So if you wish to make it harder, that's how to do it. I always catch myself pulling around with that outside elbow and we're trying really hard not to do that because I don't think our elbow will take us any further. I'm pretty sure of that. Here's our last one, crossing across and finally to the other side and then coming back. Reach the arms forward and just set up so that your back is flat on the ball.

My shoulders are off. I'm going to bring my hands together in a, I don't know what this is a prayer position? Nope. It's just a pointer point towards the ocean. A little bit of a different work. So while as we are going into ice the other way, now we're just doing pure rotation, whereas before we were doing flection with rotation. So really working through the abdominals, allowing the ball to support you and twist, feel as you continue to twist from side to side. The shoulders just press down into the ground and I'll do two more.

I, here's the second half of two and last one to eat side and last one. Okay. Bring the arms down and just keep going down on your boss. You just, you can walk, but you want your feet to be pretty close to you. This is a full back bend. It's really supportive, but you want to make sure to keep the back of the legs energized. Here we go. We're going to stretch the legs. Start to reach the arms over the top of the ball.

Let the body just cascade over the ball. Bring the arms around to the side, let the head come up as the arms come out, and then the knees to come down. Just hovering off the ground and let's inhale back, reaching stretching around on the exhale and allowing the knees to bend down and inhale back. Big Long Movement. Taking advantage of that supported back extension. We'll do four more here. Up in back. Oh, round down and down and up and back. Oh, opening the chest.

I don't get a lot of opportunities for that in this day and age. Oh, one more please. I've been back all the way around and down and now just lift the hips so you're going to roll away from the ball and then you'll have to adjust your feet so that your head can come down. Perfect. So using the backs of the legs to keep the pelvis elevated, we're just going to do five arms circles step, so just right up towards the ears and then wrapping the arms around the ball and up towards the ears. Wrapping the arms around the ball. Here's three and too, I'm really allowing those shelters to get a good stretch. And then we're just going to roll our bodies down on the ball and you'll end up making your way down towards the ground. Bringing the ball around the front legs are now straight and together though. Here's our roll up.

Push the ball first just over the feet and pointing through the feet. And then once you get to the very tips of your toes, push down on the ball and allow the ball to stretch your feet. Then just pick up the ball. Keeping the way to the ball gently held in the arms. Start to roll back, feeling the spine anchoring down into the ground. Start to pick up the ball overhead. As the head comes down, the ball is already there. Inhale the ball, the head, the chest come up and we exhale. Curling the spine, looking for a round shape in the spine at the top. And we go again.

Rolling ourselves back, feeling the alignment of the spine or thinking about coming down and off her right through the center of the spy. And again, shoulder blades pressing down. Press into the ball a little bit. That'll get us a little pick. Work, a little upper back work. Lift and peel. And again rolling back. Then all the way over the top and lift and curve the spine. We're going two more times rolling back, reaching, lifting and curling.

I'm gonna change it on this now. Roll back five in the lower back. Really compress it down into the ground. Now raise the left leg and the ball and the ball down in the left. Laid down. Same side again. Left leg ball, left leg down, ball down. Just let him have all the lightly float up in the air and down just two more times and last one and down.

Now let the [inaudible] [inaudible]. We're going to roll the ball up. [inaudible] pushing the leg into the ball, getting the bottle of the liftoff and we roll the ball down the bottom leg. The right leg is anchor. Come to the shoulder blades roll, lifting up single leg teaser and a rolling down. Three more. Lifting up and coming down, anchoring through the body two and here's our last one.

Rolling. Hold at the top. Lift the ball overhead. Place the foot down and bring the body all the way forward. Press the ball out over the feet again. Take a stretch and then rolling back. Picking up the ball again. We round down to the place where we feel the connection to our lower back, getting that anchored into the ground. And then we float the ball on the right leg and we press them down and we float and we pressed. Yeah, the abdominals are responsible for lifting the leg.

Here's our last one. And now just lift the leg but the ball on it or roll the spine up where it's reaching the polyp towards the tippy toes and roll the spine down in. Roll the spine up. Lifting, looking for back extension at the top and rolling down. I'm just letting the ball kind of roll through my hands, not gripping it real hard. Last two times here. Reach up and roll back and reach up and whole lift and lift the back.

As we place the foot down, put the ball down on the legs and press it out along the feet. Maybe this time go a little further out over the toes. Curling the toes under and that's a different stretch still, which I'm enjoying a lot. Okay. Rolling on. I'm going to bring the ball with us, coming down onto our back with control. Alright. And then just roll the ball underneath your feet. This is the pelvic curl. So we've got our arms down at our sites. Um, that's a good question. How much space between my button? My Ball.

About 12 inches approximately. I think that yeah, you want it to be flight Li away from you. So you've got space and my feet are separate. And then the first thing that we're going to do is push down into the ball and feel the hamstring engagement there. From that place, start to pull the pelvis forward towards the chest, peeling the spine up off the ground. Be prepared for a little bit of wobbling. Its normal hold at the top, pressing the pelvis up in here. Press the arms into the ground as he slowly and with control.

Articulate the spine back into the ground and we go again. Pressing down, activating the hamstrings, lifting up. I keep my feet flex for, I don't know, it feels better to me. Inhale and exhale to roll down. Healing the spine into the ground and again, XL lift reaching, pressing the arms down as we rise up through the spine and rolling down. Gonna do that three more times. Just paying attention to the shoulders. They stay well away from the ears.

Lifting and lowering on the last two we're going to add some hip extension or knee extension. So we roll up. Find your way to the top, press your legs at about three quarters of the way, not all the way and now bend than pulling the ball underneath. You press out and pull back a lot of hamstring work here. A lot of inner thigh works. They look up at your knees and see that they stay parallel to one another and pull and in and one here. Oh and back and breathe into hold and breathe out to peel down, maximizing the articulation and enjoying the stretch.

Pelvis comes all the way to neutral. We've got one more time to go like that. Here we go. Lifting any, went into a high back, stretching the legs out and pulling them back in and we take it out and back. And then um, in keeping the pelvis level, it's good place to actually look down at your pelvis. You can see it pretty well here. Last to here and back one more and back and hold to breathe in and we breathe out to haul it through the waist. Peeling the spine down into the ground.

Okay. My hamstrings are tired and legs together for the spine twist it is what you think it is. Arms down. Let's bring the palms to face up. Take the ball towards the ocean on the inhale and you'll be go a little bit further without the um, the legs being held in the air. So take advantage and enjoy XL to come back through center. Inhale to rotate to the opposite side. Annex also come back to center and we go again. Our are just stretching, opening up through the lower back and back to center.

Keep the shoulder blades on the ground so as you turn your lower body from side to side, the bar, the opposite shoulder will anchor the upper body in place as you're beginning to come back from that rotation. Feel the rib cage dry inwards, the abdominals, the obliques, specifically engaged. Let's do one more to each side. Exhaling back one more to the other side. Exhaling back. I have an idea, Deb, it's new for me. I'm not sure how it's going to go, but let's try it out. Arms overhead for the a hundred prep. So we'll do the couple of those. First. It'll feel familiar. Exhale, push down into your legs with your hamstrings.

Curl the head and chest up, up, up. Reach to try to touch the ball and then come down. My knees are bent. Yeah, and I'm actually contracting and pushing down on the ball a bit. And then we just lift again, reaching, looking for the ball with the fingertips. I don't know if it's possible. I haven't touched mine yet, but I'm still trying.

Yeah, no, I just barely got it that time. Last one like this and then coming back. Now we're going to take it up in a, hold it up. I'm going gonna push the ball away. Kinda like it. You'll have to let your feet lift up. Rebound the knees, drag the knees into the chest, reach for the ball. Touch it now and come down. Kinda like it. Exhale to lift. Inhale the legs go out. Let the feet come off, Huh? E um, it is like coordination.

It is. Let me just let the feet left. Keep Shins, press down, pull back, tip the ball and come down. Let's do that two more times. I feel like it's good work. All right, Yah. And bending and come down. I'm going to change it on us again. It's gonna start the same. Go out as you bend your knees, open your arms as you straighten your legs, close your arms.

I imagine you've got springs or weights or something to push, pull, reach and press, squeeze, pull, expand through the trunk. Press the air out of the body is the legs at Cetera. We're doing three more pull and for us and pull opening the body. I press last time for the day and press and then the knees and take it down. Pick up the ball with your feet. Probably. Good idea to keep the knees bent at first and just pull the ball in towards the body. And then we're going to take the ball up. So straight up overhead, there's any tension in the lower back.

It will be helpful to just put your hands under your pelvis, but for now we're just going to squeeze the ball and squeezed it. So it's a little inner thigh contractions. I, um, I dunno if I would call it little, but it's not a lot of movement. I should feel hard and we'll do five, four, three, two. We're going to do a reverse curl analysis. Squeeze and just pick the hips up. Just straight up into the air. It's Lidl and down as you go again and has you continue to do that movement.

Feel how little you can use your arms. I mean, they're definitely down. They're definitely active into the mat, but we're not pushing the ball up with our hands. One more like that. Coming through the rollover. Inhale. Exhale. We take the upper will, we take the bone in the body over the top. Squeeze the ball, start to articulate the spine.

Now dragging the ball across the tip of the nose, finding the back, letting the legs go down slightly. Then up. Inhale, exhale to go over squeezing the ball, flexing the feet and rolling down bone by bone. Go ahead. Let's do two more like that. Lift or roll over the top knee and exhale down. One more. Less rolling over the top.

Breathing in and breathing out to come down. Or going into the pendulum next. So once your pelvis comes down in your legs or at vertical, tilt to your ball towards me, Xcel five the Blake's, and bring it back. Tilt the ball the opposite direction. Bend the knees. If you're feeling tension and back, it absolutely comes the opposite hip leaves. It's like spine twists, right?

Except for with a big ball between your legs and your inner thigh. Screaming last two and back and across and back. Let's bend the knees, grab the ball with our hands. Bring the feet down to the ground. Just put the feet flat down and then let the knees open out for a brief moment.

Getting a little stretch. Okay. All right. And then bringing the legs back together, lifting the head and Chester Rola, and we're just gonna arrive right up at the top. [inaudible] see, we picked the ball up. It's right in front of us flexing the feed. Another rotational exercise. We're going to turn towards the ocean.

We're going to pull the ball into the chest and press the chest into the ball, stretch the arms forward and come back home. Inhale, turn, exhale. Pull in and lift. What's my next breath? Reach forward and come back. I think we were inhaling to turn. Exhale into Paul in Hilda stretch and coming home and fixing my mic. Deb, you keep going. Inhale across Paul, the bottom of the chest. Reach the ball forward and come home and across and we lift the chest up and reach and come back. Last one and back. Keeping the ball on the hands. Combination flection extension. We're rolling back. Find your way to your lower back. Hold. Breathe in.

Breathe out. As you reach forward all the way over your legs, lift the ball and come into back extension, Yag. Yep. Right on that diagonal. Dive back down and roll back. Halfway. Breathe in. Breathe out. Roll forward. Lift and extend the spine on the inhale and reach forward and back. This is our exhale. Inhaling tip, pause, rolling.

Reaching for it. Extending the spinal along on the diagonal. Diving back down, rolling back, rolling Baca. Extending the spine on a long diagonal hold there. Lift your head just a little bit, Devin. Maybe bend your elbows a little and then we're just gonna press the ball back and back and back and back. Now let's do five more with flex feed for three, two, one point the feet again. Reach forward.

Put the ball down on your feet and push it forward all the way. Roll the ball over to towards one side of one foot. And I'm going over towards my right pinky toe, stretching the back of my left side. And then I'm going to roll through center. No, roll it across to the other side in role through center. And as you come up through your spine, just let the ball come with you. Okay, we're going to do some lateral work now. So come up, bring your ball, come onto your knees. Okay, so you want to bring your ball right up in close to your leg.

Do you have enough space? Okay. And then, and then lean on it and then let your foot, the outside leg help you as you adjust your knee for comfort. And we're just going to go down and putting the head in the bottom hand. Lifting onto the elbow opposite arm behind the head and we're just gonna raise that outside leg and lower the spine is long and straight and we'll left and we'll do five more reaching as high as we can into that hip joint. Also focusing on the obliques here. They'll do a fair amount of work for us. Hold the leg on the ground, take the top arm forward and just bend the spine down towards the leg and come back again the next day. Stowe, we're just reaching around through the waist and I can tracting bending into the side and contracting.

We're going to do four more, almost drawing back, pressing anchoring down with that straight leg into the ground. Last too. Last one. This time as we come down the ball, the legs gonna come back up. Place the hand back behind the head. Side kick. Bring the like, I'm with you. I am back. I've got a new idea. Hold the ball one hand around, one hand on it and there you go.

That's a bit better, isn't it? Forward and both of us, whoa. Sounded like there was a tornado or something in here. Keeping that like hi, last five for up in back as it goes back three, two [inaudible]. And last time, put the foot on the ground, stretch the arm over the ball and reach the leg oppositionally away from you. It feels good. If it doesn't feel good on your back. Don't do this, but it might reach the top pelvis backwards a little and the arm just comes with you. I'm just rolling my hip open set and then we're going to come back down.

Come up off the ball, both knees on the ground, put both hands on the ball, turning in the trunk towards the ball and we're going to sit on a diagonal into that hip and get down on the head, make it comfortable for you. And then just let the ball, we'll use walk the ball away from you with your hands. Okay. And then we're going to roll the ball back in. Come up onto the knees again, keep the same side hand on the ball for some ohp leaks to think about the ribs down the pelvis for it. And here we go. Take the arm overhead as you reach over into the side and then bring the arm up and lift from the opex and we inhale to go over the top. Feel the stretch, increase the stretch each time you go.

But don't forget that it's the work that we're looking for as well. So that contraction of the upper waistline last two times and and when were we going to take it into a mermaid now. So starting now. Anyway, we inhale over, we exhale and bring that top arm around towards the ball. Your pelvis will move a little bit, any heel to open and exhale to lift and stretch over the top x o curling around, drawing the abdominals back in and back and up. One more. Curling around, coming back and coming all the way up.

Cool. I mean the ball around to the other side. All right, so you want to make sure you're in a nice anchored position once you get over. So I get to where I'm comfortable and then I moved my knee so it's comfortable. He looked good to me, hands behind the head. We did here and we just lifted the top leg. Huh. And yeah, lifting from the waist, uh, think, oh, it's apparent that we're also lifting from the hip, feeling a strong spine, strong. Dominal supporting the position.

Last two and last one. And then we took the top pan and just reached it out. Think about abdominals and most of us need to drop the ribs down a little bit and then it'll just curl up into that waist. And um, so this is a more back dominant feeling exercise in a front dominant feeling exercise. Take your body a little forward into it. And we've got four more to go and hang into the waist and three, two and one. Okay. So we came down, we picked up the leg. I'm going to hold my ball from the get go this time and we're going to take the leg forward, keeping it high, stretching up and back forward and up in back.

This is a good kind of indication of how much your body actually does need to move a little bit in this exercise. Good challenge. As far as trying to stay totally still. We'll do four more and then three and two. One more to go. Okay. Take the leg down, stretch the arm overhead, pull the leg in the arm in opposite directions and then roll the topic. Open a little [inaudible] and then we brought that knee back down, came onto both knees, turn the body slightly towards the ball and then we sat right on the diag and all the way from the ball.

Once you get into a place where you're feeling a nice, comfortable, good stretch in your hip, then you can, if you wish, push the ball slightly away from you getting an even deeper stretch. Okay, well the ball back here comes our sides. We just cut our hand resting on the ball. Challenge the shoulder stabilization here, opposite arm to the side. Your spine looks perfect, Deb, and we reach over the top.

The top arm goes overhead there. Our inhale, let the arm come back. Exhale, pull up taller each time as we lift. Inhale over the top and longer. Each time we go over and exhale to come up. We did five, he was our third and lifting and use for no lifting in one way and then lifting and here's our mermaid. We inhale over the top again. Exhale, bending the spine, reaching for the ball, coming back around and lifting up and again over the top, bending the spine around, reaching back and lifting up. Then we had to want to go stretch over or to collate or flex the spine back and up. Here it is last time over around. Reach back and come all the way back. Good.

We're going to do this some pikes and some pushups and what I'm going to do is get my ball pretty far back. You want to be pretty far back, probably off your mat, but when you get on your ball so that when you walk forward your hands can be on the ball. So with that I think he'll be good here. We're going to position ourselves about at our knees just at the end of the size. Perfect. And then keep the trunk lifted and strong. From here. We bend the elbows towards the body, press the arms up, bend the elbows towards the body. Feel a sense of lightness or work in the trunk.

We're going to do three more and a the left, two more analyst, one keeping the arms straight. We're going to round the spine as the spine. Hollow out the hips, bending the knees in towards the forehead. Inhale, come back to plank position. Exhale around the side it, he'll come back to plank position. I can't accept. Pull in and back. Finding straight. Find New curvature.

So what we're trying to think about last two is rounding first and then gorgeous. Bending the knees in one more round first and then bending the knees. Okay, Deb, do you need a rest break or should we do another set one more time through. We've been there and Impresa and bet and process. Drawing the elbows into the waistline on the bent. Last two times.

One more time. And here's our pike. Inhale. Exhale. Carving out through the ebbs. Lifting the POTUS. Inhale to stretch back to a long, straight line. Exhale, pulling up on the EBS, letting the head reached down between the arms. Inhale to come back. Here's our last three and back to and back last time and back. And then just be careful when you're starting to come back. I'm going to walk back. You could also just step off the ball.

Once you get to a place where you can lie over the ball, do just hang over the bar so each of us will have a place in our back that feels like a better stretch in it and find that I like my lower back to be just behind the top of the ball. That's for me. Find one that works for you and then play around with it a little bit and let the stretch go to a different place. Relaxing the legs towards the ground. Okay, we've got one more thing to do here. So we're going to come onto our elbows now. A little shoulder stabilization, little hip extension. So we're down on the elbows. I'm glad my pelvis right on the top of my ball.

Yeah, so inch back, one more inch dub. Bend your knees, knees together, feet flex. Lift the legs up, using the abdominals to support. From there, we're just going to pulse up to three, four and five. When a, stretch the legs back and bend the knees and stretch the legs back. Supporting through the shoulders. Just let your head come up just to smudge Deb right there, reaching back and bend last two and bend one more. And Bend. Allow the legs to just drop over the top.

You can take a little weight out of your arms for a moment. Let the back have a stretch. We're gonna do the same thing in external rotation. So when you're ready, set your weight over your shoulders, heels together, toes apart, feet flexed, bent knees. Yeah. And from there I'm gonna make it a little bit different. I'm going to press up five pulses up. One, two, three, four, five.

Stretch the legs up and back. Keep them high as they bend. Stretch them up and back. They come together. Keep them high as they bend three more and keeping the shoulders strong and still two more. Holding the legs up. Beat the legs down. Five four, three, two, one. So lower him down as the beat. Then bend them, then press them up in back and then click them together. Five, four, three, two, one on the way down. Bend, reach out. [inaudible] Nice. Five, four, three, two, one to come down last to recheck the shoulders lift and five, four, three, two, one and here it is the very last one left and five, four, three, two, one. Once again just find a stretch. [inaudible] pushing back over the wall, letting the body fall over the top.

Taking a couple of breaths. [inaudible] okay, I've got one more thing I think I want us to do here. So walk forward on your hands. [inaudible] about at the knees again or maybe even just set the shins where I'm at right underneath my kneecap. Yes.

And then we're just going to keep the left leg on the ball with the right leg up. Five up, four up, three up to up. One tried to take it to the side and back to the side and back three to seeing a strong and stable as we can. One, bring the lake back to the ball. Do we need a rest break? No, let's go here. It is left like up. Well it's harder for me on the side. Totally different. Three, four. Here we go.

The lego's to the side and to the side. Two, three and four one way. And bring it up all the way back onto the ball and carefully come back. Let's take one more stretch over the ball and then we'll come all the way up to sitting. [inaudible].

Okay. We've got each had a pair of hand weights using threes. Fours would probably be okay too. We're just gonna use the ball as a seat. You take that, take the weights. That's work. Okay. So arms down at our sides. Nice, tall spines, ribs in, and we're just reaching out and pushing and reach. Ah, and push it in as you push in, create a lot of resistance and fill your spine or envision your spine getting longer and then push it out. So I'm imagining that my arms don't have to work at all on the way up.

I don't know that. I suppose that's a fallacy to that. But that's the idea. One more, turn the palms back and take the arms forward. Don't swing them but push them and go slightly behind you into a chest expansion and then forward and down and slightly behind and forward and leave behind. Cool. Getting that chest to open up as we take the arms down and back. I'm gonna do five more. Four have to widen a little bit to clear the ball as we go back.

Three, two and one. And then once the arms come back from behind, button them, hold the mat, the body lean forward. You've got to create a little work here cause the three pound weight isn't a ton, but we can elbows into the body. Working from the shoulder blades. We stretch the arms back and en and back. The lower your elbows a little bit so they're right next to you.

And lift your chest a little bit. There you go. And holding the rib cage back, keeping the abdominals active. It's giving our shoulders a little bit of a break. Last five here and Paul and four and three and two and one. As you drop your arms down, sit up, and you do an arm circle. So we take the arms to the side for us, keeping the collar bones along.

We slice across the front end down, push out to the side, rolling through the shoulder joint and press and again feeling again if you've lost that buoyancy through your spine or if you stopped thinking about it, find it again. It's always a good time to check for the abdominals. You can get a fair amount of work here. Last two and one more. And that's go the other way. So we go, ah, opening the chest and pressing down, opening the chest as the arms. Reach out and press again and again. Okay. Bringing the arms right across like they're sliding along a table.

Last three, reach Paul, two down, last one. And all right, let the weights go down on the ground. Let the arms just float up to the air and then take the head over a hand on one side of the head. Gently guide the head over. And then just let that on flow. Don't push it with, let it be heavy. As you stretch the neck, bringing the arm down towards the ball. Nice and slowly, maybe just a little bit more energy into the ground with the fingertips. And then let go of the head. Let the stretch go away if that head, so the arms up either side. Have you ever played that game?

Okay. And then you know what to do. We're just lowering the, I'm done where you stand in a doorway. So play this with my brothers all the time and you push your arms into the door as hard as you can for like a minute. And then you walk away from the door and your arm. Let's just go up on their own. That's what this reminds me of. Yeah.

And then let the head go. Come on. All right. We can do a little bit of back extension. So let's go underneath, bring the ball right under your belly and then let the legs stretch and take 'em to conferred a little at the lakes. Come stretch so that you're supported over the ball. And then we're just gonna reach over the ball in touch with our fingertips. And these are big balls for this. So we do what we can.

All right, so it's a swimming exercise. We're going to go right leg left arm, arm comes all the way up to the ear and down, but the leg only lifts to hip height. So here we challenged the idea that it's not about the height of the leg, it's more about the height of the arm to get us into our upper back and reach the arm and leg away from one another. I just discovered in my own body if I really worked the back of that extending leg and keep my pelvis pressing forward, my hip flexors get a stretch. Do you get one? Yeah. Great. Awesome. Great. On extension and not the live [inaudible]. Yeah, so the, if we try to lift too high we'll lose that stretch.

Feels good. Let's do one more in each side. Breach breach and um, okay. And then just come down to the knees. This is one of my favorite back extension exercises in the whole world. Um, and I like it on my knees, but if you'd prefer to be on your with straight legs, that's okay too. Um, pipe at the bowl just underneath my ribs and then I lean on it so I'm pretty straight. Then we're gonna hug the ball and just let the body hang forward. Okay. And then the first thing that happens is we just take the arms out so nothing happens in this spine yet, but we feel the back start to turn on as the arms elevate, then roll the palms upwards.

And with that it's like you're turning your chest forward, you roll, it's like, and then we do this exercise with the little ball to tried to roll the ball out from underneath us. Come back to neutral spine arms turned down towards the ground and then we just go over the top and there's a stretch available there. If we just relax. Inhale, take the arms out, supporting through the abdominals. Exhale, bend from the tightest part of your back, meaning the part of your back that doesn't bend very easily. And then coming back and going over the top and in here arms. Think about reverse articulation, the neck feeding into the upper spine, upper spine, feeding into the middle spine. I'm keeping the low back out of it and reaching over the top.

Let's do three more. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, rotation through the chest, through the arms, opening up to the sky and down and over. The top. Last two, just allow the arms initially to float. And then again kind of heavy arms are light. Arms just said two different things, but they meant the same thing to me. Let me try and clarify what I want. The shoulder blades to be heavy, but the arms to feel like they're not holding a lot of tension.

And then when you go through that rotation, the turning in the joint is more heavy and then extremities, the hands and the elbows are light and then come all the way over the top. And once again, just find yourself a stretch over the ball. [inaudible] it's kind of a good place to practice the backward expansion of the rib cage. So pulling the abdominals off the ball as we inhale and feel the ribs grow around the ball and then let them softly come back together. Let's have that one more breath in here.

I'm just sliding back to our Nissan. We're going to end with some balance work. So just I'm going to come to the ground and I, you can go on this, the the mat if you want, but it's easier to do on the floor with a flat surface underneath. Yeah. Okay. So we put our hands on the ball and we're not down in our, in our deepest back extension, we're just lifted. We've got a flat back, we've got good strong shoulders stability.

And then we're going to put the weight of our bodies into our legs. I'm keeping the right leg on the ground for now. Start to just slide the left leg that keep the toes on the floor for the moment and your pelvis looks good. So here we go. Lift that leg, reaching it up and back and then let it come down. And I lifting it up and back. Don't rely on your arms, won't help. And feel the head reach in opposition to the toes as the toes left. That same energy in the hip.

It senses contracting just underneath the glutens out like floats up into the air. And I'll do two more. And now we're going to hold the leg in the air and we're going to bend the leg that my standing on it. Yeah, I'm keeping my arms straight. I'm trying, in fact not to use my arms at all. So I think what makes them want to bend is keeping weight over the ball and keep weight instead of away from the ball. Yeah.

Last to keep that back like energized. Here's what I think as your right knee bends, your left legs already lifting higher and it continues to lift higher. To help the leg stretch. We're going one more time cause I've just whoa, maybe not. And now step back and I'll just let the ball go forward. Round down and bend the leg that was in the air, the left so you can press out into the right hip and get a stretch. Okay. And then stretch that leg, reset the body setting.

Nice and straight. Good. Lift your tailbone just a smidge. Here we go. Slide the right leg back. And now that leg just reaches it, floats out in space. Lift something nice and high and comes down, floats out in space and comes down. Find a difference between two sides of your body. Pelvises dropped the left right side of your pelvis towards the ground a little bit dead. That's it. Last two.

One more. Here's where the lake stays and we left that right leg high as we bend our left and stretch. Keep the right like lifting and then pull up with the right leg as we stretch the left and Ben and stretch. And we'll do three more left to my left. Here's the last one for the night. Thank goodness I'm about to lose it.

Stuff to lay down. Let the spine round forward. Hold up on the abdominals. Ben. The right knee or the leg that was in the air strips, the left here. Okay. And then letting the spine come back on. So we finished the way we started pressing the pelvis forward, round the spine.

And then yeah, so go into a pike shape. [inaudible] and then lengthen the body out, wall stretching, and maybe we'll have a little bit more space. And now lifting the tailbone up and curve the back and reaching the back out where I need them. I'll just roll out in space, come up a little higher down there and then curl. And let's do that two more times. Lengthening out, letting the arms just arrest on the bar, feeling all the movement occurring in the spine. Here's our last one, and then when you were coming up from here, I'm gonna just roll the ball towards us. At some point we just lift off.

It can go wherever it needs to. As we roll all the way back up, lift the arms up, breathing in, and just let the arms float down and let's come around the front in. Yeah, and then the next day, that's all I got. Great. That's it. Good job.


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Wow one of my favorites... Love it.. Meredith your a great teacher.. Thank you..
1 person likes this.
I really enjoyed this class a lot.
Thank you, your explanation of everything was fantastic.
1 person likes this.
Loved your class-Thanks for showing us new ways we can exercise with the Stability ball.Like to have more classes using the ball.
1 person likes this.
I enjoyed the mat & equipment ball version. STABILITY is the operative word.
Always love the ball work. Great cueing as always. Thanks.
Marlisa E
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WOW...I keep finding new favorites with every one of your workouts, Meredith!! Love your stability ball workouts...keep them coming! Adding props really keeps pilates exciting, and helps us to feel the work differently every time. Love this. Thanks.
Thank you everyone for your positive feedback. It always means so much to me to hear from you!!
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Terrific, Terrific. THANKS A MILLION!!!!!
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Dumb question here but are these balls multi colored or is it just the way the light hits them?Been driving me crazy.. never saw any that were anything but a solid hue. Also whats the size? They seem rather large as well. Just curious george as usual!! This class was amazing btw.. wonderful esp when u are stiff in the shoulders!! Thanks, Jamie
Awesome class! It was very well organized and clear. I feel great. Thanks!
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