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Power Lower Body Reformer

45 min - Class


You will feel the dynamic power of movement with this energetic Reformer workout by Tracey Mallett. She teaches a full-body class with an emphasis on the lower body, specifically the glutes and inner thighs. She includes creative ways to stretch and strengthen your legs as well as movements that will improve your balance and stability.
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Hello, everybody! Tracey Mallett here. Got a fantastic class for you today. It's all focusing around the lower body. The core does come into that. So don't think those abs are going on vacation.

No, this is Pilates. It's always gonna be total body, but the lower body is the emphasis today with a little bit more on the glutes and the inner thigh. So the outer and the inner. All righty. First of all, we're gonna start with warming up through the core and then we migrate outwards into the lower body.

So sit up, nice and tall here, right on the edge of your reformer. We're gonna close our hands. Elbows aren't just out to the side here in line with the shoulders. Right hand on top of left hand. And we're gonna curl back into your C curve.

Reach the arms toward your ears, bring it back down. Roll all the way up. Switch. Curl down. Arms right by the ears, back to center, curl back up.

Switch. And curl through that C curve and then curl all the way back. Switch. Back into that C curve. Arms up, arms down.

Roll all the way up. Now from here, coming into your prayer position, take your weight into your feet, lift up, back down, curl back into a C curve. Roll up. Press the palms together. Contract through the pecs, your chest and back, curl in those abs. And press the feet into the floor.

Lift yourself up with the hamstrings and sit yourself back down, curl and back. And again, lift up and down, curl back and again. Lift up and down. Curl back. Two more.

Lift up and down. Curl back, last time, lift up and down. Curl back. Hold it here. Back up. Lift your seat up off of the reformer and hold it there.

And we're just gonna do a little pulses here, just to warm up those legs. And all we're gonna do is eight here, eight, seven, exhale, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Sit back down with control. Scoot your butt a little bit further forwards. Legs together.

Circle the hands around internet. Connect your hands behind the back of your head. Curl yourself down. Lift the legs up and we dip the right toe down. Then the left, then the right, and then the left, elbows are high.

Looking towards your thighs. And now, we're gonna add a little oblique twist here. So oblique twist, shoulder to knee.(exhales sharply) Four more.(exhales sharply) Hold it here in your chair position. Now, reach the legs up. We're gonna lower the legs, just a tad.

Bend the knees, bend back to the chest. Lift back up. Lower as far as you can control those abdominals and bring it back. Lift up, lower down. Draw the knees in. Now, reverse it.

Elongate out. Use your abs to lift up. Bend the knees, reach out. Lift up, bend the knees. Inhale out, exhale up. Let's do one more.

Inhale out. Exhale up. Bend the knees in. Take hold a back behind the back of the knees. And we're gonna inhale here, roll ourselves all the way up.

Balance. Yeah, the feet are not touching the floor. Hold that balance there. Hold it there. Lift the hands behind the head if you can.

And continue to tip to tip. Now, you're working your core, but also those legs are working too. Your quads and your hip flexors for eight, for seven, for six, for five, for four, for three, for two, for one. Lift up, drop the legs down. Sit up nice and tall.

And then slowly take your body forwards and roll yourself all the way up. Awesome! Now, for this one, we're gonna go to a green spring or a red, either/or, depending on how strong you feel today. Now the knee goes way forwards in front of the shoulder as, so look, my knees forwards. This leg is externally rotated. So you're pushing that leg out and bringing it back, pushing it out, bringing it back.

So you want the knee forwards, so that you've got a nice grip and you can work those inner thighs and your glutes. It's also a nice stretch, which is why I've programmed it to be at the beginning of your class 'cause it gives a nice adductor stretch too. Now take the hands behind the head. Now as the carriage comes in, you rotate. So the carriage comes in, you rotate, so you can feel it loading on the adductor all the way down.

So it's a very light exercise, but it's awesome for mobility too. Get a nice stretch and strengthen. Now, we're gonna add a lateral flexion and then a rotation. There we go. A lateral flexion and a rotation. Working into that core too. Getting deep into those thighs.

Start to feel the heat in those legs. Rotation. Go. For four. For three.

Two more. For two. One more, duh, duh. And bring it back all the way in. Now from here, we're gonna be here.

We might as well just take that leg, bring it forwards, pap it onto a little toe, bring it forwards. And we're gonna flick that leg out. So I'm gonna releve here and pushing the leg out, lateral. Look, I mean parallel position. Now, this foot is turned forwards.

Your toes are pointing forwards. Just got my hands here. My body's pitched forwards. Now, these are power booty burners here, that's for sure. Can we do five more? Five and four and three and two, and one, lift up.

And let's go down to a squat and lift. Shift that foot just a little bit, so it's underneath your hip. Good. Now, we're gonna add the arms. We go up to your ears. There we go.

Sitting back as if you're sitting down onto the reformer, but you're not quite making it. It's a nice flexibility there.(exhales sharply) Three more. Three (inhales deeply) and two. Now hold it here. Lift all the way up.

Transfer. Find your balance, hands behind your head and just kick that leg forwards. Just transferring in your balance, working your quads here. Find your balance. Good.

And four, and three, and two, and one. Hold it. Little single-leg lifts here. Find your balance, you can lower your legs if that's a little bit too challenging to test your balance. Five, four, three, two, and one. Bring it down. Let's turn to the other side.

So get your knee against your shoulder rest. This leg is planted, externally rotated. And just push out and in. Are we all there? Good.

Out and in. Take the hands behind your head. Good, remember, we're starting your class off. Again, a little bit of a stretch, little bit of glute. Now, we're gonna add a rotation.

So it goes rotation as the carriage comes in. Rotation. So soon as the carriage comes in, you're rotating it, which kind of feels really lovely on the obliques. Rotation. Back. Rotation. Back.

Now, we're gonna add that lateral flexion. Lateral flexion, rotate, lateral, rotate. And keep breathing. We exhaling.(exhales sharply) Good. Down. Dah-dah, rotate.

And a one, two, and rotate. Two more. Lateral flexion. Rotate. Last time. One, two, rotation, back.

Now, bring it all the way in. This foot goes parallel. Bring that foot forwards against the shoulder rest here. Pitch your body forwards and kick out and in. So I'm on a toe.

My hips are back, my body's forwards. And I'm pushing that leg out and in. Now I've got in prayer position with the hands just to press the hands together to engage your packs. Woo-hoo. There's your power moves here. All right, everybody. That's two, five more.

Exhale, five. Exhale, four. Exhale three and two. You've got one more. Woo-hoo. And bring it back. Shift that leg directly underneath your hip.

And we're gonna go down into single-leg squat. Shift that body forwards. Now when you're ready, let's add the arms. Arms come to the ears and we sit back. Gonna feel all that work.

And your standing hamstringing. Good.(exhales sharply) Four more.(breathing deeply) Hold it here. You can do little pulses if you want, depending how good you're feeling today. Otherwise, you're gonna lift up and reach the knee up here if you wanna keep your hands out, or you can come here wherever you feel comfortable. And now, we're gonna extend that leg and down.

Sometimes, it's nice to put our hands out or if you feel more comfortable, you can put your hands on your hips to keep you a little bit more stable. You find your happy place and you stay with it. Good. Out and in. Kick those thighs, they're on fire. Your quads.

Okay, let's keep kicking it. There's something about kicking that we all love to do.(laughs) Leg is straight. Ready. Lift it up and down. Woo-hoo. Lift it up.

Keep extending your spine for five, for four, for three, for two, and for one, bring it down. Beautiful. Just touch your toes a little stretch and curl all the way up. Beautiful. Let's come up to here.

We're gonna bring our little bar down. Okay, so we've got our bars down. Now, we're gonna be getting up onto the top. So I'm actually gonna go with one red now. One red spring or one spring.

All righty, we're gonna step up. I've got my box here 'cause it kind of helps me go forwards. Now, put your toe here and we're just gonna get our balance. Now from here, we're gonna take our right leg forwards and we're gonna take it somewhat in the middle of your reformer here. Now, put your toes against the platform here.

Hands are forwards and we're just gonna push out, bring it in, push out and in. So this is more of a stretch. This is just to start ourselves off with. Push out and in. Depending on your flexibility will obviously, depend how far you go out and in.

Our goal is to try and get the leg as straight as possible. Couple more.(exhales sharply) Last time.(exhales sharply) Now from here, take the hands either side of your foot, make sure you're nice and secure. Roll yourself all the way up. Put your hands on the hips to start with. Now from here, you're gonna push that leg forwards and back.

So it goes forwards and back. Now, keep that back leg bent, so it's all in the hamstringing now, this hamstringing is working. Now if you feel comfortable, obviously, you can take your hands behind your head. Kind of encourages you to be a little bit more lengthened through the spine and the back. And push out and in, keep that back leg bent.

Back leg is bent. Good. Let's do five more. Five, four, three, two, and one. Zip all the way up, up, up, up, up. Now, coming forwards and lifting up.

Now, my foot obviously is in the middle of the reformer. Typically the foot is further forwards. But I'm kind of modifying it to give it a little bit minimal range of motion, just so we can have a little bit more stability. Down and up. Find our balance. Inhale down.

Exhale. Zip it up. Inhale down. The inner thighs are pulling together. One more. Inhale down. Exhale, pull it together. Bends both knees, we all there.

We go up and down. Woo-hoo. Up and down. Gotta keep that carriage still, which is the hardest part. There we go. Gotta keep it still. Five more.

Five, four, three, two. There you go, and one. Hands down. And then take that leg back. Take the other leg forwards.

So my leg is gonna go into the middle there. I'm gonna grab, hold the shoulder rest here, get the heel off. You ready? Push out, pull in and out. So you're gently stretching that leg.

Inhale out, exhale in. Keep pulling up those abs off of the thigh. There we go. And the next exercise, we do is a little bit more challenging. What I normally do in class is just if people don't feel comfortable, just keep them going here.

Last time. Hold it here. Put the hands down. Curl yourself up with balance. Either hands are here or hands behind your hair.

Let's do a few first. So we push forward and back. Find your balance. Keep that back leg bent. And you just pushing that leg out and in, pressing down, pulling back with the hamstringing. Let's see if you can take the hands behind your head.

Lift nice and tall. There we go. You have to focus. Pilates is all about focus too. Putting your mind to your body. Four more.

Breathe. Three, two. You have it, one more. Bend. Now, push both legs out.

Lift up, up, up. So both legs are straight. And then we go out. Both legs are straight, up and out. So those inner thighs are zipping together and out. Focus, it's all on your balance and the strength.

It's a lot in your pelvic floor here, you're pulling up your pelvic floor like an elevator to really contract with those abs, your transverse abdominis. Woo-hoo. Three more. Three, bring you back. Two, bring you back. And one, bring you back.

Now, bend both knees. Bring it in. I know, we're shaky. I feel it too. Go up and down. Shaky shake. Woo-hoo. There we go.

Try and keep that carriage as still as you can. Up and down for seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Take the hands down, bring that leg back into a plank position. Hold your plank and just reach the arms forwards and back while we're here. Just to make sure our core is in gear.

Inhale forwards. Exhale back.(exhales sharply) Inhale. Exhale. Just give me three more. Reaching out to the crown of the head. Two more. One more.

Hold it here. Bend the knee down. Bring that carriage in gently. And step off. Step off. Awesome. Now, we're gonna change it up a little bit.

We're gonna go into strap work. So I'm gonna put the bar back up again. But honestly, you could keep it down if you wanted to. But I'm gonna put my bar up. Now, we're gonna go into two reds.

So now, we're gonna work our legs with the straps. So let's come down. Lie on our back. I'm gonna keep the headrest down for now. Grab your straps. You've got the long ones here.

And pop your feet into the straps. All righty, so we are here, everybody. Arms by the side of your body. Now, we're gonna open your feet, flex your feet. Now, bend your knees towards your ears and then push away.

Now if you place your hands kind of right here to stop the knees going any further, we've gotta keep the work on the posterior chain. This is about the hamstringing and it's also about your adductors here. So stop the knees going too close towards your chest and pushing out. This is your open-leg frog. Super simple, but one of my favorite exercises to really target the inner thighs and also gain a lot of hip mobility here.

Push out. Inhale. Exhale, push out. Let's do four more. Keep the feet flexed. Relax the upper body and put all the work and effort into the lower body.

Good. Two more. One more. Now, open the legs. Point the toes open, open, open, open, open. Now, we do a smiley emoji.

We smile. We bring the legs down and then they take the legs out and we smile. One of my famous jokes in class, I say, we don't want a sorry emoji, we want to smiley emoji. That means, we are smiling going down, not straight across (laughs) and down. So you can really feel those adductors working your inner thighs.

Super simplistic. But this is why we love Pilates. For the simplistic things that Pilates gives us. We're supported and we're working our inner thighs. Let's do four more. So circle down and then bring it back.

Three more, smile with your legs.(exhales sharply) Give me one more. Smile, open wide. Put your hands on your thighs. Flex your feet. Bring the knees towards your chest and enjoy that stretch.

'Cause now it's gonna get a lot more challenging. We're gonna go into a version of long spine. Work in the hamstrings. So push the legs out. Bring the legs together. Now, we go up to 90 degrees.

We're gonna exhale. We're gonna roll all the way up. We're gonna grab the pelvis. So I've got my pelvis there. Now from here I'm gonna press with my hamstrings, I am pressing. I am pressing. And then I bring it back up again.

Straight. Got it. Are we all there? Now, press with the hamstrings. It's kind of like the magician series that we would normally do on the Cadillac Springboard.

And again, can we recruit those hamstrings? We press down, we parallel, and come back. Let's try again. How far can we go? Can we go a little bit further?

Yes. And bring it back. Feel those hamstrings on fire. It's all in your hamstrings. Can we do one more for good luck? Are we ready, everyone?

Scoop those apps. Press hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings, pubic bone lifted. Lift all the way up. We're still there. Hands down. Open the legs.

Crawl down through the spine and back. Bring the legs together. Yes. We're continuing long spine. Inhale, reach. Curl all the way up. Open flex.

Curl down without that carriage moving. Press your insteps of your feet into the straps and recruit the back of the legs. Inhale 90. Pelvic tilt. Curl all the way up. Open flex, curl down.

Now, reverse it, so the legs are open. And then we roll all the way up. Press your in steps into the straps. We close at the top and then we curl down with the inner thighs connected together, we drop down, we open. And again, come up.

Curl all the way up, together. Curl down one vertebra at a time. We have one more. Come on, you can do this. Just one more in L 90, ready?

Pelvic til woo-hoo. Lift up, up, up, up. Legs together. Now, slowly, slowly, slowly. Feel those hamstrings burning. You are controlling it with your core. And we back.

Whoa. There we go. Open your legs. Take a big breather. You did it. Fantastic. Bring the legs together in your diamond position and push. All right, let's take those straps away and we're gonna put those straps down.

And we are going to get up now. So we're gonna roll to the side. Lift ourselves up. Now, we're gonna go back into some launch series now. Remember, this is the lower body, power lower body.

You signed up for this class. Yes. So we're gonna put our box this way. Now, I'm going to change the spring here. I'm gonna be on one red. Once again, you can always up it to a green spring if you want, but I'm gonna stay at one red.

We are gonna go pushing against the resistance now. So it's a little different to what we just did. So we're here, but we're on this balance here. So what we're going to do is, we're going to come forwards to here. And then we go back in a lunge.

We push out, back in a lunge. Push out. Here, so this is a little bit more, you've got more stability here 'cause you've got one foot on the box. Now, we're gonna add the arms forwards. Bring it back.

Forwards. So it's the back leg doing all the work. Forwards and back. Forwards and back. Four more. And four, three.

Bring it in. Two and one. Lift all the way up. Nice and tall. Bring that carriage in. Turn around.

Now, we're going the other direction. Take your foot back. Now, bend the knee. Push that body forwards. Now, we are gonna connect and push back.

Now remember, like I could actually go a little bit heavier here, but I'm staying at one red. But technically, I could probably go to a green. But I'm staying here for the flow. I'm still loading my legs and I still feel really good, working the glute and the hamstrings. Push back and in.(exhales sharply) All right, let's do five more here.

And five and four and three and two and one. Bring it in. Lift it up. Now this time, we are gonna come down into quadruped position. Down we go. Hands to the corners of your box.

Take your foot against the shoulder rest. Shift your hips over. So your knees underneath your hip, knees floating off the carriage, and we push back and in. There we go. Push back and in. Now, I'm parallel to start with.

So my toe is there. I'm in a parallel position tryna keep the upper body stable. It's like a little donkey kick. Donkey. Three more.

Two and one more. Now, drop the knee down. Externally rotate it. So now it's turned out. Got it. Push out and in. Can you see I'm turned out now?

It's turned out, which feels really lovely in the hip joint. And we are pushing out and in.(exhales sharply) Eight more go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Give me two more. Two and one more.

Come back, come back, come back. Bring it down. Slowly, turn around, reach the inside leg. Lower yourself down. Hold that split. One, two, one, two.

Scissor, scissor, scissor, scissor. We're doing the scissors now to work the abs, but also lengthen out those legs. So more that booty work we just did. And thigh work. Hands behind the head. Keep moving. Long legs.

One, two, one, two. Four more. Get the leg down to the floor. Stretch that hip flexor, hand four, four, three, three, two, two, one, one. Chair position. Wrap the hands around.

Curl up. Balance. Curl down. Hold it. Curl up. Balance.

Curl down.(exhales sharply) Curl up. Balance. Curl down. Curl up. Balance. Curl down. One more. Curl up and balance.

Super easy. Roll all the way up. All right, let's move to the other side now. So now that little box goes the other side. Flush against the leg of the reformer. Okay, so it's flush against the leg of the reformer.

Back on a red spring, okay. Put your foot forwards. Back leg on a releve. Now, it's the back leg doing the work. The back leg, not the front leg, the back leg.

So the front leg stays bent. You're on a releve and your leg is going out and in. So all the work is on that back thigh. Now, we're gonna add the arm. So we reach forwards, come back, lengthen, scoop out those abs.

Lengthen.(exhales sharply) Good. Lengthen. Reach out through those little fingertips. Reach. Good. And four and three and two and one more. Bring it back.

Lift all the way up. Come down. Now, we're gonna go this direction now. Put your foot against, shoulder rest. And we bring the hands down onto the thigh. Ready to push back and in, back and in.

So the work is all the way down on that stabilizing leg and you're pushing back, pushing back. It's got power. You wanna have dynamic power in that movement. Pilates is not always slow. Pilates is a dynamic movement. We push.

We have power, we have strength. There we go. Keep it going. And five and four. Come on, keep pushing, three and two and one more and come all the way up. Let's get down onto our quadruped position here.

Get your knee underneath your hip. First one, parallel. And then we're going into external rotation. So the knee is lifted, right? And we push back.(exhales sharply) Keep breathing, pushing back.(exhales sharply) Four more.

Four, three, two. And one more. Bring it in. Externally rotate it. So turn that foot out. Ready, start to push back.

Knee high, so in that external rotation there, you can feel that knee. The femur in the hip turned out. But the upper body is stable, right? Stable. The shoulders are pulling down. So there's a lot in your upper body and your core right now.

Good, press out on it.(exhales sharply) Five more. Five, four, three, two, and one more. Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back. Turn around. From here, we're gonna roll down.

Lift the legs up, reach out into a split. We're gonna keep it smaller. We circle. Split. We circle. Split. We circle. Split.

We circle. Split. Now, split again. And go the opposite direction. So now, you're going reversing in it now. Keep it small, so you don't hit the reformer.

Again, that nice hip mobility. Da-dda, da-dda One more, da-dda. And bring the legs together. Slowly. Hold behind the back of the legs.

Bend the knees, curl up and balance. Find your balance. Chair. Teaser. Hold that teaser. Your all your good teasers are all in the legs. It's your quads, your hamstrings, your hip flexors are holding you, it's all in your legs.

We're gonna hold it in that power teaser for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Bend the knees, lift yourself up, fold yourself into. Curl yourself all the way up. Stand up, grab your box. Now, we're going to put our box short ways to here, like this. Flip the bar down.

'Cause guess what? We're gonna work our inner thighs now. And we are gonna hat the box for a little bit more stability. We're gonna take it down to your lightest spring. Well, I've got it at a blue spring, which I think that's quite adequate.

Step on to your stationary platform first, and then we're gonna put our foot right next to the box, there. Got it. Lift up nice and tall. And let's just float the legs out and bring it back in. Now before we go into the flow, let's focus on the adductors drawing together.

Your pelvic floor is pulling up as the abdominals are pulling in. So be mindful of where we drawing from. Not from your glutes or your hamstrings. It's from the inner thigh. So cancel all these muscles out and purely focus on the inner thighs.

Makes a huge difference, keep the weight over five toes, specifically on the outer part because we will have the tendency to roll it in. Can you feel the difference? Good. Okay, well now we're gonna get going. All right, we're gonna bend your knees into a squat. Now, we go out with both legs, in with both legs.

Out. Now, I've got my hands on the hips, just to kind of elongate the waist, just a little bit. Just to keep that stability too. Now remember, I've taught this many times. You've got your cup of coffee on your head, your tea or your tequila, whatever floats your boat.

You've got it on your head right now and you don't want that going anywhere. So you wanna keep it very still. You are on the same plane out and in, which is challenging 'cause it's all coming from your inner thighs. All righty, can we do three more, two more? And then we're gonna add onto it.

One more. Now, we're gonna add one leg bends, one leg extends, which your skater. Let's take the hands behind your body if you can. There's a little bit of coordination here. It's kind of fun though.

You're hitting your adductor. All different positions. Very good for athletes, for sports specific here. Two more and bring it back last time, duh. And then bring it back. Now, take your hands forward, give yourself a little bit of a stretch.

Open, and look out on the horizon and get your stretch there right in your inner thigh, your booties back, your extended forwards. And we are there. All righty, bring the carriage back and we're gonna step and switch to the other side. Hands on hips, we push out and in. We're gonna go straight for it.

Out and in. Hands on the hips. Remember, we've got a glass of something on our head. It's very precious. And back.

Push that hips out. Good. And we're gonna keep going for five. And then we're gonna add the single-leg bend your skating. Are we ready to skate, everybody?

Let's go. We skate and in. Bring the hands behind the body. Take your shoulders with you if you want, you get that nice rotation through the torso. There we go.

Rotate. Bring it in. Two more. Rotate. Bring it in. One more. Duh.

Rotate. Bring it in and reach the legs out. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Hands down. Give yourself a little bit of a stretch there. Fantastic. Now bring the carriage in.

Turn around. This is kind of like the icing on the cake.(laughs) We're gonna grab this little strap here. Take your knee down and then wrap it around your instep. Just place the strap on the top and then put your hands forwards, your knees against the box. Flex that foot.

And we're gonna push out and in. So can you see where my hands are? The hands are at the side of the box away from the strap. And I'm just pushing out into that donkey kick, pushing out and in. Now if you wanna make it a little bit more challenging, you can bring the knee off of the box.

You got a lot more stability going on there. Let's do four more. Booty kick. Four, three, two, one. Bring it in, turn it around, drop your forearm down, bring that leg in and then push it out and in. And out and in. Good.

Push. And out and in. And if you wanna take your hand behind your head, you can and come forwards. Let's do a couple more. And one more, point the toe, go forwards.

We're gonna finish off with that circle. Forward circle, forward circle, forward circle. Reverse it. Lift circle, lift circle. They get nice mobility going on.

Tap all the way round. One more, and up and down. Bring the leg in, put it down. That's it. Are you ready to go the other side?

So we turn around, we come forward, we grab the other strap, we wrap it around the instep. Okay, so we pop it around the instep here. It's nice and secure. Make sure your rope is on the top. Now move your hands over to this side.

So you're moving my hands to here. Knees are against the box, foot is lifted. And then your push back and in. So your foot is flexed and you're pushing back. Now remember, if you wanna make it this a little bit more challenging, hover the knee, hands on the box, and you knees lifted off of the box.

Five more.(exhales sharply) Keep smiling. Two more. Woo-woo. Last time, I'm bring it back. Drop down.

We nearly home, everyone. Lift that leg up, bring the knee in and we push out and in. Your donkey kick to the side, flexing out. Put the other hand behind your head. Your toes are pointing forwards.

Your knees and toes are pointing forwards and you're reaching out with a heel and you're pressing out and in. Those little legs are gonna feel this. You're gonna think about me tomorrow. There we go. Maybe not such kind thoughts, but I hope so.(laughs) Oh, one more.

And you ready? Circle. Yeah, circle that leg. We've got four one way. There you got the hip mobility. And up.

And up. All right, one more. We gotta reverse it. And down, and down. Two more.(exhales sharply) Last time.(exhales sharply) And bring it down.

Put that lovely strap down, sit all the way up. And then we're gonna roll all the way up. We're gonna do a nice standing roll down to finish off. How are we feeling? Do our legs feel like jelly?

Mind do.(laughs) We're gonna start with a roll down here, just to finish it off. We do chin to chest, roll down, walk down to the floor, roll all the way up. And again, one more time, curl down, touch your toes and then roll all the way up. Remember, please stretch. We did a lot of power workout today, not as much stretching.

So remember, your stretching is just as important as the exercises. But I know your legs had an amazing workout today and your core did too. And your balance is going to improve. So enjoy. Look forward to seeing you again right here.



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AMAZING workout!!Thank you so much Tracey!!!
Shannon H
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You never disappoint what a great workout thank you Tracey!
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Goncagül Ö
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Thank you.PERFECT workout...
Silviah thanks one of my faves!! 
Goncagül Ö yay this is one of my faves too!! 
Shannon H awe bless thanks for the kind words 🫶
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This was amazing! Definitely a new favorite. Love all the standing.
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This was amazing! Definitely a new favorite. Love all the standing.
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