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Power Arms, Back, and Core

45 min - Class


You will feel strong and invigorated after this challenging Reformer workout by Tracey Mallett. She teaches a full-body class, emphasizing the upper body so you can feel how the arms, back, and core work together. She includes innovative sequences that will help you build muscle, coordination, and control.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Hand Weights (2)

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Hello everybody, Tracy Mallet here. Today we're gonna be focusing on our arms, back. Well the arms connect to the back, and core. And you'll see how synergistically they all work together. And honestly, Pilates is always going to be total body, but today we've got a little bit more emphasis on those parts of the body.

But be aware it will be a total body workout too. All righty, so we're gonna start with, make sure you have your three pound dumbbells. If you wanna work with two pounds, that's totally fine too. Not really any heavy than three pounds today, okay? You're gonna be needing your box and we're gonna sit down on your reformer.

Let's look down and we wanna be on, let's do one red spring or one spring. We're gonna make sure the headrest is down. And we're gonna start just to warm up a little bit. We're gonna put the feet down on the platform, and we're gonna start with the pelvic bridge just to get that spine moving, spinal articulation. We're gonna take a deep breath in.

Exhale, curl all the way up, go up into your bridge. Yes, you're gonna feel your hamstrings. And then you're gonna curl down because we were already on one red spring. Inhale here. Exhale, curl the pelvis, lift up into your bridge, and then curl down.

Remember, we are looking for spinal articulation, curling up one vertebrae at a time, collapsing the sternum down into the spine as we roll back down one by one. One more time, inhale here. Exhale, lift all the way up, and I want you to hold that bridge up. And we're just gonna push out and in. Keep the knees slightly semi bent.

So we are not going to a full extension, we're is going out and in. The toes are on the platform, the heels are off. And we're going in and out, the heels towards the sit bones, working the posterior chain, the hamstrings here. Let's just do a couple more. One more.

Hold it here. Spinal articulation down, rolling down. Now from here, circle the hands into lace the hands, lift the head, neck and shoulders off of the mat. And put my hands behind my head here, lifting up. Bring the feet up onto your actual bar.

Hold it here, and we're just gonna exhale, push out. Whew, inhale and back. Exhale and pushing out, inhaling back. Remember, we're working the core here, it's not the legs. We're just pushing out and in.

And those abs are working. Now we're gonna bring the right knee to the chest, and we're going to inhale and exhale. Just a single leg here. Breathing, four more. Two more.

Last time. Reach that leg up. Bring that back down. Switch with the other side. Bring it out and in.

Ready? Inhale, exhale. Keep lifting up everybody. That's it, your leg is in chair position, your shin is parallel to the sky. And we're working our abs, inflection here.

Let's do four more here. Exhale, four. Exhale, three. Exhale, two. Exhale, one.

Reach that leg out, put that leg down. Roll yourself down. Pick up your straps. Now I'm gonna hold onto the bigger straps here. Press your hands into the straps, chair position.

We're gonna exhale, lift the head, neck, and shoulders off the mat. Inhale and come back. And exhale, look out, inhale, and come back. Now keep pressing your hands into the straps, connecting your arms to the back as you draw your lats down, drawing in the abs as you reach your legs out. Now we're gonna continue into our coordination.

We exhale, open, close, bend the knees, arms and head. Exhale, open, close, bend the knees. Now remember, as you open, close, not too big, only about as wide as the reformer. Open, close, bend the knees and back. Exhale, open, close, bend the knees, three more.

Exhale, open, close, bend the knees, two more. Exhale, open, close, bend the knees, last time. Exhale, open, close, bend the knees, and back. Drop the feet down. Give yourself a little adjustment.

Get your shoulders away from your shoulder rest. Make sure your headrest is down. We're gonna go into rollover. Reach the legs up. Lower your legs, keep pressing into the straps.

Inhale 90. Reach the hands down, exhale, roll over. Open, flex. Flex the energy out through the heels. Circle the legs slightly, bring the legs up.

Inhale, place the hands down. Exhale, roll over. Parallel, open, flex, curl down. Lower the legs, circle. And inhale, take the legs up, hands onto the platform.

Use the lower ab as you go over, parallel, open, flex the energy out through the heels, curling down, curling down, curling down. Mini circle, come back, bring the arms up, keep pressing into your straps. Inhale, bring the legs to 90, place the hands down nice and firm. Exhale, roll all the way up. Open, flex.

Now reach the energy up through the heels, you'll lower one vertebrae down one by one. Little mini circle, hands come up, legs lower. Hold it there, and then bring the feet onto the bar. And let's put those straps down. I'm gonna roll all the way up here and let's put the straps down.

Okay, we are gonna turn to face this direction here, facing your springs. We're gonna be still on that red spring. We're gonna take the hands, externally rotate them, coming to a V position. Get your butt close towards the edge. We're gonna push out and in, out and in.

And then when we feel comfortable, we're gonna add our little jump. Now, the reason I love this exercise so much, it really kind of warms up the total body. And it's also working your core, working the larger muscle groups of your legs before we actually go into our arm work and our core work here. All righty. And let's do eight more here.

Exhale, eight. Exhale, seven, and six. Exhale, five, tap those heels together. Four, and three, and two, and one. Take the legs nice and wide.

All right, pull the shoulder blade down. Ready? Jump, jump, jump. That's it, and if you want, you can bring those legs up a little higher. Work into those thigh.

Breathe. Let's do eight more. We feeling it, we're getting a little hotter now? Getting a little bit warmed up. That's fantastic, that's why we are jumping.

Woohoo, let's do four more. Exhale, four, exhale, three, exhale, two, and exhale, one. Love it, come back down. Scoot your butt just a little bit further back, hold on. And let's do a quick little stretch before we move on.

Okay, let's get ourselves up. Bend the knees, let's come off. Now let's put this lovely bar down and then we're gonna grab the box and put the box long ways. Let's pick up your box and put your box long ways here. We are gonna work on one blue spring, half spring.

So find your half spring. And we are gonna step up onto your platform here. So step up onto your platform, put your heels against your bar if you can, depending on your reformer, take the hands into the center and push out. So now we're in our plank position here. So remember the arms are connected to the back.

Now first of all, we're gonna bring the knees towards the box and then push out. So you can feel the knees tapping the box and out again. There we go. Now I'm on a very light spring. If you feel that this is not giving you enough support, you can always go to a red spring.

But I'm continuing on with the flow with a blue spring. Let's do four more here. Four, and three, and two, and one. Now back into your plank. We're gonna go forwards, forwards, forwards, and take it back.

So the body staying still as we reach the arms forwards and back. Now this is challenging your core. Now press the hands down, draw your scapula back towards your pelvis. So your scapula is drawing down, your abs are pulling in. Inhale, let's see if we can go a little bit further forwards.

And then coming back, let's do a couple more just like that. Last time, now we're gonna add a little pyramid here. So we go pyramid. You can hang out here for a little bit. Hold it here.

Now I'm gonna change the hand positioning forwards. Ready, we're gonna go to a plank. So we go plank, push forwards, send it back, pyramid. Using your core. Inhale, plank, push forwards, bring it back, pyramid.

And down, forwards, back, pyramid. Plank, forwards, back, pyramid. You've got two more. Inhale, plank, forwards, back, pyramid. Last time.

Inhale, plank, forwards, center, pyramid. Hold it there. Now from here you're gonna take your outside legs, I'm gonna take my front leg forwards and bring the opposite leg onto a knee. So I'm just in it here, and picking up my strap, hand on hip. I'm gonna press the arm back.

Here we go. So first of all, place your hand on your hip so you've got a little bit more stability going on here. And we are pressing forwards and back. Now let's see if we can add the opposition arm just for a little bit more challenge and back. Now as you progress, you can always add a weight in the opposite hand as we progress.

Three more. Three, two, one. Come back, take the hand forwards. I'm gonna adjust to the smaller one here to make it a little bit more challenging. And I'm gonna go into the tricep extension.

That's where when we've got the smaller and bigger straps, you can kind of make it harder or easier with the length of the strap. Good, elbow high. So let's do four more like this. Four, three. Exhale, keep the elbow high.

Two, and one more, and bring it back. Now keeping that flow, we're gonna turn to the side. Take your hand down, lift those legs out. So now we're in that sideline position, reaching the hand up and over. Now I've got the biggest loop here.

We're gonna press down in front of your body and come back up. Press down. So you see my hand is just underneath my shoulder joint, and keeping the tension on the arms and back. Consistent tension there, consistent resistance. Now look at my core.

It's working super hard, I'm balancing on my hip. Now I'm gonna add the leg with it. A little bit more challenging 'cause I'm moving the lower body and going into the glute too. Exhale. Inhale, back.

Exhale. See, I'm smiling. Three more. Exhale, three, two. And one more.

Lift it up and then come all the way down. Turn onto your tummy here. Get your chest over the edge. Pick up both straps. Both straps.

Now arms are forwards. We're gonna come into a T pull. Now our famous T pull here. You're in external rotation. You're leading with a pinky.

I have to confess, this is my least favorite exercise of all of the repertoire of Pilates. There's my confession for the day. And back, open, this is not easy. Keep the hands, palms facing downwards doing external rotation. And you're leading with a pinky.

Try and hit the hips. Can we do two more? Relax the lower body if you can. One more. Bring it back, bring it back.

And relax. Put the straps back on again. Straps back on. Now we're gonna hinge back and we step back, back to where we previously started. Toes down, heels up.

This is where we started the flow, 'cause we're gonna repeat the flow again. This time we're gonna do it on our forearms now. So we go forearm, forearm, back into your plank. Ready, inhale, bend, exhale out. Get nice and comfy so that we can work the core out and in, because we are gonna try and amp it up a little bit.

Of course, always. Shall we see if we can do single leg? All right, or we just stay where we are at? You have the choice. That's two more, then we're gonna add the single leg.

Ready? Okay. You can stay where you are at if you want, otherwise take that leg out. So we go tap the box, extend, tap the box, extend. Tap the box, extend, tap the box, extend.

Three more like that. Two, and one. Bring that leg in. Switch and tap the box, reach out. Tap the box.

Keep pressing the elbows into the box. Lifting out the box. That supporting leg is walking super hard. Couple more. Last time.

And then bring that leg down, extend back and just stretch into that nice stretch. Now walk the hands forwards right at the edge of your box and press your chest down towards the floor. Doesn't that feel incredible? Now bend your knees here, and your squat. And you're just gonna push out and in.

So I'm in a squat position. Tilt the pelvis slightly underneath you everybody. So tilt the pelvis with the lower abs so you're not arching your back, you got that? And you're bending and extending. Now if you feel stable, you feel strong, you can push it.

But only if you feel stable. Otherwise you're gonna fall back. So maybe just keep it here. But you've always got that added variation if you want to. I'm gonna stay here for four, for three, for two, and for one.

Whew, come back down. Now we're gonna move on. Once again, knee forwards. Bring the other leg forwards. We come up nice and tall, we're all there.

Nice and secure. Hand on hip. Depress the shoulders down towards the floor as we move back. The focus of this exercise is lats, the radius, core. Tricep, posterior deltoids.

Your core is stabilizing you. You've got everything working and you're working unilaterally, so you're not focusing just on that strong dominant side. Let's add the arm, don't wanna forget the arm. There we go. Good, add that arm.

All right, got four more in you? I'm sure you do. Three, two, last time everybody. And come back, take the hand down, ready for our triceps. Ready, extend, try and get the elbow high.

Now remember, if you want to make it harder, you can go to the smaller strap. I did that on the other side, or I can stay here on the longer strap. You gotta see how you feel. Remember, one side is gonna be stronger than the other. Maybe you're fatigued.

Listen to your body. All right, I've got four more here. Four. Exhale, three. Come on, go from your core, pulling your core, two.

And one. Put that strap down 'cause we're gonna turn around to the side. Put that hand down, lengthen the leg out. Lift that arm up and reach. We got it there?

Bring it in front of your torso. Front of your head. Now we press down and back, down and back. We are balancing on our side hips. The abs are working.

Remember, don't take your arm too far over your head, you're gonna lose the resistance. You gotta keep the resistance on your arms and back all the time. Now let's add the leg. Remember that leg, that little extra leg glute lift here. Good, exhale, lift.

Can we do four more? Exhale, four, we can. Keep that intensity, keep that beautiful form. One more here. And then bring it down.

Drop the strap back down. And then we're gonna turn onto our tummy again. Chest is over the edge. Pick up your straps. Now pull in straps again, but this time we go forwards and back.

So hold onto your rope. We start in an extension. We're gonna increase that extension as we go up. Increase that extension and back. Now watch your head.

We'll have a tendency to lead with our head. We need to lead with a thoracic spine, that mid-thoracic spine. Keep that work on that mid-thoracic spine. Let's do five more just like this, exhale, five. Bring it back.

Four, breathe, inhale. Two more. One more everyone. And then bring it down, fantastic. Take a little stretch, put their straps on and let's come around.

Come back and give yourself a little bit of a stretch. Here we go. Now I'm gonna set ourself up for the next exercises. You're gonna get your box. And this time the box is gonna go forwards here.

I'm gonna pick up my dumbbells because I'm gonna be using them now. So I'm gonna put my box right here at the front. I'm only gonna be using one dumbbell. We're gonna get onto the reformer. Okay, now I'm going to work on a blue spring here, a light spring.

We're gonna be in our kneeling position. Now all the arms are going to do is they go out and then they come back in. They cross out and come back in. So what's gonna happen is you go up and then we come back down. We go up, palms down, back down.

So it's a knee lift in that kneeling position, back down. If this feels a little bit too complicated with that weight, don't use the weight. Exhale, lift, inhale, curling back. Exhale, lift, power, hold it. It's not easy, and back.

A lot of strength is needed here. Lift up and down. Two more, lift up and down. One more, lift up, hold it there, and bring it all the way down. Put that strap down and you can just pop the weight there.

It's gonna stay there hopefully. We're gonna come down to here. Now from here we're gonna take that opposite leg, so the leg that's closest towards the reformer, your hand is down. We're gonna push back. Now one, two hands are on your box here.

I'm on a blue spring. I can keep on a blue spring, or you could go a little bit higher into a red, but I'm gonna stay on a blue. From here, keep that back leg straight. We're gonna come up and then back down. Now if that was a little bit too challenging, you can always come into your cat here to start off with.

So you can find out where you wanna be. If that feels too light, stop now, make the adjustment to one red spring. All right, so we're gonna go back into arabesque. So we go arabesque, now cat. Arabesque, cat.

Arabesque, cat. And arabesque, cat. Last time, arabesque and cat. And then come back down. Now bring that knee in.

Switch your hands to the outside here. We've done this one before. We're gonna press this leg and it's gonna connect underneath. So hands are here. Lift the other leg, cross it, and come into your plank.

Ready for your pike, bring it into your pike, and plank. Pike and plank. Pike and plank. So you are using your abs to pull in and out. Couple more, and back.

One more. Hold your plank, drop that leg down. Scoot in. Sit down on your box. Reach those legs out.

Depress your scapula. Let your booty come off the box and extend up into your plank. From here, we're gonna bring your right leg in, left leg, right leg, left leg, right leg, left leg. Two more. One more.

And slowly come back, bend the knees, go forwards, curl all the way up. Curl down, curl up, your heart rate is up. One more, curl down, curl up. Release, we're gonna stand up. All we do is stand up.

Now we're gonna move the box. While we're at it, move it to the other side so we can get ready for our next flow. Come forwards. Pick up your dumbbell. Fantastic.

Oh, there's already one there. I forgot I put my dumbbell there. All right, come conformance. Anyway, grab your dumbbell. Actually, it did stay here, which is quite a nice little place to put it like right by your headrest.

All right, pick up your dumbbell. Got it? All right, so we're crossing our hands. Feet are hip width apart. So as first, let's go out, hold it, and then come back in.

Ready, go out, hold it, back in. Now ready with our hip lift. Ready, go. Hip lift, down. Hip lift, down.

Go slowly, there's no need to go fast. Slow is harder, slow burn. It's all about recruiting every single muscle. So you're doing the work correctly and not just going through momentum. Come back down.

Power, strength is what is needed here. Three more. And back. Two more. One more.

You got one more? And hold it here, hold. And down. Woo-hoo, that was definitely challenging. If it gets too hard, remember just take your weight down to a yellow spring, go a lighter spring.

Come down, moving onto that flow here. Gonna put the inside leg close right ahead to your shoulder rest here. These hands, two hands are gonna go on your box. We're gonna push that leg back, so that back leg is straight and it stays straight. Remember, we can do our arabesque or our cat.

We can do cat, arabesque, cat, arabesque. So you choose what you wanna do today. All right, start with a cat then. Ready, go. Cat, down, arabesque, down.

Cat, down, arabesque, down. Ready? Cat, down, arabesque, down. Cat, down, arabesque. Two more.

Cat, down, arabesque. Last time, cat, down, arabesque, and back. Now bring the knee in. Now if you feel like you need a little bit more help, please add a little bit more resistance here. Otherwise, I'm gonna stay with my half spring.

Moving the arms out a little bit further away from the reformer. Crossing underneath the leg, and coming up into our pike. Inhale, plank, exhale, lift. Inhale, pike. All right guys, go in, and up.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale into your plank, exhale, pike. Inhale to your plank, exhale, pike. Last time. Inhale and exhale, drop that leg down.

Bring it in. Turn around. Hands on the edge of your box. Breathe, reach out. Lift your hips up, come up.

Look forwards now, right then left with a straight leg. Right, left, right, left. For four, for three, for two, for one. And then come back, back. Lift, come forwards, head over your knees, curl all the way up, and then curl down.

Curl all the way up, and then release. Give yourself a little bit of a shake, awesome. Now from here, we are gonna move your box. This time it's going to go short ways. So it's been everywhere now, this box goes everywhere.

It's been long, it's been on the floor. Now it's gonna go right here. This time we're gonna take up your little bar here. It's up we go. All righty, we're gonna be on one red spring.

Now we're gonna pick up both weights. There's my weight. Okay, come here onto your tummy. You are gonna be in a V position with your feet at the bottom here, V position. Your pubic bones right on the edge.

All righty, now the elbows are close towards your actual box here. Can you see that? Now we're gonna shoot out and then bring it back. So you're in your swan. Shoot out and back.

Now if this is just too challenging with the weights, take the weights away. Shoot out, bring it back, shoot out. So it's inhale, exhale. Two more. Inhale, exhale.

One more. Inhale, exhale. Come forwards, take the arms forwards here. And we're gonna reach out, so we nice and straight. Elbows bent.

Now the elbows extend, elbows come down. Lift up, extend into your cross, and then come back. Elbows extend and down. Elbows lift, extend, bend, down, lift, extend, bend, down, lift, extend, bend, down. Two more.

Lift, extend, bend, down. Last time, lift up, extend, bend, down. Put the weights right there. They're gonna stay. And bring it back.

From here, lift up, give yourself a push back, stretch in through that lumbar spine. Push away, stretch through that lower back. And then slowly curl all the way up. Give yourself a little shake. Going back into your core now.

We're gonna turn around. From here, we're gonna be in our side plank. So we're going to lift up, put your hand here, put your hand here in side plank, and then push out. So you've got, if you go forwards here into your plank, and then you turn, you got your legs in the right position. We're gonna push out and then curl and come all the way up.

Push out. Now look, curl, and come back. Now we're gonna see if we can add a little rotation and come back up. If that's too challenging, just go out and in. Drop the hips and come back.

We go out, drop the hips, come back. Two more. Reach out, now rotate, drop the hips towards the box. Last time, one, drop the hips, come back and lift up. Bring that foot down, drop the knee down.

Externally rotate that leg all the way over into your mermaid, into that stretch. And then come back. Lift and extend. Incredible stretch through the lower body and into your back too. And again, reach over into your mermaid.

Rotate, push away. Come back into your side. Lift back, finish off your mermaid, reaching over to your leg. Beautiful. One last plank on this side.

Put your hand down. Come up, rotate your body here. Okay, so once again, if you were here, you would just rotate like this so you know which leg is in front. Ready, we're gonna rotate, open, curl back in. Rotate open, curl back in.

Rotate, open the hand in your side plank. Curl with the obliques as you come back. And rotate open, think of the obliques pulling you back right there. Last time, rotate open, curl through those obliques and bring it back. Beautiful.

Now we're gonna do everything the other side now. So now we're gonna go into those that lovely plank first. So let's start with the hands here, remember? And we're gonna come out. So it would be as if your feet are here, but we rotate them to the side here for our lovely plank with rotation.

Put the hands on the corners here. So we reach out and then come back in. We reach out and come in through those obliques. Now this is where we add the rotation, and then we come back again. Do you see how I added that hip rotation?

So I went out, drop the hips. I'm looking back at my feet, and then I come back. Okay, go out, little rotation, back to center and come back. Reach out. Rotation in that twist.

So prep for your snake. Da, da, da. One more for good luck. And one da, da, and up. Bend the knee down, bring it back.

Now take that leg all the way up. So you've got the underneath leg against the box. This leg is in external rotation. From here, we're gonna push away, initiating from your core into your side stretch. Doesn't that feel amazing?

Press into that hip and open up your psoas on that side. And then come back. Let's try that again. Let's do a little stretch this way, gotta make it even. And again, push away.

And this time you're gonna rotate. Ooh, and look down to the floor. Fantastic, stretch the QL, the Quadratus Lumborum, the lower back. And then we rotate. And then we come back, back, back, back.

Finish off with your stretch, which sets us up for the next exercise. All righty, hold it here in that stretch. And then come back. Now from here, we're gonna step up. Go to the front and then twist to the side so we know where we're at.

Okay, put your hand in the middle of your bar. Okay, we're gonna rotate into your side plank. Exhale, crawl and come in. Push away into your side plank. Now use your obliques to pull back in.

Inhale, open into your side plank. Exhale, curl. Couple more if you can, push out into your side plank, curl. One more. Push out and then curl with those obliques, and then turn around.

Take a seat. Lift up nice and tall, reach the hands behind your head. Release down. Pick up your dumbbells, 'cause they're right here. Beautiful.

We're gonna lift up nice and tall and we're gonna open the arms, spine twist. (Tracey short breathing) Keep your pelvis still, rotate. Palms flat. (Tracey short breathing) You are working into your arms, your back, your core in a simple spine twist. But it's not simple, is it, with three pound weights in your hands.

Four, and three, and two, and one. Back to center. Tap, lift. Shoulders lift, tap, lift, tap, lift. Five, up, four, up, three, up, two, up.

One, hold it. Palms up. Biceps in and out. Rotate biceps for four, for three, back to center of the way. Rotate in your torso, da, da.

Four more, four out. Three out, two out. Hold it here. Circle, circle, circle. Reverse, circle, circle.

One more set, circle. I know you're dying, so am I. Reverse, and a circle, circle, circle and down. Woo-hoo! Lift those arms up, good job everybody. Hands behind your head, a little twist, a little twist.

Give yourself a nice little shake. All right, grab those dumbbells. Let's put the dumbbells down onto the floor here. Now finishing off, we are going to, you can keep your bar up or you can take it down. It doesn't matter.

But we want to get this lovely foot strap. So everybody find your foot strap. And you might wanna put more springs on here just to keep your carriage still. We're gonna do some side overs. So our box is right towards your shoulder rests.

If you are longer and taller, you might need to take it over the shoulder rest. I'm gonna pick up one dumbbell. Gonna step up. I'm gonna put my foot underneath. So I've got one dumbbell here.

So now I'm gonna add the intensity with the core. Work the arms by in this lovely little dumbbell. So we're gonna flex that foot, pull away, your knees bent. Alrighty, we're gonna put this hand straight up. Palm down.

This hand is behind your head. Now we go down towards the floor and we reach towards that dumbbell. We inhale, down, we reach towards the dumbbell and we side bending, lowest rib to your hip. Isn't this fantastic to work those obliques? Inhale down, exhale up.

You have four more and you keep smiling, for four. Keep that hand up, for three. Feel those arms too, for two, and for one. And come down, lift up, hold your weight. Lift up.

Come all the way down. We go up, rotate, center, down. Up, rotate center, down. Up, rotate, center down. One more.

Up, rotate, center, down. Put that weight all the way down, give yourself a stretch. Woo woo, those obliques we're on fire with that little extra three pound dumbbell. See, a little bit goes a long way. Let's quickly do the other side.

We are nearly home everyone. So I know you've got your to-do list in your head. That to-do list has got to wait. We just got one more set to go. Reach that hand up, hand behind your head.

You ready? And lift and down, lift and down. Palm down. Good. Look up, look up.

My God, that beautiful scenery in front of me. Santa Barbara, so beautiful. And back. Four more. Da, three.

Reaching to towards that weight. Two, and one. Come all the way up. Ready? This is the killer one.

Okay, let's go. Over, lift, rotation, Over, lift, rotation. Over, lift rotation. And over, lift, rotation. Let's do one more.

And over, lift, rotation and come down. Put that weight down. Give yourself a nice stretch. I'm gonna come all the way down in that stretch. Doesn't that feel good?

Amazing work today. Yes, what a great workout. Come all the way back. Let's stand up. Let's give ourself a little jive 'cause we've done so well.

Just a little prancing like this, 'cause we're still high in energy. And we're gonna stop. We're gonna take a deep breath in and we're gonna roll down. We're gonna touch those toes 'cause we're super flexible now. We're super strong, we're a superhero.

Roll all the way up. One more time. Exhale, roll down. Thank you once again for joining me as always. I hope you had a great class and you feel super invigorated.

We're gonna build our muscles together, okay? Thanks so much for joining us. I'll see you back here again. Goodbye.


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Another absolutely fantastic challenging class thank you Tracey ❤️🙌🙏
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Another absolutely fantastic challenging class thank you Tracey ❤️🙌🙏
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Another absolutely fantastic challenging class thank you Tracey ❤️🙌🙏
1 person likes this.
Another absolutely fantastic challenging class thank you Tracey ❤️🙌🙏
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Another absolutely fantastic challenging class thank you Tracey ❤️🙌🙏
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That was super challenging! I had to modify at least three exercises which is not typically something I need to do. Will keep coming back to this one. Also, Tracy you look amazing! You are an inspiration.
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That was super challenging! I had to modify at least three exercises which is not typically something I need to do. Will keep coming back to this one. Also, Tracy you look amazing! You are an inspiration.
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That was super challenging! I had to modify at least three exercises which is not typically something I need to do. Will keep coming back to this one. Also, Tracy you look amazing! You are an inspiration.
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Love this class! Especially enjoyed all the side body work
Melissa D
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I  always love a Tracey Mallett workout! Challenging and fun!
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