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Barre with EXO Chair

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Move with integrity and strength in this Barre with EXO Chair class led by the charismatic Jason Williams. Warm up your body to prepare for the innovative and challenging Barre work ahead. This class focuses on posture and alignment while strengthening your lower body. By incorporating elements of Barre, you will target and engage the tiny and deep muscles throughout your lower body, giving you a comprehensive workout experience.
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Feb 28, 2024
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Hello. Jason Williams here with Pilates anytime. And today, we are doing bar using the XO chair or XO bar. So you're gonna start by placing your springs on the lowest two settings here on the, exo chair. Okay? It'll come around and start with our warm up stretch because we always wanna warm up the stretch before we get moving with bar. So what we're gonna do is a nice simple forward full stretch of placing both hands to the pedal and do a nice simple forward fold stretch. Exhale as you go down, Now I'm gonna drop my head down to get a little extra stretch to my upper back and neck. So inhale and exhale start to roll it halfway back up.

Lengthen through the spine, then inhale press and on back down. So, again, this is a great warm up stretch into the hamstrings, lower back, Driving the head down, you're gonna get a nice neck stretch. Again, continuing to breathe, even nice, easy flow. And nice stretch to do using a pedal because you get a lot of assistance on the way down and up, which is nice. Good. If you need to bend the knees a little bit, if you have tighter hamstrings, you can do so. Good. So, again, do what you can do when you're doing any of these mobility stretches and flexibility stretches. Good.

So last one, yeah, you do about 8 to 10 of these. And then you'll slowly roll it back up and relax. Place both hands here to the top. I'm gonna bring my right foot up to the pedal. Press down, and then we're gonna kind of flow through a nice hamstring stretch.

So here, you're gonna feel down to the calf, hamstring up to the hip, And then here, I had to kind of flow forward and back in the exhale. The so I'm bending this left knee here, right leg's here to the front, and then stretch forward and then back. You also get a nice stretch to your lats here as you lengthen. So if you have any shoulder or neck problems here, you'll feel a nice stretch here. Again, your range of motion. Right? Breathe.

Good. One more. And then we'll come forward. We're gonna do a nice hip circle stretch through. I'm gonna let the pedal come up.

Let my knee rotate out and around and then circle. So I'm just pivoting on my foot as I do these nice hip circles. Notice my left foot is up or my heel here in the bottom. So that have the range of motion to come up a little bit higher into my chest. So then nice simple circles here with a leg opening up through the hips. You can even drop the heel down, which you get a little more comfortable.

So kinda play around with it. Do you? Alright. Looks good. And then you'll slowly relax it down the center. And then I'm a pull my knee up and do nice simple articulation through the ankle and foot.

So nothing really moves here about the ankle. So I'm keeping my knee just level here maybe with the, top of the chair. Good. Look forward. So you're, again, you're not using or straining your neck. Nice easy.

Foot articulation. Looks good. And then we'll just relax in maybe 10 to 12, bring it down, and we'll switch legs. Left foot comes up. Right foot comes back.

Sit back, hamstring stretch. Breathe. Exhale. Good. Feel that all the way into the upper hamstring. Again, the more you flex this foot up on the left side, the more of a stretch you'll get into your calf. Right?

And then shift the weight forward and then back. Flow it out. Good. Again, I usually like to do, again, 8 to 10 of these, nice hamstring opener, even feel it into your hip lower back. Which is nice and a nice arm stretch here. Breathe.

So now it's gonna tippy toe here. Back to the heel. Feels good. One more. And then we'll set it back, bedding the knee in. Step 4. Those hip circles, and you'll come up, up, up, out and around.

Alright. So it's going in a circular motion out and away. And take your time. Good. And this feels really good as you come up here into that hip. Socket. And as you stretch down, opening up the hip, take your time.

Let breathe. 3 more. 2 more. Nice. Last one. And then come to neutral here and then come up just a little bit, and we'll do that foot articulation through the ankle. So, again, just moving through the foot, knee stays still, squaring your hips and shoulders. So it's nice to get that disassociation between ankle and the knee and your hip here. Okay?

Good. Which a lot of people do not have, and it helps with your balance too as well. Good. So three. 2, 1, and then relax it and step back. Welcome. K. So moving on to a little more balance. I'm gonna step my right foot down to the pedal here, hands to the hips, chin up, slowly lifting the knee, working now. It's a little bit of bounce and then pricing is straight down.

So nice, simple, knee drives down or foot drives coming up maybe hip level. You're gonna need this later on in class, right, or doing the extensions out and all our Batmas and all that fun stuff that we do in bar. Right? Good. Nice and tall. We're going to balance on that left side. Read. You gotta have hands on the hips. You gotta have hands straight out.

Do whatever is comfortable for you. This is your class, not mine. I'm just here as a guide. Right? 2 more. Good. One more. And then relax it here.

We'll switch legs. Left foot comes up, hands to the hips, press it down, find your center, you move it over a little bit, and then slowly lift that knee. Mac down. Now you don't have to adjust the springs as much. Again, just starting up, keep it light. Right? And then as you get more fluid with it, you can adjust the spring lube, maybe one spring to the next level up to add that progression. Good.

Hands here or out to this front. Good. Breathe. We're gonna bounce on this right leg. Looks good. So we got 4.

Nice. 3. Good. 2. And one slowly relaxing. Good. Alright. Release them from there, having a seat facing away, and you're gonna place both feet down to the pedal using the heels, sitting up nice and tall, We'll have our genie arms here and then slowly lifting the knees and back down. Good. So here, we're focusing on posture. Right?

Keeping the chin up, abs are engaged, draw the belly in towards the spine, and nice and tall. Mhmm. So, again, all these warm up exercises, 10 to 12 reps, whatever you feel uncomfortable with, And then when I press it down, go to single leg, I'm extend my left foot up, now I let the right knee extend up and down. Good. So a little more challenging here, right, because you have to find a center of balance in your body using just the right leg to press up and down.

Keep the integrity with your chest here, right, and here and here. Now progression, if you need to hold on, hold on. Right? Again, we don't need any heroes, Tina Turner. Alright? Mad Max. Here we go. 2 more.

Good. One more. Switch legs, junior arms, right leg extends, pressing on down, voila, piece of tuna. We can do this all day. Right? Yeah. Again, if you need more resistance, add more resistance. Right? I'm good here. But do you. Right? Here we go.

We got 4 Nice. 3. Good. 2. And one. Relax. And on back up, bring my feet down. And you're done. That portion, let's move to the back.

Got it. So now what we're gonna do here is simple our bar exercises on the back of the chair and then this is gonna be our bar. Right? So what I'm gonna do is start both hands here. I'm a bend in knees just like your seat position. Right? Wanna start with runners. So you're gonna go ahead, lift up the tip toe, or heels up, and then peel up and down. Right? So now working articulation through both of those ankles simultaneously, kinda like we did earlier on the other side, shoulders back, feeling all those tiny muscles in the lower leg.

Nice. Looks good. Now you always have the option to go hands to hips. If you wanna get a little bit spicy. If you wanna bring the hands out, you can do that too. Do you, 4, 3, hear all the cracks in my feet. Right? Last one. Now the both heels up, drop them down, and back up double time. Right?

Yep. So, again, working all this tiny muscles in the lower leg, flat back. Breathe. Uh-huh. Same option with the arms. Do you. Last one. And then for full stretch. Ah, nice.

Shake it out. Good. And then from here, we'll go to 1st position. So heels together. Alright. I'll show you from this angle just like so.

Point the toes out. Track out over 1st, second toe. With the knees, and then we'll go up to tippy toe and then peel it back down. Let the knees track out. Get over 1st second toe.

Right back up. Now you can go all the way up. If you wanna stay lower here and pulse, you can do that. Right? If you wanna keep your hands here to the chair and breathe, Feel the glutes engaged, draw the belly in. Alright. Otherwise, you can come all the way up for your plie and back down. Good. Nice. So those 2 options for this one.

Looks good. So Now let's go all the way back up, come back down, heels, press together, pulse it out. Nice. So we got 5. 4, here's where they start to cook. 3, 2, hold, pelvic tilt, tuck, and release. Again, two hands.

Alright? Just like twerking. If you know how to twerk, you'll be good at this. If not, you'll still be good at this. Here we go. 5.

4. My quads are on fire, 3. To hold side to side. Bump it to the left. Bump it to the right. Stool it's working, guys.

Come on. Alright. Glutes on far side to side. So think 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock. Right? Good. 4, 3, 2, One. Ah, shake it out. Woo. Uh-huh.

Feeling good. Alright. So now I'm gonna turn to the side. First position, right hand down, nice simple side body stretch, inhale, and then exhale. Good. So from here, we're gonna go into our second position.

Alright. And we're gonna walk it out. Boom. Boom. So tippy toe, bring it on down. Right hand's here for support. And then we're just gonna do simple pauses. Right? So, again, my knees are tracking out first.

I could tell. Shoulders back, chin up. You can have a hand on the hip. Give it out to the side. Do you.

Good. 4, 3, 2. Now hold here at the bottom and drop this right heel down, pulse. So just the left heels elevated here. Right? Good. So the outside leg, working this here, get a nice stretch through his hip, inner thigh, 2 more, and then switch. Right heel up. Ah, there we go. Enterprise gonna be on fire. Alright? Come on.

Come on. 3. Maybe hours out. 2. One hold, drop both heels down, lift them up, double time. Right? That's what we're doing. Again, use this if you need it. Right? Otherwise, hence here or here. Right? 4, good. 3, 2, 4, full stretch. Nice job.

Woo. Y'all are doing great. Looks good. Thank you. Come back up. Back the second. Here. Got drop down. He'll still elevate it.

Now drop your heels down. Then heels up. Heels down. Heels up. Good. Shoulders back. Nice. So now you're really working to his inner thighs.

Shoulders are back. Chain up. Nice. 2 more. Good. One more. Fourfold. Stretch it out. Nice.

Good. So roll it back up for me. Now we'll turn and face back to our chair. Thighs gonna come across here. Right? And then my left hand right hand goes down to the pedal. So here, you're gonna have to readjust your feet.

Come forward. And then here's a nice kind of bent over a four full stretch from this angle, and then let the pedal help you come back up, pull back to their shoulders, and then press it back down. This is gonna be kind of like our Swan Prep. Okay? Your inhaled LinkedIn. Excel rolled up.

In here in LinkedIn. Keep the neck long. So I'm looking straight ahead here, so I'm not using my traps. 2 to 3. Mhmm.

Nice. And then slowly roll it back up. Now we'll go to our belly here forward. Alright. So readjust. Might just scoot back a little bit. Alright.

And then curl it up, up, pull back to your shoulder blades. Exhale. Take it down. Good. Inhale. And then exhale now. Good.

Looks good. Breeze. Uh-huh. You got 3? Good. 2. Nice. Last one.

And then we'll take it down hold and then push ups with the pedal. Good. Engage. Squeeze. Press it on down. So you get a little bit of tricep here as well the chest. And again, progress by may making the springs a little more tension. You can move maybe one spring up if you like.

Awesome job. Looks good. It's getting a little upper body pump time. Right? Let's go. And relax it on down. Come back first, and then you'll come one hand off and then back up. To here.

So from here, we'll go to our lunges. So left foot's gonna step back, hands here, and then come up knee, same side. And then back up. Good. So again, again, a nice hip flexor stretch here on that left side. Breathe.

Again, using the chair. As your bar or as for assistance? Looking good. 2 more. Good. One more.

Step back, hold, pulse it out here. K? So now here, you're that level of the chair. You have that control. Lift your heel here in the front. Pulse it out. There's the spice. Right?

Extra spicy today. Here we go. You have hands here. You have hands down. Do you. Right? 5, 4, 3, 2, switch side stepping on up.

Here we go. Right leg pulling me up. Nice. Nice hip flexor stretch. Looks good. Bree. Awesome work.

Nice. So we got 4. 3. Last two. One step back hold right here. Pause it out.

Good. Feel that right hip flexor stretch here. And then lift your heel. Here in the front left foot, shoulders back. Gives a little something something. Right? Here we go. Draw that belly in.

Shoulders back. 5. 4, 3, 2, 1. Step it on for. Shake it loose. Good work. K. Let's go to some push ups here now.

Step it on back, here and here. Tippy toes. Take it down. So plenty of options for push ups. You can keep the elbows in. You could also add a little rotation.

If you wanna rotate back, and then rotate switch. Good. Nice and easy. Again, heels are elevated. That gives me the range of motion to come down here. Right? And back. So do you. You can do maybe, like, 10, 5, and 5 here, or just 10 regular push ups here. Right? Last one.

Good. And then relax it. Good. Walk those feet forward. So hands here and here. Shift the hips back.

I'm a scoop my right foot towards the middle. So maybe line it up here with the springs, left foot extends back. Right? Flex the heel, pulse. So little hip extensions. Easy. All day long. Nice. Breeze.

We got 5 4, 3. Let's lift this bottom heel up. Voila. Here we go. Kick. Ah, nice. Uh-huh. We know these bar classes look working on all these tiny muscles. He got 4, 3, 2. Alrighty. Here's where we get a hold.

Go into our Shiva squat down and then kick. Shiva squat down. So I'm tucking left knee behind the right knee. And extend. Nice. Looks good. Kick it on out. 2 more.

Good. One more. Bring on down, switch legs, right leg back, kick it out, the hip extension. Right? Good. Square the hips. Breathe. So don't collapse here too much. Stay tall here to the chest.

Awesome work. Flexing the heel, activating this right glute. Good. Now let's take it up. Tippy toe. Nice. There's a there's the heat.

Right? Sometimes we call these barbecue glutes. Right? Come on. 3, 2. Here we go. Bring onions, Shiva squat. Kick it on out. Nice. So again, my heels up the entire time on this bottom leg.

Nice. Extend. Come on. Yep. Might get a little shake. That's alright. Alright. Good. Do you. Hey.

If you need to keep that foot down, just do the little ones. Do the little ones. Right? Yeah. You know your machine. Let's go. One more. Uh-huh.

And then relax it on the figure 4 Stretch it out. Ah, nice. You can stay here. You go to forearms. Alright. Take a deep breath. And exhale. Good.

Switch your legs. Left foot. Ah, nice hip stretch here. Good. Sink back into his hips, breathe. Awesome work.

And then we'll shake it on out. We're gonna turn now face the opposite way. So, yeah, and hands are gonna come back to here. Feet about hit with a part. Sink down to your squat. I'm gonna lift my heels here.

So I'm holding on to the edges here. Right? And I'm gonna peel my heels down and up. Good. So, again, back to that foot articulation with the ankles. Good. Notice my upper body shoulders are back. So this is nice too to keep your shoulders back and your posture.

Alright? So don't depend too much here in the hands. Right? So maybe you wanted the fingertips too as well if you wanna look more leg work. Nice work. 3. 2, 1, take it back, hold here, lift those heels, extend the right foot, bring it back, left foot, bring it back. Here we go.

Nice. Good. Little simple taps. Chin up chest up. Good. 4. Nice. 3. 2.

One. Hold here. Take it down and not pulse. Again, not using my triceps. Not there yet. Just the legs. Right? It's like the arms are along for the ride. Here we go. 5, 4, 3, 2. Now you can walk it out. Do a little tricep. Right?

Boom. Easy. Right? All day every day, twice on Sunday. Let's go. Pumping those arms. There we go. Gotta get a little pump time, man. Right?

There you go. 2 more. One more. Come all the way up, walk it back. So now here, you can kick and pulse. So a little bend in this knee, I'm gonna have a little rotation out with my toe.

Here's a little inner thigh. 4, 3, 2, hold. Pulling in. Kick it out. Nice. 5432 switch legs. Here we go.

Tippy toe, kick it out, up, down. Alright. Nice. Looking good. Shrollers are back. Mhmm.

And now I have that rotation out with the toe, pulse. Alright. Now I'm a pull my hips back a little bit. Draw that belly in. Yeah. There's a fire. So you feel the quad ankle and her thigh a whole lot going on. 2 more.

And then relax it on back. Have a seat now. Palms here. Palms here. Show me it back a little bit. Press down.

Nice stretch. Take a deep breath, extend the legs, slowly roll it up, and then back down. So if you're opening up to the chest here, chin up, get a nice shoulder stretch, and keeping the feet out. One more. And now come down, hold, and the elbows pressing on down.

Little tricep extensions right here. Nice. So this takes a lot of focus, a lot of control. That's why we start on light springs. Right? K.

Progression first. Let's go. Two more. We have one more. Ah, relax. Good.

Nice. Good. Roll out the shoulders. K. So next we're gonna do here. So give me a little side stretch with this left side, inhale. Excel, and then we'll get to a little bit of side body here. So I'm gonna hook my right leg around, left leg out, and then reach over top.

So here we get to a little bit of obliques. Right? So I'm inhaling an excellent right hand is here to the pedal, left hand overhead, Good. Right leg forward. Really get that nice long body extension here. So play with this leg. If you have it too far forward, you might not feel the stretch.

So bring it back, if anything, and you're getting nice and long here in that side body. And as you come up, kinda laying the chair, take you up. This arm stays straight. Right? It's just getting long for a ride. 2 more. Good. One more. And then we're gonna go to a little bleak crunch here.

Hands behind the head. Sweet legs forward. Left in. Back down. Pause it out.

Nice. K. Hand left hand behind the head. I'm a little angled here. Right? It'll help with your balance. As you get better, you can take it straight out. Again, if this is your first time doing this, maybe you wanna have a little bit of an angle here to keep that bounce. Nice. Nice, simple pulse conscious here. You got 3, 2, one and relaxing on up. Nice work.

And then we'll switch and do the other side. K? So left hand here, right hand, nice side by the stretch. Inhale. Oh, feels good. And then exhale. Bring it back. Come on in. Hook this left leg around. Right leg out. Left hand down.

Reach it over top. And then that. Good. Inhale. And exhale. Breathing in through the nose.

Out through the mouth. Good. Remember this back leg here's if anything more to the back to get a extra hip stretch, and into that rib cage here, left hand, straight. 2 more. Just because this stretch feels so good. Awesome.

And then we'll go into those obliques. Come up, establish the legs here and here, hands behind the head, take it down. Each side will be a little different, crunch it in. And that. Good.

So play with it. If you need to take the spring, load up or down, if you need to adjust your body in a certain way. Because, again, this will be a little funny on each side, so you have to really take your time. And play with good. Nice.

So really feel there's obliques here at work as you come up and down. 2 more. Good. One more. And relax. Feels good. Coming back around. Alright.

So, Kirsty Tom, everybody's favorite. So right leg's gonna do the workforce. I'm a step around and back. So just to hear, back to standing, voila, and back and up. Right? So here, decimal tap using my chair as my bar, right, to help with my posture form just in case you need it. 2 more.

Good. One more. And then you're gonna take it down. Pause it out right here. K. And this hand can be the front to the hip. Tippy toe now. Add that spice. Good. 4, 3.

Cannot depend too much on his arm. 2, 1. Switch it around. Here we go. Nice work. Left leg. And step out. And back.

Out and back. Shoulders back chin up chest up. Yeah. Using my bars, my guide, or my chair. The work. You arrange your motion down protects your knees. Right?

Hey. If you tap in here. Right? You can do that. Right? Do you? Come on. Yep. 4. We'll add on. 3. Nah. There's 2 more.

Last one, and then back out. Hold it right here, Paul. It's good. Reset. Lift that heat on the front. If you're ready for that, And here we go.

Shoulders back. You have that hand out. You have both hands to the hips. Do you? We got 5. 4, 3, 2 transition back around here, stretch it on out.

Deep breath, exhale. So now coming forward, side body, right hand here, Left leg's gonna extend out, up, down, kick nice and easy. So here, you can stay with the heel down, right, or you can go up to your tippy toe. Right? Good.

5, 4, 3, little, tiny circles here. Rotate the shoulders back. Nice. There's a glute. 4, 3, 2, reverse the circle. Uh-huh.

Now you could also add a little hamstring kick if you wanna get a little extra movement in, but you don't have to. Right? Last one with the circle. And bring it on back around. Switch it out rotate. K. Hand on the hip. Kick it out, up, down.

Maybe you wanna keep that left heel down. Maybe, again, come up, tip to readjust. Shoulders back. Nice. Very tiny kick.

Good. 3. 2. My hips are on fire. Circle out. Here we go.

You guys are gonna love this. I know you're feeling it. I am. His hip is tight, reversed opposite way. Come on. Nice. Almost there.

When I got 90 minutes left. Come on. Just kidding, relax. On down. Right leg here to the front.

Pige and stretch. Sit it on down. $1,000,000 stretch right here. Done this real good. Hey. I don't care if you do this for the whole class.

You can do your vision here at the whole time. Right? If you wanna get a little extra, maybe bring your hands to the pedal, you can do a little stretch forward. Right? And then back. So there's a nice hip. Stretch here, you know, extra love in the back.

And then slowly walk it back up. Take your time. Left knee comes in, set it up, can stay here, or come to the forearms, or bring those hands to the pedal. And stretch it for. Good, Marie.

Looks good. Shoulders back. Maybe you just wanna hang out here too as well. You don't have to go up and down. Take a deep breath inhale, exhale, slowly roll it up.

Come around. Have a seat, and your legs are fried. Hey. You guys made it. Thank you for joining me for XO Bar. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. And, have a great day.


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Thank you! I always love your classes!  They are always a fresh take on things.  
Jason Williams
Lori thank you Lori! 🙏🏾😁
Marlo C
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This was an awesome class! You Really make it fun!!
Jason Williams
Marlo C thank you Marlo!! Appreciate you
I run as well as doing  Pilates. Ankle/foot work especially appreciated:) Loved the pace and choice of exercises. 
Jason Williams
Elayne Connery T thank you Elayne! Hope this helps your running. 
Carla R
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I always enjoy your classes thanks for the delightful workout to kick off the weekend!!! 
Jason Williams
Carla R yes, glad you enjoyed it.  😃
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Great class, lovely flow!
Jason Williams
Rachel P thank you Rachel 🙏🏾
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