Class #545

Cadillac Workout

40 min - Class


This Cadillac/Trapeze Table class incorporates many traditional exercises as well as some slight variations and versions that Amy uses for herself. A strong emphasis is put on spinal articulation from flexion and extension with exercises like Roll Back Arch/Curl, Short Spine, Parakeet, Cat and Swan. Standing Arm Springs include Hug a Tree, Salute, Draw A Sword and a some standing balance triceps extensions. Some Leg Springs pieces include Diamond, Diamond with a 'baby' bridge, Heel Beats, Changements and Walking (slightly more detailed). Amy includes Full Hanging from the fuzzies: ***no spotter involved, but having a spotter is strongly suggested here.*** Amy focuses on shoulder flexibility and upper back extension rather than the hip extension that could be included (more accessible if a spotter present). She ends the class with a hip flexor stretch to leave you feeling open and elongated. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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Nov 01, 2011
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Loved it Amy!! I especially loved the hanging from the fuzzies at the end. Felt amazing on my back!
Love this this live?
So loved this...have a tower no cadillac, but 98% applied. I especially loved side bend version of around the world, seated side bend/rot seq using push thru bar, arms & legs spring seq and the hip flexor stretch. Thanks Amy - you rock!
Thank you Rachael.....the hanging, of course, can be explored. I chose to do that for my shoulders and upper back extension mainly, but yes, my entire back just loves that too!
Hi Christy, no you're watching a filmed workout that I did a few weeks ago. You're able to watch it anytime you'd like!!
Jennifer! Yes, I tried to present material that would work for those with a 1/2 trap perhaps.. Glad things felt good for you!! :)
Loved this!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Jodie!! Always nice hearing from you!
Thank you!! Love to follow your classes!!
I appreciate it Kiki, thank you!
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