Class #5536

Neck and Shoulders

50 min - Class


Practice embodiment and improve flexibility in this Neck and Shoulders focused class by Eric Franklin. Experience the profound effects of sponges as you ease tension and create length throughout your body. Dive deeper into understanding the anatomy of the shoulder and neck area, and discover that stability comes with mobility. By enjoying yourself in your body, you will feel happy and connected.

Towards the end of this class, two Franklin Method Balls are used for various tactile feedback exercises.
What You'll Need: Franklin Ball (2)

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Tetiana  K
Great movement, thank you so much I like it very much very practical!!!
Tetiana  K
Thank you very much, Eric, great exercise and movement very practical and useful
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Much needed and amazing results! Thank you Eric!
Verity T
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Thank you Eric, that was a wonderful class that I really needed today. I took a lot away from it and will continue to do those exercises to relieve neck and shoulder tension.
Julie Lloyd
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This is Incredible!! I would love to see more of the Franklin Method on Pilates Anytime. Thank you for this!!
Sally R
I fractured 2 toes almost 3 months ago and have pain in the affected foot. When I did the first shoulder roll with balls under my arm I felt quite a strong sensation in that foot!
Cass H
I love this--super helpful

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