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Centering Magic Circle

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Use the Magic Circle in this Mat workout with Meredith to find your center, perfect your Push Up and strengthen all over. Enjoy the Jack Knife, a lovely Swan variation, and some delicious stretches.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Nov 17, 2011
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All right, so we're standing. We'll just bend over and put the ring down on the ground in front of your feet. And here we go. For a standing roll down, just reaching the arms down towards the ground, taking a moment and lifting the spine, maybe a little stroke taller, straightening the elbows, pressing inwards with the upper arms and allowing the head to just fold into the chest. And as that happens, draw the rib cage back. N N continue to drive the rib cage upwards. Did you fold your spine down towards the floor?

Inhale as you just allow the spine to cascade forward and exhale as you peel up, keeping weight over both feet, articulating through the spine so that you roll yourself up, standing up right and inhale and exhale. Allowing the head to nod forward first, feeling the contraction upwards as the spine reaches forwards, keeping the shoulder blades on the back, the arms nice and the heavy. And exhale as we roll up using this as an opportunity to check in with that buddy. That was something loud. And one more time rolling down, linking your mind and your body with your breath and your movement. That's always a good idea to check in in the beginning of your session with those sorts of things. Take a hold of your ring. Once you're down there, hold it with the heels of your hands still drawing upward with the abdominals and then press into the ring just a little bit.

Feeling the spacing that it allows spacing for the arms, pulling the ring, roid up the front of the body, and then as you're rolling up, go ahead and roll all the way up and stand tall and just swivel the feet out so that you're in a Nice Small v position. Take care of that. You're not just turning your feet out, but instead rotating from the hip so the knees are just over the big and second toe. The ring's going to come out in front and we're just going to press into it and inhale. Feel the entire rib cage expand and exhale. Press into the ring and feel that contraction take place, not just in the arms. Inhale, expanding the trunk and exhale pressing into the ring with the breath with the ribs. Inhale, lean a little bit forward just from your rib cage but not with your whole body, so it's like it's going to be like that little thing. [inaudible] and inhale, expand the body and exhale, press and this time as we inhale to expand, we'll bend the knees, keep the pelvis just over the feet. It won't be a big bend and press.

Squeeze the thighs together and inhale, bend, release, and Exhale, press. Squeeze the thighs together. For most of us, that's going to involve a little bit of focus on pressing the pubic bone forward or creating a post here. Really tilted pelvis. Inhale, we been keeping the spine up right over the hips and we press how we bend and we process warming up the body, warming up the legs, Bend and press. Now hold the press, pull the ring into your chest as you are highs up onto your toes, lower your toes down, straighten your arms. Then journeys and inhale. Exhale, stress. The legs start to bend the elbows as you rise up onto the toes. Working on balance, bringing the heels down to the ground, the arms straighten. And as they straighten we bet and squeeze and lift and pull and pressed forward shoulders, reaching away from the ring and two month end and nice, tight enough size and pull, reaching the ring into the chest and pressing back at and allowing the heel slower out.

One more time and a little lift and bringing the ring into the chest and reaching the ring out and take the ring overhead and take your body towards the ocean. Inhale, bending in the breeze. Keep the head just between the ams and Xcel to the left, the imaginary breathes, right real breezy and exhale to the left and we reach over and up and we come back to center. So that up idea is increasing the length of our spine, so it's not just a side bed and back to center. And let's go one more time over an outgrowing longer and straighter and excelling to come back and over and up and exhale and to come back and then just turn. And as you do so if you're not on your mat, come onto your mat, brewing the ring in front of the chest.

Let's bend the knees and with control would be lower to the floor, keeping their ring right out straight. In fact, put the round part of the ring on your shins and just push the, push it into your shins and list the chest, so were nice and straight and then just allow the ring to float up. So it's just that you're gazing straight through it like a portal. And then we roll back, roll back, continue to keep the gaze just in the middle of the ring and inhale and exhale as you press into the ring with our abdominals and with our upper arms, keeping the shoulders drawn down and back. Lift this five exhale, squeezing the legs together, feeling the relationship between the inner thighs and the abdominals. We'll talk about that all day and XL as you curl. Curl the spine and then stretch it up and exhale as you press in, keeping the fingers relaxed. We're pressing with the upper arms and inhale, raise. The ring comes just over your head, like a halo back to the portal and uh, and how been the arms and bring the ring into the chest, rising up through the back and then stretching the arms forward and rolling back and inhaling the arms up in the belly into the and excelling the arms forward and the spiner in.

Inhale Ben here. Reach forward, start exhaling and rollback and inhale the arms and yeah, and the spine comes up on the XL and it's a long inhale as we stretch the back and pull the ring in and stretch the arms forward. And one more exhale as we roll back. Inhale the arms up, the abdominals are flattening into the ground, pressing the arms forward, rising up through the spine, bringing the rain into the chest, pressing the ring. Holy Birds. That was a lot of birds and rolling down.

Find a place where you feel strong and round and stable. Your rings. Now a steering wheel. We're going to drive it towards the birds and or have it to the center and feel the rotation, not just in the hands but instead in the ribs. And as the ribs rotate, the ring just comes along for the ride and we come back to center and inhale and Exhale, center and inhale, twist and Xcel center and inhale, twist and XL, center and Rola and bring the ring into the chest, lifting the chest, pressing the ring back forward, rolling back. The knees are cemented together. Turn towards me again. You're going to take the, keep the top arm on the ring and put the ring on the ground so you're just off your shoulder blades here at chest lift with rotation and then we press down on the ring and lifts the body a little and out, pressing down with the upper arm or with the back or the lots on that side and lift just rising more into that curvature. Last two, last one, let's pick the ring up.

Rise lightly up out of that position and return to center and rolling back through center. And then we twist the body and we take the ring to the floor, just stuff off the shoulder blades, and then we press down with the upper arm as we slide that under arm through and and deeply engaging as you slide through and and reaching up and down so that upper arm presses down as that bottom arm lifts. And here's our last one. Take it all the way down. Pick up the ring, roll all the way up that side of your body to come up and unwind and center. And then take the ring. Just place it between your legs so it's just above the knees here.

And then scoot the feet pretty close in towards your hips nice and tight. And then look down at your feet and see that they're in line with your sitting bones. So there are narrower than the ring. And then reach forward and start to squeeze the ring. As you start to lower your body into the, when we come all the way down the upper arms, press into the math, scooch the feet a little closer still and in here pressing into the ring, we rise up into a pelvic curls, squeezing a little harder as a legs or as the pelvis lifts and inhale and exhale. The chest comes down and we keep that consistent. Squeeze with the inner thighs. The upper arms are working, the upper back is working, the pelvis comes into neutral and exhale we roll.

So turning that ring into a figure eight then holding at the top and come a tiny bit higher. Windy with your pelvis. That's it. And excelling to roll down. Now we've added a little inner thigh contraction, but let's not forget about the hamstrings and exhale to left. Reaching the knees forward towards the feet, reaching the heels back towards the fingertips, reaching the upper arms into the ground and excellent to roll down. Stretching the neck longer behind you as you place your bones into the ground and squeeze and left. Who Was it? Lolita, San Miguel. This is something that she said to me that really resonated.

Imagine that each of your vertebras is an individual with it's own personality, right? And you don't want to neglect anyone. I liked that. Find your way down to the bottom. Slide your feet a little closer to you and if you can, well right up close to that. When you lift your feet up, you're using your abs to do so. Bring the feet together in front of you. Continue to squeeze the ring. The arms are going to reach out to the side. Here comes the spine, twist. Let's go this way. First Annex, hello bleak spring. You home squeezing the ring. As you rotate the pelvis, keeping the feet line down, keeping the ring, let's say level between the knees and exhaling to come back and inhaling across and exhaling back and inhaling across and excelling back.

So I last one and I take it back through the center. We're going to hold it in center. Separate the feet so they're just in front of the knees again and now just squeeze the ring, give it all your guide. And release and schooly, sorry. This is what you meant when you said you want it to stretch your nfis Candace and really squeeze and release and squeeze and release and look toward your legs and see that they're moving together evenly and we squeeze and squeeze and last one.

Yeah, and release and pick up the ring with your hands. Place your feet onto the ground and allow the needs to just drop out to the side momentarily. Allow the Glitz or more specifically the external rotators to activate and press the knees down towards the ground and then bring the knees back together. Glue them together again. Take the ring and place it just behind your head. Read at your sip, it'll ridge or at the base of your skull. The hands are gonna come across to the front side of the pad and we're going to work on keeping the head heavy in the ring.

Another thing I want us to think about is a sense of drawing the shoulder blades down. Then push into the ring a little bit so you already feel your back muscles supporting you in healing here. Exhale, keeping the head still keeping that arm position consistent. We lift from the abdominals, not pulling the head with the hands. We pause to intensify that left and we exhale to lower our bodies down. Maintaining neutral pelvis throughout. Inhaling up the bottom, expanding the ribs. Exhale, feel the ribs start to knit together. They slide down the front of the body and that action allows us to come into flection and inhaling and excelling as we come down.

And again, inhale and exhale the head there. Space between the Chin and the chest. The head is heavy on that ring. Go ahead. Holding at the top and taking it back down. Exhaling to live. We're going to hold ourselves at this time. Slide the feet a little closer to you. Still taking a breath in here.

We exhale and bring the knees just between the Elvis. Inhale to reach the toes. Tip the mat and Xcel to bring the knees just between the elbows, pressing the chest forward and inhale the toes. Tip The mat and we draw our hag. The thigh bums towards our body and we tipped them. And don't pull on your neck with your ring, but let your ring support your head. And we'll do two more and one more.

Place the feet down placed [inaudible] tire. Flip down if you haven't, not just the toes and come down and inhale and again, Reese, recommit to your back muscles. Lift up. I'm talking about the lefts and hold and turn your body towards me. Reaching that outside elbow across to the Internet and inhale center. And I did. When I say that, I don't mean bring the elbow across, I mean turn the spine so much so that you're pointing up and across to the outside of the leg and inhale and exhale and keeping the height of the body as we transfer through center an Exa an inhale and exhale and inhale keeping the pelvis still. There's one more to go on each side and center and a cross and center and let's take it down to the ground and let's bring the knees once again into the chest, separating the legs. So rings going to go between the ankles, giving it just a bit of a squeeze. Send your legs out to a tabletop position.

Reach your arms over your shoulders in healing here. Keep the knees bent. Exhale, lifting up into flection or reaching out, holding there. We're getting anyhow, and stretch the legs out, squeezing the ring a little bit. Bend the knees and come down and exhale the arms pressing to the grant. We inhale, extend the legs. Exhale, pull the knees in, but reach the arms further like you're going to touch just underneath the ring.

And inhale to come down and exhale to lift up and inhale to stretcher. And then Dan and come down and last two times. Exhaling, we lift, pushing away, pulling in Nice and inhale down and exhale to the left. And inhale to reach out and hold. And now lifter and press down and lift up. Sinking the hips into the mat and Presta keeping that ring nice and consistent.

You may [inaudible] feel that one leg wants to go forward first. Keep them nice and lined up and two more. Pulling up and down. And one more, uh, then the niece to take the ring into the hands, bring the legs together, fly the legs out in front of you. Stretch the arms over the head. For the Rola, we lift the head and chest. We curl through this spy.

Keep that long round spine at the top. Inhale, pressing into the ring a little and exhale we articulate downward. Start to raise the ring overhead here it's coming up towards that halo position so that it becomes a halo. As we reach the arms overhead and head in Chester and exhale, mobilizing the spy, staying around, staying long. Inhale and exhale. Folding ourselves backwards, letting the ring lift up high enough so that you're creating more of a challenge. If that's too challenging of the roll ups already challenging enough, keep the ring in front going, going, going and in here and excelling to come back. [inaudible] and one more. The lifting and rolling up.

Yeah, and this time sit up and bring the ring into the chest and press the ring forward and feel that as you begin to roll away, you're trying to roll away from the ring. The ring stays, it stays the shoulders, don't reach for it. So you go into that deep flection and then you bring the rest of your body down. Some point the ring has to come with us, right? And we lift the head and chest and we curl the spine. And then we inhale to bring the ring into the chest and lifting up to a straight spine.

And then we reached the arms forward and we create deep flection pulling away from the ring away the ring. And then finally when we can't go anymore, we bring the ring with us. And we're going to do that one more time. Lifting the head and chest, curling the spine, bringing the ring into the chest, pulling up into a straight back. Stretch the arms away, hollow out the abdominals, pulling away from the ring, maximizing the Lumbar flection, bringing the body all the way down, reaching the ring overhead and inhale, lift and exhale to roll all the way up. And this time we take the ring all the way forward and Hook it over our feet. Hold on, just near your feet are on wherever really works for you.

Flex your feet and then pull your spine forward and then change your hands so they come towards the side of the ring that's closest to your body and bend your arms and lift your back into a long position. And then straighten the arms and sit up and bend the elbows to the side and pull the back out flat. Nice. And I lift the chest. A Little Dab. Yup, Yup. And then stretch the arms and pull back and bend the elbows and stretch the elbows away from one another. Really feel that upper back. Turn on and stretch the arms to sit up and bend the elbows wide. Almost thinking about stretching the ringer, ripping the ring apart in the middle and then lifting up.

And one more time, we pull the chest up, up. Fantastic. And we're reaching back. And then just picking the ring up and there. It should be nice and easy to set up. Let's bring the ring into the chest, press into it just a little bit and keep it with you as you turn your body. Don't let the relationship from the ring to the body change at all and back to center and across to the opposite direction and back to center.

So the ring is just held right in front of the chest. The elbows are why I feel a sense of the elbows going away from one another. As the hands press inwards, that's the way I find my back and across to the side and back to center and across to the side and back to center and towards me again please and stretch the arms forward. But keep lifting the body and now raise the ring up. But it's like your ring is pulling you straighter and taller and then we lower the ring down in front and we pull it back in and we come back to center and we turn and stretch, pulling the shoulder blades oppositionally to the ring. List the spine, nice and tall, straighter and straighter as the ring goes up and lower the ring and bring it to the chest and bring it home. And one more time he ate sai.

We take the arms, they stretch their light, their area. The spine is airy. The shoulders are heavy. We drop arms. Yeah, maybe even just thinking about letting them fall and then we drag them in and pull to center. And last one, turning the body, stretching the arms, stretching the spine. Maybe it doesn't feel like a stretch, but really it is. It's work, but it's stretching. And then we pull in and then we come back to center and stretch your arms forward and point your feet and roll down. And as you do, bend your knees, Bend your knees and bring your thighs into your chest. And then just rest the raise a ring right on top of your shin. So one, um, one edge is touching your knees and one and just touching your ankles.

And we pull the elbows out to the side, lifting a little higher and we're going into the double leg stretch. Here we go. It's in heel. The ring goes out, the legs go out and XL en. Push the ring onto your shins to curl. And inhale, we reach and XL, we push down to lift and inhale we reach and exhale, push down to left and get that push down every single time. So you get that intensity through the abdominal and Ah, and Paula, Anne and Paul and [inaudible] and Paula and last one and Paul, take the head down. Yeah, hold on. Keep the ring on your knees but just pull the ring into the chest. The knees come with you and then press their knees back upwards towards the ceiling for us and then away from the body. So we curl back into that chest lifted position.

Lift the ring so just hovers off your legs. Press into it a little bit. Stretch the right leg forward. Pull the left knee right into the tip of the nose and Change Pole. So it took oppositional reach, one legs, reaching in one leg, pulling like a bow and Arrow and Paul and Paul and keep reaching. Try to reach the ring so far out that it reaches out to touch the toes and pull and Paul and two more and one way.

And now bend both knees and bring the knees with you and come down, pull the knees into the chest and press the knees into the ring or straight up towards the ceiling first. And then we come up and then we hold ourselves up while we pick up the ring and bring it behind our head again. Find that same sense of the upper back holding us up. The elbows are wide. Take the leg closest to me straight and turn the other way. Oh, to the bent knee. Sorry, that was bad. Killing it. Anyway, now we've got the elbows close here, right? They're forward more than they normally were.

So can we reach across and actually connect the elbow to the knee and can and ringing up the spine from side to side and keeping the head still in the ring. So the head just comes with the rest of the spine and we'll go four and four and three, three, two, two, one, one. Bring both knees right into your chest, unhooked the ring from the head, bring it back across the shins. Keep that a pretty open position and just start to rock rocking through the lower back and rural hole. Well that was hard for me. Okay. And bring the ring right up into the knees and Tuck the position in a little bit. So you're pulling your knees in with your ring [inaudible] or wide.

Your gums are rolling in healing back and exhaling. It's the flection in the spine that's going to keep us on track. So challenge that and in healing back and exhaling. I'm going to lose my mic and even, and I already did. Keep going, emailing back and excelling to find balance. Nice. And last year and last one and then finding your way at place your feet down and just stretch the legs out. Okay.

So we're gonna do a bit of a video. Is everyone losing their pants? I lost my mic. Can you guys less your pants? Okay, so let's bend the knees just a little bit, but keep the feet flex and keep the pelvis nice and square. Just place the heels of the hands just on top of the ring. So what we're going to try to achieve is not just push on the ring with your hands, that's not what I'm after. But instead of that, you will press on the ring. But as a result of pulling the abdominals back and pressing the chest down, it's like a seated chest lift.

And then we will rise up through the back and we press down by pulling into deep flection of the spine and we keep pressing down on the arms as the spine lifts and then let the ring rise. And again, so curve the spine back. Keep the collarbones law and in nailing as we come up. And we'll do that two more times. Pressing down. It's the abdominal contraction that creates the movement and lifting and pressing down and lifting up. And then we're gonna just stretch the legs out and lift the ring up.

And here comes our spine stretch. Inhaling, exhale, we reach forward. The arms take us forward. The ring takes us forward, but the shoulders and the abdominals pull back. Oppositionally pause, reached the ring a little further forward with your spine and then start growing long the spine, lifting it up and up until you're stacked up straight and inhaling again. And we start that flection action, the ribs and the abdominals drawing back as the ring is pulling us forward, we've got to resist backwards through the ABS, through the upper back. And we peel back up. Yeah, I'm going to do that one more time.

I like that feeling of trying to create resistance like you're being pulled, but you don't want to be pulled and then you just go for, you keep pulling back and roll that and then holding at the top. We're just gonna rotate. So the ring is just over the left, uh, that inside Shinbone we're gonna roll over that leg. Same idea, pulling back with that opposite pelvis and the opposite obliques and we roll up and return to center and rotate the other way and roll over the leg, pulling oppositionally back with that sit bone that we rotated away from and the oblique on that side and up and center and inhale, exhale. As the spine stretches forward over the legs and inhale and exhale and come home. And last one and we're reaching forward. [inaudible] and we're rolling and coming back. And then just let the rain come down for a second and open up the nice to the silence. Here you go. Candace.

I've got a stretch for you. Okay. So just set the ring out of your way for a moment and pick it up again and take the hands back. So we're gonna work our hips to move our knees to get a stretch. So as we do that, we're going to keep the arms strong and straight and the back strong and straight. So what I want you to think about doing is literally pushing your knees into the ground with your hip extent or your hip external rotators. As that happens, we lift the hips up now are nice and flat and then we're just going to shift.

But keep reaching the knees away from one another or I'm cramping, and then come back and then just lightly touch them at so that you can refine that rotation downwards with the knees to lift the hips. And we stretch into the feet and come back. Is that where you want it to stretch and sit and let's do it again. Hip opener. For those of you who know the work on the equipment, this would be [inaudible].

This would be equivalent to that hip opener on the chair where you're literally trying to pull the knees away and drag the chair towards you. But instead we're dragging our pelvis towards the feet and coming back and sitting down and then just sitting up again and give your arrests. Let's do a little flamenco arrest. Oh, Flamenco for fiesta. Okay. Pick up your ring. We're going to do some, um, a spine stretch with extension and then we'll do some lateral work.

So we start here, we're sitting tall, we dive back forward again. We've got that same sense of resisting the ring, taking it out forward. Now start to bend your arms and as you pull the ring into the chest, bring in inwards on a diagonal, the same diagonal that you want your back to find. That's great. And then we reach back and start to pull away rounding the spine and lifting. Up until you're sitting up straight and inhale and exhale, the ring starts to pull you forward. But we're pulling back through the waist, turn the ring on the slight diagonal and pull it towards the chest and send the chest right out over it. Gorgeous.

And then reach Serino and start to round away from it. So we pull, I'm thinking about magnets. You know how when you have magnets in that you turn them so that they don't, they try to pull away from one another. That's what I'm thinking about. So let's all think about that. No electricity for us. And then we pull in and now we want our magnets to connect and then we want our magnets to start to pull away from one another.

And then we just restack and we'll do one more. So reaching forward and then bringing the ring in and the lifting and focusing on that. Pull apart of the Scapula. Nice. And reaching the ring forward and curving the spine away and resistance and rolling and bringing the knees together and scooting towards the feet. I lied. We're going to do lateral work in a minute. We're going to roll down first. Well, I said we're going to do lateral work. I promised lateral work after that, but you know, I promise things a lot and fail to fail to keep my promises.

So that's just, that's just a bummer. But you know me, right? You know me. We will do lateral work, keep the ring, just different that chest, feel a gentle squeeze and a flattening of the scapula and auto squeezing together of the Scapula. And then we start to articulate up through the spine and we reached the pelvis up and we're just going to do that one pelvic curl for free. Getting that, those front hips nice and open. And then we roll back down and we feel the shoulders heavy and the ring light. And we reached the pelvis down.

Here comes the shoulder bridge and we exhale to lift. Okay. And now I want us to keep the left leg down, but pick up the right leg and touch the ring with the knee and then stretch that leg up and not take the leg down and flex and bring the leg all the way into the ring. And take the leg down and the leg all the way into their room and take the light down and all the way back touch, keeping the pelvis level and all the way to touch. One more to go and all the way to touch, gluing the leg to the ring, bend the knee, place the foot down, take the ring overhead so it just hovers off the ground. Pick the hips up just a little higher and then peel the spine down, reaching the shoulders in the direction of the pelvis and the hands and the other way and coming down to the pelvis. Then inhale the arms over the chest again and exhale the pelvis up into the air.

And then we pick up the left way and it comes all the way into touch the arms or just over the shoulders. We stretch out gluing the ring to the knee and then we take the leg away and then we flex back and we take it away and we flex back and we push the leg down, but the pelvis up and push the leg down. But the pelvis and last two times to list one more time till then the knee, place the foot down, take the arms over head. Maybe the pelvis will float a little higher and then we just roll. Feeling the shoulders slide down as the spine slides down and coming all the way down and then just bring one knee into the body, followed by the other knee in place. The ring in between your ankles. Again, just make sure we're going to go into the roll over so that it's a bit heavier than just your legs would be so when you take your legs out straight, make sure the low back can stay flat on the ground.

We inhale the legs out long and an excellent. You roll the spine over and we flex the feet and feel again the ring as we use it for spacing. Rolling down, keeping this five ovens parallel to the ground for as long as we can, sliding the arms in the direction of the spine, taking the legs low, as low as we can. Keep the back flat in healing to bring them on and exhaling to haul of the dominoes in whirl over with control flexing through the feet. We were rolled down and point 10 lower and lift an inhale and exhale over [inaudible] and let's take it into the Jack Knife. We take the legs down and then we rise up. It's like the rings pulling you up.

Imagine it's filled with helium and you're just pressing up in the direction of it. And then we roll down owned by bone supporting with our upper arms and our upper back trying to roll straight down, squeezing into the ring and we take the ring away and we lifted back up and rolling over and allowing the least to just start your rise into the air, feeling the spinal extensors, working as the legs lift, feeling the back of the legs, working to press the ring away and we rolled down beautiful control and one more and left. I know. Rolling over and John and feel again. I like that idea of just lightly rising, lightly rising lightness everywhere and okay, can we keep the ring with us but bend our knees, turn. I don't know if this is going to work. I want us to turn over towards me, but keep the ring with her in our life.

It was a bad transition, I admit. No, it was a bad transition. Learned my lesson. I'll never do it again. Okay, so squeezing the ring, let the ring ritual support your body in your center and then just lift the arm and then we squeeze there and we squeeze the ring from the center of the body and the center of the body goes all the way out through the feet. It's like windy. Can you bring your hip forward towards me just a little bit. That's it. You're good. Now am I going to have go four and three and two and one not take that arm and stretch it over head.

Now you're like a laser beam and you're going to lower both legs and reach both legs out and lower both legs and reach both legs out in the arms. Reach the other way. And three more and two more and one more. And holding the ring up. We lift that top arm, we bend and put it down on the mat in front of us. And now we take the top leg and bring it forward in the back leg back and low and the shift back the other way. Shift foe and shift back and just rolling the legs forward around the ring and back. And then coming back to center. Lower both legs down, take the ring, roll it forward so that you can slide your bottom foot out and then bring it back up, right. Put that bottom like through it. Pick up the top leg and put that leg through the ring.

Pick up the ring with both legs and send it forward on the [inaudible] diagonal. And now settle yourself back in place. We're just going to press up on the top leg and down with the bottom line and we can bring that arm back up. Oh, and I've kind of a pulsing action and uh, and two and one and bend the knee and [inaudible] push it over the top, like you're kicking something heavy away and kick through and kick over the top and kick through that rage over the top nice and firm with that movement too and won and won. And then bring the lake back over the top and make an arc going over the ring and behind the ring and over the ring. And feel free to put the hand down and behind the ring and over and behind. And just two more over and by [inaudible] and behind.

Now take the leg back and stretch the body and [inaudible] the arm forward and enjoy and take the arm and reach it up. Then the knee and reach for the ankle. Pull the knee back and press the hips forward into the ring, into the direction. That's actually a good idea. So we go forward with the hip, but we also pull the hip down, a little lengthening out through the waist. Now we're going to take it into a little bit of back extension. So it's like the rocking, right, like a sideline rocky. We're going to push your foot into your hand, engage the back of the leg, and then just start to bend the back, reaching the leg out behind you.

Whoa. And then bring it back and lower it and sit up and I'll stretch it in a little while. Come around to the other side. Last fancy. Alright, so we started with the ring in between the ankles and then we went all the way down. We just took a minute to look for a lineman.

Your pelvis looks good and you look good. And here we go. We pick up the ring and then if you want to and you feel that you're supportive enough, just put that arm and just kind of light in the air. And now we schooly and we lip trunk inwards and that squeeze of the waist travels all the way out and puts pressure on the ring and press and press. And last four and three and two. I don't want to know.

He took the arm over head to make a laser beam and we lower the legs and we lift the leg. Thank you Ralph for the laser beam and uh, and um, and three mm. All reaching long through the arms, long through the spine, long through the legs. One lists the top Arma let it be floaty. Put it. Yeah. Now let it be heavy and rotate the top leg forward. You gotta squeeze the ring a little in the bottom leg back and then go the other way and then go the other way. But uh, happens to the best of us. We did three.

And when you're done with three, you come down. Well, I was close to losing it to come forward. [inaudible] to the bottom line can come out, but the bottom leg and then the top leg in as well. And then we press into the ring with both legs and pick the ring up, send it just a little bit forward, and then we press up into the ring and down with the bottom line. Just five. I like to feel my hand on my hip. And then I run my fingers right across my waist and feel my own bleak fire.

And here's one. And then we bent the knee and we pushed over the top and push through and keep the hand if it's there, keep it so that you can feel that the pelvis isn't change at all. And uh, and to during the knees, slightly inwards. So, so amazing how different we aren't from side to side isn't it? And then we did an arch and this is Deb's good side.

And to add a crass and back last too in that last one. And here comes the stretch, it is reached. I like to turn those top rooms forward a little bit. That works for me. And then we bent the knee and reached around the foot and pull the foot in towards the hip and press the hip forward and look for the knee to be in line with the hip. And then we're gonna push the foot into the hands, really engage the backside of that leg and start to make like a one need rocker.

And then come back and come up. Okay. And take a hold of your ring. Come on to your hands and knees. We're going to do pushups. The perfect Pele's pushups, the magic circle. Okay, so you've got the ring and I don't, I, it's hard for me to tell you where to put it. I put it underneath my rib cage like right where two sides of the ribs connect. [inaudible] some people like it under their sternum.

Basically you want it to be in a position where you feel that it's going to be a bit supportive. We're going to take the hands and bring them just under the shoulders. Good. And then pull the abdominals up before you start to put weight on the legs. And then we come up and here we go. We've got strong legs, we bend the elbows into the body and then we press up and let the ring remind you to keep the abdominals lifted off the ring and pull up with them and let it support you enough so that you feel that really strong movement in your body. And we'll do two more and then we'll do one more and we'll hold. Let's come down to one knee, down to the other knee.

Bring your knee with written. That's not a knee. Bring your ring with you. Come on to your stomach, we'll come back. Promise you can do more pushups. Bring your ring out in front of Ya. Candice wants more pushups. Okay. So for, you can choose a lot of different places. You can be wide on your ring, you can be on top of your ring, but that's going to ask you to do a lot of back extension. So what I want us to think about first is the, just a gentle engagement through the back sides of the legs.

So they're supporting the abdominals as a supporting. And then we'd start to press down and we think about pulling down on the shoulders that puts a little pressure on the ring. And then we reverse articulate the spines. We're trying to take the center of the sternum in towards the ring and I'm letting my ring pull towards me a little bit. Yes.

And then we articulate back downwards. Well, I just had an idea. You guys keen to try something I've never tried before. Yeah. Okay, let's try. Okay, so we're strong. We've got our ABS on. We're going to lift with straight arms. Don't lift too high. Continue to let the ring come towards you. Now just the littlest bit, let the elbows bend to the sides.

Pulling the ring down on its side a little bit more. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good. Reach the arms back forward. Keep that strong connection to the back and then roll down or lengthened down. What do you think? Good. Okay, let's do it again. So gently pressing in with the shoulder blades. Guide the spine. Huh?

Bend the elbows. Think about stretching the ring. [inaudible] pulling the elbows wide. Yup. Yeah, yeah. It's good. Press the arms forward. Be Light now wide on yourself. And then down. We're going to go one more time. I liked that actually a lot. Don't lift into your highest left, so you want to think about going forward.

You're still, I'm still kinda below the ring in my mind as far as the top of the ring. And then I'm pulling, keeping my weight over my ribs as I would really intensify that up or backward. And then reaching back forward, letting the elbows turn slightly downwards for external rotation. And we take that whole spine down and then bring the ring under your chest. Put your hands under your shoulders, come up onto your knees and reset the ring.

Yeah, we're going to do it again and we're going to do something else. So secret stuff that you won't know until I make it up that I don't even know yet. So here we go. Ready to one leg back. Find your center, reach the other leg back. Let's do a little lake pull front. So let's point the lesson and reach it up and down. Anna and Anna and down and up.

Now bend that knee and bring it to the side and keep the ring-style and stretch it out and bend it externally. Rotate the hip. Bring the knee to the side and reach it out and one way and reach it out and put it down. Let's do two pushups too. Are we okay on our wrists? Okay, here we go. The right leg goes up and down and up. And as it goes up the abdominals, lift up, tuck a little adem and lower the pelvis a little towards the ring. That's it. And now we've been, it's like a Spiderman.

Bring the elk knee out to the side and stretch out and the knee out to the side and stretch out and the knee out to the side and stretch out and put the foot down. And two more pushups and, and, and um, and hold. Now see if you can just lift the pelvis up like a pike, but you can't lift up too high or you'll lose your ring and then come back down onto it and then lift up just a little bit like a pike. Like you're trying to roll the top of the ring into the chest and back. And one more listing up, curving the spine and now down. And two more pushups and one more and that's enough. Okay. And just put the ring in front of me and sit back. Oh good.

Okay. Now we're going to come up. We're going to get the ring and we're going to lie down. [inaudible] I thought you'd think so. I do. You don't know what I'm going to do. I was actually just thinking of that. When we arrest sitting in respite position. Um, we could do teasers here. Yeah. Let's look at your pelvis. See that the pelvis is level bend the left knee, put the foot underneath the ring.

Now continue to make sure the pelvis is level as you bring the ring back in the leg back and then let your head come down as well. And then the elbows are wide and the upper back is active and we bend the knee and then we pulled down and stretch the light closer to our body and bend the knee and pull the abdominals down and stretch something that works for me when I'm trying to get a really decent hamstring stretch and potentially even a low back stretch for me is hold here with a bent knee and try to let the muscles of the front of the hip relax and then think about the femur going into the ground. And then just allow that leg to be light, nice and light and it'll give you more. And then let's do that one more time. We bend and the envision that femur bone just like going into the mouth of a cave and then we stretch from there and I sneezy and then breathe and then take the like out of that just lightly and hold onto the ring with the same side hand. So everyone were all left, right? So the left hand and just start to bring the leg out to the side.

I put my hand on the opposite side of my pelvis and just make sure it's being held still. And just take that strip to the inside portion of the leg in the hip and then he maybe bend or just definitely ease your way out of it. Take the opposite hand to the ring and put the hand that was holding down and then drop the pelvis into the mat and bring the ring across the body and with it bring the legs. And now our ring is in a slightly slanted position and then allow the pelvis to just float up off the mat a little. I'm just pointing that holding elbow down into the ground and maybe I'll end up on it. So you mean opposite arm to counter balance?

Not a lot. I am now. I wasn't initially, the question was what am I letting my hip come up and yes, absolutely. I am. My hip is all the way off the ground at this point. And then let's just ease our way back. I'm using my arm to help me back a little. Um, but when we went to that initial, when we first brought it across, I was anchoring with it. So I did two things.

Okay, take that leg out, put it on the ground, look at the pelvis to make sure that it's level, bring the right leg and put the foot in. Keep the pelvis level as you bring the leg back. And once you're certain you're in a good position then and then put that down. And then we just give ourselves a nice good stretch and we bend the knee and we stretch the like. And as we're stretching that leg up, we pull the backside of that side of the pelvis down and we stretch again.

And the sitting bone of the stretching leg down towards the opposite ankle in our ankle bone. And we stretch [inaudible]. And then we begin to get, and this is where we envisioned letting the front of the hip muscles relax so that that bone just goes, digs a little deeper into the hip or relaxes a little deeper into the hip. And then we just lightly, it's not even a push with the leg, it's just a almost an effortless movement. And then draw the leg up a little closer to your body and then bend the knee again and then draw the leg a little closer to the body. As we ease our way up into that stretch, hold on with the right hand are the same side hand.

Put the opposite hand on the pelvis or out to your side if you wish, but definitely keep the pelvis anchored as that like just drops out to the side. Again, I bend my elbow into about a 90 degree angle and let it rest if I can get there on the ground. And then let's bring that like back and change hands and first things first, anchor the pelvis and then cross the leg across the body. This just feels like needs. You might consider softening the knees so that the stretch comes into the hip a little bit more. Deb hold with your other hand. That'll make you happier.

Good. And then let that hip just gently float off the ground and bring the opposite arm for opposition. And just let it come across the body nice and easy. Just enjoying that opening through the back and through the hip and then bring the leg back and bend the knee and get rid of the ring. Set it down. Place your feet down on the mat in a wide position.

Just old, nice, wide position. Okay, bend the knees there. Why they're maybe as wide as your mat, maybe slightly wider. Now just drop both legs towards me, both knees and let the thigh and that hip flexor get a good stretch and, and then just roll back through center and Change. It wouldn't really be fair of me to make us do the teasers. Now what? Not after all these yummy stretches, Deb, you're a masochist and then over to the other side is sadist. Okay? I don't think she wants to hurt us. I think she wants to hurt herself.

All right, come into the center or up the knees, up into the sides. Raise the arms up over the chest. This is as close as you're going to get to teaser today, Deb, unless you're doing the teaser on your own, and press your feet into each other and rule yourself up. Just take the ants, the difference of the Shins. Guide the spine up and close your eyes and just roll the right ear towards the right shoulder and down across the center of the chest and over to the left shoulder and up.

And then there were left for other side and down across the center of the chest and let go. But keep the spine nice and buoyant. Bring the arms up and just drop them down, kind of heavy towards the ground. And one more time, maybe they'll take the spine a little lighter this time and then all the way to the grounds and that I got ladies, that's the end. Thank you.


Loved using the magic circle while doing your pilates mat workout!
Loved it. You mentioned doing teaser but didn't! :(
Very Creative!
Wonderul workout!! Creative and I got a laugh out of "angry birds" Thanks Meredith!!
I love props! I am always excited to get up in the morning and see a new workout posted! thanks again!
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Love it, thanks so much for sharing!
Marlisa E
I love the ring variations!!! Meredith, you never fail to keep pilates fun for me and inspire me to add more creativity and imagery to my classes to maximize the work. Thanks!
1 person likes this.
Fantastic - loved the variations with the ring - especially enjoyed Side Leg Series, Pilates pushups & leg pull/passel with the ring and the final stretch sequence! Thank you!
Thank you for such a great workout! Haven't used my circle in a long time! So creative!
Thank you EVERYONE so much. You just put a little sunshine in my day!
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