Class #565

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Use the Magic Circle in this Mat workout with Meredith to find your center, perfect your Push Up and strengthen all over. Enjoy the Jack Knife, a lovely Swan variation and some delicious stretches.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video

Nov 17, 2011
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Loved using the magic circle while doing your pilates mat workout!
Loved it. You mentioned doing teaser but didn't! :(
Very Creative!
Wonderul workout!! Creative and I got a laugh out of "angry birds" Thanks Meredith!!
I love props! I am always excited to get up in the morning and see a new workout posted! thanks again!
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Love it, thanks so much for sharing!
I love the ring variations!!! Meredith, you never fail to keep pilates fun for me and inspire me to add more creativity and imagery to my classes to maximize the work. Thanks!
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Fantastic - loved the variations with the ring - especially enjoyed Side Leg Series, Pilates pushups & leg pull/passel with the ring and the final stretch sequence! Thank you!
Thank you for such a great workout! Haven't used my circle in a long time! So creative!
Thank you EVERYONE so much. You just put a little sunshine in my day!
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