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Amy flows through the intermediate repertoire right into some of the advanced work with clear cues and good explanation. Beginning with the hundred to warm you up, you will move through the series of 5 and before long into exercises like the advanced corkscrew. A great class for those already familiar with the intermediate Mat work repertoire.
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Okay. Hey, good morning you guys. Let's go ahead and start our classes seated on the mat and I might turn this way today so it's a little bit cold outside and a little rainy so I don't know if your body is feeling stiff or tight or uh, open. But let, let's start with some really good deep breathing. So if we can bring our head down and let your hands rest maybe on the tops of your feet or the tops of your shins. Yeah, and if your toes can lay flat, great. If not, let your feet be, but let's let the weight of the head hang into wards or knees and just focus on some of the work we know of the lateral posterior breathing into the sides of the back and the back of the back. We're going to take six breath cycles together. Here we go in through the nose and exhaling and just feel the abdominals draw back toward the back or activate more of a sense of pulling. On the inhale, we can leave our head hanging down [inaudible] and that with each breath we can get a little more weight down toward our legs.

A little more openness in our spine, in our lower back. Three more. Maybe your focus of contraction is getting deeper in the abdominal area. Take two more. No right in from the right and left hip bones and that muscular area above the pubic bone.

All that contracting inward to help open up this section of our lower back. All right, slide your hands up along your shins just to the [inaudible], the tops of the knees. Let's do three or four more. And now with more of the focus of vertical spine and still working the expansion sideways and into the back [inaudible] and in fact on our exhale is going to feel better, I think to move a little bit to bring the pelvis back. So as we exhale, start working a little bit of the shift of weight off the sits bones. And then as we inhale, let's come back up to vertical. And again, the exhale, that stomach area right by the left and right hip bones above the pubic bone. Really pulling back. And again, inhale your shoulders might start to pull down a little bit thinking about where we're originating our movement from right in the center of our body.

And one more time and curl. Let's hold that. Can we deepen the curl? Can we deepen this contraction deepened deep and deep and maybe our hands don't need to hold on anymore. I'm in a scoot forward just so I'm a little more in my, the center of my mat. Let's keep going all the way down to our spine.

Nice and flat. Okay. So I think the theme for today is just movement. I may not cue and stop you and start you as much as maybe some other classes that we've had together. Um, and let's see if we can get a pacing. Uh, maybe also fewer repetitions in, in some of our usual places. Okay, so no delay. Let's go into the a hundred. Let's start a knees and the tabletop.

Extend the arms long against the sides of your body. Feeling the shoulder blades down, anchor into the sacred. Let's take a nice full breath in through the nose and then here we go. Exhale the curl up. I'm going to have a six Stender legs on the diagonal and we'll do our breaths of 5:00 AM two so you can glance at your pelvis without jamming your chin down.

Just look straight out. You want to make sure that that pubic bone is flat in line with the hips. See if anybody wants to take their legs a little lower, little added challenge as the legs come down, maybe our chest comes up a little higher. Are you counting? Four, five. Exhale, three, four, nine I think it is. Sure.

10, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five and bring the knees in. Okay, feet down. Let slide our legs long on your mat and then just pose yourself here for a moment and feel the energy still working in your abdominals, pulling your spine down to the floor and again, arms up. Let's take them back overhead. Keeping that active spine. Do what you need to do. If you need to bend your knees coming up on this dif, a stiff spine or cold day, that's fine. Let's do arms, head, neck and chest and exco and let the crown of the head continue following the direction of your fingertips. Pause and breathe into the lower back. And then as we exhale again to pool, so really generate in the movement right from the lower belly, keeping the legs long and arms back overhead all way up at night. School breadth in enrolling down.

I make maybe one suggestion as we start this next roll up. Just the timing of things. So let's do, do arms and head and neck. See if you can leave your shoulder blades back on the mat just a little longer. And now the spine say low from the ceiling. Curve into yourself. A nice big breath into your back.

And here we go. Thinking of long legs right from the hip joints. I think we should do two more. Keep some activity in your legs. Inner thighs, not so much the quadriceps. Ah.

All right guys. Last one. Inhale and exhale and feeling the crown of the head again, following the direction of the fingertip, pulling your shoulders down a little bit. Breathe and let's roll back and get the motion right here in your lower back. We're going to keep our arms down this time. Let's go ahead and raise up our right leg and let's do a little bicycle to lift it up. And then that top leg, right leg, just a slight outward rotation.

Take just a second to feel the back of the hip into the floor. Let's do our five leg circles crossing over the left and circle and keep the sensation or awareness today. This, that you're circling the back of the hip, more in the floor and five reversed for five open. So maybe the circle is happening more in the joint. Sure. Rather than out there at the foot, I miscounted.

I think we should pay five here. Let's lower it long and straight. Let's take the bicycle of the other leg. Alright, again, check in back of the hip down. Think of the circle happening in the hip joint itself rather than the foot across to the right. [inaudible] and again, they don't have to be big circles. [inaudible] the exhale drawing in the abdominals, and this is fine.

Let's reverse for five, open down and lift as you also press back into the back of the pelvis. [inaudible] and last one, let's load the leg down, arms back overhead. Let's make our way up for the rolling back. Okay. Hands Cross must balance on the back edge of the sitz bones.

Doing our best to keep our heels pulling in. Let's take six repetitions and feel the energy in the abdominal pool in put on the brakes. I'm going to put my feet down, darn it, and roll back three more times. I'm a little all over the place this morning. Hmm. Last time I'm going to blame it on the cold weather. I couldn't quite get my balance there. Okay, let's take ourselves back down.

Oh, well there's always tomorrow. So the abdominal series, I think I'd like to just have us go through it without stopping. If we can try. All right, use out, curl up left lake and reach out to put their hands on the right shin. Right hand a little lower. We'll do our breaths of two and [inaudible]. Keep working the the curl of the upper spine.

Thinking up a little higher. Chest toward legs and four, three, two and one. Now let's take both knees and just at the tabletop. Again, hips down for, let's do four double leg. Open the shape and lows. The shape, almost think of reaching a higher with the top of the head as the knees come in two more and in last one and then we're going to take it into the single straight leg stretch or scissor. And you can lower the heel to the fourth. That feels good for you. Again, check your pelvis. Let's do our double pole. One, two, one, two.

[inaudible]. Play with your chest lift. Maybe the chest coming closer to the thigh rather than the, you know that one. Oh one more each leg. Alright. Both legs, up, hands, bat. Just three repetitions as flex. Lower to about 45 point and lift the thighs up and chest. A little higher.

Flex down point and from here to lift the thighs. One more [inaudible]. Let's turn toward this a flat wall here for Chris. Cross. Inhale, inhale again, maybe less rotation today. More chess to the thoughts crowd or the head to the ceiling. And for three loving Neal bleaks, chest lift, knees and tabletop. And let's rest. Okay.

Keep your hands behind your head. And as your feet are down, let's just take both knees one direction. I don't care which way can you keep the opposite shoulder more on the floor. I just worked out for a moment. Really feel that those stretching your chest maybe in your arm and try to take some of the arch out of the lower back. Okay. And just a quick stretch on the other side.

Again. This is my, yeah, maybe the knees together with the feet stack. Alright and these up, let's bring your hands down. I think we'll just roll ourselves up. Hoops back. Let's go with spine stretch. Three repetitions. Alright, so nice, strong flex in the feet. We'll take a breath in.

Sit as tall as you can and exhale well using the Arrow. You're still right up on your sits bones and stretch forward from the sitz bones because let's take a full breath to come up. Two more full breath to come up. One more time. Open like rocker.

Yay. Openly rocker, Woo. Six repetitions. How about that? And again, do what you're do what you need to do for balance. If you need to bend your knees, although you guys don't need to bend your knees. Let's just check in for a second. Are we truly parallel in our legs and Oh, let's play with Whoa. Bending the elbows a little bit today too. Maybe a little more than we're used to and the support that gives us in our shoulders and our, the sides of our back. Okay, here we go.

For Rolling back to the shoulder blades. Yes, and I am all over the place today. Golly, here we go. Inhale. [inaudible] hm. One more time. Whole, I think when I let my mind just fade out a minute.

It worked a little better for me. Like together, feet down. I was thinking too hard. Imagine that. Although this is mind body exercise, sometimes that can get a little cloudy. Okay. We're going to do our corkscrew and I think we'll do our corkscrew today with the overhead in it for the rollover in it. Since we haven't done rollover, we'll do it now and again, let's just focus for a second. This happened in to a class, um, in December.

We really broke it down and just track the one side of the back, the one side of the back, and it's not the, the wider part of the back that we rolled down on really thinking more along the side of the spine itself. So it's really about a half an inch from the center of the backbone that I want us to track. Okay? And let's bring your legs to 90. Take just a second. Anchor the back of the shoulders at nice broadening across the front three. Then let's exhale pelvis up and legs back overhead.

Okay, this morning, let's go to our left. Down our left side. Here we go. Focus on the steadiness of your head, the steadiness of the back of your arms. Here we go. Up the right side. Now at the very top we noticed center the weight on the shoulders coming down the right side and over up the left. [inaudible] okay, let's do it again. Left to right, right to left, left to right, right to left with a little more tempo to it. Here we go. And last one, each side.

[inaudible] [inaudible] alright, come all the way down. Saw or repetitions. Let's just go to our left first big breath spiral. Three pulses. Sure. Feeling so good. We'll do six. Sorry. One more. Each direction and farther. Farther and farther.

Well, let's bring your arms forward. Legs down, or hands down, legs together. And to throw in a little weight on the back of the risks here. So as your legs are glued together, look down just for a second. Pull your elbows back. You should be able to see those fingertips. And let's do a pelvic tilt for a second.

So how much tilt can we get here? All right. And let that help us lift up onto the heels of the hands. Stretch your feet forward. But on the way up. What if we try not to let go of that tilt until the very end where we linked in this chest up to the ceiling? I'm going to look at the wall that's in front of me and just scale my eyes up the wall to where it touches the ceiling.

When I asked my sternum and my chest to link the now to the wall that's behind me, my elbows aren't locked. How are we doing? Let's breathe in one more time and now curl your spine. Round it to come down and then walk out to do a little bit of a stretch in the hamstrings. Okay, let's be on our tummy. Here we go. A one chicken on this Tomi. We know what to do. Taking that curve out of the lower back.

Pull up and let's lift up to that nice high, lifted the chest. Press through the arms again. Let's focus now the weight more on the pubic bone in size than hip bones which had falls. Drop this forward. Bend your elbows, reach your chest forward on your mat. Really want to get into the muscles in the back. Inhale and exhale. Feel the stomach, pull up toward the ribs and come down. Reach your chest forward long to the front of the Mat.

And again, I'm doing my best today to keep my legs together. Again, I'm challenged a little bit. I think it's at the dampness outside but if you can work your feet a little closer together, that's where we're headed. Two more times guys. And again, first and foremost, make it work for your body. Lift up. We want it up, up and up. And elbows down. Chest Long.

Last one, four. Let's do a little dive catch. Just catch because we can. Okay. And let's come down. All right, little rest pose. Ah, you can rest pose, you can cat. I can make that feel good for your back. Just a few deep breaths and we'll take our single leg kick and double leg kick. Okay. Up on our elbows and we can either, I'll let you do a fist if you'd like to or flat hand.

And then let's do our get out of the way. Slump slumps, slump and pick it up. So again, is this a pose or this shape is happening? We want more of the weight on the HIPAA pubic bone. Then the hip bones. All right, you can point your feet throughout. You can flex them throughout. You can combine point or flex. Here we go. Let's breathe in. And so the lift of the chest is, if it's going up to the ceiling above us and then back toward the legs or more and all the way down, right cheek to the mat.

Double leg kick. Let's go for four repetitions. So the both heels come in toward the bottom, two and three. Now let's take our time on the floor. Stretch your arms down, lift them up. Your shoulder blades are low down your back. Look at your mat, but focus on your mid back, pulling you higher. Now turn then the arms, cheek and feet kicking in. Three, two, one and think arms, shoulder blades, arms lift. Feel the strength in the mid back.

Turn first, hands in cheek and two, three last time and one, two and three other side. And just finished with rested legs. Okay. Hands down. Once again, just a little reach back. Reopen your lower back. Yeah. And let's come up to a support where we're faced the facing down.

Open up your hands. So the front support or what would be kind of a pushup position. Uh, we all have different names for it. Plank, front support. Thanks. And I'd like you to just as you're there and you guys, cause it's since you see each other, just look at each other's elbows. Yeah. And that seemed to help. So you both bent them just a little bit.

Feel your heels stretch back so you get some calf stretch and just take maybe one more deep breath. Let's do one upside lift the hips or the upside down the pyramid. You know, again, different names for it. If you have it available to get your heels down, that might be a choice. If you don't, you can absolutely keep them up.

And one more deep breath. And let's just do a simple knee bend. Bring yourself down. Okay. And let's do some work for the side of our body. So you can face me, I'll be on my left side. You can be on your right side and our body will be in the back edge of the mat near the back edge. I think we'll start all the way down and build our way up and take your bottom arm and move it slightly forward on the front diagonal, maybe of your mat.

Can you use the references here and just take a quick look down your front legs also come forward. Hips are stacked. Lay your head down and your bottom. We should have a little little lift to it. I'm going to start out with my kickstand. Just given my performance on my rolling. I'm not sure where I'm at here.

So let's take an inhale and on the exhale lifting both legs. We'll do eight of these. Nothing too fancy to start out with. They don't have to be too high. See if we can work on the stacking and lift and lift and the leaf and seven and last one. I'm going to have us keep them up. So as your legs are up, now let's lengthen the legs or move them. I'm going to look just so I know where I'm going so that they're in line with my hips. Now I'm as the lady stay up, I'm in on the exhale.

Move my legs forward. I'm thinking to the corner of my mat, but I haven't dropped my legs. And exhale, moved them down, trying to sense that the legs are right underneath the pelvis. And then exhale, moving them forward to the corner of the Mat. Take two more of those and pull them back and move them forward. Are we doing good? And one more time and move them back where they will stay for a little walk. Four, three, two and two together and now, okay, up on the elbow. Hmm. Choices again. Let's do front and back.

So the elbow right below the [inaudible] underarm and again the the w, let's just drop the waste so we get it out of the way and then we left and then that shoulder blade does make its way down the side. Feel your spine. Make a curve here and we are okay. I think tipping our hand behind her head when I move my legs forward and take a check in. Also about the elbow. Can the elbow stay right where it is at the in the ceiling hired that queue a long time ago. It's stuck in a knothole on the ceiling. Our ceiling is very tall so it's way up there.

We're fortunate to have that referenced above. Let's inhale forward and bring it forward and just a stretch behind forward and back. [inaudible] it could be a that you the other breath we could exhale, right? [inaudible] both feel good to me. I think it's important to use both breaths and one more. Plenty. And let's bring your leg in. Let's come all the way up on the hand.

Okay. Be it a little farther away from our pelvis and let's just put weight in the hand for a second with the soft elbow again or just a released elbow joint and then not really lift the hip, but think of lifting the hip, right? So I saw that it pulled our energy more inward to our lat and toward the waist. Now if we do slightly lift the weight off the hip, we have to shift it somewhere distributed between hand and feet, hand and feet. Now let's add more spinal Ben and lift the top hip, hip, hip, hip and hip and hip and waist and hip.

And then all the way down with control, but not all the way. I shouldn't have said all the way. Little, little, little, little, and again, that was my error shut. We'll get one more opportunity. So on the way down, but not dropping the weight fully has a little suspension, had last one all the way. Lifting the hip and come all the way down. Rest and swing the legs over to the other side. Okay, good. Thanks. Red Cheeks. Okay. Legs a little. Yeah, a little bit forward. Got the stack checkpoints.

Arm is down. Head down. Move a kickstand. Yeah, maybe just a little less lift of your waist on that side. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was getting a little bit, little bit too much. Okay, so we did eight, just the leg lifts on the exhale and here we go on and let's keep it going. Lightly. Tap and to, and three. And who for good. Four more to go as we get stronger, a little lighter.

Press into the front hand. Yeah. Seven last one. Let stay lifted. Okay, so this a little more challenged for the waistline, the obliques all around front sides and back. Take a breath. We'll contract the abdominals and that brings the legs forward. And we're trying to not tip the pelvis to bring the legs forward, but just bring the leg sport folding here at the hip joint. And then inhale, exhale, legs back in line with us. And again, exhale. We fooled, right? If the hip joints leave your tailbone behind you a little bit and then inhale and exhale the legs go back in line. And two more.

Doing our best to keep the bottom waist hovered slightly. One more to go fool that. The hip joint. I find this hard, this challenging. Okay. And legs in line with the hips. There's nowhere. That is a quick walk down the street.

Four, three, two, one legs together and down. Okay. One Tier. Getting the like slightly forward. Top hip is still stacked or right underneath the underarm. Sag for a second. I seem to always do this in class just to get it out of the way.

And then if we lift and we lift into the curve of the spine, the hand comes behind the head and we love the ceiling. We lift our body toward the ceiling and the bend. Raise your legs. So we did eight of these. Let's inhale for the first forth. That leg comes forward. Might help to think of lifting the elbow throughout so that the trunk stays lifted and buoyant. Now let's hold.

Take a quick exhale forward. I like both of these. I feel something different with each one. Good. Kathy and leg down. Okay, here we go. And there are so many other choices for Legwork, but that's today's round. Again, a little bend in the elbow so we're not locked as if we're about to lift our hip above the mat, but not really pulling in.

And now we do want to lift her hip and if we go distribute the weight on the feet and the hand and what's in the center of the hand and foot is the hip, the pelvis. So we can lift that pelvis up, creating a scientific end of the spine. Now I won't make the same mistake as we come down. Not all the way, just a gentle, gentle tap of that hip and shoulder support and lift. Can it hit lift? Okay. And one more time say lifted to come down. And last time and up we go. Hip, hip and lower.

Fantastic. Let's face our feet. Will you, you seal. And do we know the end of the seal, the standup to finish. We know that. Do you love that or no dude? Can't get up. Well it's, yeah. W let's check in. Let's see what happens today. So this CEO, and I'll leave it up to you if you want the claps of your feet back there or forward or both or none before we roll. Reach your stomach back away from the feet or you could think of it.

Reach your feet forward away from your stomach. I'm going to bring my knees a little narrower. Okay. And we'll have fun with the seal. Here we go. We roll back. [inaudible]. This is four and one, two, three, four more on the fourth one, which would be the eighth one total.

We will roll all the way up to standing. I remember it's a pull from that lower triangle in to the bat. [inaudible] last one. We let go the hands. Close the knees. Get your chest forward and rural all the way up. We're going to call that class. Thanks.

You got these nicely done today.


I love finding these gems from the early years of PA! As always Amy is a great instructor and I her instruction is always spot on! Thanks again!, thank you for taking one of the way back when classes! I so value your comments and feedback...thank you so much!
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Just what I needed before work today, Amy. Thank you!
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Thank you. I enjoyed the slower pace, as I got to do this workout with my 14 year old daughter! So fun :D
Thank you Beatrix Nagy !

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